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  • Writing Prompt #1:

    Person A: I’m not supposed to fall in love with you.

    Person B: Neither am I, but look at us. Majestic.

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    HERE are the guidelines for sending in prompts.

    *I’ll accept any type of prompt! So feel free to send in whatever you like, with the rare few exceptions noted in the guidelines

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  • I can’t believe it’s the last day.

    It’s time for the last set of prompts!

    Day 7: Change or New Beginnings or Farewell

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  • #methydoll is the ship of dreams #methydoll#angst#prompts #thanks for the prompt #crystal methyd#nicky doll #crystal x nicky #nicky x crystal
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  • person a: Haha I’m gonna put that on my story to confuse them

    person b: yes ! our favorite hobby confusing people ! !

    person a: It’s done

    #person a and person b #shennanigans #taken from me and my friend’s convos #taken from a conversation #dialogue snippet#dialouge#writing#prompts
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  • person a: So *person b* told me to try to get you to confess her gift for me, You gonna comply

    person c: I have no idea what your talking about

    person a: Of course you don’t, Those are famous last words you know

    person c: But they won’t be mine

    #person a and person c #person c likes to tolerate us #its hilarious #their stuck together from being mutual close friends to me #its very funny to see them interact #especially if their arguing #but now their stuck so hA #my dumb hilarious friends #i love them so much #is i was rushed with a punch of love when person c backed me up #god i love these idiots #shennanigans#writing#prompts#dialogue snippet#dialogue #taken from a conversation #my collection of words
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  • person b: haha who wants to bet when the show comes out I’ll burst into tears at some point during it

    person a: I’ll bet my future

    #person a and person b #shennanigans#writing#prompts#dialogue snippet#dialouge #my friend and i #talking#texting #taken from a conversation #taken from me and my friend’s convos
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  • Answer Me


    Is anybody there?

    I’m screaming

    At the top of my lungs,

    Yet there’s no answer

    All I hear,

    Is the lonely echo of my voice.

    My shadow,

    Is my only friend.

    Nobody hears me scream

    I feel like I’m buried,

    Six feet under

    Because nobody hears me,

    Nobody sees me.

    I feel invisible

    Why is my shadow

    My only friend?

    Why is the only talking I hear,

    Is my own echo?

    All I want is one person,

    Just one person,

    To answer me

    -[Holly Forsman]

    #excerpt from a book i'll never write #poetry#prompts#creative writing#poetsofinstagram#original poem#poetic #poems on tumblr #answered#help me#heartbreak#echo#invisibledisease#mental breakdown #mental heath support #mental ill health #support#notebook #it will be okay
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  • feel free to reblog! send in requests!

    wow most of these give off angsty vibes.

    *obviously i did not make these up, creds to the songwriters*

    1. we can slow dance to rock music

    2. please don’t let me fall

    3. i wanna be somebody to someone

    4. we’ll get breakfast in the park

    5.  i’ve been anywhere and in between

    6. take me back to the night we met

    7. i don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you

    8. life’s too short to even care at all

    9. he might be the one

    10. sometimes when he looks at me, I know he needs you, you’re all that he sees

    11. put your head on my shoulder

    12. cut out all the ropes and let me fall

    13. don’t give me up

    14. i think they might be onto us

    15. how can you miss someone you’ve never met?

    16. spent your whole life running away

    17. you’re gonna leave, it ain’t gonna break my heart

    18. if you loved me, why’d you leave me?

    19. our love was made for movie screens

    20. please keep me safe, give me time to love

    21. all my friends think you’re vicious 

    22. I find happiness in the wrong places

    23. i wish to love a boy

    24. you’ve got me talking in my sleep

    25. you’re my favorite liar

    26. remember when we waltzed in the rain?

    27. as i recall, you were looking out of place

    28. heaven help a fool who falls in love

    29. i have loved you for the last time

    30. sometimes i forget that we aren’t together

    31. with every single word I started falling farther and farther for you

    32. i need to make you see what you mean to me

    33. i loved you then and i love you now

    34. when i wake up, i’m afraid

    35. i wanna hear you talk for hours

    36. i don’t really care if you like me or not

    37. for you i would get beat to smithereens

    38. will you love me like you loved me?

