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  • Hello lovelies, I will be doing a video today after work. I just found out today that my mother has covid-19. she is quarantined in a separate room of my sisters apartment and I am her care giver while I work from from home. Please send prayers and positive vibes. My video will be an appreciation one for the constant support that I get from this blog. I am thankful to still be living in the moment right now but also don’t know what the future holds for me. If I do contract the virus 🦠 I want to get this video out before I possibly get really sick. I will stay positive though and help my mother to the best of my abilities. At this point in time, I am letting god take over and decide my fate. Stay safe and see you soon. 💕✨

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  • Jesus, You died upon a cross

    And rose again to save the lost

    Forgive me now of all my sin

    Come be my Savior, Lord, and Friend

    Change my life and make it new

    And help me, Lord, to live for you

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  • Please pray for me and my dad.

    The school he works at is refusing to pay him and I’m scared.

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  • Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1646

    It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said:

    “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) forbade anticipating the fast by fasting one day before sighting (of the crescent).”

    Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1646/3214

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  • #Breathin #LamborghiniThreat @lamborghinilive @TeamBiggaThreat_ #anxiety #calming #Centering #yoga #meditate #meditation #fixme #soul #spirit #spirituality #spiritual #zen #tbt #love #god #faith #pandemics #prayer #human #humanity #grace #corona #coronavirus #survivor

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  • No matter how you maybe feeling, don’t give up. Sometimes we can reach a point in our spiritual walk where it seems like it’s just too much to keep going on, and because of this, we begin to think more and more about giving up. But don’t cave to your storm when it’s purpose is to help you see that with God by your side, you can stand anything that comes your way. 

    Two thousand years ago a solitary figure stood out in history. The Bible says the sin of all mankind was placed on Him as He walked to the place of sacrifice, carrying His own means of execution. He was betrayed by one of His best friends and denied by another. 

    Not one person stood with Him. Not the blind man to whom He’d given sight. Or the leper He’d cleansed. He was crucified on a Roman cross, alone. Jesus understands everything even your loneliness. He endured all for you. So know that regardless of your circumstances, you are never, never alone. Jesus said, Surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:20.

    #spiritual inspiration#believe#trust god#faithful#eternal life#eternallove#everlasting life#enduro #believe in god #bibleverse #all the things you prayed for #stay prayed up #i will persevere #praise#prayer
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  • External image

    I collaborated with my awesome niece and nephew to create this super versatile and easy party backdrop DIY! They customized it with their father’s favorite colors, as it was for his at home 40th birthday party. We used items I had on hand as well as some cardstock I purchased via Amazon.

    Watch the video below for all my tips and tricks!

    Sending my light and love to anyone who needs it!

    Here’s the exact cardstock and gluesticks we used:

    External image
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    Reflect on the following words of the Qur'an:

    Glory be to Him who created in pairs all things that the earth produces as well as their own kind (selves); and other things of which they have no knowledge. (Va Sin. 36.36)

    a) The verse opens with ‘Glory to be to Him’ as if to emphasize that God Himself is beyond possessing a pair, a likeness, or an equal. It goes on to draw attention to the inner meaning of the pair-wise existence of created beings. Pair-wise existence indicates opposition simultaneously with complemantarity, the most obvious case of which is male and female. The scientific definition of pair creation also implies complementary opposites. Thus, hot and cold constitute a pair; in other words, two entities may have almost identical properties and yet be opposed to each other in the nature and effect of those properties.

    b) The most interesting aspect of the verse is the examples of pairs it provides. Saying 'We created beings in pairs’, God gives three examples:

    1. 'Pairs’ that the earth produces,

    2. Pairs of selves,

    3. Other things created in pairs, of which we have no knowledge.

    In order to understand the hidden meaning of this verse, let us first recall the conclusions science has reached in the light of recent research.

    The discovery of the positron by the physicist Anderson is regarded by some as a major turning-point in contemporary physics. It was Maurice Dirac who first postulated parity or pair-wise creation, now recognized as a basic principle of modern physics. Every particle in the universe has a certain charge and/or spin. When a particle is formed, its opposite twin or antiparticle is produced together with it, for beings are always created in pairs. The most famous of these are - electron and positron; proton and anti- proton; neutron and anti-neutron, neutrino and anti-neutrino.

