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  • This is a friendly reminder that, in the same way it is hurtful to LGBTQ+ people to insist that they are cis/het, it can be hurtful to cis/het people to insist that they are LGBTQ+. I, for one, was back and forth for a long time over sexuality, and I finally came around to settling into my identity as straight. So, when someone insists to me that I am bisexual (which happens often—I have that energy), it is painful, because I struggled with that for a long time. Do unto others, friends.

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  • username change gamers

    vchillynightsv >>>>>> arowdyblog

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  • Once I’m back from vacation I’m gonna make a master post of the prompts and stuff I have and put it on my pinned post so stuff stops getting buried.

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  • I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but an abuser could literally push you down the stairs on purpose and still find a way to make it your fault. Don’t let them.

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  • //A reminder that my Bellatrix is exclusive with @blueeyedslytherin and her Narcissa. This means I will only write my Bellatrix with her Narcissa.

    At this time, this is the only exclusive I have on this blog.

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  • To anyone who has asked me or will ask where I found the second My Hero Academia movie… I found it on a site called 9Anime.to. The site is legit and it should still be on the home page. Again this will be an easier way to alert peeps as to where I found the movie.

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  • Get your free cupcake friends!

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  • The Left-wing Plot to Cause a Race War in America

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  • I only do self ship art/content anymore because honestly even the canon characters ships i do like. The fans particularly fangirls (funny enough guys dont bother me much,sure they can be annoying too and act like know it alls but they dont send me death threats) are so toxic and obnoxious that i stopped doing canon characters shipped.

    So i just do self shipping.

    It’s to a point where i can’t even enjoy the ships i was cool with.

    It hurts because every fandom i have ever been in this has happened to me.

    So i just do my self ships and stay in my little corner and hardly interact with other fans because they are so damn fucking obnoxious and toxic. Plus they give me severe anxiety attacks. I have gotten death threats in the past from other fandoms for self shipping and not liking canon ships and certain characters. Legit.

    So that’s why i dont interact hardly with anyone anymore.

    Even on here im not as active as i used to be.

    I may post every now n then and change my theme but thats it.

    I don’t post any orginal content. Art or anything hardly anymore.

    Its to a point no matter what thing i get into. What characters i like or self ship with. Art i make. I have this crap thrown at me.

    So i just wanna say to anyone who does lioe my orginal content. Or my blog. Or anything.

    Im sorry if im not as active anymore. And why i just don’t talk to jojo fans anymore. Or fans of things in general. I just keep to myself for the most part anymore. Unless people come at me. I stay to myself.

    I just don’t wanna be around other people anymore. I have severe anxiety and trauma interacting with other fans and people in general now because of the last fandom and group i was in.

    So yeah. Be kind to others and please for the love of god don’t send death threats to people.

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  • 300 LAPD Officers Call In Sick, City Feels Every Bit Of it

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  • also!! woah!! thank you guys SO MUCH for 2.2k!!!! i love y’all so much and it makes me really happy that u guys enjoy my writing :’) 

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  • welp, I’m diving in!

    if you wanna blacklist spoilers, the usual tags apply

    (#the 100 spoilers #steph watches live #the 100 s7 #the 100 7x08)

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  • Ok so when this post comes out of the queue it means my queue has finally run out. I haven’t been around for long and haven’t written in more or less 3 months at least. Life is just, tough at the moment, and also Tumblr is bronk for good (like wtf? a page takes 5 minutes to load ffs).

    I am not gonna delete this blog dw, but feel free to dm me if you wanna talk, not that a lot of people is going to talk to me anyway.

    I still plan on at some point finishing the fic I have been writing and prolly refill the queue, but I just do not have the energy to do so at the moment.

    This has been a psa i guess.

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  • * and now, back to our regularly scheduled programming * #rollcall
    * #achtung #attention #caution
    * the owner of this profile is in the midst of #ijtihad
    * ijtihaad is a #personal #pursuit of #peace that leaves no #tolerance for #toxicpeople or #toxicsituations
    * if you do not wish to be informed of any such #discoveries during this #journey , you are free to #leave the same way you were free to #join
    * you have now been told what Mafia Soy is about
    * you have been told what Pah Soy is about
    * a proper digital list for roll/role call is coming soon (n'sha Allaah …Lord willing)
    * brought to you by:
    #psa #publicserviceannouncement
    *** #creepingdeath #metallica ***

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  • Looks like #MyPersonalJoy appreciates the shapeup too… ☺️😋☺️
    #HumpDay #WcW #PSA #WcE #HappyHumpDay #BlackLove (at Manhattan, New York)

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  • if you have a prostate and are on antidepressants that make it difficult to have a good orgasm (or have one at all):

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  • I joke around but my mental health is shit right now. I’m sorry if I am just absent for lengths of time or reblog a bunch of stuff at once. I will try to keep things nice and consistently spaced out.

    #ramblings #i feel so bad #oh well#negativity/#psa #everything I had got destroyed #...I have one skill and its useless #okay I have more than that but #one skill I actually give a damn about #one thing I give a damn about and nothing else #thats my problem i guess
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  • Hi, guys!  I’m revving up to start drawing again, and Chapter 9 will be kicking off soon.  I hope you’re all excited for the end of the story!  

    Life is going okay for me overall, but I’ve got some big stuff going on artwise behind the scenes, so I’m opting back into the Every Other Monday schedule for now!  At least now the banner will be accurate… >.>

    We have one more guest artist to go, so I’ll save my effusive thanks on that front for the upcoming Monday!

    One last thing: I’ve already plotted out my no-spoilers retrospective essay for when the comic’s done!  I’ll make it available as a written piece and a video, and I want it to be the first thing people see before they read the comic in the future.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and it seems like the best way to reconcile my discomfort over some aspects of the comic with not wanting to immediately yank it out from under long-term readers.

    Here’s the outline in Google Docs, as a treat:

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  • Those of you that want to write with me while this blog is on hiatus, hmu on my alt. It won’t let me login here on desktop so I couldn’t do replies if I tried

    #ooc#psa #url in pinned post
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