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  • freakbag-fish
    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    doodles of Tak being polite, and Nik being VERY rude.

    #takeo#takeo masaki#nikolai#nikolai belinski#primus#primus crew#cod zombies #cod bo zombies #zombies #call of duty zombies #nazi zombies #black ops zombies #call of duty black ops #call of duty black ops zombies #my art#ultimus#ultimus crew#aether#fan art#fandom art#doodle
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  • freakbag-fish
    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    what happened- wrong answers only

    #richtofen#Edward richtofen#tank#tank dempsey#cod zombies #cod bo zombies #zombies #call of duty zombies #nazi zombies #black ops zombies #call of duty black ops #call of duty black ops zombies #primus#primus crew#my art#aether#fan art#fandom art#doodle
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  • freakbag-fish
    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    my bois 🥺

    sorry that primes is a lot messier and thicker with the lines than ultimus. you can tell Primus was just a first doodle. Usually, when I like a Primus doodle, I end up making an ultimus one over it, which ends up being neater smh. vice versa.

    #nikolai#nikolai belinski#richtofen#Edward richtofen#dempsey#tank dempsey#takeo#takeo masaki#zombies#cod zombies #call of duty zombies #nazi zombies #black ops zombies #call of duty black ops #call of duty black ops zombies #cod bo zombies #primus#primus crew#ultimus#ultimus crew#nazi tw#my art#aether#fan art#fandom art #ill call it complete
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  • auntabysmal
    19.05.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Expectations vs Reality, but guess what? Reality exceeded my expectations!

    #transformers #transformers lost light #transformers mtmte#mtmte #lost light tyrest #rung#primus #lost light crew
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    17.01.2022 - 23 hours ago
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  • karlyanalora
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #transformers#tfp#transformers prime#rescue bots #blades rescue bots #chase rescue bots #heatwave#cody burns#kade burns#starscream#tfp starscream #boulder rescue bots #might continue this #if people ask
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  • transformers-insanity
    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #tfp #tfp x reader #tfp/reader#transformers prime/reader #transformers prime x reader #transformers prime #transformers prime megatron #transformers prime megatronus #tfp megatron#tfp megatronus #tfp megatronus x reader #tfp megatron x reader #megatron x reader #cybertronian reader#pre-war cybertron
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  • whatudottu
    06.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    So, some time ago, I made a post about something something TFP Rewrite AU. Now, I’m not the greatest at putting ideas into one cohesive story- not without ripping on the original structure.

    But recently I had an idea!

    There’s a lot of context going into this idea, but bare with me. It will be the basis of other TFP Rewrite adjacent stuff that I may or may not share if i even have more ideas for it, and the main context that applies to general events is Megatron himself and his descent into a Dark Energon induced spiral into incompetency.

    Something something books that I haven’t read, apparently in the aligned continuity Megan had already found AND used DE to essentially kill Primus and Cybertron with him, but in the show it’s written as if it’s this mystical element that no one believed ever existed. For this little uh... split in the timeline, Dark Energon was discovered in TFP and TFP alone.

    Another interesting tidbit about Megatron, the books seem to paint the Decepticons as the ones in the right, the ones who rebel against a system that had no qualms about letting them die and scavenge the parts of their dead nameless brethren; the Autobots were the upper class so devotely against the Decepticon’s mere existance and the middle class that saw their justified violence as ‘taking it too far’. Now I’m not going to turn Megan into the greatest mech alive, who is actually the good guy dude just trust me, but I’m upping his competence pre-DE.

    So essentially, before any event involving Earth in some way is mentioned, Megatron is now a frighteningly powerful and proficient leader, but is inordinately violent to the point of turning his blade on his own crew. In the war - book era - the quality of his leadership outweighed the backlash of his gladiatorial upbringing, and it was the sway of his words and the purpose behind them that further grew the Decepticon forces.

    Now, with the Dark Energon in his possession, Megatron’s mind slowly begins to degrade. At first, everything seemed relatively okay, questions being asked about the discovery, on-board scientists and automobile enthusiasts were keen to learn more. But Megatron went on his journey to find more Decepticon soldiers, more forged mecha that fought under the banner of the Decepticon brand.

