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  • fartfisttheorc
    25.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Fashionable Purpose

    Fix your mascara. What it’s all about. Or at least what it is expected to be. Life is yours- don’t do with it as you please! Please!? That would be potentially bad for another life- so be considerate! Yes, I will tell you how to live; just as you do. That is called misconception. Misunderstanding. A miss! You will derive whatever lies on the surface of your stagnant or busy pond! Some…

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    #An unfashionable exit by Fartfist #blabberdy blargle flagg #boogers in your hair #boredom#creative writing#fartfist#fashionable purpose #full of shit #i can do anything just dont feel like it #Janken #janken with a baseball bat #more than you think #more things you dont understand #point me at something #poo pap #poop your pants #pro lazy #read another one #taggy waggy
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  • yeeter-paradise
    25.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Entry October 24 2021, 11:01pm

    #male ana#annarexx#ana#pro ania #pro ana memes #yeeter paradise #tw self destruction #counting calories#trans ana #tw disordered eating
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  • whosmilesanymore
    25.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Monday 10/25/21















    A Little About My Day (I know its boring I just can’t talk to anyone else):


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  • thisismeselfloathing
    25.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    i’m heading to treatment sometime next week. wish me luck. i’m gonna miss all this. i already do. hopefully treatment can teach me what feels better than the high of starving. i doubt anything feels better than that. idk if i’ll ever recover. but it’s worth a shot i guess. i dont know any of you, but i love you all. i encourage you to seek help and recover, even if it’s scary. i know i don’t sound hopeful, but i think the grass really is greener on the other side. go eat some food and drink some water. stay safe <3

    #eating disoder mention #pro for tags #4na#anareksja #tw ed mention #aew#anorekic#ana tingz#thinsinpiration#anoressic#pro ana #only pr0 for myself #ed stats#ed coach#ed art#ed poem#ed thoughts#ed #tw ed behavior #pro miiia
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  • hoobish
    25.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    so hear me out besties... i actually started using tiktok more recently bc of my sister and i have a big fat crush on denkis english voice actor

    #WHY DOES HE ACT SO MUCH LIKE DENKI #WHY IS HE SO HOT????? #pls god why am i like this #que denki brainrot settling in #like his personality comes off the exact way i would expect pro hero denki to be #and thats v sexy of him tbh #and he has a twitch?? #don't mind me going to binge his vods #pls for the love of god everyone ignore this post and my tags i just needed to get this off my chest #hoobish.thirsts #hoobish.txt #if you see this.. nO YOU DIDNT #WAIT i just saw a tiktok saying he perceives denki as pan #and instantly he's that much hotter
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  • awoken-artist
    25.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    🌸🍡Please don't resubmit/repost my works without my permission! thanks!🍡🌸 🌸🍡-----------------------🍡🌸 Did this doodle colored artwork i did from my art stream today!! ouo wanted to draw Bella especially since its October month and ITS SPOOKY WEEK WOOO!! wanted to draw her more honestly cause she deserves more love uwu 🌸🍡-----------------------🍡🌸 Interested in commissioning me? my commissions are open! 🌸If your interested in commissioning me, check out my commission prices and rules here!:🌸 https://awokenartistscommission.carrd.co/ DM Me here or any of my socials if your interested! ^v^) 🌸🍡-----------------------🍡🌸 🍡Artwork and character Bella is owned by: 🌸Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint EX

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  • dailybottomcest
    25.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Nick is the little spoon. Nigel is the big spoon.

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  • thinlatte
    25.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    ✨dinner✨ is served

    #i had one (1) bao today... #also i weigh the same as i did this morning #kinda happy abt that #ed#ed tw#thinspo#ana#proana #not pro jst using tags #starving
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  • sgrfreegum
    25.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    I’m literally obsessed with the guy I’m talking to I want to lose weight so bad bc he deserves better

    #thinspi #skip dinner get thinner #pro ane#notprojustusehashtags
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  • iwannabeskinnni
    25.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    I've been trying to follow people and it won't let me. come to find out there's a limit on how many people you can follow a day like wtf is this

    #anorexjc #i wanna be skiny #tw ed thoughts #tw ed related #th11nsp0#pro 4na#notprojustusehashtags
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  • mrssnivellussnape
    25.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Gif credits to yours truly

    Day XVI


    Let Me Cater to You

    Requested by @thewildomega: ‘Hello luv i saw you you wrote the one I previously asked for, I loved it. So if I may still ask, what about "Sleep is for the weak." And "Will you let me rub your back?" Maybe with the reader being the one to give sevy a back rub when he tries to fight Sleep like we all know he does. Thank you luv.’

