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    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    And old wip of pregtober prompt: demon pregnancy as Lucifer tries to birth his spawn ✨

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    Small belly practice 💕

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    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Outdoors Baby Part 2!

    (The lovely @pistachioi asked me to write a companion piece with the same mother from my Outdoor Birth story, this time having twins! I had so much fun with this one, I hope you all enjoy it too.)

    It had been a little while since Sara had seen Lily. Long enough that her little garden baby had turned one, and also long enough that Lily and her partner had gotten pregnant again, this time with twins. Sara found this out at little Jay’s birthday party (which she was thrilled to have been invited to, by the way). There was Lily, cutting the cake and serving guests punch, rounder than ever and absolutely glowing.

    Of course the two had begun talking again right afterward, with Lily wanting Sara’s company again at her next birth. Even though this time it was twins, she was right on track to have a safe delivery, so she wanted to try giving birth at home this time, and possibly in a birthing pool or tub? Sara loved this idea, of course, and was fully behind a home delivery. She made a home visit soon after and helped the family set up a birthing pool, blowing it up on the back porch and filling it with a bit of water for Jay to splash around in.

    Once Lily went into labor, she was going to call a neighbor to help with Jay, because, just like last time, her partner was scheduled to be on a business trip the entire week of her due date. It couldn’t be helped, but her partner laughed it off, saying that they’d likely just faint anyway.

    Sara was finishing cleaning up from dinner when she got the call, and she quickly wiped her hands with a dish towel before grabbing up her phone. “Hello?”

    “Hey, It’s Lily…” she sounded breathless.

    “Heya Lily! Everything going okay?”

    “Oh, oh yeah. Everything’s fine. Uhm. I just dropped Jay off next door with his stuff...Sara I think I’m in labor.”

    “Okay, gotcha. How long have you been having contractions?” Sara furrowed her brow and hurried to start putting her shoes on.

    “Just a couple of hours...but oh wow they ramped up real, real fast. I didn’t expect...hang on.” Lily’s voice went from concentrated to fully distracted, and Sara listened as she moved the phone away from her ear and it was muffled by fabric. She couldn’t help but smile a bit to herself as she listened to Lily obviously working through a contraction. Her breathing was rapid, but steady and even, and she heard her breathing through pursed lips, just as they had practiced and she had done her first labor.

    Sara finished tugging on her shoes and grabbed up her birth bag, leaning over to pat her partner on the shoulder and let her know she was going. Lily got back on the phone as Sara grabbed her keys.

    “Mmh. Hey. Sorry. Woof.”

    “That’s okay! You’re already doing great work, I can tell. I just grabbed my keys, I’m on my way, okay? You wanna stay on the phone with me?”

    “Yeah, yeah. At least for a little bit. Is that okay?”

    “Of course!” Sara smiled and quickly made her way outside and to her car, noting how the sky was already turning dark. She closed her car door, then clicked her phone to speaker before sticking it in her dashboard mount. “Alright honey, I’m in the car, I’m on my way. Have you started filling the tub yet?”

    “Ngh. No...should I?”

    “Maybe, if you feel like you might wanna get in soon. Just toss the hose in it and turn on the spigot, it’ll do the rest, ok?”

    “Okay.” Sara listened carefully as Lily went to go grab the hose, dividing her attention between the laboring mom on the phone and her car as she pulled out into her neighborhood.

    However...as soon as she pulled up to the main road, she realized she might not be getting to her patient's house anytime soon.

    “Lily honey?”

    “Mm, yeah, I’m here...I just got the hose turned on…”

    “Listen mama, there’s a lot of traffic on the road. I think there must have been an accident or something.” Sara craned her neck to try to see ahead, if she could spy blinking lights or any indication of why the cars would be so backed up.

    She could hear in Lily’s voice how upset she was. “Oh no, no no no, don’t tell me you’re gonna take too long getting here…”

    “Hey. Don’t worry, okay? I’m gonna look for another way to you, and I’ll stay on the phone with you every second until I pull in your driveway. Hear me?” Sara responded, keeping her voice as calm and smooth as possible.

    Lily heaved a big sigh before she spoke again. “Okay. Okay. Well, I...I’ve got the hose in the pool.”

    “Excellent. Now just...relax, chill out, hum through those contractions, and I’ll be to you just as soon as I can.” Sara finally was able to sneak her car out onto the main road and into the big line of vehicles, and she grimaced angrily to herself as she peered ahead and saw the massive line of cars and trucks. Hopefully she wouldn’t have to help deliver this baby on the phone.


    It wasn’t but a moment later that Lily began to groan through another contraction, and Sara adjusted her hands on the wheel, looking at her phone.

    “Hahh! Oh wow...oh WOW.”

    “Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, take nice deep breaths and use those low sounds we practiced, okay?” Sara cautioned, shifting a bit in her seat and looking back out the windshield as she inched forward a little. “You in a good position?”

