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  • academic leagues

    A little post about academic leagues, because I’m bored and want to keep my blog active (which I haven’t done for the past two years hehe).

    So here in Brazil we have academic leagues for med students! Other health areas also have academic leagues, but I don’t know if they function the same ways as med leagues.

    Usually, each university has its own leagues, and each league is focused in a different area. They can be focused on neurology, cardiology, genetics, gynecology and obstetrics, emergency, surgery, and many other areas. In these leagues, the student gets to have exclusive classes with professionals of the areas, participate in medical congresses and campaigns, do research and write articles (as well as get them published), get shifts in hospitals alongside other doctos, among other activities. 

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  • I have decided to start a 14 days of productivity challenge. Most of my peers are going in for 100 days but since it is my first time I want to take a smaller step. It also fits the present circumstances where I dont know how much time I have at my disposal.

    I wont be putting pretty pics because I suck at that. Just little bullet points of what I have accomplished . I hope I make best of these days.

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    I’ll admit, things have been pretty tough recently. I am personally really struggling with maintaining sanity right now. My mental health has been absolute garbage this week, and I honestly haven’t done too much schoolwork besides reading. But here’s a list of good shit that’s happened recently:

    - I got promoted at the newspaper and now I am the news section editor (!!!!!!)

    - While on our State Sanctioned Daily Walk™️, my boyfriend and I laid in a field and watched the clouds.

    - I made a giant coffee (see pic above) and it was very good.

    - I started watercolor painting again.

    - My grandma called just to say she loves me (she lives less than three blocks away, usually I see her twice a week).

    The world is very big and very scary right now. But there are so many little things to find love in. Despite the fuckery, I’m trying to find those little things, to find a little more love and beauty in an otherwise stressful environment. Luv u all, hope ur ok.

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    Quarantine productivity diary - Day 1, Thursday 9th April 2020

    I should probably have been doing a quarantine productivity tag or something but due to personal reasons I never got around to it. Anyway we’re 24 days into confinement here in France and I thought that I should probably get on with stuff so here goes. We’re probably going to be in quarantine a while longer so I’m going to start a challenge from day one and see how it goes.

    Today I wanted to revise mostly. I got up around 13h

    • I spent the morning dealing with some administrative issues and helping friends fill out their DSE for next year 
    • I did 3 hours of cognitive psychology revision
    • I cleaned the house
    • Got a stain out of my favourite jeans ;-;

    I had the windows open today and it feels nice to listen to the birds and the neighbours. Even though I don’t have a direct view outside it’s still enjoyable. I had a pot noodle for dinner. I kinda felt like I was camping. It was nice. 

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    4.9.20- soooooo 100 days of productivity kinda fell through. i’ve been in a slump the past few days, just feeling lost and unmotivated because my school basically made the rest of the semester optional, so now i have nothing holding me to do my work besides me knowing that i need to do it. on top of that, bernie suspended his campaign, which broke my heart. everything just seems really really dark right now. i hope this feeling doesn’t last much longer.

    currently listening: someone new- hozier

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  • Weekly Schedule printables!  ✨

    Hello everyone! i wanted to share with you some printables i did inspired by some of my bujo spread and some others i found on the internet. 

    All of them are different so i hope you can find the one you feel most comfortable with!

    here’s the download link

    here’s my bujo account 🌿

    please let me know if you have any issues with them and if you like them! 

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  • Loops

    The rising popularity of youtube mixes and video loops has been one of my favorite internet experiences of the last 5 years. Balenciaga collaborations with DJ’s & Digital Artist’s have been my most favored. Among their 8 ‘loops’ I found myself stuck on videos by Max de Waard, Tabor Robak & Max Guther. 

    Before finding this sort of background entertainment I was one to create music video playlists which I’d put on mute while playing music selections of my choice. There are times for silence and minimal disturbance but, I thrive in this sort of hyper-stimulating condition. As an anti-social extrovert, I find focus within bustling atmospheres. These loops are much like the setting of a busy cafe in which, I synthesize thoughts, develop concepts or finalize written works, looking up every so often but mostly, feeling the energies move around me while I do my things.

