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  • bitchboyzzz
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Prompt: Tank telling Nikolai a dumb joke just to see their smile.

    A/F/S: Angst with a Fluffy ending

    Ship: NiDe

    Primis/ Ultimis: Primis

    Setting: Tulsa, OK (I don't know much about primis' Canon maps so I'm making my own lol)

    Warnings: Near Death Experience, Blood, Gore, Corny Jokes, I refused to proofread this, Richtofen

    There were many things Tank didn't expect in life: Zombies, weird magical staffs, giant spiders, or even this weird team he found himself in. No, he didn't expect either of those things to happen; however, what he really didn't expect was to find himself in downtown Tulsa trying to navigate the weird roads that only took him further from his team.

    "What the hell?!", he screamed.

    "I could've swore this was the road Richtofen took to get us to that damn art museum", he mumbled as he tried his luck on another road.

    The American sighed in relief once he saw a familiar landmark. Following the graffiti he found another familiar road, but as luck has it a soft groan came from behind him. He turns aroumd to find an almost human looking creature following him. Not recognizing it as one of the usual zombies, Tank tries to shoot it.

    All the bullets seemed to achieve was angering the creature and provoking it to jump at him. With a loud yelp Tank tries and fails to dodge it's attack. Up close the monster looks like a young girl no older than twelve, her skin is a sickly green and razor sharp teeth line her gums.

    "YOU DARE TO SHOOT ME?!", she cries in a shrill voice, making Tank wince.

    "I WAS JUST WALKING AND YOU SHOOT ME", she continues before sinking her teeth into Tank's shoulder.

    Intense pain flooded throughout Tank's body, and he began to cry out to no one in particular. After a while the monster released her teeth, ripping a small chunk of flesh out with it. The pain was so bad Tank thought he was going to die from it alone. Unfortunately the demented kid wasn't done with her twisted games; with a piercing giggle she got up and with an ungodly amount of strength, began to drag the American by the legs down the road.

    Tank could feel himself losing his strength at a rapid pace. Black splotches slowly clouded his vision, and all he could manage were a few hoarse groans as tiny rocks and dirt collected in his wound. The girl stopped running and turned her focus back onto Tank.

    "HM, SINCE YOU WANTED TO BE SO MEAN WHY DON'T I REPAY THE FAVOR", she wailed and began clawing at Tank's face and neck.

    By the grace of some God, Tank found the strength to punch the girl and weakly drag himself away before being pulled back to the same spot. Although a weak punch, the girl didn't seem to appreciate that abuse; she frantically threw the American's jacket off and threw a few kicks at his abdomen.

    With a few more groans Tank slipped into unconsciousness, the last thing he felt being a few razor nails to his arms and torso.

    Nikolai had unfortunately witnessed the last bit of the girl's attack before firing a few bullets into her head, killing the thing instantly. He rushed over to Tank and felt his blood run cold at the man's condition, using what little bits of medical supplies he had, Nikolai quickly patched Tank up before carrying him bridal style over to Richtofen's makeshift base.

    The Russian shook Tank every now and then to make sure he was still breathing. It scared him half to death when the American would quit breathing for moments on end. Luckily he navigated his way through the odd roads and found the German in time to finish what he'd started.

    Tank didn't wake up for at least another three days, the twisted girl having caused a lot of trauma to his head. But, once he did the first thing he noticed was Nikolai laying right next to him on the concrete by his makeshift cot. Looking down he noticed the bandages lining his torso, arms, and neck. His shoulder still stung and he let out a loud cry when he accidentally moved it.

    Nikolai quickly snapped up and gently cradled the American to his chest. Tank felt a few tears hit his face when he looked up at the other man.

    "That bad huh?", he dumbly asked.

    "You almost died you dumbass", Nikolai softly scolded.

    "What were you on your own anyways?", the Russian continued.

    "I wasn't trying to run off, I just got lost. I grew up in Oklahoma and yet I still can't find my way around here", Tank complained.

    "You scared me, don't do that again", Nikolai pouted and pulled Tank in for a long kiss.

    After a while of cuddling and silence, Tank piped up, "Hey Nik?"

    "Yes Tank", Nikolai grumbled.

    "What does a lawyer name their child?", Tank questioned with a stupid grin.

    Sighing Nikolai egged the man on, "I don't know Tank, what do they name their kids?"

    "Sue", Tank's smile grew.

    "That was awful Tank Dempsey", Nikolai said while suppressing a laugh.

    "Your face tells me otherwise", The American playfully nagged.

    "Shut up"

    "Make me"

    A/N: Sorry if it's a bit rusty 😅

    #cod zombies #call of duty zombies #codz#tank dempsey#primis dempsey#primis nikolai#nikolai belinski#'gore'#'blood' #edward richtofen cw #though there's only one line of Richtofen
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  • bitchboyzzz
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Eating ice cream even tho I'm lactose intolerant and the dairy will tear up my stomach 🤪

    Anyways in spirit of 115 day I'm gonna post a NiDe one-shot soon, let me know if you wanna be tagged in it when it's done ^.^

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  • staminuptosuccess
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Woah, Tank! Are you really a marine? Because you’re hotter than an M240 barrel on a full cyclic 😩💋💋💋

    (Credit to @fluffy935)

    #cod zombies#tank dempsey#ultimis dempsey#primis dempsey #help this man is too attractive #he’s making my heart all melty and my broken brain cant handle it
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  • staminuptosuccess
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    (Credit to @fluffy935 for these breathtaking screenshots🥰 They took these for me and please go follow Fluffy935 because they are such a wonderful friend and artist!)

