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    18.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago
    #sloth asks#nonnie #but for real #bobby can get it #robert pronge
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    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I was searching mauraders on wiki and this came up, why is Remus now Tom not Andrew 😭 Other then Regulus, non of them are the usual fan cast.

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    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Another edit i've made in the past week. Marauders again :)

    #the marauders #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #prongs fanart#harry potter#wolfstar#jily fluff#james potter #james & peter & remus & sirius
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    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Not to brag but my jegulus playlist is literally my pride and joy y’all should go give it a listen


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    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    "Regulus screamed in frustration."

    same reg... same

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    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Remus moving in with Sirius. Enough said.

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  • morwap
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    girl next door

    james potter x fem!reader x sirius black
    smut (long af)
    marauders material list, s.b material list, j.p material list
    threesome, switch but mainly sub james, dom sirius, switch reader, m! jerking off, voyeurism, smoking, oral m&f! receiving, p in v, degrading and praise, spanking, pet names, handjob, use of the word cunt, creampie, unprotected sex

    ───────✧ 𓆩♡𓆪 ✧───────

    james laid awake curling his fingers into his hair pulling slightly then rubbing the strands of hair between his thumb and index making the strands spread then repeating the cycle, he'd been trying to sleep for 4 hours but his mind kept wondering and once he found himself slightly tired he'd notice he wasn't comfortable or had to piss or was thirsty making him frustrated.

    sirius had decided to sleep in the guest bedroom instead of james’ room since it was super hot and felt suffocating in his room. james debated on sleeping on the couch but when he got a glass of water he noticed everything place in the house was as hot as his room even with open windows.

    james groaned sitting up tugging off his white tank top then laid back down the thin coating of sweat on his skin, he didn’t want to toss and turn knowing it would make him more uncomfortable in the long run. the moonlight make everything barely visible, he had moved his bed next to the window in his second year to see the moon and the stars when he was missing remus and sirius and never moved it back to where it was before.

    james groaned sitting up tugging off his white tank top then laid back down the thin coating of sweat on his skin, he didn’t want to toss and turn knowing it would make him more uncomfortable in the long run. the moonlight make everything barely visible, he had moved his bed next to the window in his second year to see the moon and the stars when he was missing remus and sirius and never moved it back to where it was before.

    james always watched the moon phases, he had them memorized by his 3rd year, and on full moons he hope remus was okay wishing he, padfoot, wormtail could be there supporting remus. he could never fall asleep durning full moons sometimes he’d write so he could owl him first thing when the sun rises, then he’d sleep all day.

    as james got older it wasn’t just the moon and the stars when he looked out his window, it was now y/n.

    they had divination together and detention together most of time, and of course they lived right next to each other.

    he noticed how she would climb out her window and onto her roof to smoke catching a glimpse of james watching her and she’d flip him off. sirius noticed too after he moved in and lived with them for a while, y/n was the first thing he noticed after getting settled. sirius would often catch james looking out his window but didn’t say anything because he was looking too, sirius also would offer to do the dishes since one day he’d seen her lounging out on a towel with a bikini but the strings on the side were untied and the straps on the top were tucked under the cups.

    then sometimes hed catch her in her pool floating around, james was confused when sirius would offer and keep insisting on him doing the dishes and of course james’ mother would give in.

    james turned his head looking out his window, seeing y/n’s light turn on. james let out an excited gasp knowing she was home, he sat up a bit resting on his elbows. normally y/n would come over and give a tray of cookies for the holidays but her family went to france to visit her grandma and at the beginning of summer she maybe stayed for two weeks then went to her cousins in italy for vacation, james didn’t want to admit it but it was quiet boring without her even though he had sirius.

    he watched as she started to get undressed causing his mouth to open slightly as he tried to lift up to see more without getting caught.

    his cock twitched as she took off her bra, james wet is lips glancing down at his boxers seeing his bulge and sighed.

