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  • wainlocked
    25.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Do I really have to crossover everything I see with Borderlands? Yes

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  • deep-spiral
    25.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    i wonder how child labour laws interact with raz being a psychonaut

    #he didn't stop being 10 or anything #psychonauts#psychonauts 2 #do they just............ ignore it..........................cus thats probably not good
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  • morrpeko
    25.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    hello i’m in psychonauts hell once again. i crave more content.

    so i humbly present to you, reader, some loose ideas/concepts for a ‘continuation’ of sorts. i wanted to write a fic but my brain is actual spaghetti so a little bulletpoint list is the best i can manage. 

    a postgame psychonauts 2 AU i affectionately refer to as: “Half A Mind”.

    (MAJOR spoilers for all the games btw)

    Raz getting some goddamn therapy after everything he’s been through is a popular sentiment (which like, honestly thank god) and I agree wholeheartedly

    So he gets a therapist! (A third-party outside of the psychonauts organization because uuuh finances) A fairly tall, elderly woman with her hair tied up in a bun and a predominantly pink wardrobe; she’s mild-mannered and comes off as a bit scary at first but as time goes on they reach an understanding and things are amicable

    However, this woman? She’s Gzarina Rokel Malik. She’s using another identity, of course, but as you can guess she’s extremely sus. 

    Before the Valermo Dam Disaster and after Maligula became the war general, Rokel took a major interest in psychics. She was in awe of the things Maligula was capable of and she wanted to learn as much as she could about her strange powers. With her husband so preoccupied with the protests and her son so gluttonous and slothful and just generally content to do his own thing, she was able to dive deep into study without much interference. And boy did she; she basically became a scholar. 

    But the thing about Rokel is, while she doesn’t necessarily have evil machinations, she has an enormous sense of entitlement and has no problem doing absolutely vile things as a means to an end to get what she believes she rightfully deserves. And while she has no real supernatural powers of her own, if you have enough of an understanding of how the human mind works you don’t necessarily need them.

    ...But they are nice to have! And she does; in the sense that there are bound to be people who want to put the Malik family back into power who are also psychics, so 

    Back to the point; as you can imagine Rokel is using the therapy sessions with Raz to get ammo to use to manipulate him. She knows about her son’s plan (and how it failed) so she’s given up on trying to regain control of Lucretia and is more interested in trying to mold Raz into a Maligula ‘successor’, if you will.

    While she’s vaguely familiar with the Aquato name, she’s more interested in the fact that Raz has a brain that’s ‘one-in-a-million’ and his aptitude is actually bonkers so she’s like ‘hm yes breaking this 10 year old psychologically is a far better plan than retraumatizing a mentally unstable murderous old crone’ (she says, while also being a mentally unstable old crone)

    At first she tries to appeal to him in the sense of like “Oh you’re half Grulovian? What a coincidence, I’m from Grulovia too! Ah I remember it back when I was young; it was very epic and the Maliks were very poggers :) You shouldve seen it in its glory days, I think you wouldve really liked it :) wouldnt it be cool if the Maliks rose to power again” and Raz is like “uuuhhh sorry my mom says i need to leave right now immediately”

    But when that doesn’t work and it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna cooperate in the way that she wants she’s like ‘oh so thats how its gonna be? fine. naughty children get put in the astralathe to have their psyches altered’

    I joke; but she does somehow gets the astralathe used on him and fucks with his brain because i love angst and i love hurt/comfort so that’s the route i’m going down baby!!!!!

    Her plan is based on the Left Brain vs. Right Brain theory (or maybe its more brain lateralization?) wherein the left side of the brain is generally responsible for tasks related to logic, planning, rational thinking, etc... while the right brain is generally responsible for tasks related to emotion, holistic perception, creativity, imagination, etc... -- She aims to suppress the right side. Because if you think about it, Raz is predominantly a right-brained type of person-- he’s creative, emotionally intelligent, adventurous, all that good stuff-- but to Rokel it’s a hinderance, because she needs a mega strong psychic soldier and not an emotional rambunctious little goober

    She also suppresses his actual legitimate memories and inserts new ones (which she kinda sort of learned based on what Ford did to Lucretia; thanks peepaw another very cool consequence of your actions)

    In these new (fake) memories he was taken in by the Maliks and she redirects all the respect and adoration he has for others (like Sasha, Milla, Hollis, etc.) onto herself instead so he’s more inclined to listen to her and try to do what she wants to get recognition (or thats her theory based on their therapy sessions; that Raz just wants to be seen/recognized)

    And it... kind of works? Once everything is said and done Raz is nothing like himself. He’s quiet and seems really spaced out (that’s the dissociation, baby) and he has no emotional affect and it’s like... a “the lights are on but nobody’s home” situation. But that’s only because his brain is like “???????? WHAT??” and trying to cope with the massive change that just happened

    Rokel also opts to give him a new identity to try and keeping the ‘Raz’ half from realizing what happened. So she names this new half  d'Artagnan Alstublieft** and is like “hey Dart! :) you feeling okay? you took a nasty fall just a few minutes ago-- don’t worry, your nona is here for you. come with me”

    **(For those who don’t know-- d'Artagnan Alstublieft is the name of the original protagonist for Psychonauts before he was reworked into Razputin. You can read about him here.)

    She also made different clothes for him too; more traditional Grulovian ones. 

