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  • skeletonboyfriend
    14.06.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #he man #masters of the universe #skeletor #skeletor is prince adam/he mans gay uncle and the warriors are all LGBT #it is law because i said so woohoo yeah baby!
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  • thcsevoices
    13.06.2021 - 18 hours ago


    #personals do not reblog. #dash comm. #oh my god do i try. || kyle. #((if y'all think i'm not gonna use prince adam/maybe he-man from the new show as a secondary/au faceclaim for kyle y'all are wrong))
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  • swordince
    13.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    oh btw speaking of all the dif motu lore sources, depending on the continuity, character blurbs give different explanations & circumstance for adam understanding cringer, the ‘82 motu “bible” saying cringer can talk as battle cat, the ‘83 show just. having cringer talk all the time, the original ‘02 motu “bible” saying battle cat & he-man share a telepathic connection.     but the ‘02 motu “bible” that was actually released just going “no actually cringer can’t Talk talk adam can just understand him anyway bc they grew up together” is a personal favorite & also partially the blog-canon one because i do very much like the idea of battle cat & he-man sharing that connection  ;     battle cat is, after all, cringer imbued with he-man’s power, so it’d make sense for them to have the same kind of connection that adam has with the sorceress.

    #thinks abt how adam found a baby tiger in the woods when he was like. 10 & decided I'm Gonna Raise Him :) #& because he's the crown prince they were just like yeah sure sounds good to me #i love it here #▐█ ▌   ◇   —   (   study.   ) #▐█ ▌   ◇   —   (   muffled bonnie tyler playing in the background.   )
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  • midgardlibrarylovers
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #lowkey adam savage was one of my role models in high school afgdsfa #and thank you for the ask lace! #my chalk prince #ship: flowers on the chalkboard #laceshipping
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  • blondrichclosetwitch
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    What's become of the baby

    This cold December morning?

    But where in the looking-glass fields of illusion

    Wandered the child who was perfect as dawn?

    Stranded cries the south wind

    Lost in the regions of lead

    Shackled by chains of illusion

    Delusions of living and dead(first song)

    We listened outside and heard her


    Well, that was alright for a while

    But soon I wanted more

    I want to see as well as hear

    I only went with her cuz she looks like you

    I want to give you children (this line apparently has multiple references)

    Young gal, you done me bad, so I went and did you wrong

    And I got high, Lord, I got high

    Now you got a bone to pick with me

    But I wish you'd let me be

    I've got to see you my old flame

    Carefree highway

    You've seen better days

    For the longest time my girls was not one of my preferred AC songs. When I started pulling apart the correlation to past lifetimes of mothering multiple children, I started to understand that was part of the reason each picture went by a different name. Which is why my girls is such a big song to them, from what I get: a song about needing nothing material other than four walls for them to grow in.

    And I’m gonna write it all down and I’m gonna sing it on stage

    Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with—I will say, I did go through a pisces phase in my thirties. I think I had three boyfriends in a row. One moved across the country for me, and one stood me up in paris. But he did introduce me to nouvelle vague (the movement not the band) and Rothko. Apparently there’s a thing with older Capricorns and younger pisces.

    Reason will not lead to solution

    This is not a conclusion

    No revolution

    Just a little confusion

    On where your head has been

    Waiting for the gift of sound & vision

    And I will sing

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  • spaced-out-on-sensations
    12.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    hey idk if there are any mlm here that wanna kiss he-man but i have started writing a fanfic if y'all wanna check it out 👀

    #he man#prince adam #masters of the universe #motu #he man x reader #prince adam x reader
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  • moretreasurewithin
    12.06.2021 - 2 days ago


    "Adam!" Kit called with a bright laugh, opening his arms as he greeted his friend. "It's been far too long, mon ami. How are you?"

    #The Kind {Muse; Prince Kit} #V; Learning His Trade #V; To Prove His Mettle #Adam#heartlosttravelers
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  • sirgnomethegiant
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I feel like a Masters of the Universe movie only works if they film all of the Prince Adam scenes first, the actor hits the gym like crazy, and then they come back and film all the He-Man stuff.

    #or they commit to the whole he looks exactly the same just changes his costume #he-man #masters of the universe #prince adam
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  • why-must-a-blog-be-named
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    “Adam!” Randor snapped suddenly, interrupting Duke Tiberieon’s report and earning a questioning glance from Marlena. “Sit up straight.”

    Aware that all eyes in the council chamber had snapped to him, Randor cleared his throat, wishing he could take it back. But a king could never take back his words.

    “It is...unbecoming of a prince.”

