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    I um- can someone tell me these are real. Like if i ever am pregnant, which is very unlikely, i wanna pee on this shit.

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  • Can You Get Pregnant while on a Period (Every Girl Must Watch This Video!!!)

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  • I’m 20 weeks! And officially halfway through my pregnancy

    She’s the size of a…… 🍌 !

    When am I going to start feeling pregnant?

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  • Little Hazel Mae is ONE!! Our homemade photo shoot & cake by me ♥️

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  • So I’m about 5.5 months pregnant, and let me tell y'all, one definitely will start crying at the smallest things. I cried when I saw a video of a kitten crying out for its mother. When I accidentally broke a lid for a pan and the glass shattered all over the kitchen floor, piercing my foot and getting blood along the floor as well as I didn’t notice I’d been cut (I didn’t even care about the cut, only that I’d shattered a lid to a pan, both of which weren’t mind). When someone made me dinner and I’d never tasted anything like it, bringing tears to my eyes. And today, when I realized it was my grandmother’s birthday the day before but me doing my own thing and ending up being a terrible grandchild, forgot to call her on her 73rd birthday.

    She didn’t do much, went out to get laundry done, then celebrated with a cheese cake and flowers, the only people with her were my sister and mother (I’d have been there if I lived closer, as is I live ~5 hours away from her house and cannot drive for the life of me). Hearing that only made me cry more as I could’ve at least been there over the phone. The people I’m living with tried to comfort me but I knew I was overreacting; I could literally call her today and wish her a happy late birthday (I’d already texted her and caught up but still, it’s tradition ever since I moved out 2 years ago, when I turned 18). I will do that

    But if anyone here does get pregnant, know that sometimes you just gotta cry to feel better. And that’s okay.

    Even if you’re not pregnant. If you gotta cry, or make yourself cry, do it! You’ll feel infinitly better. There’s no shame in crying

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  • 12w

    Made it to the arbitrary “safe point”.

    NT scan is tomorrow morning, then GP appointment on Thursday afternoon for the results.

    I contacted an independent midwife yesterday and am waiting to hear back from her. I got accepted into the publicly funded homebirth program, but I’m concerned that they’re going to kick me off any chance they get as their criteria is quite strict and they have a bit of a reputation for kicking women off late in the game, so I thought I’d see if any IM’s had availability for my due date instead. I’m not holding my breath though as 12 weeks is a bit late to contact them.

    We’ll see!

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    instagram: nimitrixart

    So yeah.. pregnant Natasha with James’s dog tag and of course his baby… and big bunny plushy because Natasha needed it after the fight with James over “I’m not letting you go on any misision while I’m pregnant so don’t you dare”… he did try to go and well… she won.

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  • Sure, yes, you can have whatever you want for the rest of your life with a face like that

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  • I’m so very sick from not being able to eat at all because of how nauseous I’ve been despite me being pregnant it literally looks like my stomach is getting smaller and smaller everyday from not being able to keep anything down plus stress is always eating me up so I feel horrible. I’ve never felt so sick.

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  • July 11, 2020

    9 weeks and 4 days!

    The telehealth appointment went well yesterday! We talked for an hour and a half about my medical history, things I need to know about my in-office visits, tips and tricks for nausea, foods to avoid and foods that I should try to eat a lot of, that it’s okay to mainly eat carbs for now, which doctor I’ll be seeing, and so on. She submitted my paperwork to Quest Diagnostics so I could go and get bloodwork done, so I went this morning. They took about 6 full vials of blood for various screenings and I also had to provide a urine sample. And the best part of all… I got to find out when I go in for my first in-office appointment!

    We go in to see you on Monday!!! Yes, this Monday, the 13th! I don’t think Frank can come (thanks, pandemic), but I’m going to try to take a video for him. I really didn’t think I’d get to go in so soon, I honestly thought it would be 2-3 weeks, but I’m so glad it’s so soon. We can’t wait to see your little paddle arms, big forehead with a big but still tiny brain, and of course, that sweet little heart fluttering in there. They said they’ll be doing a full exam, no pap since I had one in January, and they’ll also be doing a transvaginal ultrasound, and going over some stuff they didn’t go over on the phone.

    Still on and off with symptoms, and they reassured me that that’s normal. They said it’ll probably be on and off, especially now, since the placenta will start taking over and it won’t just be my hormones nourishing the wee bairn.

