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    Originally posted by ladylilith91

    Prompt List 


    None yet :( 

    Check back soon! 



    None yet :( 

    Check back soon! 

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  • My list of prompts that I’ve found on the internet or from movie quotes for one-shots; pick a character, pick one or more dialog prompts below and send in a request! 

    List of character I will do: 

    Bill Skarsgård

    • Axel Cluney (Deadpool 2)
    • Bob Gray (IT) 
    • Henry Pearl (Battle creek)
    • Gordan Merkel 
    • Mark (Assassination Nation) 
    • Mickey (Villains 2019) 
    • Roman Godfrey (Hemlock Grove) 
    • The Kid (Castle Rock) 

      IT, 2017 

    • Bill Denbrough (IT) 
    • Richie Toizer (IT) 
    • Eddie Kaspbrak (IT) 
    • Beverly Marsh (IT) 
    • Stanley Uris (IT) 
    • Henry Bowers (IT) 
    • Victor Criss (IT) 
    • Patrick Hockstetter (IT) 

      The 100 

    • Bellamy Blake (The 100) 
    • Jasper Jordan (The 100) 
    • John Murphy (The 100) 


    • Rodrick Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) 
    • Viktor Drago (Creed II) 
    • Young Tom Marvolo Riddle, Voldemort 
    • Draco Malfoy 

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  • So, this is an imagine request I filled on a different site, but I figured I would post it here as well. I hope you guys like it!

        He can’t help the small smile that crosses his lips as he leans in the doorway, his eyes glued on you. You’ve been sitting on the couch with a group of strangers for the past twenty minutes talking about everything under the sun. There’s a cold beer in your hand and a smile on your face as you laugh at whatever joke they’re telling you. At the sound, his smile gets wider. He loves your laugh, it’s his favorite sound in the world. When you lock eyes with him from across the room, he raises his glass to you before shooting you a wink. You laugh and he can’t help the small chuckle that escapes him. Shaking his head, he sighs before taking a sip of his beer and heading to his room to finish packing. You’re his best friend as he’s madly in love with you. It wasn’t something that suddenly happened. His love for you grew over time. At first, you were just friends and then somewhere along the way he found his heart racing whenever he heard your voice. He misses you when he goes on tour and can’t wait to come home and see you when he gets back. Whenever you say his name, he is sure the whole world comes to halt. Sometimes, he finds himself just wanting to be near you. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply reading a book or watching tv, he just wants to be there. At some point, he realized that he wanted to be there forever. That when he thought about his future, you were always in it. That’s when it started…the flirtatious comments, the hand-holding, and the long looks. Then one night while you were both out with friends, you two made a drunken mistake. Or at least what Niall thought was a mistake. He spent days beating himself up for it. He couldn’t believe that he had let it happen.  He wanted it to happen, but not that way. Not drunk. He started to pull away from you and it killed him to see how much he was hurting you. He could see how much it hurt you when he rejected the idea of going on a date with you, but he can’t. It hurts too much. Now he’s moving out of your shared flat because he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for the two of you to be roommates anymore. He can’t be around you and not have you. However, he doesn’t want to hurt you more than he already has so he plans on slipping away while you’re distracted by the party. The only problem with his plan is that you know about his plan. You also know that he loves you, in fact, you feel the same way about him. What you don’t know though is why he’s so adamant about staying away from you…

    A Few Hours Later

        You look around the party and notice that Niall is missing. Excusing yourself, you set your beer down before heading to his room and pushing the door open. He’s standing in front of his suitcase, folding some shirts.

    “So, you’re just going to leave without saying goodbye?”

    “It’s for the best,” he says.

    “For who? Because it’s not me. You clearly aren’t thinking about me while doing this.”

    He scoffs, “you’re all I think about, which is why I have to leave.”

    “That doesn’t make sense, Niall. If you love me as much as you claim you do, then stay. People in love don’t run away from one another.”

    “I can’t stay, you know that.”

    You groan in frustration before running your hand through your hair.

    “So, that’s it? You’re just going to leave me?”

    “Believe me it’s the best thing for both of us,” he says.

    “It’s not though, Niall. You and I both know that. All you’re doing is hurting yourself and me. When are you going to realize that all you have to do is tell me how you feel and commit to it?”

    “You have no idea how I feel.”

    “Then tell me!”

    Your voice echoes off the wall and he freezes as you take a deep breath.

    “What are you so afraid of? That once you say it, things will change? That we won’t be friends anymore? Good, I don’t want to be friends anymore. I want to be more and I know you do too. So, why don’t you let it happen? Why won’t you commit?”

    Niall throws his hands up, “Fine! You want me to say it? You want me to put it all out there? Once I say it there is no going back…The truth is I have thought about you. I think about you every second of every day. Commitment? Commitment is the last thing I’ve got problems with. I’m all in. It’s all or nothing with me, Y/n. When I think about you, I think about the rest of our lives. That’s all I’ve ever thought about since the moment I met you. You are my forever. If we broke up and you just walked out of my life, I couldn’t take it. Not after everything, not after feeling the way I do. Having you once and losing you would be ten times worse than not having you at all.”