    It is basic principle of nuclear physics that every particle exists together with its opposite twin - we shall return to this subject in detail below.

    Hence, the verse 36 informs us of a basic law of creation in the declaration: 'We created beings in pairs’.

    We may turn now to the general meaning of the verse. With the expression 'Glory be to God’ in the opening phrase, the verse underlines the fact that God, and God alone, is without equal or likeness. The habit of analogy, of discerning a thing through its opposite, is rooted in our comprehension. But all beings that have opposites or similar partners are mortal or finite. God, on the other hand, is the Glorious: He is without likeness and beyond all. He has, however, created beings in pairs (complementary opposites).

    1. Those the earth produces

    This part of the verse has been interpreted by some scholars as referring to the plant kingdom. This interpretation is, however, incomplete, for had God wished, He would have specified plants. The meaning certainly includes plants but is not restricted to them.

    This first category of pairs delimits the third, It would be wrong, for example, to understand the sentence to mean: 'I have created many more pairs of which you have no knowledge’ in relation to, for example, electricity or magnetism: those belongs to the pairs produced by the earth. Pairs produced by the earth, then, maybe listed as follows:

    a) Similar pairs that differ in their physical and chemical characteristics, e.g. metals and non-metals,

    b) Biologically complementary pairs: the male and female sexes of plants and animals,

    c) Physically opposed pairs: e.g. positively and negatively charged ions, and hence the reversal of electric charge (polarity): the two poles of a magnet referred to as North and South, respectively.

    d) Phenomena of analysis and synthesis that alter the structure of life in the soil: the vivification of plants by the action of synthesis by bacteria which fix nitrogen: the destructive and dispersive effects of bacteria that break down organic materials and cause decay, and similar complementarities.

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  • 祈りの時

















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  • Being a Catholic with depression is really stinking hard.

    I wake up and my gut instinct is to sigh and roll back over, because why get up and face another day of numbness and exhaustion? I instinctively want to cling to worldly pleasures, even though I try to cling to God. When will it become instinct to cling Him? I know it in my head that He is the answer. I may struggle with this for the rest of my life, and I may do it entirely alone, but I know that I can do it if I cling to God.

    I get anxious over nothing, so I try to pray a rosary. That’s torture; I can’t focus and I say the prayers wrong. I drink chamomile tea to calm myself down a bit, and all it does is make me sleepy. There’s no escape it seems. With one comes the other, and being quarantined, I seldom have a good day anymore.

    I need to be occupied, I need to be busy sometimes. I need to do something that fulfils me, because schoolwork just doesn’t. Being stuck home isn’t good for my mental health.

    I long to be somewhere where I can take a walk outside and not have to worry about being catcalled or raped. I long for the country, somewhere with wide open spaces and peace. This life isn’t for me, I feel it in my gut. Yet I don’t know how God will get me out of it. Perhaps it isn’t His will for me.

    This is all a rant coming from a Catholic girl with depression. Have a good day.

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    Intimacy seems to be an apt word in relation to today’s Gospel passage. There is this deep intimacy and mutual knowledge between Jesus and the “One who sent Him.” He claims to declare only what He has heard from Him. He does nothing on His own authority but on His. He speaks as the Father has taught Him. There is more than just intimacy; there is oneness between Him and the Father.  Above all, there is absolute loyalty. “He has not left me alone, for I always do what is pleasing to Him.”

    How many among us can boast of being loyal and close to the one we love? What son or daughter among us can claim to do only what pleases our father or mother?

    Last year, during the mid-term elections, we heard so many sob stories that point to how selfish and self-serving our local politics is. We saw members of the same families quarelling in public. We also heard about siblings vying for the same positions on both local and national levels. Former political allies became bitter opponents at the polls when the right opportunities arose. And most damning of all, we saw how certain families fielded more than three of their own for elective posts with the shallow justification that they are all inspired to serve. These stories make us think how easy it is to throw family loyalty, intimacy, and oneness down the drain, for personal and sordid gain.

