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    17.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Write a Hurt/No Comfort one shot Pre-Reveal, Pre Hawk Moth defeat, Pre-Relationship Canon Compliant fic featuring Peacock!Marinette x Adrien

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    17.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago
    #julie and the phantoms #jatp #kiss detail prompts #my fic
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  • miraculous-prompts
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Write a Hurt/No Comfort one shot Post-Reveal, Pre Hawk Moth defeat, Post-Relationship Senti!Adrien AU fic featuring Multimouse x Adrien

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  • chocolatedragonwordmagic
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    10 Minute Prompt Write pt 2 Wisteria Trees OR Trapped in the Twisted Forest

    I’m ready to try this for another ten minutes. Let’s see what happens... There maybe magic, or there maybe nothing... This is part 2, so it probably won’t make any sense unless you’ve also read part 1

    She shuddered and continued to put one foot in front of the other, the sound of her footfalls swallowed by the carpet of leaves beneath her feet. ‘How long have I been here?’ she said out loud. The birds stopped singing and watched her. ‘How long have I been here?’

    Nothing answered her, yet she felt that she was being watched, measured, assessed. She wondered what would happen if she failed the scrutiny; her steps faltered for a moment.

    The flowering trees reaching up into the blue sky shivered, flowers fell from the branches in a flurry of swirling petals, reminding her of snow, of another time, another place.

    ‘A long time, Nara of Blund,’ a whisper of a breeze in her ear. ‘A very long time.’

    ‘How did I get here?’

    ‘Through the mirror of dreams.’

    Leaves rustled and silent birds with red eyes watched her pass.

    ‘My name is Nara?’

    ‘Yes.’ The breeze danced through her hair, dislodging the flowers that had fallen there.

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    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #ted lasso #ted lasso fic #ted lasso prompts
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  • miraculous-prompts
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Write a Hurt/No Comfort Pre-Reveal, Pre Hawk Moth defeat, Post-Relationship Villains AU fic featuring Truth x Ladybug

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  • swinging-stars-from-satellites
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I have several more fanfic prompts in my inbox but I am Very Tired and need to go to bed, so I'm gonna try to finish those in the morning or when i get the chance

    also I just want to say a huge thanks to anyone who sent an ask??? I was having a really rough day today for a bunch of kinda silly reasons and it's just really nice to be able to write random things for random people 💖

    #i might do this again sometime idk #writing prompts is not usually my thing but i am having sm fun today tbh #Lu rambles#Lu writes #lu needs go to the heck to sleep lol #fanfiction#my fanfic #also I'm probably gonna post at least a few of those fics to ao3!!!
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    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Write a Crack Pre-Reveal, Post Hawk Moth defeat, Pre-Relationship Enemies AU fic featuring Multimouse and Pig!Adrien

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  • kiasanova
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    "I feel strange." For #fictober21
    Fandom: Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi/ Qui-Gon Jinn
    CW: mention of minor head injury, attempt at a meet-cute modern AU, watch out for tall men on bikes

    Most of Obi-Wan’s greatest life changing moments occurred when he wasn’t paying attention. 

    The air was crisp as it whipped past his face. It’s burn was softened by the hesitant sunlight peeking through the overcast sky, sneaking around the cobbled alleyways and over stepped stone buildings.

    Obi-Wan eased fluidly through the crowds of tourists and scholars littering the mainstreet. A busy tram rattled past, unnoticed. The young man was engrossed in the dulcet tones of William Roberts in his ear, who was just on the verge of discussing the topic of Rutherford when Obi-Wan was thrown onto his ass by a passing bicycle. 

    “Uh-” He grunted, falling back, clutching his book bag to his chest. His head knocked back against the pavement so sharply his vision whitened out. What the fuck. 

    “Oh my god, you idiot-” a panicked voice cried, the man’s volume piercing Obi-Wan’s throbbing head. 

    “Excuse me?” Obi-Wan hissed incredulously, struggling to reorient himself. As soon as Obi-Wan could comprehend the vision in front of him however, the rest of his tirade died in his throat.

    A man was kneeling down beside him, pressing a folded up grey scarf to the back of his head, catching the blood he felt already spilling down his neck. The guy’s dark hair was pulled back in a braid that disappeared over his broad, looming shoulders. His freakishly long legs were clad in marmalade cordaroy jeans that were torn at the knees - which served him right, who the fuck bikes in that? The muscles of his arms bunched as he stopped Obi-Wan from sitting up.

    “Uh,” Obi-Wan repeated, eloquently. 

    “What the hell were you doing walking out into the road like that?” The man was saying, his unreasonably handsome face twisted in concerned annoyance. Oh. But his eyes were lovely. Blue.

    “I… I feel strange.” A wave of nausea washed over Obi-Wan and he leaned back into the stranger’s clothed palm. The man sighed, and Obi-Wan only then noticed the chatter surrounding them. Some woman to his left said mentioned "ambulance" and Obi-Wan groaned. God, this was humiliating. 

    “Do you have anyone you need to call?” Cordaroy asked him, his lovely eyes catching Obi-Wan’s attention again.

    “Huh? No, no. Or maybe just…” Obi-Wan fumbled for his phone, pulling it shakily from his bag. The screen was shattered. “Great…”  

    “Here,” the man offered, passing across his own phone with his free hand. “I suppose that’s karma for your negligence.” 

    Obi-Wan glared up at him, pouting. What an arse. Cordaroy’s sleek phone hung loose in his hand. “I don’t remember his number,” Obi-Wan mumbled, knowing Anakin wouldn’t answer regardless. 

    “Of course you don’t,” the man replied, his tone of voice actually saying “I loathe the youth of today”.

    Now, that was unfair. Obi-Wan was about to snap back just as two uniformed paramedics descended into his vision, and the man moved away. He didn't even get his name.

    #fictober21#star wars#quiobi #qui gon jinn #obi wan kenobi #mention of blood #meet cute #if your definition of cute is being yeeted by a bike #which mine is #fic#drabble#october prompts #also tried a more modern narrator so excuse the french #and slight OOCness #idk on the ending #does this make sense? no
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  • carolinasgirl
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Summary: [10.5k words] Harry’s high school relationshIp with Valencia is known to be rocky. Jealousy, lust and drama, they both find themselves obsessed with the attention. Harry obsessed with his sex life with Valencia can’t seem to get enough of her, even if it kills him.

    !! WARNINGS: toxic relationship, cursing, violent scenes, mentions of arrest, police interrogation, brief mentions of abuse, pure filthy smut, brief mentions of mental health. IN NO WAY is this glamourising a toxic relationship, this is just fictional. 

    If there is one thing a year-long relationship with Harry Edward Styles has taught Valencia Athena Indigo, it’s that she will always love him no matter what he does. And as for Harry, he wouldn’t say the things he said if he loved her, he wouldn’t do the things he does, but he’s adamant that she is his forever. 

    Valencia only started taking an interest in Harry at around the start of year 10. Both of them were so young and immature They didn’t even know each other existed until Valencia joined the cheerleading team. Harry felt the wind knock out of his stomach when he caught her eye at the side of the football pitch, wearing that small little green cheerleading outfit. Both of them clicked instantly, and within two weeks, they were dating. And that’s what made them toxic. 

    Both barely knew each other. Valencia and Harry both didn’t take the time on their ‘dates’ to speak about their interests, their hobbies, what they like and dislike. Instead, most dates ended up in them fucking in a restaurant bathroom, or the backseat of his car or back in his room, which often had Valencia biting down on Harry’s fist to keep herself quiet. 

    As much as they were the prettiest couple in school and was such a gorgeous sight to stare at, it only took a month for the couple to be known as that couple. You know, the ones who argue in the corridors, have screaming matches in the middle of the school diner, one of them ending up punching someone or something and the other crying in a dark cleaner’s closet. Yeah, they were that couple.

    The thing with the two is that they never seem to be able to break apart from each other, they’ll take a break for around a month and then get back together when their hormones are high, or their jealousy is bursting through the roof. 

    It’s two months away from leaving school and getting their A-Level results, and the last time Valencia even touched Harry was around a month ago. Both have shared their fair amount of eye-fucking, but Valencia is determined to keep his number blocked this time. 

    Both Valencia’s hands clutch onto the lunch tray as she slips onto the simple table where all of her friends are sitting, giving them a friendly smile as she does so. 

    All of them can’t help but stare at her. The way that lavender two-piece hugs her body perfectly. One thing no one can deny is that Valencia suits anything and can make anyone jealous of the way she rocks it. So that lavender cropped zip-up hoodie paired with that lavender mini skirt has everyone looking over at her. 

    “I know you’re trying to get Harry’s attention, but you’re giving me a boner,” Maya, her best friend, tells her, her tongue poking out to jokingly wrap around her straw seductively. 