    “Niall, you would find someone else. You would move on…”

    He shakes his head, “I wouldn’t. You don’t get, Y/n…you’re it.”

    Your breath catches in your throat as you process Niall’s words.


    “All the times you’ve been there for me? All the times you’ve called me out for the stupid things I do? All the times you’ve been by my side through it all? When you understood why I love music so much? When you tried to learn to play guitar so you could play along to my songs? When you became the first person I wanted to see when I came home from tour? I knew.”

    “Knew what?”

    “Knew how much I love you. Knew how much you mean to me. Knew how much..how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

    It’s silent as you still process the words that Niall just said. After a few minutes, a whisper escapes you and Niall almost can’t believe his ears. 

    “I love you too.”

    It only takes a second for Niall to react and pull you into his arms, his lips crashing onto yours. He whispers I love you over and over before you finally pull away from him.

    “So, you’re staying?” you ask, hopeful.

    “I’m staying,” he says, pulling you in for another kiss.

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  • Draco Malfoy Headcanon: Hogwarts Professor

    request: @halfbloodskull

    “Could you do a headcanon with Draco Malfoy being a professor at Hogwarts?”

    • Draco Malfoy as Professor would include:
    • he is the professor of astronomy because from a very young age he could always look up to the stars and forget about his surroundings for a minute
    • when his father would get angry, Draco would retreat to the roof right outside his bedroom window to try to find his relatives in the sky
    • he sets harmless booby traps around the astronomy tower to keep couples from sneaking up there to hook up
    • if anyone kisses up there loud polka music starts playing and doesn’t stop until they are a foot apart
    • when romantic interests stare touch hands it summons a fart smell
    • one of his favorite things to do is make it extremely difficult for couples to survive
    • he knows how distracting it can be
    • he also has respect for the couples that last more than two years and leaves them alone
    • but he can’t get enough of teasing the serial daters
    • people go into his class thinking it will be more difficult than it is
    • ya know bc of his intimidating demeanor and rbf
    • but once they get in there they realize how fun astronomy really is
    • especially when it is taught by someone as passionate about it as draco is
    #fan edit#fanfiction#imagines#preferences#draco malfoy #draco malfoy headcanon #draco malfoy x reader #draco x reader #harry potter #harry potter x reader #harry potter headcanon #hp headcanon#hogwarts
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    * This NERD 

    * He was so nervous to talk to you; you were so pretty and he was so anxious he literally felt like throwing up 

    * His friends tried telling him you’d never talk to him, but he wouldn‘t give it up; from the moment he saw you in school he knew he wanted to talk to you

    * He finally talked to you about a week after first seeing you; he nervously stumbled some fragments of sentences, left you both confused, and nearly threw up again when you laughed, before he realized it was a ‘you‘re kinda cute and funny‘ laugh not a ‘wow, what a fucking idiot‘ type of laugh 

    * The two of you, shocking everyone, became friends; his mom loved you because you were a steady B student in every single subject besides math, where you got a C 

    * Hanging out with him and watching the band practice, biting the inside of your lip and nodding along to his ‘we‘re good, right?‘ 

    * After knowing each other for awhile the two of you actually became really good friends; there was no chance in hell you were going to college after school, and let’s be fair, neither was Rodrick 

    * The two of you alternated sneaking into each other’s houses, like, every single night. He‘d come to yours, then you‘d go to his, and it‘d repeat and you‘d stay up basically all night every night of the summer, watching movies, eating snacks and cuddling on whoever’s bed 

    * He’d always had a crush on you, but you never knew, and he never knew you had a crush on him as well 

    * Like 2 and a half years after you met he finally got the nerve to tell you he liked you; he’d said the band was practicing and asked if you wanted to come over, knowing you rarely said no to band practice. And yet again you‘d said yes and came to the Heffley house that night, getting caught up in a 25 minute discussion with Mrs. Heffley about a book she was reading that you had just read in school and actually liked 

    * By time you made it to the garage Rodrick was sweating buckets. He was wearing the usual jeans, whatever band-shirt he liked at the moment and a pair of converse that were seriously worn down 

    * “Where is everyone else? I was only inside for 20 minutes“ you‘d laughed, then stopped when, even through the dim lighting of the garage, you saw how nervous Rodrick was “are you alright, Rodrick? You look like a ghost“ you‘d said, putting your hand to his sweaty forehead. 

    * “I, uh… yeah“ he stumbled, gulping and looking down at you “well, there was actually something I wanted to tell you… I… uh… (y/n)I’vehadacrushonyousincewewere14″ 

    * Despite him speaking so fast you’d heard every word. Your shoulders noticeably slumped and Rodrick cursed at himself. 

    * “Oh, fuck– shit, please just– fuck, forget I said anything–” Rodrick stumbled, but he was quickly cut of by you placing a hand on his cheek and making him look at you 

    * “Are you serious right now?“ You‘d asked. He nodded, looking at you with wide eyes. A smile graced your face as a soft laugh escaped your lips “you‘re dead ass serious?“ He nodded again “fuck, Rodrick, I’ve liked you since I first met you“ 

    * Rodrick’s jaw dropped. 