    As much as I love Ultimis, I need to warm up to Primis too😳 🥰😘

    #cod zombies#tank dempsey#IronPetals#primis dempsey#ultimis dempsey #he makes me feel mushy #they did cheer me up a bit more after seeing them #i hope I can figure out how to screenshot in BO3 because I have a lot of the Chronicles purchased
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  • staminuptosuccess
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I just had a dream about Tank Dempsey again and all I have to say is PUT ME BACK IN HIS ARMS RIGHT NOW-

    #maddie talks #i swear I saw primis richtofen somewhere as well #but this was ultimis dempsey #and it was like he came home from the war #and he just kept hugging me #yes tank #give in to your soft side #dont be a tough guy or else I’ll round you down with sandpaper
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  • trustmichimadoctor
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    What Are You? (Closed RP)


    The fight between man and the walking dead went on, Richtofen and his ragtag team had survived round after round of zombies and hellhounds, dodging the Riese giants wandering the battlefield, and overall trying to make it through to another day. That is, until something peculiar happened.

    Freya, one of the Riese Robots was coming through the battlefield again, stomping the preset path through. Richtofen and Nikolai darted away from the heavy steps to keep from being stepped on, while Dempsey had to roll in order to just miss it. Takeo kept to the other side, fending off the remaining zombies of this wave that were still around him as it seemed safer than risking being stepped on himself. As this round was coming to a close, Freya slowed to a stop, halting even in it's step to turn it's massive head. Something else had caught it's attention.

    "Doc, what's up with the hunk a junk now?" Dempsey called over to the doctor who stared up at it in just as clear confusion. "It must have been alerted to somezhing on it's long range sensors. Vhat ish it Freya? Vhat haff jeou found?" He calls, though knowing it would not hear him. Slowly, the Gargantuan mechanization turned from it's path with a rumbling groan, a heavy boom of it's step and the crunching of both trenches and the remaining zombies scrambling within beneath it's foot. Richtofen scrambled from his team seeing as the giant had taken care of nearly all the remaining zombies, rushing for a high point to see what was going on. It became clear very quickly.

    "Was zum teufel ist das?!" He exclaimed watching reality contort and tremble nearly a mile off, pressing and seperating, he was used to portals, used to watching the miracle of element 115, but this... this was nothing he'd seen before. Something... immense, was outright tearing through the very fabric of reality into theirs, the voices shrieked around Richtofen seemingly just as surprised as he was, making his ears ring in the process and his eyes wincing as he tried to keep it together to bear witness to this. The others managed to catch up to him in time to see this event as well.

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  • staminuptosuccess
    21.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Favorite Dessert Headcanons

     This is also going to be listed in an order of who has the biggest sweet-tooth (greatest to least)

    Edward Richtofen (Primis)- It’s hard for him to choose just one as it’s his favorite meal off the day… that he sadly can’t indulge in often due to him getting older. Swiss rolls would be one of Edward’s top favorites. He also enjoys linzer tarts and even some simple chocolate truffles. Just see him in a bakery. It’s actually precious to see his eyes light up in excitement.

    Edward Richtofen (Ultimis)- Literally couldn’t afford to care anymore about eating more sugar. But anything with marzipan reminds him of his youth, when he was lucky enough to find anything sweet. Marzipan fruits, mozartkugels, bethmännchen, there’s so much to savor it in! Oh and by the way, you know that nice cupcake you bought for yourself? Yeah, he’s going to steal it from you when you’ve left the kitchen

    Tank Dempsey (Ultimis)- Tank sure loves his just desserts. He’s more about the classics. Chocolate cake, for example! Mama Dempsey would bake it on the weekends after a nice dinner. Secretly, he wants to find a way to save the recipe in hopes someone will bake it for him when (IF) he returns home from the war. He’s also a big cookie person. Chocolate chip to be exact. Sometimes, he’ll eat a lemon bar once in a while. He doesn’t like apple pie anymore because someone ruined it for him *cough cough* Richtofen *achoo wheeze*

    Nikolai Belinski (Primis) Now, we’re getting into territory of who prefers savors over sweets. He enjoys sweet fruit, sometimes dipped in chocolate. His favorite fruits to be exact would probably be bananas, green apples, strawberries and honeydew. He only had the honor of doing this a few times. But ever since war invaded his country’s peace, this wasn’t possible for him to have anymore. However, he was able to make condensed milk pancakes! It’s not fancy, but it’s still something to find happiness in.

