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    22.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    You’re just jealous that I like better cookies than you.

    #I do not feel this aggressive about the subject everyone has their preferences. #And I'll make you snickerdoodles later. #It's just funny. #Off Strings (ic) #aniceguy
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  • syiano
    22.04.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #Requested#Marvel Preferences#Avengers Preferences #Steve x male reader #Bucky x male reader #Tony x male reader #Tony Stark x male reader #Sam Wilson x male reader #Sam x male reader #Scott Lang x male reader #Peter x male reader #Peter Parker x male reader #Bruce Banner x male reader #Bruce x male reader #Thor x male reader #Loki x male reader #Pietro Maximoff x male reader #Pierto x male reader
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  • celebrities-imagines
    22.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Preferences - Their reaction to you (their s/o) getting reaped and being in the games headcanons

    *Takes place before the books

    Gale Hawthorne:

    • Gale was furious

    • Screamed your name

    • Begged you not to go up until he lost his voice

    • "(Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n), please don't!"

    • The peacekeepers had to pin him to the ground

    • His eyes never left yours

    • He wouldn't let himself cry, out of fear it would upset you more

    • Seeing the pain and fear in your eyes only angered him more

    • It took 4 peacekeepers to keep him down

    • He instantly engulfed you in a hug when he was allowed to say goodbye

    • He hugged you tight and calmed you down

    • "You're alright. I'm here. I'll protect you."

    • He didn't want to make empty promises

    • As much as it killed him he didn't promise that it wasn't your goodbye

    • He had been blind with rage before he said goodbye to you, but when he was with you he calmed down

    • Dread creeping into his gut

    • You said your goodbyes

    • He kissed you with everything he had

    • Then wiped the tears off your cheeks

    • "Don't cry, shh, you're okay."

    • He hugged you one last time and he couldn't stop the  few tears that slipped out

    • He didn't watch the games completely, but couldn't help but look from time to time

    • "I love you. God, I love you, more than I've ever loved anything you hear me. You're the best thing to ever happen to me, and I won't stop until Snow pays and the capitol is in ashes," he whispered, holding you tight.

    Peeta Mellark:

    • Peeta was devastated

    • He didn't try to hide the tears falling down his paling cheeks.

    • He didn't say anything while they picked the other tribute

    • Didn't scream, or curse...nothing

    • Peeta was just stuck in his spot, struggling to look at you

    • He broke down when he was allowed to say goodbye to you

    • "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

    • "This isn't fair."

    • He tried to stay optimistic

    • "When you win..."

    • "You'll do fine. I know you will."

    • He hugged you so tight

    • Cried into your hair

    • Peeta wiped your tears

    • As always he was just so soft with you

    • He watched the games every night

    • Never slept for more than 3 hours

    • He painted a lot so he wouldn't stare at the games all-day

    • He never had an image in mind but all of his paintings turned into you

    • "I promise you'll come back to me. Our story is not over yet, okay. I love you, always. Just remember that. When you come back I'm never gonna let you go," he reassured, tears still sliding down his cheeks.

    Finnick Odair:

    • Finnick maintained his Capitol charm when you got picked

    • Still, you didn't miss the way his lip quivered slightly

    • He refused to look at you, afraid he'd lose it

    • Unfortunately, he was still a victor who had an image to keep

    • He zoned out the rest of the ceremony

    • He didn't even hear the other tribute...didn't care

    • Finnick was already thinking of every way he could train you to win

    • When the two of you were finally on the train, alone, he exploded

    • "Haven't they taken enough from me?"

    • "I can't lose you too."

    • He just sobbed against your chest, blaming himself

    • "I'm so sorry. This is all my fault."

    • He completely ignored the other tribute, not his proudest moment

    • He held you tight when you cried

    • "Shh. I'm here. I'll always be here."