    Prompts: “Sleep is for the weak.”, “Will you let me rub your back?”

    An: okayyyy, this concept is so cute ☺️☺️!! 🖤 [semi Severus’ pov]

    Words: 1.9k

    Exhausted was the perfect way to describe how Severus felt at the moment. If anything, he was beyond that, really. He was on the verge of both falling asleep where he stood and yelling out in frustration.

    He knew that when he’d taken the position, though he didn’t have the decision to decline it regardless, that there was a chance he wouldn’t be taken seriously. He’d told Dumbledore that the students weren’t going to respect him, especially when a hefty amount of them had attended school the same time as Severus had. Still, Dumbledore told him that he’d had to accept it, and like a lost child being guided by their parent, Severus had done exactly that.

    Since that day, and after his short teaching, Severus had accepted that he was going to hate it. He didn’t like children - he detested them truthfully. He wasn’t interested in the students that shared the halls with him during his Hogwarts years, and the same could be said about the impudent brats that walked past him now.

    Luckily, with his menacing scowl and his acerbic tongue, Severus had quickly built his reputation in the school once again. It’d taken no time for him to become Hogwarts’ most hated teacher. He could give a rat’s ass about what the staff thought about him, excluding Minerva, and he decidedly cared even less about his students’ views on him.

    The rumors on how he treated children began when a certain Gryffindor boy had come up with the clever idea to cause a disturbance in class. The boy, one who Severus had known liked stirring the pot, repeatedly, decided that the quiet, Slytherin girl across from him needed more color added to her attire and chose to throw a few - rare - potion ingredients.

    Thankfully, nothing had harmed her, but it had been successful in ruining her school robes. That was when Severus stood to his feet, first checking on the young girl before he let out a rather harsh tongue lashing at the boy. Like a coward, he’d trembled at the deep rise of Severus’ baritone voice and when he’d finally found the Gryffindor courage and that ignorance that never failed them, he accused Severus of favoritism.

    It’d started an uproar in the class; the Slytherin side claiming that the boy should be expelled, and the Gryffindor side protesting that Severus wasn’t being fair. Severus, on the other hand, had quickly had enough and determined his next course of action.

    A loud bang could be heard from behind him as the chalk that rested beneath the board began writing by itself. It’d written out that the children were to write a two page essay on why disrupting a professor’s class was disrespectful, and forced them to write out one of the reasons they specifically thought why.

    The class had fallen silent, quills getting to work, when Severus informed the immature boy that he’d be receiving detention. When he made a move to protest, Severus leaned towards him and dared him to speak against his words. They boy had shut up, wisely, but continued to glare at the back of Severus’ head.

    Progressing through the day wasn’t something Severus had looked forward to. He wanted nothing more than to go back to his quarters and fall asleep. But that was a while away.

    The tiring day had dragged on with more disobedient children, gossiping staff, and a meddling Albus. By the time Severus had actually gotten back to his chambers, his nose was hit with the delightful smell of… brownies?

    Opening his door cautiously, he took note of the sound in his kitchen similar to one of searching through a cabinet. He readied his wand, and against his thoughts that an intruder wouldn’t bake him brownies, he still prepared to cast a hex. Plus, Hogwarts wasn’t the kind of place that had people coming in and out of it so freely, so that was out of the question.

    He turned the corner in a tentative manner, and let out a breath of relief when he saw it was you. “What are you doing here?” He frowned.

    You jumped at the sudden voice. You’d been too enthralled in your baking that you hadn’t taken note of the door opening and Severus entering, nor him approaching you. “I wanted to surprise you.”

    Smiling, you took quick steps to meet his open arms. Your cheeks hurt with how happy you were to see him, though he hadn’t mirrored your look. You knew he was tired, and as such, you hadn’t expected him being too cheery. That wasn’t in his nature anyway.