    Maya and Valencia met in year 7. Unlike Valencia, Mya has known Harry for a long time. Their mothers are practically best friends. Maya and Harry had a close friendship from the ages of 0 to 11. As soon as they moved up to secondary school the both of them drifted. No bad blood between the both of them, they just grew up. When Harry found out that Maya was best friends with that fit cheerleader he caught eyes with, he soon started sucking her ass. I mean it worked, didn’t it?

    Valencia giggles along with everyone else on the table, her shoulders shrugging and fingers wrapping around her fork. “Isn’t that the point?” She asks. 

    Maya continues the conversation with Valencia; her eyes set on the girl in front of her as the rest of the table create discussions. “Has he texted you?” Valencia shakes her head, pushing around the food on her plate with her fork; Maya is still staring into Valencia’s soul as she bites down on her lip. “I’m not saying this to upset you, but someone told me in math class that he fucked with Robyn last night,” Maya explains in a hushed tone and how much she regrets the words that just came out of her mouth should be illegal.

    Valencia’s head snaps up. Why that sentence aggravates her, she does not know because they technically aren’t together, but the fact that he fucked with the one girl she does not like shakes something inside of her.

    Maya utters Valencia’s name when she sees her head turn to him, eyes in a glare when she notices Robyn perched on his lap, hand caressing his cheek and lips centimetres apart. He does this on purpose. Why else would he be staring at her waiting for that reaction? Because as soon as Valencia’s eyes met his, a smirk grows on his face, and he turns back to Robyn, letting her lips melt into his own.

    “Valencia, don’t.” It is way too late.

    Valencia is already out of her seat when Maya says them few words and is strutting over to the table full of boys and Robyn. Harry catches her approaching, and he knows he’s won. He’s smug. No matter what, he’s always got her wrapped around his finger, but as soon as she approaches him, she walks straight past his seat, standing tall above his brother, who is sitting next to him and that had his face faltering.

    “Ni,  you going to that party tonight?” Typical Valencia, fuck with Harry’s head and flirt with his best mate. 

    Niall’s shocked, and the way Valencia perches up on the table, he can’t even catch Harry’s reaction to respond to her correctly. So, out of respect, he returns to her the way he wants to. 

    “Yeah, I am.” Valencia can see him physically gulp, and she moves to the left slightly when she can hear Harry leaning forward to try and communicate with his brother. “Why’d you ask?” 

    “Was just wondering.” Her freshly acrylic nails trail down his chest, tracing the curves of his abs. “Maybe we can have some fun tonight.” She tips her head to the side, biting back a smirk.

    She barely lets Niall mutter out an answer before she’s hopping up from the table, taking a look at Harry, who's sat there clenching his jaw and pushing Robyn off his lap while Valencia waltzes away.

    A little excited squeal leaves Valencia’s lips as she practically skips down the corridor, a bounce in her steps. People would think she just won one hundred pounds from the grin on her face. 

    That is until a tall figure, almost a foot taller than her, quickly comes looming behind her, hand slipping around her small wrist to pull her back. Before Valencia can even blink, she’s drawn into a small dark room by a random stranger. She would scream if she didn’t know that familiar heavy breath. 

    A hand comes up to the dangling light switch, and it pulls it down, nearly break it with so much built up force. “What the fuck are you doing?” Harry grits through his perfect teeth; that little diamond is shining in the dim light of the janitor’s closet.

    “What? Can’t fuck the school’s worldie?” 

    “Wrong one, sweetheart.”

    “Looks like you got the wrong bitch too.” 

    That’s when it clicks in Harry’s head. He has succeeded. This was his plan. To rile her up. To make her like this. “Jealous?”

    Valencia scoffs. “Didn’t you drag me in here, you jealous asshole?” Her arms cross over her chest, and they push her boobs up, the cleavage peeking out of that cropped hoodie that is zipped up only halfway. And it fucks with Harry.

    Eyes are wandering everywhere when Valencia notices Harry’s eyes on her chest. It’s only fair for Valencia to look at the way that navy blue long sleeve clings to his muscles. She remembers that one time when she rode his abs. He is in the heat of the moment. But it was so good. Or that one time he fucked her tits and he came all over her. Her face, her tits, her stomach. 

    “You missed me?” His breathing is heavy, and the words linger in the silent air, breaking the silence between the both of them.

    “If I missed you, I wouldn’t be here right now.” Such a lie. And Harry knows it is a lie, but for some reason, it hurts his heart a little. She notices the bulge sticking out of the black jeans he is wearing, and god, his thighs are so thick.

    Harry is quick to notice it, and he smirks. Of course, she misses him, but he knows the one thing she misses the most is the thing straining beneath all that clothing. “Eyes are up here, sweetheart.”

    “Your eyes suck, I like this view better.”

    His eyebrows rise, and he chuckles at her. “Speaking of suck.”

    “Harry.” She gasps.


    How can one person be so ridiculously horny? That is one talent Harry does have. That he can turn any moment into a sexual one, I guess that’s how he always wiggled his way out of the diabolical arguments they both had. 

    The fact that Valencia hesitates and lets the thought cross her mind, she might as well slip down onto her knees and make sure he remembers who can have him falling apart at the seams just from her warm mouth.

    He chuckles in content, watching her fall down into the position that he loves so much. “That’s it. Know your place, princess.”

    “Shut the fuck up, H, before I get up and leave you to jack off to the thought of me. Like always,” Valencia reminds him, a small blush covering his cheek at the memory of all the snap chats sent to her of him jerking off with the caption ‘thinking of you’.

    “Yeah, well, I have Robyn to do that for me now.” Valencia freezes in her eager movements to unbuckle his Louis belt so that she can glare up at him. “I’m kidding.”

    Even if he isn’t kidding, Valencia is still willing to show him how that girl could never be on the same level she is. She knows his body too well. It’s all studied into her brain like a test for an exam. That’s why when she pulls his cock out of his Calvin Klein boxers, he’s always gasping at the simple touch.

    With the flick of her wrist, she already has him folding his arms over each other, biting onto the inside of his upper arm to try and silence his sounds—such a mess for her already.

    Constant kitten licks against his leaking, flushed tip has him going insane. He knows he missed her, but he didn’t realise he missed her enough for that vein running along the side of his cock to throb.

    One hand fondling his balls and the other wrapped around the base of his cock, she takes her sweet time to ease her mouth onto him. Her pretty little plush lips wrap around his tip and slowly push their way down to the halfway mark. 

    The pace begins to build. Her hand is pumping half of him, and her mouth is covering the other half, her neck already getting sore from bobbing up and down. And it’s the fact that she brings up her other hand to help her other one that fucks Harry over. He’s hiding his face in the crook of his elbow and blowing out heavy pants to help him ease the feeling of his orgasm already building. But, no luck. 

    Valencia knows he is trying his hardest to hold back, and that’s why she drops her hands and takes him further, hitting the back of her throat with a chorus of wet gags. And Harry is letting out the most pornographic whimper which goes straight to Valencia’s core. 

    It doesn’t surprise Valencia that the moment couldn’t be perfect when the loud ringing of the school bell blocked out the sounds of her gags and gargles of her deep throating the man she’s positive she is in love with. And she jumps at the sudden noise, her mouth quickly retracting back and her teeth scraping against him.

    Harry lets out a hiss, and his hand comes down onto the back of her head, pushing her back down. “Carry on.” He tells her. And she does even if she’s going to be late for English class. Or if the cleaner is about to waltz in from his lunch break.

    He doesn’t care as much as she does. They’ve always gotten themselves into trouble somehow. And they have a scripted alibi all written out in their head if they ever find themselves in the head teacher’s office. 

    But worry does take over her because it feels that much dirtier when they’re not together. And not in the right way either. She slips off him, and her innocent eyes flutter up to stare at him, making him wonder how she can look so angelic doing such a devilish thing. “How long does it take you to fucking cum?” She asks, hand eagerly pumping him and spending an extra few seconds working her thumb over his tip. 

    A few choked moans leave his lips, fingers entangled in her hair, pulling slightly when his over sensitive tip leaks a little bit of pre-cum. “It’s coming, just keep going.” He’s eager. His voice is breathless and needy, but so rough and ready to fuck your face. It sucks for him, knowing he can’t do it here, genuinely because Valencia is already drooling all over the pace as is. And the sounds she makes when he does so would just make him want to fuck her so good and so hard, but he hasn’t got the time. 

    Neither has she, so that’s why she reaches her spare hand down to press against his taint, just enough to have his thighs trembling and muscles tensing, sinful curse words being yelled into his arm, with a shout of: “Valencia, fuck! Open your mouth, baby.” But she already knew that was coming. 

    He’s spurting ribbons into her mouth, and for a moment, they both believed he wasn’t going to stop with the amount he is shooting into her hot, warm mouth. But he does, and she swallows every single drop.

    “That’s my girl.” He breathes out when she sticks her tongue back out to show him she’s swallowed everything. 

    He tucks his cock back into his boxers, pulling and zipping up his pants, allowing her to buckle the belt while giving him short pecks and peppering kisses along his jaw. A tradition they always have. 

