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  • segretecose
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    maybe u shouldn’t be a teacher then

    #how can a teacher be this condescending and also bad at reading and also unaware of human psychology #delete later #do not reblog fuckers
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  • trisdassvinnecombe
    19.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    They will trample on anyone to get what they are obsessive with. They will destroy all reputation that was built for their gain, like a plague. Nothing can change them. They are addicted to abuse.

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  • donesperal
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Racja, każda inna, wspólna zabija się z łoskotem uderzając o ziemię. Efekt lustra, patrzysz na drugą stronę i nie widzisz odbicia, które tonie w złości. Amfiteatr wkurwienia niesie się echem twojego zmęczonego serca. Tafla wody jest gładka, patrzysz w górę z dna widzisz pomarszczone niebo, próbując wydostać się z betonowych butów własnej naiwności. Biegasz w koło, szukasz celu, w który nigdy nie trafiasz. Wszystkie przyjemności, ambicje, rzeczy które sprawiały ci radość, odchodzą a ty zostajesz sam z egzystencją. Łapiesz się sam za rękę, starając się utrzymać równowagę. Chcę płakać, ale łzy nie chcą się do mnie odzywać. Będą robić wszystko byś się nienawidził, zniszczą twoje poczucie wartości, będziesz się tłumaczyć, kłaniać się i klęczeć dopóki cię nie zamkną w swojej klatce. Na końcu umierasz i żałujesz, że nie wziąłeś życia w swoje ręce.

    #art #books & libraries #poets corner #poets on tumblr #for your page #writers on tumblr #poetry#poezja#pisarz#psychology#wiersze #tekst po polsku #polskie teksty#polska poezja
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  • airsignz
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    last year to make my exams more enjoyable i would play kk house which was one of my favorite animal crossing songs but now when i hear it i feel like i have to take an exam and that stresses me out

    #i tricked my brain like that dog thing 😭 #idk i never took psychology #🍓
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  • franck-nidr
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Answering Tears

    I don’t know how to answer your flowing tearsWithout notice, they’re drowning me.All I can do is grab those old planks of shouts floating nearbySo as not to be swept off by the tide.In everything, time knows how to weave silence.I now receive those tears and hold them as the most precious thing there isWithout you noticing Franck Joseph©FJ June 2021 – All Rights ReservedArticles are available as…

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  • marygirl
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My dad doesn't like the ramsay & theon/reek storyline bc he thinks it "couldn't exist in real life" and if he was in that situation he just "wouldn't let it happen to me"

    #this man really said rip to theon but im different i just wouldnt let psychological torture affect me #and physical*
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  • dankaura
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    on being the dreamer or the dreamt:

    who i am now is a manifestation of the desires of who i was.

    i am living the dream of a past me: a self some would argue as an entirely separate person or entity from who they are now.

    i am the dreamer because there are physical realizations of my dreams …or thoughts, which i believe can/(should) be used (to be perceived) interchangeably.

    at one point, i dreamed of being older, and so it became. now, i again dream of what it may be like to be older, then again, i become the dreamer.

    so … both. and neither. all of it. and none of it.

    dreamer ➸ realization ➸ dreamt ➸ dreamer
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  • moosesbusiness
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I need to research this 3:1 dynamic me and my siblings have. Since forever it’s always been ONE that does different, the other three will behave merely the same. And it changes who is the one doing different

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  • thebloodysacred
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The movie The House That Jack Built is a serial killer trying to talk his way out of going to hell. He's speaking to Virgil, Dante's guide to the underworld in the Inferno, who occasionally says things in voiceover.

    I know there's some of you into Dante (that's definitely a relation to Hannibal, right) so you might also find it to be very darkly funny and satiric. There's mention of William Blake's lamb and tiger, as well. A dash of BTK. A bit of Bundy.

    Or you won't see that at all, idk, I'm not gonna tell you how to perceive a thing. Proceed with caution, look up triggers, it's fucked up, etc.

    #when i say something's fucked up i really mean it - my tolerance for 'fucked up' is very high #it's not so much the killing and violence that's fucked up - although that IS fucked up - it's psychologically fucked up too
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  • corvase
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    how to write traumatized characters— the revamp

    i know i know… you’ve seen this a million times. but i personally haven’t a version along the lines of this, and in my (very very humble and not aggressive) opinion, that other post did not mention a key point in trauma, especially when approaching traumatic characters in literature.

    so here goes.

    the only rule for writing trauma:

    no one goes through the exact same trauma quite the same way.

    i know, this should be obvious to everyone. but still:

    not everyone has no idea what their trauma is.

    not everyone hasn’t recovered from trauma.

    not everyone feels the same towards it.

    that’s because we’re all different.

    i notice that in media most of the time there’s a very… one track (?) version of traumatized characters portrayed. and i’m not going to sit here and say no one goes through trauma that way— they do— but it also sends out a wrong message that either you respond to your trauma that way or you simply don’t have it.

