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  • I’m going to open for free tarot, pendulum and intuitive readings. Also let me know if you want a paid reading for something more in depth :)

    Comment, message, reblog or send and ask :)

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  • Hi guys!! I’m on tonight and very inspired

    I am not doing tarot readings currently but will do song readings. send in only one question at a time even if you have multiple, I will then use my intuition to pick a number of times that I deem fit to shuffle my playlist and give you a song, I’ll describe what I believe the song means as an answer to your question or situation. It can be any question doesn’t just have to be a yes or no. If you could put your initials as well that’d be awesome too!❤️❤️❤️🦋 I will also randomize a poem excerpt and add those details to the situation/question

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  • Free Tarot Readings

    Hey y'all! It’s quarantine time so I’m doing free readings! I won’t do any health readings, and the rest of my rules are on my guidelines which I’m going to reblog

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  • image

    Welcome to a new serie! Here I won’t use any cartomancy or divination methods but instead, I will channel and deliver what I will be shown through my psychic gifts.

    I am going to make this a weekly meeting for my community and, if you’d like, can send me questions too. If you are curious about something or want a personalized psychic reading make sure to send me a message, I’d
    love to chat with you!

    (For today’s reading when i petitioned my Gods, the Olympians came forth to deliver those messages. I want to mention it since for someone might be relevant.)

    Choose an image that resonate with you the most, it might be a memory, a word, a color or something else that move you towards an image, then look at the numbers (1 to 4) and the names of the flowers to read your prediction.

    Keep reading

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  • PSA ‼

    I will finish the remaining readings in my inbox, however, my job is closed due to the pandemic, and now my only source of income are my readings. For now, I am closing free readings but will continue to offer paid ones at a low price!

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  • good morning beauties ✨

    today i want to offer free pendulum readings to anyone interested 💜 if you want a reading, then please submit a question with your initials into my ask box!

    blessed be 🦋

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  • Hey guys, I’m happy to see a sudden influx with reading requests (especially to speak to your deceased!) but I have too much going on right now to answer so it may just be some spontaneous moment tomorrow, next week, or a month from now. With a rape case being filed and in motion, job loss over our heads, still moving forward with college while parenting little babes - its a lot. Right now, I’d like to think about keeping food on the table and keeping my family healthy. Much love to you all, stay healthy mentally and physically. Hoping to connect again real soon with the help of Spirit. ✨

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  • When people start giving you unsolicited advice about how you need to change, how to be more normal, how you should act/be and explaining what’s wrong with you….

    Especially when it’s coming from people who are:

    - not happy in their own lives

    - not successful in any sense of the word

    - somewhat suicidal or severely depressed

    - pessimistic about everything

    - always seeing the glass completely empty

    - unfriendly

    - lack beliefs in anything

    There’s only one thing to do RUN…..

    Run far away from that energy because it’s a clear sign that your frequency is too high to be around that person. Your high vibe is upsetting the demons that are controlling that person. If you can’t disconnect from them just put space, barriers or boundaries between you and them.

    Don’t waste your energy or time on them. Don’t feed the monsters.

    More than ever, you need to focus on the light that is within you.

    I’ve come to understand that very negative people have a tendency of attacking more positive or upbeat people because low energy people don’t have a lot of energy to work with. High vibrational energy is what gives you strength, courage, joy, etc. Those people are being nourished by the lower vibrations which are draining out the good that is actually in them. They are a victim to these lower vibrations and after a while begin to believe that they are the negativity that has attached itself to them.

    If you spend too much time with people like that it can badly influence your energy field. The best thing to do is to pray for them but remain detached. 

    Don’t feel bad. Your purpose here is not to fix or save anyone.

    This actually starts happening more often as you raise your vibration.

    • It’s a sign that old connection that no longer serve a purpose need to be dissolved.
    • It’s a sign that you’ve outgrown the connection and the environment.
    • It’s a sign that new, and more aligned souls are ready and waiting to connect with you.

    Don’t stay where you’re unwanted, bullied, hated on, abused, insulted or ridiculed.

    Just pray for them. Pray for help. And believe that new and better connections and environments are coming SOON! Focus on what you want to see and release the density these old connections have on your energy field. 

    These old energies are lower vibrations controlling the person you are interacting with and it’s not the person’s fault. If they knew better they wouldn’t treat you this way. The lower vibration is trying to hold you hostage because it’s feeding off your positive energy as the soul they are connected with barely has any positive energy left to give. DON’T GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY!

    Respectfully move on, disconnect and pray for the person. If they can find their own strength they might return into your life someday with meaningful apologies.

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    Good day everyone! I’ve taken a long hiatus and finally am opening my readings again.

    I hope y'all are safe from the Corona virus. Let’s not put too much fear in it please.

    Here’s the guidelines:

    Tarot readings- questions about health won’t be entertained.

    Oracle readings- no health related questions too.

    Shufflemancy readings- same thing. And I prefer initials are given.

    I prefer specific questions but general is fine too & will probably be about the past, present & future or any messages.

    Shall answer the readings in a week or sooner, thank you.



