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  • mistressjessica326
    20.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I love the control I have over you . I don't need this flogger,just my smile and my presence commands my authority. It's just a matter of hurting you of express it 🖤kik Jessicabenny0989

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  • mommasboy9496
    15.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    The beach trip

    There I sat looking forward to listening to mommy and auntie Brooke talk. I look down and see my bulky cloth diaper being pressed tight down the center by the tight crotch strap holding me in place. My t-shirt does nothing to hide the bulk. Mommy always puts me in a bulky cloth diaper when we go to the beach. This way she doesn’t have to change my disposable diaper after I go in the water. I feel a warmth spread across the inside of my diaper. I had become a custom too not knowing I had to pee until I felt warmth in my diaper. Four years now I had been a full time toddler for mommy. Never aloud out of diapers other than for a bath or change.

    I placed my hand on the front of my diaper to feel the warmth spread. I couldn’t feel the warmth since mommy had put three thick cloth diapers on me. As I looked back up I saw Auntie Brook staring back at me. She smiled big at me and I smiled back almost losing the pacifier stuck in my mouth. She reached back and grabbed my hand and lifted it off my diaper and placed it on the seat. She then took two fingers and slid up my thigh into the leg band of my diaper. As she did this I instinctually spread my legs open and pushed my crotch forward. She wiggled her fingers around in my diaper for a second before pulling them out and patting the front of my diaper.

    She then turns and looks at Renley sitting in her car seat next to me. Renley was Aunties daughter and still wore diapers at almost three. She was almost potty trained but mommy and auntie didn’t want to stop on the ride. Auntie asks Renley if she is wet.

    “No mommy, I'm a big girl,” she replied happily.

    Auntie still reached back and patted the front of her diaper. “Yes you are baby” she said confirming what she was told.

    Renley went back to playing her the game on her tablet as auntie turned back around to talk with mommy again. We drove for another thirty minutes before we finally got to south beach. Mommy found a parking spot and parked the car. Her and auntie got out and went to the back and opened the rear hatch and pulled the beach bags and chairs out. Both mommy and auntie then went out onto the beach in front of us and started setting things up. I watched out the front window as mommy and auntie set up the canopy and laid the blanket out.

    Mommy came back and grabbed my diaper back from the back and closed it before coming over to my door. She opened the door and unlatched the buckle at my waist and pulled the straps over my head and between my legs. I looked up and mommy and she smiled back at me as I held my arms out to her.

    “Hi baby. How was the ride? We are at the beach now and you can go swimming!” Mommy said.

    Mommy helps me climb out of my car seat and onto the ground. My feet hit the pavement and I can feel my feet burning from the hot asphalt. I also feel the warm august afternoon heat face and body with the sun bearing down. I started to walk well waddle was more like it due to the bulky diaper I was wearing. I look back at mommy closely behind me and auntie Brooke picking Renley out of her car seat and putting her on her hip. Mommy takes me by the hand and we all make our way to the canopy.

    “Sit baby boy” mommy says as she points to sand in front of the blanket. I sit down as Brooke puts Renley down. Mommy gives me a toy tonka truck and a small shovel to play with. As I sit I feel the sand enter the leg bands of my diaper.

    Mommy starts to blow up water wings for me. I knew how to swim well. But since I was only two it didn’t matter how good I was. As mommy walked over with my wings she pulled my shirt off. Now my thickly diapered butt was truly noticeable like it wasn’t before. I held my arm out to help mommy put my wing on a lady with a small child walking next to her.

    “Mommy mommy look, that big boy is wearing a diaper,” the little girl said with eagerness.

    “OH MY” the lady said as she stopped.

    “Is he mentally handicapped or something? Why is he wearing diapers and sucking on that pacifier? IS THIS SOME SICK SEX THING!” The women started yelling.

    Now everyone close to us on the beach was looking. I tried to sink into the sand as my face blushed red. Mommy stood up straight and looked at the lady. “ yes he is wearing a diaper and has for the last four years. If you want to know the full story I would be more than happy to share if you want to come back?

    “Can I let monica play with your boyfriend?” Mommy laughed and at this and shook her head yes.

    The lady left and quickly after she came back with her daughter and another younger boy with a chair and water bottle. She places her chair under the canopy. “Ok well this is Monica, my daughter she is five and my son Mike he is thirteen an I’m Lindsey. So what about all this?” She asked.