    39. tell me love is endless

    40. when I got you by my side, everything’s alright

    41. you haven’t written to me in a week, i wonder why that is

    42. your sweatshirt says it all, with the hood over your face

    43. i know the shape of your hands because i watch them when you talk

    44. let’s just be friends and hold hands at 2 am

    45. i could listen to you all night long

    46. i just need something to hold onto

    47. i’d leave it all for you

    48. if its on you mind, it’ll be on mine because i know you well

    49. do you believe i’m yours?

    50. wherever i go, there’s a shadow of you

    #bxbyspxncer's writing#bxbyspencer’s requests#prompts#prompt list#song lyrics#fanfic #criminal minds x reader #spencer reid x reader #timothee chalamet x reader
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  • Random Ass Dialogue Prompts

    **I’m NOT taking requests but feel free to use these!**

    1. “No one says a WORD to mom about getting stranded in Mexico.”

    2. “Why is there a goat in the bathtub?”


    “Well… let’s just say Farmers insurance hasn’t seen everything…”

    4. “Which one of you jackwagons put Vaseline on the toilet?!”

    5. “You told him/her my middle name?”

    “They asked.”

    “Yeah, now they’re gonna use it against me!”

    6. “Did y'all see the flaming bag of dog shit on the neighbors front porch or was it just me?”

    7. “I swear to God, if you brought a python home—”

    “He’s friendly!”

    “God Damnit.”

    8. “I don’t do dancing in honkytonk bars.”

    “No shit, but you make yourself at home in the strip clubs, don’t you?”

    9. “That guy you were a completely utter asshole to was her brother.”

    10. “Why does it smell like chicken shit? Oh, he’s here.”

    11. “Come on sweetheart, make a wish.”

    “I wish you’d drop dead.”

    12. “That’s the difference between you and me sweetheart. I don’t need to wear an expensive designer tag to make my man keep interest in me.”

    13. “What’s wrong with her/him/them? Seriously? Their best friend and ex had been sneaking around their back for two years and you have the nerve to wonder why they’re so broken?”

    14. “Yeah, the Vegas trip is gonna be a strong ‘no’ for me…”

    “Why’s that?”

    “My ex has the law looking for me.”

    15. “She looks like t-r-o-u-b-l-e to me brother.”

    16. “How come you still talk to him?”

    “Because I can talk to whoever the hell I want to.”

    17. “What is this? Twenty questions? What’s with all the questions tonight? Jeez!”

    “You didn’t come home last night, and don’t give me that B.S. that you had to 'work late’, when we both know that ain’t what you were doing.”

    18. “I’m the stupid one?! You’re the one with boxers that say what day it is on them!”

    “How does that make me stupid?”

    “The ones you’re wearing right now say Monday but it’s Thursday!”

    “No they— HOW!?!”

    19. “My Head’s Stuck in a Pumpkin—it doesn’t matter how I dialled 911 I need help!”

    20. “What? Is dressing up as bigfoot a kink of yours or…”

    “That’s my chest hair.”

    “Jesus Christ, are you part gorilla?!”

    21. “Listen, dude. I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m really high right now and I don’t know if that’s thunder or somebody trying to break in.”

    22. “Is that the devil’s lettuce?”

    “No you pothead that’s dried oregano.”

    23. “Look me in the eyes and say it.”

    “Jon Bon Jovi has a better ass than Axl Rose.”

    24. “Will he be okay?”

    “Yeah, he’s just an 'I’m sorry’ drunk.”

    25. “I would really like to care, but I’ve already drank half a bottle of whiskey and I don’t remember a damn word you said.”

    26. “Why does your car smell like fireball?”

    “It smells like the cinnamon air freshener you alcoholic.”

    27. “Where are my keys?”

    “If they were up your ass you’d know.”

    28. “Are… A-are you talking to yourself?”

    “I’m the only one around here who’s not speaking bullshit!”

    29. “You can’t just elope with a rockstar you slept with!”

    “…I did though.”

    30. “Why do you have a bucket of rocks?”

    “…to throw at people I don’t like?”

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