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  • geazled
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Narnia Fandom on Instagram is Disgusting

    Well, this is going to be a ramble, a vent, and possibly a serious discussion. I will be taking names because I know I won't suffer any consequences since I've been forced to withdraw from the community because of how fucking toxic it has gotten.

    Now, I think you will appreciate a little context and I will be writing this from my point of view, starting over two weeks ago, when episode 5 of Loki aired.

    I think even here, most of you will disagree that Narnia is racist at its worst, and stereotyped at its best. I have gathered many arguments and most of which were drawn from this article right here and I will appreciate it if you took a look at it before coming at me.

    Now, tricia_pevensie on Instagram made a 25-minute long video explaining why Narnia is not racist (using the term not exclusively for colour but talking about religion as well). I can't link the video since I've been blocked but you can find her page here

    That was what caused the brown people in the community, including me and some others (@grishaxverse and @eds-gryff), to take a stand and speak against it. Now, because we had so deeply been hurt by it, we might have been rude and angry but we weren't indecent, which people accused us of being.

    Obviously, her video got amazing support, and we were spoken against and criticised, our voices buried down. Only a handful of people including thegoldenageofnarnia.wattpad and @naturallynarnian and @khaleesi-of-hel and tinysmolenerd were with us and spoke in our favour. The others (I can't count how many) supported that very, very hurtful video or did not speak at all, though we knew whose side they were on. To see so many saying that we were in the wrong, being called 'the drama corner' broke our hearts. We are brown, we have experienced stereotypes and racism, and we recognise it if it's implied in books. We are in the minority in the fandom and we've been pushed even further down by these people.

    After that came the homophobia. I don't think there are any homophobes on Tumblr, at least not that I know of. It's a very accepting community which is why I feel safe writing this. But Instagram is a different case. It started on Twitter when I saw a tweet from narniantolkien. I quote, "There are no LGTB characters in Narnia." (And then validating their claim by saying 'They are children'.) If that isn't homophobia, I don't know what is. So, I went on my account on Instagram and spoke against it. They tweeted back and arguments were thrown back and forth (them saying they're bisexual and then later deleting their tweets when mine got more support). This irked me, so back on Instagram, I created a poll asking people to vote yes if they fully supported the LGBTQ+ community.

    I sought out those who did not vote and confronted them privately. These were private chats so I won't disclose who these people were, but I had talked with four homophobes within the first 24 hours. It disheartened me to see how many of them used religion (explicitly Christianity) to excuse their homophobia, saying no one can be asked to go against their religion, which is a laughable argument on multiple levels because if that were true, I don't think the world would have lasted as long as it has.

    I actually had to read, (might not be completely accurate, paraphrased) 'Yes, sometimes, there are unnatural urges that people have to learn to leave behind because they are wrong'. That is so fucked up, and it made me hate religion even more for making people believe that. (I am an Atheist.) Then on FFN, I was asked why Atheists don't promote incest and bestiality- the link

    So, I went on my story, and wrote this: 'Religion does not teach your morals, society does. All religion does is make you hate/invalidate/ issue violence against people because of their sexuality. Religion forms cults and causes partitions of entire countries (referring to India, my own country here). Religion is fucked up. And it's rotting some people's brains'. (I apologised for it later on, multiple times because I, unlike some, recognise people's hurt and actively apologise for it.)

    I was promptly asked to stop bashing religion and the conversation twisted into not so friendly arguments. Now, this person has one of the biggest fanpages on Instagram, and had indirectly asked me to leave (of course, denying it), and I was intimidated. I apologised so many times. The conversation ended and I had sobbed my eyes out.

    It was fucking trauma.

    So, I withdrew from the entire drama, let the people be passively homophobic (with magic_of_narnia publicly saying they don't fully support the LGBTQ+ (don't think they are valid, or that homosexuality is a sin?) because of their religion but still, love them. If you don't think that is homophobic...)