    “No…” Lily panted, and Sara couldn’t help but laugh a little bit.

    “Well, change that, mama! Lay out on that yoga mat if you want, it’s a nice enough night to get some fresh air on you. Okay?”

    “Okay...hnnn…” Lily whined unhappily, and there were a few rustling sounds as she moved the phone and changed positions. After a moment, she lifted the phone back up and spoke again, panting softly. “Okay...sitting on the mat...butterfly knees…”

    “Good job, sweetheart. You’re killing it. Set the phone down if you need to, but keep me on speaker, ok? Just listen to those babies and your body for what you need to do. You got this.”

    There was another unhappy groan in response, and Sara heard the clunk of the phone being sat down on the deck. Listening carefully, she heard Lily huffing a few quick breaths, then taking a big inhale and blowing it out in a whoosh.

    “Good, good job…” she murmured softly, leaning up in her seat and craning her neck to try to see out the windshield. The line of cars was just barely moving, but she could see flashing lights up ahead around the bend in the road.

    “Ngh. Oof...Sara, that was...a really big one.” Lily finally mumbled, and Sara sat back in her seat, smiling a little and tapping her fingers on the wheel.

    “I know, I could tell. You’re doing amazing work, you really are. Has your water broken or anything?”

    “Mm-mmh…” Lily grumbled, and Sara nodded, thinking.

    “Okay. That’s a good thing. You feel like giving yourself a self-check?”

    “Mm-mmh…” came the answer again, and Sara giggled softly.

    “Fair enough. I’m right here, ok? You just keep doing what you’re doing.”

    “Okay…” Lily sighed.

    As the car inched further up the road, Sara carefully talked and coached Lily through a few more intense contractions, listening carefully to her sounds and trying to pay as much attention as possible. She knew that this being Lily’s second labor, it was likely to go much faster...but remembering how quickly Lily’s son had arrived, that was even less of a reassuring thought.

    “Nnnghaha!” Lily cried out loudly, and Sara grimaced, rubbing her steering wheel with her palm and wishing she was there to comfort her patient.

    “Good job, mama, good job. Feel those hips open right up.”

    Lily grunted softly in response, and Sara could hear the soft rustling of her moving around. After a moment, she groaned low in her chest, and Sara bit at her lip. That was a different sound.

    “Lily? Honey? Talk to me.”

    “Mmm. Ahhh….I’m on...hands and knees...child’s pose...trying to open up...ohhh my god.”

    “Okay, Lily? Listen, I want you to get in the tub after this contraction is over, okay?”

    “Nngh. No, no, I’m not getting in until you’re here.” Lily answered firmly, and Sara sighed. She knew that voice, and the sound of the determination in it.

    “Are you sure? I think the water will really help you out....”

    “Mmph. I’m sure. I’m sure...ooooh…” Lily moaned again, and her sound became muffled, as if she was burying her face in her arm, or a towel.

    “Okay, okay. Deep breaths, Lily. Deep, deep breaths.”

    Sara listened intently as Lily groaned her way through the contraction, then sighed deeply. The traffic was going nowhere fast.


    It seemed like forever, but continuing to talk Lily through her contractions, Sara also worked her way through the traffic until she finally was able to pull through and accelerate onto the highway. She was on her way, and she and Lily both laughed on the phone as she zoomed toward her house.

    “Okay, here we go! Finally! How’s that tub looking?” Sara asked, leaning forward in her seat a bit.

    “It’s all full...i’m gonna turn off the water here in a second...oh wow, Sara.”

    “I know, this is a mess.” The midwife laughed and shook her head, sighing in relief at finally being out of the traffic. “I’m gonna have to catch those babies like footballs when I get there, you just watched.”

    Lily laughed at that, and Sara could hear her picking up the phone and moving over to turn the water in the tub off. “Mm. I sure hope so...I hope it’s as easy as Jay was, he just popped right out.”

    “I know, he was amazing. Just relax, okay? I’ll be there in two shakes.”

    It wasn’t that long before Sara was turning in to Lily’s driveway, and she quickly clicked off her phone and grabbed her keys, grabbing up her bag and just about jogging inside the house. She knew where to head this time, and when she approached the back porch, she found, again, the doors wide open, and a very heavily pregnant Lily in a squat next to the inflatable birth pool, using the side handle for balance.

    “Nnnngh.” The laboring mom grunted loudly, her face scrunched up.

    Dropping her bag, Sara rushed over right away and kneeled down behind her, resting her hands on Lily’s waist and rubbing with a firm, but loving touch. “Hey. Hey, I’m here. Take a deep breath for me.”

    Lily groaned and rocked back into Sara’s touch, her jaw dropping and forehead smoothing out as soon as she felt her presence. “Ahhh!” She groaned happily, heaving a big sigh and then taking a huge breath in.

    “There ya go, that’s my girl…” Sara murmured, continuing to rub and massage Lily’s hips as she supported her weight in the squat. She was surprised, normally by this time parents had stripped down, but here was Lily still in her shirt and yoga pants, stretched taut over her heaving belly.

