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    The Body Language Guy on YouTube’s most recent video.

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    The Wicked Game

    Part I Part II Part III

    Summery: Reader is a brilliant young witch who is entrusted with the mission of infiltrating Malfoy Manor and become a death eater to work as a double agent. The only problem is she must do it along side the man she hates most.

    Pairing: Professor Severus Snape x fem!reader

    Warnings: Pain, vomiting


    The sound of y/n’s heels echoed in the empty house; the Order members all turned to look as she entered the kitchen with the potions master behind her.

    The young witch sucked in a deep breath and put on her bravest face.

    “We leave tonight. I understand what you are all asking of me. If all goes to plan, I will bare the Dark Mark from tonight, until the day I die. If things do not go to plan, this will be the last you see of me, and likely Snape. I understand that I may be tortured and beaten. I understand that it is up to me to keep the Order safe. Prof- Snape will be giving me lessons in Occlumency as we stay at Malfoy Manor…should anything happen, please wipe the memories of my family clean. I do not want them to know any pain from this.” Y/n held in her tears and kept her face straight. If it wasn’t for the serious situation, the members would have laughed; the young witch looked exactly like the older man behind her. Cold and barren.

    The room nodded.

    It had begun.

    One by one each member stood to give y/n a warm embrace. Molly wept, holding her so tight y/n thought a bone would snap; Arthur held her close, he was more of a father than her own; Kingsley patted her back and gave her one of his approving stares; Moody grasped her shoulder and shook it gently; Tonks embraced her and let a single tear fall; Remus cradled her gently, then picked her up and held her, “You’re one of the good ones, love. Stay close to Severus.” He managed, his calm voice cracking. Y/n held his neck and nodded, “Take care of yourself, Remus.” She whispered.

    The man placed her back on the floor carefully and drew his arms away reluctantly. They all stared at the young witch they had all grown to treat as their own daughter or sister. Family. They loved her. She was a ball of light in the darkness that enveloped the Wizarding world…and now she was about to be snuffed out. Putting the lives of the world ahead of hers.

    “Severus you look after her. She does not leave your side. I do not care if you need to cuff yourselves together. Do. Not. Leave. Her.” Molly seethed, hating the decision.

    “I will keep as close to her as her own shadow. ” Severus stated; no emotion in his face or voice. It was all they would get out of him.

    Y/n gave them all a final smile, in hopes of putting them to rest, and turned, “Shall we?”

    Severus looked down at her. The bright witch he longed to leave behind. He wished he could find someone else. But she was it. Perfect. She was the final decision. She was his to protect. He took one last look at the final bit of brightness in her eyes; he knew it would go quickly. He wished he could bottle it. Keep it safe. He made an oath with himself there that he would do all in his power to preserve her. If it was the last thing he did.

    “Do I need anything?” She asked.

    “No.” He said.

    Y/n nodded.

    Severus held out his arm, “Place your arm on mine, and take a deep breath.”

    Y/n tried to focus on his voice; she hated apparating. Slowly, she slipped her arm around his and held tight. She took one last look at the faces she loved, and in an instant, they were gone. She stretched and was pulled like taffy.

    “Breathe. Focus on your breathing.”

    It was Snape’s voice next to her. Y/n listened to him and closed her eyes. She let her breathing consume her mind. Then, it was over. They stood outside the grounds of a massive estate.

    Malfoy Manor.

    As Severus began to walk, y/n paused. After a few long strides, he felt her lack of presence beside him; he turned and stared at her. In that moment, she looked so small. She was scared. In front of the Order, she held her head so high, but now, she was letting her fear show.

    “S-Severus?” She managed weakly.

    He said nothing, but walked to her; irritated.

    “I’m not backing out, but I’m scared.” She whispered as he got closer. Her eyes were fixed on the massive gate in front of them.

    “Keep quiet, keep your head down, listen, do as your told and stay by my side.” He hissed. Y/n sighed and let her frustration for him replace her nerves. She stood up straight and nodded once; they fell into step with one another. Severus waved his wand at the gate and they passed through it in a cloud of black smoke.

    The mansion itself must have once been magnificent; now it looked as though it’s life had been drained. What was once white marble and stone was now greying and dull. They walked through halls and foyers that seemed endless, until they finally came to a staircase. Here, Severus paused, “Do not speak unless spoken to. No not let them see your fear. I approached you in Diagon ally and recruited you with promises of aiding the dark lord. Wait at the top of the stairs until you are called.” He murmured. Y/n closed her eyes and let his voice calm her, regardless of the stern words. It was the only thing she could cling to.

    With a nod from the young witch, they climbed the stairs. Her heart beat in her ears and her steps were muffled. Time seemed to slow down. Before she knew it they were at the top of the staircase, and a vast room opened up. She stood there like he had told her; y/n had hoped it would help her calm herself, but all it did was allow her to take in exactly what she had gotten into.

    A massive, long table stretched out down the room with countless chairs filled. Filled with Death Eaters. Y/n took in a deep breath and watched Severus walk away. As soon as he took a step, she felt herself grow empty and cold. Not something she expected.

    Then, a voice spoke, and her blood ran cold; ice in her veins.

    “Ahh Severus. I was beginning to worry you’d lost your way. And I believe I see you have stayed true to your word…” The voice that y/n hoped she would never hear reached her ears. The voice of Voldemort.

    Y/n was frozen. She was stiff. Her brain screamed at her to run. But she couldn’t. Not now, and perhaps not ever. She took a breath, trying to replay the sound of Severus’s voice to remind her of why she was there.