    * “Are you kidding me?“ He grinned “that‘s amazing– I-I,” he couldn‘t help himself as he leaned in and pushed his lips against yours. You were shocked by his sudden movement and jumped slightly. He pulled away, his cheeks bright red “sorry“ he started, but you didn‘t let him finish 

    * “No, no, no“ you‘d said, pushing yourself up on the balls of your feet and wrapping your arms around his neck to lower him as you attached your lips back to his. Rodrick couldn’t have been more happy as he kissed you back, wrapping his arms around your waist and keeping you close 

    * It was an unspoken thing after that night that the two of you were a thing, however if there was needed a spoken thing, Rodrick was quick to call you his girlfriend and there were no complaints from you 

    * The two of you were already best friends who knew everything about each other and did everything together; you had already went to all his shows, despite not being the biggest fan of them, Rodrick was a really good drummer and you loved him 

    * So much cuddling. He likes to spoon or have you lay on his shoulder on the bed, your legs all tangled up and his arm around you 

    * Expect lots of kisses, especially in private, and always having his arm around you 

    * Going to the Heffley house and having dinner, only pretending to leave and sneaking up to Rodrick’s room to cuddle and watch a movie 

    * Babysitting Manny for Mr. and Mrs. Heffley so they can go out on date nights 

    * When you’re around Rodrick mainly leaves Greg alone; so, by all means, come over as much as you want - Greg 

    * You have gotten walked in one in a pretty heated make out session before with his hand dangerously close to your boobs underneath your shirt, getting a lecture from his mom or an awkward conversation from his father about whatever he was told to go tell the two of you, or a disgusted noise from Greg and possibly a shriek from Rowley if he was with him

    * His friends like you because you don’t make Rodrick ditch them to go to coupley stuff, you actually like hanging out with all of them and you can take a lot of sarcastic comments and fire them right back 

    * Wrestling on the sofa for no reason 

    * Helping Greg with his homework if Rodrick was like in the shower or something for once, and explaining some things in your best subjects and just scratching your head in the math section 

    * “Guess what!” “Did you finally shower?“ “I shower“ “No, you do not“ “I do! smell, I showered yesterday“ “Ew, Rodrick, stop“ lot‘s of laughing and teasing throughout conversations like this 

    * There’s never a dull moment with Rodrick 

    * Cuddling and falling asleep on him on the sofa after just talking and watching movies after school or over the summer, your finger tracing little patters on whatever body part your hand laid on his body

    * Rodrick wouldn’t move while you slept, and often times fell asleep as well 

    * You weren’t as heavy a sleeper as Rodrick had been, so when Greg came home and started yelling, you woke up, but when Rodrick didn’t, not shocking you; most the time you just decided to shush Greg and fall back asleep 

    * Watching scary movies together and laughing at the characters stupidity 

    * He still gets flustered around you sometimes when you do certain things he’s always loved 

    * If you’re ever insecure about anything he will absolutely compliment you on that thing or if it’s a hobby he‘ll ask to see what you do and he‘ll compliment whatever it is and truthfully tell you he thinks you’re great at it

    * He can be insecure sometimes, too, so just compliment him and cuddle him and do what he does for you 

    * You better believe he will watch an insanely long string of movies with you over the weekend, hanging out in his bedroom and snuggling on his bed with the laptop playing whatever movie you were both o and either ending up with a pillow fight or a make out session 

    * Loving each other so much, and being perfect for one another, and Mr. and Mrs. Heffley adore you so it’s all good 

    #Rodrick heffley #diary of a wimpy kid #Rodrick heffley fluff #Rodrick rules #diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick heffley #dating would include #preferences
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  • Lover


    Originally posted by mendes-shawn

    Pairing: Shawn Mendes x reader

    This is based of the new remix of lover with Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes(which is absolutely amazing). This story will be memories between you and Shawn so each one takes place at a different time.

    I’m taking requests.

    Hope you enjoy!!

    We could light a bunch of candles

    And dance around the kitchen, baby

    You walked into the house the smell of vanilla hitting your nose. Shawn lit the last candle then turned around to face you. “Baby, your home,” he said a wide smile on your face. “What’s all this,” you asked kissing his cheek. Did you do all this for me?” Shawn shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing and turned on the radio. “Dance with me,” he said reaching his hand out towards you. “Let me put my coat down and- Shawn grabbed your hand and spun you into his chest. Taking the coat that was in your other hand he threw it to the side. Swaying to the music he pulled you closer to his chest. The he dipped you down and placed a kiss on your neck. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered into your ear.

    Pictures of when we were young would hang on the wall

    We would sit on the stoop

    I’ll sing love songs to you when we’re eighty

    See, I finally got you now, honey, I won’t let you fall

    You adjusted the picture frame well Shawn strummed on his guitar. “What do you think,” you asked stepping back to look at the picture. “I think it’s beautiful,” he said eyes on you. “I’m serious Shawn.” “So am I,” he shot back with a wink. Come sit with me,” he said patting the seat next to him. You cuddled into him and he kissed the top of your head. “How bout a song, eh?” “Okay,” you said putting your head on his chest. You looked up at him as he sang (y/f/s). You had always thought Shawn had the most beautiful voice. “Please never stop singing to me,” you whispered. “Till death do us part,” he said back.