    Lily rocked back and forth a little bit, holding on tightly to the handle on the birth pool and swaying her hips side to side. “Nnn. Ohhhhh….hohhhh…” She moaned deeply, then slowly relaxed, bowing her head forward. “Mmph.”

    “Okay…” Sara whispered, holding her close with one hand and reaching up to smooth some of Lily’s hair back from her forehead. “There ya go. Relax...slow it down.”

    After a moment of catching her breath, Lily opened her eyes and turned to smile up at Sara, sitting back up and lifting out of her squat. “Oof...I’m so glad you made it.”

    “I am too!” Sara slowly stood too, resting a hand on the small of Lily’s back. “Talk to me, ok? You still having those intense contractions?”

    Lily nodded, putting her hands on the small of her back and swaying her hips as she turned to look at her midwife. “Yep, they’re real strong. Lots of pressure, real deep down.” She sighs hard, putting one hand to her forehead. “It feels like it hasn’t been nearly long enough, but I have this...amazing urge to just squat down every time a contraction starts.”

    “How come you haven’t gotten out of these clothes, honey?” Sara asked gently, smiling a bit.

    “I dunno, I...was waiting for you?” The laboring mom answered weakly, giving an innocent smile. Sara couldn’t help but giggle, rubbing Lily’s shoulder affectionately with her palm.

    “Well, I’m here now, ok? You wanna get in the pool now, before you have another contraction?”

    Lily nodded, giggling, and immediately grabbed her top and whipped it off, making Sara laugh.

    The midwife carefully helped her patient undress, then climb into the pool. Sinking into the cool water, Lily immediately melted, her eyes fluttering closed. “Oh wow...that feels so good…”

    “I knew you’d like it. Especially for all that weight you’re carrying, the water will help a lot, make it a little easier to move around.” Sara smiled, leaning on her elbows on the side of the pool. “Have you been feeling pushy at all? Getting close, maybe?”

    Lily opened her eyes and nodded, biting on her lip. “Yeah, especially that last one...I thought I was gonna push em out while you were still in the car…”

    “Yeah, me too,” Sara admitted, giggling a little bit. “Okay. So we’ll skip giving you an exam for now, and on your next one, if you need to push...do it. Sound good?” She gives the laboring mom a big smile, which she returns.

    “Okay...Oof.” Lily sighed and shifted around in the tub, the plastic sides squeaking a bit as she tried to find a good position. Sara watched carefully, extending a hand to help, but Lily had already settled into a position- sitting up on her knees, resting back on her heels, knees spread wide. With a big sigh, Lily cupped some of the water in her hands and smoothed it over her huge belly, her eyes drifting closed. “Yeah...this feels good…”

    “Mkay, good. I’m gonna go grab us some towels and stuff, I’ll be right back, okay?” Sara stood, and at Lily’s nod of agreement, she stepped back inside the house, flicking on a few lights. She quickly grabbed a large plastic cup from the kitchen, then ducked into the bathroom to grab a washcloth and a couple big towels from off of the counter. Hearing Lily begin to groan from outside, she tucked everything under her arm and rushed back outside.

    As the contraction began to roll through her, Lily had planted her hands on her knees, and was obviously trying very hard to control her breathing. Her eyes scrunched shut, she took in huge shaky inhales, letting the air out with puffed cheeks. Rushing to the side of the tub, Sara quickly tossed down the towels and the cub, reaching in and rubbing Lily’s shoulder. “Ooh, good job Lily. Slow that right down, you got this. Deep, deep inhale through your nose...and out.”

    Hearing Sara’s voice was an immediate comfort to the laboring mother, and right away her shoulders relaxed and she let out her breath in a slow, controlled way. Sara smiled, leaning closer and rubbing her hand across Lily’s lower back. “That’s it. Good freaking work...If you wanna try out a little push, go for it.”

    Trying to listen to Sara’s comforting words over the intensity of the contraction, Lily nodded a couple of times, shifting her hips side to side. The water lapping at her hips and belly felt so good, and so right, and definitely calmed her down. Taking a slow breath in, Lily scrunched up her nose as she leaned into her first push, one hand darting to press between her legs.

    “Hn-” ...Her sound cut off by the strain of the push, she pressed her fingers tightly against her labia as she pushed, concentrating on trying to feel the babies move down. “...ngahah…” She groaned as she let go of the push, panting for breath.

    “Good push, honey…” There was Sara’s voice, and her cool hand pushing back the hair on her forehead. “Go again if you want to.”

    She did want to. The contraction was still there, making her hips feel so loose and so open, and her belly so taut and strong under the water. Taking another big breath in, she groaned softly as she pushed this time, bowing her head forward.


    Sara watched as Lily’s belly heaved, then relaxed when she let go of the push, smiling as the laboring mom leaned back tiredly. “Hey, good job! Good first push...you feeling anything down there?”