    But if the likes can happen between family members, it’s all the more possible that such disloyalty and acts of betrayal can happen in the larger society that is the Philippines.

    There is a telling lesson we all could learn from the example of the Lord. His Sonship, His oneness and intimacy with the Father, and His perfect obedience to the will of the Father—they are not just words and concepts. He showed it. He lived it. He died for it. “When you have lifted up the Son of man, then you will know that I Am He, and that I do nothing on My own authority.”

    Do we do only that which is pleasing to the Lord?

    ~Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB

    How loyal are you to the ones you love—including the Lord?

    May I do only what’s pleasing to You, O Lord. Amen.


    … for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the unborn.

    … for the strength and healing of the sick.

    … for the healing and peace of all families.

    Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most.


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    STORY VI.The Disciple who blindly imitated his Shaikh.

    An ignorant youth entered an assembly of pious persons who were being addressed by a holy Shaikh. He saw the Shaikh weeping copiously, and in mere blind and senseless imitation he copied the Shaikh’s behavior, and wept as copiously himself, though he understood not a word of the discourse. In fact, he behaved just like a deaf man who sees those around him laughing, and laughs himself out of compliment to them, though he knows not the subject of their merriment, and is obliged to have it explained to him before he can laugh again with real perception of the joke. After he had wept in this ignorant way for some time he made due obeisance to the Shaikh, and took his departure. But one of the Shaikh’s true disciples, being jealous for the honor of his master, followed him, and thus addressed him, “I adjure you by Allah that you go not and say, ‘I saw the Shaikh weeping, and I too wept like him.’ Your ignorant and mere imitative weeping is totally unlike the weeping of that holy saint. Such weeping as his is only possible to one who has, like him, waged the spiritual war for thirty years. His weeping is not caused by worldly grieves, but by the deep concerns of the spirit. You cannot perceive by reason or sense the spiritual mysteries that are open and plain to his enlightened vision, any more than the darkness can behold the light. His breathings are as those of 'Isa, and not like mere human sighs raised by worldly sorrows. His tears and his smiles and his speeches are not his own, but proceed from Allah. Fools like you are ignorant of the motive and design of saints’ actions, and therefore only harm themselves if they try to imitate them, without understanding their meaning.” To illustrate this a curious story is told of a foolish lady who copied a trick of her clever slave-girl, without understanding the modus operandi, and by so doing caused her own death. In like manner parrots are taught to speak without understanding the words. The method is to place a mirror between the parrot and the trainer. The trainer, hidden by the mirror, utters the words, and the parrot, seeing his own reflection in the mirror, fancies another parrot is speaking, and imitates all that is said by the trainer behind the mirror. So God uses prophets and saints as mirrors whereby to instruct men, being Himself all the time hidden behind these mirrors, viz., the bodies of these saints and prophets; and men, when they hear the words proceeding from these mirrors, are utterly ignorant that they are really being spoken by “Universal Reason” or the “Word of God” behind the mirrors of the saints.

    The worthlessness of mere blind imitation (taqlid) of religious exercises.

    When a friend tells a joke to his friend,

    The deaf man who listens laughs twice over;

    The first time from imitation and foolishness,

    Because he sees all the party laughing;

    Yet, though he laughs like the others,

    He is then ignorant of the subject of their laughter;

    Then he inquires what the laughter was about,

    And, on hearing it, proceeds to laugh a second time.

    Wherefore the blind imitator is like a deaf man,

    In regard to the joy he feigns to feel.

    The light is the Shaikh’s, the fountain the Shaikh’s,

    And the outpouring of joy is also the Shaikh’s, not his.

    'Tis like water in a vessel, or light through a glass;

    If they think they come from themselves, they are wrong.

    When the vessel leaves the fountain, it sees its error;

    It sees the water in it comes from the fountain.

    The glass also learns, when the moon sets,

    That its light proceeded from the shining of the moon.

    When his eyes are opened by the command, “Arise!” 1

    Then that disciple smiles a second time, like the dawn.

    He laughs also at his own previous laughter,

    Which overtook him out of mere blind imitation.

    When he returns from his long and distant wanderings

    He says, “Lo! this was the truth, this the secret!