    Look in my eyes, they will tell you the truth

    The girl in my story has always been you

    I’d go down with the Titanic, it’s true,

    for you, lover

    You sat there tears streaming down your face, cuddling into Shawn. No matter how many times you watched the damn Titanic you would always cry. “Jack shouldn’t have died, there was room for both of them,” you said in between sobs. “I would do the same for you,” he said wiping away your tears. “You would,” you said more tears threatening to spill. “Of course, I would do anything for you, it will always be you,” he said placing a kiss to your lips.

    Can I go where you go?

    Can we always be this close?

    Forever and ever

    And ah, take me out, and take me home

    You’re my, my, my, my lover

    “This is the best day of my life,” Shawn whispered in your ear, as you watched the others dancing. “How can you know that? We have 70 plus more to go,” that’s a lot of memories, you giggled. He rolled his eyes and smiled at you. “Not just 70 years, forever,” he said. “Forever,” you repeated the smile that had been there all night not once wavering. “Now can I dance with my wife,” he said emphasizing the wife part. You stood up grabbing his hand and walked to the dance floor.

    #shawn mendes imagines #shawn mendes x reader #shawn mendes #shawn mendes imagine #shawn x reader #shawn imagines#shawn imagine #shawn peter raul mendes #shawn mendes au #shawn mendes x you #shawn mendes au meme #shawn mendes gif #shawn mendes meme #shawn mendes fanfic #celebrity preferences#celebrity imagines#imagine#imagines#preferences
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  • Too Quickly.

    pairing: steve harrington x reader

    summary: after his best friend endures a major loss, steve harrington realizes the true reason he feels the deep need to protect her.

    request: @saturnssub

    “hiii, i was wondering if u could possibly do a steve harrington x reader angst fic, im not good at rlly coming up w ideas lol. please🥺💘”

    It all happened too quickly. All it took was one day, one diagnosis, to change your whole life. And it wasn’t much longer after that. Planning that funeral was something you didn’t think you would have to do for a long long time, especially not this funeral. The half sized coffin made the morbid truth even more tangible. He should have had more time.

    One of the side effects of everything going on in your life has been you pushing away your friends. You had just graduated high school and started working as a waitress at the local diner, so while you had to play the part of bubbly food service worker, it was just enough of a veil to hide behind. You were just lucky that no one dared ask you about it.

    Well, mostly.

    Steve always knew when something was wrong with you. No matter what the problem, he could tell. Similar to how a dog knows when to curl up in a ball at its owners feet, Steve Harrington had an inkling for whenever he would need to deliver on a best friend pick-me-up. He had noticed something was off with you, but the historically and traditionally planned movie binge and card game sleepover had been postponed by—well— you being kidnapped by Russians. After that, when your brother’s results were back, you decided that you were going to spend the rest of his time with him.

    You slip on your black ballet flats and adjust your headband in the mirror one last time before somberly making your way to the family car. The drive is characteristically quiet. It still feels surreal, more like you’re watching everything happen in a cult commentary on the brevity of life than you are really on your way to a seven year olds funeral. It takes everything you have to remain put together during the service and the wake. You have spent the last month being strong for Tyler, and now you just don’t have enough left.

    It’s only you now. You and your parents haven’t spoken since Tyler’s passing, just cohabiting an empty home with only each other and despair. By the time you finally took yourself cry, you are sitting in front of Tyler’s grave. Well— what will be his grave. Right now it is just a pile of dirt covered in roses.

    “I thought I would find you here,” you don’t even have to look up to know who it is. “I haven’t seen you eat all day, so i brought you this.”

    You glance at the bag in Steve’s hands briefly as he sits down next to you.

    “it happened too quickly.” you say. “how could no one notice that something was wrong with him before stage four? i feel so stupid.”

    “hey hey hey,” he stops you. He sets down the bag and places a gentle hand on your shoulder. “you couldn’t have known. And it doesn’t make sense right now, I know. But it will be okay eventually and I wanna stay by your side until it is and after.”

    “What are you saying, Steve?”

    “I’m saying that I love you, (Y/N).”

    #fan edit#fanfiction#imagines#love#preferences #youre an idiot steve harrington #steve harrington x reader #steve harrington#scoops troop#stranger things#st #billy hargove x reader #jonathan byers x reader #steve x nancy #nancy x jonathan #meleven
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  • Rules! + What I write!

    What type of thing I will write

    Basically yeah, I will write anything!

    The only limits might be if you ask for something too depressing/sad or something very smutty. If that is the case I will message you and tell you, I won’t remove your request I’ll let you pick another theme for the request.

    For Reactions

    I will take up to 25 equests at a time! After I have 25 I will shut down requests until they are finished!

    Question: What happens to any request sent after you have 25?

    Simple, I’ll delete all requests sent after the 25th so I can keep track of everything.

    For Fake Texts and Snaps

    I don’t have any limit and no rules for this. Request anything you like. Your limit is your own creativity

    For Ships!