    “I see you’re making brownies.” He acknowledged after a long kiss.

    You turned in his arms and held the hands that were linked together around your waist, “I remember you saying they were a favorite of yours, and since you rarely eat sweets, I decided to make you some.” Your shrug was soft but still felt.

    “Have they cooled?” You nodded at the question. “Mind handing me one?”

    “Of course not.” You laughed. You brought the brownie to him and allowed him to feed himself. Watching how his previous expression vanished, tense lines having left his face and replacing them with a content look. “What do you think?” You wondered.

    His response came in the form of a pleasantly saccharine kiss, one that made you tingle in satisfaction at his reaction. “I think, that you might be the best baker I’ve ever met.”

    You hummed at the kiss he left on your head, “You’re too kind.” You complimented and watched while he reached for another chocolate treat.

    “I believe you are the only person to have ever said that to me.” The chuckle he’d given you made you grin and shake your head, later resting it on the doorframe.

    When a moment had passed, you’d asked him if he’d eaten anything. He’d told you yes and that while it compared nothing to your cooking, it was still fulfilling so he had no intentions on eating anything else for the night. Meal wise, because he was definitely going to have one more brownie before bed. Like you, they, too, were one of his weakness.

    You two journeyed your way to the his bedroom and you waited in front of the large window in his room that offered a view of the Black Lake.

    You weren’t sure how long you’d been staring, but you assumed it was lasting enough when Severus’ chin had perched itself on your shoulder. You had no time to startle at the interruption of your daze, “How was your shower?”

    He exhaled, “Well needed.”

    “I’d say,” your voice had a hint of amusement in it. “You look awfully fatigued.” You weren’t staring at him directly but you could see his reflection in the cool glass.

    Severus’ soft incline of his head was felt tickling your neck, “I don’t want to go to sleep just yet. We haven’t talked about your day and how it went.”

    “Your rest is more important, my love. While I’m flattered, you have essays to grade tomorrow and we both know how tiring that is for you.” You had no intentions of keeping Severus up, but he was behaving defiantly.

    This time, Severus shook his head. “Sleep is for the weak. I’m not tired yet.” Came his disagreement.

    “Whatever you say, dear.” Patting his cheek sarcastically, you signaled for him to follow you, “Will you let me rub your back?”

    “Why?” He looked at you skeptically.

    You made a face at the question, “Because I always give you back rubs and you look like you’d appreciate one right now?” His face hadn’t changed from that suspicious look, “If you don’t want me to give you one, that’s quite alright with me.”

    He’d seen you getting ready to turn around and walk off, falling helplessly into your trap, and stopped you, “If you insist.” He dramatically let out.

    Severus prepared himself to lie down, face first with his hands being used as a pillow for his head. He heard you rummaging through the bag that, up until now, he hadn’t noticed with you, and rotated his head to look.

    He was granted with a smile and you playfully shaking the eucalyptus and mint oil you were showing him in your hand. You’d brought out a towel and a few incense to set the tone for the night. You were positive Severus would benefit from this greatly, and you were also hoping the stress from the day wouldn’t follow him into his dreams. He needed at least one peaceful night of rest.

    You spread everything out neatly before you, but on the side of Severus’ left, and rubbed your chilled hands on his back, “Relax.” You ordered, your voice coming out as more of a light hiss with a drawl.

    Severus had obeyed.

    When he felt the warmed oil on his back, mingled with the honey and lavender incense that had a hint of amber mixed in, his worries went away. No longer did he feel tense and on edge, but instead, he felt a sense of tranquility fall over him.

    Your hands kneaded into the taught muscles of his back, shoulders, and his bare neck. The more you manipulated the tissues of his back, the deeper it arched, until he was pressed too far into the bed. His shoulders had fallen, and had taken on an alleviated posture. He dropped his head to the side, allowing the warm aroma to invade his nostrils and suffocate his olfactory nerves.

    Your hands smoothed over the expanse of his figure while your lips traveled up his spine, to his neck, suckling affectionately on it, and stopping to nibble on his ear. You blew into it, causing goose pimples to cover his skin, “Does this feel good?” A quiet yes could be heard in return.

