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  • Do you like listening to music while coding? If so, what do you prefer? Not music, but something else? I’m curious!

    #personal#cs#computer science#programming#preferences#music#programmer habits #honestly I like k-pop #but mostly only female artists #like it's almost the only time I listen to k-pop or j-rock now
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  • Fuck it

    I’m gon write about Star Wars cuz I’m self indulgent

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  • Tony:


    Of course ! You had to sprain your knee ! You felt like a level one agent ! You were ashamed of yourself. You had thank your opponent by breaking his nose. But according to the doctor, you had to rest for at least two weeks, which meant two weeks off for you ! You didn’t had the right to move so you might go crazy but hey … 

    You met Clint on your way to the parking lot, who offered to give you a ride home. Clint went as far as to stop to do your shopping. Your fridge was always empty. Clint knew you enough to know that you would rather order take away food than ask for help. He couldn’t let his friend like this.

    You barely made it into your flat that, once on your floor, you saw a gigantic bouquet of flowers in front of your door. It was way too big. You opened the door before taking the flowers.  You closed the door behind you and sighed. You put the flowers on the kitchen counter and saw a hand-written card :

    « See you in ten ! Tony »

    What the hell ?! Okay you did try to avoid him, and you did pretty well … until now. You knew Tony had a thing for you. You had received dozens of alerts, saying someone had tried to access your files. He had tried to read your personal file and the reports of your missions. You also knew that the food which was delivered to you, everyday at the same hour wasn’t from Clint. You understood that after seing him eating some of it in your office. 

    You sort of liked the fact that he wasn’t giving you the choice, it was somewhat thrilling. You wanted someone who would fight for you and your attention. You wanted to know if Tony was serious or if he was just enjoying the chase . You weren’t about to be a trophy for his collection.

    The only bad side of Tony’s plan, was that you were definitely not ready for a date ! You took a look at your jeans, top, blazer, boots and your … splint. It’ll do. You drank some water and for the first time in a while you felt anxious. Your heart leaped when someone knocked on your door. You took a deep breath before opening it :

    « Hey y/n » Said Tony with his famous smirk. 

    « Stark » 

    « Come on ! Call me Tony ! »

    « For that too I won’t have a choice ? »

    « Yep »

    « Okay then … let’s go » You said, trying to keep your emotions in check as would do every top agents of the SHIELD. 

    Clint :


    « The simulation has failed … I don’t like that » You said, watching your computer as if the answer would magically appeared on the screen. 

    You turned to watch one of your many screens to start a new simulation. These new armors were driving you nuts. You had been working on it for weeks now and no results. Nothing, absolutely nothing. One part of the issue was that you weren’t entirely focused. Because of what ? No ! Because of whom ! Clint Barton was your issue, him and his kindness and his arms that were too good to be true ! You almost got a heart attack when someone entered your lab. You almost dropped your tablet, the one you created yourself, when Clint appeared :

    « Hi »

    You slowly turned towards him, your heart almost jumping out of your chest. He was there, resting against door, hands in his pockets. He was the perfect representation of relaxed. 

    But Clint wasn’t relaxed at all ! He was acting like seeing you did nothing to his heart, like his head wasn’t a mess imagining how many children you should have, or where you should get married … 

    « Clint ? What are you doing here ? »

    « I came to see how you were doing » He answered before sitting right next you. 

    You were doing your maximum not to hyperventilate when Clint’s shoulder touched yours. You did everything you could not to show the effect he had on you. 

    « If you keep coming here I might start to think that you can’t live without me » 

    « Which is not exactly wrong. » He confirmed.

    When he saw the red on your cheeks he had to stop himself from jumping with happiness. 

    « I thought you had a mission today ? »

    « It was yesterday … When was the last time you saw the sun ? » He asked, raising an eyebrow.

    Clint was worried, he knew you were a workaholic , which was a difficult fact to miss when the equipment of the agents was improving under his eyes. His equipment too. 

    « Well … maybe two or three days ago. I’m working on this prototype but it’s not going the way I want ! » You said frustrated, once more focused on your work.

    « You need a break » declared Clint before taking your hand, forcing you to follow him. 

    « What are you doing ?! » You shouted, trying to escape his grasp. 

    « We’re going on our first date ! »

    « Excuse-me ?! »

    « I repeat : we’re going on our first date ! »

    « Because there will be more than one ?! »

    « Unless you don’t want to » Said Clint, suddenly shy.

    « I want to, but I might need to change my clothes »

    « No need, you’re prefect the way  you are »

    « Can I at least take a shower … »

    « You have 20 minutes »

    « Sir, yes Sir »

    Steve :


    « All good agent, you’re free to go but be careful in the future » You said.