    • He was constantly touching you

    • Burned your image into his brain, swearing he'd never forget it

    • All he could think about was how he had to get you out alive

    • Selfishly, he was trying to save you because, deep down, he knew without you he'd be broken

    • Trained you every day and night

    • Charmed every person in the Capitol so they'd cheer for you and help

    • Tied knots a lot to cope

    • "I will do everything in my power to make sure you get out of this thing. You saved me from my demons (Y/n). You saved me and now I'm going to save you. You're going to win. And it won't be easy, and I'm sorry. You'll come back with wounds, but I promise, when you come back I'll kiss every single one until they heal. Just like you did for me." He placed a gentle kiss on your hair.

    Haymitch Abernathy:

    •Haymitch was a complete mess

    • It didn't help he had the whole liquor store before the reaping

    • He yelled, cursed, and broke anything insight

    • Taken off stage and dragged to the train

    • He didn't see you until after the reaping

    • Although he hardly saw you then either, considering he had already consumed most of the alcohol on the train

    • Haymitch kind of detached from the situation

    • Drank more than usually, which was a lot

    • "At least the alcohol is free here."

    • It was just his way of coping with the idea of losing you

    • The two of you stopped talking for a few days

    • He didn't leave his room and refused to train you and the other tribute

    • Everything changed when he heard you crying in your room one night

    • It made him realize he had to do everything in his power to get you out alive

    • "I'm not giving up on you."

    • People were surprised to see how hard he trained you

    • "Come on (Y/n). I know you can do better."

    • He was a harsh teacher but knew not to push it too far

    • "I've never really had anything worth fighting for, worth trying for. But now there's you. I'm not a perfect man, far from it. I know. I was lucky enough to find you, and I refuse to get rid of you that easily. If— when you win I'll never drink again. I Promise." Haymitch kissed the top of your head, hopefully not for the last time.

    Katniss Everdeen:

    • Katniss was completely frozen in her spot

    • It took everything in her not to volunteer for you

    • You made her promise she wouldn't for Prim's sake

    • But if Prim wasn't there she would've done it in a heartbeat

    • When she said goodbye to you she was still in shock

    • She was struggling to comprehend what was happening

    • She didn't say much

    • "I-I'm sorry I don't..."

    • "I, um"

    • Gave you a good luck charm Prim had

    • "She believes in you, ya know. Says nobody else has a shot."

    • The last few minutes you two had together you sat with her and she played with your hair

    • She rarely watched the games, but that year she watched them obsessively

    • It took Prim crying for her to come to bed 

    • She even struggled to hunt

    • Her mind just couldn't focus

    • "I'm sorry. I wish I was better with words. But, um, I need you. I need you (Y/n), so please..." She trailed off. Instead of finishing she just hugged you tight.

    Johanna Mason:

    • Johanna completely lost her mind

    • She screamed and screamed and screamed

    • "Fuck all of you! Fuck the Capitol! And especially fuck Snow!"

    • The peacekeepers had to sedate her

    • She didn't wake up until the two of you were on the train

    • Johanna was ready to have another freak-out but you stopped her

    • So she just sat next to you in silence for a while, ignoring the situation

    • Until she couldn't take the silence

    • "I'm gonna kill him, (Y/n). I have to"

    • A single tear slipped down her face but she wiped it fast

    • She wasn't one for feelings

    • Although Johanna had helped tributes in past years she had never tried so hard, so she didn't get attached

    • But you were different

    • You trained constantly

    • She got mad a lot when you didn't hit a target dead-on, but you knew it was out of fear of losing you

    • "Don't do this for me. Do it for you, make them pay. All of them. You can do this. I don't doubt in my mind. So...please, come home to me." Johanna wiped a tear from her cheek, hugging you tight.

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  • elegantglossyflowersbitches
    22.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Ketchup - Sam Wilson

    This has not been proofread.

    I decided I wanted to add Sam so here is his catch up. I can't really do anything past Endgame for him since I have yet to watch any of the new shows for Marvel, much to my dismay. But, anyways, I hope you all enjoy this and the new addition! Thank you!

    Tags: @thepastelweirdo; @mycosmicparadise

    How You Met:

    You met Sam at one of his meetings for Vets. You had lost your sister in an accident out at sea. Your mother decided that maybe a group session surrounded by people similar would help a tiny bit. Unwillingly, you went escorted by her. There you met Sam as he spoke with the words that helped so many.