    Simply if you want a ship

    Send me a small bio about yourself. It has to include the following




    Likes and Dislikes

    Hogwarts house

    Blood status

    Favourite subject



    Based on all that information I will select who I think is your perfect Harry Potter S/o

    Happy Requesting everyone 😙

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  • Prompt/summary: Imagine cuddling with Bellamy, Jasper and Murphy 

    Word count: 322

    Warnings/contents: Fluff that’s all 

    Notes: None, just enjoy the fluff! 

    Keep reading

    #the 100#john murphy#fluff#preferences#Bellamy blake#jasper jordan #the 100 jasper #the 100 bellamy #Bellamy blake fluff #jasper Jordan fluff #john murphy fluff #the 100 murphy
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  • Prompt List 

    Bellamy Blake 


    Originally posted by blakesmurphy100

    None yet :( 

    Check back soon! 


    Jasper Jordan 


    None yet :( 

    Check back soon! 


    John Murphy 


    Who Can Hold Out Longer 




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  • My English is much better now. That’s why I deleted my original post and revised the content. Here is the new verison.

    Number one thing you need to understand about Natsuya, before you even enter a romantic relationship with him, is that he’s a leader, protector, provider, and barrier. More than the rest of the guys (Exept Sousuke, Rin, Hiyori, and a little bit Makoto.)

    • You two had a lot of sexual tension before you became a couple. You both knew that you two are compatible, you just didn’t follow through. In a way, he’s always made it clear that he’s interested in you but never made a genuine move. Yes, the occasional flirt or tease here and there. He even once undid your bikini top at the beach but never made any signs if he’s serious. You were getting frustrated with him at this point, but never said anything because of reasons you cant really explain. This went on for a while, until, you guess, he just had enough playing games and wanted more. The way he confessed wasn’t very romantic (No rose petals or Celine Dion). Just serous, intense, and hot. 
    • He introduces you as “His girl”, not his “Girlfriend”. This is because of two things. On one hand, he’s a laid back guy. Natsuya won’t fret if you have a lot of male friends. Plus, he isn’t very traditional. So the word girlfriend itself won’t even come to mind in an introduction. But, on the other hand, he’s definitely gonna mark his territory. - Wether it’s directly on you or an unspoken rule. He did this before you were even together. “She’s your girlfriend?” “No” “Then why did you introduce her as “your girl?” “Because she’s off limits to you.” This is more of a protective and ‘mine’ thing than it is a possessive controlling thing. He wants to let others know you’re his but doesn’t expect you to act like it when he hasn’t even made it official. 
    • Deep kisses. Natsuya loves deep kisses. He believes that if he’s gonna shut you up, it better be worth it. He cups your face, runs his hand through your hair and tugs a little, or hold your chin between his fingers. Either way, you’re gonna lose your breath every time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kiss goodbye at the airport or a ‘good luck kiss’ before a race.
    • Natsuya is dominant, firm, and makes the rules. He doesn’t boss you around, but he will tell you what to do more often than not. There’s a difference. Here’s why; Natsuya respects you, cares about you, and makes sure your needs are met before his. That’s - by definition - the purpose, goal, and motivation of a man with a dominant mindset. He will naturally take the lead in the relationship. He will open doors for you, tell you to go to bed on time, make sure you’ve eaten enough every day, and will overall tell you what to do a lot. He’s firm on your safety, health, and happiness, yet gentle in executing those goals. 
    • For those who consider this as “Oppression” or “Inequality” then you should know that whatever you and Natsuya have won’t work out. Because your relationship isn’t a dictatorship. He’s an older brother, captain of a swim team, and now your boyfriend. To him, all of this is responsibility, not a chore. Which shows a lot about his character, not just that he’s a natural leader. He’s not controlling, but he won’t take the backseat either. “Don’t forget to put on your coat. It’s cold outside.” “Have you eaten anything yet? If not, I wanna take you to this new place at the end of the block.” “Come here and just watch a movie with me tonight. It’ll be easier on your injury.” He makes decisions in your favor, not to his gain; Your favor is his gain. Which separates him from any unequal or oppressive rule. Basically, if getting told what to do ticks you off out of principle, regardless of what you’re being told to do is good for you, then Natsuya isn’t the guy for you.
    • Aside from all of that, he’s a really chill and upbeat guy. You’re always gonna have something to laugh about with him, wether it’s an inside joke or the comedy club you spontaneously visited at 9pm because you missed your bus and have 30 minutes to kill. This also means that he can be spontaneous and enjoys going on small adventures with you. He’ll happily play and make out in the rain with you even though you could be inside in the warmth. He’s more teasing than playful. Which is why some of the adventures or even bets can get sexual very fast. The fact that he’s a tease is also the reason why he goes nuts when you dare to clap back or roast him. 
    • The truth about Natsuya: He’s attracted to feminine women. Before you go nuts, just let him clarify. “Feminine” doesn’t = “Big tits and ass”. Natsuya is attracted to raw femininity. - Not blow up dolls. Natsuya is attracted to women who are slow to aggression, nurturing, don’t object to receiving, who work hard and improve themselves every day, who pursue knowledge, care about their health and image, who enjoy being there for others, who are loving to animals and children, and who are passionate about their hobbies and interests. It all boils down to your spirit, Character, virtue and values, not your looks or wardrobe. Example; He couldn’t care less if you wear heels or sneakers. What he cares about is if they’re clean and if you throw them into the corner of the room when you take them off. He also doesn’t care if you usually sleep in till’ 10 am. What he cares about is if you’re happy to fill in for your little brother at 5 am when he’s too sick to do his job as paper boy. He doesn’t care if you’re skinny or plus sized as long as you take your vitamins and sometimes choose water over soda for the sake of your health. Natsuya wants a woman who can be happy with or without him. That’s what puts the spark in pursuing you so much. The reason why there is so much emphasis on this is because he won’t settle for less.
    • He loves it when you wear his clothes. It just proves to him, not just others or you, that you’re his. But not just at home or to bed, he enjoys seeing you wear his clothes even in public. That just adds to his love for PDA as well. He loves holding hands, holding you by your waist, and keeping you on his lap. He’s not afraid to kiss you the way he likes it in front of others, and sometimes he just throws you over his shoulder to make you laugh. He loves sharing the little things with you, and those little things are even just when he notices how your hand is so much smaller than his when he reaches out, or how you giggle when he nips your nose or the way you squeal and laugh as he twirls you. 
    #Free! #free! iwatobi swim club #free! dive to the future #free! take your marks #free! imagines #free! imagine #free! natsuya #natsuya kirishima#s/o#xreader#X reader#Y/N#preferences #Dating Natsuya Kirishima would include #headcanons
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  • My English is much better now. That’s why I deleted my original post and revised the content. Here is the new verison.