    You saw your patient leave before noticing Steve with an impressive cut on his forearm. Now that you were thinking about it, he did everything he could to avoid every medical exam but for a few weeks now, it was the reverse. Strange. 

    « Hello y/n » Said Steve with a small smile, his eyes barely meeting yours. 

    « Hey Steve. What happened this time ? »

    « My training turned wrong » He explained, not wanting to tell you what really happened, too scared of what you might think. 

    « Again ?! It’s the fourth time this week ! » 

    « It was a though one »

    « As usual ! Okay, sit down, let me get my tools »

    « Yes ma’am »

    « By the way, how was your last mission ? » 

    « Quite good, but my ‘colleagues » laughed at me a few times.

    « Why ? » You asked, astonished that anyone would make fun of Captain America during a mission. 

    « Because I was not entirely focused »

    « I see, who’s in your mind ? »

    « How do you know it was someone ?! » He shouted, his cheeks turning red.

    « My sixth sens » You laughed, enjoying how quickly Steve could change his attitude. 

    « You »

    « Excuse-me ? »

    « I was thinking of you » He explained, watching the floor.

    « I… I don’t know what to say. I admit I don’t have the words. »

    « I was trying to … find a way to invite you for diner, or whatever »

    « Wait a minute ! Is that why you were hurt so manny times this week ?! Don’t tell me it was on purpose ! Please ! »

    « Yeah … » He admitted « So ? »

    « So what ? »

    « Do you … want to go out … with me ? »

    « On one condition, that you stop hurting yourself just to see me, even during a mission ! Focus ! Not on me ! I don’t want to be blamed for Captain America’s death ! » 

    « Okay, I’ll do my best then, I can’t promise anything … » He said, a happy smile on his face « There’s a jazz concert in Central Park this Friday, would you be interested ? »

    « I would love to »

    Thor :


    It was almost midnight when you found Thor sitting outside, watching the stars. He looked so peaceful. Not wanting to disturb him, you decided to leave. You knew Thor had a lot going on, between Earth and Midgard, his duty as a prince. But there was also the fact that you were scared to do something stupid in front of him. Of course, he saw you before you could leave :

    « Lady y/n ? » 

    « Sorry, I was about to leave. »

    « Stay ! Please ? » Said Thor with a welcoming smile.

    « I don’t want to disturb you »

    « You don’t, it’s quite the contrary » Smiled Thor, taking your hand in his. 

    « Very well then »

    You sat down next to him, circling your knees with your arms to protect yourself from the cold night air. Thor noticed it and put his arm around you. You thanked him with a smile. Thor was good, making you feel safe so easily was impressive; 

    « You seem tired »

    « I’m not sleeping well, too much stress I think »

    You were not about to admit that because of him you were almost insomniac !  And the perspective of your next mission was not helping. Sleep had abandoned you. 

    « Why ? »

    « I have to leave at the end of the week for a mission and I don’t get along well with the team »

    « I’m sure everything will be fine, but if not I’ll gladly come and help, just call for Heimdall, he’ll tell me »

    « Thank you » You said shyly, kissing his cheek quickly. 

    « When will you be back ? » He asked, hiding the happiness he felt at your kiss.

    « It’s in Spain, so … next friday I think »

    « I see. I recently discovered a wonderful greenhouse here on earth, you would like to visit it with me ? » He asked you, trying to make you understand that he wanted to « court » you. 

    « Like a date ? »

    « Yes » 

    « That … That would be wonderful »

    Loki :


    You were in office, reading your notes about your patients, that was part of your job as a psychiatrist for important agents, doctors and all. Even Fury confided in you a few times ! You were mad. You couldn’t calm down since your last meeting with the god of mischief. God that you had nicely baptized as « immature idiot and first class moron ». 

    You were writing your last report for the day, when the walls and the ceiling of your office turned into a starry-sky. It felt like your were in the middle of a meadow. A voice broke the charm, getting your attention :

    « This will be visible tonight, the better spot will on the west hill » Said Loki.

    « So ? »

    « I want you to watch it with me tonight »

    « No thank you, I just saw it. »

    « This is just a pitiful representation of what it will be » He tried. 

    « So, you are saying that your magic isn’t that extraordinary ? » You teased.

    Loki tried to keep his calm. He knew what you were doing. You wanted him to loose control, to give you a good reason to avoid him. Strangely, Natasha Romanoff gave him some tips about you. She must had had her reasons to do so. She told him that you were a big tease with people who weren’t your patients. 

    « I just want to spend some times with you, is that too much to ask ? » He explained with a bit of despair in his eyes.