    How They Ask You Out:

    After the second meeting, you began to go by yourself. It was the third meet that he confronted you with a congratulations for coming alone. The confrontation kind of aggravated you to which he apologized and asked you to come with him for some coffee.

    When They Realize They Love You:

    Sam realized he was in love with you after you began to actually participate during group. Your story was so similar to his own, and the words you used matched his. He enjoyed listening to your voice.

    When You Realize You Love Them:

    Initially, you despised Sam. The wound of losing your sister still raw. His words and his group only rubbed up against it, burning it like salt. Though, overtime, you began to actually listen. The coffee date was when you spoke to him about different things other than your loss. You found out so much more which allowed you to be distracted.

    First 'I Love You':

    Sam said it first. It was a breezy Thursday night in September. He took you to the movies and was now walking you home. It was at your front door. He leaned in for a kiss goodnight and murmured the words against your lips.

    First Fight:

    You were tired of listening to him. It was one of those times when the weight of the world was too much to handle. Listening to him in meet was just making it all worse. You walked out during the middle of it, and of course he followed soon after. Instead of discussing it like adults, you lashed out at him before storming off.

    Make Up:

    After you stormed off, you decided to just sit in your car. It was a bit later that you began to feel bad which prevented you from leaving until you apologized. You waited until after everyone began to pool out of the doors. Knowing Sam would stay behind, you marched inside to make sure he wasn't too upset with you. He wasn't.

    Who Moves In With Who:

    Sam moved into yours. You had made it extremely clear that you were not moving from your apartment as you had way too much stuff especially compared to him.
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  • welcometohighwater
    21.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    a wave of lifestyle and fashion articles on the current chaotic landscape of “jeans” and i personally welcome denim anarchy

    #i have my opinions and preferences but honestly as long as they’re not super lowcut jeggings you’re good
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  • poptartcat
    21.04.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #PASS ON THE HAPPY! #I’m checking this everyday now. #my notifications I mean #not very exciting #or active#but hey #a girl’s got preferences
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  • the-spring-snow
    21.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I rarely listen to NCT anymore, but every so often, I am reminded that Taeyong made me question my sexuality.

    #maybe i am grey ace.... #the thought of the actual act wigs me out #but taeyong and dami..... #there's something #honestly the reason i rarely listen to nct is more about guilt than my actual preferences #i like their music #nct#nct taeyong#lee taeyong
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  • snapperoni
    21.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    thinkin bout uhhhhhhh Dumplings :^)

    #snap chats #im just thinkin bout how theyre similar amongst each other and how they vary #especially bao #like Theoretically you can just put whatever you want in them yk #thats the beauty of dumplings they can be catered to your tastes and preferences #however i do find it funny but also interesting there are so many ways to use dumpling wrappers #since thats really the main difference here: how you wrap the filling #bao buns are the most different in my opinion tho like with bao buns #i feel like there is a specific and consistant way to do things #man now i want bao buns the pork ones are ESP the best :)) now im hungry :( #but like. with jiaozi and shaomai like #the filling's universal i feel #of course you can change it up and with shaomai you steam it a little differently #and you can fry jiaozi if you so desire #but i mean in the end they taste the same dont they #not discrediting making them tho i love makin all types of dumplings #but shaomai are my favorite to make because i'ma let yall in on a little secret #im not the best dumpling wrapper :( #granted i dont make dumplings as much as i would like to which is probably why i suck when it comes to jiaozi and bao #but shaomai's just the easiest in my opinoin :) you dont have to worry about making it too tight or it being too loose #since there's a whole ass opening at the top anyways #man now i wanna make shaomai... do i even have ingredients ??? maybe idk #i might have chicken and some veggies #we'll see wht happens :)) tomorrow :^) #oh man all this bun talk reminded me of my one true beloved #taro buns <3<3<3<3<3 UGH so good <3<3<3 #i wish i could make some but i dont have taro at the store :(((((((( so sad :(((( #the last time i got to have some was when i went to a buffet a few years ago- and that buffet like #is Not Only now closed but it's like two hours away regardless so
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  • dreamcatcherrs
    21.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    what catches their eyes/attracts them?; mcyt x reader