    But I made a last post and completely left it all behind.


    Until this post from narnianfolklore. Now, it was the second slide that I had a problem with. It said, very clearly, and I quote, "I respect oc's, fanfictions, or au ships but please don't take it too far. The stories are supposed to wholesome and pretty, not sexual or horrible". That was what was said. I had a problem with it, because I read smut and I respect smut writers. No one has a right to tell anyone what or what not to write. And it was what she was doing, and equating sex with horror. I was baffled, and a little angered. But everything I commented was nice and was not remotely, remotely rude. It was rational. I even apologised to her personally if it had bothered her. But she blocked me.

    That...that triggered something. And I just had to leave. I had to.

    The last two weeks have been traumatic for me. Traumatic. And people are putting up arguments 'don't create drama, don't ruin it for everyone' when we have been attacked at our core.

    You tell me, how was any of that fair to the browns, to the queer, or to the smut writers. How? And how is we publicly stating our views against something that has hurt us wrong and rude? Is it not the opposite? Is it not you who are ignoring us and not respecting our opinions when every time we try to speak up, the entire bigoted section of the fandom comes at us and tries to criticise and call us bad for simply stating our thoughts? Are you not the one at fault here if someone has literally been bullied out of the fandom? Are you not supposed to hold yourself accountable and possibly apologise to the person you did wrong? The person that has actually cried and felt an experience no one should in a fandom?

    How are minorities supposed to be protected and sheltered if their voices are never heard or their thoughts never validated? Do you consider yourself that big and us that small that if we criticise something that we find hurtful, we are the bad guys all of a sudden? Is that what our place as browns is in the fandom?

    As a footnote, I'd just like to add that yes, Narnia is a Children's Fantasy, but why do so many of you ignore the fact there is a Bacchanal (which is a sex cult) in Narnia?

    Lastly, I would humbly ask you to reblog if you think the browns have been invalidated here and that the people of colour are as important as the whites in this fandom.

    Thank you for reading.

    (Some tags: @rthstewart @bloodybigwardrobe @madnessiseverything @wingedflight @deepmagic @eds-gryff @grishaxverse @edmundrex )

    (The people I mentioned were the ones that played the most vital parts in me leaving the fandom for good. If you'd like to know the full story, please contact me. I feel like sharing would shed some burden.)

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    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • india-cb-dorunda
    23.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain

    #shadow and bone #the grishaverse #the grisha trilogy #the grisha series #the darkling#general kirigan#aleksander morovoza#prince caspian#ben barnes #im a hoe for one villain and one villain ONLY
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  • carnationworld-writings
    23.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I fall in love with you every single day (Caspian x fem!reader)

    To read my other works, check my MASTERLIST !

    Paring: Prince Caspian x fem!reader

    Universe: The Chronicles of Narnia

    Word Count: 2287

    Warnings: Caspian being a little creep at the beginning, mention about small wound and Telmar hate for Narnia.

    If I forgot about anything feel free to write to me. Your wellbeing is important to me!

    Summary: The one in which a horse ride took him to true love.

    Requested: Yes, by lovely annon! Sorry for the dalay, and multiple posting this!

    Everything started when Caspian saw her for the first time when he was horse riding near the castle. He was walking through the forest to the lake to water his horse when he heard happy laughs. He looked around, feeling his heart growing at the thought that his subjects were finally happy. And then he saw her, and he felt like the whole world stopped. She was breathtaking. Her hair shone under the rays of the sun, softly blowing by the light wind. Her smile only showed happiness and could lighten even the deepest darkness. Her laughter was like the most beautiful melody Caspian even heard in his life. In his eyes, this girl, as he learned a little later from his old teacher - the nymph was the most perfect creature he ever met. Her beauty made him feel like a teenage boy who was too shy to say hello. He stood there watching her playing and laughing with other Narnians, trying not to be seen. It happened again a few times. Caspian swore that he didn't plan it, but he returned to the lake near the castle, hoping that he would see her again. And he did. He learned that her heart is just as beautiful as her body.  She was caring, gentle and very loving. He saw her playing with the small nymphs and fauns, and he couldn't stop the smile forming on his face at the sight of how good she was with them. Caspian felt stupid. He fought in wars and battles, and he took the throne to bring peace all around the country. But now, he couldn't find enough courage to talk to her - to the woman who would be his perfect queen. Every time he saw her, his heart started beating a little faster, and a smile showed on his face.