    « Alright, I might come »

    « See you tonight then »

    « I said I ‘might’, there’s nothing sure here ! »

    « I’m pretty confident that you’ll come »

    « Is that so ? »

    « I think you like me but you don’t want to admit it. So you’re trying to push me away. But let me tell you a secret, it won’t work. Not today, not ever, not with me. »

    « You are awfully confident, has anyone ever told you that ? »

    « Once or twice, but I don’t really care » 

    « I noticed »

    « If you don’t come, I’ll personally take you there »

    « Oh god helps me ! I’m terrified » You sassed.

    « You should be » He said with a smirk.

    Bucky :


     In the end, after getting Bucky back. He and Steve were back to normal, like nothing happened. Steve had noticed Bucky’s interest for you. He was always asking about you, how you were doing, keeping an eye on you. He also took care of a few agents who were out of line with you, and you were blind to all of it. Basically, Bucky was following like a lost puppy would. 

    As soon as he had joined the SHIELD, you were the only person capable to calm him down when he had a nightmare or a crisis. With your help, he was doing better everyday. You even trained together because Steve was too scared to hurt you. 

    One day, when Bucky was more like himself like ever before, you decided to make this sparring session even more interesting. The first one on the floor loose and the winner could ask whatever he wanted. Bucky had no intentions to loose, it was the perfect opportunity. He was finally feeling confident enough to ask you out. 

    Obviously, he won, but you did pretty well, he had some bruises to prove it. Not everyone had a super-strength … well, Steve’s nose still remembered your fist so … But it was his fault ! 

    « So, what do you want from his sergeant ? »

    « Diner, you and me in this Italian restaurant in Brooklyn »

    « Is that a date ? »

    « It is. Pick you up at 7 ! »

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  • Fanfic Preferences 👀

    Oh this was really fun!

    Thanks once again for the tag @ahobaka-trash !😂

    Rules: Copy/paste and bold your fic preferences and tag some more people!

    1. Slowburn or Love at First Sight

    2. Fake Dating or Secretly Dating

    3. Enemies to Lovers or Friend to Lovers (You can pry this trope out of my cold dead hands)

    4. “Oh no there’s only one bed” or Long Distance Correspondence

    5. Hurt/Comfort or Amnesia

    6. Fantasy AU or Modern AU (it depends on the canon setting tbh)

    7. Mutual Pinning or Domestic Bliss

    8. Smut or Fluff

    9. Canon Compliment/Missing Scene or Fix It (fix it sometimes in, y'know, dead characters surviving)

    10. Alternate Universe or Future Fic (Alternate universe is really cool tho [isn’t a Future Fic an AU too tho?🤔)

    11. One-shot or Multi-Chapter

    12. Kid Fic or Road Trip Fic (I love traveling, I love any kind of traveling story)

    13. Reincarnation or Character Death (These go hand in hand tbh)

    14. Arranged Marriage or Accidental Marriage

    15. Neighbours or Roommates

    16. High School Romance or Middle Aged Romance (I love High School Romance, but this trope is too widely used while Middle Aged Romance is barely there oof)

    17. Time Travel or Isolated Together (You can pry my Time Traveling out of my dead hands)

    18. Sci-Fi or Magic AU (Magic AUs are also pretty cool tho, but sadly I’m a noob when it comes to knowledge about it)

    19. Body Swap or Genderbend

    20. Angst or Crack

    21. Apocalyptic or Mundane (depends on canon setting, and the plot of it)

    Tagging: @oceaneffectk1d , @fandomprincess20 , @slayersfan132 , @kelandry5 , @teotangerine (Just as always, if you guys want. Everyone else feel tagged if you want to)

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  • Preferences

    Thanks again for the tag @ahobaka-trash !😂 This was really fun tbh

    1. Ancient or Modern

    2. Bitter or Sweet

    3. Chocolate or Vanilla

    4. Coffee or Tea

    5. Create or Destroy

    6. Day or Night

    7. Early Bird or Night Owl

    8. Freckles or Dimples

    9. Gold or Silver

    10. Greek Mythology or Egyptian Mythology (I like Egyptian Mythology too, but I’m not well educated on it😂)

    11. Macarons or Eclairs (I’ve eaten neither, but macarons look more delicious tbh)

    12. Hot or Cold

    13. Thunder or Lightning

    14. Typewritten or Handwritten

    15. Secret Garden or Secret Library

    16. Spicy or Mild

    17. Dark Magic or Light Magic

    18. Virtue or Vice

    19. Ocean or Desert

    20. Moon or Stars

    21. Rough or Smooth

    22. Mermaid or Sirens

    23. Known or Unknown

    24. Rain or Snow

    Tagging: @oceaneffectk1d , @fandomprincess20 , @slayersfan132 , @kelandry5 , @teotangerine (If you all want to, of course)