    They dip out of the cleaner’s closet as fast as they could, and he walks her to her English class in complete silence, the corridor still littered with a handful of students, which reassures her that she’s not too late. 

    She sends him a short and sweet kiss as a farewell as her hand reaches out for the door, but Harry stands there unsatisfied, not letting go of her hand and pulling her back. “The Robyn thing. It was just to make you jealous.” 

    Valencia can’t help but roll her eyes at that statement. “I know. So was the Niall thing, now I’ve got to–“

    “I miss you.”

    A heavy sigh leaves Valencia’s lips, and she looks down at their hands. They fit so perfectly together only if a pair of hands can work as a relationship. “You miss me sucking your dick.”

    “I miss you sucking my dick. I miss you riding my dick. I miss your ass taking my d-“ Harry lists off, and she’s quick to cover his mouth with her other hand, looking around frantically to see if anyone heard. However, he takes her hand away, grabbing onto it to bring her closer. He lets go of her clammy palms to hold onto the small of her back, his neck craning down to look at her. “But, most of all, I miss you. Our cuddles, our kisses, our date nights, our traditions. We lost it, and that’s how we became…” He can’t find the words. Either he can’t fight them or saying they will hurt him. 


    “Yeah… Toxic…” He repeats, slow and carefully, like the word is forbidden to say. 

    She cups his face with her hands and brings him in for one more kiss, thumbs brushing over his light stubble. “We will talk about it tonight, get to class.” She tells him, and he finally let’s go, stepping back. “I love you.” A reminder for him as she pushes open the door to her class, her head turned back to watch him walk backward; eyes kept on her. 

    “I love you more.”

    It’s when Valencia sits back in her seat, phone in hand and mine on him; that’s when she blows up on the inside. After just giving him an earth-shattering blowjob, he still somehow finds a way to be an asshole. 

    Harry Styles: don’t tell anyone about what we just did. 
    Valencia Indigo: are you kidding? 

    Harry bites his lip and sits down on the uncomfortable wooden bench of the changing rooms, wondering if he should even reply. He knows maybe he shouldn’t have said that, but with Niall nagging him about whereabouts, he whisked Valencia to. He had to text her. 

    Harry Styles: i’m sorry. No one can know. 

    Valencia scoffs loudly, shaking her head and dropping the phone back into her bag. Unbothered and uncaring. The last thing she wants to do is entertain his asshole-ness. 

    Harry, on the other hand, is letting the panic grow in his body when it hits the minute mark since she last read his message, and she still hasn’t replied. 

    Harry Styles: i didn’t mean it like that. 

    Of course, she ignores him. What else would he mean? Niall is his best friend, and he tells him everything. Valencia is bound to get angered. And she saves that anger all day, just to arrive at the party later that night looking like something sent straight from heaven.

    Adrenaline is still running through her veins from not only the excitement that hit her when she tried on her outfit but the thrill of sneaking out of the house, climbing out her bedroom window, and climbing down the tree right outside. Damn, Harry would be proud. 

    But he’s not interested in that. He’s interested in the way she walks into this party, knowing everyone is looking at her with that pretty tight, white dress on with a cute cherry pattern, but she looks so sexy and so angelic at the same time. 

    Harry feels underdressed for a moment, but he realises how much Valencia loves that black vest that makes him look like a complete douchebag but has her thighs shaking. And that’s what triggers the sex eyes. 

    Thirty minutes, both of them staring at each other for the full thirty minutes. Eyes are burning into each other's souls. They can’t even hear what their friends are talking to them about, and it’s not because of the loud, blaring music, it’s because of their attention to each other as they take sips out of their red solo cups. 

    When Harry pulls some random chick closer to him, breaking the staring contest to push her hair back and give her the sex eyes that Valencia deserves. That triggers something in Valencia. It has her strutting over to the couch where Harry’s right-hand man is sitting to tower over him.

    Niall swears he gets some form of PTSD. It’s déjà vu. He swallows back the dry, scratchy feeling stuck in his throat as he stares up at her, eyeing up the tall man sitting next to him, Kordell, part of the ‘asshole committee’ that both Harry and Niall are in. Well, that’s what Valencia calls them. 

    “I know your bestie can’t, but can you dance?” Just like that, Valencia has Niall startled and looking between a chuckling Kordell and a stubborn Valencia. 

    “Valencia, I can’t. You know my loyalty stands with–“

    He can’t even finish his sentence, that he is near enough yelling to be heard over the music. “Can you dance?” Valencia interrupts Niall, eyes diverting to Kordell. 

    Of course, Kordell quickly perks up, smirking and jumping to his feet. “Yeah, I can.” His voice is slightly seductive because not many get the chance to dance with The Valencia Indigo. But, his ego deflates slightly when she scoffs with a roll of her eyes, grabbing onto his hand and pulling him to the dance floor. 

    “What dance would you like to do? Slow? I can do–“

    She’s already bored of his talking, and she’s thinking about how much easier this would’ve been to just make Niall stand there and grind on him. But she gives Kordell a chance he is so eagerly waiting for. “Just shut up, Kordell, and follow my lead.” She flat out tells him. 

    Turning on her heel, she presses her back against his chest, begging to swivel her hips, feeling his hand on her middle.

    Harry glances over her and catches her arm sneaking to wrap around his neck, them long acrylic nails reach to run along with the cluster of hair at the back of his head. Not to mention the way her head is tipped back, her mouth parted open, and her face so close to Kordell’s face, he can certainly feel her minty breath fanning over his skin. 

    The girl’s hand that is sliding beneath Harry’s shirt is invisible to him right now; he doesn’t even feel it. Until she’s blabbering some terrible drunken dirty talk into his ear and he’s noticing Valencia bend over to just completely throw it back, right up against Kordell’s crotch. 

    “Get off me,” Harry mumbles to the girl, but she doesn’t hear him. However, the way his chest is heaving and radiating waves of heat from anger. 

    How the hell did Kordell manage to talk her into doing that? Harry thinks to himself. Valencia doesn’t need a man to dance with; she dances by herself and owns the floor independently. His thoughts only rile him up more. Especially when he sees her giggle at him, hand wrapping around his wrist to drag him outside with her. Completely out of sight from Harry. And that’s what she wants. To see if he always needs his eyes on her. Of course, he does. 

    “I said get off me!” He repeats louder, ripping the girl’s hand off his chest to follow the two outside and see what they are doing. Too intrigued. Too angered. And I guess he can call himself intimidated. But he would never admit it. 

    He reaches to the side of the large house, which he doesn’t even know belongs to, but a party is a party, and he soon spots Valencia pressed up against the bricks of the house and Kordell trapping her in, both hands planted by her head and a smirk on his lips as he lets a flirty comment out to her. She only giggles to encourage his behaviour. And Harry swears to himself that Kordell isn’t even that funny. 

    He’s quick to swoop up next to them, pushing back on Kordell’s chest. Harsh enough to have him stumbling back, but gentle enough to not cause tension. “Come on dude, have some


    Valencia smirks, knowing Harry wouldn’t hold up his walls for too long, but she has to drop her jaw in shock to act like she is enjoying her time with Kordell. “Harry, what the fuck?”

    “Yeah, dude, you dumped her, she’s not yours anymore.” The fact that Kordell is speaking like Valencia is an object makes her eyes roll, but she goes along with what he’s saying. 

    “Kordell, I don’t know what you’re talking about, mate. Go inside and reiterate.” Harry tells him. 

    “Styles, you really can’t let anyone else have some fun,” Kordell tells him.

    At this point, one single person spotted the three out of a window and shouted to the whole party that Styles and Kordell were disagreeing, almost everyone inside ushers to the door. “Excuse me?” Harry asks, arms crossing over his chest, his muscles bulging as he does so. 

    Kordell scoffs, taking a step closer to Harry just to shove him playfully. But Harry isn’t feeling playful right now. “You stopped using her as your fuck toy, so let everyone else have a try,” Kordell speaks quietly, so quiet that no one, but Harry can hear how offensive his words are. “I mean, you can join us; she would love that, wouldn’t she?”

    That flips a switch inside Harry; it has him lunging for him, fist swinging right for his jaw. The crowd gathers for a reason; he might as well give them a show. 

    Valencia never wanted it to go this far. She never assumed it would. She knows how Harry’s temper gets, but he usually keeps it inside of him, preferring not to use his fists; that’s why it shocked Valencia to see him scrambling to the ground with a fistful of Kordell’s shirt in his hands. 

    It doesn’t take long for Niall to push his way through the crowd to try and pull Harry away from Kordell, until Kordell somehow manages to get on top of Harry, finally being able to throw some punches in return. 

    Niall yelling over the crowds oo’s and ah’s breaks Valencia out of her frozen state, rushing over to give her help, even if she is completely helpless. She has nowhere near the muscle mass of either of the boys, and by the time she rushes over, Harry is hovering over Kordell, and she’s no match for him. 

