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    Always... 🖤

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    What Snape haters fail to see is that he wasn't supposed to be a saint. It's easy to be a saint. It's not so easy to make a guilt ridden journey to atonement, all the while knowing that nothing whatsoever can deliver him from the abyss created by a drunken father, embittered mother, an estranged friend and a school bully. Lily had been a brief respite from this perpetual darkness. But as Snape's own repressed anger gets the better of him, leading him to an irreversible chain to events, it is clear that no amends can be made for the person he has been forced to become. He must deal with it, pull through perpetual self flagellation, resign himself to the life of a double agent, and stay true to the memory of the one person with whom he had once dreamt of a different future. Not many are capable of true and unconditional love, and even fewer are able to take responsibility for it. If we are to remember Snape for his terrible mistakes, then we are also to remember him for the unwavering determination with which he did his duty by the woman he loved.

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    read it on AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GBzpSS

    by wakandavision

    Bellatrix Black Lestrange goes on trial for her crimes, and memories documenting her fast descent into madness are revealed.

    Words: 1491, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/F, Multi

    Characters: Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Original Female Character(s), Narcissa Black Malfoy, Tom Riddle | Voldemort, Voldemort (Harry Potter), Sirius Black, Rodolphus Lestrange, Millicent Bagnold, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Alice Longbottom, Frank Longbottom, Nagini (Harry Potter), Harry Potter, Harry Potter Characters

    Relationships: Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Voldemort, Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Rodolphus Lestrange, Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Original Female Character(s)

    Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Slytherin, Slytherins Being Slytherins, Drama & Romance, Violence, Courtroom Drama, Azkaban, Death Eaters, Aurors

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3GBzpSS

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    I am not in love with Severus Snape! 😒 ︎︎ ︎︎ⓘ False information has been detected

    #very false indeed #I’m head over heels for the dungeon bat #severus snape#harry potter#pro snape #pro severus snape #snape#hp#anti snaters #professor severus snape #professor snape
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    In The Woods Somewhere

    Chapter XXI

    Summery: In her 6th year, reader meets the charming Professor Lupin and their friendship begins. Reader is 16-17 at the beginning (nothing nsfw until reader is of age.) and for the story’s sake, Lupin stays as the DADA Professor into the Goblet of Fire.

    Pairing: Professor Remus Lupin x fem!reader

    Warnings: none


    It was early in the morning of January 1st; two days before the new term.

    A wave of early spring rain began to melt the blanket of snow across the grounds of Hogwarts. Students returned, heavy with the holiday indulgences and the return to school. It was nice to hear the halls echo with conversation and laughter again, it was like life slowed down over the holidays.

    Y/n knocked on the door to the headmaster’s office; she had been putting it off since seeing him and Mcgonagall drunk at the Three Broomsticks on Christmas, but now it was past due.

    She waited a few moments, then heard a soft “Come in.” from the other side of the door. Y/n took a deep breath and pushed it open, revealing non other then Dumbledore himself. She walked into the room and almost jumped when she saw standing just off to the side was the man she had just left the bed of.

    “Good morning headmaster. Professor Lupin, I was just coming here to talk about this term’s classes. What a coincidence.” She did her best to remain calm and keep her mind blank. She did not need the headmaster fishing around in her thoughts curiously and seeing just what they had gotten up to over the holidays.

    Dumbledore rose and welcomed her inside, “Ah! Miss y/n. How are you? I trust your holidays have been joyous?” He winked.

    Y/n did her best to walk normally and not to flick her eyes to Remus. Did he know??

    “I had a wonderful break, thank you sir. I hope you did as well.” She smiled, hoping he didn’t remember seeing them in the tavern.

    “Oh! It was wonderful. You know, I may not be a young man in age but I have the soul of a baby chicken!” He laughed.

    Y/n pinched her brows together in confusion.

    A baby chicken?

    I suppose he’s said stranger…

    “Now then! Professor Lupin here was just telling me was a marvellous job you did during your first term as his assistant. I also hear you have been working on your corporeal Parronus? Well done…I remember the first time seeing my own…what a day.”

    Even though she hadn’t gotten it yet, Lupin was already so proud. She blushed and smiled.

    “Now! This term, you will be with Lupin during the introduction of first years. They are very impressionable and know very little, the dears…”

    Y/n tried not to laugh at his bluntness; she exchanged a look with Remus and his face said the same.