    Lily shook her head, her eyes still closed as she let her head relax back. “Mm...mm-mm. Not yet...Oof…”

    “That’s okay. Maybe these guys’ll wanna take their time a little more than Jay did. That kid shot out of you like a cannon.” Sara giggles, grabbing up the washrag and dipping it into the cool water. Folding it up, she very gently places it on Lily’s forehead as the two laugh softly, Lily lifting one hand to hold it on.

    “Mm...he did, I thought he was gonna fall right out into the grass…”

    “I’ve caught some fast babies in my time, but that was one of the faster deliveries I’ve ever seen.” Sara smiles and grabs up the big cup, dipping it into the water. Leaning in closer, she gently pours the water over Lily’s belly and chest, and Lily sighs happily, a smile on her face.

    “Mm...thank you...that feels good…”

    “I bet it does. Just let me know if you want me to stop, ok?”

    “Okay…” Shifting her hips a bit, Lily licks her lips, grabbing the washcloth and wiping off her face. “Mmh...was there a baby you caught that was...faster than Jay?”

    “Oh yeah, one I can think of.” Sara giggles, scooping up some more water into the cup. She speaks softly as she pours it over Lily’s round belly. “Labor had only lasted about an hour, if that! It was wild. All of a sudden, the dad in labor just...he grabbed onto one knee, heaved up his leg, gave this HUGE push, and baby’s head was in my hands. It was like the two of them agreed that now was the time, they weren’t going to wait anymore.” Sara laughed at the memory, scooping up some more water when the cup was empty. “Both impatient types. He didn’t even push the rest of the baby out, just made these low grumbly sounds and smooched on his hubby and the baby came sliding right out, like it was nothing. The whole thing lasted maybe an hour and a half?”

    “Oh...wow.” Lily opened her eyes and looked over at Sara, looking amazed. “That beats my record.”

    “Well, you and Jay hold second place for sure. As soon as we got you up and walking that time, it was like Jay said ‘Alright, I wanna see that grass now!’” Sara gave Lily a big, loving smile, and Lily giggled softly, rubbing a hand across her belly as Sara poured some more water on her skin. “It’s different for every parent...some babies, and some bodies, need time to open up, to let baby move through. And that’s okay.”

    Nodding, Lily took a deep breath and closed her eyes, and Sara sat up more on her knees, grabbing the cup and pouring some water gently across her shoulders. “As long as we can get babies here in the happiest, most loving way...I think that’s all that matters. Mm?”

    “Mmhm...ooooh.” Lily groaned softly in response, stiffening up, and Sara nodded.

    “Mkay. Now it’s your turn, mama. Nice deep breaths...nice low sounds...feel those babies getting lower, do what you feel you need to. Whenever you’re ready.” Sara smiled as she watched Lily ready herself, one of her hands dipping below the water to press against her vagina, the other gripping the washcloth in a tight fist and resting on the side of the tub.

    Her eyebrows furrowed, Lily took a slow, deep inhale through her nose and quietly pushed, slowly rolling her hips forward. “Mmm-” She pressed shaky fingers tightly to her opening, exploring a little bit with the pads of her fingers. “-ahhh.” She let out her breath, then grunted as she pushed again, curling up around her belly a bit. “Hn-” She closed her eyes tightly and leaned to the side a bit, one leg darting up to raise her knee and plant her foot flat against the bottom of the tub.

    “There ya good, that’s a great position.” Murmured Sara, not wanting to distract her. “Keep going, mama. Deep breath.”

    “Hahhh. Hahhh!” Panted Lily as she let go of her push, rubbing and pressing at her vagina. She could feel the first baby inside her, so low, but no bulge yet. Whimpering, she lifted her hand and pressed it against the side of her belly, the other still holding the washcloth tightly. “Hghn!”

    With a groan, she curled around her belly and pushed, and Sara leaned forward more to peer into the water to see what she could try to see. “Good, good job Lily...good job.”

    With a loud gasp, Lily relaxed and let go of her push, panting as she tried to get her breath back. She slowly brought her leg back underwater, sitting back on her heels and bouncing a bit in the water as she resettled her hips. “Nngh...god, I’m so uncomfortable…” She grumbled, rolling her head side to side. “The water feels so good, but I don’t know how to…”

    “Can I make a suggestion?” Sara asked gently, and Lily opened her eyes and nodded. “There’s a couple positions to try. One is leaning back against the side, you can prop one ankle up on the side of the pool and open that way, or you can get into a full squat, and I can help you. You can lean on me from out here, or I could get in with you.”

    Lily blinked, tilting her head to the side. “You’d get in with me?”

    “Of course I would, I don’t bring a change of scrubs with me to labors for no reason.” Sara grinned at Lily, and the new mom giggled a little bit.

    “Uhm.” Lily sighed, rubbing a wet hand across her forehead. “No, lemme try...leaning back.”

