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  • It looks like I just became overhelmed with the inktober x)
    I already skipped a day because I have no time and motivation to do ABANDONED, even if I could use this prompt to almost every story of mine, but I couldn’t imagine anything other than enterior or old building and it is too much time for now X_x Then there was this promt, what is

    Day 26 | STARS

    where actually I could only think of the things I already drew once. I was looking for ideas and inspiration, but I couldn’t find anything I really like: then I saw a post with a technique where you put your water based markers on a plastic bag and then stamp it to a paper creating this galaxy like effect. I started to try it with brush markers but after one or two colors the markers started to drink in each other and I don’t think a drawing worth so much to ruin perfectly good markers - so I switched to watercolors and this happened. I like this effect so much even if it has nothing to do with ink anymore x,D

    Our 4 queens from 4 Season’s Kingoms.

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    Inktober day 27

    Prompt: Music

    So this was yesterday’s prompt but I wasn’t feeling the best mentally and couldn’t find the motivation to do it then. I will be posting today’s prompt later today

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  • ayyyyyy finally finished a prompt list for inktober IN OCTOBER! Usually this stuff takes me a year or more to do, but this one I finished on time!

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  • There’s something wrong with your roommate but you can’t put your finger on it.

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  • [WP] A talented necromancer realizes that there are dead skin cells basically everywhere. | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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    - sorry for the bad english, it’s not my first language -

    I knew where I was before I even opened my eyes. The Villains layer. It was the third time they kidnapped me this week. I sighned. Even though my hands were tied behind my back and I was at their mercy, I wasn’t afraid. Yes, they terrorised the city. And killed a few corrupt Politicians. And took me as leverage against my boyfriend, the hero of the city. But I knew exactly what would happened next: I would be safed after a few hours of sitting on this stupid garden chair. Only this time, I didn’t want to be safed.

    “So you are awake”

    Their voice was deep and soft and send shivers down my spine.

    “Obviously. Can you call next time? This kidnapping thing is getting lame.”

    They came near. Dark suit. Leather gloves. Their lean figure above me. Their eyebrows were pinched together in anger. But I provoked them on purpose. I wanted to know how evil they really were. Because I began to like them.

    “It would’t be fun if you knew. You always screem so beautiful when I get you.”

    I laughed. Another provocation.

    “Today you really play with the fire, don’t you?”

    Out of nowhere they took a knife to my throat. Cold, sharp metal on my skin and I didn’t even flinch. My heart rate jumped, not because of fear but excitement. They clearly wanted me to be afraid.

    “You won’t kill me.”

    “what makes you so sure about that?”

    They tilted their head curoiusly, the knife still against my skin.

    “First: I am leverage. My corpse will get you nothing. Second: No one kidnapps their enemies girlfriend that often. If you wanted a date you should’ve asked.”

    Their eyes widen. I was playing at risk, but I had to know. Had to know the tension between us was real and not an illusion.

    “Oh, maybe I should. But what would your boyfriend say about that?” Their tone was sacastic.

    I snorted. Boyfriend! I was so sick of it. He was never there, the kidnappings were the only reason I saw him. We hadn’t had a date in months! The last time we fought over politics because in his opinion the government was ALWAYS right. I would’ve broken up with him but he never showed up.

    “What boyfriend”, I asked innocently, fluttering my eyelashes.

    They laughed. Not their usual evil-villain-laugh. An honest laugh, almost sweet. Followed by a devilish grin. It made me smile.

    “Well then, my dear, I’ll find another use for you.”

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  • [WP] you are a super hero/heroine. You’ve been captured by your nemesis so often that now you tend small talk while trying to escape or waiting for a rescue. Today’s topic: the creepy fan mail you’ve BOTH been getting. | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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  • Some post MJ scary but domestic story for you today! I hope you like it!

    Witches & Black Cats

    Haymitch didn’t do romance but, once in a while, Effie managed to rope him something that they definitely didn’t call date night even if that was exactly what it was.

    That she had convinced they needed a cozy night in right for Halloween was a plus in her opinion. Twelve didn’t really do anything special for Halloween. No outlandish parties, no costumes, no candies… They had candles at the windows and bonfires in the meadow and it was all very meaningful and sad in a beautiful way and absolutely not what she wanted that year. She had carved pumpkins with Peeta, she had bought far too many candies and she had dressed as a sexy witch… What she wanted that night was to celebrate Halloween like she used to do back in the day. In short, she wanted to play at being frightened.