    The same was that day when he came again just to see her. He watched how younger nymphs splashed her with cold lake water, making her squeak and laugh. Caspian made one step more, wanting to see her better. But suddenly, his foot got stuck under the tree root, and he lost his balance. He tried to hold onto the tree next to him, trying not to make any sounds. However, he ended up on the ground, groaning when he felt pain in his hand and knee and pride. He heard younger nymphs gasping and squeaking in shock, quickly hiding. When he looked up, he noticed that this beautiful girl, who stole his heart, was standing pretty close to him, watching him with worry.

    "Are you all right, my lord?" He froze when she spoke to him with a soft smile. He opened his mouth slightly, wanting to respond somehow to her, but his mind was like a blank sheet. She bent next to him, looking for some injury.

    "I… yes, I'm good. Even better than good, my lady." Caspian tried to stand up, but suddenly he became more clumsy than ever before. "I only wounded my pride."

    She tried to stop laughing and bite her lower lips. When Caspian wavered again, she grabbed his arms, helping him. She felt electricity running through her fingers at this touch and heated it in her cheeks. She looked into his eyes, and her heart missed a beat. She felt sweet warmth rising from her chest. A little embarrassed, she looked down and noticed that his hand was all bloody. With a gasp, she looked at him.

    "My lord, your hand! We need to dress your wound."

    "It's nothing."

    "Please." She looked at his eyes and smiled softly. He nodded his hand and allowed her to lead the way. She showed him one of the fallen trees to sit down with when she prepared the piece of material. She kneeled before him and looked at him in a silent ask. When he gave her his hand, she took it gently and carefully cleaned the wound. She wrapped the piece of material around his hand and secured it, later looking in his eyes with a smile, which took his breath. All-time she worked, his eyes didn't leave her, and the admiration only grew in him. When she stood up and went for the fruits she was eating with the rest of the nymphs, he looked around.

    "Why did they run? The other nymphs."

    "We were hiding for so long, afraid of your people that it's hard to trust you now." She gave him an apple and sat not far from him.

    "And yet you trusted me. You cleaned my wound and gave me your food...Why?"

    "I'm not sure. My mother always told me to give people a chance no matter their race. And something in your eyes told me that I can trust you."

    "I will do everything in my power to prove that you can trust me. That we, Telmars, have changed." Caspian said with honesty in his voice, still looking closely at her. Exchanging looks with him made her cheeks grow warmer, and she looked down, feeling a little embarrassed at how her body and heart reacted at this, you men. She wanted to know him better, and she wanted to meet him again, and in her heart, she was terrified that this wouldn't happen. "Excuse me for my directness, but you are the most beautiful creature that I have ever met."

    "You are too kind, sir." She bit her lower lip, feeling extremely shy and confident at the same time. Not sure what he was doing, Caspian gently placed his hand under her chin, making her look at him. They both immediately smiled, their hearts already longing for the other person. Their faces came closer and closer, and he chuckled when he heard her whisper: "My lord... I don't think that you gave me your name..." Hearing his short laugh, she couldn't help but repeat it, gently grabbing his hand.

    "Yes... You are right. I feel so good in your company that I completely forgot about introducing myself. I'm Caspian."

