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    Beth reaches up and wipes at her forehead, trying not to wince as she feels a smear of dirt from her glove mix in with the sweat she’s trying to wipe off there.

    And great, she thinks, letting out a sigh as she carefully surveys the garden in front of her.  

    She really should stop, take a break, or just…leave it for another day. But Dean has the kids today and if she doesn’t do it now…


    Beth startles a little, her hand coming out to brace herself against the ground where she’s been kneeling for the better part of the day, digging up and repotting various plants.  

    Rio steps into view before she can turn around and she blinks up at him, the late evening sun casting a soft glow over him.  

    “Hi.” She says softly, wishing just once he’d warn her before coming over. She’s sure she looks a mess.  

    “Little late to be gardening.” He lifts his chin toward the plants and Beth sighs again as she stabs her trowel into the soft loose dirt and pushes herself up to stand.  

    “Yeah? You an expert on this as well?”  She asks, slightly teasing as she pulls her gloves off and drops them on the ground next to the trowel.  

    “Sister’s big on gardening. Real annoying about it too.” 

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  • Broadway Lyric Prompts

    For my good friend @fugufishie :D


    1. “It’s not what I asked for. Sometimes life just slips in through a back door.” -Sara Bareilles, She Used to Be Mine.

    2. “I’m dedicating every day to you. Domestic life was never quite my style.” -Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. , Dear Theodosia.

    3. “No stress, my love for you is never in doubt.” -Phillipa Soo and The Original Hamilton Cast, Helpless.

    4. “Lover, tell me if you can, who’s gonna buy the wedding band?” -Wedding Song, Anaïs Mitchell.

    5. “I know a guy you’d never guess would be a hero, just some mellow average fellow. To look at you and say well he’d amount to zero, but in combat there’s your top cat.” -Ain’t We Proud, Bandstand.

    6. “We reserved this just for you, you’ve been waiting for this day. It’s the least that we can do.” -Right This Way, Bandstand.

    7. “Welcome home my husband, welcome my love.” -Welcome Home, Bandstand.

    8. “I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you. I don’t need you to search for the proof that I should. You don’t have to convince me, you don’t have to be scared you’re not enough.” -Only Us, Dear Evan Hansen.

    9. “I saved every letter you wrote to me. From the moment I read them, I knew you were mine.” -Philipa Soo, Burn. 

    10. “I hope you’re happy how you’ve hurt your cause forever.” -Defying Gravity, Wicked. 

    11. “I just get stupid with love, I just don’t get it.” Stupid With Love, Mean Girls the Musical.

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  • BBS IRL/Alias Dialogue | Sentence Starter Prompts. [6]


    1. You know what that means, Brian, Delirious is going down.
    2. Where are you going, Delirious?
    3. Nogla, stop cheating.
    4. Marcel, look.
    5. Nicely done, Brian, nicely done.
    6. Thank you, Fourzer0, I appreciate you.
    7. Okay, Brian’s not here, you want to kill him?
    8. We want to kill Brian!
    9. This seems like a Marcel thing.
    10. Here you go, Fourzer0, you deserve that.
    11. Brock, is this going to be an X or is this going to be a checkmark?
    12. Oh, really, Nogla?
    13. They’re all out to get Brian.
    14. There’s Brian’s mansion.
    15. He just slashed Nogla’s ankles.
    16. Very good, Marcel.
    17. Wait, where did you go, Wildcat?
    18. Brian, you’re muted.
    19. I trusted you, Tyler.
    20. I was with Panda.

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  • Two years ago, I came out to my mom as bisexual. We were in the car and I told her that I wanted to ask a girl out to a school dance.

    She said “ok.” And proceeded to not talk about it for six months. I’m still not sure if it was just fear that my life would be harder because of who I was or fear of what our extended family would think, but it hurt.

    Today, two years and one very loving long term girlfriend later, she told me that she’d support me if I wanted to come out to my blantantly homophobic grandmother. Even if it risked their relationship.

    Things do get better, I promise.

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  • Writing Prompt 418

    You smiled, weaving some of the power in and out of the cloak. The corporate leader screamed in pain, slowly being forced to endure his life force being drained away from him. You stared at him, a soft smile on your face.

    “I told you not to harm all those innocent persons.”

    #MaGiC#writing#original writing#writer#writblr#author #don't come at me for using persons #it is grammatically correct #Reader is living the dream #reader#reader insert#villain#villains #no not any or magick #Y'all know superpowers? #like that#prompt#prompts#writing prompt#writing prompts#superpowers#villain prompt#villain prompts
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  • Writing Prompt 417

    Person A: Get ready. We’re going on a heist!

    Person B: Let me finish my cereal!