    “My lord, I have brought with me an old pupil of mine. She was the top of her year under my guidance. I believe she will serve you well.” Severus answered the dark lord.

    Y/n felt every eye on her, wanting to shy away, but she couldn’t. Her lifted her head proudly. Severus turned, and held his hand out to her, “Come.”

    Before she knew it, Y/n released the breath she held and felt her legs go towards the older man she knew all too well. Her hand reached up to grasp his; Severus guided her to stand before Voldemort himself. Y/n held the cold, dead gaze of the most feared wizard in the modern world. She felt her knees buckle ever so slightly.

    “My, my…it seems almost a pity to have you sit among us. Such a pretty face would look much nicer on the floor under the Cruciatus curse…” The dark lord mused, “You’re quite sure of her, Severus?”


    Y/n shivered.


    “And you, girl, where does your loyalty lie?” Voldemort hissed.

    This was it.

    “With you, my lord.” Y/n said as calmly as she could, giving him a slight bow.

    A bark of a laugh came from him, followed by a maniacal cackle from down the table. Y/n stared at the woman and did her best to not let her eyes widen. Bellatrix Lestrange.

    Voldemort shot her a look that could have killed her. He turned back to y/n, “Arm.” He commanded.

    Y/n looked over at Severus, he gave her a nod. She steadied her shaking arm and held it out to the the snake-like man. His cold hands grasped her arm harshly, squeezing it. A sadistic smile stretched his mouth as he squeezed tighter, hoping she would wince. But she didn’t. She wouldn’t.

    “A proud girl I see.” His voice made her want to vomit; it sounded like death. She didn’t answer. His smile grew.

    Voldemort dug the tip of his wand into her arm, his eyes alight as he watched her skin stretch painfully. Y/n stayed strong, regardless of the pain. After a moment, y/n felt a blinding sting in her arm. Burning her skin. She finally let out a gasp, which seemed to elate the dark lord. Slowly, the shape of a skull formed under her skin, and y/n watched in horror as a serpent slithered out of its mouth to hang above her wrist.

    It was done.

    She was marked.

    She was a Death Eater.

    Cries of demonic joy came from up and down the table. Y/n held herself back and instead let a grin stretch across her lips. She looked back at Severus who had now come to just a breath behind her. He took her arm in his hand, inspecting her mark. Then, he did something so small that no one else saw it. It was microscopic.

    But she felt it, more than she saw it.

    Severus gently smoothed his thumb over it, a soothing gesture. A reminder that he was there. Y/n felt her heart skip a beat, though she pushed it away as nerves.

    “Welcome! Welcome. Take a seat. Though we only have one available presently. I’m sure you won’t mind having the girl on your knee, Severus?” Voldemort said a little too happily. Y/n thought she heard him wrong. Another insane laugh came from Bellatrix. She hated the sound.


    One of the many men down the table elbowed another , “Mind if we take turns with her, Snape? Been a while I’ve seen such a pretty face ‘round here.” His laugh was sickening. Y/n couldn’t help but look up at Severus for his reaction. He gave none, so she didn’t either.

    Y/n stared the man down, recognizing his face. Yaxley.

    Y/n felt it was time for her to bite back, “Mr. Yaxley, I doubt greatly that your wife would approve of such behaviour.”

    He went silent and lost his smile.

    “You little-“

    “Excellent! I believe she will do well. Sit.” Voldemort grinned happily. Severus walked y/n over to the empty chair and sat; he patted his thigh for her to sit, which she did reluctantly. Y/n tried to focus on the faces around her, taking inventory of who was there; what she tried to ignore was the well muscled leg beneath her and the arm that held her in place.

    Severus was, at the exact moment, attempting to do the same. Having her perched atop his thigh, her sweet smell filling his nose…it was too much.

    Too long had he stalked around her, tiptoeing in the shadows to watch her from afar; just to see that bright smile she had, to see her unguarded. He revelled in when she tried to please him as she grew older. Severus remembered seeing her bloody fingertips as she had handed in a particularly extensive essay. Oh how he wished he could have taken her hand and kissed her fingers; sucked away the blood-

    The dark lord began again, “You know our hosts, of course, Severus. Narcissa in particular has been most hospitable. Lucius, on the other hand, is, I fear, burdened by my presence. Are you, Lucius?”

    Y/n flicked her eyes to the man in question. She had seen him many a time in the past. He had his fingers in one too many pies for her liking, and it seemed to be getting to him. He looked as if he hadn’t slept and his hair needed a wash, but he was still regal as ever. A proud man. His eyes were on her, staring a little too long for her liking. His wife, however, looked as if nothing was wrong. She was beautiful woman who y/n had never seen before. It made y/n sick that he so openly stared at her while his wife was sat right next to him.

    Finally, he responded to the question, “My lord?”

    Voldemort asked again, terrifyingly patient, “Are you burdened?”

    It seemed his tongue was taken from him. Lucius couldn’t answer. Narcissa answered for him, “My lord is always welcome here.”

    Y/n flinched as she felt something touch her foot and kept in a scream when she saw it was a massive snake slithering along the feet of everyone seated. Severus felt her jump against him. Then he felt it- Nagini slipped past, earning nervous looked from everyone. The older man sucked in a breath and placed his hand on her hip, drawing tiny, soft circles there to calm her.

    Y/n stifled a gasp at the feeling of his hand on her. She felt warm. It was infuriating that she reacted this way; in a time with such high steaks, y/n knew she was reacting because of her nerves and adrenaline. Y/n mentally slapped herself and focused on her breathing.

