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  • gertlushgaming
    28.07.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Project Zero Maiden of Black Water haunting consoles and PC on 28th October 2021

    Project Zero Maiden of Black Water haunting consoles and PC on 28th October 2021

    Today, KOEI TECMO Europe unveiled the long-awaited release date for their thrilling Japanese horror-adventure title, PROJECT ZERO: MAIDEN OF BLACK WATER. Horror fans will be able to get their hands on this spine-chilling new title when it launches digitally on the 28th October 2021 across Europe on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC via…

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    #Nintendo Switch#PlayStation 4#PlayStation 5 #Project Zero Maiden of Black Water #steam#Xbox One #Xbox Series S #Xbox Series X
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  • miketendo-64
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Overview Trailer Reveals Release Date

    Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Overview Trailer Reveals Release Date

    Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water (or Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water as it is known in some regions) has received a new overview trailer and a release date for it’s Nintendo Switch release (as well as other platforms) has been revealed. The game is set to release digitally on October 28th, 2021. As for the overview trailer of the game itself, it is about four minutes long and explain what…

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    #Fatal Frame #Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water #Koei Tecmo Europe #Nintendo#Nintendo Switch #Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
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  • demifiendrsa
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water #Fatal Frame V #Project Zero Maiden of Black Water #Project Zero#Fatal Frame#Koei Tecmo#video game#PS5#Xbox Series #Xbox Series X #Xbox Series S #PS4#Xbox One#Nintendo Switch#PC#Steam#long post
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  • xtatltaelx
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Now if they could also please remake the previous games 🙏🏽

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  • holydivers
    27.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    not to defend the sad fictional murderboy but it’s fucked up how dio zeroescape was a clone of a dead man and was indoctrinated from birth into a death cult and told his mission was to stop the AB project. when in reality he was specifically created so the AB project would succeed via his interference, and the entire death cult was just a really stupid convoluted way to prompt a handful of people to prevent the extinction of humanity in one timeline by causing a slightly smaller apocalypse.

    and then at the end of the true ending they just keep him handcuffed to the sink and knock him out every couple of hours whenever he wakes up and that’s it no follow up. why not keep him unconscious in a treatment pod if they were going to go that route. if they’re not gonna even hint that he eventually leaves and does literally anything they could at least give him the dignity of an actual death

    also what happened to luna, lagomorph, and kyle(’s consciousness) after the events of vlr? stupid fucked up existentially horrifying moon

    #also again they're like dio can't be awake he's too dangerous but. he did exactly what he was created to do and was essential for yr mission #granted he thought he was obstructing but is he any more at fault of killing everyone in different timelines than literally everyone else #again he's a total piece of shit but damn he really gets screwed over by everyone. the other moon trio also only were created as tools for #the ab project but at least their shitty garbage dad liked them #i think ze didn't fully think through the implications of what they were writing and accidentally wrote something incredibly unsettling #that isn't really acknowledged. except a little bit in ztd but even then it's ehhh don't worry about those murder timelines #luke.txt #zero escape spoilers #zero escape #zero escape characters are stuck as pawns in schemes stupider than they could even imagine
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  • fl0aroma
    25.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    life is fake. somewhere masachika and sanemi are out there filming their horrible YouTube series together and isn't that a wonderful thing

    #masachika begged him to be the cameraman 'ooooo it'll be so fun!!!!!' it was not fun #I'll draw this someday. he's trying to do a cooking series except sanemi is actually a more experienced cook than him #bc he's cooked so much for the other kids. but masa is more creative #and has a better persona for the show than sanemi who gives zero shits and has next to no social media presence #and sanemi refuses to go in front of the camera but will occasionally give in when masachika waves him over to taste smth #and then when he does enter the frame all the comments on that video always end up being about the camera guy. like who's he. he's hot #and masachika is like. yeah. what about. what about the rest of the video. the parts with uhhh me?? the other guy????? shit hurts ngl #he doesn't mind that much it's just funny because sanemi literally could not care less for this attention he gets #meanwhile masa is 100x more invested in this project. and yet
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  • missunamusednerd
    24.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    In this video I go over some extended media attached to one of my all-time favorite Japanese horror games. #FatalFrame 

    #reneescustoms#youtube #miss unamused nerd #videogames#gaming#horror#fatal frame #fatalframe fatalframe2 crimsonbutterfly #video games #fatal frame 2 #Fatal frame 3 #Zero#Zero 2#Zero 3#projectzero2#project zero #Fatal frame 2 crimson butterfly #fatal frame 3 the tormented #manga#novel#light novel#doujinshi#doujin#japanese media#survival horror#hapanese horror#ghosts#youtuber
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  • zerobag
    24.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    This cursed feeling of longing for what you once loved will never leave you, sorry

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  • hzdtrees
    22.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Drone Hangar

    A trip into the "nest of metal birds", guarded by a Stalker which has the courtesy of only making an appearance after gathering the rail part, but sadly is accompanied by some friends outside. The first time I climbed out of the hangar, pleased with myself that I had not died to the one inside (at that point, I hadn't yet realised you can cheese it from the barrier), Aloy nocked an arrow and announced that they're really not missing anything, but I couldn't see them and chalked it up to the game being weird. Little did I know my doom was already propelling itself through the air behind me, claws outstretched.