    "And I'm Y/N. And it's a great pleasure to meet you, Caspian." The young king gently lifted her hand, placing a small kiss on its top. She took a deep breath and couldn't tear her eyes from him. They started talking like old friends. They didn't realise that hours passed until they heard horses and people screaming for Caspian. With a heavy heart, he stood up, knowing that he needed to return to his duties. He stood next to Destrier and looked at the nymph.

    "Y/N… Can I see you again?" She saw how nervous he was and couldn't help but smile at him.

    "I would love it." She shyly took his hand and squeezed it gently. Both of them smiled widely, and after kissing her hand once more, he jumped on the horseback. She watched him until he disappeared. And Caspian came back again, and again. They spent hours talking and getting to know each other. Caspian convinced other nymphs that he did not want to hurt them, and they happily watched how the love between him and their sister grew every day. And they fell for each other fast and hard, every day trying to make these feelings strong. After a few years, when she became the queen of Narnia, all creatures celebrated it. The never-ending love of their rulers was proof that they will take care of everybody in Narnia, no matter their race.

    Author’s note:  I’m so sorry for the delay in posting it! I was on a small vacation (and met with my family that I didn’t see for a few years) and started work. And I’m so sorry for posting it multiple times. Tumblr sometimes is an asshat and didn’t show it in tags...

    Again - I don’t know how often I will be able to post anything. I work from 9 to 5, and after work there always is something to do. I promise I’ll do my best!

    Thank you  so much for reading! If it’s not too much trouble, I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and motivate me to work.

    I am sorry about every grammar mistake and misspellings. English is not my first language.

    Klaudia  💜

    Taglists are open! If you want to be added fill this up or send me an ask!

    Caspian taglist: @elennox03 @live-love-loki @effielumiere @blackst0nes7077 @mystic-writings @aleksanderblack @radcloudenthusiast @siriuslyslyslytherin @90steaology @mandos-crest @kaqua @aleksanderwh0r3 @anne-kollay @padfootswife24 @crowssixof​ @x-heartrender-x

    #prince caspian x reader #prince caspian imagine #prince caspian fic #prince caspian #prince caspian x you #king caspian x reader #king caspian imagine #king caspian x you #king caspian #caspian x reader #caspian x#caspian imagine#narnia#narnia imagine #the chronicles of narnia imagine #chronicles of narnia #The Chronicles of Narnia
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  • manicpixideangirl
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    People pointing out plot holes in Narnia’s world building... what are you doing? You’re not smart for pointing that shit out literally nothing in that world makes sense. The timeline moves in no consistent way compared to our world! All animals are sentient and friends with the humans but they still eat meat! The land was frozen for a thousand years in winter but never Christmas! They have Christmas! Identical to our own! Everyone speaks the same English as 1950s England for thousands of years! Children who’ve never ridden a horse or used a sword before are experts in battle! The lion is Jesus! Deep magic deus ex machinas! It’s just a weird fairytale land nothing makes sense and it’s not supposed to.

    #narnia #the chronicles of narnia #tcon#lucy pevensie#edmund pevensie#susan pevensie#peter pevensie#aslan #the white witch #the lion the witch and the wardrobe #prince caspian #voyage of the dawn treader #c s lewis
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  • athoughtfox
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    something really petty that I can’t get over in the Prince Caspian movie is their clothes. the Pevensies getting Narnian clothes that fit them from the Cair Paravel vault

    at what point in the golden age did adult Lucy go yeah this random dress from when I was ten is going in my box in the Super Secure Prized Treasures Chamber. why do they all have old clothes from that one specific time in their childhood that wouldn’t have fit their adult selves stashed in their cellar

    (to be honest I think being forced to blend school uniforms with Narnian weaponry and patchy armour made of whatever they could find that fit would have been an interesting design angle, blurring of identities and all that. at least until they reached Caspian since I guess they could borrow clothes there and become more ‘Narnian’ again. accidental meta I meant this as a light-hearted observation but now I’m genuinely thinking about this)

