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  • dysphorie
    14.05.2021 - 49 minutes ago
    #THIS MAN DEALS ME SO MUCH PSYCHIC DAMAGE #he rly wakes up every day and chooses fuck steffs mental health #dj jizzy jim #jim root#slipknot#stone sour
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  • amythystraine
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Psychometry ~ the lady and the ring

    I've had this haunting ring in my possession for 52 years...


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  • ask-purple-psychic
    14.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #alucard #alucard picos school #ask purple psychic 🔮 #picos school
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  • spiritual-guidance-by-shayra
    14.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pick a card Friday 🎴👌🏻✨

    Pick a card you are most drawn to and scroll down for card meanings and messages...

    Fertility (reversed)


    Solar plexus chakra

    You may not be warm or nurturing as of lately and may be in a bad mood taking it out on others. You may be trying to nurture others and take care of responsibilities, but are neglecting yourself. Remember that part of caring for others includes your own self care as well. How can you pour from an empty vessel? Make some time for yourself doing things that bring you joy. You don’t want to carry resentment towards others due to bottling up your desires. Everyone needs freedom to express who and what they wish to be. Consider getting some rest to obtain clarity.

    You are dead set on something that might not be the best idea at this time. Reconsider your choices and/or decisions as of late. Reconsider alternative routes to your goals. Do you truly have all the details? Is there something you may have missed? Have you weighed the pros and cons? Remember redirection is not a rejection, it is often times a blessing in disguise and can serve to shed a light towards something that might not be meant for you. Sometimes these roadblocks or snags might actually be a positive thing. Pay attention to your intuition. Spend some time in solitude to obtain inspiration on your next steps.

    This card is asking for you to take back your power. You may have lost confidence or have low self esteem lately due to a situation. Solar plexus chakra represents willpower, self esteem, responsibility, intellect, and independence. You can engage in solar plexus meditations or listen to Tibetan bowl meditations that specifically help heal and balance this chakra. You can also carry or keep close to you crystals such as malachite, calcite, citrine, topaz, yellow jasper, pyrite or rutilated quartz. Use one of these crystals during meditations for better results. You can also sleep with one of these crystals under your pillow at night. Always ask archangel Rafael to send healing green light to help heal and balance the chakras as you work to clear them.

    One card pulls for further clarification are always free. Please dm me on Facebook or Instagram. If message resonates, you can book me for a personal reading. 🧝🏻‍♀️

    I am also available for parties/events. ✨🔮✨

    Check me out:




    The bash.com/fortune-teller/spiritual-guidance-by-shayra


    ✨Disclaimer: this is intended for spiritual empowerment only. This is not intended to replace legal, medical, financial or psychological advice or treatment.✨

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  • gatheringbones
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    writing exercises:

    what are three existing works that you are blissfully and unrepentantly stealing from to create the thing you’re currently working on? why? and what are you stealing? what emotions and images come up when you think of those particular elements? what’s a powerful and compelling way to replicate the effect they had on you in the story you’re working on now?

