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    Cross Stitch Pattern “Mulan” 🌸🐉

    Cross stitch pattern in PDF.

    Fabric: Aida, White, 14 Count
    110 x 129 Stitches

    Size: 7.86 x 9.21 inches or 19.96 x 23.40 cm

    DMC Thread: 16 colours.

    PDF included: image of the finished embroidery, pattern in color symbol, pattern in b&w symbol and key.

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  • Young Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

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  • #i’ll also kill you for rosebud #but y’know #i love you anyway #princess
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    Originally posted by avengersmemes

    Summary: Avengers gets princessy because of (Y/N), you have elemental powers.

    I laid on Peter’s chest as I scrolled through the sea of social media, waiting for something eventful to happen. “Peter,” I whined, rolling over, burying my face in his chest. His arm snaked around me, “what?” I didn’t move, hanging onto him like a koala and it’s tree. But suddenly, ideas of sunshine and rainbows rushed into my head. “Pete, remember last year when we bought a box of disney princess stuff for adults as a joke?” I asked, raising my head up. “Yeah, what?” Peter asked, still clueless as ever. “And everyone except us came back from a mission and they are asleep?” I continued as I rolled over. “Yes?” Peter asked, still confused. “Petey you idiot, let’s prank the avengers!” “You’re crazy, absolutely crazy,” Peter whined, “why are we doing this, we can’t do this!” “Stop being a baby and help me!” I shouted. “I hate you,” Peter huffed. I rolled my eyes as we continued walking down the halls. “Yeah but you love me,” I teased. “Sadly, you’re right,” Peter sighed. “Gimme a kiss if you do Petey,” I joked. “Yeah, yeah loving you was a mistake.” He whined, but resting his hand around my waist. Turning me around, Peter pulled me in for a sweet peck on the lips. I backed away though, “love you too, now let’s go get killed by the Earth’s mightiest heroes.”

    “I don’t get it,” I complained, “Tony Stark, one of the richest men alive, has a tiny supply closet.” Peter sighed, picking up a dusty box, “let’s just get out of here.” I laughed, how scared is he? “Fine,” I whined, slowly walking out of the closet, “come on.”

    “Who first?” I asked, a smirk creeping up on my face. Laid in my hands on a curly red hair wig. “Clint,” me and Peter said in unison. “So who are we doing?” Peter asked, scratching the back of his neck. “Uh let’s see,” I started, digging into the box, “Clint, Thor, bird brain, Bucky, Steve, Tony, and Loki.” Peter nodded, “then let’s get to work then.”

    “You take the bow-” “No Petey throw the clothes out.” “Gimme the wig. GIMME THE WIG!” “The dress, where’s the dress.” “Yes, now spill that on him.”

    “I don’t think the wig is enough.” “Extensions!” “Where’s the stuffed lizard!” “The purple one.” “This armour shit is heavy-” “You have super strength…”

    “Wig! Wig! Wig!” “Make the snow (Y/N)!” “What do we-” “Deal with it later!” “Fucking shield” “Language…..” 

    “Snowmen come on” “CHOCOLATE” “come on” “FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER!” “Shut it (Y/N) we’re going to get caught!” “The cake! WHERE IS THE CAKE!”

    “TALE AS OLD AS TIME!” “SHUT UP!” “Tea ups, tea cups, TEA CUPS!” “Dress!” “Be careful- wait no no no-” “BE. OUR. GUEST!”

    “Tail leave the tail!” “FLood the roOm!” “SuRe!” “Shit shit shit SHIT!” “THE WIG!” “Perfect!” “Crabs.” “GIVE ME CRABS!”

    “ANIMALSSSSS!” “Grow a tree (Y/N)!” “FOREST!” “SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL-” “Shut it!” “YES! Birds!”

    I sighed in relief as me and Peter laid on the couch. Finally. “WHO DA HELL TOOK ALL MY CLOTHES AND LEFT THIS DRESS!” I gave Peter a knowing look, but he returned me with a scared one. “Hey Merida!” I teased as Clint stomped into the room. “You! You two spilt that juice on me so I would change into this dress!” I bursted out into uncontrollable laughter. “No?” Peter defended. “That is fine, the wig is fine, but. WHERE. IS. MY. BOW!” Clint’s face grew red in anger, the light shone off the smooth surface of his dress, the red curls of his red wig layed messily on his face. The glitter on his eyeshadow matched the accessories we gave him. The wooden bow with the bear engraved in hung on to his hand. I was curled up on the couch with laughter while Peter’s face is practically the definition of horror. Clint shook his head in disappointment. “You’re lucky I like this dress,” he mumbled. I turned to Peter and gave him a shove on the shoulder. “You’ll regret this,” Clint stated as he wandered off for his morning coffee. As Clint walked out of the room, I flung myself onto Peter from laughter. Peter let out a soft chuckle, “we’re so dead.”

    After a while of calming down, me and Peter laid still, waiting for the next subject to come. “Lady (Y/N)! Man of spiders! Was it you who gifted me with the long hair once again!” Thor’s loud voice filled my ears as I tried to hide my laughter and act serious. “Yes! It was me and Peter!” I replied as Thor wondered in with his “hair” trailing behind him. “Thank you lady (Y/N)! For blessing me with the gorgeous locks of hair and the fabric of this clothing!” Thor continued, motioning to his dress. “But may I ask, what is the purpose of disposing my armor and gifting me with a dead lizard?” Thor asked. “The lizard’s a toy Mr Thor,” Peter laughed. “Your armour will be given back later,” I continued. “Thank you Lady (Y/N) and man of spiders, I shall go enjoy the treat of poptarts!” Thor sounded like a 5 year old, a cheerful cute 5 year old. “Who filled my room with utensils?” Loki raged. I compressed a laugh as Peter’s face filled with regret. “Check the bookshelves and thank me later!” I replied. “I assume you gave me this dress too?” Loki asked, still confused by the situation. “Yes my dear, go read but keep the dress,” I continued. “Pathetic mortals,” he scoffed, walking back to his room. I shook my head, turning to Peter, who was still stiff. “You don’t think this is funny?” I asked, still laughing a bit. “No! We’re so dead!”