    Niall is somehow able to jolt Harry back from Kordell’s body with Valencia trying her hardest to restrain his arms from swinging for him if he escapes Niall’s grasp. However, with Harry’s frailing arms everywhere, one of Niall’s hands slip, allow Harry to raise his arm, only to accidentally underestimate the proximity of his swing, his fist hitting Valencia’s face. It barely hurts her and she is positive; it was only a brush of his hand until she feels a slight sting. His shining diamond ring must’ve scraped against her skin. If Harry’s hands weren’t bloodied and numb, he would’ve realised what he had just done and pulled back straight away to apologise over 800 times.

    It’s when the blue and red lights nearly blind everyone when people begin to flee, some scattering around the large yard to keep eyes on the fight still, and some of them rushing back into the house. 

    And in less than two hours, Valencia is surrounded by four walls, cameras on her, and two members of the police force in front of her. 

    “Miss Indigo, if you choose to be quiet, this is going to be a lot harder.” The female officer tells Valencia after spending the last ten minutes trying to push an answer out of her. 

    When the officers took Harry, Niall, and Kordell’s statements, they noticed that none of them lined up to the reason why there is a deep gash on Valencia’s cheek that is already bruising under all the dried blood.  

    They questioned a few teens at the party, and a few spilt about Valencia and Harry’s toxic relationship when asked about Valencia’s involvement. When that information was reported back to the station, the police there put two and two together, believing that Harry hit her. Which is true but in the wrong context. 

    “Valencia, as soon as you tell us what happened, we can get that nasty cut sorted out.” The female officer tells her. 

    Valencia sits back, silent, arms crossed, biting at her lip. “It doesn’t hurt.” She sounds like a little toddler who’s trying to prove that their fall off the swing didn’t affect them. But there’s a tremble in her voice and tears in her eyes due to complete fear. 

    Both the officers share a look between each other, the female officer hesitating before leaning forward slightly with sympathy in her eyes. “Valencia, we will do everything to protect you. Love can often blind the toxicity of a relationship–“

    “What?” Valencia’s voice is soft, gentle, and confused until she realises what is happening. In her mind, she puts it together that some snitch at the party spilt and twisted it into Harry, hitting her purposely. “This has nothing to do with my love life? Do you think Harry did this?” She’s beginning to get angry, and they can see it. “He wouldn’t lay a finger on me in that way; he didn’t do this.”

    “Miss Indigo… Harry has admitted to hurting you.”

    On the other side of the station, Harry is on the phone with his lawyer, phone clenched in his hand as he stares up at the cameras, eyes switching between the lens and the two officers standing in the top two corners of the room. 

    “Mr Styles, you should’ve refused to talk until I was present. You had the right to. You had the right to decline an interview until I was there.” His ‘lawyer’ rants at him, and Harry can hear the sleep running through his voice.

    Harry sighs. “You get less time if you plead guilty to a crime you did.” Harry is talking shit at this point. The alcohol is hitting him a little too late and at the wrong time. His head is everywhere. The room is spinning.  

    His lawyer scoffs. “Harry, you’re not going to serve time; they don’t have any evidence.”

    “There’s a gash on her face, Andrew.”

    At this point, Andrew wishes he never met Harry’s mum at that stupid college party over two decades ago; he wants to take it back when he said that he would always fight for Harry and Niall. “Which can’t be proven that it’s you!” 

    “The hundreds of kids at that place beg to differ.” Harry grits through his clenched teeth. 

    “You know what, Harry, just keep your big mouth shut until I get there.” Harry is about to reply until he hears Andrew start another sentence. “Do you know how disappointed your mum is going to be of you?”

    There’s a moment of silence where Harry is chewing at his lip, and Andrew is waiting for a reply. It takes a while for Harry to pull an answer from his clouded brain, but he does. “How long are you going to be?” He asks after clearing his throat. 

    Andrew can’t help but let out a disappointed chuckle, shaking his head. “You’re lucky I love you like my own, Styles, think about what you say, you’re hurting yourself, you’re toxic.”

    “Andy–“ Harry can’t even respond before Andrew hangs up, resulting in Harry letting out a frustrated sigh, slamming the phone down. 

    You’re toxic; you’re toxic, you’re toxic. 

    It’s floating around in his head along with faded flashbacks of all the pointless arguments he’s had with the girl he swears he’s in love with: the envy, the anger, the selfishness. 

    Before he knows it, his fist is bawled and is slamming into the solid phone box, yells, and curses, leaving his lips. He didn’t even know his knuckles could grow anymore numb, and he’s sure he’s broken every single bone in his right hand. 

    “Styles! I said stop, don’t make me cuff you!” The officer’s words are like white noise to him. He can only hear ringing, and he doesn’t know if it’s because he’s smashed away at the phone box that he’s broken the sound system or if his brain is drilling something into his ears. 

    Both officers quickly restrain him, cuffing his bloody hands, his whole body shaking and withering with loud sobs filling the room. “Please, fuck. Please let me see her! Please. I need to see her. I fucking love her.” His voice breaks with them final words, and his body is falling so limp and weak that the officers have to hold him up. “I love her so much.”

    “I wouldn’t hurt her.” He whispers.

    Valencia stands still, completely speechless, outside the station. Her mum is begging her to speak about something, to say a word to her, just to say something. But, she stands there, tears streaming down her face, the puddle of vomit next to her from where she cried so hard she had to throw up. 

    “Fine, don’t talk. But you’re pressing charges against that disgusting man.” Valencia’s mum told her, her finger waving around in her face. 

    This made Valencia’s eyes widen, and her head snap up. “No, we’re fucking not! He did nothing!” 

    “He admitted to it, Valencia. Stop trying to hide how vile this man is.”

    “I love him, and he’s far from fucking vile!”

    “This. Isn’t. Love.” 

    Mariana turns, so her back is facing her daughter, beginning to strut towards the car when she believes she’s ended the disagreement. “So, what’s love then? The relationship you claim to have with Dad. Am I supposed to use your pathetic excuse of a loving relationship as inspiration for my relationship? The last time you communicated was ten fucking years ago, Mum! Because he’s so glued to his phone speaking to women 20 years younger than him and using your money to bribe them into it.” Valencia’s voice is loud, and Mariana is thanking every god above right now that it’s 2 AM, and no one is on the streets to hear her. Valencia is just so broken; she’s sobbing so hard she’s surprised she can get all of that out without uttering or stumbling over her words.

    “Valencia Athena Indigo, I don’t know how you–“

    “Save it.” Valencia sniffles, wiping her tears on the back of her hand. “I know Harry isn’t right for me, but I am not pressing charges when he did nothing wrong,” Valencia demands.

    All Mariana can do is sigh; she can’t do much since Valencia is 18 now, and she decides. “Fine… But he does not enter my household. If he does, I’m calling the police myself.” Mariana has to set rules, and that’s the only one she can think of on the spot. “Get in the car, Valencia.” 

    Harry sits on the family couch back at home at 5 in the morning with a tag around his foot and his mother and Andrew standing over him with a stern look on both their faces. 

    “I told you from the day I met that girl, Harry; she’s not right for you. Look at the mess you’re in. You think you’re going to go to college with suspected abuse on your record. You’re graduating in–“

    “Mum, if I’m gonna be completely honest,” Harry rises from the couch, slapping both of his hands against his large thick thighs. “I’m pretty tired so if we can have this conversation in the morning–“

    “See, if you were more like Niall, you would care more about the people who love you and talk!” Tina had no clue what came over at her at that moment, but she did not mean the words that came out of her mouth, even Andrew’s eyes went slightly wide. 

    Niall has been living at Harry’s ever since the death of his parents at the age of 14. He had the choice to go live with grandparents who live almost an hour away, but he picked Harry and his mum, Tina. His brother and his Mum.

    Harry turns back, an amused and sarcastic scoff leaving his chapped lips. “You would love that, wouldn’t you? Another Niall? God knows what you would do if you had Harry as a son, right? Because he’s such a hard kid to deal with.” Harry tells her. 

    “H, I didn’t mean it like that–“

    “Then how did you mean it, Mum? How did you fucking mean it? You wish I were like Niall, huh? So that means you wish I weren’t such a fucking disgrace, you wish I had a fucking clue what I want in life, you wish I couldn’t be so fucking toxic.” Harry explains to her; his eyes are so intense, she’s positive that they turn red at one point. 

    Tina shakes her head. “No, not at all. You’re not any of them things Harry, you are a fantastic person. I didn’t mean what I said–“

    “I’m done with this conversation.”

    “Harry Edward Styles, if you walk away right now, Valencia is not allowed to step foot in this house, and I promise that,” Tina warns him. 

    Harry shrugs. “Go ahead; her parents will probably put a restraining order on me anyway.”

    “I’m doing this for her safety and your–“

    “Wait; what?” Harry stops her before she can continue. “You think I hit her?” Silence. “Do you think I hit her too, Andy?”

