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  • matbenetti17
    15.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Temp is Louhi’s biggest fan, I don’t make the rules u_u

    Oh wait- I do ewe

    Louhi belongs to @sasyus

    #drawing#sketchbook#rough sketch#doodle#wip #work in progress #gift #gift for a friend #louhi#tempest#tempest kelley#harpy#witch #the owl house #the owl house oc #owl house oc #owl house#toh#toh oc#my art#my ocs
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  • red-wizard-writes
    15.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    October 2021 Progress Report

    Works in Progress: Inherent Misfortune Book 1 – Draft 3 AND science fiction novel

    Looking Back and Looking Forward

    Inherent Misfortune Book 2:

    In July, I had completed the zero draft of Book 2, and by September, I had to rest the project with only 16 chapters edited out of the 33 that are written. This brought the word count from 58k to 72k. It is likely that I will not return to this project until 2022.

    Inherent Misfortune Book 1:

    In May, I had finished draft 2.5 of Book 1 where I revised a handful of chapters and the final quarter of the book. Now after resting it, I am revising it into a third draft. This revision will be slow as I am working on only a few chapters per week with a critique partner. The draft should be complete around December, and then I will reread it in January and February.

    Science Fiction side project:

    Currently, I am working on the zero draft of this project, though since I am simultaneously revising Inherent Misfortune, the drafting is coming at a slower rate. The project totals at 23k, but only 13k have been drafted in the last month. The plan is to reach 30k by the month’s end and combined that with the “half Nano” 25k that I plan to write in November. I hope to finish by the December progress report, though the process might extend into January.

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  • wardenofsuperjail
    15.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    watching the video kikuo posted today

    #it makes me so emotional seeing how much he’s progressed
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  • birkastan2018
    15.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago
    #wokeism#mainstream media #truer words were never spoken #people need to pull their heads out of their asses #the world is not some giant elite college campus #real adults have actual problems beyond the “horror” of having to sit through a 1 minute spotify ad or having to live through the #“trauma” of watching an animated character portrayed in a way that is insufficiently progressive enough to cater to #one's 17 paragraph personal bio #and the woke crazies wonder why people won't just roll over and do whatever MSNBC tells them to do or #believes everything CNN tells them to believe #there is a reason why these mainstream news networks have become so insanely extreme in recent years #their ratings are dumpster fires and the only things barely keeping them afloat is the ridiculous crazy they spew to appeal to #a small sliver of twitterati outrage addicts #they make money off our division #don't let them #Freddie deBoer#substack #I don't even want to tag this as #journalism#or#reporting #because that's not what the vast majority of this is anymore #and it's scary as hell
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  • todrinkfromthenightitself
    15.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago
    #scale the summit #progressive metal#rock
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  • zeroinetoheroine
    15.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago
    #thank you dear anon #plunders of war #i get into it and then forget i need to make a progress with the plot not just emotions
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  • jackals-ships
    15.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    forcibly reminded of dragon riders of pern. thinks of a lotor n jackal au like 👁️👁️

    #jackals barks #ship: villainous things #can i articulate them? no. but i Am thinkin #its an older series so it does have some 😶 moments that were progressive at the TIME n now i wanna re-read the series fhjdk
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  • castleficpromoter
    15.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago
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  • castleficpromoter
    15.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago
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  • createrealitea
    15.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Guess who got a good grade at the dentist?

    #me #something that is perfectly normal to want #my scores from 2 years ago were all 3-4's #last year was more more 3's than fours with a couple 2's #and this time I only had a handful of fours some 3's ans 2's and even a few 1's!!! #which is really good #and my favorite dental hygenist was back from maternety leave #and she was proud of my progress too #and kept talking about other ways you could see I was making progess #it was so nice to hear and be able to see that my efforts were actually paying off #that my trying actually made a difference
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  • castleficpromoter
    15.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago
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  • castleficpromoter
    15.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago
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  • theannoyingknowitall
    15.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Done with the bottom sector for now, might move the loop to another part tomorrow. Didn't get as much work done as I hoped, bc my back has been KILLING me

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  • svenskkaktus
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Alright, here have a progress thingy when I sketch: 1. First I try to get the feeling/mood right. 2. Clean the sketch a bit. 3. Add some different shades of grey to add some depths. 4. Add a new layer and put it on top. This is the fun part where I draw (not erase) over the picture to sharpen specific spots and add some lights.. Just pick the colors around the picture. Then I usually lightens the picture / fix the contrast and add a bit of blur around a few corners. I hope it helps someone to try out something new :D
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  • a-dumb-bitch-apparently
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my girlfriend is putting on makeup for the show and I'm just sitting on my bed watching tik toks

    #occasionally she'll come in and show me her progress
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  • madmozarteanfelinefantasy
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the nick shadow playlist, because “making playlists abt characters that already sing to begin with but somehow including none of said character’s music” is how i choose to spend my time. i‘m shit at making playlists so i have no idea how well these songs fit the guy, but i Did try to make sure they all had a similar sort of Feel and a progression over the course of the playlist from “you’re my friend :)” to ”I Exist To Torment You”

    you can listen to it here, there’s also a bonus track included as a funny joke. will probably update it to be longer later

    #the rakes progress #the rake's progress #the rake’s progress #opera tag#nick shadow#rambles
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  • theaddictspoetry
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    That's the power of taking it by storm,

    You learn the waves,

    How to transform,

    Without being blindsided,

    By what divided you,

    It may always be inside of you,

    To remind you,

    That you are now enlightened.


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