    Keep it together.

    Keep it together.

    Then, Y/n felt a prodding in her mind, almost like a headache but without the pain. Someone was trying to get into her head. She fought with herself as to whether or not she should let them in…she decided to open her mind.

    Within seconds, the voice she dared say she missed, entered her head.


    “We are almost through here. Keep yourself together.” He said.

    Y/n had never communicated that way before and it felt odd. She tried to reply.

    “My arm is on fire and I’m being undressed mentally by a few married men. I am doing my damn best.” She hissed. Y/n felt his grip on her tighten slightly. She figured it was to reprimand her, but she didn’t know it was out of possessiveness.

    Voldemort smiled and shifted his eyes to Severus. “This girl will be your responsibility, Severus. You will show her what is needed.” Severus nodded, y/n paled, “Why don’t you take our new addition to your new home? Nagini will take you.”

    Severus nodded once, “Of course, my lord.” He held her waist and guided her to stand, he followed behind her. They both gave the Dark Lord a bow and followed behind the gigantic snake as it slithered away.

    Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they reached a door. It was downstairs and almost hidden away. Nagini left them there.

    “Thank you Nagini.” Severus murmured.

    After a moment, he opened the door and let y/n walk in first. Y/n felt her legs lose their strength with every step. Severus followed after her and quickly shut and locked the door. He cast a mass silencing charm around the room for good measure.

    Y/n stood there swaying, then she quickly walked to the washroom and slammed the door. She couldn’t keep the bile in anymore; she vomited the little food inside her. Fear, disgust and anguish made her heave. With nothing left inside her, the young witch fell to the floor and tried to calm her breathing.

    She quickly took out her wand and moved it around the small room, “Quietus.”

    And she let go.

    A blood curdling scream left her burning throat, making her dizzy. She was sure she would have numerous broken blood vessels in her face once she exited the washroom.

    Y/n held herself.




    Y/n slowly began to feel her heart slow and air filled her lungs easier.

    After what she was sure was an hour, she shakily stood; gripping the sink and pulling herself to it. She splashed ice cold water onto her face, trying to calm herself. She stared down at her arm and was almost afraid to touch it. It was red and raw from the hands gripping it and the wand that was almost stabbed through. The Dar Mark stared up at her, twisting like a cloud of smoke.

    A few stray tears fell down her cheeks, which she wiped away. Y/n took a breath and opened the door back into the room. On a desk just outside the door, was a jar and a glass of water. She looked up, and found Severus seated on an armchair infront of a harth, book in hand.

    “Better?” He asked, not looking up.

    Y/n took the water and drained it. Before she could put it down, it filled again. She flicked her eyes from the glass to the man across the room. She drank again. It helped greatly. Next, she unscrewed the lid to the ointment. It was green and had an odd smell. She walked over to Severus, “Is…is this for my arm, sir?”

    He looked up and shut his book with a snap.

    “Here.” His dark voice beckoned her with his hand out, but she just wanted an answer. He treated her like a child; like she was incompetent; like she couldn’t follow instructions. It infuriating her beyond belief now. Y/n tried to remember what she was like before him; she was bright and happy And outgoing. Then as the years went on, she grew tired, and focused. She felt the pressure placed upon her slowly snuff out the light.

    She shook her self, “I can do it, I just asked you a yes or no question.” She snapped.

    I am not a child.

    He stared up at her with no emotion, “Yes. Do not let it touch your clothes.”

    Y/n looked over at him as she walked to the small table between his chair and another, “Why? Is it going to burn a hole in the fabric?” She sneered.


    She looked up quickly, “How is this going to heal me then? Are you trying-“

    “My…your temper truly does flare under the tiniest of comments.” He smirked, his voice low and smooth.

    Y/n opened and closed her mouth. She wanted desperately to argue with him, to put him in his place. But not now.

    She let out a sigh and began gingerly applying the ointment. It stung and burned, but after a half an hour, the pain subsided and the redness and bruising were gone. Y/n half hoped it would heal the Dark Mark as well, but it was in perfect, pristine condition.

    Severus watched her. He saw how she stared down at her mark, there was turmoil and despair in her usually bright eyes. He had been right- this was the last step to her glow being distinguished. Severus gripped his book tightly; he would not let her fade.


    He looked up to see y/n point her wand at the hearth and light a fire, “hm?” He hummed.

    “What shall I call you? I- you are not my professor any longer, and I hear everyone calling you by your first name here…I don’t want to feel-“

    “Severus.” He murmured like thunder. His voice was surprisingly soft.

    Y/n flicked her eyes to him. Did he just allow me to call him by his first name?

    “Severus…” she whispered to herself.

    If she had looked closer, she would have seen the faintest of smirks on the older man’s face at the sound of his name coming from her lips.

    He decided he enjoyed it.

    “We will begin Occlumency lessons tomorrow evening. You will need to learn how to resist and conceal. It is possible that I will have to interrogate you as well.” Severus flipped a page as if he was talking about the weather.

    Y/n nodded solemnly.

    “Where will you be sleeping?” She asked, gazing at the flames. If he said in the same room she was going to lose it-

    “My chambers are down the hall.” He stated simply; his smooth voice calmed her whether she liked it or not. It always had. Since as long as she could recall, even when he reprimanded her, a shiver would go down her spine. She hated that her body reacted in such a way.

    “Come see me…when you need.”

    Y/n snapped her head to him. What did he say?

    What the young witch didn’t know, however, was that once she had let him into her mind at the table of Death Eaters, she never vanquished him. He had effectively been sitting idle in her thoughts since, and heard every word.

