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    #pregnancy #pregnant #mumtobe #withchild #bumpshoot #plymouthphotographer (at Pin and Pose Studio) https://www.instagram.com/p/CQeR98FtQri/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Okay, I'm kinda working on part two of Not a Day Goes By That I'm Not Into You a bit and had some uh... ideas.

    It's nsfw (Zuko & Sokka are both almost 30 in this fic and Zuko is trans and pregnant jsyk) so I'm going to throw it under the cut.

    I just was writing the scene where Sokka is like on his knees kissing on Zuko's stomach and starts getting kinda tease-y about it, kissing around Zuko's hips and thighs and everything, and like just seeing Sokka on his knees like that does something to Zuko.

    Which ends up leading to Zuko - who is like just starting to show enough that he actually looks pregnant and not just y'know, bloated or pudgy - sitting kind of leaned back on the edge of their bed with Sokka kneeling on the floor in front of him eating him out.

    But, this time, Zuko is the one praising Sokka and Sokka is just absolutely loving it.

    So ah, yeah. How're we feeling about that?

    #zukka#nsft#nsfk#pregnancy tw#trans zuko #there needs to be more subby sokka #so y'know figured it might be fun lol #still gonna be super soft and intimate and lovey of course
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    I’m sorry are we pretending that people can’t tell that Sasha is pregnant??? Because I’m sure Molly and TJ could tell just by looking at her

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    Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, January 1701...

    "You have to tell him, Miss Abena! Unless you're fucking some other man onboard (which, I pray to G-d, is not the case because ew), the Captain has the right to know!"

    "No way! It's bad enough we're dealing with the Master and searching for this Montego family, and we're no closer to getting to the Eye!"

    "This isn't about the Eye or the Master, for G-d's sakes!! It's about you and the Captain and your-"

    "Forget about it! I'm not telling him! He works hard enough and has so much pressure on him of the Seven of us, not to mention what could happen if the Master himself finds out!"

    "But Miss Abena-"

    "And what if the soul is bound to the Master already? I'm already picking up the little one's dreams! If its soul isn't the Master's, he might demand it purely due to its parentage! I don't want to put it in danger! The Captain deals with enough with the rest of us, and now his child?!"

    "Miss Abena, there is-"

    "Here is what I'm going to do. I'll hide the baby as it develops, I'll avoid direct contact with the Captain and just wear really loose clothing, and when I come to term, we'll drop off at some town and speak with the local convent so at least the little one can be raised in a safe environment away from the Master. No one has to know. Not your brother, not Rashid, not Ruixiong, not Giovanni, not the Master, and most definitely not the father the Captain!"


    ".....He's right behind me, isn't he?"

    "They all are. I was going to tell you that you were being really loud."

    "..........." He passes out--and phases through the deck, through the other decks, and splashes into the water below La Demonia. *SPLOOSH!!*


    #i am REALLY hating this '10 images per post' nonsense STOPPIT #I think I figured out a way around it #it involves NOT USING THE IMAGE OPTION AT ALL #so annoying#pregnancy tw#[Phoebus Duchamp]#[Abena Frascona] #[Captain Josep Frascona] #don't worry they fish the Captain out eventually lmao
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    #one piece #one piece x reader #sanji#vinsmoke sanji #black leg sanji #sanji x reader #vinsmoke sanji x reader #cw pregnancy#smol-fatale#seastone writes #seastones 1000 followers event #cast a love spell with seastone
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    Knocked-up  Chapter 4 : Yours

    Dean x Reader ?

    Serie Summary :

    You are a hunter, you can’t have a baby, and you really don’t want to, especially in this mess…

    What if your angel in a trenchcoat had a secret that could maybe make you reconsider it ?