    “Absolutely. Here.” Sara sat up on her knees and offered a hand. Lily took it, and together the two maneuvered the laboring mother and her huge belly into a slightly reclined position. Closing her eyes, Lily leaned her head back on the edge of the tub, and rested both hands between her legs, fingers pressing very lightly on her vagina.

    “There ya go…” Sara murmured, kneeling down again on the other side of the tub and grabbing up the plastic cup again to pour water over Lily’s belly. “How’s that feel?”

    “Good...feels good.” came the softly murmured response, the laboring mom taking a few deep breaths to try to relax. The two fell into silence then, the only sounds in the air the soft dripping and flowing of the water as Sara poured it over Lily’s belly and chest, the breeze blowing through the trees, and the very distant noises of traffic from the road outside the house.

    That was, until, a phone rang. Lily’s eyes popped open wide. “Oof. That’s gotta be Hector, they said they’d check in later…”

    “I’ll get it, You just relax.” Letting the cup float in the water, Sara got to her feet and hurried to pick up the phone.

    Lily let her eyes drift closed again as she listened, hearing Sara greet her partner, then laugh softly and begin filling them in on what was going on. Any desire to eavesdrop quickly fell to the back of her mind, though, as another contraction suddenly took hold of her. Grunting loudly, she quickly planted one hand on the bottom of the pool and heaved one leg up, resting it on the side of the tub and moaning as she rolled her hips forward, trying to open herself up as much as possible.

    Panting softly, for a moment, she pressed her fingers to her opening and took a slow, deep breath before bearing down with the contraction, grunting. “Hn-...” She slowly rolled her head forward, then let go of the push, growling softly. “Ahhhh. Hgn-” It felt so good to bear down, and she could now distinctly feel a small bulge against her hand where there wasn’t one before. When she let go of her push with a low growl, she became aware of Sara’s presence returning to her side. “Hahhh.”

    “Honey, I brought the phone over, Hector wanted to listen a little bit. You’re doing so well.”

    “You’re doing great, honey…” came Hector’s soft voice from the phone, and Lily couldn’t help but smile. Rolling her head to the side, she took another deep breath and pushed. “Hah-” her jaw dropped as she bore down, focusing her energy, so the sound was much more open when she let go and tried to breathe through the rest of the contraction. “Ahhh! Hah, hahhhh...hahh…”

    “Good job, babe!” Called Hector from over the phone, and Lily laughed softly, groaning a bit and shifting her hips before speaking. “I love you babe, but I gotta concentrate-”

    “I know, I know. I’ll be on a flight as soon as I can get one, I’ll be back to see you and the babies as soon as I can.”

    “I love you!” Lily turned her head toward the phone, toward their voice, smiling a moment, before letting her head fall back onto the side of the pool. “Hahhh…”

    Sara smiled and said a quick goodbye to Hector, hanging up the phone and setting it aside. “Those were some amazing pushes, Lily honey. You’re doing so good.”

    Lily slowly opened her eyes and smiled over at Sara, trying to catch her breath. “I feel a little bulge...mostly when I push…”

    Sara lit up in a smile. “Hey, that’s excellent! We don’t wanna rush anything, just let em stretch you nice and slow, and they’ll come out on their own, good timing. Okay?”

    Nodding, Lily closed her eyes again and sighed, bringing her other hand back from the base of the pool to cup her vagina. She rubs and explores just a bit with her fingertips, chewing on her lip. “Mmh…”

    The next contraction is on top of her before she knows it, and right away she furrows her brow and leans into a push, grunting deep in her chest. “Hn-...” Sara leans her elbows on the side of the pool, looking in and watching her carefully.

    “That’s it, Lily. Nice, deep pushes. Feel that baby coming down, stretching you out…”

    “Hahh.” The laboring mother all but growled, sucking in another deep breath and pushing again. “Hngh-” She rolled her hips forward a bit as she pushed, then let go with a louder sound of frustration, planting her hands on the bottom of the pool and pushing herself to sit up straighter. “Hahh. Ahhh. Hahhh…” Reaching up and grabbing her knee, she pulled it back toward her chest as she pushed again, letting the other leg stretch outward. “Hnnnnngh!”

    “Easy, Lily, easy…” Sara whispered, resting a hand on her thigh to help her hold her leg back. “Take a breath.”

    Lily let go of her knee and panted hard, rocking her hips side to side restlessly in the water. “Hahh...Sara, Sara I want them out...oh god.”

    Sara’s reaction was almost immediate. She stood up, kicked off her shoes and yanked her socks off, then stepped right into the pool, scrubs and all. Sitting down in front of Lily in the water, she grabbed one of the laboring mother’s hands, smoothing the cool water over her forehead with the other. “Hey. Take a deep breath, and lookit me…”

    Lily held her hand in a tight grip, slowly prying her eyes open and looking into her midwife’s soft eyes. She struggled to catch her breath, still swaying her hips uncomfortably back and forth. Sara gave her a big, warm smile.

