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  • abimee
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    how come nobody plays on primal in the NA servers. my friend described it as crystal and aether duking it out while primal is just seen standing in the corner peace signing but im curious why i like NEVER meet anybody from primal. like i dont think theres any horror stories about us unless youre all scared of omnicrafters and raiders

    #like at worst we have famfrit which is just undercutters thunderdome #the crafters there are so insane firmanent is as max capacity ive never been able to get in there #but ive heard horrid things about crystal and aether from your no way in no way out erp world #to the prices you people have on mb. cmere pst pst pst come play on primal
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  • sweet-k1tten
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I wish they would fuck me so much that my legs shake and that only drool comes out of my mouth, silly moans and whining

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  • anxiousbabybirdb
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #b.game night #b.valentine anon #b 💙 valentine #tw.primal play #tw primal play
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  • sweet-k1tten
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I would love for daddy to spank my silly pussy while I cry for being overstimulated and he repeats in my ear what a good girl I am for letting him do whatever he wants with my body

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  • makeitlookdecent
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    when i first got to the sylphlands from that one part in msq thats not the same anymore :(

    no, i cant draw


    1. Sylphlands (my first time here, before msq cut)


    Y: Tobi go get them, fight if you must.

    T: but we’re playing tag...

    Y: *pulling his tail really hard* YOU SHOULD BE WORKING NOT PLAYING WITH SLYPHS RIGHT NOW!!!



    T: where’s you dad little buddy?


    --a Big Ass Boar!!! ™



    T: HERE I COME!!

    #tobi14 #aand a comic to wrap things up #the happy new year at the end was because i played this during the cow new years event #talk about fate :D #anyway that quest used to have you throw the smoke bombs on them which is part of what made it really fun for me #it was like a whole ass game <3 no primal problems jsut having fun <3 #then i had to talk with rahmu and it was like when gramps sits you down to have a serious talk with you about life #was still cool! had lotta fun ^^
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  • prettypetbunny
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Things I want my mommy to do:

    To surprise me one night by coming through my bedroom window and playing with me~

    To text me in the middle of the day to tell me what a pretty girl I am and how she wishes she was here to fuck me~

    To be taken to the bathroom and fucked for being such a brat when I get an attitude in public~

    To take my account over for a day~

    To have a doggy bed by her gaming table so whenever she wants to pet me or use me she can have me right there~

    Breed me like a slut and force me to carry her child~


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  • sweet-k1tten
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    。 ゚ • ┈୨ ♡ ୧┈ • ゚。

    +18 blog !¡

    ➳ ♡ ゛I´m 18, my pronouns are she/he/they, my sexuality is bisexual¡!

    ➳ ♡ ゛my biggers kink are: petplay, knifeplay, degradation and dd/lg.

    ➳ ♡ ゛I´m Argentine and among my talents is drawing and giving blowjobs uwu.

    ➳ ♡ ゛I like to write my dirty wishes on this blog and any interaction is welcome.

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  • darkforestden
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Being a transmasc top is simply the best, I get to knot my pussy with a nice thick toy, slide my strapon on to keep it nicely in place, and fuck my lover into oblivion with it 🖤

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  • prettypetbunny
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Isn't it so much fun when you mess with your dom~? How they try to hide how aroused they are because you're subtly teasing them. How they try so hard not to grab you and fuck you for what you've done to them~

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  • leavemetoplaythesims
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    this is probably my favorite far cry game i’ve played so far.

    #the only one i've played through is the fifth but hey #couldn't get through primal #only did half of new dawn #started playing the forth #far cry 6 #my screenshots#video games
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  • the-weird-dane
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I Bloody Love You

    A/N: Pathetic title is pathetic, I didn't even try lmao. Also, it hasn't been proofread, so good luck with any errors :')))

    Word count: 1.5k

    Pairing: Father Paul x (AFAB) reader

    Rating: Explicit

    Tags: established relationship, Father Paul is a vampire and reader knows it, period blood, period sex, blood play, smut, pwp



    You winced at the sudden, sharp tug in your stomach, then groaned as the pain intensified. You clutched your lower abdomen and bent over, gripping the kitchen counter with your other hand.

    “Darling?” Father Paul asked, sounding alarmed, turning around on the couch and putting down his book to look at you.

    “It’s nothing, it’s fine,” you groaned and tried to smile, but it came off as a grimace.

    Fucking periods.

    Father Paul was about to say something, but he stopped with an open mouth and flaring nostrils. You watched him through half-lidded eyes.

    “You’re bleeding.” His voice was quiet, so quiet, barely a whisper, and he got up, slowly, the book long forgotten.