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    Happy to have company while I aggressively read Confessions so that I can write this response. Augustine has such a unique writing style; I miss translating him sometimes.

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    12/50 days of productivity | 9 April 2020

    hello! i totally forgotten to post yesterday! my bad!

    these past 3 days have been pretty tough. im losing focus and lost any sense of structure. i’ve been waking up at 11am everyday and its completely out of character. im gonna do my best to wake up by 8.30 tomorrow though, fingers crossed i dont snooze my way through it!

    i hope you guys have a wonderful and productive day ❤️

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  • Wednesday:

    Weight: 132.8

    Exercise: rest day, 15 minute mobility routine.

    What I Ate:

    -egg, bagel, and avocado

    -daily harvest smoothie

    -yogurt, cheese stick, apple, baby carrots, and hummus, cheez it’s.

    (Cal: 1261)


    Fun: spent some time outside with my BF.

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  • How to stay productive at home:

    I fully understand how difficult it is to stay productive at these very uncertain times, I’m struggling with it myself, but I’ve found a few ways to make myself work and be somewhat productive, so I thought I’d share!

    • Try to stick to some sort of routine - I’ve been waking up at around 10, reading for a bit in the morning, having some lunch and starting work at about 1 and working until 6 ish. Sometimes I’ll work for longer, sometimes less - it’s just a good idea to try to keep some kind of routine.
    • If you can separate your work environment from your relaxing space - I tend to work at the kitchen table when I’m at home, then I can relax in my bedroom and in the living room.
    • To do lists!!
    • Try to remind yourself that you’re studying for a reason - either to get to a certain career aspiration, because you love the subject, or for some other reason, but you’re there for a reason and your uni/college/school set up will have changed but you’re still gonna need that work for your degree/qualification!
    • Forgive yourself if you procrastinate for a bit. Everyone is struggling, this is a very uncertain time and everything has changed. You’re allowed to watch Disney+ or Netflix for an hour if you really want to. Try not to stress but do what you can to keep on top of your work.

    Think that’s all the tips I’ve figured out so far, if you have any advice then let me know! We’re all in the same boat here, hope you’re all keeping safe & healthy!

    Wash your hands, stay inside & stay safe! 💛

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  • Hello,

    Today, I though that we could talk about a certain topic. Life’s been pretty much the same to me since I started to stay at home, practice “social distancing” or “self-quarantine”, no matter how you’d like to put it.

    Today marks my 29th day I’ve spent at home. Since 12.03.2020 i didn’t go outside of my house. I’ve been outside, cause I have a garden with my house, but I didn’t leave the property itself. 

    That also means that for the last 29 people the only people I saw were my parents. 

    That can really mess up your brain, when you think about it. I’m lucky, cause I live with my parents, which means two other people in the same house. I feel like if I were to live on my own I would have been way more likely to break the quarantine or just go crazy.

    People aren’t really meant to be by themselves. No man is an island, as some say.

    When it all started, I was relatively happy, cause I just heavily didn’t want to go to school. I was crying all the time, I was failing maths, there were so many upcoming tests and all, and I just knew that I wassn’t able to complete it all.

    Obviously, now I know that all of those tests simply ended up not happening. I managed to get the grade I wanted from Maths and I generally think that the teachers were very understanding when it comes to the decisions they made concerning our grades and education this year.

    The first two weeks we were home, me and my class were actually on a compulsory quarantine, due to knowing somebody diagnosed with the virus. That person is fine now and has been diagnosed as cured, which is great. Still, those first two weeks we were forced to stay at home. So, the first natural thing we did was sleeping everything off. Then, we started studying like crazy. I honestly can’t remember when was the last time I was as productive as during that time. 

    Obviously, you can’t study forever and you will, eventually, get bored. It happened to me and boom, I stopped being as productive. Especially cause I do have online classes, so it’s not like I’m doing nothing. 

