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  • lailisgrace
    15.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Don't move

    Day 4: pseudo-necrophilia (Will Graham x Hannibal Lecter)

    Read on AO3 // Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Will was laying on the bed he had been sharing with Hannibal for the past few months. They had been switching places for a while trying to keep the FBI away, but now they had found a place where maybe they could stay for longer.

    It was quite late and he was tired. His brain didn’t agree though it kept overthinking about every step they had taken, their lives before and after, who Hannibal was, and what he had done.

    Hannibal then entered the room, supposedly to get into bed with Will, but he saw his expression through the darkness.

    “What are you thinking about?” He asked in a soft voice.

    “Nothing. You, mostly”

    Hannibal took a deep breath, “if you’re having doubts, Will-”

    “That’s not what I was thinking about,” he said in an angry tone as if the mention of not being completely devoted to the man had offended him. “You just- you wanted to kill me at some point and I can’t get it out of my mind”

    “Yeah, I guess I did. What are you getting at?”

    Will looked directly at him, an awkward smile escaping his mouth. “I guess I was just wondering what you would’ve done. How you would’ve killed me and what I would’ve become”

    Hannibal wasn’t sure what to say. He had thought of that, obviously, but he had never landed on a definitive answer. Will deserved everything and Hannibal wasn’t sure he could give him that, at least not to mundane standards.

    “I would make your death the most meaningful and wonderful this world has ever seen” Hannibal got on the bed and sat right next to Will. He placed a soft hand on his face, looking at his eyes, his lips, his nose.

    Will grabbed Hannibal’s hand and observed it for a minute. Hannibal could only look back at the man in confusion and tenderness. Will guided his fingers into a fist position as if Hannibal was holding the knife that would’ve killed him.

    Their eyes met and Will tried to make him understand what he was doing.

    He continued to move Hannibal’s hand with his, now to his stomach. Hannibal then understood what he was doing. Will was acting out his murder and he was definitely getting off on it.

    As if he was truly burring a knife in Will’s stomach, Hannibal pushed him down slowly with his closed fist.

    When Will reached the pillow, he took a deep breath, taking it all in. He was looking at Hannibal’s face who was concentrated on the position of his hand and Will’s growing erection.

    Will was about to reach to the back of the other man’s neck to pull him closer when he got interrupted.

    “Don’t move” he commanded.

    Will stopped everything he was thinking about doing and let his body be guided by its weight. He knew what he was pretending this was and he would be ashamed to admit he was into it, so he just closed his eyes. Hannibal had become aroused by the idea of having killed him, or at least, he was aroused by the idea of Will’s body lying completely still as if he were dead.

    Hannibal then moved his hand across his chest and made his way to his face. He touched his lips with his thumb and then moved forward.

    “We don’t have to do this if you aren’t into it” Hannibal’s voice was soft.

    Will could feel his presence all around him. The smell of the shampoo they use, his faint aftershave which just made him want to kiss him hard and passionately like they usually did but he resisted.

    Invaded by lust, he was careful to stay still as to give Hannibal his consent.

    His lips almost touching Will’s, he let out a small breath filled with lust.

    Hannibal placed a kiss on his jaw, then made a trail down his neck, chest, all the way until he reached Will’s pants. He took them off carefully, Will not making any move.

    He observed the scene from his new position, standing in front of Will’s laying body. He was flushed, his dick hard and all Hannibal wanted to do was to get his mouth all over him.

    Would Hannibal do this if he were to actually kill Will? Would he use the opportunity of his warm dead body before turning him in a piece of art?

    Will wondered if he would be okay with that or not.

    He placed his hands on Will’s thighs and kissed his inner thigh, leaving small marks where he stayed for more than a couple of seconds.

    Will’s breath quickened but he tried to keep it in control, after all, dead bodies don’t breathe. His dick was growing impatient, though.

    Finally, Hannibal grabbed his hard dick and licked the tip, making circles with his tongue around it. Will was about to burst with only that, which was a bit shameful to admit, but the inability to move any parts of his body enhanced every touch and every change of pressure.

    Hannibal took the entire thing in his mouth and started sucking on it. He was also aroused to the point of precum leaking from his untouched erection.

    Will’s toes curled involuntarily when Hannibal started to pick up a rhythm that made his dick throb in excitement every time he came back down. He was moaning around his dick, most likely to see what would be Will’s reaction but truly, he was enjoying the scene to the fullest.

    His body started to feel as if he was no longer his own for a second. He didn’t move though, that would’ve ruined everything. He was so close it was unbelievable. Shivers were going through his entire body, he can hear Hannibal’s muffled moans which do nothing but bring him closer.