    With what blindness and misconception did I pretend.

    To experience joy in that distant valley?

    What a delusion I was under! what a mistake!

    My feeble wit conjured up vain imaginations.”

    How can an infant on the road know the thoughts of men?

    How far its fancies are removed from true knowledge!

    The thoughts of infants run on the nurse and milk,

    Or on raisins or nuts, or on crying and wailing.

    The blind imitator is like a feeble infant,

    Even though he possesses fine arguments and proofs.

    His preoccupation with obscure arguments and proofs

    Drags him away from insight into truth.

    His stock of lore, which is the salve of his eyes,

    Bears him off and plunges him in difficult questions.

    Ah! man of imitation, come out of Bokhara! 2

    And humble yourself in order to be exalted.

    Then you will, behold another Bokhara within you,

    Whereof the heroes ignore these questions of law.

    Though a footman may be swift of foot on land,

    Yet on the sea he is as one with ruptured tendons.

    That footman is only “carried by land,” 3

    But he who is “carried by sea” is the truly learned one.

    The King of kings showers special favors upon him;

    Know this, O man pledged to vain illusions!

    The mere legal theologian is impotent to behold the light of the Spirit.

    When the day dawns from heaven night flees away;

    What, then, can its darkness know of the nature of light?

    The gnat scuds away before the blast of the winds;

    What, then, knows the gnat of the savor of the winds?

    When the Eternal appears the transitory is annulled;

    What, then, knows he transitory of the Eternal?

    When He sets foot on the transitory He bewilders it;

    When it is become naught He sheds his light upon it, 4

    If you wish, you can adduce hundreds of precedents,

    But I take no heed of them, O man poor in spirit!

    The letters Lam, Mim, and Ha, Mim prefixed to some Suras

    Resemble the staff of Moses, when fully understood. 5

    Ordinary letters resemble these 'to outward view,

    But are far beneath them in signification.

    If an ordinary man 'take a staff and try it,

    Will it prove like the staff of Moses in the test?

    This breath of 'Isa is not like every ordinary breath,

    Which proceeds from mere human joy or sorrow.

    These Alif, Mim, Ha and Mim, O father,

    Proceed from the Lord of mankind.

    If you have sense, regard not in the same way as these

    Every ordinary Alif and Lam which resembles these;

    Although these sacred letters consist of common ones,

    And resemble common ones in their composition.

    Muhammad himself was formed of flesh and skin,

    Although no man is of the same genus as he.

    He had flesh and skin and bones,

    Although no man resembles him in composition;

    Because in his composition were contained divine powers,

    Whereby all human flesh was confounded.

    In like manner the composition of the letters Ha, Mim

    Is far exalted above ordinary compounds of letters;

    Because from these mysterious compositions comes life,

    Even as utter confusion follows the last trump.

    That staff becomes a serpent and divides the Nile,

    Like the staff of Ha, Mim, by the grace of God.

    Its outward form resembles the outward forms of others,

    Yet the disk of a cake differs much from the moon’s disk.

    The saint’s weeping and laughter and speech

    Are not his own, but proceed from God.

    Whereas fools look only to outward appearances,

    These mysteries are totally hidden from them;

    Of necessity the real meaning is veiled from them,

    For the mystery is lost in the intervening medium.

    Then follows an anecdote of a man who heard whelps barking in their mother’s womb. A voice came from heaven and explained that these whelps were like the men who have not emerged into the light of truth, but are still veiled in spiritual darkness, and, though they make pretensions to spiritual sight, their discourses are useless, both to procure spiritual food for themselves, and to warn their hearers of spiritual dangers.

    Next comes an anecdote of a pious man of Zarwan, who made a point of giving to the poor four times the legal amount of alms due from his growing crops. Thus, instead of paying one-tenth on each crop, which is the legal amount enjoined by the Prophet, 6 he was wont to pay one-tenth of the green ears of corn, another tenth of the ripe wheat, a third tenth of the threshed grain, and a fourth of the bread made therefrom, and so on with grapes and other produce of hi garden. In recognition of his piety God blessed his garden and made it bear fruit abundantly. But his sons, who were blind to spiritual matters, saw only his lavish expenditure upon the poor, and could not see the divine blessing upon the garden, called down by his liberality, and rebuked him for his extravagance. There is no limit to the divine bounty, because God’s ability to bestow bounties, unlike human ability, is unbounded and infinite.