    Before she could ask anything, there was a knock on the door.

    Y/n looked between Severus and the door, freezing. He stared at her- his gaze stern, “You are a Death Eater, y/n. Answer the door.”

    That sobered the young witch. Y/n straightened her back and stoned her face; she stood and quickly walked to the door and pulled it open a crack. She felt her blood go cold when staring back at her was none other than Lucius Malfoy.

    Creepy. What does he want?

    “Mr. Malfoy, sir. How can I be of service?”

    Severus twitched at the sound of his name. He didn’t like how the man seemed to hunger for the girl.

    “My dear girl, the lady of the house requests your presence at once. Surely your guard dog doesn’t mind?” He said in a sickly sweet tone that made her hair stand on end. His eyes were predatory and y/n felt as if he would swollow her whole.

    Y/n disliked how he called the potions master her guard dog. He was more than that…

    Severus had enough. He stood swiftly and strode over to the two by the door, “Lucius, surely you had enough at dinner. You stare at the girl as if you would eat her alive. I’m positive you have preserved more adequate manners somewhere in that head of yours?”

    Y/n bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from gaping or smiling.

    Then she felt that pull again in her head, she accepted it.

    “Go with him. If he does anything you have my permission to hex him.” Severus’s voice filled her head. He watched her eyes glaze over as she listened; he found himself enjoying how compliant she was…

    “Thank you…Severus.” Came her silent reply.


    The man closed his eyes for a fraction of a second at the sound of her voice saying his name so softly in his head.

    “And y/n? Be sure to close your mind next time. Your thought are…loud.” He finished and left her mind. Y/n felt a deep blush rise over her cheeks.

    Did he hear everything?

    She quickly sealed off her mind to him, noting that he was nosey.

    “Come come now Severus, play nicely.” Lucius Malfoy had a disturbingly calm, smooth voice, though it was so diffident from Severus- his was low like a rumble from deep in his chest, it could make you grow warm while also forming tears in your eyes. Lucius’s was like the devil- tantalizing, soft and dangerous. Between the two of them arguing, y/n didn’t know what to think.

    “I don’t believe I caught your name, dear one?”

    Y/n looked up into piercing blue eyes. He was waiting.

    He’s talking to you! Answer him!

    “Y/n l/n, sir. I was a few years ahead of your son.” She managed as calmly as she could.

    A terrifyingly charming smirk stretched his handsome face, “Ah yes…I recall hearing him speak of you. Quite the high achiever, aren’t you?”

    Y/n felt Severus stiffen next to her.

    “I believe that would be better confirmed by Severus; I don’t like to boast where unnecessary.” She answered cooly.

    “Indeed, she was a model student. Though prone to stubbornness and outbursts. She remains one of the best students to be educated at Hogwarts.” The older man behind her answered calmly and slowly.

    Y/n blinked. Was that a compliment?

    “Well, a bit of fire in one’s soul never hurt. In fact, it can be quite delightful.” Lucius cooed to her. Y/n felt herself warm.

    Severus placed a hand on her shoulder, she looked up at his stern face- his dark eyes were rich with fury.

    Why was he so angry?

    “Have I crossed a line, old friend?” The blonde man smirked. It occurred to her then, that they may have gone to school together. She wondered if they were the same age.

    “You do not know any lines, Lucius.” He said dangerously low. Y/n shivered as she felt his chest vibrate against her back, “Take her.” Severus released his hold on her shoulder.

    Lucius held out his hand for her to take, which she did slowly. He dipped his head and kissed her knuckles; y/n felt her breath hitch. As the man took her arm and draped it around his, y/n looked back once more to the potions master as he stood in the doorway. His eyes bored holes into her and he nodded at her once. Some sort of reassurance.

    Y/n gave him a small smile, and turned back to the blonde man speaking in her ear. He was telling her how noble she was becoming one of them at such a young age… “…it takes a great deal of loyalty to join the Dark Lord. I’m curious what other…admirable traits you have.” Lucius drawled, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer as they walked. Y/n was dizzy from his scent; it was strong and clouded her head.

    Y/n let out a breath, trying to stay calm, “I appreciate your praise sir…may I ask though, why has Mrs. Malfoy requested me?” She asked. Surely she hadn’t done something wrong already. Maybe she was going to interrogate her…maybe she had questions about her son-

    “Ah, yes. Here we are. Narcissa will be providing you with more…suitable robes. Something worthy of the Dark Lord’s newest addition.” Lucius came to a stop outside of beautiful double doors that y/n could only assume were his and Narcissa’s rooms. He dropped his hand from her and knocked once.

    After a moment, the door swung open and the beautiful woman she had seen earlier stood with her head high. She was unbelievably stunning. Regal.

    “Thank you Lucius, I will take it from Here. Come, my girl.” The witch extended her hand and y/n took it graciously. It was refreshing to be near a woman and a mother. The door clicked behind her, but not before Lucius took one more shameless look at her. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

    “Please, call me Narcissa…I don’t believe I heard your name.” She lead y/n deeper into the room, past an ornate four-poster bed and lush carpets, leather armchairs and a crackling hearth.

    Y/n snapped out of her marvelling at the room, “Oh, I apologize, please call me y/n. I went to school with your son actually. I was a few years above him but I spoke with him often. How is he?” Y/n felt the matriarch falter at the mention of the boy.