    • He fell for you first. You and him were just friends at the time, but undoubtedly had chemistry. Even so, you hadn’t even considered him as a romantic partner. Though that didn’t discourage him. Instead of putting you not the spot and ruining his chances with you, he slowly changed your relationship in a way that made his long term intentions with you possible and likely to happen. In other words, he made sure that you fell for him. This way you’re likely to say yes when he confesses, and he won’t risk losing you to a rejection.
    • The way he did this was very subtle at first. Hiyori sort of developed a slow burn process of which the goal was to - at first - babystep you into his world and then make sure you know what he can offer you if you were to choose him completely. Or, again in other words, slowly climb himself out of your friend zone and at the same time make you fall for him. Instead of just remembering the little things about you, inviting you to places you both like, and tell you when you look nice, he would also now do little things for you, pick you up and walk you back to you place, and give you direct and genuine compliments. 
    • After a while, you found yourself falling for him. And he knew. At this point it was safe for him to ‘take the next step’. Which was taking any obstacles that could prevent you from being happy and happy with him off the radar (Notice how he cares you’re not just happy with him). In order to make this happen, he would have to get even more involved with you and with your life. Which consequently would bring him even closer to you. Hiyori knows that in order to love and be happy with him or any guy, you need to love yourself first. Which means you’re from now on one of his top priorities. 
    • This isn’t about controlling you, it’s about making you as happy and contempt as he possibly can. Even if he doesn’t get to have you in the end. When Hiyori realized he felt this way, he suddenly understood that he had finally fallen in love with you.
    • Now that you and him are in a relationship, you need to learn how to deal and work with his quirks. Hiyori can be overprotective and super invested. On one hand, this is good. Because he’s the kind of boyfriend who won’t dictate to you what you wanna do, but will want you to text him whenever you leave the house or do something new. A text like “I’m headed to here and there, and will be back then and later.” form you is all he wants. Notice how you’re nowhere asking for permission or letting him tell you aha to do instead. You’re just letting him know you’re ok and where you are in case something happens. Which is all he really wants. This is mostly motivated by his fear of losing people he loves because he’s been alone and neglected for the majority of his childhood. 
    • Meanwhile, his overprotective side can get in the way of his investment. Example: on one hand he’d love to drive you to Krispy Cream at 3 am and read books with you. On the other hand, though, you need your sleep and one donut has enough sugar to have crystallized instead of rotten in a year. When this happens, he usually chooses to come over and help you fall asleep again (Investment), but won’t go on midnight adventures with you (Overprotective). 
    • Loyalty. He only has eyes for you. It’s normal to reject others when you’re a lover, but Hiyori doesn’t even pay others any mind. However, there is a dark side to this topic; Hiyori ignores other women who make advances towards him, but if other guys make advances towards you, they better run. He’ll do anything in his power to keep you and your very unwanted admirer separate. He does this a lot like he did when he tried to keep Haru and Ikuya separate. Which means you won’t even notice at first. What’s more is how easy it is, as an admirer of you, to set Hiyori off.
    • If you want to be happy with Hiyori, you’re gonna need to do a little bit of work as well. - Work with yourself in reflecting and such. One thing you need to learn to accept is that Hiyori is, in a way, possessive. Not controlling or psychotic, but more as a leader and a barrier for you. You need to understand that Hiyori looks upon you as his. His to protect love and cherish. “You’re mine.” No word, no expression could body forth the kind of relation you stand to him. You’re a friend, partner, and lover to him. And his intentions are to make you his and his only. 
    • One of his best traits is that he doesn’t hold you to society’s expectations. He loves you and only you, not what other people want from you. Look, no one, not even Hiyori is gonna lecture you why it is important to shower and brush your teeth. This isn’t about general hygiene, this is about lifestyle. He honestly doesn’t care if you’re overweight/skinny, short/tall, introverted/extroverted, or anything else. In short, he cares about your health, loves your personality and character, and completely disregards society standards of what you ‘should’ be. You’re a human being, a person. - Not a checklist. And he loves you for who you are without judgement.
    • He brings a few unique things into the relationship. If you’re bilingual, he’ll want to learn a bit of your foreign language. He always enjoys reading to you and cuddling. He considers that a date. Anything educational that he can share with you is something he loves to do with you. 
    • Regarding his swimming, just like with any athlete, his sport sometimes comes first. Not to sound rude, but you’re just gonna have to accept that. Please don’t feed into any wild fantasy that you can just text him during practice, he’ll drop everything and come running. Unlike the rest of the guys, he is most likely to respond when you text him, but he won’t put his training on hold. What this means is that you just can’t become over clingy or have an attitude when he doesn’t come running this very second as he’s in the middle of something. If you can’t handle being away form him for a few hours, then you’re screwed. You’re always invited to watch, which he is more than happy to make it happen. But you need to let him be his own person, just like he lets you. (Of course this is different in an emergency, but that’s a different situation.)
    #Free! #free! iwatobi swim club #free! imagines #free! imagine #free! hiyori #hiyori tono #Dating Hiyori Tono would include #preferences#S/O#Y/N#Xreader#x reader
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  • Unofficial First Time - Phoebe Halliwell Smut



