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  • reactionimagesdaily
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #for when you want to use an image to make your private thoughts public #reaction image#reaction meme #daily reaction images #image mood: ah shit #submission
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  • ash-clarington
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    (TW: DRUGS) Ash stared at the letters behind the lines until the backlight turned off and even then they didn’t make sense. Just the name alone made her heart pound and she’d held her breath as she read the simple words over and over

    Are you having a good trip? Are you having a good trip? Are you having a good trip?

    It was only a few seconds of the backlight going dark that she realized the background on the lock screen had not been hers and for different reasons, her pulse quickened again. 

    Ash leaned forward over the phone with her rolled bill and took the lines, leaving only bits of dust behind that she guiltily wiped away with a damp hotel towel. This was NOT her phone. 

    She would be discrete about putting it back after she left the bathroom and got back into bed and the question had already burrowed its way into her mind but thankfully, as the drug kicked in her care to wonder slipped completely from Ash’s mind. Unasked. 

         Why is she still texting you?

    #; private thoughts #slash? #self para#Dani Harper#Max Fabray#tw: drugs
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  • mrcompress-selfshipper
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Imagining Shane and Sebastian cuddling me/Zephyr when crying makes me :)

    TW for venting + s//cidal and self h//rm thoughts if you look/accidentally click on the tags. Sorry about that.

    #Zephyr.Rambles #Am i okay? absolutely fuckin not #it tears me up inside knowing i can't talk to my friends in private anymore bc kf this stupid ass hotel room #my Insomnia keeps getting worse and i keep waking up w splitting headaches #and ofc that makes my mental health flop but i cant say anything bc theres already so much tension here w my mom #and im fuckin terrified of her that i have to hide my crying sessions to whenever everyone is asleep #and that doesn't fuckin help bc I'm still holding everything in to the point where I'm back to thinking that maybe it would be good to die #but im trying to keep a promise i made. i promised I wouldn't off myself and i intend on keeping that #but then those Suicidal thoughts change and warp to me deciding i wont off myself until i see one of my absolute best friends/brother #that way he has a few memories of us together at least #but it so fucking hard to even get up in the morning. its so hard to not let myself try to bash my head in when i get thosefew minutes alone #im fuckin breaking and i don't know what to do anymore #i can't even find happiness in minecraft or stardew valley anymore #fuck even the DSMP barely brings happiness anymore #its more of an 'oh :)' now and i hate it #i have sk many self harm thoughts and. i don't know what to do #i want cut everything i dont like about myself off with a knife or scissors and become anothwr person #i want to leave this fucking world and go to another where i can be happy with myself and my friends #i want to be somewhere where i have more than 2 fucking people who care for me #and the fact that my parents might go through my phone tomorrow terrifies me #but hey. if they see this how about you just fuckin shoot me instead the next time you want to get mad at me. #itll hurt less. plus im sure its something y'all have wanted to do for ages now with how fucked up of a kid you got :) #to anyone else; im sorry if you saw this. ill be fine. probably. i just need time to collect myself and I'll be okay. #tw vent #tw self harm #tw Suicidal thoughts
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  • cutcontinuity
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I opened my eyes from my nap and felt joy knowing I can read the lesbian body and the butch-femme reader sometimes you find happiness knowing you can still read sappho’s poetry and every day women love each other and sometimes they write it down

    #but it still exists even when totally unseen!! lately I’ve been letting myself re-evaluate the ways I might refer to myself when asked #I know for many people labels make them more comfortable but I’m not in that stage rn but #today I felt this sudden understanding that other people like me felt like me #in some ways I almost feel as though my sexuality is helping me find the boundaries of my gender #it’s a weird and slightly eccentric process but. I’ve learned since I first had these thoughts that it’s my process to go through #dhdhdh I’ll either remove the tags or private this later it’s a weird discussion but I am feeling things lately
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  • smidgen-of-hotboy
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I give my technology names.

    So my first laptop is Asa, my first smartphone is Elite, my first wireless earbuds are The Voice of Night Vale, and my current wireless earbuds are RRRRRIIII-ITA!

    I never named my current phone and I have new earbuds i rarely use, but I'm thinking of naming the one Vespa and the other Buddy so they're Vespa and Buddy, Buddy and Vespa.

