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  • Someone get me off tumblr, I’m supposed to be bloody writing…

    #ugh #i should be writing right now #so much writing to do #ligi procrastinates#damn tumblr#fanfiction#problems #writing is hard #go away tumblr
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  • “I love bad bitches that’s my fuckin problem

    And yeah I like to fuck I got a fuckin problem”

    Niente di più niente di meno

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  • Problem talks creates problem,

    Solutions talks creates solution. 

          - Steve de Chazer

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  • Sometimes I really want to write and post something that’s on my mind, but halfway through typing it I’m just like nah it takes too much effort and I discard the whole thing. Feels like I’m sabotaging myself.

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  • ojalá notaran el esfuerzo que hago para estar

    cuando simplemente quiero desvanecer💛

    #k.v #cosas que escribo #pensamientos #citas en tumblr #estoy bien #gracias por leer #citas en español #no soy perfecta #unvanyvenemocional #cj love kv #problems
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  • The Tiara Pageant Question of the Day : Are You Bigger than your Problems?

    #bigger #problems #areyoubiggerthanyourproblems #problem

    #india #mumbai #pune #bangalore #chandigarh #delhi #ahmedabad #indore #pageantinterview #pageantcoaching #pageantcoachritikaramtri #pageantquestionsbythetiara #thetiarapageantquestionseries #PageantGroomingbythetiara #missindia2020 #missindiaauditions #missindia2020auditions #feminamissindiaauditions #thetiarapageanttraniningstudio #thetiara #winfromhome #missindia2020training #missindia2021training #missindia2021 #MissDiva2021

    (at The Tiara)

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  • The only thing I won’t do: feel my feelings. There is no time. There will be no time. I can not let myself feel. It will break me. There is too much emotions built up over the past few years which I refused to feel. How fucked am I?

    Soon, I see it, I will loose the one that I love the most: my best friend. I will chase my blurry dreams, move away, run away. She will stay. I will run. For blurry dreams? Yes. Because it just makes sense to me - to run away. I deal with the problems pretty simple - dive into bigger fear to shade previous one. Is it the feeling out of my comfort zone that is exciting so much? The unknown? Or is this all just my incompetence of handling problems that are in front of me? Am I just hoarding the problems, until I can see which one to ignore? Am I only capable of having a peace in my mind when I run? Are the contemporary problems the only ones I know how to handle? Am I just ruining my life because I run? The thing is - I don’t know. And maybe I refuse to know.

    Di I crave to feel? Yes. It doesn’t makes sense, does it? I crave. For feelings that are positive. That are making me feel safe. I wish so badly for so long that I don’t know how to do it anymore. Honestly, I just don’t. There has been too much, I just shut down. Sometimes I wonder… Do I feel something or am I just projecting what is expected of me? How can I know? Well, I don’t.

    But you should. Are your dreams blurry? Do you know what you want? Do you know how to get it? Do you know where to start? If not, ask away. Maybe this lost one can help you? Maybe I can just listen. It is something at least, right? Do you feel? How does it feel?

    #problems#inner thoughts #am i broken #am i projecting? #am i dumb #am i dreaming #run#running#home#scar#scary #layers of fear #fear#mente destruida
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  • Starting to feel like I lost everything!

    In my 20’s I was healthier than I am now. I was working nonstop, had my own place and my partner seemed to be the perfect person my other half!

    Now I hit 30 and my life is falling apart literally apart.

    I just don’t know how people honestly do this. I can’t open up to family and friends because I feel like I’m just bringing them down with me.

    My partner is ignoring me now because his “so called” friends told him. She is sick now, she can’t work, she can never have kids, and your going to be stuck supporting her for the rest of your life.

    You know reverse this back to the 2nd year of our relationship my partner was sick. In and out of the hospital and I stayed by his bed every night. I would go to work and than straight to him. I would of traded places with him in a heart beat to see him happy, glowing and living life. That’s what you do for someone you love no matter what…

    I just don’t understand why this is all happening.

    I’m just hoping that someone happens that can make it so things get better. Something anything.

    Sorry I’m posting a lot, I just need to vent and not be judged.

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  • Okropnie jest zauroczyć się w niewłaściwej osobie. I to nawet nie chodzi o to, że z tą osobą jest coś nie tak. Problem tkwi w nas, kiedy za dużo zaczynamy sobie wyobrażać. Wtedy ciężej nam odpuścić. Piszemy sobie w głowach własne scenariusze tej relacji, a później ciężko nam się pogodzić z rzeczywistością. Sami siebie krzywdzimy.

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  • Does anyone else get that random itch on your foot while wearing shoes? And like, you can’t take off your shoe…..so you just have to sit there and suffer? Anyone?

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  • my cute aggression for certain adorable women quickly transforms into objectification

    #my gay tends to get away #thoughts#problems
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  • What a year to student teach and begin your first job in. 2020 has been a year for the books. 

    Hello, I am a high school science teacher and this is 2020 in a nutshell. This year has been one low to the next. From elections to quarantine, personal problems to monumental changes, this year has been crazy. For me, I student taught this year. When I started, people would comment about how unfortunate I was. They would comment on how I was student teaching during one of the hardest challenges teachers have faced. They would sympathize with my poor predicament. Yes, it was difficult. And yes, it was a challenge. Balancing the constant schedule changes and switches from in-person to hybrid to online has been tough. Constant administration changes and scheduling disasters wore at my patience. Negative attitudes from fellow educators and constant political discussion were challenging.  

    Despite all the disappointments, struggles, and anxiety, I am still grateful for 2020 and the adventures it has brought. This year has been hard. Student teaching was a challenge. But I would not trade the skills I have learned this year for anything. I learned how to balance online, in-person, hybrid, and zoom. So despite this year, I am still hopeful that the future will be better and I know for certain that I have joy and hope. So, to 2020 and the future, I press on toward the goal for the prize.

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  • image

    [A man standing in a kitchen. Caption: Solutions, not problems; they’re in there somewhere.]

    #s22e29 ultimate turkey fest #guy fieri#guyfieri #diners drive-ins and dives #solutions#problems#person#man#indoor#kitchen#preparing
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  • You know what’s the most awful thing? Knowing you could be labeled as a pedophile. So that’s why I lock myself in my house till 8pm each day, knowing no children or young teen should be outside all alone there so I can’t do anything against them. I don’t really want to give other young people or young kids to have a trauma just because I do..

    Even though my thoughts get crazier each and every single day I get the urge to just end it all, but I failed too many times already

    I’m just 17. My parents don’t care. They are even in fault I’m like this..I blame everything on them. They never even taught me about that ‘stranger danger’ thing..

    I don’t think I ever will get help


    #send help#problems #i need therapy #children#teenager #????????
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