    Serie General Warnings : There will be angst and fluff and smut of course, there also will be swearing but if you know me, you fucking know that. There will be pregnancy related themes and other stuffs that I will detail in the chapters to not spoil my story. Please be 18+

    Chapter Warning : Pregnant reader, SMUT (soft) unprotected sex, a hint of marking. Fluffiness 

    Note : I couldn’t resist some DEAN POV

    WC : 4.3k

    Note : For those who are familiar with my work, you might recognize something from another fic. Yes this is my whole plan ;)



    Text divider by the amazing @firefly-graphics

    Reader’s Pov

     “Dean… Imagine…” you say hesitantly, stroking his chest. “Imagine if the babies had been yours.”

    For a second, he just searches your face like a thousand questions were flying behind those perfect green eyes.

    “Yeah that…” he clears he throat. “I had this thought.”

    He looks up at the ceiling, letting you trace the perfect profile of his face with your loving eyes. If only you could tell him… If only his next words didn’t hurt.

    “I guess it would make things… I don’t know” he rubs his face, apparently unable to form a clear answer.

    Maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt you.

    “Forget it” you mutter. “I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

    “You’re not freaking me out Y/n” he states, his eyes still on the ceiling. “I’m freaking out on my own.”

    “What ?” you put your head in your hand up on your elbow to see him clearer, your palm on his stomach. “Dean, you have no reason to. I… I will leave and… I will be okay. Listen, I know you’re kinda used to feel responsible for everything, a-and you always take care of the kids around you, but not this time. You don’t have to feel like it’s your responsibility.”

    His big bright eyes turn to you. He is so beautiful that you could cry at the bliss of sharing the intimacy of a bed with him, the vulnerability of nakedness, the memory of your love on his swollen lips.

    And you think of what would happen if he took your babies in his arms, if he loved them like a father. Dean would be the best dad of all, he would take them on his lap and tell them stories about cowboys maybe; he would fall asleep with the little ones in his arms in front of Finding Dory… Dean would just be perfect but you can’t force him to be a dad.

    You won’t force him to be anything.

    “It’s not that” he sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. “I can talk to you about everything, right ?”

    “Of course, Dean” you frown, your hand coming up to the soft skin of his chest. “We have a no taboo rule, remember ?”

    He nods in a little huff.

    “This time it’s not about some weird fantasy, not a traumatic memory… It’s even more… I don’t know… Personal ?”

    More personal than trauma ? Oh Dean… What is happening in your sweet mind ?

    You put a gentle kiss on the corner of his mouth and lift your legs on his, your baby bump snuggled up against his waist perfectly.

    “I’m your confident, Deanie boy, but you also don’t owe me to tell me everything” you say softly. “If you don’t want to tell me, will you be able to tell Sam ?”

    “Probably not” he states.

    “So shoot.”

    “Okay” he sighs, his hand coming to brush your thigh gently. “See… With this life I… I know I can’t have a family. I-I mean I have a family but like build one ?”

    “And you… You regret that ?” you slightly frown, trying to read his face.

    How you would love to give you everything he thinks he can’t have.

    “I didn’t think I did” he answer in a deep voice. “When I was with Lisa… I was really relieved that Ben wasn’t mine, a-and when we got together… She kinda brought the subject once, of having one of our own, now that I lived at her place and had a job and all.”

    In any other circumstances, the rare evocations of Lisa make your heart clench in jealousy, you can’t help it, she always felt like the one that got away. So imagining them having this talk would have made you sick. But right now you are carrying his children, full of his cum and he is naked in your arms… So even if you lose him later, this, right now, feels like victory.

    “The very idea made me want to run away” he continues, making you look down at your belly as a bitter taste invades your mouth. “All I thought of was stroller and station wagon. I was already feeling buried alive in the suburbs. That is one of the things that made me realize apple pie life maybe wasn’t living the dream” he nods at his own words, like he was understanding more of it as he says it out loud.“Poor Lisa, I… That was a firm and definitive no” he swallows and his big hand comes up to land on yours. “But lately… I don’t know… I almost regret not being able to have kids ? I know I don’t make sense but…”

    “No, you do” I nod, actually feeling his every words. “It’s different but the idea of having a baby was also giving me the creep, because of, yeah… My lack of interest for apple pie life. I lived it before, unlike you, and I really didn’t like it. So yeah” I chuckle slightly. “Strollers, parents association and all that made me roll my eyes so hard” my tone changes and I touch my baby bump. “And… At some point the idea of getting rid of that opportunity got intolerable.”