    “Yeah, I am,” you admitted through gritted teeth. “It happens, it’s the natural cyclus of a woman, but fuck, I wish it wasn’t.”

    Father Paul looked like he was torn between hugging you and telling you that everything would be all right, that this would pass, and tearing off your skirt and tights to drink up the blood seeping from your most intimate place.

    Simply thinking it made you utter a shaky whimper, and immediately, Father Paul was beside you, putting one of his hands on yours that clutched your stomach, and the other on your lower back.

    “What do you need?” he asked softly, his voice uncharacteristically rough, and you knew it was hard for him to control the urges that came with being a vampire.

    “An orgasm would be fucking splendid,” you replied hoarsely, and although you had only been joking, there was a small part of you that would love nothing more than to have him drinking your blood and sucking on your clit at the same time.

    He visibly tensed, and you could feel his hand grip yours tighter.

    “I was kidding, love, I didn’t mean---”

    He left your side without a word, and you momentarily feared that he had been offended, hurt, or something along those lines, but that fear was curbed when you saw him walk towards his bedroom while carrying a huge blanket.

    “Come, come with me, please.” He may have been polite, but the power in his voice invited no arguments.

    With shaky legs and another groan leaving your lips, you stumbled after him into the bedroom where he had put the blanket over the bed.

    “I... I haven’t got a tarp, so this will have to do. Now, please, get on the bed, in the center.”

    Blinking rapidly in your confusion, you eventually crawled onto the bed. The blanket was thick and soft, the bed comfortably dipping as you moved to the center. As you slumped against the blanket, letting your lower back rest, you let out a deep, contented sigh. It turned into a startled yelp when Father Paul got on the bed as well, crawling between your legs where he nuzzled your inner thighs.

    You felt the typical tell-tale pulse in your stomach, a sign of blood making its way through your womb and ovaries, and seconds later, you felt it leak into your underwear. You weren’t wearing a pad or tampon - you hadn’t had the time - and made a miserable sound of embarrassment.

    Seconds later, Father Paul moaned softly and pressed his mouth against your crotch beneath your skirt. You jerked by the sudden contact, but when he began sucking and licking in earnest, you simply sighed and thrust your hips up against his face. He growled and pinned you down by the hips as he mouthed your clothed pussy.

    “Oh fuck, Father,” you sighed and buried your hand in his luscious hair, desperate to tug him closer.

    “Wrong prayer,” he teased with an unnervingly deep and gruff voice before he pulled down your tights and underwear in a single, smooth motion.

    Now it was his turn to sigh, and he pulled back to look at you, suddenly bashful.

    “You promised me an orgasm, now get to it, Father,” you chuckled, then groaned as another frisson of pain went through your stomach and lower back. You automatically clutched your lower abdomen.

    “Promise it’s alright?”

    “If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

    His eyes shone in that eerie way they did when catching the light just right, and you were - once more -  reminded of what he was. Not only was he a priest, he was also a vampire. And vampires feasted on blood, blood that you were all too willing to give, but it felt… weird to let him feed on your period blood.

    “Do your thing, Father. That’s an order.”

    With a shaky moan, he dove beneath your skirt again, and oh, feeling his mouth on you made positively delirious with arousal.

    His tongue was hesitant at first, only touching you briefly and lightly, a few awkward licks, until he couldn’t help himself any longer. With all the ferocity of a parched man being handed a pitcher of water, he licked and sucked and kissed your pussy. You gasped and whined and moaned, and your sounds mixed with his, squelching and wet and sloppy.

    “Fuck,” you gasped, tugging his face closer to your pussy as your hips bucked upwards, seemingly by themselves. He growled and grabbed them so tightly you feared they would break. It hurt, but it was a wonderful kind of pain that had you moaning and cursing again.

    Your blood got smeared all over your folds and clit, and when his nose bumped against the throbbing bud, you all but cried out in pleasure. He repeated the motion, nuzzling your clit before giving it a light, playful lick. Your back arched, and you mewled pathetically.

    “Again,” you hissed.

    He obeyed, but only for a few seconds before he sucked firmly, and your world crumbled around you. You inhaled sharply, tested his strength by trying to push your hips against his face again. You couldn’t move even an inch. Being practically immobilized was something you had not yet tried, but now that you were restrained, you couldn’t help the throaty, guttural grunt that left you.

    “Father!” It was a shrill exclamation, and if your sense of hearing didn’t betray you, Father Paul snickered as he sucked on your clit before eventually going back to licking it like it was his last chance at salvation.

