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  • but what about observing oneself observing that is refreshing in it’s perspective.

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  • The Bonus Tarot Reading for Cancer is now up on the channel. Enjoy!

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    Hello again! Its currently 11 pm and i’m sat on my desk, trying to finish an assignment (my desk is full of books i’m referring to). Lets hope i can finish this today!

    How is everyone doing? If anyone wants to have a chat just drop by 💕

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  • Im

    So confused

    By what the difference is

    Between autism and adhd

    Because at least half of my family has autism

    I have ADHD, but have been told I may have autism because I relate to a lot of stuff that is debated on if adhd has

    So what actually is the difference???

    I’ve seen so many different things saying “oh this is the difference” and someone else saying “adhd has *that exact thing*”

    I’m not like saying they’re the same

    I’m just confused

    Because I can’t actually find anything that says the difference that doesn’t also contradict with a lot of other things

    And they’re very similar in a lot of ways

    Could someone explain?

    #adhd#autism#help#Im confused #at one point I thought i knew #but i don't #??? #psychology
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  • As I was reading more about aggression in the latest module due Friday, I was fascinated with the popular idea of catharsis, and how I personally know lots of friends and family that believe in it without question.

    Learning more about the spread of this false idea was really helpful for me in understanding the more complicated explanation of how aggression is created in our minds.

    I wish there was a better analogy to describe anger to people, as elegant as the catharsis idea (being a pressure system that needs a valve to release anger) that we know is false, so I can explain it to others.

    This made me remember an analogy for rage/anger I read about by German Philosopher Peter Sloterdijik, comparing rage to a bank.


    Here is an excerpt from an in-depth review of his 2006 book Rage and Time:

    “Like happiness, rage lives in the present and has no temporality. Rage functions like a “bank” from where the subject deposits their rage into it and their bank is managed by a banker that takes the form of an ideology, or an individual, usually charismatic, what Sloterdijk refers to as an “entrepreneur of rage”. This bank asks that subjects situate themselves to a perspective and orient themselves to a history.”



    Sloterdijk ties anger and rage to the world around us. Politicians, ideologies, our outlook of the economy, and history are all formed by our consumption of media. In a way, I see this as a really elegant way of explaining how the media can “deposit” rage and anger into our minds.

    And then politicians and corporate leaders in charge of the media, are the bankers who are able to make “withdrawals” from our minds from the anger and rage the media has over time built up. Whether it be about policies, economics, or even violence.

    The only thing about the bank analogy I disagree with after reading is that after money has been “withdrawn” in a bank, it disappears. But anger does not disappear, it remains unless we do something actively to change that. Example: no longer believe in the ideology that anger was drawn from.

    Just look at the recent insurrection at the capital in DC. QAnon, Trump, and the Republicans stoked the fires of anger and rage in many disenfranchised citizens about the election being a fraud- “depositing” anger and rage into their followers. All it took was Trump at his last rally, to “withdraw” that anger and use it against his own coworkers who were ratifying the election.


    What are your thoughts about this analogy? Sure, it may not be perfect, and Sloterdijk isn’t a psychologist, but he has a PhD in philosophy and media theory.

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  • Despite one failing at achieving anything one has a fulfilled life if one has had an interesting life. It should not be about the winning or losing of the game making life interesting but the playing of it that should be particularly if having an interesting life is winning. What could be more winning and fulfilling than an interesting life. Having an interesting life is winning and a great achievement.

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  • So I’ve been thinking a lot about college lately and I’m probably going to major in Psychology and minor Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies or English literature (creative writing of course). I’ve been getting really serious about my grades too, every time I start getting overwhelmed by my failing grades I start thinking about college and I’m immediately motivated.