    + this is in no way factual information, only my very weird and specific opinions :)


    free-spirited people

    someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind

    confidence, to a certain extent

    someone he can be loud with

    someone who will wake up in the middle of the night with him to go on a car drive to nowhere

    the colour blue (dnf👀)

    clean and fresh-looking clothes

    satin fabric

    big height difference

    the smell of citrus fruits

    large smiles

    silver jewellery

    small hands

    smart people who aren't afraid to show it


    calm, laid back people

    someone quiet, but still able to have a laugh

    very friendly vibes - even when first meeting them

    the colour blue (literally the only interesting colour he's able to see lol)

    bright eyes

    lip gloss

    flower print

    slightly shy people who are actually easy to interact with once you start a conversation with them

    pastel-coloured nails, not too long

    pink-tinted lips


    the smell of vanilla

    puppy eyes


    energetic people

    someone who can hype up their friends no matter the situation

    the colour red

    like, a bloody red

    soft skin

    full lips

    loose shirts over skin-tight tops

    when shoelaces have a different colour on each shoe


    a very subtle scent of perfume

    thigh highs

    someone who just wants to enjoy life with the people they're surrounded by


    large, bright smiles that spread up to your eyes


    button noses

    rose-gold jewellery

    french manicures


    slightly shy people

    genuinely sweet people

    not the fake type that talks shit about people behind their backs and then will compliment them a few seconds after

    someone who when they enter a room feels like a breath of fresh air to everyone else

    someone completely selfless

    the smell of lavender

    shiny hair


    people who aren't afraid to take the lead


    intellectual people

    like, for example people who know a lot of random stuff from a bunch of different things that they're interested in

    or also just book smart people

    slightly clumsy people (finds it cute)

    gold jewellery

    someone with some mystery to them

    refreshing scents, like clean laundry or shampoo

    cat eyes (eyeliner)

    wilbur soot:

    long legs


    shy people

    someone who gets flustered easily

    glasses + thin bangs

    the colours brown and beige together

    baggy, comfy clothes

    the smell of newly baked cookies


    the kind of person that makes him feel like he can always talk to them - someone he can feel safe with

    birth marks



    smart people

    the way they speak is just so clean without even noticing

    fox eyes

    people who aren't afraid to wear sweatpants in public

    generally just someone who isn't afraid to do, say and wear whatever they want

    someone who stands for what they think and have the balls to say it when needed

    nose rings

    simple yet flattering pieces of jewellery

    long nails

    someone who he can stay up all night with and never get tired of them

    high heels

    hip dips

    corpse husband:

    fishnets, of course

    someone who give 0 fucks about what everyone else thinks of them

    unique people

    wether that be physical features or straight up the personality, it draws him in


    chunky, black sneakers or boots

    someone who can make him happy without even trying

    a positive aura for the most part

    as in he doesn't want to be surrounded by someone who’s negative or dragging everyone else down with them

    the colour yellow

    rings - lots of them

    karl jacobs:

    a walking ray of sunshine, basically

    tbh, karl has a couple of things in common with what corpse is attracted to;

    positive energy, uniqueness and rings

    a palette filled with bright colours

    like, almost rave style colours

    that could be clothes, makeup, hair, nails, accessories

    chunky, white shoes

    selfless people

    someone who as each day goes by becomes more charming to him

    he likes the smell of candles from bath and body works, as we all know

    the colour purple


    big eyes

    someone who’s able to make him laugh without even trying

    tooth gaps

    someone who has very playful, innocent vibes to them

    and someone who can take jokes and pranks

    people who walk confidently

    the smell of strawberries

    long eyelashes

    someone who collects things others usually wouldn’t

    someone who is very respectful to others

    a mix between really comfy clothes and really feminine clothes


    someone who comes across as “different” than others

    and don't you dare think of ✨I’m not like other girls✨ (I know you did -_-)

    he just thinks people who think and act very different than others are very interesting

    beauty marks

    nicely shaped eyebrows

    someone who finds mystical things interesting

    fox eyeliner (yes, I put this in here because: furry)

    someone who has unusual, yet surprisingly good taste in music

    people who are constantly warm

    red lips

    the colour light brown, almost beige-like


    someone who gets his humour

    someone like him, but more quiet and slightly shy

    especially when on screen in front of an audience

    sliver necklaces

    the smell of flowers

    dark, extreme eyeliner

    loose clothes



    someone who teases others and who can handle to be teased by others

    the colour dark blue


    the colour grey

    a fresh fashion sense

    yet still very comfortable fits

    messy buns

    someone who he just knows will be a cool person before he even talks to them

    someone who just has that kinda vibe, y’know?