    #narnia#prince caspian #the pedant in me will not let this rest #i have a moment about it every time i watch the scene where they appear in their narnian clothes for the first time #why do you have that where did it come from #also the boys' duel armour they simply did not bring that from the castle #and i refuse to believe that caspian's camp had the resources to forge it
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  • carnationworld-writings
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #request #200 followers celebration #answered ask#carnationworldtalking #prince caspian x reader
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    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just realized that one of my biggest celebrity crushes is older than my mom 😭

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  • daydreams-magic01
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Chronicles of Narnia Masterlist

    Main Masterlist

    (Gifs aren’t mine, credit to the owners)

    Disclaimer: These are fanfictions, however, the scenarios, dialogue, etc are of mine creation. Please do not copy or plagiarise my work, my work should only be found on this blog, nowhere else. I have also tried my best at writing British, etc.

    Requests: Open

    I am open to suggestions, so if there are any other fandoms you want to see yo write for, feel welcome to ask on my ‘Request’ section. If you want to be added to a taglist, please do the same.

    High King Peter the Magnificent

    Female Reader


    #peter pevensie x reader #peter x reader #peter pevensie x y/n #peter pevensie x you #edmund pevensie x reader #edmund pevensie x y/n #edmund pevensie x oc #susan pevensie x reader #lucy pevensie x reader #caspian x reader #prince caspian x y/n #prince caspian x reader #narnia imagine #narnia one shot #eustace scrubb x reader
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  • benbarnesbureauofbeautification
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    This role was meant for a Latino actor, pass it on.

    Ben Barnes as Alejandro from Colombia, The Big Wedding

    Where’s the outrage, fandom??

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  • eds-gryff
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    there is a painful lack of Caspeter everywhere, so I'm posting this thing I made for my Instagram on here.

    (Yes, it's a Song of Achilles quote. Yes, the book made me cry)

    Caspeter is the BLUEPRINT, y'all. Enemies to reluctant allies to battle comrades to friends to lovers. They've got it ALL.

    Also- I do nOt ship Casmund- pedophilic ass ship. A literal child/minor with a whole grown man. Some of y'all take your shipping too far istg. Why can't you focus on ships WITHOUT a disgusting age difference?

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  • sereena1996
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ben Barnes ❤️

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  • jarwars
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    New incorrect quotes video! This time, just Narnia, because I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately! Hope y’all enjoy! Subscribe for more Narnia content! I have some skits and music videos planned, I’m just waiting for some of the equipment I ordered to arrive...

    #the chronicles of narnia meme #the chronicles of narnia #the chronicles of narnia prince caspian #narnia incorrect quotes #tcon incorrect quotes #the chronicles of narnia incorrect quotes #king edmund the just #edmund pevensie #queen lucy the valiant #lucy pevensie#susan pevensie #queen susan the gentle #prince caspian #the voyage of the dawn treader #voyage of the dawn treader #king caspian#eustace scrubb#narnia aslan#queen jadis #jadis the white witch #Youtube
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  • daydreams-magic01
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago


    (Jealous!protective! Peter Pevensie x chubby!female reader)

    (Not my gifs, credit goes to the creators)

    Main Masterlist

    Requested by:  ash-fade

    Requests: Open

    Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia (The Golden Age)

    Request:  “UH! Hello! I was wondering if I could get a Peter pevensie x chubby reader. Now! I think it would be cool if she was a elf. Like she helps them win the war against the ice queen and somehow get into a fight and later they come back and confess there feelings for each other. I would just kinda a over protective/Jealous peter who likes a chubby reader. ”

    Thank you so much for requesting, I love this idea!

    I am so sorry I read it as fight with him not in a battle. I hope that this is okay!

    Warnings: Nothing, just one swear word.

    Words: 1.6K

    Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction, the scenarios, the reader, and the dialogue are all mine.

    This should only be found on my blog.

    A/N: Please do not copy or plagiarise this, or put it in your own book, etc. It should only be found here. Also, please mention if I should make a taglist and if you wanted to be added. I also tried by best at being British.