    He gives you a little corner smile and squeezes your hand on his chest. Talking to Dean has always been so easy, probably because you actually listen to each other.

    “Y-yes” he starts, speaking low. “Because when you’re hit by the whole kid thinking thing, there are so many things that feels different. I wonder how it would feel to hold a little girl or boy in my arms, look in their eyes, and know they count on me. Be able to make them laugh, chase the nightmares when they have one…” he describes your dream, making your hand shake a little. “Maybe I just want to break the line of absent fathers I come from.” You put a kiss on his shoulder, your lips wondering a little among the freckles.

    His sentence resonate softly in your head, making you question everything. Maybe your decision to set him free was actually, like everyone does with him, choosing for him.

    The second you open your mouth to try and fix the choice you made, he takes a deep breathe, and starts talking again, his eyes glued to the ceiling.

    “And I had this impossible fantasies lately” he says lower, making you look up from his shoulders. “Of… of helping you raise those babies, as they were mine” your heart starts pounding in your chest at his revelation and the truth burns your lips. “To be like… What Zac will never be. The one they can come to when they’re scared, when they have a problem at school, need to fix their car one day… Like… They even could call me dad, even if I’m only there when they call me or when you invite me…” his eyes get lost in the void and yours fill with warm tears. “But I’m a hunter.”

    “I’m a hunter too” you whisper. “Your father was a hunter.”

    “Yeah and that’s exactly why I don’t want any kid to have a hunter dad” he turns his head to you. “Hey, I’m making you cry ?”

    “I just… Hate that John made you doubt everything” you answer sincerely.”Dean” you take a deep breath. “The reason your childhood was a mess, it’s not because your dad was a hunter. It’s because he was obsessed, depressed,alone and because he neglected you so bad. If you had babies, they would have a home, a stability, an amazing uncle. They would have Cas to watch upon them, a sheriff awesome aunt. They would have a mother…” you mark a pause, knowing he is uncomfortable when you talk about his father. “They wouldn’t have to steal to eat, be arrested, put in a boy’s house and ripped from it when it’s starting to feel like home just because you need them back. Nothing would be even close to what you lived.”

    “It was a little more complicated than that, Y/n” he states, somehow still feeling like he has to defend John. But yeah… I guess some of it would be easier. You make it sound simple” he chuckles. “What about hunts ? I can’t stop hunting. I tried and now, I know it’s who I am.”

    “The mother would stay home when you’re not. Even if you kept the exact same hunting rhythm, they would still see their dad ten times more than soldier’s kids. Dean, I’m just saying, if you wanted this to work. It would.”

    “That would still be selfish, no ?” he sighs with a trembling voice, like your arguments were starting to reach him.

    “Have you seen what children in the world go through ?Wars, illness, hunger, abuse… Billion kids would dream of a life like that. You said you were suffocating in the suburb, yet you think it’s the best place to raise a kid ? Yours would know magic, they would never be severely hill, need surgery, they would recover from a broken arm in a split second thanks to the life you live… They would have a hero dad.”

    “Yeah” he chuckles slightly. “Your babies are going to have the best mom of all, and a damn heroic one too.”

    You look at him and bend to put a kiss on his forehead.

    “You still haven’t answered my question” you murmur, finding your courage deep in your core. “What if the kids were yours ?”

    “Why ask me that, sweetheart” he sighs. “They’re Zac’s. Y/n…” he searches your face. “Do you want me to have a role in their life ? Because… I know you would rather do that with a father for them a-and I just told you I would love that, but you know I can’t. Maybe you should tell their dad. I mean, he was here to knocked you up, he can be here to raise them !”

    Tears roll down your face making him turn a little to you. He wipes them and hushessoftly, obviously confused by your emotions.

    “They are” you say low in a shaky voice.

    “What ?”

    He clearly doesn’t understand because his expression doesn’t change, only worry still taking all of his pretty face.