    Andrew shares a look with a worried and anxious Tina before turning back to Harry. “Harry, when medics inspected Valencia’s face it was clear that your ring cut her and the bruising is looking like it was formed from a fist, it’s too-–“

    “Fuck this.” Harry laughs, sarcastically, turning for the door. 

    “Harry, you were ready to plead guilty before they even tried to charge you. They weren’t even thinking of charging––” Andrew reminds him, but it’s too late. Harry’s slamming the door and alerting Niall awake with the whole rumble of the house. 

    Harry makes sure his bedroom door is locked before he slams back on his bed, palms covering his face as he yells into his skin, drowning out the sound of his phone buzzing for the thousandth time. 

    But all he had to do was click the green button to hear the angelic voice of the girl he loves. He couldn’t face it though, so he let it ring out in his pocket. 

    “Hey, this is like the eighth voicemail I’ve left you.” She sniffles, her nasal passages blocked. “I don’t know why your dumbass told them you hurt me.” She lets out a little laugh at herself. “My mom is letting me drop the charges. Well, you already know, you’re not in a cell right now, I guess…” A deep sigh emits from the back of her throat. “I love you.” She has these moments of silence like she imagines him responding, what he would say back to her. “And I know you’re going to say you love me more, so I love you most.” She waits like he’s going to respond suddenly, but nothing happens, and the only thing she can do is hang up the call and wait longer.

    Both of them didn’t talk over the weekend. They both locked themselves in their rooms, feeling sorry for themselves. Valencia posted her fair share of soft porn onto the private story she made just for him. But no luck. He wasn’t viewing nevermind, actually replying to her 100 texts or 50 calls. After around the 30th call, it started going straight to the answering machine. So she gave up. 

    That is until she sees him at approximately 3:52 PM. She can pick his car from a lineup of all the same models and make. There’s a noticeable scratch on the right side, and lights have a tendency of flickering when the engine is turned on. 

    To say that Valencia sprints to his car, it’s an understatement. Cheer practice starts in 8 minutes, and she only came out to her car to grab a scrunchie out of her glove compartment, but somehow she ends up tapping against the passenger window for him to unlock the door with a promising smile. 

    “Val, you’re gonna cause rumours.” He states when she slips into the passenger’s seat, her whole body facing him. 

    “More than there already is?” She asks, as much as it was a more so light-hearted joke, neither of them could laugh. “Are you not coming to practice?” Cheerleading and football practice always took place at the same time, and Harry is usually still out on the pitch ten minutes before practice to get a headstart. He shakes his head, though. “But there’s a game tonight?”

    “Can’t go.”


    “Police.” He states, merely raising his leg to lift the cuff of his joggers and show off the tag wrapped around his ankle, which is so tight he swears he can’t feel his foot anymore. “Curfew tag, need to be back by 7, the game starts at 7.” He’s pulling his jogges back down and slamming his foot on the car floor with an embroidered sigh. 

    “Kinda shitty punishment for domestic abuse.” Valencia mumbles. That’s Valencia’s problem, not thinking before she speaks. 

    Of course, that has Harry turning in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Harry asks her, eyes wide and eyebrows drawn together.

    “I’m not saying you did that! I’m saying what if someone who–”

    “Stop talking, Valencia.” He knows she has a terrible habit of not thinking before she speaks, so he lets her off and decides just to tell her to shut up, which surprisingly worked. “Did you tell them I did it purposely?”

    She can see him swallow back the dryness in his throat, and it breaks her heart to think that he believes she would do that. “You did it by accident, G. You accidentally bruise me all the time.” Once again, not thinking before she speaks.

    “Valencia.” He tips his head back with a grown. His elbow is propped up, leaning against the window trip as his hand rubs circles against his temple. “We do that in bed. Don’t tell that to people without context, actually don’t tell people that at all, maybe.” Harry explains to her, eyes springing back to her with the last word.

    “Speaking of which,” She leans over the console, her lips attaching to his neck and her hand roaming across his clothed rock hard chest. “I miss you.”

    He twitches against his Calvin Kleins that have become unbelievably tight in the last few moments. “Miss me or miss my cock?” He asks a slight chuckle leaving his lisp as his head tips to the side to give her more access.

    “Both.” She tells him, tugging at the ties of his sweatpants and then leading her hand to tug at the waistband. “You missed a lot of soft nudes in my private story.” She tells him.

    His eyebrows raise. “And how many people are in your private story?”

    “Around 30.” Liar, but she loves the way Harry growls lowly at the statement, just as you squeeze his prominent tent, sticking out for attention. 3:55 PM. “Come pick me up after practice? We’ll be quick” She is getting needy. But how can she not be needy? It’s been like… forever, since she’s had his cock inside of her now she’s craving. So yes, she is implying car sex in the school parking lot. 

    The thing is her practice starts at 6, and the game starts at 7, not to mention Harry’s curfew. So ultimately, they would “I can’t. I’m cutting it fine, and my mom already doesn’t trust me coming to school.” Harry sighs, looking down at the time in his car. “I have time.” He tells her, brushing her hand off of him and gently pushing her back against the leather of his seats. 

    “You don’t have time to fuck me.” 

    “No, but I have time to finger you.” How casual his tone is for the dirty words he’s saying should be illegal. But Valencia couldn’t care less when his hand sneaks past the waistband of them little tiny shorts. 

    “Sad, you won’t be on the pitch tonight.” She breathes out, eyes staring into his. 

    He lets out a breathy chuckle, his cock throbbing once he feels how soaked she is through the lace of her panties that he just knows are matching the colour of her uniform because she’s extra like that, and he loves it. “You mean, you’re sad because I won’t fuck you in the changing rooms after the game.” He corrects her, just as he slips two of his large beefy fingers into her dripping wet core. 

    It’s unexpected for Valencia and her face contours immediately, because her small fingers will never compare to his. A gasp leaves her lips, and her eyes squeeze shut for a moment. 

    “Hey,” Harry’s other hand comes up to grab onto her chin, which has her eyes flickering open within a second. “I gotta be quick, and you’ve got to try and look normal.” He nods out to the people walking past his car to exit the school or get in their vehicle. Anyone could take a glance and see what’s going on, and it wouldn’t stop them from snapping a picture either. Valencia and Harry are a hot topic right now; people would kill to see that Harry fingered her in his car instead of going to practice. 

    It takes a moment for Harry to regain his knowledge; his fingers feel glued inside of her when he tries to remember how he usually does it, how he often has her falling apart. But he doesn’t have the time. 

    “How am I supposed to act normal when–“ When Harry glances at the time, he realises he only has four minutes to make her come, which has him curling up his fingers and begging to pump them in and out of her. “Oh my god, fuck!” She squeals, a tight grip on his forearm littered in tattoos. 

    Usually, Harry prefers to build up the pace, starting steady and switching between fast and slow just to get her that much worked up. However, when now his fingers are showing no mercy to her pretty little pussy, and he’s so tempted to rip them shorts off to see how gorgeous it looks and if it’s as beautiful as it sounds, he might just have to fuck her in the backseat. 

    Instead, Harry settles with pushing the shorts down to her knees and admiring her, and fuck does she look good. He’s going so hard that there are droplets of her wetness splattering everywhere, from her thighs to her seat and even reaching his wrist. And the sounds. The gushing sound along with the skin slapping and not to mention her whimpers. 

    Valencia is so fucked for this man. She’s already so high off of him like he’s some sort of crazy drug, and she already wants more. He’s never gone this fast or rough this quickly before, and it has her squirming, even when his spare hand comes forward to hold her thighs apart. 

    “Look at me.” His voice is full of lust and power. He knows he’s doing a good job when he has her near about doubling over and her thighs clenching together, trying to stop his hand. She looks at him. “I said, stay quiet, act normal.”

    “You’re a fucking arsehole.” She tips her head back against the seat, arching her back up into his hand. 

    A smirk forms on his face when he hears the words. “Oh, I’m an arsehole?” He asks, his thumb coming up to connect with her clit. 

    She wishes she could control herself, but it’s too late. Her mouth is stuck open, and all the noises that she wants to make are getting stuck in the back of her scratchy throat. Not to mention the artwork she’s making on Harry’s arms just from her long manicured nails digging deep into his skin. 

    “I’m an arsehole? You’re the reason I’ve got this fucking tag around my ankle, and you’ve yet to fucking apologise.” He tells her, spitting it out through pure frustration, and he can’t even hear the wet sounds of her pussy gushing.

    Her back is arched so high that the only part of her body that is touching the seat is her upper back. The orgasm that is bubbling in her lower stomach has her thighs trembling, eyes squeezing shut, and head tipping back. “Fuck, H, I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.” Her voice squeaks, and she can’t hold back anymore.

    She’s squirting everywhere, on the dashboard, on her uniform, on the seats, even reaching up this arm. She barely ever squirts, but the speed and roughness of his fingers surprised her entire body. He doesn’t stop either; he takes his fingers out just to press his palm against her over-sensitive pussy and move it from side to side, just to get the last of her juices out.