    “Anyhow! I trust Professor Lupin to give you your duties…Oh! I almost forgot- very well done at the Yule Ball. It will certainly be something spoken of for decades to come. You must take this to the ministry for further exploration Miss l/n. It is truly remarkable. You are truly one of the brightest witches I have had the pleasure of meeting in my long life. Well done.” Dumbledore stood and took her hands, shaking them enthusiastically.

    Lupin came next to him, hands in his pockets. “It was, wasn’t it headmaster? I do believe I have the pleasure of mentoring one of the Wizarding World’s future pioneers.” He gazed down at her with pride and love shining through his smile. When Dumbledore looked back at him to agree, Lupin had to quickly mask that twinkle in his eye and smitten grin.

    Y/n smiled, “Thank you professors. If I do go down in history, I’ll be sure to mention your names.” She laughed.

    The two men joined her in a chuckle, but neither were joking. She was indeed a magnificent witch, and they were exceedingly happy to watch her grow.

    What y/n didn’t know was that previous to her arriving, Dumbledore had in fact summoned Lupin to his office for a much different reason than classes. Knowing that Y/n trusted Lupin and likely divulged facts about herself, the headmaster inquired as to whether y/n had brought up her parents at anytime. Dumbledore told him he wished to write to them to speak of her accomplishments. Lupin had told him that her parents were traveling abroad and that shey had sent her a gift during the summer. But any contact aside from that was null.

    What Lupin didn’t know, was why.

    The night prior, Dumbledore had spent the night pouring over news that made him weak. There was word of a major attack on wizards in Eastern Europe. The ministry was attempting to keep things quiet, but a list of names had been sent to Dumbledore for review. The wizarding world was shifting; they could all feel it. An unease. The list held the names of possible missing persons and persons who had been murdered. Among the names of those missing were two who bared a last name the headmaster knew well. The last name that belonged to one of the brightest students under his care.



    Y/n walked through the castle with a bounce in her step. As soon as she had left Dumbledore’s office, she couldn’t stop thinking about what would come after she graduated. She may finally be able to bring her invention to the ministry of magic for production; the thought of pursuing a career in teaching also entered her mind. The gentle fall of rain outside filled her ears and calmed her soul. She was enjoying the last day of a quiet castle for the rest of the year, when she was suddenly pulled down a dark corridor. Y/n let out a yelp of surprise and went to confront her perpetrator when she felt warm lips on hers and a tickle of a moustache.


    She giggled into his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. He pulled away after a moment and kissed her head. “I am so proud of you, darling.” He whispered.

    “Proud enough to kiss me outside the classroom? Must be quite the occasion.” She laughed quietly.

    The glint in his eye spoke volumes on his pride for her, but their exchange was cut short when footsteps echoed down a hall close by. They took a few steps apart, waiting for who or whomever it was to pass.

    Y/n listened. She knew that walk.

    Or rather, walks. To the untrained ear it did sound like one person, but it was in fact two pairs of shoes walking in unison.

    “Uh-oh. There’s trouble!”

    Fred and George.

    “Professor.” They nodded to Lupin, which he returned, “Happy holidays and all that sir! We’re afraid to say we have some business with this young lady here.” They draped their arms around y/n and ruffled her hair. Y/n tried to swat their hands away but to no avail. Curse them for being giants.

    Remus smiled, “Oh really? And what has she done to deserve this? Is she a little villain in disguise? Pulled a trick on Hogwarts best tricksters?” He said cheekily.

    “Spot on, sir!” Said George.

    “In fact, why don’t you picture this.” Fred began dramatically, “ We return from our holiday, to find two very charming cups of tea waiting for us on next to our beds.”

    George nodded, “We were so excited, we were! Took a nice sip! And chomp!”

    “ This little lady managed to slip in a couple of biting teacups into our dorm!” Fred said feigning shock.

    Y/n gasped in fake innocence, “I did nothing-“

    “And the way we see it, we ought to teach her a lesson, sir.” George added.

    “Nothing too painful of course.” They said in unison.

    Lupin chuckled, “I’m afraid their judgement seems just, y/n. Off you go boys. Don’t break my assistant!” He called after them as they dragged y/n away. Remus shook his head. Those boys where a couple of trouble makers. He hoped they stayed close like that.

    The twins pulled y/n down the hall and around the corner.