    #horizon zero dawn #hzd #hzd the frozen wilds #hzd photomode #blevins' little pet project #now painted with the enduring victory symbols #so were they repurposed? #they did have firepower after all #but there doesn't seem to have been much fighting in yellowstone #there's a tank up on the dam #but mostly it looks like streams of refugees being channelled through the park area #which could only end in tragedy
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  • akilice
    22.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    "You've got me nervous to speak, so I won't say anything at all."

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  • lumilasi
    22.07.2021 - 6 days ago
    #answered anon #I'm probs hesitant to open requests #officially speaking #because I used to do comissions in the past in another platform #and had to sometimes draw things I had zero interest in personally #which made the process pretty damn boring lmao #And other times I was swamped by so many projects and people wanting a comission #that it felt like I had no time for my own stuff #hence I no longer want to take comissions at all #but for a request if a person proposes an idea that I like #I don't mind drawing it
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  • wastelesscrafts
    22.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Leftover yarn shawls

    A while ago, my friend gifted me a ton of yarn she'd bought by mistake. It was a colourful batch of thin mercerised cotton thread, too pretty to waste but too thin for the average knitting project.

    I don't like to waste resources as you all know, so I decided to turn the yarn into triangular shawls.

    Scarves and shawls are great ways to finish up random bits of yarn.

    The technique I used to knit these shawls is a very common one. Tin Can Knits does a great job at explaining how to make simple triangular shawls. All you need to know to make these is how to cast on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, how to yarn over, and a stretchy bind-off technique.

    If you want to do a garter tab, you'll also need to know how to pick up stitches from the side of your work. This is optional, but if you don't make one, you'll have a small gap at the top of your shawl.

    I finished mine off with a row of eyelets and a stretchy picot bind-off.

    The brown kerchief was made using the free Ostrich Feather Lace Kerchief pattern by Dawn Prickett. I've made this pattern several times now and I absolutely love it.

    I've already got plenty of shawls myself, so I plan on gifting these to friends. If any of them don't get picked, I'll donate them to a local charity.

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  • miketendo-64
    21.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Koei Tecmo Shares Fatal Frame Facts For Maiden of Black Water

    Koei Tecmo Shares Fatal Frame Facts For Maiden of Black Water

    Over the last couple of weeks or so, Koei Tecmo America has been sharing facts on Twitter about Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. These Fatal Frame Facts provide some insight about the game for those who may be unfamiliar with the title or may be interested in series. We have rounded up some of the current facts to be shared and can…

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    #Fatal Frame #Fatal Frame Facts #Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water #Koei Tecmo #Maiden of Black Water #Nintendo#Nintendo Switch#Project Zero
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  • lordhimuro
    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    My Fatal Frame Fanfic Has Begun


    #Fatal Frame#Project Zero #Himuro Family Master
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  • homesteadchronicles
    20.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Original Writing Except: “To Me”

    Hello, my homies! I have an unexpected piece of writing to share with you all today, one not related to my known WIPs. Instead, this comes from the world I detailed here, one I’ve now been given permission to flesh out into a full-fledged story.

    You don’t need to know the world in order to read, but I’ve provided the necessary context below in order to dive on in!


    Ero “Del’Gris” Idess: An intergalactic music idol in service to her agent, Kiladian Wellthane, who enlists her help in exposing his enemies’ corruption. Yoselle of the Starsea (”Ghost”): Ero’s bodyguard and long-time employee of Kiladian Wellthane whose unspoken feelings for Ero grieve him.


    Ero and Yoselle have been dispatched by Kiladian to the Polaris Nightclub in order to secure information on the corrupt CEO of a pharmaceutical empire. When Ero botches her mission, she seeks comfort from a source both she and her target know can only lead to complications.