    #writing#original writing#writer#writblr#author #I imagine this to be Kaz and Jesper #Kaz is A #Jesper is B #lol#writing prompt#writing prompts#villain prompt#villain prompts#prompt#prompts#soc #six of crows #villain#villains #do whatever you want #super villain#super villains#comedy#person a#person b #person a and b #person a and person b
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  • BBS Dialogue/Sentence Starter Prompts. [9]


    1. It’s okay, it’s okay, we can just pray to Jesus and that it’ll just appear again, that’s how that works.
    2. Holy shit, I’m going to fucking die, dude. I’m definitely going to die.
    3. Welcome to my castle!
    4. I knew you guys were coming.
    5. And yep, there it is.
    6. You guys, I don’t know yet.
    7. Does that cowboy do magic?
    8. Because I’m laughing!
    9. He’s a magician.
    10. Thanks for letting me know.
    11. Okay, I’m at the limit.
    12. I wanted to kill him.
    13. What kind of prison is this?
    14. Why wouldn’t he?
    15. Hit him with a baseball bat.
    16. That guy isn’t wearing a shirt!
    17. Yes, I see that.
    18. I don’t like getting shot.
    19. I’m not being sarcastic, I don’t even know what that means.
    20. Don’t stop until they’re dead.

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    #banana bus squad #bbs #bbs dialogue prompts #banana bus squad dialogue prompts #vanossgaming#smii7y#bigjigglypanda#kryoz#moo snuckel #the gaming terroriser #daithi de nogla #basicallyidowrk#h2odelirious#prompts#dialogue prompts#sentence starters#text#words#fanfiction#fanfic
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  • So, continuing with the prompts, @sweet-reverie asked for “Why should we date?”

    Sorry it took me so long to write this! 

    “Why should we date?”

    Nicholas Scratch was, unsurprisingly, with his head buried in a book.

    The library was quiet and almost empty at that hour, most of the Academy’s students preferring to spend the afternoon outside enjoying the good spring weather.

    He noticed a shadow over and the characteristic aroma of vanilla and blueberries betrayed the newcomer.

    “Spellman,” He said without looking up from the book “what can I do for you?” he added, this time looking up at her.

    She didn’t answer, and just sat on the table a few inches away from the book Nick was reading.

    “I’ve been wondering…” she commented, one of her fingers tapping her red lips. Nick couldn’t help but focus her gaze on them. So tempting.

    “What have you been wondering about?” he leaned in the chair, waiting for her answer.

    “Why should we date?” she asked taking him by surprise. He looked at her for some seconds considering his answer, before he said anything Nick got up from his chair and stood in front of her.

    “Well, I can give you a number of reasons.” He told her with a lopsided smile on his lips.

    “You can?” she asked in a flirtatious tone.

    He nodded, moving slightly closer to her.

    “Well, to start, we have great chemistry together.” Sabrina nodded slightly.

    Nick moved a little closer and she raised her arms and put them on his shoulders.

    “And we always hold each other’s back.“ she nodded again.

    He put his hands on her waist.

    "We like spending time together.” He continued “You make me want to be a better person, Spellman.” There was so much honesty in his voice.

    “You are a good person, Nick.” She answered bringing one of her hands from his shoulder to his cheek, he leaned against her touch. Nick gave her a sad smile “You are” Sabrina insisted “And I love you.”

    “I love you too, Sabrina.” He replied, she moved closer to give him a sweet kiss on the lips. When she pulled away he looked at her “I thought you wanted to continue with the game.”

    She shook her head.

    “I think I have enough for today.” Sabrina replied with a smile, she looked back to the book he had been reading before her arrival “Do you have something to do or could we… go to Cee’s for some milkshakes?”

    “Are you asking me out, Spellman?”

    She smiled and shook her head amused.

    “Yes,” she replied, the smile still dancing on her lips, “I’m asking my boyfriend out.”

    “Just let me put this book back on its shelf and I’m all yours, babe.”

    She nodded, he gave her a brief kiss before disappearing between the shelves.

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  • OCtober prompt 21: alchemist. 

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  • Hey!

    I’d really like to improve my english writing skills and I already grew some attachment towards writing shorter headcanons.

    So… does anyone have got a list of some prompts that might give me some ideas?

    I’m planning on doing stuff for Characters such as Monspeet, Ban, Hitoshi or Aizawa since I really love these four characters.


    Originally posted by tanchirou

    #prompts#headcanon prompt #ban x reader #shinsou x reader #aizawa x reader #monspeet x reader #seven deadly sins #seven deadly sins headcanon #seven deadly sins x reader #bnha headcanons #bnha x reader
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  • 🖤~Song Of The Day~🖤

    The song of the day is:  Keep Your Eyes Peeled -by- Queens of the Stone Age

    WARNING! Somewhat dark themes, and a gun mention. Please stay safe Darling ones.

    The challenge is to write something based off of this song, be it the name, the lyrics, or the tune itself. Let your imagination go wild and see where the music takes you.

    Have at it Darlings!