    1. Koran lxxiv. 2. Dawn smiles first as “false dawn,” and the second time as “true dawn.”

    2. Alluding to Bokhari, the author of the “Sahih Bokhari,” the first and most esteemed collection of traditions.

    3. Koran xvii. 72. The man of “external knowledge” is “carried only by land,” but the mystic is led over sea as well.

    4. When reason is annihilated, the “Truth” is reflected in the resulting caput mortuum or Not-being, as in a mirror (Gulshan i Raz, I. 125).

    5. These letters were supposed to have mysterious meanings. See Rodwell, Koran, p. 17, note.

    6. Miskat ul Masabih, i. 417.

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  • 10 Stages of Quarantine-Life for the Muslim and How to Stay Afloat

    1. Shock/Awe -> Submission -> Sabrun Jameel

    2. Rumination -> Analysis-> Assessment

    3. Regret -> Remorse -> Repentance

    4. Sadness -> Lamenting -> Deep Sorrow

    5. Redressing Wrongs -> Restitution

    6. Remembrance -> Reliance

    7. Steadfastness -> Resistance -> Restraint

    8. Fatigue -> Restlessness -> Forbearance

    9. Reflection -> Tawakkal

    10. Resignation -> Surrender

    As we all have learned by now, life under lockdown is NOT easy. However, if we fail to see the forest for the trees, then we will make this time very difficult on ourselves and our families.

    When Allah ﷻ decrees a tribulation, the appropriate response is patience. To have sabrun jameel, or beautiful patience is something required from the onset. When one believes with certainty that the Lord of the Universe is in control and there is wisdom in everything He decrees, then the heart is put at ease.

    To maintain this state of calm and trust is not always easy, but we must persevere. If we don’t and we respond with impatience, anger, and resentment then we risk upending the great lesson we’re supposed to each take from this trial, and the process of spiritual cleansing altogether.

    The bottom line is, we’re all being tested collectively and individually right now; our patience is being tested and so is our strength of character and faith. But with these tests we’ve also been given a rare opportunity to focus deeply on ourselves and FIX what needs to be fixed instead of ignoring and running away from our problems.

    For some people this means fixing their relationship with Allah ﷻ, for others their spouse, parents, children, finances, friends, health, time, desires, etc.

    By realizing that we’re NOT in control of the pandemic and what’s happening outside of our homes, we can focus back on what we can control: how we react and feel about what’s happening, ourselves, and our relationships. And in sha Allah, we’ll feel our anxiety decrease and our reliance on Allah ﷻ increase.

    Imagine a person who’s wearing a life vest but doesn’t know how to swim being thrown into the ocean. Their initial instinct is to fight, panic, and flail about looking for something to grasp. They don’t realize that they’re wearing a life vest and need to just calm down lest they drown.

    If they keep their head afloat and relax, they’ll quickly realize that they’re above the water, and that the shore is in sight which means the ground beneath them isn’t far from reach. All they have to do at that point is gently wade toward the right direction and remember their life vest will get them there safely as long as they follow protocol.

    Allah ﷻ is the one who’s given all of us our life vests and He is the only will who can remove them. We’ve been thrown into the ocean to test whether or not we’re going to trust His protocol and follow, or if we’re going to panic and find our own way to survive.

    Those of us who choose the latter option will inevitably perish, no matter how confident we feel about our own course, for any path other than God’s is perilous.

    To get through this period of difficulty, it’s pretty simple: follow HIS protocol and submit, reflect, stay on course, and surrender to Him.

    May Allah ﷻ help us all through this with His strength and mercy. Amin.

    -Ustadha Hosai Mojaddidi

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    Dua when encountering an enemy or when fearing those in authority #3

    حَسْبُنَا اللهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ


    Allah is sufficient for us, and how fine a trustee (He is).


    ḥasbun-allaahu wa ni‛mal-wakeel

    Sources: Al-Bukhari 5/172.

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