    And that’s were it truly began to go downhill.

    Megatron spoke of the Decepticon forces as dead mecha walking, and that the upper class and ESPECIALLY the council would have continued to ensure that became true, but what if they gave them that honour. Megatron announcing his plan to turn the dead into loyal Decepticon forces, undying in their regeneration and the will to choose for oneself who to be again, a second chance. And then began the idea that if the Decepticons were so fated to die at the hands of the Autobots, that they shall never give them the pleasure, and take away their mortal fear of death.

    Needless to say it wasn’t a very popular belief.

    And ever since Megan took it upon himself to embrace the Dark Energon - the rumoured blood of Unicron himself - into his very spark, the grand intelligence and brilliant command began to gradually grow outmatched by his vehement aggression. Plus, with the Autobots trapped on Earth on the evasive, Megatron could not turn that intense rage onto the battlefield, but harder onto the failings of the Decepticons.

    Most folk are blind to the weakening cost-benefit relationship that is Megan’s leadership, mostly because they aren’t directly affected by it. Vehicons are already cannon fodder, they’ve accepted as such eons ago, so any increase in internal violence just hastens the inevitable if they’re even targetted in the first place. Soundwave was already the primary intelligence officer, and though he definitely notices the shift, his loyalty leads him to handle more of the thinking than he did before.

    Oh, but Starscream notices, Starscream doesn’t need to open his eyes to notice. He, the medical staff (only really Knock Out and Breakdown) and any technician, maintenance worker and the occasional vehicon stationed at the bridge notice more and more of the failings of Megatron’s mental stablity.

    Starscream’s plots to take over the Decepticons begin more and more frequently, and though his popularity in the ranks doesn’t increase at first, it is Megan’s standing in the eyes of his troops that takes a fall before any opinions can rise.

    Yada yada overall the Decepticons grow sick and tired of Megatron’s bullshit, something something blind loyalty tries to get Megatron the help he needs, and finally certain ‘Cons begin to think their temporary rule under Starscream’s 6 year occupation doesn’t seem all too bad. No one died, not from their leader and certainly not from the Autobots. Mining had next to no incidents, save for mining exclusive accidents. And Starscream was well suited to keeping their activities a secret from both the Autobots AND the humans living on the planet.

    But that’s certainly a thought of the most exhausted mecha, of the bots that will surely be slain for having that idea, for sympathising for the traitorous slagpile that is Starscream.

    This could lead to some form of Autobot Starscream AU, but I think ever since I watched Cyberverse, I think that something along the lines of ‘Reformed-Decepticons-now-under-the-command-of-Starscream-by-elective-means-end-the-war-in-a-truce-and-soon-a-peace-treaty-in-efforts-to-restore-cybertron-to-the-world-that-it-was-meant-to-be’ AU/Pathway of this specific Rewrite AU-

    Of course I don’t want it to be exactly Cyberverse, I only thought about it like that as soon as I began writing this section. But, maybe I’m just being a Decepticon sympathiser and am too swayed by the words of pre-DE Megatron, but I like when there are two sides of the war and neither are the good guy nor the bad guy.

    I want some focking NUANCE in this bitch alright!

    Anyhow I hope you liked this idea- there’s probably more on the way, I might’ve thought of some while writing this lmao-!

    #megatron#tfp megatron#starscream#tfp starcream #there was mention of soundwave sure but as only a one liner to state how starscream gets abused and not many particularly care #in so much as they think insubordination is deserving of a punishment and the cons don't particularly care too much- #until megan goes apeshit on everybody else it's just a den of folk who are used to fighting for their lives having their violence rewarded #tfp#transformers#tfp au #tfp rewrite au #i should probably give this rewrite au a certain name #'this is your brain on dark energon'? #too long- and as much as i like the joke it needs to be snappy #'de-prosessor'? #probably not no... #...did i mispell processor- yes i did #misspelled misspell too #'loyalty changer'? #maybe a little clunky #altered loyalties #i think that's the one #idk though lmao- but i like it
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  • atlantis-scribe
    31.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #here it is darkly i'm sorry it took so long jfdsafshjss #todd the wraith #ask#ask game#darklysnarky
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    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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    ok so, idk if it was you or someone else but I remember Rung showing the crew other dimensions since he’s Primus but nobody talked about the Rescue bot one…. so, what is Rung shows them that universe and everyones like “ this is the best universe hands down” and the decepticons/former decepticons (ESPECIALLY MEGATRON) are like…..” “this was the whole point of the cause, of the revolution…. Different bots of different backgrounds working together equally… they don’t treat the flier or the construction bot like their lesser…. its…. its equal”