    james’ eyes went back to y/n as she closed her curtains still without a shirt on but right before she closed them she smiled at him making him gasp and drop his head with a thud onto his pillow. “fuck” he whispered, his hand rested on his stomach, james closed his eyes and breathing heavily trying not to let his mind wander but it did no matter how hard he tried.

    his hand slowly slid down to his boxers, slipping into them gently grabbing his dick, spreading his precum around his length. james opened his eyes and sighed taking his hand out of his boxers then tugging the clothing down throwing them onto the floor.

    james’ hand went back his now aching cock, closing his eyes pretending it was y/n’s hand or her mouth. james moved his hand up and down at a nice pace before bringing his hand to his mouth, spitting in it then going back to stroke his cock. his palm grazed over his tip as james whimpered, shuttering into his own touch but in his mind it was hers.

    moans and whines continued to pour from james’ mouth, head tossed back digging into his pillow, chest heaving. james’ thumb grazed over his slit causing him to sink his teeth into his bottom lip, muffling a moan. james knew he could get loud and him biting his lip was definitely not going to be enough for him.

    in his mind y/n was jerking him off whispering sweet praises and some degrading things disguised as praises in his ear and placing short kisses along his neck and jawline, “you’re such a good boy james” she’d whisper in his ear followed by “aw look at your pretty cock, so pretty for me.” or “look at you rutting into my hand like a bitch in heat, aw poor baby just can’t help yourself can you pretty boy?”

    but then his mind would flip and imagine her sucking his dick as he degraded her, his hand holding her head down and manually bobbing her head as tears threatened to fall. “such a fucking slut taking my cock like you were made to do” then hearing her gag on his length followed with “aw y/n you gonna cry? how pathetic” and “you were made for being a cock slut, my personal pretty little cock slut or maybe you’d like getting passed around my friends like a fucking toy”

    his mind kept flipping between the two not know what he preferred.

    james scrunched his brows together quickening his pace, squeezing a bit. “fuck” james muttered a little too loudly, he moved his free hand to his mouth pressing the back of his hand to his lips trying to make himself as quiet as he could. his teeth sank into the back of his hand as his eyes squeezed shut and his working hand went faster.

    cum covered his hand as he tried to regulate his breath, letting go of his hand then wetting his lips. james peeked out his window seeing that y/n’s light was off then falling back onto his pillow cum still covering his hand. his clock read 6 am, sighing as he got up and pulled on his boxers with one hand then making his way to his dresser that had tissues on it.

    james cleaned his hand then grabbed new clothes then throwing his old clothes into his hamper, then walking out of his room then to the bathroom too shower.

    days passed and the summer heat eased up, fleamont and euphemia left to celebrate their anniversary leaving sirius and james alone in the house. fleamont had ask james to clean up the back yard since he didn’t have time to do it before him and his wife left and james had agreed to do so.

    sirius peeked out the kitchen window, “oh shit prongs looks like we’ll have some company while we’re outside” he teased and james looked out the window with a smirk. y/n lounged in a chair by her pool reading a magazine, and sirius patted james back and headed out the back door and james followed.

    y/n took notice of the boys, seeing them over a smallish fence, her pulling her sunglasses down too get a good look as they walked to the fence leaning on it. there had been an opening in the fence leaning from their yard to y/n’s ever since they were little it was a habit for james to come over to swim then y/n going over to james’ yard to make s’mores so they decided to connect the yards so they didn’t have to hop the fence or go around to the front.

    y/n got up and walked over the part of fence they were leaning on, “did you two miss me?” she laughs out now leaning on the fence also. “maybe” sirius teased running his head through his long hair, “it was quiet without you, don’t know if that’s good or bad though” james said cockily.

    y/n laughed, “you two wanna hang out?” was all she needed to say and the two would be following her like lost puppies.

    the three sat in y/n room, sirius looking through her vinyl records as james glanced over her magazines as they all talked about random things. y/n laid on her bed kicking her legs back and forth, her dress riding up from a too hard kick of her legs. james laughed at something she said and he turned to look at her, james’ face grew red as he could see her thong.

    before he could turn his head y/n looked at him, she softly smiled and he had no doubt that she was teasing him. “sirius would you get me a glass of water?” she asked sweetly and sirius agreed with a smirk, patting james’ shoulder before he left.

    y/n watched sirius leave the room, and then looked back at james. james’ gaze went back to her exposed thong not even trying to look away.