    As much as I can understand, there are not Elves in Narnia, so I based them on the ones from the Lord of the Rings.

    Thank you.


    “And one, two, three, four,” the male lead spins the woman, “five, six, seven, eight.”

    At the age of twenty years old, Peter has been ruling Narnia for some years now, and he loves every minute of it. What he does not love, however, is his inability to dance. He needs help, but he refuses to ask for it; thankfully, (Y/n) asked him for help.

    She doesn’t need any help, but she’s known the man since she helped them win the battle against The White Queen, so she knows when he is lying.

    The two are currently beside a large alcove in the gardens of Cair Paravel, behind a hedge of Roses. She told Peter that she is too embarrassed to ask others for help. He thought nothing of it, even though she is an Elf and is known for agility and gracefulness.

    Peter stumbles slightly and steps on her foot, cursing quietly.

    “It’s okay, Peter.” She attempts to reassure, fixing their hands and her posture. “Let’s try again.”

    The smile from her instantly helps to calm him down.

    “You’re right, sorry.”

    Her dress swirls beautifully around her as the two dance, the cream of her dress contrasting with the red of the roses behind her. Unintentionally, their outfits fit together as he wears a loose, long beige poet shirt clad with a brown belt and matching trousers.

    (Y/n) delicately dances her feet around his as Peter begins uttering the steps again. Unlike him, she has lived in Narnia her whole life, she knows the traditional dances and quickly took to the modern ones whereas before he came to Narnia he hadn’t taken dancing lessons since he was a child. 

    “You look beautiful,” he states, flashing her his renowned charming smile. Wiggling his brows, he slowly dips her, nearly knocking the two to the floor.

    (Y/n) stops laughing, realising how close the two are, their noses almost brushing. He raises a brow, and then his breath gets caught in his throat too. “You always are.”

    Peter looks down at her as (Y/n) looks up at him, cheeks flushed.

    “PETER!” Lucy screams distantly, causing Peter to drop (Y/n) for a second before quickly catching her.

    He pulls her up and removes his arms, taking a step back as the two laughs nervously.

    “Sorry, I guess I should -”

    “Sorry, you should get g -”

    The two laugh and Peter bows, (Y/n) then curtseying.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    “Ed, stop it,” she giggles, pushing him away as she stands next to him.

    Peter has not sat in a meeting for the past four hours only to watch his brother flirt with the girl he fancies. He glowers at them, head on his hand as his brother sits proudly on his throne, looking up to the woman of Peter’s dreams.

    “I think someone is jealous,” he nods towards his brother, who only gifts him with a sarcastic smile before wiggling his brows at the darling girl.

    “Really?” She tries not to look behind her, but she can’t help it.

    She grins at the eldest Pevensie, but he only scoffs and turns away.

    “Who ate his shortbread biscuits?” Lucy jokes from her throne, waving casually at her brother as he glares at her.

    “Yeah, Pete, you alright?” Susan jokes, walking back up to her throne, a plate of biscuits in her hand, which she offers to each of them.

    Peter harshly bites into his.

    He hates being jealous as he is supposed to be the eldest brother, calm and collected. He’s angrier at (Y/n) than anything, flirting with his brother as if she cares for him in such away.

    Susan laughs at her brother as she takes her seat, and she gives her sister a knowing look.

    “What’s wrong, Peter?” (Y/n) asks, slightly offended.

    “When’s the wedding?” He sits tall, his face void as he puts on the essence of a King. The High King.”

    “Excuse me?” Edmund takes a similar position as his brother and glares over at him.

    “When. Is. The. Wedding?”

    “There is no wedding, Peter. Am I not allowed any friends?”

    He immediately goes quiet and looks down in shame before apologising.

    She accepts his apology with no hesitation.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The castle remained free of romantic dramatics for almost a week.