    When she has nothing left to give, her hand wraps around his wrist tightly, and she utters for him to stop, which he finally does. “Holy fuck.” She eventually can drop back against the seat, even if there is a pool of her wetness below her and let out a deep sigh.

    “You can leave now,” Harry utters at 3:59 PM.


    “I said leave Valencia. Don’t want to spend this last minute you have making pointless conversation.” He’s not even looking at her, he’s looking out his window like there is something scenic to look at, but the only thing there is a ran down blue car.

    Valencia stares at him for a moment like she’s waiting for him to tell her he’s joking, but of course, he doesn’t, and that’s what makes her let out a loud scoff, smoothing out her uniform like that’s somehow going to help the dampness of it. “I was wrong, Harry Styles, you are an arsehole, and I’m not fucking sorry, because I didn’t do shit.” She opens the door; one foot stepped out before something else comes to mind making her turn back, and this time he’s staring right at her. “Rot in fucking hell, Styles.”

    It’s Maya that notices Valencia with the most angered look on her face, storming into the girls changing and heading over to the hand dryers. “Valencia, you okay?”

    “No, I’m not.” She simply replies. 

    Maya watches her turn on the dryer and tries to dry them tiny shorts underneath it, but there is no luck in doing so with that poky dryer stuck to the wall. “What happened?” Maya asks, standing up properly from tying her shoes.

    “Just some advice… NEVER date a Styles.”

    Harry sulks in bed that evening as soon as he’s done with cleaning his car. But he can still smell her fruity scent lingering on his clothes, and even when he eats at the dinner table with his Mum and his sister, he can still taste her, because damn right he cleaned his fingers off with his tongue after she closed that door. He knows he has fucked up. 

    Once 7 PM hits, he watches the live stream of the school’s game from the school website, and fuck Valencia looks good. 

    The cheerleaders always come out first and do the school spirit dance, and the way the camera was angled it hit his girl perfectly. Her uniform is dried after that scandalous situation in his car, and he can tell that she has quickly redone her makeup. He vividly remembers the smudged mascara underneath her eyes, and the hot tears from her intense orgasm made stains in her face makeup.  

    And the game went well, even though he wasn’t watching half the time. When he caught a glimpse of Valencia, his eyes were on her to the point where he often lost track of the score. 

    The game quickly wraps up, and Harry’s finger is hovering over the power button on his computer, but he notices one thing, one thing that makes his blood boil. He doesn’t know how he sees from how far the camera is panned out, but he doesn’t know if he’s blessed or not so blessed that he can rewind the stream and watch it back. His eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. 

    8:42 PM. 

    “Valencia, what was that about?” Maya asks when Valencia comes out of the school showers, a pink towel wrapped around her glowing body. 

    Valencia shrugs, and even if she acts unbothered, she can’t hide the smirk of pride on her face as she rubs lotion into her skin. 

    “Val, you can’t just do that. You know Harry still has feelings for you.” 

    “Maya, listen. Sometimes a boy does stupid shit that makes you mad, so you have to match that energy to make him mad.” 

    Maya shrugs on her jacket, eyes staring into her locker and back to her best friend.”I just think we all make mistakes.” 

    “Maya, what the fuck are you talking about?” 

    “It’s like the people who told the police Harry was abusing you, maybe it was a mistake,” Maya tells her, and the room is so silent that she can hear Valencia pulling on Harry’s old jersey over her shorts. “Maybe they were just looking out for you.” She adds on, a small sigh leaving her lips. 

    Valencia’s hand wraps around her locker door and her brain ticks with the words that she’s saying. And it clicks. “Oh my fucking god, did you tell the police.” And when Maya turns around completely quiet, Valencia flips. “What the actual fuck, Maya? Do you know what you’ve done? Harry could’ve done time for that.” 

    The volume and tone of Valencia’s voice scare her as much as the slam of Valencia’s locker. She’s never seen her so angry. “I did it because you looked happy with Kordell, and I thought it would keep Harry away!” Valencia tugs at her long locks, tears pricking at her eyes. “Val, I’m sorry.”

    “You’re such a fucking bitch.” Valencia can’t help but let out a laugh, like an evil laugh you hear in the movies.

    “See! This is why you’re selfish; I tried to help you.” Maya yells at her, but she’s lucky there’s a wooden bench in between the two because if it wasn’t, Maya is positive that Valencia’s hands would be around her neck. 

    “You could’ve gotten my boyfriend convicted!”

    “And I would do it again!”

    Her six words keep Valencia silent, and she’s racking her brain for some insult to say, But Maya is already out of the changing rooms, brushing shoulders with Harry as he enters in a rush. As much as Maya wanted to stop him, she got into her car and dialled three numbers. 

    But inside the locker rooms, Valencia believes she’s alone. That is until a figure is looming behind her when her head is in her locker, completely oblivious.

    “You thought you were smart.” That voice. She can recognize it out of line up of 1000 males and not to mention the hand that comes up to push her hair over one shoulder. “Kissing Kordell like that and the end of the game.” He tuts, lips attacking her neck with need.

    “Harry, your tag.” She warns him like he doesn’t already know, and her words sound so silent and weak because the only thing she can think about is his hard shaft pressing into her round perky ass.

    “Better be quick there.” 

    It all happens within a blink of an eye; he spins her around with expertise and has her pressed against the locker next to her designated one. They both have never had a mire passionate, sloppy, and needy kiss. Even though nothing is being said, except incoherent mumbles and moans, Valencia is taking it as an apology, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to not press for one. Once she’s stripped from her tiny little shorts, his shirt is flying to the ground, not caring about the uncleanliness of the floor. 

    “How was cleaning your car?” She asks, taking her (his) own shirt off, leaving her completely naked on school property. This is so dirty, and she loves it.

    He smirks, shaking his head as he looks down to his hands that are pulling his sweats and boxers down, just enough to release his aching shaft, that springs up and hits his naked abdomen. “Yeah, almost as difficult to handle as you.” He tells her, another quick kiss being placed on her lips as he hoists her up, long legs wrapping around his torso.

    “Aren’t you the one who made me apologize for something I didn’t do?” Valencia asks, more so reminds him, but she can hardly concentrate on her own words when his leaking tip is running along her core, and she’s already soaking for him. 

    He grumbles something inaudible, surging into her with no warning and she’s never felt more full in her life, well at least she thinks that, but she thinks that every time. Her mouth drops open at the feeling, and she clings onto his muscular shoulders. “Fuck, Papi.” 

    That name gets to him so much, so much that he pulls out nearly all the way, only to slam back into her, forcing her back to thump against the cold metal lockers with a loud bang. He creates that rhythm, where he’s taking his sweet, sweet time easing his way out of her, only to slam back into her. He grunts each time, which goes straight to Valencia’s over sensitive cunt, and she already feels her orgasm building up.

    “You know–” Valencia interrupts herself with a loud ‘oof’ a moan when he pushes his whole length into her again. “To say you wanted to be quick, you’re going slow.” She drags out the last word.

    For some reason, hearing her talk aggravates him, so he shuts her up by giving her what she wants, but with no mercy. He’s nailing into her, and she’s squealing, whimpering and moaning, scratching her signature red marks against his muscled back. He’s going so fast her tits are bouncing at an ungodly speed, and he can’t stop ogling them as he growls, and grunts, hands gripping onto her thigs so tight he’s bound to leave prominent bruises.

    “I hope you know how much I fucking hate you.” Valencia squeals, her voice so high pitched when she feels everything bubbling inside of her. “You’re possessive; you’re jealous and so fucking toxic.” She reels off, so breathless that she can’t even list off another thing because the list is that long. 

    “Valencia, baby, shut up.” His words are soft, but his voice is so raspy. He’s staring down at her gorgeous pussy, taking his cock so beautifully. It’s so tight and wet and ready, it has his cursing and panting, he can’t even focus on the bullshit she’s uttering to him. 

    And when he hoists her up when she begins to slip down, he hits a new angle that has her on cloud nine and screaming out, begging him not to stop and he’s not. He can feel her soaking his cock and how much she is pulsing and clenching around him has him rolling his eyes back tighter. 

    All it takes is her hand to sneak down to her swollen clit, and she’s squirting everywhere, and it wouldn’t be the first time today. She’s clenching so hard around him, that it has him panting, pulling out quickly. “Fuck Val, fuck, fuck, fuck.” He repeats, and his voice is croaky and cracking when he taps his cock against her clit, watching her juices erupt everywhere, and his cum shoots up to hit her chest, covering her in his cream. “If I see you anywhere near Kordell again, I will end him.” Both of them haven’t even recovered from their high yet, and he’s already riled up again.

    And that is not an empty promise, and she knows it. However, it wouldn’t be Valencia if she didn’t say something smart, so of course, she lets out a breathless, “That’s a shame, cause Kordell could’ve fucked me better.” 

    He most definitely does not have the time to swiftly press your face against the bleaches and have your ass sticking up the air, but he does it anyway, and it takes seconds for his cock to disappear deep into her sticky, soaking, tight pussy.