    Next came Stevie, stumbling out of his room, trying to gather warmth. The braid of the blond wig lad on his shoulder, the ice like dress barely providing him warmth. “Who filled my room with snow!” He asked, “it’s freezing!” “Thought the cold never bothered you anyway Stevie!” I laughed, Peter let out a slight chuckle but the fear is still visible on his face. “Plus,” I started, “weren’t you frozen in ice for 70 years?” Steve shook his head, “well I had clothes of some worth, but somehow, I have this dress that looks like ice! And I wasn’t covered in juice!” “Geez sorry Stevie, guess we should have frozen your room,” I muttered. Peter gave me a glare as I rolled my eyes. “Oh where’s my shield?” Steve asked, anger still laced in his voice. “Under a pile of snow,” I said innocently. Peter faceplamed as regret fills his thoughts, “sorry Mr Rogers.”

    “Whoever put chocolate in my room, I love you!” I hear Bucky scream as he walks into the living room with pride. His green dress trailing behind and his wig up in a bun. “No problem Buck!” I replied, nudging Peter as he shook his head with a smile. “And what you did to Sam! Yas! I shall now worship you my queen,” Bucky screamed, bowing down. Right then, Sam rolled into the room. His “tail” soaked in water, a crab hanging onto the fin. “Why me you little shit! He gets chocolate and cakes and you drown me!” He scolded. “Shut it bird brain, you’re a fish now,” I replied. “It’s you and spider boy isn’t it!” Sam raged. I shrugged and ignored him, meanwhile Peter sat nervously. “You’re welcome princess,” I scoffed. “You’re okay with this?” Sam asked, his eyes filled with rage. Bucky nodded, shoving his face with chocolate. 

    “Leave the kids alone!” I smiled as I heard Tony’s voice. As he wandered in the room, a trail of small animals followed behind him. “By the way, thanks for the throne, I want more,” Tony joked. I lightly shook my head with a laugh, me and Tony had this love hate relationship, but he’s like my father figure, or an annoying brother. “No problems Tones, check under the chest, there’s a cake!” I replied, shoving Peter lightly, “I told you this was a good idea.” “Thanks kids, oh and Thor seems to be enjoying his hair,” Tony joked. I laughed, shooting a glance at Peter, “I knew he would like it.” “Loki seems to like the dress?” I shrugged, “let him be him.”

    “That was fun,” I laughed, as the sun rose to welcome the next day. “Yeah fine, it was pretty good,” Peter added, laughing as well. “Morning guys,” I hear the familiar voice of Bucky. A confused look finds a way to my face, so does Peter. “I see you’re liking the dress?” I ask, ignoring the glaces I got from Peter. “Yeah actually, the fabric is amazing, the wig is nice too,” Bucky shared, he seemed like a proud 6 year old. “Good for you?” I asked, Bucky nodded proudly as I shrugged to Peter. “Hey Nat!” I called as she walked in the room as well. “Hey (Y/N) did you do that to the avengers?” She asked. “Do what?” I replied cluelessly. Peter faceplamed as he said, “sorry.” “What? Don’t say sorry, this is great!” She laughed, “this morning Clint was bragging about his dress and wig, and he likes the bow now.” I shrugged, “guess me and Peter are good at carving?”

    “LeT iT GooOOOoooOOooOOoooOooOoooOOoO!!!!!” Stevie screams. Peter glared at me, I shrugged, I may or may not have brainwashed the lyrics of “let it go” into Steve’s head. Nat face palmed as Tony screamed back, “SoooMMMeEEeee DaaaYYYAAYYAYAYYYYY mMMMmMmMMMYYYYyYYYyYYY PrrRRIiIIIInNNNCCCccccEEEeEEeEE WIiiIiIIlLLLLLLllLl COoooOOOOOMMMEEeEEee!” Peter glared at me as a song battle broke out. Thor went, “ATtTTTTT LAASSAAaaAAAsSSSSSSSSStTTTTtttTTttt IIIIIiIiIIIIiiiIIIi SEEEee-” “PppPApAAAEEeRRRrrRRTTttTTt OOOooOOFFFffFFF YoouuuururrrRRRRRr WOoowowoOU-” I glanced at Peter, who looked just as sleep deprived as I am, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” 

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  • Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.

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    So the other day the handsome @wolf-of-wakanda tagged me for some selfies and I had totally forgotten haha so here ya go ❤️💚

    Anyways I wanna tag the following cuties: @riverjackjones @lyxmxe @iforgotwhat8wasfor @eritis–sicut–dii @weirdturned-pro @achimenes-boy and @unicorn-cupcake-lace

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  • Princess by Tyler Law

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    So I’m writing a new fic called ‘To Be A Princess’ and well… I couldn’t help but draw a thing. You can draw art of your own things right? Right. MC has a look I am very proud of. I just need to draw what all of her looks like if I can dhdjdkdkdk. Blue and MC are very good friends in the fic. :) Oh, and MC is a princess.

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  • forest fire by alusinum

    25. Mai

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  • Today we have Lori, a jellyfish princess who can be a bit difficult to get along with. Others says that she’s hard to please and quite fussy, but the truth is that she is a perfectionist and she can’t help herselfwhat most people doesnt realize is that she’s a lot harder on herself!

    Finished picture:


    full name is Thysanostoma loriferum and they’re very cute!

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