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  • #roman sionis fanfic #roman sionis headcanons #roman sionis x reader #roman sionis imagine #roman sionis imagines #roman sionis #ewan mcgregor fanfic #ewan mcgregor headcanons #ewan mcgregor one shot #ewan mcgregor x reader #ewan mcgregor #birds of prey #harley quinn#harleen quinzel#dcmultiverse#dc rp#dc#dcedit#imagines#preferences #victor zsasz headcanons #victor zsasz x reader #victor zsasz imagine #batman imagines#batman#gotham #obi wan kenobi x reader #obi wan #obi wan kenobi #obi wan kenobi imagine
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  • Ayo I have a fanfic blog now

    I have mainly be using this blog lmao. For my main, I will be shitposting and posting gifs.

    For my fanfic blog, all of the fanfics and reactions will be there:


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  • Kaminari:


    Originally posted by miriio

    He full on has the biohazard suit and is sliding the bowl of soup towards with a stick. He hates getting sick and is surprisingly germophobic. Sorry but he’s not that great of a caretaker.



    Originally posted by deku-smash

    Will make food that is full of nutrients to help you get better! He’s also giving you your own space, not wanting to be lashed out at as you recover but also staying nearby in case you need him for anything.



    Originally posted by mochii-s

    He’ll get some traditional remedies that Fuyumi used to use on him. He’s actually quite the caretaker when it comes to helping you and even goes as far as to use his Fire-Quirk to help warm you when you get the chills and his Ice-Quirk to help lower your fever.



    Originally posted by eagle-flies

    When he realizes you’re sick, he’ll get to the cooking and makes the spiciest thing you can handle. Spices are actually great for sickness and help open up the sinuses. He’ll make sure you eat it all too and provide a glass of milk to cool your tongue and lips afterward. He surprises you with a kiss since he claims his immune system is the best and will do everything he can to cheer you up. But that means once you’re over it, he’s caught it.



    Originally posted by jirouus

    He’s sick with you. You two spend so much time together that it’s at a point of passing the sickness back and forth despite all the cure-alls and medicines you’re both taking. He’ll sniffle and cuddle you for warmth and nuzzle against you but he’s hopeless. You’re the one that ends up having to kick him out so you can both be quarantined.

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    Scenarios/Preferences list 

    None yet, feel free to request any time!


    Eren Jäeger 


    Levi Ackerman 


    Jean Kirstein 


    Reiner Braun 


    Bertholdt Hoover 


    Erwin Smith


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  • image

    Originally posted by captainsamerica

    I am going to start writing marvel imagines, preferences, and oneshots. So please request, i’ll do any character to an extent!

    characters i will not write about.


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  • image

    ☁ word count: 700+
    ☁ pairing: y/n x austin porter
    ☁ genre: modern, angst
    ☁ warnings: mentions drinking and swears

    [omw] an acronym that means on my way that is usually used in text messages because if you say it out loud, you’ll be looked at as if you’re weird.

    “y/n, you can’t keep storming off when you’re upset,” austin mumbled. you two were having another argument and you’re getting tired of it. it’s like you two fought over the little things and it always pushed some type of button. you’d make up afterwards but the arguments always got worse.

    constant yelling and shouting. “well, when you act like a little b*tch, i have to be the bigger person and walk away.” you hissed. it was the tenth fight this week and you don’t think you can do this anymore. “i’m the b*tch, but you literally cry and get clingy over everything. alright y/n.”

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  • image

    as you were finishing up your concert, the staff told you to stay on stage. you had already celebrated with your staff for your birthday but they had something else for you. “my manager just said to stay on stage,” you announced to the crowd. as y/n waited, you talked with some of your fans.

    the lights were dimmed and you saw faint lights coming on the stage. “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,” a group of voices sang. the crowd continues, “happy birthday dear y/n, happy birthday to you.

    then appears the eight familiar faces. the crowd goes wild. “aren’t you guys supposed to be on your way to brazil?” y/n hugs each member. “that didn’t stop him…” san mumbles.

    after the concert was over, you gave wooyoung another hug. “happy birthday,” he pecked your forehead. “my heart!” mingi exaggerates while holding his chest where his heart should be.

    its been eight months with wooyoung and you love everything about him. you two decided to keep your relationship quiet. but with the way you two are, people are going to find out real soon.

    i love you,” y/n giggles. “i love you too, babygirl.

    ateez masterlist

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  • i would prefer to have a bunch a little gifts through out our relationship that show you care than to have a few big extravagant gifts.

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