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  • How to not kill people step by step

    1. Just call people ants
    2. Kill ants
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  • Pro tip for my friends who have my tumblr: The number of posts I make is proportional to how bad I’m feeling

    Pulse use this information wisely

    #humor#funny #i cope with humor #also over sharing #not exactly the healthiest person ever #but eyyy it works #pro tip #it’s been a rough week and there’s still 3days to go #send help #i got 4 exams in the next 7 days #yay life
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  • #countdown to inauguration day #pro tip#advent calendar
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  • image

    Don’t be like me: Use tape or a lint roller to pick up thread, not the vacuum 🙃

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  • If you hear someone irl using a trans person’s deadname while the trans person is there, consider that the trans person in question might not be out to everyone or might have to remain closeted in that situation for their own safety.

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  • found a good measure for when a song has reached its emotional expiration date.

    When i start harmonizing and singing along w the song, instead of Feeling™️ along with the song, the song has lost its emotional use and it’s time to take it off the Sad playlist

    #pro tip #hate when this happens tho #but it can be good if ur tryna get over smth and then the songs stop hurting :)
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  • I was trying to be funny, but now I’m dissociating and feeling like I’m boutta switch out

    #osdd #what is going on ahhhhh #pro tip #don't make existential jokes #or else u ghost
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  • I Want a New Circle of Friends; How Do I Do it?

    Here are some places that you can go completely on your own to meet like minded people:

    - Art Galleries, especially openings 🖼

    - Yoga, Pilates and Spin Classes 🧘🏽‍♀️

    - Paint Classes 🎨

    - Sports Lessons such as Riding or Tennis, etc. 🎾

    - Classes and Gatherings specific to your career interests (Makeup, Business, etc.) 💄

    - Gatherings specific to personal interests (Maybe you’re really into Korean or Italian culture for example) 🍝

    - Wine tastings 🍷

    Meeting people in places like these will naturally lead you to be invited to more places with an even closer knit group of people that share or better, already have, your personal lifestyle goals. You’ll start to be invited to:

    - Dinners 🍽

    - Birthday Parties (people love inviting people they barely know to parties just to have more people there) 🎂

    - Movie and Drink Dates🍸

    - Shopping Trips 🛍

    - Grand Openings 🎊

    - Shows and Concerts 🎙 🎫

    - House Warmings, House Parties, Tree Trimmings, etc. 🏡

    And eventually more intimate things like:

    - Baby Showers 🍼

    - Bacholerette Parties 🎉

    - Weddings (many that may lead you out of the country) 👰🏽

    - Kids birthday parties etc. 🎈

    As someone who used to not understand things like this I used to see being invited somewhere where I knew almost no one except 1 person, maybe 2 as a BURDEN and it’s the OPPOSITE. This is the best way to expand your circle! And personal networking and business networking also tend to overlap so this will help you in all aspects of your life. If you’re invited to your new friend from Yoga classes Bday and she’s the only one you know AWESOME. GO and be the best dressed, best looking, most put together person there. Be warm and friendly not stand offish and just be yourself. Many new friends (men and women alike) that you actually like will be asking you for your contact information before the end of the event🌹

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  • I love when men don’t question your worth when you present your standards to them.

    All men should know that you a worth more than the world. All men should replace “No” with “anything for you.” That is the bare minimum.

    If that is not met, then he is not a man, he is still a boy and it should be no problem for you to move on and let the man who isn’t afraid to give you everything to find you. You both know that you deserve it ✨

    #pro tip#spoiled girlfriend #black women in luxury #level up#black femininity#hypergamy #black women luxury
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  • Pro Tip

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    Theres these BAnGIN websites thatll basically make them for you. Just type “resume builder” in google. Plenty of websites to choose from. I’m not gonna explain how to use them cause they’re all super easy and shows you how already.


    DO NOT be fooled of they ask you to pay for your resume!!! You see, theres this nifty tool all computers and phones have called ‘copy and paste’. All u gotta do is make the resume, itll show a preview before you “purchase”, and then just copy that shit into google docs and you’re good to fuckin go!!!!

    Ur welcome

    #pro tip#life hack#jobs#resume #this is the second job tip posy ive made who am i
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  • Pro tip: Use more garlic

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  • #jaime x brienne #brienne of tarth #jaime lannister#my fic #she's beauty she's grace #long time between drinks #but maybe i'll be a bit faster next time? #nano is getting something done #even if its not the project I set out to complete #you gotta trick your brain into doing what you need it to do #pro tip
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  • If I ever say “sorry I don’t bang people when I first meet them”


    (Because your respect makes me want to fuck your brains out)

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  • #anon #i have a nuanced opinion on this #which isn't suitable for twitter at all #also i have learned many good and new things on the internet #and i also had people yell at me that i am disgusted for saying this and this and im like? #so also on the internet there's such a fine line #lot if crap lot of amazingness #*of#pro tip #people who yell the loudest aren't always right :)) #have a good day anon #i also always wonder if people never think of his film career #and only see hslot #he's in the still - phobic film industry too
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  • pro-tip: every time the lil voice in ur head says something mean/unwanted, just counter with “i’m a god!” like what kind of dumbass voice is gonna argue w that 

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