    Originally posted by x-misadventures-x

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  • This is a sideblog I made just dedicated for me to answer readings from people. I do intuitive, shufflemancy and bag of info readings. Check the about page on my blog to read more! I hope to hear from you soon ❤️

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  • The 2020 coming of spring has been a beautiful day. Even amongst the struggle and strife, the sun was gorgeous amongst the blue sky and blooming flowers. I can finally see; things will be okay. 


    Originally posted by butteryplanet

    I spent some time with my dog, gardening, and reading in the sun ☺️

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  • Im gonna set up another shop on Etsy!

    If you have any requests on the kind of readings I offer let me know in my inbox!

    Thanks :)

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  • Buy One Get One Free!

    Hey y’all! I know funds might be a little tight for everyone right now (I’m definitely feeling it) so I thought I’d give this a go. From today (03/16) till March 30th, I’ll be offering all my services on a buy one get one free basis. Everything from tarot to sigils qualifies. 

    If you can’t buy one at this time, please share this with someone who might! 

    Blessed be, my darlings!

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  • image

    In these troubling times I am offering 100% coronavirus free readings over the Internet.

    I offer:

    Runes readings (with cards and/or stones!)

    -ancient symbols offer advice on clearing current blockages in your life.

    Oracle readings

    -using an Italian Sibilla deck, I can offer clarity to your present situation and reveal changes you need to make.

    Tarot readings (I have a variety of decks)

    -this offers some focus and guidance.

    Animal readings

    -this deck makes no sense, so I just wing it and see what happens. But I’ll try to make it entertaining

    Hybrid readings

    -did you know you can combine types of divination? Let’s experiment and have fun. See what info we can gather. Will I forsee who you marry? Will I help you find a treasure? Will I give you advice to find your ideal career? Will we singlehandedly defeat your enemies? Who knows! This is a build your own adventure. I’ll give you lists, and you pick an option from one, and option from another, and so on. It’s like ordering at Chipotle.

    Prices (excluding hybrid)

    $5 for one type.

    $9 for two types

    $12 for three types.

    $10 for hybrid because it’ll be more involved and go more in depth.

    All readings involve a photo of the spread, and a typed up description of your reading.

    I accept payments over paypal and venmo.

    Message me for more info.

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  • As you may know, I offer many types of readings. One of them, which I’d say is one of my favorites, is the Messages from the Universe reading!
    Since I’m practicing tarot and only reading for myself, I thought it would be a good idea to practice reading for other people as well!   (❁´◡`❁)

    • What does this reading consist of?

    In this reading, I’ll channel the Universe or a guide of your choice to describe your current situation and the state of your energy. The first part is composed by 3-4 paragraphs which include advice, and in the second part I’ll list from 10 to 15 channeled messages from the Universe which contain advice and other relevant things you should keep in mind.

    • What tools do I use for this reading?

    For this reading, as with many of the other readings I offer, I use my clairvoyance and clairsentience. It’s all intuition, I am able to receive clear messages from Spirit in order to guide you.

    • What does the Tarot part include?

    It includes 3 card pulls. You can either ask three different questions, or choose to receive the messages you need to hear from the Universe. You have the option to choose a specific guide or deity to receive the messages from as well. You can obviosuly choose different options for each card! 

    • What’s the price for this reading?

    Honestly, I am saving up money so anything would be incredibly appreciated! I’d say the starter price could be $9. I’m not a pro in Tarot by any means but readings do take their time and energy, so yeah! Pay what you can!

    So yeah ~ send your reading requests via DM. The reading will be sent in a PDF file via e-mail! 
    Remember that readings should be taken as advice and a self-improvement tool. Respect your readers! We cannot predict the exact future nor solve any problems; we are just offering guidance and a possible outlook of what’s coming next.

    ko-fi | list of readings

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  • I didn’t want to make this post.

    I am a sophomore in college. My emotionally abusive parents decided to stop paying for everything, including my tuition. I work a minimum wage job and hardly afford to pay rent let alone college tuition, and I can’t afford to move away from them until I can get a better job.

    Please, please consider donating to my Venmo; even $1 helps.

    Venmo: @kittykat508

    I am willing to give tarot readings for anyone who donates even the smallest dollar amount!!

    just message me your Venmo @ and I will send you a reading on a topic of your choice

    Please, I am desperate. I really want to afford to live and at least try to finish my degree.

    If you cannot donate, please reblog!! Please please please!!!

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  • Merry meet, y’all! After some time off, I’d love to be more active here on Tumblr. I did some coding updates and I fixed the links in my bio, as well as changed my profile picture and header image (both of which I took this last weekend myself).

    What I need from you guys is some recommendations of the content you’d like to see from me. If you have any suggestions, or questions, feel free to send an ask or dm. I’d love to hear from you. 

    As always, paid readings are still open. It might be awhile before I open free readings again (if ever). I’ll still do contests or reading raffles for free ones periodically though. 

    Are there any particular reading types that you’d like to see from me? Or would you like the option to chat over video during a reading? Let me know!

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