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  • I had to share this 😀😊😍😍😍 its just so cute and adorable!!! ❤❤❤

    You could never think Katsuki Bakugou could be so soft, flirty and cute with his dancing.

    Okay I picture a story like this…since you can see Deku and Kacchan are wearing their hero costumes, than you know they were chasing a villain and he has a transportation quirk and chase him to a mall. Deku makes sure to get out the lingering civilians and joins up with Kacchan at an arcade area its all quiet except for the sounds of all the arcade games still on…they walk down one aisle and then the villain gets the drop on them. He touches the game next to him at the same time grabs both Deku and Kacchan. Next thing you know they wake up in this room with all these grids and neon lights and Kacchan realizes they are in the game and not just any game a fucking dance game, where you have to complete each dance choreography to clear the level and that’s what the villain tells them. The level they are in is the last level of this game and in order to get out, they need to perform the dance perfectly and he leaves laughing because he knows the angry explosive one will never be able to do it, a cutesy flirty dance no way….of course he underestimates Bakugou Katsuki, he’s never going to lose to a game much less a pansy ass one as this one, but its the nervous cough that reminds him he’s not alone. He remembers that Deku has two left feet when it comes to dancing. Deku is kind of freaking out but Kacchan tells him to chill and reassure him he’ll have him dancing so good, dancing with the stars will be calling. Deku of course is nervous but trust Kacchan. Bakugou is looking around and tells Deku this level has a practice round so they can stall and learn and then go to the actual level. Deku looks confused and finally asked Kacchan how does he know this game? Bakugou gets angry and defensive, but relents to Deku and reminds him, “Remember Cami from shekitsu academy ” they went on a couple of dates and this was one of her favorite games and of course knew how to push his buttons by challenging him and Deku laugh hearing this, he could imagine Kacchan pride…so in a nutshell Kacchan teaches Deku the moves to this dance level and here is the end result. They nailed it and instantaneously transport out of the game, once out Kacchan immediately looks at Deku and says “Tell no one about this or I’ll kill you ” unfortunately for Bakugou Class 1A come out of hiding , they were worried for the wonder duo and track and found them and saw the whole dance and when they the the transportation happening they all ran and hid, not wanting Bakugou to see them there and possibly explode the whole building out of anger and embarrassment. But they have blackmailed for later as Jiro recorded the whole thing 😂

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  • I dare you not to agree with this 😘😉

    “All reasons aside, I just can’t denied, I love that guy”

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  • image

    Nicole in her Karate suit

    “Do you really want to mess with me?”

    #the amazing world of gumball #tawog#nicole watterson#karate#pretty fanart
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  • @watterson-nerd TAWOG Positivity Week 2019 Day 4
    Alternate Time Period/Different Artstyle/Crossover
    I couldn’t post it before ‘cause I couldn’t take a photo (my phone was very laggy) or scan it, I’m SO sorry♥
    so, here’s Lady Darwin and Cat Gumball, hehe

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  • awake999 on lofter

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  • I hung up most of my fanart I bought at Sherlock Seattle on my wall above my desk so I can see it all the time while trying to do homework and it makes me so happy to look at it all the time

    #my tattoo!lock is where i can see it ALWAYS #and that makes me so happy #personal#PRETTY FANART
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  • i still haven’t seen Sherlock uguuu

    I’m off to do so now!!!

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