    MTMTE!Megatron: *sees the rescue bots*


    MTMTE!Rodimus: Are you crying?

    MTMTE!Megatron: *full on sobbing* Yes.

    197 notes • Posted 2021-11-13 19:04:04 GMT


    Bots are definitely scared when a person is sleeping peacefully and suddenly twitches in his sleep, and then falls asleep further. They are even more frightened when a person explains to them that it was the brain that checked whether the body was dead or alive

    They’d absolutely also be weirded out by sleepwalking and talking. One of them wakes up in the middle of the night and finds their human friend standing in the corner of their room, just staring at them. When they ask the human what they are doing the human just responds “Everything is crabs” and then goes back to their own room. The bot is both intrigued and terrified.

    199 notes • Posted 2021-06-03 11:52:17 GMT


    I had a dream where Sari Sumdac from TFA met Overlord(IDW) and he said “I am speechless” to which she replied “Then shut the fuck up.”

    220 notes • Posted 2021-03-12 15:37:32 GMT


    247 notes • Posted 2021-06-01 12:52:20 GMT


    Did you know that humans actually float away when in space? Like, NASA astronauts need special harnesses and stuff so that they don't constantly float around. This would be a hilarious concept on the Lost Light. The human just walks into a room and just naturally starts floating away. I wonder how the bots would react. (I know they would probably have a gravity emitter or something, but imagine if it malfunctioned and the human just starts to float away suddenly. XD)

    Rodimus lets out a loud, wheezing laugh because it looks hilarious. The liaison is flailing their limbs around, trying to not spin out of control and he’s just laughing at them. Jerk.

    You know when you play with a balloon filled with air, bumping it every time it’s about to hit the ground? That’s Whirl, except with the liaison and it’s all the time. The liaison swims in the air to get somewhere and just as they are about to get there, Whirl gently taps them, sending them the opposite direction.

    At first, Tailgate doesn’t even notice that the gravity is not working and so he exclaims in surprise that he didn’t know humans could fly. Is fascinated by the liaison floating around and asks them various questions about how it feels and if they can do some cool tricks.

    Riptide stares, and stares, and stares until his optics suddenly brighten and he snaps his fingers as he finally understands what’s happening. The liaison is a ghost! No? Oh man, he was sure they were one.

    Not wanting them to float around aimlessly and risk getting hurt, First Aid ties a rope around their waist. You know, like a child leash. It’s very humiliating, especially since he leads them around like a balloon.

    320 notes • Posted 2021-06-24 09:08:59 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

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    #thank you for asking #wow that was looooong
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  • p-c-b-2
    15.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Tagged by @ruins-n-rambles

    nicknames: don’t really have any anymore but you can call me whatever you’d like

    zodiac: Sagittarius

    last movie: Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

    Height: 6ft

    last thing i googled: hot sauce and vegan mac & cheese recipes

    fave musicians: Rush, Soundgarden, Queen, Alabama Shakes/Brittany Howard, Booker T and the MGs, Charles Bradley. Where would we be without the Funk Brothers and the Wrecking Crew? There are a lot so I’m just gonna keep it short

    song stuck in my head: Silvera by Gojira at the moment

    other blogs: nope

    amount of sleep: never enough but sometimes too much

    lucky number: maybe 3?

    dream trip: Norway and Singapore looks gorgeous

    what i’m wearing: hoodie and adidas track pants. It’s chilly in my apartment and don’t feel like turning up the heat.