    “Phoebs!” You walked into the Halliwell home and kicked the door closed with your snowy boot. Your hands were occupied with bags of snacks, movies, and a bottle of champagne. And if you dropped that bottle, it would be a rough night.

    “I’m getting the blankets out of the dryer! Go up to my room and throw somethin in the DVD player!” You heard her distance voice call. You set the champagne and bags on the side table and removed your coat, hat, and boots. Thank goodness the sisters had the heat on otherwise you would be an icicle.

    “Somethin, huh? Giving me a lot of input, Phoebe.” You mumbled as you jogged up the stairs to Phoebe’s room. You picked a movie you had never seen before, because watching movies repeatedly was boring. It had Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in it and that’s all you needed to know to want to play it.

    The trailers of other movies begun playing as you laid out the snacks. Phoebe appeared in the doorway with two glasses and blankets under her arm.

    “Champagne? We’re feeling classy tonight!” Phoebe grinned and set down the glasses and blankets so she could hug you.

    “Didn’t want to get too wild and have the neighbors call the police on us.” You teased. Let’s just say karaoke night wasn’t a tradition anymore.

    “Say no more, let’s get under these blankets!”


    Watching movies with Phoebe was something you could never get enough of. You both would make funny comments during the movie and it wouldn’t bother either of you. However, the scene coming up wouldn’t bring hilarity.

    “Oh wow.” You whispered. Two female characters began engaging in the act of heavy foreplay. One of the females resembled Phoebe, almost to a T. Except her breasts weren’t as perky as Phoebe’s, and her back didn’t display dimples like Phoebe’s. Phoebe was absolutely devine…and held your heart. You really hadn’t dated since meeting the Halliwells. And you realized exactly why when you looked at Phoebe and you caught her already staring back at you. “Phoebs.” You whispered.

    “What the hell…I um, I like you Y/N. More than best friends usually like each other. Like, romance like.” Phoebe stammered to put her words together. You smiled and took her hand.

    “I like you too, Phoebe.” You didn’t let her respond before touching her lips to yours. The kiss became heated within seconds. Your hand wandered up her torso and to her back to pull her closer to you. She broke away and stood up. Your heart dropped in fear she regretted it, but that slipped away as soon as she stripped from her top. “You’re so beautiful, Phoebs.”

    “You’re not too bad yourself.” She smiled before reaching around to her bra strap. Your mouth hung open as she shrugged the black bra off of her body and tossed it to the side. You couldn’t stop yourself.

    “Keep going.” Phoebe didn’t hesitate in providing the strip show for you. You crawled to the end of the bed and removed your top. Your fingers moved to encase her breasts in your hands. “So soft.” You looked up at her while your mouth kissed her cleavage. She reached around for your clasp and you allowed the fabric to break free from your body. Your mouth wrapped around a nipple and Phoebe moaned graciously. You swirled your tongue around the sensitive bud and moved swiftly to mimic your actions on the opposite breast.

    “My turn.” Phoebe pushed you onto your back and pulled your pants off. Her fingers dipped into your panties and began massaging your folds. “Tell me what you like…cause I’ve never done something like this.” Her thumb paid attention to your sweet bundle of nerves.

    “M-me neither. But it feels good so far.” You bit your lip and groaned as one finger entered you. Just her two fingers alone working together could get you to orgasm well and you knew it. But Phoebe wanted more.

    “Take em off.” Phoebe continued her work while you pushed your panties down your legs. “Open.” You spread your legs and Phoebe began kissing your thighs while pleasuring you.

    “I’m so close.” You panted, watching her in anticipation. Her tongue emerged from her plump lips and replaced her thumb in its attack on your clit. You bucked your hips against her face as she kitten licked you so fast. “Yes, Phoebe! I’m gonna cum.” You cried out, and at the last second she submerged a second finger into your squelching hole making your eyes roll back into your head.