    take me for example (hello :)!). i, like many, have gone through a lot. i can sit here and say for the most part what i’ve been through— however no, i’m not recovered. i’m honestly quite embarrassed of it. i don’t think about it constantly but when i do i quite simply try distance myself from it mentally because that’s easier. i don’t have any stress relievers (especially not physically) because most of the time i try to avoid thinking about it (unless that counts as a stress reliever? i think of it more as a coping mechanism).

    sometimes i feel one very specific way about it, but other times, i’m like well… that happened.

    and that is okay!!!!!!!

    the level of a characters reaction to traumatic events does not dictate the level of trauma the event was in itself. yes, with the more severe the trauma, generally the reaction may be more severe…. but that is not always the case.

    and to be honest, there is no one way to write a traumatized character. the best way to do so is to research (sites like reddit, where actual, real traumatized people can tell you about it) or learn from yourself even (i find a lot of my characters have trauma responses like me… coincidence….?).

    so here are some quick tips:

    when writing, (hear me out) let yourself focus more on subtle telling than shallow showing. don’t show me visually that a character is anxious because they bite their nails, tell me the how they falter in their step when they see someone who looks like someone they remember.

    subsequently: try not to make it obvious tells when you’re showing. a character biting their nails and looking side to side when someone mentions a triggering subject is as good as telling us exactly what’s going on

    focus on internal more than external. go deep into your characters inner fears and beliefs— don’t tell me why they have those beliefs, show me small previews of the things they dislike and how certain things may trigger a memory

    a character may not speak happily about it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t speak about it at all (this also doesn’t mean that them speaking about it is like free therapy— talking about it doesn’t make it better a lot of the time)

    also: the character may not show signs of it, but that doesn’t mean the character doesn’t know what their trauma is/dont know that they have trauma at all

    it’s okay to write characters who have recovered from trauma, in fact i’d say it’s just as important as writing characters who have not

    treat trauma like the subject it is. just because you’re not constantly having a character think about it doesn’t mean it’s any less serious. don’t make a joke of it please (i know in this day and age it’s satirized (which honestly makes me sad) but it is not funny, not pleasant, and not something to be jested about. it’s also not cool and doesn’t make anyone ‘cool’) research where you need to. don’t hand out trauma to characters like free coupons/just because you can— it comes off disingenuous and really demeaning

    this really all boils down to making characters where even if they are foil characters (God bless i don’t know what to call them in regular non-script formatted writing) you know that the author (you in this case) has spent a lot of time crafting them. of course there’s limited ‘screen time’ for side characters but please still spend time fleshing all your characters out even if by the end we don’t know exactly what their trauma is :) happy writing.

    #writing trauma #writing traumatized characters #writing traumatic events #writing tips #not a psychology major but i hope this helps #writing #writing is hard #writblr #tips for writers #writing prompt#creative writing#authors tips#writers tips #hey all my traumatized folks i love y’all :( hope u all get the help u need #hope i’m helping someone #fic writing#writing characters#fictional characters#character development
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  • eebie
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    It is 2:30 am and every waking thought I have is about hero

    #Omori#hero omori#omori hero #If I ever see Hero from the 2020 psychological horror game Omori in my line of sight I’m going to hot glue myself to him
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  • thoughtfulyoungphilosopher
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    That kind of hurt when there's an excruciating pain behind your eyes before the tears come running...

    When will this pain end?
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  • harborgirlwrites
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Photographer

    If Delta Dawn, an elite New York society photographer, doesn’t see beauty she creates it as well as her own version of reality. A whiz with photo editing tools, she can create the scenes she wants to convey.  A scowling child. No problem, she can turn that into an adoring smile. A cold and aloof family. There are ways to manipulate the bodies in the pictures she takes to bring them closer…

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  • p-o-s-s-e-s-s-e-d-b-y-f-i-r-e
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Destruction - Ethernal Ban

    #Destruction#Eternal Devastation#Ethernal Ban #Release date: July 12th 1986 #Genre: Thrash Metal #Lyrical themes: Anti-religion Death Politics Metal Psychology Social #Germany
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  • atruegift
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    June 18, 2021 | Friday

    Well, this week had been a very eventful. I had my meeting with my professor regarding my midterm marks and it was somewhat productive (I think). Yesterday, my word document decided to stop working at the last minute while I was trying to hand in my psych assignment, you can just imagine the mental breakdown I had. I have my psych final on Tuesday and also my last assignment for my social work class due the same day.

    I’m quite shocked that I’m still awake and running at this point but here I am.

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  • theassignmentexperts
    19.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    sport story

    Paper details Please see my assignment 1 and its FEEDBACK, this paper builds on assignment 1, however you may need to revise it since it has a very low grade. Just as reference. And please read the rubric CAREFULLY, and simple language please. I will also attached the course material. Students are required to submit a “final report” applying three (3) psychology of sport constructs (topics) to…

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  • liamiya
    19.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #i thought of crying just to make u sad but i wont #tHIS IS PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE #HHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT WAS HE DOING #💮 speak up #🚩 messages#🐝 liatsumu
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