    READ MORE on ff or HERE on AO3

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  • [WP] You knew there was something strange about your new computer the moment it was delivered. Sure, it’s lightning-fast & can crush any modern game but there’s definitely something ‘wrong.’ You decide to open it up to make yourself feel better but that just makes things worse. IT’S ALIVE! | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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  • Round and round the Ferris wheel goes. You stare out the window before glancing at your companion who seems somber.

    “I have something I need to tell you,” they say

    #writing prompt#writing prompts#prompts#prompt #give the guy green hair a hat and a criminal organization #and you got yourself N
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  • [WP] The space station reported making contact with someone. They said they arrived wearing the NASA issued spacesuit. They claim to be a member of the team that went on a space walk to fix a solar panel, and don’t understand the team’s confusion. | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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  • #thank so much for the prompt! #klaine fanfiction#klaine #kurt x blaine #i wrote this! #prompt #au where quinn is who kurt would call in crisis #because kuinn #you know? #slayediest #i'm not sure! about this one but here it is anyway!
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  • Themed Week: Halloween

    Day 28: Vampires

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  • [WP] You are able to stop time the moment before an enormous asteroid impacts earth. You spend the remaining years of your life dismantling it. With your dying breath time resumes and the remainder of the asteroid lands | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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  • [WP]In 2029, Earth launched Colony, a ship of 330 settlers towards Proxima Centauri B. It’s now 2061, a quantum-rift drive has been created and installed in your larger colony vessel, Solaris. Solaris has caught up with it and is now preparing to bring the crew of Colony aboard. There’s a problem… | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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  • [WP] Something cold. Something true. Something stolen. Something you. | | Want to submit a writing or a prompt? Read the rules here

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  • My name is Hulbrook. I’ve been stationed on Titan for four years—at the northwestern edge of Xanadu, at the semi-permanent installation called Umphalos.

    When I get a dropship for food and other bare essentials, they remark on how long four years is. The psychological conditioning and exams emphasized the amount of time I’d spend alone before I got here. The last thing they want is to hand the workings of an installation on Saturn’s biggest moon to someone who’ll just crack halfway through the mission, or in the beginning—or even the last day, for that matter. Actually, if there’s a likelihood to crack, it’s either in the first year or in the last week.

    I’m fine. Trust me. My asocial qualifiers are off the charts. I’ve got a Library of Alexandria’s worth of entertainment archives to go through, never mind the actual work that has to be done.

    Besides, I asked for this. Asteroid mining was boring. I wanted to do research that’d never been done before. Titan isn’t just Saturn’s biggest moon—it’s also its most interesting. Xanadu is a continent of mirror-smooth ice whose beaches are made of liquid methane. When it rains, it rains liquid hydrocarbons. It’s a gas station of a planet. Thus, power generation here for Umphalos is no problem. We’re as much a supply depot for Saturnine operations in orbit as we are a research station. When the orbits are right, a reusable rocket pierces the thick atmosphere with refined fuels from us, headed to Enceladus. With the amount of hydrocarbons here, we use conventional rocket fuel rather than nuclear. We have plenty of oil to burn.

    The big bucks are for finding any extremophiles in the lakes. While it’d be technically possible to go diving in the lakes, we tend to use an automated submarine for that. The depressurization suits are limited, and the landscape is tectonically active. I tend to do everything by way of remote control. If, god forbid, I tripped and fell on the ice outside, which at this atmospheric pressure and temperature is like solid rock, and damaged the suit so that I was exposed, I’d not only be incapable of expanding my lungs, my lungs would be frozen solid on the first breath.

    But if we do find extremophiles, and if they correlate with our findings in Europa, then we’d have evidence that life has been hopping through our solar system for a long time.

    The only downside to Umphalos is that I have to stay locked in here almost inevitably. There are deserts on Titan with dunes of pulverized ice. There are cryovolcanos that belch ammonia. When there is a quake, which Umphalos is well girded against, the fissures that release the water beneath freeze in place so quickly that they’re nearly self-healing. We’d be an ocean planet if we were closer to the sun and if the atmosphere wasn’t so thick. To put it succinctly: this planetoid is a tectonically active ice cube drenched in liquid fuel.

    I want to see its features up close, but almost always have to use a drone of some sort, and their range is limited due to the temperature. Even though I am technically here on Titan, I still have to observe it from afar. In a way, I feel no closer to it than I did when I arrived. It’s not simply the knowledge, or the research that I wanted—and I know that it’s the endless supply of fuel that makes the place valuable, that makes Umphalos worth the effort. It was the experience of the place.

    Maybe I’ll throw it all to the wind one day and go as far as the suits can take me. But it’s not the last week of the mission—not even close. And I still have Melville to read.

    Art Source: Sergii Golotovskiy - sci-fi architecture

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