    Eagerly, greedily, he licked you with loud, wet sounds that seemed to bounce around in your skull, echoing and intensifying until you couldn’t focus on anything else but that and the heavenly pleasure he was giving you. He moaned and groaned, shoving his tongue inside you to scoop out the blood.

    In a flash of self-awareness, you blushed deeply and were on the verge of pushing him away when his tongue lapped against you in such a perfect way that you had to moan - loudly and unabashedly - and you couldn’t fathom how you could ever have thought of denying him this. He was so clearly into it, and, truth be told, so were you.

    “Father, please, I’m so close,” you whimpered, your fingers carding through his soft, black curls.

    He pulled back and looked at you, and the sight was somewhat terrifying - his face covered in your blood and his eyes shining like that - yet also incredibly arousing. The red liquid trickled down his cheeks and down his chin, onto your lower stomach where it tickled you, making you giggle breathlessly.

    “That wasn’t a cue to stop.”

    You tried to sound authoritative, but it very obviously didn’t work. He simply grinned at you before diving right back into your pussy, bringing you to orgasm so fast it nearly gave you whiplash. You didn’t have time to grab his hair, so when euphoria crashed over you, your hands were in the air, hovering above his head. His name was quietly on your lips as he licked you mercilessly, tongue flicking over your clit and stroking your folds over and over again.

    When you were finally spent, you relaxed with a shaky sigh and tapped his temple twice. He obediently pulled back while licking his lips.

    “Was that... was that okay?” he asked quietly, unable to quell the urge to wipe his face with his hands and lick the blood off of them. Watching him, you shuddered and moaned.

    “That was more than okay, my love.”

    He smiled. You smiled back and carefully swung your legs over the edge of the bed.

    “Where are you going?” He sounded like a brokenhearted dog looked.

    “To the bathroom. I’m... quite a mess,” you chuckled and stumbled towards the small bathroom to clean yourself.

    Nodding, he sat down on the bed and awaited your return. Having washed and dried off yourself, you entered the rectory’s bedroom again. Father Paul looked up at you, his eyes shining in the darkness, and though it used to terrify you, it was now a familiar and even welcome sight.

    You walked over to him and stood between his legs - spread obscenely wide - to cup his face carefully. He might have licked his face clean, but there were still traces of blood here and there.

    “What a miracle,” you whispered and kissed his forehead for a long moment, “you and I being alive at the same time.”

    He made a soft, almost broken sound and wrapped his arms around your hips, pulling you flush against him.

    “You are the miracle I’ve been looking for, my dear.”

    #text#my post#midnight mass#father paul #father Paul x reader #afab reader#period sex#blood play#nsft #reader knows about father paul being a vampire #and she grants him his most primal wish UwU
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  • monstercumhrt
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Can you feel my heartbeat pound beneath your fingertips? Pulse kicking like a rabbit against the palm of your hand as you flex your fingers tighter around my throat?

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  • playfully--sadistic
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Don't knot them when you're inside of them already. Pull back when you feel your knot swelling, and then force it back inside of them, while they struggle beneath you, writhing due to the pain and the way they're entirely helpless against you.

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  • prettypetbunny
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I did it again~

    I decided to be a brat and now I'm not allowed to orgasm because I'm an idiotic bunny who can't listen. I wanna cum so badly~! It feels so good touching right now and I know it would be better if I came but I can't and I love it. I absolutely love it when my mommy controls my orgasms~


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  • bibbleboo
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    we also do not incorporate that one lil transition animation of cherry enjoying spicy food into sk8 fan content enough. why no drawings of him and joe trying to out-spice each other by eating increasingly hot foods where cherry is genuinely enjoying it and joe is internally dying

    #points at cherry all gay men do is eat hot chip and lie #sk8 the infinity #sk8#tw food/ #also u kno he'd play off the fact that hes a chef and tried to make the food inedible and failed. the frustration #hes in joes restaurant but hes not ordering anything hes sitting there eating takis . knowing this will ignite some kind of primal rage #orders the fanciest thing . pulls out hot cheetos to eat with it . waits to be spotted so he can dodge the incoming assassination attempt
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  • prettypetbunny
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Everytime I'm a brat I always say to myself, "Your dom is going to punish you if you don't stop..." and then I continue to be a brat~

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  • semisgroupie
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Day 14: Predator/Prey | Kakucho Hitto

    Kakucho Hitto x Fem. Reader

    Word Count: 850 words

    Warnings: primal play, predator/prey, clothes ripping (panty and bra), unprotected sex, creampie, biting, reader is called bunny, degradation, dumbification (kinda not really)

    Synopsis: Kakucho loves touching into his animalistic side and making you into his vulnerable little bunny

    Kinktober Masterlist | Taglist Form

    It was a side of Kakucho no one ever saw. This primal, animalistic side that you only saw. The way he looked at you when he was in this primal state of mind was like a wolf looking at his prey.