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  • princessesfanarts
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    By よこ

    #disney #the beauty and the beast #belle#prince adam
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  • azure-prince
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    The hospital forms for my surgery have a space for "what name should we call you" and while I don't think it's for trans people specifically, I did maybe get excited about it esp since at least one of my doctor's is openly trans positive

    #the other doctor was nice and very adamant about its my body i get to decide what i do with it #but i got awkward bringing up trans rights #i dont want to accidentally push some unknown prejudice in between me and a surgery ive been in line for 3 years for #it isnt exactly a gender related surgery but still #its non essential to anything except my mental well being. #i wont be seeing the trans inclusive doctor anymore because it got complicated #i was seeing 4 different doctors about 2 related problems and communication was not happening #do we cut down to just one #and since she has more experience with my legit health problem she offered to do the technically not essential surgery too #the prince speaks
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  • venushasvixens
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Open for more one shots/ headcanon requests!!

    #ben solo#star wars#fanfiction#faye valentine #kylo ren x y/n #90s anime#cowboy bebop#jet black#kylo ren#adam driver #spike spiegel headcanons #spike spiegel #spike spiegel x reader #prince lotor#voltron#loki laufeyson #kylo ren x you #supreme leader kylo ren #kylo ren angst
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  • emperorsfoot
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    It amazes me when I read posts from people that are surprised that Adam is not gonna be the main character of the new MotU series.

    Literally every article and promotional announcement has talked mostly about Teela and her quest to put the band back together. The new show is gonna be about Teela.

    And how is that even a surprise? In the Filmation show, the show of which the new Revelations is a sequel to, Teela was the daughter of the Sorceress and destined to become the new Sorceress of Grayskull after her! Before the Fimaltion cartoon, Teela was a demi-goddess, a shard of the Goddess splintered off and placed in a mortal body.

    Teela has always been one of the most important characters in Masters of the Universe.

    It's about fucking time she got her own show and anyone who complains about that fundamentally misunderstands the source material.

    (Also, what the fuck is "Adam-baiting"?)

    #vague post#motu #masters of the universe #motu: revelations#Netflix he-man#he-man 2021#teela#adam#prince adam#he-man #warrior goddess teela #captain teela#sorceress teela#badass teela#honestly #the show should have just always been about Teela to begin with
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  • fiery-mullet
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I was excited about MotU Revelation. Was.

    Until a reliable source who works in the animation industry apparently told @clownfishtv that it‘s not gonna be a He-Man show. It’ll be a Teela and Friends show.

    The trailer looks great, but it still doesn’t erase the fact that the showrunners pretty much confirmed this ↑ is true.

    In this article:

    ”It’s a really classic, universal action-adventure epic about growth, discovery, magic, and power. This series explores destiny in a fresh way. There’s a lot of reconciling with secrets, betrayal, trust, acceptance, love, and ultimately, loss.”

    “Revelation” picks up where the original series left off in 1985. The first episode revolves around a life-changing battle between He-Man (voiced by Chris Wood) and his lifelong nemesis Skeletor (Mark Hamill), after which the planet of Eternia is left broken and He-Man’s compatriots fractured and estranged. He-Man’s compatriot Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) — who undergoes the most dramatic visual update on the series — is tasked with reuniting her old friends in order to save Eternia and the universe.

    1. Loss - most obvious “hint”(?) lol

    2. What would be so devastating it leaves “He-man’s compatriots fractured and estranged”? Maybe that oh so cryptic “loss”?

    3. Why would Teela be the one tasked “to reunite her old friends and save Eternia”? Because the one originally tasked with it is gone?

    I‘m already resigned to this whole fad of killing off original protagonists like other recent “new generation” shit, but I just hope they’d stop baiting people this will be a show about Prince Adam if it’s not. 

    Much like VLD kept baiting us it would respect Keith‘s place as the main protagonist but never did.

    #prince adam #where’s prince adam? #motu is the new legendary baiting #masters of the prince adam baiting #masters of the he man baiting
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  • co-superman
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    He Man trailer feels gay, feels good. Good vibes. Prince Adam is himbo-riffic.

    #He-Men #Prince Adam of Eternia
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  • taylorthegiant
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    #make prince adam gay challenge
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  • jonny-versace
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #anonymouse 🐭 #i adore prince adams new sailor moon transformation #she ra and he man keep on saying gay rights
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  • southernpeach13
    10.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    I officially NEED cottagecore Adam in my life.

    Debating on if I should make this a fic

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  • mercuryplante
    09.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    so, the best books i’ve read in my whole life so far:

    - captive prince [trilogy]: of course i have to debut the list with them (even if the order of the books doesn't match my order of preference). it was simply the first that came to my mind, so commendable and memorable is the story. if you haven't read it yet, do it NOW. the best enemies to lovers of all the time, with a development worthy of a round of applause and a strong and supportive relationship on both sides. yes, captive prince. you know you’ll always be on my mind!