    glossy lips

    independent people

    someone responsible and caring to others


    navel piercings


    cropped jackets

    the colour neon green

    hair put up in a bun

    someone with a free nature

    someone who is a complete wild card

    like, someone who will jump over a fence just to get closer to a bunny they think they saw on the other side of it

    loose strands of hair

    clear nail polish

    cargo pants

    the smell of chocolate


    people who have comfort items

    someone who knows random facts that no one else usually knows

    people who have a unique way of thinking

    passionate people

    and when they talk about what they’re passionate about, they talk for hours

    shorter hair

    sweet and nutty scents

    natural beauty

    fluffy hair

    honest people

    but not brutally honest

    the smell of coconut


    eye glitter/shimmer

    silky clothes that shine in the moonlight

    platform boots/heels

    long, flowy dresses

    someone who does whatever they want

    and who doesn't like being told what to do by others

    the colours pink and dark purple

    the smell of the ocean

    someone who already knows how to live their life

    stretch marks


    low-cut jeans

    someone very silly who knows how to have a good laugh

    someone very supportive of their friends

    curtain bangs

    long-sleeved sweatshirts

    someone who loves food

    puppy eyes

    straight, white teeth

    someone who is willing to help others in need

    someone who doesn't talk badly about others behind their back

    someone who knows what they want

    jack manifold:


    white, wide-legged pants

    the colour light blue or just pure white

    people who are very easy-going and fun to be around

    someone who can fit into and understand anyones humour

    an open-minded person who likes to hear from other people’s point of views when they have a different opinion than them

    butterfly patterns

    crop tops

    oversized t-shirts

    hair beads


    people who are just as loud as him

    and at the same time knows when to be serious

    the colours yellow and grey

    people who are kind to everyone

    creative eyeliner

    fluffy hair

    people who can get so lost in their own world, they almost forget about their surroundings

    colourful accessories

    someone who isn't afraid to be who they are

    someone who has many passions and loves to talk about them

    oversized hoodies


    hoodies layered over skirts or dresses

    frilly socks

    people who are very adventurous, and wants to make their life as interesting as possible!

    someone who can help him overcome some of his fears

    charm bracelets

    cute habits

    the colours yellow and orange


    the smell of almond milk and honey

    people who twirl their hair unknowingly when bored or unfocused


    someone who looks intimidating at first (he thinks people like that are cool as fuck)

    but then is, like, the sweetest person he’s ever met

    loves someone who can speak fluent sarcasm, just like him

    he likes sass

    glassy skin

    fingerless gloves

    people who act cocky for the fun of it

    but actually don’t care about winning or losing or proving anything

    simplistic earring placements

    people who have hidden talents, and the more you get to know them, the more talents are revealed

    people who don't gossip


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  • eriepiewentz
    21.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    yknow, like. ok. i get interpreting fictional characters differently and all, and yeah sure people are entitled to view dean winchester as straight if that’s how they experienced it while watching the show... but like... i don’t think i’ll ever understand people who get upset over people saying dean’s bi? i mean, what’s the problem (if it isn’t just homophobia/biphobia)? bi men are still attracted to women so it’s not like we’re saying he doesn’t like women... we’re just... saying he’s also attracted to men...? it’s not like we’re taking away some kind of Desperately Needed Straight Representation in Fiction, it’s literally just saying “hey we relate to this guy and recognize his behavior as being bi”