    “Draco? Oh…he is…he is keeping well. Nearly finished his studies.” Narcissa’s voice cracked ever so slightly. She took y/n into another room; inside there were rows and rows of clothes and shoes. Y/n let her mouth drop open and looked around slowly.

    “Oh my…this is…Mrs- Narcissa, I cannot allow you to dress me in any of these. I will be too afraid to move!” She gushed, forgetting the evening’s events and where she was. The elder witch watched her, a small smile pulling at her painted lips.

    “I have a few dresses and robes from when I was younger, I’m sure they will be more to your liking than the ones I wear now…they are difficult to walk in.” She flicked through the end of one of the rows of dresses, collecting several in her hand as she went, “Here you are. Tell me if you need them readjusted.”

    Y/n was handed an arm full of magnificent dresses, all in pristine condition as well as several shoes. Most of them were tight and definitely shorter than the almost floor length gowns Narcissa wore currently. “Th-thank you. I will take these to my room and try them. If I need any help I will come find you.” Y/n smiled for the first time, almost catching the witch off guard.

    “You are a beautiful young woman, my dear…be careful.” She murmured, eyes filled with sorrow. Y/n wondered if she spoke from experience.

    “I will do my best. Thank you again.” Y/n hurried out of the room and back through the winding halls until she finally found her room. As soon as she opened and closed the door, she was pushed against the wall and dropped the clothes.

    She gasped, “What-“

    “What. Happened?”

    Y/n stared up at Severus as he stared down at her, hands gripping her shoulders. He looked enraged.

    “I-Narcissa gave me some clothes.” She managed.

    “Did he touch you?” He spoke deathly slow, his voice made her shiver. Y/n pushed her body’s reaction away,and thought about his words.

    Did he touch me? What did it matter?

    “What does it matter if Malfoy touched me or not. You’re not his wife-“

    “And neither are you. You are not his to touch either.” He growled, coming even closer. Y/n felt his breath on her cheeks, and against her wishes, a blush rose over her face.

    “And who’s am I to be touched by? I do not belong to someone, sir, and I am not a damn child. Now release me!” She pushed his hands off her with some difficulty and gathered the fabric at her feet.

    “Now unless you wish to watch me change, I suggest you leave because I am about to find out what I look like as a Death Eater.” She called over her shoulder as she marched into the washroom and slammed the door.

    If only she knew how badly he wanted to see her; how badly he wanted her to call to him to help zip her dress or button her cuffs. Kiss her shoulders-


    Severus turned on his heel and left the room for the night. He would no doubt be stuck with her for the next few days, showing her what was needed of her and expected. He pinched his brow once he entered his own chambers, but recovered quickly.

    Sitting in one of the arm chairs was Lucius.

    “My, my…quite the master you have there, old friend.” Lucius gazed into the fire, hand toying with the serpent atop his cane.

    Severus’s eye twitched.

    The blonde man continued, “The girl will be useful. No doubt Narcissa and Bella will enjoy playing with her…I believe she would enjoy it…being toyed with. Being-“

    “Get. Out.” Severus seethed through gritted teeth.

    Lucius looked over at him, eyes bright with mischief, “Hit a nerve, have I?”


    He stood slowly, and walked towards Severus as he stood by the door with his back straight and eyes ablaze.

    “I will go now. But let me tell you now…if you don’t, someone else will.” Lucius’s smooth pompous voice made Severus cringe. His words made him enraged.

    He was painfully aware of what he meant. And he would rather be put under the Cruciatus curse than stand by and watch the vile man taint that beautiful young witch.



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    “Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are done having their own biological children(pity!) maybe they should be thinking about adopting a couple more. They seem like the only royal couple who's selfless enough to do such beautiful and loving gesture and love someone else's biological child as their own. Oooh maybe they could adopt some adorable dark-skinned children who are in need of a loving home, I'm sure the fam back in London would be thrilled since they're "very much not a racist family"” - Submitted by Anonymous

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    The Wicked Game

    Part I Part II Part III

    Summery: Reader is a brilliant young witch who is entrusted with the mission of infiltrating Malfoy Manor and become a death eater to work as a double agent. The only problem is she must do it along side the man she hates most. 

    Pairing:Professor Snape x Reader

    Warnings: Injury and slight abuse.

    Note: warnings apply to the specific part, not the entire series. This is an 18+ series. Thank you.


    “I will absolutely not go with him.”

    The young witch stood and stormed out from the kitchen, slamming every door she could in her wake. The Order members exchanged looks of exhaustion. This was going nowhere.

    Eight years earlier

    Y/n waited excitedly upon the stool atop the stairs of the Great Hall; after years of hearing about the wonders Hogwarts held from her parents, she was finally there. She had watched patiently as each student took their turn to be sorted, and now it was her turn. The Sorting Hat was placed upon her head by Professor Mcgonagall. It was heavy and smelled; the little witch almost vibrates with anticipation.

    It began to speak.

    “Well, well look at what we have here. My…what a fascinating mind I must say. A heart of gold and valiance…a brave soul aren’t you? But there is a kindness there too, selflessness and goodness. And knowledge of a library I do say, I may not have seen this brilliance in well over two decades…yes, yes…and cunning too I see. Deceptive and ambitious…resourceful and cleaver…yes yes. But where shall we put you? Hmm…I believe…Slytherin!”

    There was a rumble of applause.

    Y/n gasped and barely felt her legs stand.

    Her head was dizzy.


    She had never thought she would end up there, especially coming from a long run of Gryffindors and Ravenclaws. As she walked down to the table adorned in greens and silvers, the roar of cheers and elder students standing to welcome blurred and went silent in her eyes and ears. She felt herself sit, and arms went around her. But she couldn’t fully comprehend anything. Shocked.