    He feels it build up at the bottom of his stomach and before he knows it, he comes inside Hannibal’s mouth. He fights every instinct he had ever had not to moan to the freeing sensation and push his hips up. He knows Hannibal is swallowing his cum. Had he had the stamina to come a second time he would’ve just from that image on his head.

    Will slowly opened his eyes and everything is quiet other than Hannibal breathing hard, satisfied.

    Their eyes met and Will knows Hannibal is feeling conflicted about the situation.

    Will sat up, still panting a little, and kissed him.

    “You taste like cum” he complained making a face that earned him a small grin from the other man.

    “I wouldn’t kill you” Hannibal tried to keep a calm tone but the sensations of what had happened still lingered ”Maybe before I would’ve but I wouldn’t be able, not without a reason”

    Will knew that. He would need a good reason to get rid of Will and even then if one goes, the other does too.

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  • fletcherwilbury
    15.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Whumptober Day 15: Delirium

    #whumptober 2021#whumptober #whumptober day 15 #whumptober prompt 15 #delirium #no.15 #the beatles #the beatles fandom #the beatles fanfiction #george harrison#paul mccartney#brian epstein#derek taylor#neil aspinall
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  • sockiesock
    15.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    auhgghhh i cant think of what to draw for oct 20 for fo oc tober ...

    #my first sketch got deleted and my 2nd sketch isnt turning out great i might switch prompts :( but aughhh #hayden.txt
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  • latisha-taylor-art
    15.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #doing what i love #art ideas #more art ideas #halloween art#halloween#halloween drawing #halloween drawing ideas #art prompts #art prompts 2021 #drawing prompts 2021 #art ideas 2021 #spooky#spooktober
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  • hicrophcnt
    15.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #silvercharict #◇~• gentle prompts #◇~• answered. #[ djsisjxixjdjd ] #[ he's legit sceptical. ] #[ im so sorry pol ]
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  • meowsikbox
    15.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    another one

    character A is not human, character B is.

    A forgets that humans are not immortal, as they were raised with other nonhumans, and none of their human friends had ever been hurt before. A doesn’t realize just how bad the situation is when B is injured

    They only remember when B becomes unresponsive, and A realizes how much blood they’ve lost… and that they aren’t healing. Their eyes widen as they realize how light B feels in their arms, and how vulnerable they really are.

    They had always seen B as a strong, carefree individual- so much so they assumed that they were just as strong as them. B had always seen themselves as weaker than A- and they had never fathomed that B would go down like this.

    They had forgotten how fragile humans really were.

    And A won’t wake up.

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  • oc-factoids
    15.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #and by that I mean who’s gonna occasionally queue a bunch of posts and then disappear for weeks only to come back because of hot chocolate #not a prompt
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  • latisha-taylor-art
    15.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #halloween art#halloween ideas#drawing ideas#drawing prompts #new art ideas #youtube#spooky art #spooky art ideas #halloween art 2021
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  • oc-factoids
    15.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #listen #I am Not Smart #not a prompt
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  • sleuthsayer
    15.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    A piece of nothing. A scene that goes nowhere.


    Jonah took a deep breath filling his lungs with crisp cool air of late autumn. The ground beneath his feet felt hard and unrelenting against his rushed walking. The cold pushed its way inside his thick winter coat. The lining of lush wool warmed him, providing him with hope that he may be comfortable soon. His face had grown pale and his ears burned red as he tucked his nose within his scarf. He faintly smelled nutmeg and cinnamon mingling with the light scent of baked apples. His pace quickened as his door became visible. Soon he broke into a light jog fishing for his keys seemingly lost within his pockets. His fingers wrapped around the familiar shape and hastily pulled it out. The key brought a feeling of patience with it as he inserted the key. The door announced his arrival as it clicked open and invited him inside. He happily accepted.

    Anna had set herself up in the kitchen. Light flooded the lively little room illuminating the colors of her life. All around seemed to tingle with the feeling of magic and spice. In the oven sat a pie simply gushing with tender delicious apples baked in the heat of the inferno. Anna was in her element creating a gentle hum that reverberated inside her home. Her warmth filled the room she occupied.  Each step had a purpose. Everything had a place. The quintessential baker was dedicated. Even as a novice she created cakes and pies that filled one with a savory sweetness that slashed through the bitter chills of fall. A distant click echoed invading the bubble that encapsulated Anna.

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  • itsjustmekaydude
    15.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Anyone have any good imagines or writing prompts or sentence starters for me?

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  • rhunevild
    15.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Fortune Teller prompt for Drawtober! Didn’t turn out how I wanted because of time constraints, but at least I did...something?