    #like hello? #people actually get SO pissed off #like ok #have fun being biphobic idk?? #it’s not a wild assumption to make that dean’s bi #just because we only see him sleep with women doesn’t make it impossible for him to ever like guys??? #1. repression #2. preferences exist too #we ALL know that man’s repressed as fuck #anyway #@ straight dean truthers i will never understand u #bi dean#<3#spn#dean winchester #bi dean winchester #supernatural#supernatural cw
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  • turn2h8
    21.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    silly thought but I wonder if my followers like Val or Dawny more

    #place your votes now lmao #I love them both with all my heart and will draw them both as much as I can #just curious about preferences
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  • haknew
    21.04.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #mutual culture is kinda :/ i don’t actually know ... most times if i’m moots with people or not #it’s just if we’ve talked and you’re nice we’re moots ^^ #i’m low key kind of picky about who i follow just for dash preferences #but that doesn’t mean i don’t consider people i don’t follow friends ? or smth idk how to describe it #also bout your last ask i’m like a new ... tentative verrer #i’ve known the vrvrs since lil before rtk bc of my friends ! #but i only like ... really started paying them attention recently :’) for a plethora of reasons #it’s mostly bc i needed a short break from tbz but i still have a lot of hyperfixation energy lmao #and get away is a good song u.u i reformatted my multi blog around it and everything lol #🦝 anon#asks#not tbz #jess.replies
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  • succkles
    21.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    tall s/o

    dreamwastaken - honestly, you're not that much shorter than him, and he definitely doesn't mind - sure, it's a bit of a blow to his ego, but that doesn't matter to him since he's still got someone to love! - this means much more lip-kisses than if you were short, this lazy fucker doesn't want to have to bend down to kiss and it shows - "chat, they're not taller than me, they're still shorter than me!" "mhm, sure, clay. tell them what you tell yourself, see if that changes anything." "oh, come on, now." - you can't say shit about him being tall, because... you know ... so are you. - the height difference between you two: 6'3 - 6'0 georgenotfound - gets a little huffy about it, since it really emphasizes how short he is (even if he's average height, standing next to most of his friends makes him seem small) - definitely getting taunted about it by tommy and dream - he honestly doesn't mind it too much, he just doesn't like having it be pointed out. he doesn't mind being called your 'sweet lil gogs', just only when it's the two of you. - "hey, lil gogs," "I'M STREAMING!" "shit, SORRY!" ..... "GEORGE wHAT WAS THAT-" "nonono, it's not george, dream, it's lil gogs!" "i hate BOTH OF YOU." - allows for you to be the big spoon sometimes and provide him the comfort. nice change of pace, if you ask me! - the height difference between you two: 5'9 - 6'2 sapnap - damn, you wouldn't expect a guy so defensive of his height to be so into taller people! - literally couldn't hold eye-contact when you met in person, he was so flushed - got all giddy when he had to look up to talk to you - "you're so small i could step on you." "bet, you won't. step on me, mommy-" "what the FUCK sapnap!" - did somebody say sapnap mommy kink arc?? i think i heard it, somewhere- - the height difference between you two: 5'8 - 6'4 wilbur soot - from one tall person to another, he doesn't see you any differently - still calls you sweet and cute pet names like honey and angel - stopped calling you shorty when your friends had confirmed you were over 6'0 - "is calling you my skyscraper weird?" "i mean, aside from how sexual it seems, not really." ".... so i can call you my slutty little skyscraper?" - loves you just the way you are, especially since it makes cuddling more interesting! - height difference between you two: 6'5 - 6'3 c!technoblade - as a piglin hybrid, he himself is naturally tall but he definitely never expected you to be nearly as tall as him - it still shocks him when you manage to stand up to him so fearlessly - gets teased by phil for how easily he gets overwhelmed when talking to you when you're not slouching - "it's just unusual seeing someone with the same fighting abilities as you, the same techniques for farming, and nearly the same height as you." "sure, mate, whatever you have to tell yourself." - definitely still calls you his commanding chief, won't admit how cute it is that you aren't dwarfed by him - height difference between you two: 6'10.5 - 6'8

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  • sexycowpoke
    21.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Overwatch Masterlist




    How Maximilien would react to his S/O how was an human

    Jessie Mccree:

    Mccree fluff

    Mccree Fluff Alphabet

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  • casualcrusadepeanut
    21.04.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Nations being highly intelligent, specializing in multiple professions and skills, combat techniques, science and languages for instances thorough their lifetime of centuries if not milliliums, are enjoyable trope for me indeed.