    After a few moments, y/n finally looked around. Her eyes fell upon her new head of house; the feared and infamous potions master of Hogwarts. Professor Severus Snape.

    Y/n had heard stories about him. Cousins of hers had him and some aunts and uncles knew him from their time as students. They all said the same: he was a wicked man with a cold soul and a brilliant mind. Y/n couldn’t look away. Her heart pounded. He would be her superior for the next 7 years of her life. She took a long breath.

    This was going to be a long 7 years.

    6 years earlier

    Y/n held her hand up nervously. She was halfway through her Fire Protection Potion when she was having a hard time crushing her Wartcap into a smooth powder. Not wanting to make a mistake, she waited for Professor Snape to come to her.

    Sure enough, within moments, y/n felt the familiar breeze of the professor coming to a stop behind her; his breath was on her neck.

    “Miss l/n?” His low velvety voice filled her ears, and she forgot how to think. He always made her nervous; Snape was a harsh man especially as head of one’s house. The pressure he placed upon his serpents was higher than any other house knew.

    While y/n was an optimistic girl with a bright smile and happy mind, she had found herself souring towards the professor. She had grown to loath him and his sharp comments…his intimidating stare and humiliating remarks.

    She let out a sigh, “Professor I’m afraid I’m having a hard time turning my Wartcap into a smooth powder. If I crush it counter clockwise and clockwise, will it harm it?” She asked quietly.

    Snape gazed down at her, “No.” he said shortly.

    That was the nicest reply he had given her for the past two years, “Thank you sir-“

    “In the future, do not bother me with such brainless inquiries.” He hissed

    There it was.

    “Well, professor, I do believe that is your job to answer student’s questions-“

    “Detention, Miss l/n.” Snape stood and began walking away. She gasped and went to open her mouth in protest, but Snape knew her. He shot one more look over his shoulder, “Do not push me, L/n. I will not hesitate.”

    She bit the inside of her cheek.


    Four years earlier.

    Only two more years left until she could leave Hogwarts. Y/n hurried down the stairs to the dungeons, her textbook under her arm. She held her head high and strode towards the door; she took the same seat as she always did, and gathered the three rolls of parchment assigned the day before on moonstone and it’s uses. She had poured over the paper to ensure it’s perfection. Over the past 5 years, she had learned that her head of house appreciated punctuality, studiousness and resourcefulness above all else. That, and no bother for him.

    Following these personal rules, y/n had become one of the highest ranking students in her year, and the top of her potions class. Of course, she had also lost a great deal of sanity in the meantime- endless nights of years and back pain as she studied and wrote until her fingers bled. In her fourth year, her fingers were so badly injured from an essay spanning 7 rolls of parchment that there were tiny bloody fingerprints along the edge of her paper where she held it.

    Snape had chastised her, telling her she was silly to let herself become injured. Infront of the class. She had fumed for days- considered slipping him a hiccuping potion to mess with him.

    Y/n strode up to the desk at the front of the room occupied by the potions master, nose in a book. She silently placed her parchment down and turned to walk away.

    “A moment, Miss l/n?”

    Y/n closed her eyes and sucked in a breath. She turned to him with a stoic expression that mirrored his own.

    “Professor?” She asked.

    “Yesterday I noticed you did not check your cauldron before use when brewing the Draught of peace. Surely you know better than to use an unchecked vessel for potion making…something irreversible might. Just. Happen.” He spoke slowly, his low timbered voice sending a shiver down her spine; y/n hated that he had that effect on her. All it did was infuriate her; she did her best to hide her irritation.

    “Of course sir. I will do better.” She managed.

    Go swallow a dung beetle, Snape.

    Did he have to treat her like she was some child? He never belittled anyone else as consistently as her.

    Three years ago.

    “Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them. Form an orderly line, and venture a smell…” Professor Snape stood at the front of the class with a small cauldron next to him, spiraling steam coming from it.

    The students pushed and shoved one another until a line was formed. Y/n waited until they were finished with their exhausting, childish antics to stand and take a spot at the end of the line. One by one, they stuck their noses into the tantalizing potion, one girl even tried to put her finger inside, earning her a month of detention. Finally the smelly boy infront of her stalked off, and it was her turn. Y/n stepped up, eyes on her professor; his dark irises burned her.

    She leaned forward and let the steam fill her nose.

    “Well?” Snape asked after a moment.

    Y/n thought, “Mountain air, books…old books. Cider. Wet stones…and…worn cloth.” She murmured just loud enough for him to hear. She knew that smell, but she couldn’t place it. Her professor gave her a single nod, to which she turned and strode back to her chair.

    How did she know that smell?

    One year ago.

    The entire office was pink.

    Y/n had visited the same place many a time, enjoying her DADA class highly. She fondly remembered Professor Lupin during her fourth year. He was terribly kind and forthcoming. She didn’t know how many times he had checked on her; y/n was a gifted witch who worked herself too hard. He saw it in her red eyes. More than twice, he had invited her for tea and chocolates to talk about her troubles.

    Now, however, in her final year, it seemed that the devil himself took form of the small, toad-like lady standing infront of her.

    It was because y/n had had enough. Enough of the essays and lack of instruction and practical learning since Umbridge had taken over the roll of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. In the middle of class, Y/n had stood and shouted at the woman, calling her a wicked person who hid under a rock. A stupid woman. And she also screamed that Voldemort was back, which resulted in an uproar from fellow students supporting her.