    #hotboys thoughts #the penumbra podcast #vespa and buddy #buddy and vespa #like cmon- #its too perfect to pass up #welcome to nightvale #haha funny man on the radio go brr #private eye's keys go jingle jangle
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  • shiny-gastrodon
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    orientation thoughts...

    #mani just.... #i have a few fictional crushes #but those are like. fictional #i got crushes easily in school. but like #do i care about dating??? at all???? #huh #its hard to tell if its like 'i hate the het dating/wedding scene and how they all do romance' #and im much more private #or if perphapsim arospec #idk man just...a qpr sounds...better??? or even just living with a friend #its hard to tell if i dont really thiknig abt kissing for myself bc of gender dysphoria/perception or bc i just genuinely dont like it #like i like thinknig abt kissing quirrel i gues but thats it KJVNDFKJGDNHD #many thoughts.... #i guess it doesnt matter for now #i have absolutely no intentions to date atm #i have friends that im like 'i wish i could live with you in the future or just exist near' #and maybe hug or just lean head on shoulder when they're talking abt stuff #which is its own kind of love #but romantic???? #idk!!! #this is why i like just calling myself gay. nice umbrella term #imjust a gayass #whatever i feel and however im perfomring it is not how cishet people tend to and thats goodenough for me #as long as im doing it in my own way #luke rambles
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  • mspi
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Two left? 🤔 You don't say.

    Lemme be greedy here. I've been craving these for weeks and now that I have it, ppl are teasing me they'll take it out of the refrigerator to eat.

    So I moved it to my candy jar and am now scared it'll melt. Consensus between me, myself, and fictional candy thief: Eat it for dessert to no longer worry about it. 🧋OK!

    -- dnagirl


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  • augustcorcoran
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Why can’t she just for one fucking minute let us be happy and fucking not control one of our fucking lives. I would have never fucking left LA if I knew that she was going to pull this shit. I should have never fucking cut her off so now she’s going to fucking make Dominic miserable? Motherfucking cunt. Why can’t you just love your goddamn fucking children.  

    #private thoughts #muse: shelby corcoran #muse: dominic corcoran
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  • beccafk8
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    John falling in love with Stephan in 3 Acts

    Also known as "John's obsession with Stephan's plumes"

    Act 1: “Plumed maniac”

    Act 2: “It was well past teatime, but so near to Midsummer Day, late-afternoon light still flooded in, haloing von Namtzen like a saint in a medieval painting. He looked like one of those German saints, too, Grey thought a little abstractedly, admiring the cleanly ascetic lines of the German’s face, with its broad brow and wide, calm eyes. The mouth was not particularly sensitive, but it did show humor in the creases beside it.”

    Act 3: “Sure enough, Stephan von Namtzen, Landgrave von Erdberg, had arrived in all his plumed glory […]. [Grey] was in fact more than pleased to see the Hanoverian, but the thought of being enthusiastically embraced and kissed on both cheeks, which was von Namtzen’s habit when greeting friends…”

    Side note from the German: We aren't exactly the hugging and kissing type, especially with people we aren't close to. Think coconuts: hard shell, soft core. Stephan's either the exception to the rule or he's decided over the course of just two months (probably less) and a few meetings (that we know of) that John's worthy/deserving of all the hugs and kisses in the world.

    #lord john grey #lord john series #the private matter #diana gabaldon #stephan von namtzen #john / stephan #lord john / stephan von namtzen #john's delirious thoughts #bookaholic#comfort character
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  • hollyyoongi
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    people misuse my kindness and then when i express my anger and call them out i turn into a bad person.

    #i don't usually rant here or post any private thoughts at all #but im heart has been really heavy nowdays #text
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  • eliotrophic
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    What I personally and pettily love about specifically Hellenic polytheism is how unapolagetically unwelcoming it is towards transphobes. There are ways to misinterpret and misuse any religion, of course, but one such as this is hard to be forced anti-trans agenda into simply because there are examples of both heroic and godly figures in it that embraced their transitive nature, that were trans, that were beloved for being so as well as for being intersex, too; hell, Gods’ nature is transitive. 

    So personally, as someone who absolutely believes in gods seeing right through us and our intentions, and that the ones harming others always get their karmic blow, I can’t help but chuckle when I see transphobes claim devotion to Hellenic deities. You are either a hellenist, or you’re a transphobe. You can’t be both by definition. 