    I’ll make sure to update on Monday after my appointment!

    #pregnant#pregnancy#first trimester #biggest and tiniest secret
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  • Positive

    Dhawan!Master X 13th Doctor X Fem!Reader

    Summary: Thanks to the Master, the reader has found herself in quite a complicated situation. The Doctor tries to help, but hard decisions need to be made.

    Warnings: None

    A/N: I’ve just started a taglist, so let me know if you want to be on it and if so what types of fics for.


    Originally posted by isagrimorie

    The Doctor’s fiddling with something on the console when you walk in, her back turned to you. Your heart is in your throat, your stomach doing backflips - you had no idea how she’d react to your news.

    “Doctor?” You say, and she turns around, a grin on her face.

    “Hey, love - you ready to go? You can pick a place, or we can answer a distress call-”

    “Doctor, I don’t want to go out, I need to talk to you.”

    Her smile vanishes at your solemn tone, instantly replaced by concern.

    “What is it?”

    You swallow, taking a deep breath.

    Spit it out, Y/N.

    “I’m pregnant.”

    She freezes, eyes wide and body tense. You worry your lip, waiting for her reaction.

    “Are you drunk?” Is all she says.


    “You can’t be pregnant,” She scoffs. “You’re only nineteen - you’re not even in your eighties yet.”

    “Has your big Timelord brain forgotten how human biology works?” You roll your eyes, and pull the test from your back pocket, pushing it into her palm.

    She simply stares at it in disbelief as it lays in her hands. You lean against a pillar before sinking slowly to the floor and putting your head on your knees. You didn’t want to see her reaction.

    “How many tests did you take?” The Doctor asks hoarsely.

    You stick up 3 fingers. “All positive.” You say into your jeans.

    She sighs, coming to sit next to you and crossing her legs, setting the stick down on the floor. She gives you a quick scan with her sonic, before checking the readings and sighing.

    “You’re a month and 4 days.”

    “Not too late to get rid of it, then.”


    A silence falls, neither of you sure what to say next. You knew she had a burning question, it was just whether or not she’d be able to pluck up the courage to ask.

    “Are you going to make me say it?” She says, and pull your head up to look at her.

    “Yes.” You reply stubbornly.

    She huffs a breath. “Is it the Master’s?”

    “What do you think?”

    Her shoulders slouch and she looks away. You’re not sure if she’s angry, disappointed or both.

    “Are you going to tell him?”

    “No - he’s a psychopath.”

    “Didn’t stop you from letting him get you pregnant though, did it?”

    Your blood boils at her remark and you pull away from her sharply. “I’m leaving.” You go to stand up, but she grabs your hand.

    “I’m sorry, love,” She says quickly. “That was out of order, I’m sorry.”

    You sigh, slumping back down next to her.

    “Do you not think he has a right to know, though?” She asks softly, her hand still in yours.

    “Maybe? I don’t know,” You shrug. “I don’t think he’d react very well, he doesn’t seem the father type.”

    “He was a Dad once. A mum, actually, he was a woman at the time. Had a daughter back on Gallifrey.”

    You look up sharply. “He had a daughter?”

    “We had a daughter.” She mutters under her breath.

    “What was that?” You ask innocently, not quite hearing her.

    “Nothing,” She replies lightly. “What do you think you should do?”

    “I’ve no idea,” You huff a laugh. “But I know I don’t think I’m ready to be a Mum. I don’t like kids.”

    She smiles at that. She knew how you felt about children - you avoided them like daleks.

    “I think you need to tell him, darling,” She says, and you sigh, knowing she’s right.

    “That doesn’t mean I’m keeping it, though.” You tell her firmly.

    “No,” She agrees. “He won’t try to tell you otherwise, if your mind’s set. I know him well enough to know that much.”

    “Yeah,” You can feel nerves settling in your stomach, but you surpress them. You know you need to do this. You press a quick kiss to her cheek, before standing up. “I’ll send him some coordinates so I can meet him.”

    “Let me know how it goes.”

    “Oh no,” You laugh, pulling her up. “I’m not letting you throw me to the wolves. You can stand right next to me while I do it.”


    Taglist: @truthbehindthemysteries

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  • The new bed and couch came in. I am in love with this bed. Remote adjusting bed positions and massage mode. I made sure to purchase a cooling mattress protector just incase my water breaks in the middle of night.

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