    #writing thoughts #I want the exact impact of ashitaka’s first death with all of its implications #I want the psychic weight and reach of the mandy soundtrack #I want to make it something that would make Larry mitchell and jordy rosenberg and joan nestle go into paroxysms of delight
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  • unmoistened
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #i can't tell which of my memories are normal experiences & which are shenanigans only someone with my particular inclinations would be so #umm particularly inclined #i feel like a lot of my childhood was very different in a good way #i was given the space to thrive in a lot of ways that other people are not #during my formative years i was p much always in environments that allowed me space to be weird & loved or one or the other unconditionally #there's supposed to be a 'to which' in there i think but i don't have time/energy to care beyond this tag but i need to clarify for some #reason that i am a capable person grammatically 🤷🏼 even tho i think people who nitpick grammar unnecessarily miss the entire point & #therefore understand less than they hear | as opposed to people who might not talk good but still listen like they graduated from Empathy U #i don't remember what i was writing about but anyway i'm terrified of narcissism #i think there might be a point in between narcissism & not loving yourself at all #i was thinking it seems like there are more ppl dealing with 'narcissists' these days but more ppl with zero self esteem than ever #like trauma happens to each of us..we all have our own scars & their shape is unique but the mechanisms built into every cell to heal us- #no matter how much money | melanin | privilege | support | ~positive affirmations~ > none of them speed or slow a cell's ability to do its #job....we're all hiding scars under our clothes..some healed 10 30 50 70+ yrs ago & some could have but still fester #i'm bored & thirsty i gotta #go #i'll come back to this later or maybe i won't idk i'm not a psychic i'm not even the opposite of a psychic lmao #i know exactly what happened in my life but i don't know how or why or whatever i'm not a doctor or a rocket scientist either #i'm a christmas tree farmer #read a book about it #jk i haven't PUBLISHED it yet get off my back. (i'm allowed to tell people to read a book that doesn't exist I F i think it's funny) #i have a permit *pulls out piece of paper like i'm ron swanson but it just has a hastily drawn butt on it* #umm **none of them [inherently] speed or slow -- that is. an abundance or a deficit of those things can still allow a child to grow into a #capable & healthy adult IF & ONLY IF they are loved as much as they needed to be & in the ways they needed it when they were young #aka rich poor comfortable almond rose golden or with quick/slow/varying understanding speed #everything humans made/did/believed/etc. can be traced back to how each human who has ever been here was loved by others when they were a #baby & had nothing to give the ones we depended upon. absolutely fucking everything. if i can tell u how the apostle paul is responsible #for ww2 (i can) then i promise i'm right (i am); if there is anything i am capable of on this beautiful little speck it is love
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  • homofocused
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I know, reasonably, that this arc will probably be called like "Aeor, Cougnoza, and the Nonagon" or something, but may I suggest

    f̷̢̥̟̠̗̝̲͉͓̯̭̰̘̙̍ͅ ̵̢̳̥͓͚̤̰̼͙̉̀̏̈́̏͂͒ḷ̸̡͚͚̱̮̬̲̜̦̀͛̏̉̈́̇̚ͅ ̸̙̙͈̙̯̪͍̊̅́̾̀́͐̏͜͝e̵̢͙͍̞̝̜̲̥͛ ̷̢͓͔͓͖̭̙͕̜̥̹̬̮̺̝͌͂͠ͅs̵̢̢̢͇̜̹̱̝̣̰̣̠͌͛̇́̒̑͆̉͐̍͜͜͠͝ͅ ̵̮̦̖͎͙͗̏̅̂͛́̾̉́́̐̓̈̕͝͠h̵͍̪̼̜̙͇̱̦̣̅̀ ̶̞͉̙̻̜̖̣͍̱̩͚̝̖̳̎̀̓̑̓̈́̀̒̾̉̐̏̕͜ͅ ̷̨̲̟͖̺̼̭̤̅a̵͇̰̹̬̞̫̪͚̖͇̤͚̅͜n̷̛̳̗̬͍̒̍̓͜d̶̺̱̳͉̰͉̝̤̦̎̏̀ͅ ̷̧̢̬̤͓̰̫̦̳͙̱̲̤̥͍́͊͋͒ͅ ̸̨̢̛̛̼̥̠͖̯̝̬̻͛̂́̈́̒̋̈̄̀̉̕͜͝ͅş̶͔̟͓͍̹͕̼͕͍̘̬̠͖̹̩̊͜ͅ ̶̡̛̺̭͉̮̳̮̲͓̼̰̳̤̠̘̭̂̀̿̅̏̓͌͊̍́̍̊͒̓͜͝͠t̸̪͇̙͖̦̬̠͖̠̲̩̭̃̅̊̅̀̈́̇͝͝ ̷̱̼͚̜͚̹̦̮͚̦̾̍́̓͊͑̉̀̓͐̄̌̈̾̕̕͝o̵̢̡̺̫̞̮̱͉̯̭̫͚̦̔̒̓́̍̚̕̕͠͝ ̴̱͕̬͂̓n̶͖̟̏͠ ̷̛̬̖͉̣̣͓̄͆̀̅͌̓͝e̴̡̩̞̘̮̻̭̬̥͆̑͒͛̊̇̎͂̓̒̋̏̈́͐̈́̕̕͠

    #critical role#cr spoilers#c2e138 #other options include #teeth road #eyeballs to the wall #wow you thought you were sad about molly before? #and #oops all psychic damage
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  • comfyplant
    14.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    When you understand the subconscious and conscious mind, it becomes evident how easy it is to hypnotize someone.

    Many people are in trance states of consciousness due to the media they consume. Some people call this the "NPC" phenomenon. Mainstream music has frequencies that influence one's mind. So does television.