    You were a little rabbit ready to fall into his trap and once he got his hands on you he wouldn’t let you go.

    Oftentimes he liked to put a little chase to it and make it even more of a twisted game.

    “Run to the room and if you’re not naked by the time I get there I’m destroying whatever is in my way and you will regret not being fast enough. I’ll give you a head start” he tossed you the keys to the front door of your house and smirked once they landed in your hands.


    You took off in a full sprint, the adrenaline rushing through your veins made this whole endeavor more exciting. It always did. Once you got the key in the lock you heard him, his quick footsteps behind you and you moved even faster than before. You quickly unlocked the door and beelined straight to the bedroom.

    You thought the coast was clear and you were going to get through scot-free.

    You thought he was far behind.

    You thought wrong.

    All you were able to do was take your shirt and skirt off, leaving you in the bra and panty set he picked out for you earlier in the day. Right when you were going to take off your bra you felt his hands on his shoulders.

    “Got you” he growled in your ear and pushed you down on the bed chuckling.

    “I gave you a head start, you should’ve been faster than that bunny. Now I have to ruin this pretty set. Hmm what a shame.”

    He pulled the bra off of you, the straps snapping off and he tossed the ruined fabric to the side. Then he flipped you over on your back and spread your legs wide for him, just the perfect spread so he could see the growing wet patch on it.

    “So pretty bunny. Too bad I have to rip it.”

    He dug his fingers in the crotch of your panties and all you heard was the fabric ripping easily. The cool air hit your wet folds and you heard him growl at the sight.

    “Fuck I’d love to taste right now bunny, but I need to bury my cock in you now.”

    He pulled his pants down and practically ripped his shirt off before burying his cock inside you. He gave you no time to adjust to his cock, he never did when he was like this. He would tell you he’s already fucked you enough so you should be molded to fit his cock with no difficulty.

    He held onto your hips tightly, digging his blunt nails into the skin as his thrusts were hard and deep. Each thrust made the tip of his cock ram against your cervix. You clamped down on him with each thrust, gripping him tighter and tighter like a vice grip.

    He leaned down, pressing his head in the crook of your neck and he bit down hard enough to draw blood. He groaned and growled against your skin like a wolf finally sinking his fangs in his prey.

    His thrusts somehow grew even harder and faster as he kept biting down on your neck, littering bite marks and imprints of his teeth all over your neck and collarbones.

    “Bunnycunt is so fucking tight, do I not fuck you enough? Do I need to fuck you like this more bunny?”

    He emphasized each word with a thrust even harder than the last and all you could do was moan his name and let him use your body.

    “T-too much! G-gonna c-cum K-Kaku—”

    His moved his hand up from your hip to slap your cheek and wrap around your throat tightly.

    “Wrong name bunny. Or is my brainless little bunny slut getting fucked too good?”

    You nodded at his words, too fucked out to do or say anything else. He lifted himself up so he wasn’t hovering over your body and lifted one of your legs up on his shoulder so he could fuck into you even deeper than before. It had you seeing stars each time he pistoned his cock into you.

    It only took a few thrusts in this new position to have you cum around his cock, soaking him in your cum. He followed shortly after you with a deep groan of your name, he filled you to the brim with cum.

    After a few heavy breaths he laid down next to you and cupped your face smiling at you.

    “You did so good for me bunny. Are you okay? Does your neck hurt?”

    “No I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt but you do owe me a new bra and panty set.”

    He laughed and pulled you close to him, “okay I do owe you a new set. Even though I’ll tear it off if you regardless.”

    Kinktober Taglist: @messofavs @thithesandofferings @violet-memento @slutawara​ @ruemensukuna @https-inarizaki @xo-lynx​ @megumitodoroki ​ @bigdaddyzawa @hq-girl-next-door ​ @loyal-to-my-dilf @imitski ​@starlessnyx​ @rosesandtoshi @aitanii @yamigooops @tirzamisu @misslovingpearl @omiikeii (strike through means I can’t tag you)

    #semisgroupie kinktober#kinktober 2021#kakucho smut #tokyo rev kakucho smut #kakucho hitto smut #tokyo rev smut #tokyo revengers smut #tw primal play #tw predator/prey #tw unprotected sex #tw degradation#tw dumbification#tw biting
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