    “They are yours, Dean.”

    He freezes.

    For a second, no thought is readable in his eyes. He looks down at your belly and finally frowns, moving to sit up.

    You close your eyes at the loss of his skin against yours, already regretting saying it, you grab the sheets to hide your belly and breasts, and sit up too.

    “It’s impossible, Y/n” he states almost coldly. “We used a condom each time. You said Zac and you forgot it once !”

    “I-I’m sorry” you look down, crying in silence.

    “How can you be sure ? They have to be his ! He fucked you in that bar ! You told me yourself !” his tone is going up and his body is tensing in what you could swear is only fear.

    “That’s what I thought, Dean” you speak between soft sobs. “And I was going to get that abortion but… Castiel told me they’re yours.”

    “Cas ?” he gets up, bending to grab his underwear and jeans. “I’m gonna talk to him !”

    “Dean…” you cry, trying to reach him.

    “HOW CAN HE EVEN BE SURE !” heyells all of sudden, making you jump and cover your stomach in a weird reflex.

    “No…” he sighs, his tone changing suddenly. “Shit, no… Sorry” he puts a knee on the bed to gently stroke your arm. “Sweetheart I’m sorry I just… He can’t be sure.”

    “He is” you whisper. “He also k-knows the boy has your green eyes and will look like you.”

    You don’t dare looking up until you feel his smooth gesture. He sits on the bed and comes closer to take you in his arms, sighing when he feels you shake.

    “I scared you” he groans, stroking your back.

    “No…” you state firmly, tears falling on his still bare chest. “I’m just so scared that you would hate it.”

    He cups your face to make you lift your chinand look in your eyes.

    “Hate what ?You ?” he says. “Never. Those kids ? No, neither. I’m just… Why didn’t you tell me ?”

    “I didn’t want to put that on you” you answer simply, and he searches your face.

    “If it’s true, Sweetheart, what am I supposed to do ?” he asks. “I have no idea what I am supposed to do now...”

    “I’m not asking for anything.”

    He lets a calm little silence fall around you, and his fingers graze the skin of your back in a tender gesture. You both really need it.

    Your hand lets go of the sheets to touch your round belly because as long as they are good, you feel strong. You feel like maybe you could even take rejection from the man you love more than life itself.

    That’s how strong they make you.

    “You don’t have to ask” he murmurs moving to kiss your temple. “I have to think and… I have to process things but I’m not letting you down, Sweetheart. Never. Okay ?”

    You nod.

    Dean’s Pov

     I open my eyes and look at the aggressive red light of my alarm.

    3:34 am.

    I woke up after a nightmare again. A nightmare about my dad, and about being worse at parenting than him. Again.

    At least it changes from Y/n burning on the ceiling I guess.

    I sit up and groan, lack of sleep is making me sore, everything is heavy.

    In the last month, since she told me, the only time I slept more than one hour in a row was this time I was watching a movie with her in her room and fell asleep. She didn’t wake me, and I woke up a few hours later, spooning her, a hand holding her swollen stomach.

    On my babies.

    It was my fantasy, my own personal dream to call those babies mine. But now that it is true, all I can think of is how it shouldn’t have been me because it complicated everything.

    I love her. I’m in love with her but we never have been together, and probably never will be, because being pregnant with my kids doesn’t make her mine. It’s not freaking middle age. And now I have to get her settled hundreds of miles away from me, leave her alone with those babies and keep trouble as far as possible from her.

    Her belly getting bigger is only pressing me. I have to make everything perfect. I will give her all the money I can get and I will keep monsters out of Stillwater, hell, out of Minnesota.

    I wanted to make love to her again, every day. I wanted to kiss her and offer her that carefree sex we are so good at. But I can’t make thing even more complicated than they already are. And I can’t get even more addicted to her, because she will leave.

    Sam almost fell of his chair when I told him that evening in the library. I thought he would be a support, but he doesn’t understand. According to him, I could just let Y/n stay here and be a father. He thinks that with Lucifer and God’s shit finally over, the bunker is safe and that I deserve to start my own life.