    You are a specter: ethereal, immaterial, insignificant. She is a spotlight: illuminating, enticing, unyielding. These two halves cannot hold one another. These pieces fit different puzzles. But she needs something to elucidate and you did not hallucinate her invitation to centerstage. Still you skirt around the sidelines, flirting with shadows, fearful of exposure. She stands, a beacon in the clubhouse, awaiting your answer.
    You refuse to reply.
    Polaris, you convince yourself, requires better surveillance than the shoddy bodyguards provide it. Expensive liquor, lavish decor, and a distinct lack of security – the omen of emergencies. It was everything you loathed and Ero loved.
    She didn’t seem to mind now, not that she ever had before. Why would she? She has you. Needs you. Wants you, a part of you thinks, hopes, refutes. Ero plays her role without shame. Flattery reserved a permanent space in her mouth and her lips make use of their eternal inhabitant to elicit information even when her hips were in motion.
    Your place lies elsewhere. Astride. Afar. Procurer and protector both had their parts to play. Separately.
    Then why does she keep staring at me?

    It is your fifth circuit around the dance floor when you notice her attraction attention. Her gaze ought to be on your target, on Gentarou Hongou, on the mastermind of a corrupt pharmaceutical company. Her hand would bat his chest as her lashes bat her cheeks and he would indulge her as everyone always did. Their mission depended on his entanglement. Did she expect to seduce him with a half-given gaze?

    Either Ero or Gentarou came to the same conclusion, as she discreetly excused herself to evacuate the floor and he did not even bother watching as she went. You give chase, coming to a heel behind her as she reaches the dancing’s edge. Stress tugs her brows together. She has disappointed her target. Disappointed herself. Worse, you realize, she has disappointed Kiladian.

    “You’re off your game,” you note. A comment and a question intermingle therein, indiscernible.

    Ero maneuvers through the crowd with angered grace. Each foot falls just shy of stepping on another’s toes, the click of her heels on the metal beneath like a tongue snapping against bared teeth. “Hongou’s harder than I thought,” she mumbles, “and not in the way I need him to be.”

    The bar comes quickly into focus as you follow her. It’s going to be a long night.

    Ero glides into the shaky comfort of a barstool. Before you can intercept, she has the bartender concocting something with a name you won’t remember for a price you cannot fathom. Ero’s erratic when inebriated and adamant when infuriated – not a winning combo for their cause.

    She beckons you over with a caress of the empty seat beside her and you stiffen. Your place is beneath behind her. But, for a moment, weariness cracks her mask and the lonely soul inside creeps out. “Ghost,” she drawls. Her fingers walk up your chestplate, eyes unblinking in unspoken expectation, and you will indulge her as you always have. “To me.”

    The seat is filled before you can stop yourself.

    Two drinks slide along the countertop and stop in front of them, one a glittering gray encrusted with crystal and the other a dusty yellow clouded by rising mist. Ero cradles the latter before acknowledging the former. “Oops. Looks like I ordered one too many.” Her tone holds no remorse, only mischief. She nudges the glass towards you. “Guess someone ought to keep me sober.”

    You can’t deny that. Deny her. You drink.

    Each sip is a burning kiss to your lips, searing all the way down until the sweetness kicks in thereafter. It’s easier to forget the sting when the aftertaste settles in. You swallow again. Again. Again, until you learn to love the flames, too.

    Ero only toys with her order. It’s not her usual selection, not her Nightfire. The glass in front of her holds Del’Gris’ favorite - all flash and fruitiness - but no bite. Which means she believes the show must go on. Which means Del’Gris gets an encore.

    You need to navigate this delicately. “Hongou gave you the slip?”

    “He may as well have. Kiladian’s information was off – Hongou’s not involved.”

    “You’re sure?”

    Ero dips her head as if to nod before it droops in defeat. “Honestly? I don’t know. Making heads or tails of the man is more complicated than making eyes at him.” She retrieves the cherry inside her drink and rips it clean off the stem. “I’m not myself tonight.”

    “That’s not true.” The words slip out before you can subdue them. An unfortunate error, but Ero appraises you with wide-eyed surprise and you wonder whether it was a blessing in disguise. “You were not Del’Gris tonight, true. Del’Gris holds every man captive in her grasp. But you were Ero tonight – and any glimpse behind the curtain is enough to fluster a lesser man like Hongou.”

    Ero twists your words around in her mind like the stem she knots in her mouth. When she pulls the stem free, her answer spills out too. “You know me too well.”

    Not as much as I’d like, you think. Still not enough to keep you safe. It is unbidden - but honest - admission. Not one Ero would adhere to half-plastered and wholly penitent. You settle for “well enough to know when you’re not well.”

    She scoffs into her cup, a bitter laugh against sweet liquor. “Can’t get any worse”. Ero raises her hand and requests another round of liquid courage: Nighfire on the rocks. It’s a slow burn, she told you once, reeking of booze and other bodies, just the way I like it.