    However, y/n was now strapped to a hard chair, the woman throwing painful curses at her as if they were nothing. Then, the woman threw the chair she was attached to close to the far wall; next to a desk that held a quill and paper, but no ink.

    “Now then, Miss l/n. I would like you to write ‘I must not tell lies.’” The woman said in a sickly sweet tone that made y/n want to vomit.

    “It has no ink.” Y/n spat.

    “Oh it doesn’t need it. Just write.” Umbridge walked to her desk and sat.

    Y/n began to write, much to her dislike. The more she wrote, a pain grew in the side of her hand. It was raw and red. Then she looked at the quill: it was red inked. Y/n’s blood ran cold in realization. She was being tortured. She was being forced to write in her own blood-

    The door to the office flew open, revealing y/n’s head of house. His robe billowed around him; in that moment, he looked like her guardian angel. Snape’s face was stern and cross.


    His eyes first found the young witch under his guidance, her eyes pained. Y/n swore she saw him gasp.

    “Professor Snape! May I help you? I was in the middle of a detention with Miss l/n-“

    “Indeed, I see that.” He arched a brow and looked y/n up and down. Umbridge’s eyes were not on her, and she took the opportunity to mouth the words “help me.” to the older wizard before her. His eyes flicked to her mouth, “Please.” She added, eyes begging him. It was then that he saw the bindings cutting into her, and the redness on her hand.

    His anger bubbled.

    “Professor Umbridge, while I commend your methods, Miss l/n is of my own house, thus it is my decision as to her punishment. She will continue her detention with me, and I will double it.” He stated through gritted teeth.

    “Very well.” Umbridge twitched, her demonic smile never moving. She flicked her hand and the ropes disappeared from the chair. Y/n stood with her head high, and strode over to her professor. He stared down at her- she was weak, frail almost. Severus wondered if those ropes somehow poisoned her slowly…

    Snape gave Umbridge a curt nod and walked out quickly with y/n in tow. Once outside the classroom, he dragged her down into the dungeons- her legs barely keeping up with him.

    She began to falter.

    “P-professor, please- she- she…she did something t-to me. I can’t-“ they were just a few steps from his office when she collapsed. Y/n heaved for air but it was like she was being suffocated. Severus scooped her up in his arms and flung the door open. He laid her on the a table and pushed her hair from her eyes. Her pupils were restricted. She was indeed poisoned. Something untraceable. A paralysis potion mixed with something else.

    Severus’s mind raced. He flicked his wand, summoning an antidote. It came instantly, he uncorked it and braced the young witch’s head in his arms.

    “Open.” He whispered.

    Y/n parted her lips to the best of her ability, and swollowed the potion.

    Slowly, she regained her composure. The nausea and numbness subsided.


    “You stupid girl. Do you not possess any control over yourself?” He bellowed, y/n sat up and stood slowly, refusing to cower as he liked.

    “Not when there are wrongdoings, sir. I will not stand by as that beast continues to spread lies and calls herself a professor. Not when she has you to compete with.” She cried. Y/n did not mean to let that final thought out. It showed.

    Snape leaned down dangerously close to her, “Detention. Two months.”

    She shut her mouth and glared up at him, “ And here I was about to thank you. Perhaps I am a stupid girl.”y/n turned on her heel and stormed out before he could say anything else, she let the door slam shut.

    Rot in hell.

    5 minutes ago.

    “Y/n, there has been an unfortunate development…” Remus took her hand gently and she braced for the worst news possible. It couldn’t get worse than what had already happened. The death of Sirius Black shook the entire Order of the Phoenix. They were all in pain.

    “What happened?” She asked, looking around the room, her eyes catching onto the pitch black ones belonging to her old Potions Professor.

    “Well, you see…Severus means to infiltrate the other side…but Voldemort has doubts about his loyalty. He has asked him to bring a recruitment as a mark of his loyalty.” The man’s hazel eyes calmed her nerves, but regardless, she was uneasy and didn’t like where this was going.

    Aruthur sat down across from her, next to the potions master, “Y/n you are one of our best…you have done more covert missions than the lot of us. You know how to get into people’s heads…”


    “The Order has decided that you will go with Severus as an…offering.” The patriarch sighed, his eyes pained. The entire room held their breath.

    Y/n was silent. A storm brewing in her eyes. Him. She would have said yes in a heartbeat if it was with anyone but him.

    The man who ruled over her for years and made her feel less than. The man who would barely praise her one minute then chastise her the next. Her blood began to boil.

    “I will absolutely not go with him.”

    The young witch stood and stormed out from the kitchen. The room fell silent. Everyone looked amongst themselves, trying to alleviate the tension, except one. Severus watched her furious eyes and how her temper over took her. How she marched out of the room with her head high.

    She was more powerful than she knew.

    After a moment, he stood swiftly and walked out behind her. The front door had slammed shut and he followed accordingly. Outside on the steps of 12 Grimmauld Place was where she sat, head in her hands. Severus gazed down at her for a moment. She had to agree to go with him; she was the only one he would work with. He needed her to agree. If not, it meant his life as well as the lives of the entire Order at steak. On the chopping block. Severus sucked in a breath.

    “The decision must be made by nightfall.” He stated coldly.

    Y/n didn’t bother to look at him, “Why do you think I’ll go?” She asked venomously. She thought back to all the times she had come to him for clarification, aid, and guidance for almost a decade. He was a cold man who dealt out harsh realities. He did not know how to comfort, only to instruct and smooth over, “You made my life miserable. I entrusted you with my thoughts and vulnerability as one should be able to with their head of house and you would throw them all right back to me.” A few tears ran down her cheeks. Severus could hear the crack in her voice.