    But this is not about me.

    I take my phone and call Cas again, he only showed up to tell me the kids were, indeed, mine and that he was sorry he didn’t tell me, butY/n asked him to.

    No signal, the dude is busy I guess. But I’m freaking out, and I need to know everything he can tell me about them.

    Will my girl look like her mother ? Will she have that pretty smile and that radiant energy in her ? Will my boy look so much like me ?

    I already love those kids. Not because they are mine, but because they are hers, that’s why I loved them already, when I thought they might have Zac’s ridiculously blue eyes.

    I love them because they sound like something I could do right, the ultimate occasion to be a better man.

    When I let myself dream, I start to imagine teaching them how to fish at that lake I once took Jack, I imagine two little balls of love going to school with their too big bag, waving at me with smiles on their faces.

    I even stopped by Lebanon’s school the other day, I saw the kids enter the building. They are so tiny when they are sent here. And I caught a talk between two boys about the Avengers, they were arguing on which was the strongest, and I thought of my dreams as a kid.

    I wanted a batman costume, I could buy my kids one if they want. I wanted to make a huge pillow fort like they do in cartoons, but dad wouldn’t let me play too much with the motel’s furniture after I found an old condom under the couch’s pillows. So I have those images of building the biggest possible, it would be a freaking castle.

    But my dreams never last, because then my thoughts slip to how they could die, and I feel that stab in my guts.

    I rub my face in both hands trying to chase my nightmare but I know only one thing will allow me to get a little more sleep : Ihave to make sure everything is fine, once again.

    I get up, stretch, and put water on my face before I walk to her room in silent steps. When I reach her room, I slightly open the door to see her sleep once again. Looking for my own peace in hers.

    “Come in” she says in a sleepy voice, surprising me.

    “Oh… I didn’t want to wake you up” I say low.

    “Dean” she rubs her eyes. “You come here every night, and you look more tired than me. Please come here and tell me… Is it nightmares ?Worry ?”

    I hesitate a second, but her sleepy form is calling me.

    “Nightmares” I admit, feeling like a boy searching comfort in the middle of the night.

    I enter slowly and close the door behind me so we are in the dark, but just when I’m about to probably shoot the corner of the bed, a myriad of tiny stars light up the room, making it heavenly. She turned on her fairy lights.

    “You don’t have to turn on lights, Sweetheart, you will break your sleep more.”

    “I can sleep with them” she smiles cutely with her eyes half closed, and open her welcoming arms. “Come here, you’re just in time, I was thinking of names.”

    I crawl on the bed slowly, welcomed by her smell, by that heat and comfortable aura that is only her.

    “Names ?” I say, lying next to her cautiously.

    She tugs at the covers to invite me under, and opens her arms so I put my head on her shoulders, enjoying her hand stroking my back in that way only she does.

    “Yes” she smiles. “I’m not going to let my babies have no names ! And twins often come a little early.”

    “You’re not at the fifth month yet” I chuckle.

    “Yeah but I know it will take me ages, and I will change my mind a thousand times.”

    She turns her head and put her lips on my forehead. I know her leaving will be like night fell over my life forever. In her arms, against her soft skin, even the darkest night feels like a summer breeze.

    She is my ray of sun.

    “I want something happy” she starts, humming in thoughts. “I’m not calling them like dead people or tragic stories heroes.”

    I close my eyes and let myself go for a second, let myself taste happiness and what feels like love.

    As I always do when I want to touch her belly, I lift my hand and wait for her to take it and put it on her herself. She does right away, placing my hand on top of her already very round stomach.

    I push her too tight shirt slightly up to feel her skin and hum, letting her play with my fingers while she thinks out loud.

    “They are going to be June babies and I love that” she says with an audible smile. “Because it’s summery and joyful. And it’s the months when the nights are the shortest and the days the longest. I like that symbol for hunters babies.”

    I’m perfectly relaxed, the nightmares are far, nothing can reach me. I listen to her voice and her talk about daylight and summer, a little smile appearing on my own face.