    #It's not a must #of course. Everyone can have their own preferences #hetalia#hetalia headcannons #Please recommend me more works with this trope
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  • atinystar
    21.04.2021 - 22 hours ago

    I need new interactions for a few of my new muses, so consider this a starter call for them:

    Eunji/jiji (flirty vampire with Lee Mijoo as her face-claim)

    Ellie (Werewolf that never transformed and lives with her parents in a house by the woods, with Olivia Hye’s face-claim)

    Jasper (My artist, with Kim Hongjoong’s face-claim)

    Hwan (My awkward cat mascot muse with Choi San face-claim)

    If wanting any specific muses from this list make sure to comment on this post or send me a IM and I also highly advice you give their bio’s a quick read so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Open for both mutuals and non-mutuals, for as long as you take my blog’s rules in mind.

    #indie krp#indie rp#krp#open krp#starter call #if not interested don't interact #I rarely one-line #will keep your preferences in mind #thank you #I donno if this open will work since I usually make it for all #but it's worth a try I guess.
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  • armyzonawithluv
    21.04.2021 - 22 hours ago


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  • elegantglossyflowersbitches
    21.04.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Who Moves In With Who - Avengers

    This has not been proofread.

    Warnings: Cursing

    Tags: @thepastelweirdo; @mycosmicparadise

    Steve Rogers

    Steve decided to move in with you. He didn't have nearly as much stuff which made for an easier move. Plus, it didn't really make much of a difference except he was closer to the stairs.

    Tony Stark

    You moved in with him, of course. He figured it would be the best way to be sure you're in a safe area at all times. You mainly enjoyed the lavish surroundings that came with the move - a huge improvement to your last house.

    Bucky Barnes

    Same with Steve, he moved in with you. Though, Bucky moved in to get away from the base. He figured the space from the team would be perfect for his mental health. It would also give the two of you some much needed privacy.

    Natasha Romanoff

    Same as with Tony, you moved in with her. Luckily, the base was close enough to your work that you didn't have to quit. But, she practically begged (as much as Nat can) you to come move in with her. Once she knew that you were ok with her life, she jumped to the idea.

    Thor Odinson

    You both moved in together in a completely different house. He asked you, since the creating of New Asgard, to which you agreed. Though, the move was not exactly what you expected, and the two of you weren't in a relationship until about a year after the move.


    Loki's situation was odd. He couldn't really live one place and didn't have one for himself. After the effects of the Dark World and him taking the throne, he decided he'd use your home as a vacation getaway. You didn't mind it one bit since you wanted him safe.

    Wanda Maximoff

    She moved in with you. Wanda loved being in your apartment. It was the perfect way to be away from the Avengers. She kept her room on base for when she needed it, but being alone in you apartment with you was what she deemed perfect in every aspect.

    Clint Barton

    Clint moved the two of you into, of course, a farmhouse. He felt it secluded the two of you away from all of the troubles of the world and kept you distanced from his work.
    #fanfic#avengers preferences #avengers x reader #steve rogers x reader #avengers #bucky barnes x reader #marvel #natasha romanoff x reader #age of ultron #tony stark x reader #loki x reader #thor odinson x reader #thor x reader #loki layfeyson x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #clint barton x reader #black widow x reader #captain america x reader #iron man x reader #winter solider x reader #scarlett witch x reader #hawkeye x reader #wandavision#tfatws #the falcon and the winter solider #natasha romanoff#steve rogers#bucky barnes#tony stark#thor odinson
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  • octofoilflingza
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    #daitex.t #say words at me #basically: I have my preferences but ultimately I'll listen to stuff from any genre if I like how it sounds
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  • cokedoublezero
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    #servicedogproblems : when your dog is trained for item retrieval, sometimes they bring you random stuff, like “Here are some suggestions based on your usual preferences.”

    Paper towels seem to be a popular choice.

    Happy #workingdogwednesday 🤣

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