    “You are doing so, so well. I understand you’re frustrated cause your first baby came out in a couple pushes, but these guys are taking their time, and that’s totally okay...trust me.”

    Hearing Sara’s words in her gentle, warm voice, slowly began to calm Lily down, and she slowly nodded, her breathing evening out.

    “What can I do to make this a little easier for you? You can squeeze my hand, I can give you some counterpressure...we can get out of the pool and walk around…”

    Bowing her head, Lily closed her eyes and thought about it for a moment, taking a couple deep breaths and giving Sara’s hand a squeeze. “Uh….uhm. Oof. Could we try some counterpressure…? I don’t wanna get out of the pool.”

    “Absolutely, honey. If you wanna lean over to hands and knees, I can squeeze on your hips, or I can try some perineal massage…”

    Shaking her head, Lily let go of her hand and planted her hands on the bottom of the pool again, feeling another contraction beginning. “Ah. Hahhh...I don’t wanna move...ohhhhh-”

    “Okay. Okay.” Sara scooted up closer to Lily and put one hand low on her side, sliding the other between her legs. With the pads of two fingers, she began slowly rubbing and pressing on Lily’s stretching labia and perineum, watching the reactions of the contracting mom.

    At first, Lily stiffened up at the extra sensation, wrinkling her nose and groaning as she butterflied her knees. However, as the contraction grew in intensity and she felt herself wanting to push, she found the extra pressure to be almost comforting, and a welcome distraction from the wave of the contraction. Settling her hips and rolling them forward just a bit, she took a slow, deep breath, then leaned into a push, bowing her head forward.

    As she did so, Sara pressed her fingers over her opening, smiling. “That’s it...good job, Lily. You’ve got a little head peeking out...keep going, keep going.”

    “Hahh. Hahh. Hn-” Lily panted softly, then pushed again, groaning deep in her chest as she held the effort. “Nnnnnnghahaha. Hahhh. Nnnngh!” She growled, gritting her teeth as she bore down.

    Sara smiled and rubbed her side in encouragement with her other hand, feeling around the tiny little bit of the baby’s head with the pads of her fingers. It was only about a quarter size, but it was definitely progress. “Grab a breath, sweetheart. Good job…” she murmured, and watched as Lily gasped for air, arching her back.

    “Ah! Hahh...oh my god. Oh my god. Can I keep pushing?!” She almost pleaded, her hips rolling back and forth in the water.

    Following her movements with her hand, Sara nodded, giggling a little bit. “As long as you feel like you have the urge to and you have a contraction to work with, push all you want to, Lily honey.”

    Looking almost relieved to have the permission, Lily panted for breath a couple times then groaned as she leaned into another push, gritting her teeth. Her belly heaved, and she curled around it, feeling herself stretch ever so slightly around the baby’s head. “Nnnnngh!! Ghahhah...hah…” She growls, leaning back against the wall of the pool and trying to catch her breath.

    A big smile on her face, Sara cupped her with her whole hand, rubbing softly as she grabbed the floating cup with the other hand. “Good job, Lily. You’re doing some incredible work...you really are. I wouldn’t be surprised if you start crowning in a couple pushes.”

    “Really?” Lily whimpered, opening her eyes and looking at Sara as she poured the water over her belly and heaving chest.

    Nodding, Sara beamed at her. “Really. Baby’s got a nice little bit of head showing, and a little bit more opens up every time you push...just gotta do all that good stretching.”

    “Nn...I wish they’d come out already…” Lily whines, closing her eyes, and Sara laughs softly. “I know you do. But they’ll be here before you know it...you just keep up that lovely, lovely pushing and stretching, okay?”

    Nodding, Lily slowed down her breath and blew out a big exhale through pursed lips, trying to grab a bit of rest. Sara continued pouring water over her belly and her chest, watching her with soft eyes. After a moment, she spoke in a half whisper, not wanting to disturb the new mother’s rest.

    “After the first baby’s born, I might have you do some nipple stimulation to get your contractions going again, okay? We don’t want em waiting too long to come out.”

    Lily nodded, letting out another slow breath. “Mm...Mkay…” After a moment, she inhaled deeply again and shifted her hips, nodding to signal Sara another contraction was coming.

    “Okay hon. Nice deep breaths, and use those low noises. I’m right here.” Sara murmured, watching carefully as Lily wriggled and tried to find a position as the contraction got stronger.

    “Hahh...ahhh...hahn…” She whimpered, heaving one leg up onto the side of the tub again. “Hn-” She grunted as she slowly leaned into another push, one hand pressing against the bottom of the pool for balance, the other darting between her legs to press against her slowly opening vagina.

    “Feel your baby? That’s them, honey…” Sara murmured softly, guiding Lily’s fingertips to press gently against the baby’s soft head. Lily let go of her push in a big gasp, giggling and stroking the spot.