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  • Person A: “Sorry, I am listening to you, I just… I can’t believe you’re immortal, and never thought to tell me.”

    Person B: “To be fair, it’s not exactly something that comes up in everyday conversation.”

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  • Staring up at the thick canopy above where you laid, you watched and listened as the gentle breeze rustled the vibrant green leaves, your thoughts drifting absently, though they were quickly interrupted by the sound of a very different kind of rustle.

    Instantly scrambling into a sitting position, you ignored the wave of dizziness you got from the hasty action, focusing instead on retrieving the note from the inconspicuous hollow in the tree, a note that had very much not been there, only moments before.

    Smiling brightly as you finally pulled it free, you dropped back onto the moss covered ground, leaning against the ancient tree behind you, as you happily poured over the contents of the message, your heart fluttering in delight as you did so. As always, their words, no matter how simple, never failed to brighten even the most terrible of days, the simple knowledge of their existence, somehow soothing you in a way you couldn’t explain.

    Whilst the discovery of this place had been completely accidental, it was an accident you would be forever grateful for. 

    Originally, you had only written letters as a way to vent your thoughts, the hollow simply having served as a convenient place to deposit them, making it feel as though you were actually doing something with them, rather than simply throwing your heartfelt feelings into the trash. Though that had all changed the day you arrived to find all of them missing.

    Terrified and angry that someone had seen a glimpse into your innermost thoughts, you’d done your best to avoid the place for a time, though eventually your curiosity had gotten the best of you. It had understandably been quite a surprise, when you had discovered a different letter, in their place.

    Apprehensive at first, it had taken you a while to respond to it, the heartfelt apology within, eventually softening your negative feelings towards the sender somewhat, though you had remained rather wary for quite a while. 

    Thankfully, it hadn’t taken long for the two of you to learn the true mysterious nature of the hollow, something that you rather readily put to good use, having grown quite fond of each other in the short time you’d been interacting. With how deep your conversations always tended to be, it seemed only natural that you would both end up developing feelings.

    After a rather emotional confession on both ends, the frequency of your messages had increased greatly, to make up for the fact that you couldn’t actually see each other in person, thanks to quite literally, being worlds apart. These days, the two of you could sit for hours, simply talking about anything and everything, just relishing in the strange and intense companionship that had formed.

    Lost in your daydreaming as you imagined being able to actually see them and feel their embrace, you almost didn’t notice that you had received a response to your last reply, a smile spreading across your lips as you dropped your notepad and pen giddily, in order to tug it free. 

    What you found written there, quickly stole all breath from your lungs, an overwhelming wave of emotion, surging forth and bringing tears to your eyes.

    “I think I found a way to bring you to me.”

    #write-it-motherfuckers#writing prompt#writing prompts#writing#prompt#story prompt#story prompts#story#prompts#my prompt#original#random#imagine #story time motherfucker #this would work really well as an isekai  reader sort of deal honestly. But it's up to you what you actually do with it. #the tags are only ever a suggestion #supernatural#magic#isekai#fictional character#fo#f/o#x reader#reader#self ship#self insert#fictional other#romance#alternate universe #hello yes please give me the sad murder man. I would like coffin cuddles. Bone shaped biscuits are also a must
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  • It’s a terrible burden to save the world.

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  • I’m not super deep into a bunch of fandoms, but if you have a specific one you’re curious if I’d write for, just ask! Right now, I write for 5SOS, Machine Gun Kelly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Percy Jackson universe (not all of these are posted yet.

    Basic guidelines for Requests:

         - I will take requests for blurbs, headcanons, concepts, and full fics! keep in mind with this that blurb and fic requests may be extended or shortened depending on how much the idea resonates with me.

         - as of right now, I will not take pwp/just smut requests. If I start a fic, and it leads there, I might write some smut, but I won’t go out of my way to write it. If you want to ensure that no smut is ever worked into a request that may lead in that direction, just ask :)

         - please understand that it may be hard for me to fulfill a request that is too vague or specific. If you include a lot of details, they may not all be worked in (side note: you can still include these details, I’d love to hear them. I just may not be able to work several detail into a piece and still make it decent to read). If you simply ask for something from a fandom or person, I may struggle to find inspiration and ask for you to send another ask with more specifics (a prompt, a concept, etc)

         - on the note of prompts: here is my prompt list! I love using prompts, so send me one! don’t feel limited to these either, you could totally send me a random prompt or au and ask me to build a blurb/fic around it!

         - please be respectful if I don’t use your request! I won’t resonate with everything, and writing without inspiration is difficult!

         - if you have specific triggers you want to make sure aren’t worked into your request, please let me know so I can work around them! I want to keep my blog a safe space for everyone!

         - on the topic of triggers, if you notice I forget to mention or tag a trigger, please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. this also goes for if the way I am tagging my triggers doesn’t allow tumblr to blacklist them!

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