    You hadn’t liked it. Hadn’t liked the way her hair ensnared your shoulders, encircling you in her scent as you scraped her offstage. Hadn’t liked the lingering kindling of body heat. Hadn’t liked how much you dreamt of her touch afterwards.

    The bartender brings her his poison and she tips it back in one go. Tipsy, but standing, Ero advances towards the dance floor. “Well, if our mission’s botched, must as well bust a move.” Half-lidded eyes hone in on you. “Don’t make me do it alone.”

    There’s a plea beneath that tease, but the implications complicate your reaction. To stay would be wise. To go would be wine, a gradual inebriation, a delight today and a mistake tomorrow. A slow burn.

    Noticing your hesitance, knowing your heart’s a mess, she approaches. “I’m not the only one unwell,” Ero whispers. Her tender denouncement strangles your judgment. “But we both have to choose health.”

    She steps away. The crowd begins to swallow her, enclosing on all sides. Ero extends her hand to you. “Ghost,” she calls out. Her fingers curl inwards, a gambler clutching their stake. “To me.”

    Your hand finds hers before you can stop yourself.

    Polaris’ patrons shove you deeper into the throng of hedonism. Writhing bodies surround you on all sides, ushering you and Ero closer, closer, closer along to the beat of a song. You can’t make it out – not over the beat of your heart. But Ero can. She leans into you, giggles sending shockwaves against your skin, and it’s then you realize: the woman on the soundtrack is Del’Gris, but the one in your arms is Ero.

    In my arms. The thought locks into place before you can register that your arms are, in fact, around her. Mechanically? Yes. Uncomfortably? Undoubtedly. Neither of you seem to mind, if the way she slides her hands around your neck and nuzzles into its crook is any evidence. Then again, you always were the problem. After all, what right have you to hold her after haunting her for so long?

    “You’re overthinking it,” Ero says. You’re not the only one who knows the other too well. “Maybe I ought to take the lead.”

    You both laugh at that, at yourselves, at everything that your twisted lives have led to because if you don’t laugh, you might both break. Then again, at least you’d crumble into one another.

    Ero only leans back and leads on. Your hands keep her feet aloft, her back aligned. This imperfect rhythm, this imbalancing act, leaves you both in synchronized breathlessness.

    Neon lights illuminate your mingling skin in a patchwork of discordant colors. They rise to wreath Ero in a heathen’s halo: green envy, violet ire, scarlet lust. The crowd around exalts her alias - “Del’Gris! Del’Gris! Del’Gris” - but Ero has only ever worshipped you.

    Always the star, you muse, and I am but the planet trapped in orbit.

    “They’re calling for their queen,” you tease.

    “They’re calling for Del’Gris,” she clarifies, “but I believe someone requested Ero.”

    “You must have heard a ghost.”

    Whatever impish inclinations Ero might otherwise maintain were exorcised in an instant. Seriousness seated itself in place of playfulness, mouth thin and eyes taut. Her hand rose to graze his cheek. “Ghost you may be to everyone else, but you’re always Yoselle to me.”

    You have been brutalized by mobsters, held for ransom by hitmen, and crushed by an atmospheric crucible more times than you can count, but nothing has ever taken hold of your heart half as hard as that. “I never mind playing the specter if it means shadowing you.” And it’s true. You would spend the rest of your days in obscurity if it meant skirting around her radiance.

    But Ero has never been one to settle for second best.

    “Oh, is that so?” That ruinous mischief reclaims her lilting smile as she presses herself inward, upward. “In that case,” she whispers and her breath is a phantom promise against your lips. “Ghost, to me.”

    Your mouth finds hers before you can stop yourself.

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  • touhoutunes
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Title: イノセントスター (Innocent Star)

    Arrangement: ゆずひこ

    Vocals: 越田Rute隆人

    Album: Trident World

    Circle: AbsoЯute Zero

    Original: The Sea That Reflects One’s Home Planet, A World of Nightmares Never Before Seen

    #touhou#touhou project#junko#hecatia lapislazuli #a never before seen world of nightmares #the sea where the home planet is reflected #the sea that reflects one's home planet #a world of nightmares never before seen #legacy of lunatic kingdom #AbsoЯute Zero#trident world#越田Rute隆人#Rute#宮下大#ゆずひこ #grr when did the translation for this song changr
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  • taemaknae
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago


    #👉👈 is anyone willing to beta read some of my cringe-worthy jungkook drabbles for an upcoming drabble series i'm randomly working on #is anyone also willing to edit them because i literally have zero writing skills 🤣 #this project is just my lame excuse to put my thoughts/fantasies to words before i forget them 🙃
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