    “james you’re a little perv aren’t you?” she teased softly causing james’ mouth to go dry and his eyes quickly finding hers. “i’m not-“ he mumbled before y/n cut him off.

    “don’t pretend like i didn’t see you last night james, i saw you watching me actually i’ve seen you watch me many times” y/n said, the tone of her voice made james want to combust, “i’m sorry about that” he said quietly plus he was a bit embarrassed. “why are you apologizing? i never said i didn’t like it” she replied getting up and resting on her knees, in doing so flashing more of her panties.

    james’ pants tightened, his mind went blank not knowing what to say as she smirked him. “come here jamesie” she instructed and james’ eyes widened and stood up walking over to her without being told twice.

    “wow so obedient, such a good boy”

    james bit back a moan, him walking caused friction in the right place and the way she talked made him throb.

    now standing infront of her, he could see down the top of her dress then he looked away trying to focus on the canopy she had, it was white with fairy lights in it making the room warm and inviting. “don’t be shy love, you can look at me” y/n teased knowing he’d be flustered by any affection like this.

    james’ eyes traveled to y/n, y/n watched him start slightly chewing on his bottom lip. “can i touch you james?” she asked looking up at him.


    it was quiet but y/n heard james, y/n smiled as he let out the breath he was holding while she ran her hands up his thighs getting close to his cock but then moving her hands back down. “do i make you horny james?” she asked watching him close his eyes every time she got closer to his erection. james nodded it was enough for y/n but she wanted to hear it.

    “words jamie” she reminded him, y/n moved her hands closer to james dick grazing over some of it gently. “yes fuck- yes” james whimpered out throwing his back a bit. y/n ran her thumb over his clothed tip, james wishing she’d take him out of the restrictive material. “tell me to stop and i’ll stop okay james?” she said stoping her movements so he could think clearly for a minute, “mhm okay” james replied.

    y/n started to palm him through his clothes, james let some moan slip out and y/n clenched her thighs together. “do you touch yourself thinkin’ about me?” she asked unzipping his pants, james watches her as she raised her brows as a warning sign. “yes” he moaned, his cock was finally free from his pants and now in her grasp.

    “your cock is so pretty jamie” y/n complimented her hand slid up his shaft, “y/n please” james whined trying not to buck his hips into her hand and get himself off without the teasing. “what do you want baby?” y/n asked with a cocky smirk.

    “want your mouth please” james whined dragging out the please, “since you said it so nicely” y/n teases before giving his tip a few kitten licks then starts putting his whole length inch by inch into her mouth. “holy fuck- thank you” james whimpers his eyes closing and his mouth agape.

    “i must say you two do put on quiet the show”

    james’ eyes opened and y/n slid off his length, turning their heads towards the door. sirius leaned against the door frame glass of water in hand, seeing the outline of his hard on through his sweatpants.

    sirius sat the water on y/n’s dresser before walking over to y/n and james, “don’t stop on my account princess, get back to it” sirius instructs gesturing to james.

    james liked watching y/n be so submissive to sirius but so dominant with him, it leveled out his fantasy. sirius sat next to y/n resting his weight into his hands, “cmon get to work slut” sirius said moving his left hand to her hair making a makeshift ponytail. y/n leaned to james taking him in her mouth again.

    y/n swirled her tongue around james tip making him moan loudly, “aw she’s taking you so well james” sirius teased as james moaned inaudible words, eyes shut and brows furrowed. “fuck-fuck don’t stop” james whined as sirius manually bobbed y/n’s head, james looked down as y/n looked up at him with sirius’ praises.

