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  • Before I sleep note to self. It doesn’t matter those who have come and gone, they left scars. Some mental and some physical but remember to be kind. Don’t hold on to bitterness and remember your code.

    Be kind to all the friend, the foe, and the friendless.

    Be brave, for there is much to dare.

    Keep your best foot forward, for there is much that lays ahead.

    Be loyal to those worthy of your heart.

    Remember to look up and laugh, and love, and live.

    Though your family raised you that nothing counts. No one cares. Not even your family. Remember there are those who are caring.

    Blood is not the only family. Family comes from those who stay by your side. Family is what you make of it.

    Even in the darkest of times there will always be a light. Just remember to turn it on.

    #psa #note to self #remember this its important #the emerald speaks
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  • [ Today is my last presentation for the semester. Honestly...Imnotready. I hate talking in front of groups. I have the worst anxiety over it. I have no choice but to get in front of crowds and I really don’t like it. Yes, my advisor and employers know this. It doesn’t mean I get a pass.  

    I’ll be back to write more after that nightmare is done and over with. I know this might be spam.I don’t like being trouble to anyone and I’m sorry for it.  I’m not expecting advice. I’m looking for support since this will happen in just several hours. Mainly, this is to vent over being afraid. I wish I wasn’t so scared.]

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  • #tw: anger#psa #not directed at anyone i just feel as though its something that needs to be said #tw: negativity#anons
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  • I think apple should add an incoming message thing to show that a message is coming because my service stinks and it take 4 years just for a meme to send and the other person then starts texting hello? and you have to be like HOLD ON FOR A SECOND GEZZ. Also they should make your phone mute when you press the button that make the volume go down twice because only Steve knows how many times my volume has been at the highest setting when I’m in class and I forget to turn it down and i decide to open TikTok.

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  • image

    I know it is holiday time so I do not expect replies to be coming in regularly, take your time and enjoy yourself ;)

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  • I’m going to start this post by saying that I still ship Renora and will rp it without complaints.

    Now that that’s out of the way, I just have to say this.

    Yes, I play Ren canonically, so he did kiss her back. 

    But I also portray him in the way that her kissing him so abruptly like that was an extreme violation of his boundaries that he is completely uncomfortable with.

    #psa#ooc #if there's a reason i'm still alive when everyone who loves me has died || headcanons #rwby volume 7 spoilers #personal blogs do not interact in any way or I will block you #//mutuals can interact with it though
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  • Sick n tired of people only caring about women’s appearances? Literally just watched a video of a woman taking about a distressing disorder she has, and the comments were all “she’s gorgeous so I hope she finds relief” like tf. Women have bigger issues than your opinion on their looks

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  • Tumblr ate my first fucking post but don’t ever make notes like this**

    Do not double or triple asterisks. The correct order of notation symbols is asterisk (*), dagger (†), double dagger (‡), section symbol (§), vertical bar (|), and pilcrow* (¶). If you need more you can use lozenge (◊), delta (Δ), and/or manicule† (☞), but if you use 10 or more notes you really ought to just number them.

    The correct order is:

    * † ‡ § | ¶

    And if you need more you can use these in any order:

    ◊ Δ ☞

    *Typically the pilcrow is used to denote paragraph breaks; make sure your audience knows what you’re doing or can understand it from the context. When in doubt, use numbers.

    †The manicule was typically used to draw attention to a certain point, as a sort of emphasis, though it’s doubtful someone who knows this won’t also understand its use as a notation symbol unless vampires. ‡

    ‡Did you see how I used a dagger instead of using double asterisks? That’s correct form.

    **This is incorrect form. Of course this is just a pet peeve and language is made up and you don’t have to listen to me but using this notation will give you street cred, especially in academic circles. (Maybe not street cred. Book cred? Like book smarts? Academic cred? Maybe I should just say “credibility,” leave the academic part implied…)

    #writing#reference#grammar#fun facts#eagle caws #more like eagle yells abt something minor and dumb for an hour #anyway#psa
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  • hey, so there’s been so much going on around the world and to add all the things happening in here lately, please don’t forget to drink some water, take some time off tumblr if you need to, and put your mental health first, okay? engaging in discourse can be exhausting and it’s okay and completely understandable if you want to put your health first.

    #mental health checkup #psa #love you guys take care of yourselves
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  • The fact that I had to change my blog title and description makes me so angry.