    That is when (Y/n) finds herself screaming at the irritable boy.

    A far-away Prince has written her a letter, a letter in which Peter made no haste in reading over her shoulders, forgetting his manners.

    The Prince has asked her for the recipe for a long-lost healing draft which she used after the battle with the White Witch as one of the last Elves she is one of the only people in the land who knows it. She quickly writes back, angering the boy of her affections.

    Peter is not jealous, just upset as he believes that the two must be canoodling in secret.

    The argument started with him asking her that, and (Y/n) immediately becoming defensive.

    “You have no right in dictating who I can and cannot be with!”

    “I am not dictating I was asking.”

    “You did with this, Edmund!”

    “So you admit it! You do love Edmund.”

    “Oh shut up, Peter!”

    The two forget that they are in the centre of the throne room, with servants listening through the doors, as well as Oreius, accidentally, and Peter’s brother and sisters.

    “You shut up! I am your King!”

    If someone dropped a pin, it would shake the palace.

    “How - dare - you.” She is so calm that it shakes those listening to their bones, especially Peter. The Prince takes a step back as she takes one forward, and he has no time to take in her beauty as fear takes over his core. “I helped you earn this throne. I saved your life.” The pauses between each word have the intended effect as Oreius questions whether or not he should march in.

    Susan shakes her head, pressing her ear further against the door.

    Peter feels incredibly guilty, and when she goes to turn around he takes a step forward, “please - I am so sorry - I -”

    His brother and sister find themselves shocked as it usually takes some time for him to apologise.

    “Enough.” She does not turn back around and instead slowly walks towards the door.

    Everyone steps back as she opens it, but she takes no notice as she keeps walking.

    She has never looked more like a Queen.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Peter made no move to apologise, even weeks later. “You have to apologise, Peter, you must,” Susan whispers from the bottom of his bed. All three of his siblings crowd his bed this midnight.

    “Why should I? I did nothing wrong.” He scoffs, crossing his arms. They are all in their nightwear, and he is the only one under the quilt.

    “Well, it is kind of, your fault, mate,” his little brother states, taking a bite out of some shortbread on the plate by his bed.

    Peter scrunches his face.

    “No need to fight boys, Edmund is right.” Lucy chimes in and easily takes the biscuit from her brother’s hand, plopping it into her mouth. Susan had been planning to do the same thing.

    “Bollocks,” he scoffs again, turning on his side and pulling the quilt on top of him.

    “Peter Pevensie!” Susan starts, hitting him with a pillow.

    They all enjoyed a pillow fight that night.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    “I’m sorry.” He practices in the mirror, he turns to his side, “Sorry.”

    “Sorry for what?” He lets out a short scream before he makes quick on his heels and turns around, pulling out his sword. 

    “Woah,” ( Y/n) jokes, taking a step back as he almost nicks her.

    “Oh,” he utters, ashamed and embarrassed. After putting his sword back, he takes in her appearance; as always, she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. She has the prettiest hair that he has ever seen, and she wears a perfectly fitted red gown that shows off her beautiful curves without making her uncomfortable. Then he stands tall and flashes the same charming smile, “I am sorry for how I behaved.”

    “Why did you behave like that?” She asks, crossing her arms.

    He looks down for a second, “I was jealous.”

    “Because I am yours?” She raises a brow, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach.

    “No!” His head shoots up, “you are your own woman, and you have your independence. I would never dic -,” he sighs, “It’s just, you are so beautiful, graceful and smart. I know you asked for dancing lessons for me, Ed told me.”

    She looks down, her cheeks flushing brightly.

    “Don’t be embarrassed,” he smiles as their eyes meet, “although you are beautiful when you do, I would rather you give me a second chance.”

    She lets out a short laugh, “you never even lost your first chance.”

    The widest beam appears on The Prince’s face as he feels completely at peace.