    “that feel good james?” sirius asked knowing james could barely think straight, y/n moaned around james cock making james almost cum. “feels fucking amazing siri” james whimpered out moving his hand to the back of y/n’s head, sirius spread his fingers so james’ fingers could go in between the gaps.

    y/n’s hands rested on james’ thighs her left hand squeezing tightly then letting go and rubbing shapes on his skin then repeat, y/n’s other hand now traveled to sirius’ thigh then up to his waist band causing sirius to smirk.

    sirius moved closer to her so she didn’t have to reach as far, her hand slipped into his sweats moving her hand up and down on his cock earning a mewl from him. sirius moved his sweatpants and boxers at the same time letting y/n’s hand and his dick out of his clothes, “fuck” he moaned watching her hand spread his precum around like it was lube. “look at you so eager to please” sirius teased, james watched the sight before his eyes, he was close to cumming.

    “you look so fucking pretty” james moaned, y/n pressed her thighs together harder their words were sent straightly to her cunt making her wetter “you gettin’ needy huh angel, we’ll take care of you in a minute” sirius says then spitting into his hand and rubbing it on his tip to give it more moisture then removing his hand. “i’m gonna cum” james whimpered, thighs trembling, “you think he deserves to cum angel?” sirius asks trying to not moan in the middle of his sentence, y/n responds with a simple mhm sending vibrations to james. “go on james, be a good boy and cum down her throat” sirius instructs.

    james does as told, spilling into y/n’s mouth with a lewd moan. y/n’s hand continued on sirius’ length as she pulled her mouth off of james’ softening cock swallowing his cum and catching her breath. james and sirius’ hands move off her head as james leaned in kissing her roughly, “you did so good for us james” y/n said in between the kiss. sirius leaned up placing kisses on her neck as she continued to jerk him off, sirius’ soft moans sounding louder in her ear since he was so close. “let’s get out of this” sirius mumbled in her neck, james hand moved to the buttons on the dress, unbuttoning everything without even looking.

    y/n shrugged the fabric off taking her hand off of sirius for not even a second, sirius took the fabric and threw it to the floor.

    james gently and slowly pushed y/n onto her back without breaking the kiss and her contact with sirius, her knees pressed gently against his abdomen. james kissed down to her neck then to her tits that were exposed since she wasn’t wearing a bra, swirling his tongue around her nipple then sucking, moaning against it.

    he gave the other nipple the same attention then kissed sloppily down her abdomen his hand starting to spread y/n’s legs, “spread your legs for him angel” sirius moaned then putting his lips on hers. james leaned up a bit hooking his finger on her panties and pulling them off of her then letting them fall to the ground.

    y/n’s legs were closed again and james spread them once again, placing his lips on her knee then trailing kisses to her inner thigh.

    sirius watched james while he was still making out with y/n. james looked up at sirius as he licked a long stripe on y/n’s cunt making her moan into sirius mouth. sirius and james thought the exact same thing.

    moony would’ve loved this.

    james circled around her clit then latching his lips to it then he’d let off with a little pop sound, dragging his tongue from her clit to her entrance and diving into it into her then going back to her clit. y/n was barely able to keep up with sirius’ mouth, “fuck james you’re so good at this” she praised letting of sirius’ mouth as the long hair male leaned down to take her nipple into his mouth.

    y/n’s thighs rested on his shoulders almost falling off of them but he kept her thighs spread and wouldn’t let them fall, y/n’s free hand resting on james’ hair. “james you’re doing so fucking good” she cried out letting her moans flow freely and her back arch a bit off her bed. “holy shit james i didn’t know you were so fucking good at eating pussy” sirius gasped as y/n grip on his cock tightened and the movements got faster.

    james barely lifted from y/n’s cunt to speak, “m’ specialty” he mumbled against her then buried his face back into her cunt. sirius whimpered around y/n’s nipple, “you’re such a good boy james” y/n moaned almost screamed out. sirius and james could feel y/n trembling as she dug her head into her mattress, sirius was close but he held back from cumming. “i’m close but i’d rather cum inside you” sirius whispered into y/n’s ear and she nodded slowing her strokes on him.