    #private. #Just having Thoughts. #Anyways I am not manifesting These People here keep this temple free of your poison 🧡 #On this blog we accept Aphrodite and Dionysus as absolute patrons of trans acceptance and unapologetic self love.
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  • faunahudson
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    “I might be leaving but I’m never leaving you” “See ya kid.”

    idk.. i guess i just wanted you both to stay.. 

    #(( private thoughts )) #(( regarding booker )) #(( regarding conor ))
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  • theuncannybalth
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    these days, my fandom experience is somewhere along the lines of making gay little scenarios in my head that i tell no one about and then crying over them by myself with nowhere to put my feels

    #i guess that's what happens when you project so much on certain characters that it feels too vulnerable and scary to talk about stuff #i'm so glad i have some people tho to share my thoughts with #it's just #the mortifying ordeal of being known via the projection based versions of fictional characters that you've created in your mind #exclusively for the most self-indulgent reasons #add to that the fact that i have issues and i don't wanna get dragged into discourse #and there we get my own perfect private suffering #my posts
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  • steviethenarwhal
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    #regarding the snap thing #i will refrain from asking further questions #bc i respect their right to ave private snapshots #but just know the devil sitting on my shoulder #is begging me to follow up and find out more #i will choose to be a good person today #ask#stevie's thoughts#*snapchats #i know how words work #jeez that makes me seem so old and out of touch
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  • ash-clarington
    02.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    A Smythe, good, Hunter’s little spies can keep him happy. 

    I hope this one doesn’t cry when we’re done... 

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  • edwardglitterhandss
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'm just... Having a really bad time. My posting is either going to have huge influxes or I'm gonna ghost and shut down

    #im sorry dudes #i havent been replying to anyone and my side blog has literally just been filled with spirals and anxiety attacks #i have nowhere to put all these feelings #ive been overwhelming everyone who will talk to me irl and im scared to keep going but its all still there and it feels like it will always #its just such extreme feelings i cant breathe #i may shut down to cope #it might be my only realistic option #i havent been able to eat or sleep #i have nowhere to go #sorry for kinda breaking down in the tags #i dont think anyone here follows my side blog which is good its pretty much just there to be an outlet #its not healthy thoughts though and its like a lot all the time #i used to just private everything but i stopped since no one follows #anyway #just forewarning and apologizing
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  • fieryphrazes
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Going back to a movie theater for the first time tonight :’)

    If I can get through this workday first :’)

    #this is my private tumblr diary and u are all privy to my innermost thoughts
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  • fiqranas
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    can't even post here in peace. d*pp advocates spamming my mentions like i said the most outrageous things about a victim of abuse. if you go to my og post it's just me trying being reasonable. i'd like to think thatt i'm not a hypocrite either bc i research the sh!t i have strong opinions about or i stay open-minded to both possibilities. ofc i could be wrong! i'm human!! but i'm not gonna harrass a woman who could prove she was abused in court because that man and his pr are obviously out on a smear campaign. amber's ex-wife already spoke up about her "domestic violence" case and said she was a victim of biphobia and that /surprise/ cops are a$$h0les. let's not ignore how d*pp is bffs with m*rylin m*nson (to this day!!) if we're gonna dig in their pasts lmao. idk man if you can't see or will deny the sexism from his stans then that's a you problem.

    #/#//#///#////#/////#txt #txt: amber heard #txt: johnny depp #tw: domestic violence #sometimes i just voice thoughts about the other side bc i find it concerning how quickly ppl will jump on bandwagons #sometimes i'm being wrong it happened in the past but i'm usually trying to only talk about things i'm not sure about in private #i won't defend anyone on a public acc available to strangers if i don't think it's worth it
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  • formula-what
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    welcome to another late night episode of ‘nat has a crisis’!!! what’s it going to be tonight! Will I be confused by gender and sexuality! or a long discussion about mental health! will I scroll through jensons Instagram and try not to cry! or maybe just have a breakdown over the bgp001! tune in to find out!!!!1!!

    #I’m sorry I go from zero posts to suddenly reblogging twenty posts in a row #and then act like tumblr is a private therapy session and upload all of my deepest thoughts #I’m just sexy like that
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  • fckitslizzie
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #thoughts#private #aka I just wanted to be a dick and show how petty she is
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