    “So I thought of Joy for the girl” she says. “But… Isn’t it weird to be named like an emotion ? I don’t know…”

    “Why not June ?” I say softly, not even looking up.

    When she doesn’t answer and her hand stops fiddling with my hand, I lift my eyes.

    She is looking at me with an expression I can’t read, something very emotional, her lips part once or twice before she speaks.

    “I love it” she states.

    I hum in a deep voice, unable to stop myself from moving up to kiss her lips.

    I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t.

    She cups my face and kisses me back, moaning gently in my loving mouth. I can’t help it and deepen the kiss, my hand moving from her belly to her chest.

    “We shouldn’t do that” I murmur.

    “Once more, Dean, please ?My body is a mess, I need to feel good.”

    I swallow hard. I wasn’t even talking about sex, I was talking about the kiss, but if my love needs me to make her feel good, that is exactly what I am going to do.

    Reader’s Pov

     You are panting, licking your lips over and over as Dean’s gentle fingers caress your clit with care and expertise.

    His shirt is gone, but you can see the tent in his sweatpants, and the lust in his beautiful eyes.

    He kisses you once again, so softly, swallowing your soft moans. His fingers go down to your entrance, teasing it, spreading your wetness all over, before he enters just his index, moaning loud when you grip it hungrily.

    “I don’t want to hurt you, or the babies” he whispers, looking down at you to study how he could take you safely.

    “You won’t” you pant, moving to your side in a grunt, losing his fingers in the operation. You turn your back on him, lifting your leg a little to invite him. “Is that okay ?”

    His only answer is a soft groan, and the bed moving behind you.

    “You’re so amazing” he says low with his so-Dean’s voice behind you when his lips join your neck. “So beautiful.”

    You close your eyes, wishing your life could be like this night forever, with the man you love praising you.

    His arms wrap around your thigh to hold it up and spread with an ease that makes your lately heavier body feel feathery light, and his cock touches your craving entrance.

    “You’re so wet” he hums, pushing the tip of his length slowly inside of you.

    “I…” you try to speak, shaken by pleasure already when he stretches your throbbing walls. “I told you I have b-been… n-needing this.”

    He moans and at your surprise, starts sucking a hickey on your shoulder while he pushes deeper, like he needed to let a mark on your body. Well… Another mark.

    When he starts thrusting, it is slow, but it is deep and this angle allows him to hit even deeper in you than he ever did, even when your nights were rougher.

    “Ah… Dean… Dean” moaning his name is freeing, it feels like saying I love you, so you do it again, and again, and again…

    His mouth never leaves your skin, nibbling, sucking, licking, kissing… He is worshipping your jaw, your ear, he is like claiming your shoulder, your back and all that he can reach.

    His arm tightens around your thigh when he gets close to his relief, cock twitching deliciously inside your sensitive core.

    And despite your need to come, the overwhelming pleasure spreading from your clenching walls to your sweaty thighs and chest, he comes first.

    His groans makes you gasp, but it is the shakes of his strong body and his cum filling you once again that sends you over the edge in the longest orgasm you have ever had.

    Dean’s pov

     I’m panting, trembling.

    I look at her blissed face and smile. She is catching her breath after and orgasm that wasn’t as strong as the first ones I gave her, but definitely the longest I ever felt a woman come.

    I put her leg down gently and feel my soft cock being slowly pushed out of her. This is perfect. She is perfect.

    I turn her just a little more on her back to see her face, the orgasm made her chest, neck and cheeks redden, like she was sunburned for a few minutes.

    I love her so much, my best friend, my tenderness in a rough life, my ray of sun in a dark life.

    “For the boy” I pants, putting a thousandth kiss on the back of her neck. “What about Ray ?”