    “fuck fuck just like that” y/n cried out as james’ mouth continued to work wonders. “you gonna cum y/n/n?” sirius teased moving her hair out of her face, “yes fuck sirius yes” she whined closing her eyes.

    “beg for it princess” sirius said smirking down at her then glancing at james eating her out, “sirius please fuck- please let me cum, i’ve been so fucking good” she begged as a tear slipped making her eye makeup run. “go ahead princess” sirius muttered watching as james’ eyes closed ready for her to cum on his mouth.

    with a loud moan almost a scream her high came crashing down on her, her hand tightened on james’ hair causing him to moan against her which sent her over the edge and another tear fell. “thank you” she whimpered as james let off her over sensitive cunt, james was hard again feeling proud of what he had done. sirius ran his finger tip across her nipple causing her to tremble “so sensitive” he cooed placing a kiss on her neck.

    sirius instructed james to get on her bed, moving her pillows onto the floor as he rested back on his heals, sirius flipped y/n over earning a soft squeak from her.

    y/n’s ass pressed against sirius’ cock, “you ready to take both of us princess?” sirius asked already knowing the answer as he took his dick in his hand sliding it against her folds. “fuck yeah” she moaned taking james’ cock into her hand pumping him a few times, sirius lined up with her entrance watching as she touch james into her mouth then pushed into her watching her moan on james’ cock making james’ hand fly to her hair gripping at it.

    “holy shit you feel so fucking good” sirius gasped feeling her clench around his length, he thrusted in and out at a fast pace making the bed rock a bit. james eyes wanders from his best friend fucking his neighbor to his cock getting sucked by the same neighbor.

    sirius landed his hand on her ass leaving a red mark, then landed his hand on her ass again this time grabbing at it watching himself slide in and out of her. y/n continues to moan around james’ cock trying her hardest to suck him off the best she could.

    james leaned forward a bit and so did sirius their lips melting against each other’s, tongues fighting each other. sirius would pull back biting a bit on james lip then lean back in. they moaned into each other’s mouths and sirius snaked his down to y/n clit rubbing in circles.

    sirius knew y/n was close, the way she was clenching then unclenching subconsciously made him go crazy. y/n hollowed her cheeks and swirling her tongue around james, “im so fucking close” sirius moaned reading his forehead against james’ “fuck me too” james whined bitting down on his lip. sirius moaned loudly spilling into y/n as she clench around him, he quickened his fingers on her clit hearing her muffled moans and cries on james cock as she came on sirius’, nails digging into james thigh. sirius rode out his and y/n’s orgasms, her mouth still worked on james’ cock for only a minute before he spilled into her mouth for the second time that night.

    y/n whined as sirius pulled out of her gently and y/n slid her mouth off of james. heavy breathing filled the room, sirius watched his cum drip out of her and onto her sheets. sirius laid back resting his limbs on the soft mattress and y/n and james followed. y/n’s head resting on top of sirius’ arm and james holding her hand. james was happy his first threesome was with his best friend and his hot ass neighbor, and it left a smile on his face. sirius and y/n were just as happy too.

    tag: @mrskatpotter

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    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I've just- I've got an Idea- And...

    so.... How would you like a sweater weather x Sirius black thingy? I mean, I'm already done with the first part on my notebook. So? Yes or no?

    I am going to post it nonetheless - but It wouldn't hurt to ask, would it?

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  • tell-me-a-secret-a-nice-one
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Lily: You know what I learned from my friendship with Remus?

    James: There’s no such thing as too mean?

    Sirius: Never let your friends know for sure if you like them?

    Remus: Always hold a grudge?

    Lily: Remus!

    Lily: I don't know why I bother with you guys.

    Sirius: Ah that's what she learnt *sniggers*

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  • nymphadorathebubba
    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Lily: Why is Remus and Sirius sitting with their backs to each other?