    “You’re such a fucking slut; you’re doing this fucking shit for my attention.” Harry grits through his clenched teeth, and his jaw is so tense that it’s starting to hurt his face muscles. “Is that you wanted, my attention?”

    Valencia is gripping onto the wood so hard that she’s sure splinters are seeping into the skin of her palms. Tears are pricking at her eyes, and her mouth is stuck open with pornographic noises flying out.

    One of Harry’s hands disappear into her hair, tugging at the silky locks, and one comes down on the right side of her ass, letting her yelp out at the feeling. “Answer me, fucking tell me, you fucking cum slut.” 

    His balls are slapping against her bundle of nerves that are way too sensitive for her own good, and it has her legs shaking and arms going weak, her whole body slipping. “I’m going to cum, fuck, Harry; I’m cumming!” She yells out. 

    Harry notices the way her body is starting to give out, and he smirks, using his hand that is entangled in her hair to pull her up, so her back hits against his chest. He completely pauses inside of her, and she’s whining, begging, pleading for him not to stop, but he’s using his spare hand to hold her at her middle to make sure both of them aren’t making a single move. It’s driving Valencia insane.

    “I said, did you want my attention?” He repeats once more, hand coming down to her clit to give gentle slaps to it, knowing it’s going to drive her crazy.

    Whimpers leave her lips as she nods frantically, just wanting to feel that orgasm that is right on the brink of exploding.”I wanted your attention, Papi, I wanted it so bad, please just–” She can’t even finish her sentence before she’s falling from the loosened grip on her hair. Her whole body is jutting forward with the harsh thrusts he is giving her, pounding into that wet little pussy he loves so much.

    It’s barely a minute before she’s falling apart again, and this time she’s creaming around his cock, and he can’t remember the last time he saw that beautiful sight. Every time he pulls out, he notices his cock covered in her cum and the way she is moaning and whimpering with tears streaming down her face, he’s not far behind her, shooting his cum deep into her. His white seed coating her walls, and he stays deep in there for as long as he could until reality hits. Until he realises he broke his curfew. Until he realises that police are probably seconds away with a pair of comfy handcuffs waiting for him.

    Until Valencia reminds him. “Baby,”

    “Yeah?” He replies, breath still heavy and cock still snug inside of her, not wanting to escape the feeling.

    “We’re so fucking toxic.”

    “I know we are.”

    #Harry Styles #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles fic #harry styles one shot #harry styles imagine #harry styles imagines #harry styles au #harry styles blurb #harry styles concept #harry styles drabble #harry styles dirty fanfiction #harry styles fluff #harry styles frat boy #fratrry #harry styles oc #harry styles prompt #harry styles request #harry styles writing #harry styles x oc #harry styles x y/n #frat!harry
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    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • clumsyclifford
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #i have posted a ridic amount of fic in the past week #the. collective word count today alonw is like 12k #and i just want to say #i think you guys should read them #the prompts specifically bc those are short n therefore easy to just sit down and read #and i enjoy when people read my writing!!!! <3 #also in a non guilting way since obviously im speakiing into the void rn but #people reading my fic makes me very happy #Which I Have Struggled With For The Better Part Of Today #but its fine im going to make another cuppa n write an introduction #then ANOTHER and write a results section #and it is fine. #okay#stuff
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  • miraculous-prompts
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Write a Fluffy Mutual pining Post-Reveal, Post Hawk Moth defeat, Pre-Relationship Kwami Swap from the start fic featuring Adrien x Marinette

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  • merihn
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #julie and the phantoms #jatp #I know people say not to talk down about your own writing #but my god this is rough #sorry bethany#i tried #oh my god did i try #so i hope you like it anyway #kiss detail prompts #my fic
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  • hellsenthero
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    Choose some prompts!

    * * * * *

    Made by: hellsenthero

    Please choose: 1 ship X 2 prompts X 2 concepts. (You may also choose less than this.)


    1. Bucky X Reader

    2. Stucky X Reader (This would be new for me!)


    1. "I don't want to hear a peep outta you."

    2. "Why did you think that this was okay?"

    3. "What do you think you're doing?"

    4. "Is that blood?"

    5. "Fuck, you're perfect."

    6. "Please, don't go."

    7. "Look me in the eyes when I'm speaking to you."

    8. "Who hurt you?"

    9. "You're so beautiful, so god damn beautiful inside and out that every time I look at you I can't help but find myself unworthy of you."

    10. "Please, wake up!"

    11. "I guess we aren't all on the same page."

    12. "You taste like sweet cherries and it just makes me want to fuck you even more."

    13. "Shit, you're burning up!"

    14. "And I thought one would be enough."

    15. "I did it for your own safety!"


    1. Avengers mission.

    2. Day off.

    3. Deaf reader.

    4. Drugging.

    5. Date night.

    6. 40's era.

    7. Hidden relationship.

    8. Hydra facility.

    9. Safe word use.

    10. Meeting the rest of the Avengers.

    11. New superpowers.

    12. Nightmare.

    13. Alternate Universe.

    14. Super soldier reader.

    15. Argument/possible breakup.

    *You may pick: 1 ship X 2 prompts X 2 concepts.(Or less.)*

    #stuckyxreader #bucky x reader #stucky x reader #alternate universe#prompt list #marvel prompt list #marvel fanfic #fanfic prompt list #bucky barnes x reader #bucky x reader x steve #steve x reader x bucky #stucky x reader fic #bucky x reader fic #send in your prompts #bucky barnes x reader x steve rogers #polyfic#poly relationship#mission fic#action fic #bucky x deaf reader #stucky x deaf reader #bucky x super soldier reader #bucky x supersoldier readee #stucky x super soldier reader #stucky x supersoldier reader #bucky barnes#bucky #james buchanan barnes #marvel fic rec #marvel prompt rec
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  • eskel-loves-lilbleater
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    Bestie just saw these and I begged her to send me pics.

    Is it just me or do these scream something Lambert/Aiden would be ALL OVER?!

    I can totally see one of them buying them as a gag gift for the other, never expecting them to be worn. Only to one day find them wandering around the house in these and having an "oh no, that's actually kinda hot!" moment. Which eventually turns into a "following the instructions" moment.

    Roomates to lovers, maybe? Pining long time friends? This could be so funny and hot at the same time. Anyone willing to write it?

    #lambert witcher#aiden witcher #lambert x aiden #lambden #friends to lovers #roomates #they were roommates #sweet pining #funny gag gifts #the witcher#witcher#witcher 3#wiedźmin#fanfic tropes#fic prompt #pleaae someone write this
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  • raphidae
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    @allvalley100 here’s my response to the Black and Blue prompt!

    Rating: T

    “Looks like you’ve got yourself a fancy secret admirer, Larusso,” Johnny said, chuckling as he placed a giant vase of flowers onto the table.

    “You know you can call me Daniel now–”

    The vase held a gorgeous bouquet, one that its purchaser had obviously spared no expense to get, a near-sublime medley of blue and black roses, blue hyacinths, blue poppies, black dahlias, black calla lilies and forget-me-nots.

    It should’ve looked like a mishmash but somehow became art through the florist’s masterful hands, but Daniel’s eyes were solely drawn to the silver-lined card attached.

    You’re still mine, Danny boy. Mine.

    #allvalley100#cobra kai#daniel larusso#johnny lawrence#implied lawrusso #implied past silverusso #this was a tough prompt for me #but i’m glad i got it done #also hooray i got to incorporate that you’re mine Danny boy mine line somewhere in a fic of mine #dodo fic
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  • roundtableknight
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Suptober Prompt 15: Blue Skies & Apple Pie

    This one is a day late but don’t fear! My prompt schedule will just extend into November even if the actual tag stops on Oct. 31 <3 Anyway this dialogue came out of what I wanted to hear today from a few certain panels but instead we got something else. Basically this is to cheer me up and hopefully you too! Enjoy.


    “You know you’re going to ruin your stomach and possibly your appetite for pie after this,” Cas stated, giving Dean his signature ‘you’re a complete idiot and I don’t know why I’m married to you.’

    Dean snorted. “Sunshine, this will be a piece of pie for me.” Cas rolled his eyes and bent down to cover Jack’s ears, their four year old very palpably vibrating from being here at the carnival. 

    “Don’t listen to you dad, Jack. He is old and very bad at telling puns.” 

    “Look who’s talking,” Dean retorted, and Cas gave him a gummy smile. ‘My husband.’

    They sat down at one of the benches surrounding the platform where the pie eating contest would be taking place. Cas had been wanting to bring Jack to a carnival for awhile; since they didn’t have to worry about him getting cavities, due to him being half-angel, l and his inability already to go to bed at a consistent time Cas wasn’t worried about bringing him to their small town’s carnival/get-together. 

    “Dad, how much pie are you going to eat?” Jack asked him, and Dean bent forward until their faces were eye level. 