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    hes excited guys i promise

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  • feua
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    new baby? who cares its nap time

    #ts4 #the sims 4 #the mckinley legacy #mckinley g5 #gen 5: elanor #elanor#tw pregnancy#pregnancy tw
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  • halpicantcontrolmykink
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Trying to get better at poses and hands. ,my mortal enemies. Enjoy a prego elf fighter

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  • jacksonandkorriselfshipping
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I so much want to make a fan kid. But I don't want people to think it's a fetish thing. My character is a Masc-nonbinary. One of 4 afab characters on this blog. (Cause me personaly: I'd be okay with carrying if I did manage to get down with someone.)

    I don't want it be seem or be sexualized. But that's what happens. So if I end up making the fan kid I'm having my guard up-

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  • bybsandthrive
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Depression During Pregnancy

    Depression during pregnancy can have emotional, health, relationship, and financial effects. Some people know this condition as prenatal depression. Depression is no one’s fault. It is a treatable medical condition. The hopelessness that comes with depression may convince a person that treatment will not work, or that they will feel miserable forever. These feelings are symptoms of depression, not a reasonable assessment. A psychiatrist can help with deciding on the right medication, assessing the risk of side effects, and switching medications if necessary. A therapist, psychologist, or clinical social worker can also offer therapy and may recommend lifestyle or other changes to improve symptoms.

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  • lucrezia-thoughts
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • lucrezia-thoughts
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #lucrezia answers #hi friend!! #i 💚you #and so does neville nugget #my incredible 🥵 we're desperate to know what happens next... #but no pressure at all my incredible 🥵 #🥵 anon #incredible 🥵 anon #tell us more please?? #tw pregnancy
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  • embarazoyfertilidad
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    How am I supposed to discipline her with a face like this? (She knows she’s ornery 😂)

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  • onlineyogaforpregnancy
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Time to Get Moving for a Happy Pregnancy Journey

    One of the most common mistakes that pregnant women and their families make is considering pregnancy as a sickness. Family members always ensure that the mother takes rest and does not move at all. Pregnancy is a condition or a phase of the body when adequate physical movement is a necessity. Pregnancy fitness classes can help remove this stigma of subtly considering pregnancy as an illness. During the prenatal days, the body needs an adequate diet and exercise to maintain a healthy physique. Simply eating well and resting all day will add to troubles like excessive back pain and digestive problems. Doing so will eventually lead to uncomfortable and painful labor. 

    Stay fit with your precious baby bump

    The first thing you should imbibe is that you are not sick when pregnant. Seek chances to stay active and happy during pregnancy. Pregnancy fitness classes emphasize the importance of a healthy body and mind for a beautiful pregnancy journey. Regular exercise can help you cope up with common complaints of nausea and body pain. It builds both physical and mental strength. Within your sound body, resides a sound mind and your healthy baby. 

    Yoga for the holistic well being of mother and baby

    Yoga is a series of movements and poses that works in unison with the body, mind, and soul. When pregnant, you not only go through physical pain but a lot of mental exertion too. With online pregnancy yoga classes, you can sit in the favorite corner of your home and let in space for complete relaxation. The time and space at that moment belong to you and your baby. Your yoga instructor will guide you through poses and asanas perfect for each trimester. Pregnancy classes online will make you aware of your body and more connected to your baby. You will learn to understand what your body conveys and work accordingly for a healthy pregnancy.

    Join online pregnancy fitness classes with Rita’s Pregnancy 101

    With 10 years of experience through 9 centers across India, Rita’s Pregnancy 101 is the answer to all your pregnancy-related worries. Our programs are carefully curated with research and expertise to help you enter the world of motherhood, happy and safe. With our online pregnancy fitness and yoga program, learn the best from our professional guides. We are here to make your pregnancy journey easier and beautiful. 

    Main Source : https://onlineyogaforpregnancy.wordpress.com/2021/06/23/time-to-get-moving-for-a-happy-pregnancy-journey/

    #pregnancy yoga classes online #pregnancy fitness classes
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  • piperfoxx
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hi everyone!!!(: 23 weeks here! And that is TODAY!! We’re getting close!

    I’m a single momma, and would love allllllll the help I can get!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Cashapp: $piperfox1

    Venmo: piperfox1

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    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    Waiting for an angel perfectbabybirth.com/

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