    Tank Dempsey (Primis)- About the same as his Ultimis self in terms of preferences, but leaning a slight shift towards savory stuff over sweet. He likes his mother’s chocolate cake, but this version actually is much more of a cookie person! Same old chocolate chip and maybe some snickerdoodles. Tank also really enjoys doughnuts too! He’s more about the yeast doughnuts (the ones with the frosting) over the traditional cake doughnut. Best served with a cup of joe!

    Nikolai Belinski (Ultimis)- He’d much rather have butterbrot over dessert to accompany his vodka. It surprised Richtofen to find out that he knows what that is. However, for the sake of this post, he used to enjoy his 1st wife’s pryaniki. She also made Russian honey cake once. It was the last thing he had. He’s avoidant to eat it again... for the memories... Hey, at least it’s not whatever 5th wife popped out of the oven! Smelt and tasted worse than 4th wife!

    Takeo Masaki (Primis)- They don’t really have sweets in Japan during his time. Sure, there are a few and through western influence came the ideas of crepe cakes and souffle pancakes, but he is not fond of sugary stuff. And that’s not until years later from his time. But he doesn’t mind partaking in eating some mochi! He always loved watching people prepare it too! It always looked like fun (but the hammer part always made him a bit nervous. Don’t get your hands smashed!). He also would enjoy cashews and gingko nuts. His parents owned several gingko trees. Takeo is more open minded than his older self and he enjoyed the chocolate bar that Nikolai shared with him. He hopes someday to try all the lovely things his friends talk about.

    Takeo Masaki (Ultimis)- Identical to Primis. On rare occasion, he will indulge in some taiyaki (traditional red bean filling). The only sweet thing he’d enjoy in secrecy is konpeito. Bizarre, as it’s literally just like rock candy, only in star shapes. The only thing setting Takeo apart from Primis is being uninterested to the weird foods that his comrades talk about. He’s too stubborn to even taste one bite.

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  • bitchboyzzz
    19.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Hello there

    I'm Marsh, back at it with another pinned post because I cannot stay loyal to one for long.

    Pronouns are He/They and I'm aroace.

    Part of my blog will be random posts, bits and pieces of my indigenous culture that I relearn (Kiowa and Comanche baby), but will mostly be centered on CoD

    My fandoms are currently:

    CoD Zombies (You'll see a lot of this)

    CoD Advanced Warfare (Occasional but will also happen)

    Rosario Vampire

    Monster High

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Percy Jackson (Trying to get back into this and HoO)

    Child's Play series (haven't seen the TV show yet)

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (only the first movie, not the remake)

    House of a Thousand Corpses

    Corpse Bride

    I do simp for a few characters as well:

    Ultimis Takeo (Don't judge me but this guy makes me question my sexuality lmfao)

    Ultimis Dempsey

    Primis Takeo

    Tiffany Ray-Valentine (also makes me question)

    Baby Firefly

    Joker ( CoD)

    Jack Mitchell

    Gideon (CoD)

    That should be it for now, Bye

    #cod zombies #call of duty zombies #codz#takeo masaki#tank dempsey#primis takeo #cod advanced warfare #call of duty advanced warfare #cod aw#monster high#rosario vampire#percy jackson#child's play #texas chainsaw massacre #house of a thousand corpses #baby firefly#tiffany valentine#ultimis takeo#ultimis dempsey#jack mitchell #joker call of duty #tim burton's corpse bride #the corpse bride #corpse bride
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  • staminuptosuccess
    18.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I was inspired by @angel-division’s video about Dempsey’s sexy quotes so I made an Ultimis Version

    They aren’t really low because he screams most of the time but it’s still fun to make 😊

    Btw please check out her writing! She does a wonderful job capturing the character’s personalities and she’s very talented at what she does 💫

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  • staminuptosuccess
    15.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ultimis Tank: Aww, Maddie! You don’t need to “toughen up” for me to like you. You’re great just the way you are

    Me, pausing mid-punch at the wall dressed up in spikes: I don’t?

    #maddie talks #howww did this happen 😭 #i guess you could say opposites attract but #it drives me crazy #the irony is that Primis Edward and I #we actually are a wonderful match #(he’s literally just like me) #and my ultimis crush is the dempsey #and he HATES dempsey #at least the one who’s rougher than Primis #i kind of wish he would hug me rn #IronPetals
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  • staminuptosuccess
    13.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    A rough sketch of the crushes I gotta deal with

    Treyarch, you owe me for this

    If you can’t read my bad handwriting:

    Primis Nikolai: As if you weren’t enough trouble! Иди на хуй!

    Primis Edward: Oh, ja! Keep using me as ein punching bag!


    Primis Takeo: *sigh* Please stop this...

    #Yes i have a baby face #just like real life #cod zombies#self shipping#drawing fun #tank is probably the only ultimis character I prefer idk #but I feel bad for primis dempsey because he's literally more tame
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  • bitchboyzzz
    13.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #sorry if my writing is rusty lol #cod zombies #call of duty zombies #codz#tank dempsey#primis dempsey#edward richtofen#primis richtofen
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  • bitchboyzzz
    13.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Working on Male faces is kinda hard ngl

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  • bitchboyzzz
    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Line art and finished product ^.^

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