    So with that all done she’s like “there that’s better. come on now, we need to free your uncle Gristol from gay baby jail” and so with Dart’s help they bust Gristol out of psychoisolation and go on the run to try and get back to Grulovia via a network of Malik sympathizers

    Along the way Gristol gets jealous because Rokel is nicer to Dart than she is to him and he’s kind of a brat and momma’s boy so he’s like “what the FUCK if you love this kid so much why don’t you make HIM your son instead of ME >:/” and she’s like “Gristol. i’m this close to actually doing that” and they bicker the whole time. at some point Rokel makes a comment like “well if I had any GRANDKIDS maybe things wouldn't be this way” or some other passive-aggressive thing about wanting grandkids for no other reason than i think its funny bc there’s no way Gristol fucks

    And Dart’s like “Hey can you guys not have mother-son issues while i’m violently dissociating with a killer migraine”

    That’s all for now because i feel a bit self-conscious but all this sprouted from me thinking “man I want there to be an old people fight, I want Nona to fuckin annihilate someone”

    #psychonauts 2 #psychonauts 2 spoilers #morrpeko's writing tag #probably a bunch of plot holes in this #but sometimes thats just how it be
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  • malevolence-engine
    25.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Who the fuck had the grand idea of giving common mooks an air horn

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  • propaganda1o1
    25.09.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Currently thinking about how the archetypes are supposed to be what the creator needs most in that very moment, and nearly at the end of Psychonauts 2 what he needs most is a stupid yet annoying, carefree kid who insults everyone (or in less words, a menace).

    Because all throughout P2 Raz had to put away his more smartass personality. Mostly because he's no longer the "cool" kid at summer camp that stepped up to save the world himself, he's the new ten year old in the eyes of everyone else that could be easily manipulated and made to do as everyone wished/bullied. Along with that he's also got more empathy than he already did in the first game, to the point that it could be described as hyper empathy, so he understands and takes on way more emotional burdens. Also the whole thing with Nona being incredibly fucked up, can not forget that.

    He needs to just be a ten year old is what I'm saying. No care in the world. No thought of training, or anyone(especially his own family) hating him for being psychic, no becoming a mental fix-all for people, no fear of a family curse, no fear that his life with his family may have just been a lie. Just a ten year old that may or may not be a pest to everyone possible.

    #wow you can really tell when i really like a character i grab a hold of them and start talking about their mental anguish #hahahhah that sure doesnt say anything special about me as a person at all!!!! #psychonauts 2 #psychonauts 2 spoilers
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  • razputin-archetype
    25.09.2021 - 56 minutes ago
    #headcanons#psychonauts 2 #psychonauts 2 spoilers
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  • fligshaag
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    monke y

    #been sick but drawing dumb shit makes it better #razputin aquato#psychonauts#psychonauts 2#my art
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  • sleuthgueth
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    if you ever see me shitting on donatella just know its as constructive criticism i genuinly think shes doing her best <3

    #eightieschatter #def dosent excuse her dismissing her children n being passive aggresive #but genuinly i see why she does it and it HURTS but she DOES genuinly care for her children she just needs a more productive way #of showing it #psychonauts
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  • crispywonderlandwombat
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    After I finished drawing this I saw a post which is basically the exact same idea I had so go look at their one as well because their art is poggers


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  • sleuthgueth
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this makes for a really good frazie song if you dont take the dead mom part to litterly mean 'dead' more like 'dismissive'

    #AHAHA dont look at me #think abt frazies sideof things alot #this and lydias part in the prolouge rlly fit frazie #psychonauts#frazie aquato#eightieschatter #could also be singing abt how raz left OR how she finds out augustus is a psychic (either prematurally or after raz leaves) and starts #blaming him hiding it on his parents dying when grulovia was taken oer #THIS ISNT TO SHIT ON DONATELLA DONT TAKE IT AS THAT BTW
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  • die-06
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i find it interesting that I just can't bring myself to hate characters in the psychonauts fandom to the extent i hate characters in other fandoms.

    like, i want to kill gristol malik, but its less because I hate him (i do, but not to that extent) but more on the same instinct that makes you want to shatter a fragile wine glass the moment you see it.

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  • wainlocked
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    cosmic eye

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  • art-by-neko
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My first Psychonauts oc!

    Vedika Varian has only been an agent for about two years.

    They’re not very friendly, and often use confusion on the people bothering them to get the people to leave.

    They actually use confusion on others for no real reason, as they have little regard for others.

    Unlike with those less skilled, Vedika’s confusion can last for hours or even days and can have long-lasting effects afterwards.

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  • gisus-getaway
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sam! While Compton is a mountain goat I based Sam on a Jacob sheep. Each year she battles the goats at the Motherlobe to assert her dominance. When Helmut gets back she considers him the ultimate battle. Her life mission. Every day she trains to destroy this man and his giant antlers.

    #psychonauts#sam boole#helmut fullbear#mythical au #design notes i scooby doo'd her #i specifically chose ''disqualifying'' traits of jacob sheep breed standards
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  • basic-braining
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’m thinking about the Gerda Extended Universe

    #psychonauts gerda#psychonauts 2#psychonauts lance#cassie's collection #i fucking love gerda shes probably my favorite npc in pn2 GDKGKSEDF #i mean inside minds #bb rambles
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  • nowayback
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    oh right, i forgot i took this the other day but huh there’s a limit to buying psi cores

    i wanted to check if there was a limit or not so i spent like crazy haha

    #psychonauts 2 #psychonauts 2 spoilers
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  • beesxaboba
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’m too embarrassed 2 post this in servers I’m in bc it’s self indulgent so if you see it no you don’t but may I offer. Hot bob rights for the fellow bob enjoyers,

    #helmut fullbear#psychonauts 2#psychonauts #psychonauts 2 spoilers #viking vines#bob zanotto#bob zanatto #helmut fullbear/bob zanotto #cc#bob/helmut#psychonauts helmut #psychonauts bob zanatto
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