    - the song of achilles: yeah. i could never forget this one. is the most realistic love story i have ever laid my eyes on, full of obstacles and sacrifices. i really liked what the author did here, abandoning the historical narrative that achilles and patroclus were just friends or even relatives. she gave a whole new meaning to the story, never failing to keep the original line. there isn't ONE thing about this book that doesn't fill my eyes. the best childhood best friends to lovers, showing their relationship since they were just friends in childhood, to the blossoming of feelings that went beyond fraternal affection, and the way they handled it as they grew up. it's beautiful. i really love it

    - all for the game [trilogy]: i mean. of course this story could never be missing from my favorites list. what i like the most about the story is what's hidden behind the relationship between the characters. their feelings aren't obvious and usual, and if you're looking for a light story, this isn't for you. it's all heavy: the way they relate to each other, the way they deal with their own problems, their pasts. they’re broken people trying to put the pieces together, trying to figure out what to do with the glue they were offered. even so, they still find room in their minds to care (in distorted, but still, care) for their friends, teammates, lovers, and family members; they still protect each other, like one big dysfunctional family. everything about this book is not in the narrated words, but in what lies behind them: what lies behind each moment, each pause and each action. it is obvious, but subliminal, almost hidden. i love it. really. the complexity behind each character, his shaken psyche -- it's all breathtaking, it's all about keeping the attention. it can be hard to get past the first few pages but, man, once you do it's impossible to stop. also enemies to lovers

    - the raven boys [tetralogy]: ok so i don't have enough words to describe or synthesize all my feelings for this book. i love every part of it: from the first sentence, that introductory line, to the last, the laudable ending. the story is impeccable, as is the plot on which it is based. the development of a course of action as well as the characters' relationship and their own conceptions of themselves and the world are simply things that appeal to me. the characters are amazing, real and liveable, and the bond of friendship they share is enviable. their love relationships, even if they're not all the book talks about, are breathtaking and make your heart flutter and melt. the key to the story is also hidden behind the action of the characters, behind silent cares and concerns, but there, always present. i love adam and ronan. i love how their relationship developed (friends to lovers), the patience with which it was structured, building slowly, before your eyes, under your nose -- but you didn't see it until the characters' feelings became more obvious to themselves and to each other, and began to submerge and overflow through every paragraph, every line of thought. it's beautiful. it's absolutely beautiful.

    - autoboyography: this is among the books that came to me at an opportune time, so i have a huge connection to this story. it wouldn't be here if it didn't deserve it, and it does; this story is about love, about accepting it, and about reconciling that love, such a vital part of you, with religion and ingrained prejudices. it's a story you versus the world, you versus what you thought you were, what you wanted to be. it's about accepting that about yourself, so that you can be true to yourself, to the people you love. in the process, people who say they love you back will not always support your discovery or encourage your self-acceptance. this book is also about how we have to accept ourselves, regardless of what others think about it, because their opinion, however important, should never be everything, or overshadow your own opinion, your own wishes and desires. love is in innate acceptance, or at least the quest for understanding. it is in the understanding that the person is what he is, and that should be applauded, rather than just tolerated or ignored. this should be encouraged and cause for joy. you should never stop being who you are because of other people’s opinion, as long as you feel comfortable showing it. this book is about self-discovery and tolerance, in a world that represses the first and fakes the second. strangers to friends to lovers.

    - we are the ants: this book is not a novel, although there is the development of one in the backstory. this book is about dealing with mishaps, with veiled depression, with a lack of faith and hope not just in the world around you, but in yourself. self-doubt is the worst thing, the most discouraging thing. if you don't believe in yourself, don't think yourself worthy of happiness or good things, how will you appreciate the world and how will you accept such things when it offers it to you? this book is a great journey. reality is behind every moment and bad and hopeless thought represented in every paragraph, but the journey continues, day after day, through the feeling that there is more in the world than what you are experiencing, that things can be better tomorrow. in friendships and in love lies a little willpower that recharges you for another day, for another obstacle that can bring you down (and that's okay. we fall and get up day after day, and that's okay), but not even that and it all. you must believe in yourself to fully revitalize yourself, to keep your feet on the ground and stand firmly on your feet, no matter how hard the world tries to bring you down. this book is about choices and the lack of it. it is about pain and depression, which is not always obvious, which you are not always aware of. it's about everything and nothing. it's about getting up after successive falls, when all you wanted was to stay on the ground. it doesn't matter if your legs are shaky when you get up, or if, as soon as you get your balance back, the world hits you and knocks you down again. keep getting up. as long as you are alive, you can still choose and try to realize how you want to live, what you want to be. nothing is definitive. bad feelings don't last forever (not even the good ones). life is cyclical, but with good company, a few glances at the bluish or gray sky, feelings that rise in your chest, discovering things you've never experienced, the wind in your hair -- things you never cared or paid attention to, minimal things, but that keeps you -- it's worth every takedown. strangers to friends to lovers

    #booksbooksbooks #books i recommend #books i love #books i read #all for the gay #all for the game #captive prince #we are the ants #the raven boys #the song of achilles #achilles#patroclus#andreil #andrew x neil #andrew neil #damen x laurent #damen of akielos #damen laurent #ronan x adam #ronan adam#ronan lynch#adam parrish#aftg #please read them #i love them all #gay books #i guess im kinda gay #yes i definitely am
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