    “Hey! That was just pay back for the time you-“

    “Shh! Calm down y/n.” Fred shushed her.

    “Yea. Freddie and I just wanted to talk to you. Great joke by the way. Really got us.” George smiled.

    Fred laughed, “You should’ve seen the look on Georgie’s face!”

    They regained their composure, “Now then. We want to talk to you.” Their expressions turned serious, y/n got the idea.

    “Alright boys. What would you like to talk about?” She asked, taking a deep breath.

    The twins looked at each other, the looked back. “We have heard whispers and thought you might like to know.”

    Y/n furrowed her brow in confusion.

    About me and Remus?

    About me being able to apparate?

    About what really happened in the woods?


    “Apparently ever since that stunt you pulled at the Yule Ball-“ George started.

    “ -Every lad in Hogwarts is pining for you.” Fred finished. They laughed.

    Y/n’s mouth hung open.

    “Look at her Freddie. The little dear.” George pat her head.

    “I-I didn’t know. If anyone says anything please tell them in not interested.” She stuttered.

    “Oooh look! Seems you’ve got your eye on someone, eh?” They winked.

    Y/n blushed, “No it’s not that-“

    “She’s blushing, bless her.”

    She sighed. “If you must know, and this stays between us,” she paused to stare at them sternly, they nodded, “I do fancy someone. I will not name them. And I can guarantee that they will not be among those speaking freely about liking me.”

    Cryptic enough boys?

    They stared at her. Then looked at each other. Then looked back at her.

    “It’s not us is it doll?” They asked in unison.

    Y/n smiled at them and stood; she hooked her arms around theirs and started walking with them, “Boys, you both know very well that you’re the only men for me.” She joked.

    “Oi, come off it! Who is it?” They whined.

    Y/n had an idea, “I’ll tell you what. I will give you one hint, and until next Christmas Day to figure it out. Whoever figures it out first wins a personalized practical joke made by me.”

    They looked at each other. Thought. Then a pair of Cheshire grins looked back at her.


    They went to shake her hand, then she quickly held it up, “But if neither of you get it, you both have to give me a full singing performance to a song of my choice and in a setting of my choice.”y/n put her hand back out, waiting to see if they would take it.

    “Deal.” They both shook her and and walked away, already discussing who it could be.

    Y/n smiled.

    That would keep them busy.

    Just as she went to turn back on her previous journey through the halls, a dark shadow out of the corner of her eye made her jump. Standing not five feet from her was Professor Snape. Unimpressed and stoic as ever. A pang of sadness and unease pulled at y/n’s chest. The last time she had seen him was one night ago, and ‘seen’ was a loose term. He had opened the door to the potions room, then didn’t speak a word or look her way the entire night; his nose in a book.

    Now as she stood in front of him, she had nowhere to run from his gaze. Y/n was shocked he even stopped to stand by her.

    “Professor Snape.” She said courteously.

    He was silent. Not moving. Y/n began to wonder if he was breathing.

    “Come.” He said simply.

    Her brows pinched together.


    But before she could ask, he had turned and begun to walk away. Y/n blinked and ran to catch up with him. His face was focused and he was clearly not looking to mess around. Not that he ever did.

    Snape lead them into a deserted wing of the castle that held store rooms and broom cupboards. He quickly looked around and flicked a door open, waiting for her to go inside, which she did with a confused stare. He joined her and shut the door. There was a small window down a small flight of stairs; y/n walked down and sat on the window ledge, waiting to know exactly what was going on. Severus came down next to her. He was much closer than y/n was used to; she could feel his warmth and smell his comforting scent that she missed.

    Then, he quickly removed his teaching robe and y/n watched him wide eyed.

    “Professor, what is going on?” She asked slowly.

    Still, he said nothing, only flicking his eyes up to her.

    Severus grasped his left sleeve, and began unbuttoning it. Then, he began to roll it up to show his pale, muscular arm. Y/n watched him and waited. He held it against his upper arm, as if he was hiding something.

    In a very quiet voice, y/n said, “Sir?”

    He closed his eyes and let his arm fall.

    Y/n’s lips fell open.

    “P-professor?” She whispered.

    There on Severus’s forearm was a massive faded grey tattoo-like scar. It was horrifying. Y/n had only ever seen on in books and newspapers.

    The Dark Mark.