    CIA agent, Satanist, and pedophile, Michael Aquino publicly admitted on the Oprah Winfrey show in the 80s that psychic attacks are issued against people who watch television and listen to music.

    If you feel numb, confused, depressed, or have brain fog and don't know why, it is likely that something is harming your subconscious mind.

    Subliminal messages and frequencies can be found in many Disney shows, popular songs, and other forms of media, for example.

    Stay safe. Practice awareness and focus on the present. We are all evolving our consciousness as a collective, and we will beat these evil demons.

    If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary.

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  • thewitchjewels
    14.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    💯 Wash Over Me💯

    Tarot: 3 of Swords and Death

    Sometimes you just have to move forward without people. You have to wade into waters that are painful, in order to move forward with your life. You’ve been called to make this decision for the better of your life, or it will be made for you.

    This visual reminded me of the rebirth brought by the death card. By the light of the moon she is being reborn. Allowing the past to wash over her.

    Follow me at @thewitchjewels on tumblr, jewelsthewitchinsta or find us at bewitching connections and apothecary on FB, bewitchingapothecary.com

    repost from visualldreams

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  • refrigderatorr
    14.05.2021 - 4 hours ago


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  • theskepticalwitch
    14.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Buyer Beware! Services To NEVER Buy from Witches and Psychics!

    Hey there Skeptics, today we're talking about things to absolutely never buy from other Witches or Psychics! This might get me some flak from other witches/psychics who sell their services, but I feel this is very important. We do NOT support scammers in this household.

    Note: Not every witch service is a scam, but those who charge too much just, is. There isn't an argument you can make for it. Witches/Psychics who only take donations, or fairly price their services, I fucking love you.

    Here is a list of services to never buy, as well as the reasoning behind why you shouldn't.

    Mediumship/Spiritwork - This skill is very, very easy to fake, as you can do Cold Readings (something anyone can learn) in order to make it seem real, it's basically educated guessing. Many Mediums also do Hot Readings, where they can look you up either by your name/phone number/email address and research you. You can *never* be sure if someone is actually talking to your loved one, or if they googled you. It is just too risky. I know of too many Mediums who were just scammers, some even being my own distant family members. I urge you, if you still want to speak to a Medium, find one that is cheap and seems reputable, or better yet, find someone who takes donations only! Find people that aren't doing this as a job. (Because tbh only contacting people's dead loved ones based on how much money they can give you is just straight up a shitty thing???)

    Energy Healing - This is pseudo-science, and has not be proven to have any real effects on people, there is only ancedotal evidence which can be explained away by placebo. Not only that, many energy healers claim to heal physical illness, which is impossible. Physical illnesses cannot be healed by anything other than physical medicine. Mental illnesses also cannot be healed without therapy, medications, and other proven solutions. If you are going to see an energy healer, make sure that it is only to heal your energy (even though we have no proof that it does anything). Do not go there to get physical illnesses or mental illnesses healed.

    Supplements - So, this ties into the whole Energy Healing deal. Supplements that witches or psychics have created themselves should not be bought if they are claiming to cure illnesses or prevent illnesses. If they really did, they would just be medication. Remember, things that seem too good to be true most likely are!

    Spells - Now, I want to clairify I mean someone preforming a spell for you, not a spell recipe. The thing with Spells is that you don't know if they will actually work, you don't know if the witch preforming the spell can actually do what they are claiming. This is a very easy way to scam people. I have seen people on Etsy sell money spells, love spells, etc. They don't give you a physical product, and I think that's just... scamming. If you are going to purchase a spell, again I suggest only purchasing from people who also give you something physical in return, or that provide cheaper services. Also, be aware that this spell you purchase straight up might not work.

    Expensive Tarot Readings - I want to make the distinction between normal Tarot Readings and Expensive Tarot Readings. Tarot Reading interpretations can be a sort of service that is legitimate, as you are sharing information/interpretation. However, Tarot in general should never be used to make huge decisions. I would like you to use your discretion, again look for cheaper readings, or donation only Tarot Readers, or maybe a Patreon deal. Do not ever pay someone $50 for a reading.

    No matter what you do, if you end up buying something from here, please know what you're purchasing and know that it might not be what you wanted. If you aren't getting some sort of physical product in return, I say stay away from it. And if the physical product is a pill or something claiming to cure illness, still stay away from it!