    To tell the truth, it’s much easier to me to do any homework when I have a fully free day, because then I decide when to start and stop. After online classes I tend to be very tired and I don’t feel the motivation anymore.

    I wouldn’t make a good studyblr, that’s for sure. 

    So, the last weeks were a mixture of so many things.

    I explore more music, listen to albums I’ve never heard before or simply didn’t give them the chance. 

    I exercise with my mon, although we stopped now due to period. Still, I’d like to come back to it, cause it was actually making me a lot healthier and if we don’t exercise today I’ll find something for myself. My PE teacher has been sending us some videos with exercises that we could do. I would especially focus on the back ones, cause my back has been severely strained by the lifestyle I am leading right now.

    Me and my mom did four puzzles, one with 1500 pieces, two with 500 pieces and one with 3000 pieces. Currently I am doing another 1500 one, but this time by myself.

    My mom cooks something almost every day. She bakes bread for dad and herself and because I wanted yeast for pretzels I actually did, she used them later for another yeast cake. Apart from that, we made pizza together, she baked brownies and apple pie. 

    On Saturday we’ll also be baking a cake for Easter. This year, we’ll spend Easter on our own, just me, my dad and my mom. I am not exactly crazy on this holiday, so it doesn’t bother me much, I would have been way more hurt if that happened during Christmas.

    Still, the weather is beautiful and it doesn’t feel good that I’m missing out. I’ve been going to my garden every day for at least 15 minutes, but it feels different. I can’t theoretically even go on a walk, so that’s not good. 

    My exams that were supposed to happen in the first week of may are also postoponed till June and we weren’t given any fixed date. 

    That actually sucks.

    So, I don’t know how I’ll mentally do with sitting home for the next two months, but maybe in the upcoming weeks they will ease off some restrictions and I will be able to leave the house.

    Up until then, I’m busying myself with youtube, Netflix shows, fanfiction, puzzles, studying, some music, baking with my mom and sleeping. 

    What I wanted to say though is that you don’t have to force yourself to be productive. I know that it might seems as if I am, but to be honest when I compare myslelf to my friends I feel as if I hadn’t achieved anything. Sometimes, the only thing you want is to lie down and have some sleep, rest your soul and body.

    I haven’t really rested that well yet, which means that there is a lot to do.

    My opinion is that we live in such hectic times, that when we are literally being forced to slow down we have no clue what to do. We feel uncomfortable, lost, anxious, because we became addicted to that pace.

    And, in all honesty, we all need to slow down. The Earth needs it too and it will be thankful. 

    We needed changes in the society and since the government didn’t want to encourage them, the Earth forced it on us. 

    So, if you’re not affected by the virus itself, I can tell you, things are not as bad as one might think, we just need to calm down and change the world a little.

    Take care of each other, sleep well and be safe.


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    - same book and notebook as yesterday📖


    yay today I did a dance class, finished some stuff for work and read an essay from that book in the picture (i’m aiming to read one essay a day!)😊😊

    IG: @studybroe

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    Today was a good day, one of those days where everything feels at a nice pace and is content and relaxed. I did some crafts and painted, which says a lot about the time I had on my hands since I never paint. I did the little bit of work I had to do and pushed everything to tomorrow Here’s to productivity :))

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    9th April, 2020



    Actually, I enjoyed this part of the chapter because it was fun to learn. I haven’t memorised and master it, but it’s the most fun part of the chapter because I can make a story with it.

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  • So I saw a tweet about how this is a pandemic not a productivity competition and I felt that on a deep level. I’ve been feeling down recently because everyone around me is being so motivated to do things and be extra productive which makes me feel like I’m falling behind. I believe that everyone of us has their own way of coping with things and recharging. But it still gets to me.

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  • productivity is a spectrum. some days you shower, get dressed and get nothing done and other days you stay in your pjs but get a lot done. the important thing to remember is you’re doing your best either way :)

    #productivity#positivity#quarantine #work from home #study from home #pandemic #you're doing amazing #be proud of yourself #this is tough but you're tougher friends #rien rambles
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    My set-up: accountant by day, writing lines of code by night

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