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  • oliviagordonwrites
    15.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Whumptober Day 13

    She had finished with his muscles, taken enough bones for now, sliced away all the tendons he needed. His body no longer gaped in places, but the blood was much slower going. He needed blood to live, and even with her magic, it replenished slowly. It didn’t hurt. He was so thankful that it didn’t hurt. His whole body ached as it grew back, but today’s torture was merely the cold of lying in the basement, with just enough blood to survive.

    He was too exhausted to shiver. The cold just froze him.

    The door opened with a bang, and his master stomped down the stairs. She loomed over him, hands on her hips. “If your brother disrupts my work again, I will simply have to eliminate the distraction. Sit up.”

    As if her order had come from his own brain, Aren forced himself up. A wave of dizziness brought him back down to the earthy floor.

    “Not yet, then.” She turned on her heel and ascended the stairs.

    In her wake, and with his mind finally open to feelings beyond pure pain, something awakened in him. It fell over him like a cloud, pressed down on him like a weight, filled his body like potent healing magic.

    Hatred. Pure, unbridled hatred. Because, yes, it was unbearable to be in her service. Her smug face, her inhumane treatment, the way she forced herself between all of his creaking joints. No contract could cover this.

    He finally started to shiver, as the hatred burned inside him.

    His brother was waiting for him outside. His brother wouldn’t give up. If Aren waited too long, she would set her sights on him next. His magic was useless compared to her, but she had unintentionally given him a weapon against her. Yes, his new bones were brittle. Yes, his new muscles were weak. But they were new. He was limber and flexible and energetic. He was healthy and powerful.

    He could end this.

    #whumptober2021 #no.13 #burns#fic#oc#torture#Threats#injuries #okay so the burns thing is kind of a stretch #just rage burning inside him I guess #forgive me the prompts didn't fit my little plot #CATCHING UP STAY TUNED
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  • miraculousfanworks
    15.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Fanfiction Prompt

    An AU where Gabriel catches Adrien using the Black Cat miraculous in Stoneheart, coaxing him to fight by his side. Adrien is reluctant, but Gabriel lets him go to school in exchange, so he agrees. However, he's not a very good villain on purpose, giving his now-enemy Ladybug hints with puns on where the akumatized object is. And as Adrien, another girl with bright blue eyes and pigtails catches his eye... TLDR; LadyNoir enemies but Adrienette dating...

    via agnes !!

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  • parkkrys
    15.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Halloween cloneshipping prompts! 🦇🎃🍁

    I am happy to announce that I am doing a small Halloween prompt snippets that I will be posting October 20-31st!

    I will be posting one to two prompts a day and they will be a variety of length.

    So what do I want from you?

    You are more than welcome to request a ship with a Halloween prompt! 👻

    If I do miss a day, it just means the next day I will be posting double the amount. I won't leave you all hanging!

    Now I know it's been a while since I last posted something and written something cloneship wise, but I am very excited to do this.

    Now enough if me rambling. Pls do reblog this and I will happily take any requests!

    If there is a double ask with the same ship/prompt I will only post one and tag the other ppl who requested it thank you!

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  • mysdrym
    15.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Stitches - Rathan - October Writing Prompt

    While Margrave Gharmal’s betrayal had been astounding in itself, it still bothered Rathan that so many of his brothers and sisters in arms went along with it.

    The Maldraxxi were supposed to be the protectors of the Shadowlands, not its butchers.

    There should have been more constructs to have stood up against their margrave. They should have known that attacking Bastion, home of their master’s sister, would go against everything they stood for. And truthfully, most of them did. They knew better, and they went with it anyway. Some because they wanted the power promised, but many simply did it because they were told to. The cowards.

    The stitchmasters could build spines of steel, but that did nothing to strength of character, apparently.

    It was disappointing, to be sure, but Rathan tried not to dwell on it.

    As soon as he could, he had headed to the Seat of the Primus, with Emeni in tow, to see what could be done for the constructs who were loyal to their purpose. And he was glad that he had made that call, glad that Emeni had come with him, and glad that the Maw Walker had taken up their cause.

    As it was, the Butcher Block wasn’t nearly as impressive as the sprawling stitchworks in the House of Constructs, but it was more than enough for Rathan to work with. And it was good to be back at work, crafting and mending. So many looked at Maldraxxus as a place that destroyed—there were entire books in Revendreth complaining about their methods of defense—but the truth was that Maldraxxus was so very creative, perhaps more so than the other realms.

    After all, where else could one get a body made from scratch, exactly to their specifications, with as many eyes, teeth, arms as wanted? The possibilities were endless.