    “So pretty.” Phoebe whispered as her fingers thrusted slowly into you while you rode out your orgasm. Her fingers pulled out of you coated in your arousal. She guided them down in between her thighs and spread your wetness onto her clit. You watched her speed up, pleasuring herself and you were truly mesmerized. “You like watching me get off, huh?” She gasped out, reaching for your hand. You sat up and sucked on your fingers before launching two fingers inside of her while she rubbed herself.

    “You do it so well.” Phoebe began bouncing up and down your fingers, while you made sure to meet her thrusts and created love bites on her boobs.

    “Shit…I’m cumming.” You bit down on her nipple as she did and she cried out your name. You assisted her in her descent as she had done for you. You pulled your fingers out and grabbed her hand, pulling both into your mouth. You noticed her hips buck against the air at the sight and you smiled.

    “Not bad for our first time.”

    “Unofficial first time.”

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  • Hello! I have decided to branch out of just Disney and Nick so this is another list of more things I am willing to write for. Please just send a request my way and I’ll be happy to write it! For now I am only writing fluff and/or angst

    Check out my Masterlist here!

    T.V. Shows

    • Criminal Minds→ Hotch, Rossi, Reid, Morgan, Garcia, JJ, Prentiss, 
    • Stranger Things → Steve, Johnathan, Nancy, Billy, Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, El, Max
    • Riverdale → Archie, Ronnie, Betty, Jug, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Toni, Cheryl (Through the end of season 3)
    • Glee → Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck, Brittany, Santana, Quinn, Tina, Artie, Mercedes
    • End of the F***ing World→ Alyssa and James
    • I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think right now so just send me an ask!


    • Love Simon → Simon, Leah, Nick, Abby 
    • Harry Potter→ Almost everyone
    • Hunger Games → Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Prim, Finnick
    • Twilight → Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Bella, Rosaline, Alice, Carlie, Esme, Jacob, Sam, Jared, Embry, Seth, Leah
    • Divergent → Tris, Four, Christina, Peter, Eric,
    • Now You See Me 2 (I know it’s weird, but I’ve only seen the 2nd one) Atlas, Lula, Wilder, Walter, McKinney
    • The Breakfast Club → Andrew, Bender, Brian, Claire, Allison 
    • The Outsiders → Pony, Soda, Darry, Dally, Johnny, Two-Bit, Steve
    • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before → Laura Jean, Peter, Josh
    • ***SOON*** The Percy Jackson Series! I am currently reading the fourth book so this fandom will soon be on my list after I’ve finished the series. If you wanna ask me to do something from the first three books, I’d be happy too!
    • Again, Just ask me if you don’t see something!


    Find that here!


    • Hamilton→ Hamilton, Laurens, Laf, Mulligan, Burr, Angelica, Eliza, Peggy, Maria, Jefferson, Madison, Washington.
    •  Dear Evan Hansen → Evan, Jared, Connor, Alana, Zoe
    • Be More Chill → Jeremy, Micheal, Rich, Jake, Christine, Chloe, Brooke, Jenna, Squip
    • Heathers → Veronica, JD, Chandler, McNamara, Duke, Kurt, Ram, Martha
    • Beetlejuice → Beetlejuice, Lydia, Adam, Barbra
    •  21 Chump Street → Justin and Naomi
    • Hairspray → Tracy, Link, Amber, Penny, Seaweed
    • Newsies → Jack, Katherine, Crutchie, Davey, Race, Spot
    • Six→ The Six Queens! 
    • The Greatest Showman → P.T., Phillip, Anne, Lettie
    • If there’s something you want, but you don’t see, ask!


    • Smosh → Ian, Shayne, Court, Olivia, Noah, Keith, Damien, Joven, Wes, Mari, Lasercorn, Sohinki, Boze, Kimmy, 
    • Hi5 Studios → Matthias, Tanner, Micheal T, Paul, Connor, Noa, Liz, Samantha, Woods, Patrick, Roze, Gunner (I know, I know)
    • Dolan Twins→ Ethan and Gray
    • Shane Dawson and Squad → Shane, Ryland, Morgan, Garrett, Andrew
    • Buzzfeed → Kesley, Shane, Ryan
    • Try Guys → Keith, Zach, Steve, Steve! I mean, Ned and Eugene.
    • Mr. Beast and friends → Jimmy, Chris, Chandler, Jake
    • Elle Mills
    • Markiplier
    • Crankgameplays
    •  Jacksepticeye
    • Thomas Sanders
    • Ask about others!


    • Shawn Mendes
    • Tom Holland
    • Zendaya
    • Harry Styles
    • Taylor Swift
    • Selena Gomez
    • I will probably write for the actor of a character and just more celebrities, just ask. 

    So like I said, send in a request! 

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    I’d rather visit the UK than having to attend Anime NYC for the first time this weekend.

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  • me: *I will try not to judge people. Everyone is entitled to their on opinions and tastes. I’m tolerant and mature.*

    me: *When I hear someone expressing the most ordinary preference that happens not to be mine*

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