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  • creepymagickshop
    14.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    By the hand of Witch Penelope, the only person God gave specific instructions to prophesy about the coming things.

    To the fakers who claim Gods name, those who claimed Jesus Christ, but have ignored Gods voice, about who you should be associating yourselves with and about who you are serving.

    The places you go, the places you bring your innocent children to are fortresses of the enemy. You have purposely placed your and Gods people in danger out of pure pride, you hold on to your fake beliefs. God turns His face away from your prayers. You are to Him a clashing of symbols with no rhythm.

    You are about ready to be hit hard too.

    In Jesus Christ holy name, Amen.

    #learn to read #magic#prophecy#witchcraft#psychic#Oracle#Witch Penelope#dark magic#Jesus Christ#Church#satan#God#JEHOVAH#missionary#social media#fake news#BLM #support BLM... not #white magic#666#angels#lucifer #Lucifer means- dog beneath my feet #serving the enemy claiming God at the same time #racists#bigots#thieves #creepymagick.com
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  • optimisticbritt
    14.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Let's talk dreams

    Dreams are two different things.

    1. Your body and mind sorting out information over your life and/or your day. Sometimes dreams are just information being processed while you sleep. Nightmares are caused by stress, intentions or eating before bed.

    2. Psychic/intuition/higher-self communicating to you.

    It is always a good idea to have a dream catcher. Contrary to belief dream catchers are NOT ment to be over your bed they are actually supposed to be placed above your window so the dreams will escape into the night.

    You are supposed to cleanse your dream catcher once a month on a full moon because it gets full. If your dreams are getting intense or your having more nightmares than usually then it's time to cleanse.

    It also might be time to cleanse if you feel weird energy or are waking up every night at the same time. Sometimes I wake up at 3:04 on the dot. This is important because your higher-self is trying to tell you something. If you wake up in the middle of the night at the same time I'd do some meditation and ask what message you need to hear. When you go back to sleep it should be clear and stop the habit.

    How do you cleanse your dream catcher you ask? Start by taking it down from your window and touching it. I connect with it on a physical level and give it a little shake to loosen all that energy. You can then sage it or use insense with the intention to empty your dream catcher. I then put it outside over night for 24 hours. Boom cleansed.

    I recommend a dream journal if you feel your dreams mean something. You can always google certain words because they are more common than you think.

    A way to set up your dream journal is to keep a pen and journal on your nightstand. I have all my pages labeled with the letters of the alphabet numbers 0-9, shapes, colors, and feelings. So A-Z, 0-9, square, circle, triangle, big, small, roygbv, and feelings such as fear, happy, scared, excited ect.

    Next do simple google search for things you find are common and write the description like you would in a dictonary.

    Then when you wake up from a dream add to your dictonary based off your experiences and feelings. Write the first thing that comes to mind. For instance, if you dream of being chased by a tiger you would go to T section and write tiger. Then you would write what the tiger means to you. I.e. big, scary, fear, spirit animal, ect. Whatever it means to you is your truth. Once you've done this over and over you can decipher what your dreams mean!

    Sometimes dreams won't come to fruition for months/years later. Sometimes I go back and read through the stuff I wrote and it instantly makes sense. Be patient.

    Want a dream interpretation/reading? They are free just DM me. 😘

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  • anoopastrosutra
    14.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Astrology Prediction : Query by Siva, from Tirunelveli (India)

    Astrology Prediction : Query by Siva, from Tirunelveli (India)

    Name : Siva Date of Birth : 14-09-2000 Time of Birth : 23:20 Hrs (IST) Place of Birth : Tirunelveli (India) Query : How will be my life turn in future? Siva, According to Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows: (more…)

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  • njtarot
    14.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Don’t hang with people who suck. It’s good advice from our guides... #psychic #medium #Lightworker #spiritualism #psychicmedium #spirit #spiritual #tarot #tarotreading #iseedeadpeople #healing #spiritualawakening #mediumshipreadings #mediumship #psychicreading #intuition #angel #angelsigns #pagan #Reiki #peaceofmind #innerpeace #energyclearing #clairvoyance #crystal #crystals #mediumsofinstagram #evidentialmedium #NJMedium https://www.instagram.com/p/CO2o1ebn04w/?igshid=1du6pf3k7edh2

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  • northtexashypnotherapycenter
    14.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
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