    languages: English and the tiniest little bit of Norwegian

    play an instrument: Drums, guitar, bass, and could possibly fake my way through a song or two on piano

    fave food: I could eat fried rice with baked tofu and a ton of broccoli for every damn meal. I would also love to die by eating way too many samosas

    fave songs: Come As You Are by The New Respects, I Want To Be Happy by Sammy Davis Jr., Wild One by Thin Lizzy, Buried Dreams by Carcass(the guitar tone for the whole album makes me very happy), I’ve been listening to Esperanza Spalding’s album Emily’s D+Evolution a lot lately. No songs in particular but Gojira and Jinjer have been getting a lot of play time as well. Then basically anything from Rush, Primus, Soundgarden, and Beyoncé.

    random fact about me: I’ve been vegetarian for about 5 or 6 years? Idk I can’t think of anything right now.

    describe yourself using aesthetic: eclectic minimalist?

    Tagging: @touchme-pls @finestlust @purplethot

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  • boldnewera
    02.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    im looking at my old velotica fic and humanformers fic (lots of love lotty and the psychology of secrecy) and... while i REALLY hate TPOS now, the velotica fic is still p good and i had some good ideas for the post-canon continuation of the adventures for the lost light crew + newcomers

    im gonna ramble ab my Best ideas. also i remember way way back when i first wrote hlvrai fic someone recognized my username for tpos and was like OMG U WROTE MY FAVE HUMANFORMERS FIC

    ideas i wanna reuse from lots of love lotty

    nautica being slightly emotionally repressed and havin a hard time reading social cues compared to other camiens

    trans whirl

    the amica nautisquad being very physically affectionate and explicitly supportive of each other

    lug and anode being just horrible little women

    the chapter that’s a pov of rewind making a movie interviewing everyone on if megatron should be allowed to be a medic on ship

    tailgate at least referencing complicated feelings about getaway

    MORE SWERVE/REWIND/TAILGATE MOMENCE and them having a lil polycule with the permission of cyclonus, skids and chromedome

    lost light crew teasing rung for being primus

    brainstorm and chromedome amicas

    nautica lesbian and velocity bi

    calling lug “lunchbag”

    all the bots who are married to minibots hanging out


    rung, skids, and nightbeat live au

    and like. ideas from tpos (humanformers college au) too even if i hate it now and oh thank GOD i didnt delete it its just orphaned

    rungs first name is carl but only whirl calls him that

    kup, ratchet, and rung roommates

    also trans kup

    cyclonus is human whirls adopted dad, + tailgate

    i never got around to showing her real dad but that arc was fucking stupid so im not gonna talk ab it

    brainstorms initials still being BS and people keep calling him “bullshit”

    rung accidentally seeing ratchet on grindr

    cyclonus will just stare wistfully and dramatically out the window sometimes and tailgates used to it

    cy’s name being cyrill tempest like that was epic of me

    whirl braids cyclonus’ hair

    tailgate is infamous for puppy dog eyes to convince people to do things

    “pet your cat for me” “we dont have a cat” “...” “...siri, call whirl”

    whirl calling froid a bitch in public, and by extension sunder a bitch

    whirl and friends getting kicked out of a mall for that

    frat boy scavengers

    mall security fort max

    cyclonus is a geology professor and just has rocks everywhere and whirl gets him a peridot su plushie as a gift

    windblade babysits rubble bc bumblebee got sick

    “who’s bitchface?” “froid” “you couldve just said froid” “no”

    nickel is a grandma taking care of the djd, who are grade schoolers roleplay being a death squad

    “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever recognize [the midwest] as it exists.”

    rung as whirls professor being a mentor-figure

    rung just fucking bolting when he gets kissed saying he needs to turn the oven off but he runs out of the apartment

    whirl’s cat who she adopted without permission named scraplet

    rosanna is rewinds sister

    cyclonus sounds like liam neeson

    flywheels babysits the elementary school djd and tarn stabs him with a fork

    ill have to make a post w my fave quotes from tpos. as much as i hate it now im proud of some of the jokes

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