    “Hi! Hi baby! Ohhh...oh wow...hgn-” She scrunched her eyes shut as she pushed again, slowly rolling her hips forward into both her and Sara’s hands. She felt the baby’s head bulge forward into her waiting fingers, almost teasingly, before sliding back a bit as soon as she let go of her push. “Hohhh…come on, baby, come on-” She groaned, curling her head forward around her heaving belly and sitting forward as much as she could. Her hand moved aside to grip onto her thigh, almost pulling it in an effort to help the baby come forward.

    As she continued to push, Sara watched carefully, smiling and cupping either side of the baby’s slowly emerging head. “Keep it going, keep it going...breathe past that burn…”

    Lily whined loudly as she released her push, flailing her hand and then splashing it back down into the water, pushing against the bottom of the pool. “Nnngh! Oooh! Hooooh!”

    “Yep, that’s it. You’re crowning, honey. Breathe. Deep breaths.” Sara urged, carefully massaging on either side of the baby’s head with the pads of her fingers. Lily opened her eyes and looked at Sars almost desperately, taking in a big shaky inhale and letting it out through pursed lips.

    “Good, good job. Gimme one of those little grunty pushes. Ready?” Sara smiled reassuringly, and Lily nodded, shifting her hips a little bit. Inhaling again, she scrunched up her nose and grunted softly, then squeaked and gasped as the baby’s head slid free up to the eyebrows.

    “Oh! Oh my god! Oh my god, Sara!”

    Sara laughed happily, cupping her with both hands. “Easy, Lily, easy...whenever you’re ready, just grunt this baby right out. Okay?”

    Laughing breathlessly, Lily let her head flop back onto the back of the pool, panting hard. After a moment, she wrinkled her nose and grunted softly. “Nngh.”

    Sara smiled warmly. “Yep. There ya go.”

    “Nngh. Nnn. Ngh. Mmph…” Lily continued to grunt, rocking her hips gently forward and back. With every little grunty sound, and each roll of her hips, the baby’s head inched further and further out, until finally, with a small gush of warm fluid into the cool of the pool, the baby’s head popped free.

    Sara stroked carefully around the tiny neck, feeling for any sign of cord. “Good job, Lily...you wanna catch your baby?”

    Panting, Lily slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Sara with wide eyes. “Can I?”

    “Of course you can! Here…” Sara very gently guided her to bring her leg down and butterfly her knees, then took her hands and positioned them on either side of the baby’s head. “Now, whenever you both are ready, gimme another push, and then just bring baby right up onto your chest.”

    Lily nodded, panting hard and staring almost off into space in wonder as she stroked and explored her baby’s face and ears with her fingertips. Taking a big inhale as another contraction made her belly heave, she puffed her cheeks and pushed, groaning as she felt the shoulders shift and stretch her insides.

    Before she knew it though, they were free, and she gasped loudly, holding her baby’s upper body in her hands. Shifting her hips just a bit, she grunted softly in happiness, shuddering all over in bliss as her first baby finally slid free and into her waiting hands.


    Just as Sara had said, she brought the tiny girl up onto her chest, and Sara helped her wrap a towel around the two of them, rubbing the baby’s back. They oohed and ahhed over the girl’s tiny toes and little smooshed nose, and both cheered and laughed when she gave her first gurgly cry.

    Sara smiled warmly at Lily, watching her cradle the tiny newborn to her breast and encourage her to latch on.

    “There we go…” Lily whispered, smiling. “Ohh, your papa is gonna be so happy to see a little girl. Oh my god.” She looked at Sara with a huge smile, and Sara leaned in to give her a soft kiss on the forehead.

    “You did amazing, Lily. Absolutely amazing, you’re a pushing rockstar.” Sara smiled, gently moving the wet towel off of Lily’s chest and draping it across the side of the tub. “I don’t wanna wait too long for your contractions to start back up, so would you mind doing some nipple stimulation to get em going?”

    “Yeah, of course...uhm…” Lily shifted her new daughter aside, biting her lip as she shifted forward a bit. With her other hand, she cupped her breast and began to pinch and roll her nipple between two fingers, wincing uncomfortably.

    “I know, it probably isn’t all that pleasant. I just wanna be sure your contractions start back up in a good time.” Sara smiled apologetically, and Lily shook her head, smiling a little.

    “It’s okay, I do too…” Biting her lip, she carefully shifts up to sit on her knees, snuggling her daughter to her chest securely in the crook of her arm. Sara scoots a little closer, rubbing her arm with her palm and watching with soft, attentive eyes.

    After a few moments, Lily tenses up and drops her hand into the water, holding her belly. “Ooh...okay...okay…”

    “Good, Lily. Good job. Don’t worry about pushing if you don’t want to, I know you’re tired. Your body will do it for you…”

    Lily lifted her eyes to Sara’s, panting softly. “Can I push if I feel it?”

    “Oh, of course you can!” Sara giggled, rubbing her arm. “Of course, you rockstar. You go ahead!”