    How magnificent.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    #peter pevensie x reader #edmund pevensie x reader #susan pevensie x reader #lucy pevensie x reader #peter pevensie x you #peter pevensie x y/n #peter pevensie x female reader #peter pevensie x chubby reader #jealous peter pevensie x reader #peter pevensie imagine #peter pevensie one shot #peter pevensie fanfic #caspian x reader #prince caspian x reader #prince caspian x y/n #edmund pevensie x y/n #edmund pevensie x oc #harry potter x reader
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    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    me testing to see if any of my friends are homophobic before coming out-

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  • taronjaimandarina
    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Why the evolution of languages in Narnia doesen't make any sense. A study by: me.

    picture credits to Aubry Frear on Pinterest

    Notes: I was talking with a friend and we had this idea. I hope it makes sense. Also, English it's not my first lenguage.

    Allright. Year one, the creation of Narnia. When Narnia is created, all speaking creatures(fauns, centaurs, talking animals, mermaids...), King Frank, Queen Helen and Aslan himself, speak 1940's English ( the monarchs probably spoke with a London accent).

    This being said, you are meaning to tell me, that when the Pevensies arrive, over a millenium later, the language hasn't evolved in the slightest? No dialects, no new lenguages, no new vocabulary? How is that even possible??

    My first idea was that it was due to the fact that, like Latin, it remained untouched because it was written. But that still holds an issue. Orally, there must have been changes. Latin wasn't sopken the same way it was written, and, over time, with all the different pronounciations and mixes with the languages on different territories, it evolved to more than twenty romance languages.

    There's also an issue with the Telmarines. It's clearly inspired by 16th centurish Spanish pirates (hence the accents in the movies). But, why would they dicide to use the lenguage of the people they have conquered?

    It's happened beofore. When the Visigoths and the Germanic people invaded what today it's known as Spain, they didn't impose their lenguage. Instead, they learned Latin. They were warriors, and they adapted to a more generalised and standardized language. However, they left words ( on the war field mostly) on today's Spanish vocabulary.

    Did the Telmarines leave any words behind? Why do they still have an accent when they have been speaking english for a few centuries??

    Now, with Calormen, another problem is presented. It's clearly inspired by the islamic world. Obiously used by Lewis as a way of hate towarss a religon and culture he considered 'not true'. With Tash, we see that they adore a 'bad' god.

    But besides all that, why do they speak English? They're clearly humans. Not caucasian, but humans all the same. Which means they must come from our world. Probably form a islamic/arabic background. So, why don't they speak a different language? It's a completely different culture, and they were not created when Narnia was. Why would they speak the lengage of a country which they are in constant conflict with?

    It's obvious that C.S.Lewis doesen't want to make any sense. The world he created has many problems and unsolved questions. So, the non-evolution of English, the non-spanishspeaking Telmarines and the non-arabicspeaking Calormenes it's because of magic. A miracle by Aslan that makes everyone speak proper English.

    #chronicles of narnia #narnia#edmund pevensie#susan pevensie#peter pevensie#lucy pevensie#Aslan #i wrote a thing #i'm spanish #if you didn't notice #i study lenguages and this bothers me a lot #CS Lewis makes no sense #seriously what happened to Caspian's accent in VoTDT #prince caspian#eustace scrubb#jill pole#digory kirke#polly plummer#spanish#latin language#arabesque#random thoughts #thx for coming to my ted talk
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    Caspian X Lockscreen

    I do not own any of these images! I just find them and put them together on one website and then I add the edits in another one. I do put a lot of work into them, so please don't claim as your own. If you use them, please reblog just so I can see who is enjoying them! Thank you!

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    my mind turns your life into folklore  i can’t dare to dream about you anymore
    at dinner parties won’t call you out on your contrarian shit and the coastal town we never found will never  see a love as pure as it
    ‘cause it fades into the gray of my day old tea ‘cause it will never be
    gleaming twinkling  eyes like sinking ships on waters so inviting  i almost jump in
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