    But oh how wrong she was about him.

    “Did I?” He asked. He wasn’t looking for an answer- it was meant to make her think.

    Indeed, he was harsh and stern. But he offered her results and she was a stronger woman and witch for it. If he had been as soft with her as he would have liked, she would not have grown into the strong-minded, able bodied young woman she now was. With most of his serpents, he was indeed there to listen, but he knew she needed more than that. And he knew that she was aware of it too. She simply wouldn’t admit it. Everyone loves a scapegoat; someone to put blame on.

    She turned to him and craned her neck to stare at his black eyes. He continued, “Perhaps you’re not as bright as I thought.” He tested her. Seeing if she would take the bait. A fire lit in her eyes then. He revelled in it.

    Y/n watched him. His stoic face. After a moment, she stood and straightened her back.

    “When do we leave?”



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    Beyonce And Jay-Z Meet The Royal Fam

    Beyonce And Jay-Z Meet The Royal Fam

    According to inside reports; Meghan Markle, Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex wore an $18,000 gown to meet the Lion Queen and King on Sunday at the Lion King premier; marking this her first film premier as a royal. Beyonce wore a custom gold pleated gown with a thigh high slit by Cong Tri; along with Jimmy Choo heels priced at $875; accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewels to the London…

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  • myhiddenagendablog
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    Beyonce and Jay Z Meet The Royal Fam

    Beyonce and Jay Z Meet The Royal Fam

    According to inside reports; Meghan Markle, Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex wore an $18,000 gown to meet the Lion Queen and King on Sunday at the Lion King premier; marking this her first film premier as a royal. Beyonce wore a custom gold pleated gown with a thigh high slit by Cong Tri; along with Jimmy Choo heels priced at $875; accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewels to the London…

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    Prince Charles extends olive branch to Prince Harry in fear he will slam Camilla for damaging his childhood in new book, sources claim

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    Meghan Markle Earring Game

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    this is hot but this is hotter

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    “So now Harry feels 'threatened' by Nazi groups in the UK. That's so ironic considering that a few years ago he was the one who walking around with a swastika on his arm.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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    Evan: Severus and I were crossing the street, and this man drove by and honked at us.

    Avery: What did you guys do?

    Evan: Well Severus chased him to the next red light, and reached into his window, and-

    Severus: *walking in* Who wants a steering wheel?

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    Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince: Stills (2009)

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    Sussexes to launch new entertainment firms

    #Duke and #Duchess of #Sussex add to their growing empire by registering two more companies

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have laid out a blueprint for their work outside the Royal family with a series of business filings, showing more than half their new companies set up for the “entertainment” business. The couple, who now live in California and have already signed deals to produce Netflix shows and a Spotify podcast, are to pursue entertainment in earnest after stepping away from…

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    Harry and Meghan Markle building showbiz empire as they ‘want to earn loads more money’

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    Meghan Markle entering the One Young World conference in 2019.

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    Lets Talk About Luna Lovegood

    There are not many other houses that have main characters in these books. Luna is the main character Ravenclaw during the last three books. I love Luna her character is one hundred percent herself and she doesn't care what others think or believe. If someone doesn't believe what she thinks that okay but don't try and tell her she is wrong or else she will go off on you as she did with Hermione in the hog's head during the making of Dumbledore's army. Luna being a Ravenclaw adds a lot to how you should look at her character. Ravenclaws value intelligence, learning, wisdom, and wit, these values lie in Luna. This means that every weird and odd thing that she talks about like wrackspurts she has some sort of proof.

    When Harry starts on the track for the Deathly Hallows we see that not everything Luna and her father believe in are crazy conspiracies. There are only a few people who believe in these items. Some only believe in one but don't know or believe that the other two are real. The Deathly Hallows to many are as crazy as Nargels but they believed they were real. Her father believed it so much that he wore the sign around his neck hoping that another seeker will see it even when others believe it is a dark wizard symbol.

    Let's not forget about the fight at the ministry. When Harry was split up from half the group Luna was the only one in her group to not get hurt before Harry found them again. She was good enough at dulling to defend herself against the death eaters. She was one of the three leaders of the DA in the deathly hallows. Luna and her father stood against He who must not be named openly.

    Luna like most characters in this book went through a lot. At a young age, she saw her mother die. She was an outcast at school within her house and outside of it. She has a well common nickname of loony that people called her behind her back. Despite being an outcast she joins Dumbledores Army which comes at great risk. Fellow students would take her belongings and hide them so she could not find them. Luna is one of the few who are imprisoned by the death eater at age sixteen. Even after being imprisoned when she was broken out and got the sign to come back to Hogwarts, she came, and then even though she was underage she fought. At the end of the battle, Luna was the only one who knew that Harry wouldn't want to be around everyone and gave him a way out. She was a loyal friend who would be there for anyone even if they were not there for her.

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    Please sign the petition. People should not be allowed to profit off of racism and lies!

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    R.S. Locke’s/@royal_suitor’s three-part series on the Meghan, Harry, and the House of Windsor from last year is so, so good. It forefronts the harmful, rigid class-system, the fact and ideology of which continues to undergird British society.

    From part 1, “Will the House of Windsor Turn Into the House of Cards?”:


    From part 2, “The Flight of Icarus”:

    From part 3, “How Prince Harry Learned There Is No ‘Half-in, Half-out’ of the British Royal Family”:

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