    Peter: They had a fight.

    Lily: Then why are they holding hands?

    James: They get sad when they fight.

    #lily evans#remus lupin#sirius black#wolfstar#james potter#peter pettegrew#marauders#jily #remus x sirius #sirius x remus #james x lily #lily x james #marauders era#padfoot#moony#prongs #incorrect marauders quotes #harry potter #harry potter incorrect quotes #marauders incorrect quotes #incorrect jily quotes #wolfstar fanart#the marauders#hp marauders
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  • tell-me-a-secret-a-nice-one
    18.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Sirius: Are oranges named orange because oranges are orange or, is orange called orange because oranges are orange?

    James: Which came first, the orange or the orange?

    Remus: Orange was first used to refer the fruit 1280 years ago but was not used as a color until 1000 years ago.

    Lily: What was the color called before then?

    Peter: There was no color, duh! Everything was black and white!

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  • maraudersirl
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    *James when he FINALLY finds out about Wolfstar*

    James: WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!!

    Marlene: Yeah, Sirius. Why didn't you tell him?


    Marlene: *teary-eyed* All those years.


    Marlene: *gasp* Those beautiful pranks!


    Marlene: *swooning* Oh, the tragedy! The treachery! Hamlet is weeping.

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  • wolfstarluver
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    lily: ah yes, the four love languages.

    lily pointing at sirius:'my family never told me they were proud of me'

    lily pointing at remus:'i'm so fucking tired please god just let me rest for five minutes'

    lily pointing at james:'please pay attention to me'

    lily pointing at peter:'touch starved'

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  • tell-me-a-secret-a-nice-one
    18.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    James, teaching Sirius to drive: Okay, you're driving and Remus and Peter walk into the road. Quick, what do you hit?

    Sirius: Oh, definitely Wormtail. I could never hurt Moony.

    James, massaging their temples: The brakes. You hit the brakes.

    #because James would of learnt to drive just to prove to Lily could #and who's to say if the instructor got confuded or not... #marauders#harrypotter#siriusblack#remuslupin#jamespotter#hogwarts#maraudersera#padfoot#moony#gryffindor#prongs#themarauders#sirius#maraudersedit#sirius black#remus lupin#peter pettigrew#marauders era #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #the marauders #marauders era headcanon #marauders incorrect quotes #marauders headcanon #sirius x remus #wolfstar #moony x padfoot #remus x sirius #incorrect wolfstar quotes
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  • paddoony
    18.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Peter: Fight me!

    James and Sirius, standing behind him: if you even put a single hand on his head I will kill you.

    Remus, standing behind them: if you even LOOK at either of them I will kill you.

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    jealous of anyone whose “skincare routine” isnt just using tube after tube of hydrocortisone cream all over their body so that their skin doesnt break out into hives 

    #i have to spend 20 minutes after every shower doing a multi-pronged moisturizing regimen or else i wake up with blood all over my sheets
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    17.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Sirius: I’m a star

    Andromeda: We’ll I’M a whole galaxy

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    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    WOLFSTAR MY BELOVED<33333333333333

    #Sirius black#Remus lupin#wolfstar #sirius black x remus lupin #remus lupin x sirius black #the Marauders#marauders#marauders era #the Marauders era #mwpp#mwpp era #padfoot x moony #moony x padfoot #padfoot#moony#prongs#wormtail#James potter#marlene mckinnon#Lily evans#dorcas meadows#Harry potter#hp #the noble and most ancient house of black #hogwarts#slytherin#gryffindor#wolfstar fanart
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  • accio-regulus-black
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Oh. My. God.

    I just read a fan fiction that made me feel a sadness I’ve never felt. Truly took a piece of my heart. Highly recommend.

    if I go I’m going on fire by Suchsmallhands (Ao3)

    #sirius and regulus #the black brothers #sirius black#regulus black#sad marauders#i cried#harry potter#character death#the marauders#reggie black #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #i cried a lot #like a lot #too much
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