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  • Vices- the driving monsters for some of us, the hidden deamons for the others, all in the deepest waters of our mind and in the darkest forests of our heart. #art #ink #inkinkink #inkart #theinkmonster #vices #addiction #fear #power #savage #mind #psychology #WIP (at Handsome Monk Coffee House)

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  • I often wonder where our specific personal tastes in relation to what we find aesthetic come from because like what. I can get that we find things we’re used to comfortable and we’re probably going to find things that are safer more satisfying than something we can’t identify but that still doesn’t really explain specific tastes like some people really find flowers pretty but I’m kinda weird and not a fan of flowers, instead I live for just really nice greens in leaves. What’s that about? Why do we sometimes find beauty in chaotic or dangerous things? Or why do we just prefer certain facial characteristics that we didn’t grow up seeing? I’d love to know just if anyone has found any information about why we have individual preferences on what is aesthetic of even what we enjoy doing

    #shower thoughts#psychology #just questions i think about all the time
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  • If inspiration has been discovered and if words can inspire then the reader has to do no more than to find and read them to be inspired because the words are the construction and manifestation of inspiration that has ALREADY been created. If words can not inspire the reader then there is no inspiration there in themselves.

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  • Do You Remember Back 10 Years Ago When …

    Do You Remember Back 10 Years Ago When …

    You weren’t where you are today? Remember what you were doing and who you were with? Remember life before kids and pets? Remember who you were when you were still in school?

    Are you still that person?

    Sort of a hard question to answer, isn’t it…? Yes, I think so. Not exactly. Sort of, but not really Well, yeah, sure I am – I’ve just changed … Those answers all apply.

    I think this just goes to…


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  • Do better in math: How your body posture may change stereotype threat response


    study investigates posture on mental math performance.  125 students (M = 23.5 years) participated as part of a class activity. Half the students sat in an erect position while the other half sat in a slouched position and were asked to mentally subtract 7 serially from 964 for 30 seconds. They then reversed the positions before repeating the math subtraction task beginning at 834. They rated the math task difficulty on a scale from 0 (none) to 10 (extreme). The math test was rated significantly more difficult while sitting slouched (M = 6.2) than while sitting erect.

    the term stereotype threat refers to a type of performance decline applied when people underperform relative to their ability merely because they are aware of a negative stereotype about how they should perform — e.g., a female student aware of the stereotype that “boys are better than girls at mathematics”

    Other researchers have examined various kinds of brain activity associated with math anxiety due to negative evaluative self-talk interpretations or threat appraisals such as “I will never be motivated to learn math because I do not feel math is useful,” which is focused on the amygdala, responsible for processing negative emotions, and also found reduced activity in the PPC and DLPFC regions which are typically active during mathematical reasoning, and state: “These effects were specific to math anxiety and unrelated to general anxiety, intelligence, working memory, or reading ability”

    Developing strategies to reduce stress and regulate emotions allows students to optimize performance in many cognitive tasks. For example, when students perform poorly on a math exam, they may slouch or collapse their posture, coincident with feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, and defeat.

    For example, if you feel that you are a “loser,” not only might you slouch or collapse your posture, but testosterone levels may also continue to decrease and cortisol levels may continue to increase. In contrast, if a student feels like a “winner,” they may hold their head high in an upright body posture. An upright body posture is associated with increased testosterone, decreased cortisol, greater confidence, mood, and strength when compared to a sustained slouched posture, which is associated with greater chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain as well as lower confidence and energy, depressive memory bias, and failure-related emotions.

    Strategies for mitigating the effects of the negative thoughts include making physical body adjustments in posture. For example, when students change their posture during a 4-week posture feedback training period, they report significant improvements in physical functioning, energy levels, reduced fatigue, and health (Harvey, Mason, Peper, & Joy, in press).

    so basically when your body is ready, your brain is also ready. the moment you slightly give up, beginning from your posture, you will then give up a bit more and a bit more and then you will quit it “i just can’t do math! waaah!”

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  • of the mundane nature of existence. Without having that perspective would one be bored.

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  • Malcolm with that injection reminded me of the trolley problem

    I know he would have died if not given immediate help but if he died without them interfering then it would be due to the poison but if he died coz they injected him wrong then his death would be coz of Malcolm 🤔 and Malcolm was only 72% sure it would work. Meaning he could either end up saving him or committing his first

    (technically) murder

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