    “This much,” Dean said, and held out his arms in a bowl-like shape to showcase all the pie he would have in his arms to eat. Jack’s eyes widened. 

    “Wow! Can I have that much?” Jack looked between him and Cas, his head tilted and eyes squished against the light of the sun; Dean knew where he got that look from. 

    Cas pushed back some of Jack’s hair from his forehead which had escaped his ponytail he was wearing on top of his head. “I don’t know if papa Cas will like you eating as much as your silly dad. How about you can try two different flavors?” Cas held up his fingers to show what the number two looked like on them, and Jack grabbed them.

    “Two,” he said, and then made the same sign with his own smaller fists. Jack’s fingers spread, looking like a peace sign, and someone who passed by flashed him the same sign. “Is that man having two pieces of pie too?!” Jack looked giddy already from the prospect of being in cahoots with someone trying two pieces of pie, and Dean had a split-second regret of not putting a sugar rule on his son. 

    “I think that man is going to try and beat dad at eating pie,” Cas commented, and Dean remembered that he was here to actually enter a pie eating contest and not stare at the family that he managed to grab hold of. 

    “Hmm.” Jack grabbed into the bag of kettle corn that they had picked up at one of the booths and took a few kernels, his hands immediately turning sticky. “Daddy will win.” He beamed at Dean, and Dean could only look up at Cas to see the same look on his face. Cas lifted Jack off of his legs and set him down, being brave enough to grab onto one of Jack’s sticky hands and handing Dean the bag of kettle corn with his empty hand. 

    “Let’s go wash up Jack so we can see dad eat all the pie and win.” Cas went to lead Jack away, but Dean snagged his waist before he could escape. Dean leaned down to give Jack a kiss on the forehead, which Jack giggled at, before Dean leaned in to give Cas a kiss. The kiss tasted of the apple pie Cas sampled earlier and Dean couldn’t help from smiling. 

    “I love you,” Dean said, leaning his forehead against Cas’ after they broke the kiss. Dean believed he could stay right here in this moment, the day awaiting him and his husband and his child with no monsters to kill or apocalypses to stop. The sun reached Cas’ lashes, the shadows creating a pattern on Cas’ face that Dean wanted to trace with his mouth. 

    “I love you too, Dean.” Cas leaned in for one more kiss and Dean could never refuse his touch, his kiss. They broke apart when Cas’ arm almost popped out of his socket by Jack’s insistent energy. 

    “We are going to be late to watch daddy, papa! We need to go clean up.” Jack raised his free sticky hand, showing his dads it was a piece of irrefutable evidence. 

    “You’re right. You need to tell dad that he needs to stop distracting me,” Cas commented. 

    “Daddy, stop distra—annoying papa.” Jack switched words when he stuttered over ‘distracted’, making Dean’s heart grow three sizes like the grinch during Christmas. 

    “Annoying papa!,” Dean restated in a mocking hurt tone, and Cas rolled his eyes before yielding to Jack’s ministrations before someone got hurt. 

    “We’ll see dad at the contest, right Jack?” 

    “Yep! Good luck daddy!”

    “Thank you,” Dean replied, looking up at Cas after he answered Jack. “Thank you,” he reiterated to Cas, and Cas shrugged, like he couldn’t imagine doing anything else than raising a child and loving Dean so wholly that some days Dean believed he was hallucinating or in a djinn dream. 

    He knew he wasn’t though when he could still taste the flavor of apple pie on his lips and see the blue sky, too raw for any dream. 

    Dean never thought he would enjoy an apple pie life, but this once he was glad he had been so, so wrong. 



    #suptober 21#destiel #prompt 15 blue skies & apple pie #my stuff#fic
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  • bumbleklee
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    flirty reader

    masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | baby series
    request: Rainbow Anon~I wanted to know if I could request an hc thing of Kaeya, Xiao and Zhongli(separated) with a gn!reader that's more dominant than them? Nothing too sexual but, they flirt a lot more than they do and are very comfortable with teasing them in public things like that~
    pairings: kaeya, xiao and zhongli x gn!reader (separate)


    When you spent a week with Albedo and Sucrose in Dragonspine, Kaeya thought he was going to go crazy. He was too busy with his own duties to come and visit you so he had to wait for the trip to be over.

    You happened to finish your work in the middle of the day on Friday, meaning Kaeya was still patrolling the city. When you reached the gates of Mondstadt and saw your boyfriend leaning against a wall, you waited no time in slipping an arm around his waist and pressing your face close to his.

    “Miss me?”

    Kaeya was caught off guard, his cheeks darkening. “You’re back?” He said, half in surprise and half in confusion.

    “We ended early,” You said, sliding your hand up to lay on Kaeya’s chest.

    Your boyfriend’s heart was racing - you could feel it - and you only smirked. You brought your lips close to Kaeya’s ear and grinned, “Don’t you want to go home and show me how much you missed me?”

    Kaeya cleared his throat and rolled away from your grasp. He averted his eyes, knowing if he looked at you that you would surely win him over. “I’m still on duty,” He said flatly.

    You frowned and snaked your arms around Kaeya’s middle, pressing your face against the flat of his back. “Please?” Kaeya visibly tensed and a hand covered his mouth. You loved that about him, though. Kaeya could flirt with every single person in the world and not show an ounce of weakness but when it came to you, he was putty in your hands.

    Kaeya turned around in your hold and grasped your face with gentle hands, “I promise we can do whatever you want tonight, alright?”

    A smirk crossed your face, “Alright, alright.” And with that, you winked at Kaeya and left your boyfriend as red as a tomato.


    It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that when it came to you and Xiao, you were the dominant one in your relationship. Xiao wanted to please you but his nerves were always too out of place when it came to you. So, Xiao settled with you taking the ropes.

    Besides the bedroom, you took charge in your day-to-day life as well. You initiated hand holding or kisses and Xiao was okay with that. As long as you were happy, he was too.

    “You don’t need to get me flowers,” Xiao mumbled under his breath as he grasped the stems of the bouquet of flowers you gifted him.

    You grinned, “I picked them myself, all for you!”

    Xiao’s face was the darkest you had ever seen it and you swore you could see beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Before he could answer, you had grabbed Xiao’s free hand and were carelessly dragging him down the road.

    “It’s the Moonchase Festival,” You continued, “We need to celebrate all week.”

    You threw your head over your shoulder and winked at your boyfriend, causing him to blush even more.


    You paused your steps and turned around, leaning close to Xiao. “We’re going to eat so much food and play all sorts of games at Liyue Harbor. And I heard they’re even shooting off fireworks, so we’re going to watch them too.” You finished with a dirty whisper into his ear and Xiao felt a shock run up his spine. How could you say such vulgar words in public?

    Only it didn’t phase you. And you squeezed Xiao’s hand again and grinned to yourself as you pulled Xiao along. You couldn’t help it - it was fun teasing him!


    Your dominant side came out when you were messing around with Zhongli one night. A heated makeout session turned into playful wrestling until you were straddling Zhongli’s hips and pinning his hands above his head. And by the smirk on your lips, Zhongli knew you weren’t messing around anymore.

    This seemed to awaken something in you and since this day, you had taken control of your relationship with Zhongli. Hu Tao often made jokes about it, claiming Zhongli was your sugar baby, and Zhongli flustered at each one.

    Maybe you were just getting comfortable around Zhongli. Dirty jokes left your lips like never before and you found yourself becoming a much touchier person than you were weeks before. Not that you nor Zhongli minded.

    “Darling,” Zhongli started one day, alerting you to his presence. “Could I borrow some mora? I seem to have ripped my jacket.”

    Instead of giving Zhongli some mora and carrying on, like most people would, you grinned and looked up from your book. “You need mora? What’s in it for me?”

    A look of dread flashed across Zhongli’s face. “What do you want?” He asked, his voice scattering.

    You pondered for a moment before sliding out your chair and patting your thigh. “Come keep me company while I finish this chapter.” Zhongli just stared at you for a moment before sighing and coming over to you, gently sitting down on your lap. You hummed in delight and wrapped an arm around Zhongli’s waist before continuing to read your book.

    Zhongli tried to distract himself but his entire body was on fire. He was so flustered and hot and couldn’t even think straight. He was the Geo Archon! He shuddered when he thought about Xiao or Ganyu seeing him like this.

    But then he remembered that it was you and he realized it was fine. For now.

    reblogs are greatly appreciated ty

    #bumbleklee rainbow anon #kaeya x reader #xiao x reader #zhongli x reader #genshin x reader #genshin x gn reader #genshin impact#kaeya#xiao#zhongli#genshin hcs#genshin drabble#genshin kaeya#genshin xiao#genshin zhongli#genshin writing#genshin prompt#genshin fic #genshin impact fic
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    #answers about darren #i thought about answering this as a writing prompt/ficlet but i am too full of alcohol to write without embarrassing myself. #so i hope this is a good enough answer! #i wrote the first confession fic so i might also even consider this as a prompt for a future fic.
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