    Severus watched her as she registered exactly what this meant. It pained him more than he thought to see her so conflicted and confused.

    “When I was young…I was cast out. I have had many things taken from me, in the name of status and loyalty. The forces of the dark lord were…tempting. Seductive. Especially to a boy who had nothing holding him back. I desired to prove to the world that I would not be stepped on and humiliated.” He spoke slowly and came to sit next to the young witch. She did not flinch. She listened, “One night, fourteen years ago, something I held most dear was taken from me by the hands of the dark lord. Since that night, I worked as a double agent for Professor Dumbledore. Feeding him and his forces information about the dark lord’s plans…this has not held colour for fourteen years Miss l/n. Until six months ago. It has been darkening…and a pain has been growing steadily.” He looked up from the mark to look at her. Those bright eyes of hers stared back.

    Y/n stayed quiet, not knowing what to say yet. She gently took his arm and held it; her thumb swept over the mouth of the serpent. Severus remained silent.

    “Why are you telling me, sir?” Came her broken whisper.

    He looked away from her and pulled his arm from her grasp; re-buttoning his sleeve.

    “If there comes a time that I must respond to the mark’s call, you cannot be near me.” His baritone voice filled the room no matter how softly he spoke. Y/n stared at him.

    Was he…trying to protect me?

    “I understand, sir.” She said in a whisper.

    This caught him by surprise, he flicked his eyes to her, waiting for an explanation.

    “I’m- I’m sorry the world has been so unkind to you, sir.” Tears stung her eyes and fell down her cheeks.

    No other words were said. Severus simply watched her tears fall.

    After a long moment, he stood and shrugged his robe back on; he extended his hand to her to held her stand. She took it gently, and began walking back up the steps. Y/n waited at the top, and he went to the door first listening in case someone was out there. He opened the door quickly and ushered her out before snapping the door shut just as fast.

    “Any luck with your polyjuice potion thief, professor?” Y/n asked as if nothing had happened. Just in case someone was near.

    Severus was thankful for her care.

    “Not as of yet. The culprit will meet an ill fate in time.” He murmured.

    Y/n grinned, “Mind if I’m there?”

    He turned to her once they rejoined the main hall, “A seat will be reserved for you.”

    She nodded and began to turn, “Have a good afternoon sir.”

    He returned the nod and left her side.

    Y/n took a deep breath, her head spinning.

    Severus Snape was a death eater.

    And a double agent.

    Dumbledore knew. Remus must know already as well.

    For the first time in well over a year and a half, y/n felt herself slip into a daze. Her mind ticked away, filling in the details.

    Voldemort may very well be returning.

    How quickly, however, was unclear, but there was no denying it. Y/n began to wonder what it would mean for her future. Would it be a quiet fight that would end quickly, or would it be another war?

    Y/n walked to the courtyard outside the Great Hall and let the rain fall onto her. It was soothing and helped her to reconnect to her body.

    She kept the information to herself, hiding it away in the back of her head. And it would stay there until it was needed.


    On the morning of January 3rd, the sun decided to grace the castle with it’s rays of light. It was a beautiful morning, and a much needed one.

    Y/n had returned to see Remus the night after her conversation with Severus, and as soon as she had seen, she walked into Remus’s arms and held him tight. He had asked if the twins had really tortured her. She laughed, having almost forgotten speaking to them. She had told him about their bet, to which Remus let out a laugh. He couldn’t wait to see them sing.

    “What are we starting with today, Professor?” Y/n shuffled the parchment on their desk, and pulled out the first year textbook. Remus was just up in his office collecting a few papers to bring down, he smiled.

    “I believe we shall begin with an introduction to the both of us- well not US…but as teachers. Who we are and so on…so they feel comfortable.” Remus stumbled over his words as he joined her down the stairs.

    Y/n turned around and smiled, “Are you going to be alright?”

    Remus closed his eyes and leaned his head back, “My darling I do believe I will have to practice my upmost self control for the next six months.” He rubbed his eyes.

    “Oh?” She feigned innocence.

    “Before, it was so much easier.” He turned her to face him and quietly shot a locking charm at the door, “Now I know how you taste,” He brushed a kiss against her lips, “How you feel…” he pushed her onto the desk, “How you sound.” He growled and pulled her close, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. Y/n gasped.