    Smiling, Lily shifted her hips a little bit, bowing her head in concentration. Taking a deep, focused breath, she groaned softly in her chest as she leaned into another push, her eyes slowly drifting shut. “Hnnnn….ghuh.” She pants for breath, then pushes again, her hand sliding down to hold between her legs. “Hn-...” She growls softly in her chest, then lets go of her push, her hips twitching. “Ah. Hahhh. Sara, what...what am I feeling…”

    Sara right away scoots close and slips her hand between her legs, pressing her fingertips to her vagina. With a small smile, she looks up at Lily reassuringly. “Okay, remember how Jay’s sac came out first? Yeah, this little one obviously had a different sac than their sibling, so you’ve got it popping out a bit there. It’s okay, just gotta keep pushing.”

    Looking relieved, Lily nodded, then inhaled and pushed again, dropping her head forward. “Hnn-ahhhh. Hgh-...ahhhh.” She growled, sighing roughly as she let go of each hard push. Her belly heaved in the water as she leaned forward, rolling her hips forward at the same time to try to push.

    Sara stayed super close by, but didn’t touch any more than she already was, cupping the slowly emerging sac. She knew Lily would get easily overwhelmed, with the water and already holding her first baby. She simply waited and watched, coaching her in a very soft voice.

    “That’s it, you got it...fantastic pushes, Lily…”

    Lily growled softly as she let go of her push, panting and lifting her head. “Nnngh. Oh god...come on...come on, baby.” Inhaling through her nose, she grunted deep in her chest as she bore down again, her hand braced against her knee.

    Sara looked down into the water, watching in amazement as the sac bulged against her hand, like a water filled balloon or a soft egg. Leaning closer to the surface of the water, she could see the baby’s head just past the bulge of the sac, right at Lily’s slowly stretching vagina.

    Lily panted hard as she let go of her push, trying to catch her breath before she pushed again. “Ghah. Hahh, hah, hah...Hn-” She grunted as she pushed, moaning and sitting up further onto her knees. “Nnnnngh! Ohhhh….hohhh!” She moaned in almost surprise, her hips twitching forward as she began to stretch to a crown.

    Sara followed her movements, pressing a reassuring hand to Lily’s hip and cupping the still-bulging sac in her other hand. “That’s alright, you got this. You’re crowning. Cmon, mama, work with it.”

    Encouraged that everything was okay, Lily shifted her new daughter in her arm as she took a few breaths, then bowed her head and moaned deeply in her chest, bearing down as she did so. “Hohhhhh….ohhhh...Nnnghaha!” She cried out, grunting loudly as the sac finally, suddenly burst, the warm water mixing with the cool water of the pool, and her baby’s crowning head now fully exposed. Sara smiled happily and carefully cupped the baby’s head, looking up at Lily.

    “You got this! You got this, Lil.”

    Reaching down with her free hand, Lily panted softly and cupped the other side of the baby’s emerging head, rocking her hips back and forth. With a soft whimper, she pressed two fingers against her clit almost on instinct, shuddering all over. “Nnnngh. Hahh. Hahh. Hn-” She grunted deeply and bowed her head as she bore down again, groaning in happiness as the baby’s head slowly and achingly continued to slip free. “Nnnnngh! Mmmmmmph. Haaaaah. Ahhh!” She cried out in joy as the baby’s head finally popped free.

    Sara giggled and gently felt around the baby’s head for a cord, finding one loop and very quickly moving it over the baby’s head and away. “There we go, that’s a big baby...whenever you’re ready again Lily, use those low sounds and grunt that baby right out, I’m here to catch.”

    Nodding, Lily panted softly to try to catch her breath, sinking slowly back down to sit on her heels again. Opening her eyes to make sure her new daughter was still safe and snuggled tightly to her breast, she closed her eyes again after a moment and took a big breath. With a low, rumbly growl, she bore down, slowly rolling her hips forward. Sara watched carefully, cupping the baby’s head and neck in both palms.

    Bit by bit, the baby inched forward, the shoulders emerging into Sara’s hands. Lily gasped for breath and let her head fall back, shifting and wiggling her hips a little. “Hn. Ghah. Cmon out, baby, come on…”

    Inhaling through her nose, she grunted loudly in her chest, and the baby slipped out to the hips. With one last, loud growly grunt, her newborn son slipped free into the water and Sara’s waiting hands, and was instantly pulled up to his mother’s chest alongside his sister.

    Sara cheered and smooched Lily on the cheek, hugging her close and smoothing her hair back from her forehead. It had been an amazing birth, one very different from the mother’s first, but an amazing story to tell. Twins, born in the middle of the night, into water, with lots and lots of strong effort from their mother. Sara was continually amazed at how powerful and lovely birth could be.

    (Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it~ If you enjoyed it enough that you'd like to leave me a tip, you can do so here! My askbox is always open, and please check out my other stories if you liked this one. Happy pushing~)

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