    I want to meet and talk to new people. But I’m more than my face. Or my tits. Or my body. Don’t pretend like you’re interested in me as a person when you’re actually just interested in nudes or a quick fuck. I’m so tired of blocking these random thirsty fucks.

    I’m a teacher. I’m bilingual and actively learning more languages. I have my fucking Master’s degree. Stop treating me like a walking sex doll.

    If you have nothing to say to me other than a description of what you want to do to me, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

    Edit because I know there’ll be someone: compliments are fine. Telling me you think that I’m pretty is fine. Fetishizing my CAREER. (I work with children you fucking monsters) is NOT OKAY. Asking me if I’d fuck you in a costume I spent weeks on sewing is NOT OKAY. Please just. Don’t.

    #ugh#me#dms#friends #I’m sick of it #straight white boys texting #leave me alone #swearing#private messaging#flirting#dating#romance#psa#platonic#internet friends #that teacher life
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  • ((Drafts will be slow today because I woke up weird and I’m perpetually tired even though I slept enough rip

    ((They’ll get replied to and posted but won’t be very quickly. Just a heads up <3))

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  • I’m expanding on my Doctor Muse. I can play the regenerations of Nine, Ten and Eleven, as well as Thirteen, because I loved all of their portrayals so much. But I am excluding Twelve. I know P.eter C.apaldi is a wonderful actor, but his Doctor rubbed me the wrong way, despite my best efforts to watch his seasons. I gave up by the Robin Hood episode. Just couldn’t do it.

    #; the mighty pen (ooc) #psa#announcement
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  • Hi, I’m Kansas, and I’m a fandom/fanfiction blog addict. 

    Here’s what’s gonna happen with this blog: whatever random reblogs I feel like I wanna keep around, I’m gonna put ‘em here. Though I recently posted all of it, lemme tell you again where to find me, and include the millionth blog I have started. Except for twenty one pilots blogs, each blog is reblogs and fanfiction for that particular fandom. 

    @iwantthedean - Supernatural 

    @ohprettyweeper - tøp reblogs (photos, clique art, fanfiction reblogs)

    @ohprettyweeper-fics - my tøp fanfiction 

    @arrowsandmixtapes - Marvel

    @lullabieswrappedinlies - John Krasinski (For those who asked to be tagged in my Jack Ryan fic, this new blog is where it’ll be posted. @professorkrasinski @booklover1814)

    #psa #i blame part of this on ashley #she's my enabler
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  • PSA for people who do all the work on projects:

    A couple of years ago, I asked my Physics teacher to be in a different group for a poster project because I knew that I would be the one doing all the work. But then he told me something that I will never forget: “Don’t let them just sit there. Give them tasks to do, and encourage them to do some of the work instead of you, even if it won’t be as neat, because most teachers aren’t art teachers—They grade the material itself.” So, I did. I encouraged my group mates to split the work more evenly, we got done a lot faster, and the poster looked great! The part that I will never forget is when one of the football guys said, “Wow, the poster looks really good, and we all actually contributed!” His surprise at his realization of his own abilities was so cool to see, and I will never do a group project any other way, and I hope that this helps someone!

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  • My apologies if I am not active until next Thursday the 19th. I am logging off of Tumblr to avoid Star Wars spoilers because I’m a massive fan. I’d you’re interested in Star Wars btw go follow my main @reyloneedsahug410

    #plugging my other blog hah #psa#not queen#star wars #the rise of skywalker
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  • hey that 4chan screenshot post going around that mentions mishima, that’s the hitler idolizing fascist pewdiepie named as his favorite author

    coming from 4chan, the story is probably made up with bad intentions, preying on people’s love of a seemingly sweet story

    always be wary of 4chan posts tbh

    #you can reblog if you want #idk how much attention this will get and ppl are already saying this on the post #just saw some mutuals reblog it and wanted to let yall know #psa
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  • Trans women are real women and this blog respects that

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    I passed 50 requests so I think this is a good place to call it for the time being!! I’ll probably open them again later in the month since I know I won’t be doing all of them, but we’ll see!! You all requested a lot of mistletoe and I think you might actually hate me. Posing kisses is such a pain, but I’ll do my best!! - Mod Velvet

    #psa #don't send requests now they'll get deleted
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  • HEY  if  you’re  reading  this  i  think  you’re  pretty  rad  +  i  really  enjoy  your  presence  and  writing  /  muse  on  my  dash,  okay?  i  love  u.

    #i'm feeling very negative vibes #on my dash #<3#psa #signing off bang bang kiss kiss // ooc
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