    The warm towel you’d brought was placed over his head, although not blocking his ability to breathe. In a matter of seconds, the heated cloth had helped in further calming him and you’d smiled to yourself. You took note of his breaths slowing down and rubbed both sides of his neck equally, slowly and deliberately.

    Halting your pace for a moment, you noticed Severus’ mouth had fallen open slightly. Along with his breathing gradually reducing, that was a sign that he’d fallen asleep.

    Not tired, my arse you thought.

    You knew he was exhausted, he hadn’t hidden it very well - if at all, and when Minerva had informed you of the day he had, you swiftly made your way to Hogwarts. You were aware his new position would be tiring and that it would take a lot out of him, but you weren’t expecting the students to have been so blatantly disrespectful. You brushed it off to being due to the fact that Severus wasn’t much older than the seventh years, however, that didn’t give them the okay to act as they had.

    You snapped out of your reverie when Severus’ back rose with a deep breath. You figured it was time to stop straddling his back, seeing as he was now asleep, and got off of him. You let the oils soak into his skin, blew out the incense, and took the now cold towel off of him.

    He stirred slightly in his sleep and cracked an eye open to look at you. His eyes had taken on a blood shot look in that short period of time, and he stretched out an offering hand. It was a sign that he wanted you to go to sleep with him, you in his arms while his were wrapped around you.

    It hadn’t taken much convincing for you to wipe your hands off on the towel, smoothing the remnants into your palms, and lying down beside him.

    After all, there was no better place to be than right there, cuddled up with Severus.




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  • anothermaxvidaccount
    25.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Curious, have you guys made up any Maxvid AU(S) and what are ur HC(S) for those/thant AU'(s)?

    I'll go first ^^

    Super star AU: (if you don't know what this is, it s a AU where Max is a singer and David is a obsessive/stalkerish fan)

    Anyway, David has a folder of Max performance pictures, Audios, Videos, and some of them them you can't find just by a easy google search

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  • scarlett-bitxh
    25.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    dropping in to remind everyone that women are meant for greatness.

    do not settle for a life of unhappiness just because society tells you you have to.

    go out into the world and be the independent, kickass bitch we all know you can be.

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  • superhelpfulbk
    25.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago
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  • goldenlaurelleaveswrites
    25.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Six (?) Sentence Sunday 24/10/21

    I’m too tired to actually count how many sentence this is, but here’s a little sneak peek at chapter 3 of The Weight of the Mask. 


    “Hello again, little hero,” out of the corner of his eye, he could see Multimouse shrink under the akuma’s direct attention. “It seems you’ve found some friends. Now, bring me your miraculi! And then kneel before the new keeper of your city, Mr. Pigeon, the lord of all-“

    “I knew it!” King Monkey pumped his fist. “I knew we should call you Mr. Pigeon!”

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  • bobabones
    25.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    fuck my life. i’m back up over 200lbs again. i haven’t checked but i wouldn’t be surprised if i’m at 202. i HATE the weekends so much

    plus i’m having so much sugar cravings it’s ridiculous. i’ve had them three days in a row now it’s starting to piss me off.

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    25.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Chlöe Bailey

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    25.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Weekly outpot: cheaper hearing aids, Mark Vena podcast, Google vs. Roku, Amazon satellites, FTC broadband-privacy report, blockchain domains

    Weekly outpot: cheaper hearing aids, Mark Vena podcast, Google vs. Roku, Amazon satellites, FTC broadband-privacy report, blockchain domains

    This afternoon featured the longest bike ride I’ve done in, I think, five years. Observations: It’s good to know that I’m not too old and busted to clock 35 miles and change, Reston Town Center has grown up and out a bit since 2016, and the nap you have after a longer ride followed by dinner you cooked yourself is the nap of the righteous. 10/20/2021: The Feds Are (Finally) About to Make Hearing…

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    #.bit #.x #Amazon satellites #Apple Music Voice Plan #Apple Unleashed event #blockchain domains#broadband-privacy regulations#crypto #Federal Trade Commission #FTC broadband privacy #Google Roku demands #MacBook Pro #over-the-counter hearing aids #Project Kuiper #Roku YouTube app #Unstoppable Domains
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