    Rathan was currently mending a few tears to Chordy’s body—the lithe creature was particularly good at running up ledges and then falling back down them, and his initial body had been… Well. It was the first that Rathan had made essentially on his own, and the parts that the Maw Walker had brought were…not the best, to put it nicely. Since Chordy’s new body’s creation, the Maw Walker had learned a lot about the sorts of things that worked better for construct bodies, and Rathan had been meaning to upgrade Chordy accordingly, when there was time.

    Like now.

    Chordy hovered nearby, chattering to Mama Tomalin about his latest adventures with the Maw Walker.

    Despite the multitude of constructs hanging around the Butcher Block—all works that Rathan found himself quite proud of—the Maw Walker seemed to favor Chordy above the rest, often taking him out with them on adventures, even when Chordy had no set goal in mind.

    Of all the constructs, Mama Tomalin seemed the most willing to listen to Chordy’s tales, likely because she didn’t head out herself very often, so she didn’t see Chordy’s favored status as a snub like some of the other constructs.

    It helped that Chordy helped her with her cooking, too.

    Rathan tuned out the latest tale of finding shinies in Bastion to focus on his stitch work. He would need to do some tune ups on the other earlier constructs soon, too. The parts were coming in, and he wanted to make sure that they were as formidable as possible. While yes, he did want to prove that the loyal constructs could be just as formidable as the ones who had betrayed the Shadowlands, this current endeavor was more about a pride in his work.

    Because he did take pride in it.

    Rathan had studied for eons, learning how to piece bodies together and how to keep them from falling apart too quickly or bleeding out from wounds gained in battle. He had learned when bones should be chosen over steel and vice versa. When small stitches would do and when the larger ones were necessary. He’d learned how to make the stitches themselves add to the intimidating nature of the constructs he made, and how to make fall seams for enemies to attack, thinking they could take apart the monstrosity before them only to go for the wrong spot and wind up gutted or worse for all their endeavors.

    Anyone could slap together some parts, but it took skill to be a stitchmaster.

    The other houses understood this, but at the same time, they really didn’t. It was the same with everyone, to some extent, Rathan supposed. For example, the plagues and slimes that Marileth created. Rathan knew it was likely a difficult task to make them, but he figured he couldn’t be truly impressed with just how much effort went into them without making them himself. Or at least trying.

    And he had no interest in that, so he would never know just what it actually took. The details were lost to him, as his details were lost to most others.

    He did wish a few more people at the Seat of the Primus were interested in stitchwork, though. It would make the monumental task of redeeming the constructs in the eyes of the Shadowlands a bit less daunting.

    Not that he couldn’t handle the manufacturing of bodies himself, though.

    And the more he worked at it, the more likely it would be that someone else would be inspired enough to come join him. With a few more people on board, things could really get going.

    “How’s it going?”

    Rathan had just pulled the thread through its latest loop and paused before checking to see how the stitching was holding up, turning to see the Maw Walker approaching. They had a few large sacks that were lumpy enough that they definitely had some interesting parts in them.

    Before Rathan can say anything, Chordy is telling the Maw Walker all about his upcoming upgrades. Granted it’s mostly just more durable flesh and some adjustments to joints, but the way Chordy tells it, one would think that Rathan is making him an entirely new construct.

    If the Maw Walker is confused or insulted that their initial work wasn’t good enough, they don’t show it, instead fondly listening to Chordy as he chatters on, resting the bags of parts on the ground at their feet.

    Rathan smiles as Roseboil wanders over, offering to help sort through what’s been brought in. Already, other constructs are taking note and gathering for inspection. No doubt at least a few will find things they want for themselves, and Rathan looks forward to the challenge of upgrading them.

    Indeed, they are lucky to have the Maw Walker, and Rathan is lucky to have so many good souls to keep him company and his skills sharp.

    #world of warcraft #rathan#maldraxxus#constructs#the stitchworks #october writing prompt
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  • smashboy
    15.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Ghostober 2021 Day 15

    Also fanfiction.net.

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  • ckhalloween
    15.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    but do you think Tory hungers for Sam?

    do you think her body aches when she thinks about her, like she hasn’t eaten in days?

    do you think she wants to tear her apart or become her or kiss her or consume her utterly or make her say she’s the only one she’d fight or destroy her so nobody else can have her or lick the blood and sweat from her skin?

    do you think she wishes Sam would sink herself into her flesh and tear back at her in turn, so they both become indistinguishable from each other?

    do you think she dreams the marks on Sam’s arm came from her teeth?

    #samtory#sam larusso#tory nichols#cannibalism prompt#fanwork#drabble#meta #im building up to turning tory into a werewolf but she's a cannibal here
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