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  • Had a “conversation” with an antivaxxer ( if you could call it a conversation ) where as soon as they realised i wouldn’t listen to them they started insulting me because im trans.

    Shows exactly the kind of scum is pushing this bullshit

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  • Really disheartening to see people starting to forget what started the anti-vaxxer movement.

    Its not just rich white people. Its not conspiracy theorists. It’s not people who are blindly religious and condemn science.

    It’s all people who hate autistc people. It’s straight anti-autistic ableism.

    It’s a movement that was started by a man who hated autistic people (autistic children specifically) so much that he used his experience as a physician to fake research that stated vaccines cause autism. That man’s name is Andrew Wakefield. He’s still claiming his proven-false claims are true. He was born in England but lives now in Texas. And he’s STILL LEADING THE ANTI-VAX MOVEMENT.

    The movemnt is inherently anti-autistic. Anti-Vaxxers willingly admit theyd rather their child be dead than autistic. Please do not erase our suffering when talking about this.

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    C'est moi quand j'attrape le rhume d'un petit enfant à le travaille…. Sérieusement ne prend pas vos morveux d'enfer a le magasin quand ils ont le rhume 🙃🙃🙃

    Alors maintenant j'ai le rhume et les jambes et dos font mal

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    Burioni, il mio idolo.❤️

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    Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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  • TIL That there are idiot antivaxxers who refuse to vaccinate their pets.

    Thanks a million @drferox for the info about the hendra virus.

    Feel free to read the above post, where Im getting my info, but the run down of it is that their are horse owners refusing to vaccinate their horses against a super deadly virus. The hendra virus, that bats transmit to horses (always fatal) and horses transmit to humans (Fatal most of the time).

    So anyway.

    If a living creature is in your care and can contract a diseas that we have readily available vaccines for VACCINATE.

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  • Kanan Matsuura from Love Live! Sunshine!! is pro-vax!

    Requested by anon

    #love live #love live school idol project #love live sunshine #kanan matsuura#provax #your fave is #your fave is pro vax #vaccinate your kids #pro vaccines
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  • hey yall I dont have a very big reach here but me and some friends are working on a project and I’d love any support you can give! We are aiming to inform people about vaccinations in a way that is easy to understand by keeping explinations simple and filtering out false information. Our insta is @ vaxinfo_for_all . Thank you!

    #vaccines #pro common sense #provax
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    i’ve got a bunch of new buttons in my etsy shop! check them out if you can!


    a trio of buttons with either the ace flag, aro flag, or rainbow flag that says ‘fuck exclusionists.’

    eight buttons in pink, blue, grey, rainbow, trans pride, bi pride, and red white and blue that say ‘punch nazis.’

    six buttons in pink, blue, grey, rainbow, and red white and blue that say ‘fuck antivaxxers.’

    six buttons in pink, blue, grey, rainbow, and red white and blue that say ‘fuck climate deniers.’

    four buttons with the bi flag, lesbian flag, trans flag, or pink that say ‘girl power does not equal vagina power.’

    nine buttons in pink, blue, grey, rainbow, trans flag, lesbian flag, bi flag, and red white and blue that say ‘fuck terfs.’

    a picture of a pile of all the buttons described above.

    end ID]

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  • I’m sorry but the anti-vax religious exemption rule makes zero fucking sense. It’s not okay to endanger your child because of religious beliefs???? If Americans were just allowed to be exempt from things because of religion I wouldn’t have to pay for a military that goes against my religious beliefs. But I guess since I’m not a church, I don’t get tax exemptions. You can’t pick and choose when religious freedom is important or not.

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    #anti vaxxers#antivaccine#provax #vaccinate your kids #vaccinate your children #vaccinate yourself #vaccinate your pets
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  • Sorry about the lack of posts, EOC exams hit me hard… But I have more pro-vax content on the way!

    Thank you for your support, and remember to vaccinate your kids!

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  • Okay so like I dont really care if I upset anyone by saying this but if you genuinely think essential oils are an appropriate stand-in for modern medicine, you’re a moron.

    This is coming from someone who loves and uses essential oils. I like using oils that have the intent to calm someone down. It helps my anxiety having calming senses. But that doesn’t mean that oils will keep me from getting a deadly disease.

    It’s not that hard to accept that while oils can be helpful for some things, they shouldn’t be used for every thing.

    Relaxing scents to help(note I said help, not cure) anxiety and vaccines to keep you from getting measels are two completely different ballparks.

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  • The damage of a falsified and officially refuted study on vaccines has potentially caused an incalculable amount of damage to humanity.

    Vaccines, considered miracles of science are believed by a quarter of the population to cause autism, potentially leaking dangerous diseases back into the environment.

    Who knows how many people will die or suffer as a direct result of a man being greedy?

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  • (Ok there’s a lot of things you need to understand but let’s start with this)

    Vaccines aren’t just for you or your kid.

    • They’re for the infant that’s too young to be vaccinated yet.
    • They’re for the cancer patient who’s immunocompromised.
    • They’re for the people who can’t get vaccinated for health reasons. 
    • They’re for the people a very small percentage of vaccines fail.
    • They’re for the people that are already sick with something else and their immune system can’t handle another disease at the same time.
    • They’re for the children whose parents refuse to vaccinate them and expose them to dozens of other unvaccinated people.
    • They’re for the unvaccinated pregnant person who might pull through just fine from something but could potentially lose their baby.
    • They’re for the people who have health issues that weaken their immune systems.
    • They’re for the elderly person in hospice who’s too weak to fight off even the flu anymore.
    • They’re for the people who don’t have access to vaccines due to financial or other reasons.

    Almost all of these people are at high risk of dying or experiencing lifelong complications from something as “harmless” as the flu or measles. They are the people that need to be protected by herd immunity. 

    I know that all the posts going around make vaccines seem like big scary things that’ll kill your kid from being in the same room with them but they’re one of the safest medical procedures one can go through. The minuscule chance of complications happening far outweighs the big chance of bad things happening to both your unvaccinated child and anyone they potentially come in contact with.


    (P.S. I might make a series of posts like this if people are interested. I’ll be tagging it #vaxrants on my blog)

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  • Something that confused me so much about the vaccination ‘’debate’’ was that I had misunderstood that unvaccinated children are a danger. That was what I heard all the time. So it got me thinking how are the unvaccinated children/people a treath to me who’s fully vaccinated? Shouldn’t the vaccines protect me?

    It took me a while to understand that I’m the danger to the unvaccinated kids because of my vaccinations. My immune system knows how to take care of and eliminate pathogens like the measles virus and my chance of getting measles is near to zero percentage. But I’m able to carry the virus and spread it without even knowing it. I’m able to give the measle virus to an unvaccinated kid and possible kill them.

    Unvaccinated children are a treath to themselves and people who are unable to have vaccines, those who are too young or allergic to substances in the vaccine.

    To anyone who reads this and is anti-vax and is about to tell me how vaccines cause autism, diabetes, asthma, allergies, ADHD or celiacs disease: those are accusations with no stable ground. Even if vaccines caused any disability I would choose that over the treath of death in a heartbeat.

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  • I’m honestly afraid of kids now cause some parents really be replacing certified vaccines with essential oils they got from some “guru” on Facebook. For all we k ow unvaccinated kids probably created a new disease.

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  • Kat von d is not vaccinating her kid and

    I’m pissed

    #antivax#provax #kat von d
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