    “Well I suppose we’ll just have to have many extra meetings about my performance and the curriculum.” She managed as he kissed down her neck, “Remus-“

    Lupin pulled away to see her, a smile forming on his face as he held her cheek gently. Y/n pushed his hair back and smoothed down his suit; fixing his tie. They took a collective deep breath and stepped away.

    As y/n was about to turn and unlock the door, Remus tugged her hand. She turned back.

    “I love you, y/n.” He whispered sincerely. His eyes glowed. Y/n could see how much brighter his face was; he looked rested. Like a weight had been taken off of his shoulders.

    Y/n smiled and squeezed his fingers, “I love you too, Remus.”

    After one more moment, she turned and flicked her wand at the door, unlocking it and letting it swing open to welcome the little first years. Y/n grasped her wand and waited.

    “Oh, Remus?” She looked over to him quickly.

    “Hmm?” He said tearing his eyes from one of the books.

    “I-I wanted to do something special for the first years once they settle in. I want to cast my Patronus.” She was sure she was ready. All night, y/n had wracked her brain for the memory that she clung to. One that truly made her feel so happy she could almost cry. She knew if this memory didn’t work, she would never be able to cast the Patronus.

    “If you think you’re ready. I have my full faith in you, darling.” Remus’s eyes shone as he smiled at her.

    Y/n nodded her head and waited.

    Sure enough, the bell chimed and soon the chatter of students filled the halls. Y/n looked back at the man she loved so dearly, trying to take a mental picture of him. They smiled at one another as the steps of students sounded in the class room.

    It was such an important time for these children. Everything was new, they were so impressionable. y/n smiled as they came in and looked around amazed, gasping at the large, beautiful classroom. Slowly, the seats were filled and y/n stepped forward quietly. The students watched her with wide eyes.

    Y/n took a deep breath, and held it. Feeling how the air filled her lungs. Feeling her heartbeat. The blood in her veins. She let the memory fill her up inside; she raised her wand and spoke the words, “Expecto Patronum.”

    A vast white light exploded from the end of her wand. A collective gasp came from the class in excitement.

    After a moment, those silver wisps gathered and formed a stream of silver that turned into a massive ball of light. Then, the most magnificent creature y/n had ever seen exploded from it and pranced around the room proudly. A unicorn. The students looked around in awe, laughing and grabbing each other when it got close.

    Y/n grinned and began the lesson.

    “Good morning everyone! Welcome to your very first Defence Against the Dark Arts class.”

    There was an applause from the class and y/n gave a small bow, much like when Remus had first been welcomed at Hogwarts as a professor.

    Remus stepped forward and spoke warmly, “What you have just witnessed is the Patronus Charm. A vital defence spell, performed splendidly by my assistant-“

    “Are you Mrs. Lupin, ma’am?” One of the first years, a young boy, spoke excitedly.

    “No, no!” Lupin laughed and shook his head.

    Not yet…

    “This is my wonderful assistant, Miss l/n. I am professor Lupin, and we will be guiding you through your journey to master Defence Against the Dark Arts. Now! Let us all get to know one another…”

    It was captivating watching Remus with the young students. How patient he was, how he coaxed them out of their shyness. How no student was left out or unattended to.

    At the end of the period, as they waved the students off to their next class, they stood side by side smiling. Once the final student left, Remus turned to y/n and slipped his hands into his pockets, leaning back against the desk.

    “A unicorn?” He asked, impressed.

    Y/n laughed, “I do believe it’s fitting. Unicorn’s are so fast that they cannot be caught by werewolves. Did you know that?” She said cheekily.

    Lupin’s smile broadened, “What memory did you use?”

    Y/n’s smile widened.

    “Walking with you in Hogsmeade on Christmas.” She spoke softly. It was indeed one of her happiest memories. It wasn’t the most spectacular, but it was special.

    It was the moment she truly realized how long her heart had belonged to Remus; before even she knew it. On that night she dreamt of the same moment, her heart had decided it didn’t belong to her anymore.

    As silence filled the room, Remus grasped y/n’s hand gently. It felt like they had lived 100 lives before; intertwined and always knowing that they would find one another. One life after another. Always in each others mind. Hearts stolen; kept safe. Lovers.


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    >>> LINK TO FIC <<< best read on the comp or in the actual google doc app, it gets BUTCHERED on the tumblr app's pop up page. 🥺😭

    Some spoilers under the cut but I felt they needed to be made lol

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