    She sits down as her kids sit down and play with me and Renley. Moncia plays with Renley as Mike sits down and starts to play on his phone.

    “Well I’m alex and this is Brooke. The little ones over there are Renley her daughter and Jay my ex husband” Mommy says.

    “What?!” Lindsey asks puzzled. ‘Yea he is my ex husband. It all started about 5 years ago when he talked me into trying things with other people since he was so small and couldn’t give me what I wanted in bed. So I did and that when I met Damian. He was great, I soon found Jay jacking off all the time to me and Daimon and I didn’t want that cause he was making a mess everywhere so I locked his little tool up cause I no longer needed it. I would let him out on occasion but it quickly turned into a six month lock up. Well getting close to the first year he was starting to whine all the time like a baby and I quickly found out that since I locked him up he had shrunk to only three inches hard.”

    “WHAT!” Lindsey said almost splitting her water out.

    “Yep only three inches. Since my now husband is very well endowed with let's just say more than double my baby boy” Mommy told Lindsey as aunt Brooke laughed.

    “He was acting like a baby when I didn’t sleep with him for almost six month so I figured that it would just be a simple punishment for him, nothing too big so I diapered him to treat him like the baby he was becoming. So the first day I put him in them he flooded them without even thinking about it. He went through a whole ten pack in a week. Since he couldn’t keep his diapers dry no matter how hard he tried I just kept him in them permanently until he decided he wants to grow up. Well Damion moved in about three years ago now and he moved into his own nursery in a spare bedroom. I just couldn’t deal with him acting like a baby anymore and Damion is a very good CEO of a major company. So we had a really good lawyer declare him mentally handicap and that gave Damion the ability to adopt him as a son and completed a devorce between the two of us and I married Damion. Damion could provide for us and was much more of a man in multiple areas as compared to Jay. So for the last three years he has been treated as a toddler. No adult stuff no nothing. He just crawls around the house using his diapers and playing with toys. Brooke here is my best friend and she needed a job at one point so we hired her to nanny Baby Jay so I could go back to work”

    Lindsey sat their mouth open staring at me and momma. “So that's your ex husband and knows completely what he is doing and uses those diapers and acts like a toddler cause he wants to?” She asked.

    “Yes and no, It was rough at first. Damion spanked him alot. There was a lot of time spent not being able to sit. It was hard for the first year and a half but he learned his place. For the diapers he lost control of all of that. The last year or so he had lost full control. I notice him try to hold it sometimes but it only lasts maybe a few seconds. He is every part of an infant in that regard. See he is wetting know” Mommy said.

    I looked up to see momma and Lindsey staring at me and I couldn’t think of how she knew cause I knew I wasn’t wetting myself. That was until I felt the warmth in my diaper.

    “How did you know?” Lindsey asked

    “He stops for just a second. He doesn't realize he is doing it and then his eyes glaze over for a couple seconds. Just like when he has to poop. He will grunt and push without thinking. Most mornings he wakes up soaked and messy. MORE than once he has had a blowout at night.” Brooke chimed in.

    Lindsey laughed as I tried to bury my head in the sand again. Mike had walked up to her at this point and asked if he could go swimming.

    Lindsey told her son yes but to take the other kids with him. He sighed and walked over to me holding out his hand.

    I reached up and grabbed it as all the women aww at what he did. I followed behind him as the girls followed close behind. As I entered the water I could feel all the eyes of people watching a fully grown adult waddling his big diapered butt into the water. As I got to the point where water hit the bottom of my diaper I felt the Ice cold lake water enter the leg bands of my diaper. Soon I felt my diaper swell with the water. I played in the water splashing Mike and Monica. They splashed me back and we all laughed in the water until Alex was standing at the edge of the water yelling for us to come in.

    We made our way out of the water and Mommy took my hand and led me to the canopy and had started to dry me off before having me sit in her lap.

    “Time for a bottle little man” she said, pulling a bottle out. It was only water but it had its normal taste to it. I still hadn’t figured out what it was but I never liked it. As I sat in momma's lap I felt my diaper squish and push water out. I opened my mouth and took my bottle. As I felt the front of my diaper grow warm and quickly start to leak out of my legs bands. Mommy feels the water liquid hitting her arm under my butt.

    “Dang it baby. You need a new diaper after this. He is peeing on my arm” Mommy said. About that time Renley walked up to Brooke.

    “Mommy, I need to pee,” she said.

    “Well what I want you to do is hold it as long as you can then go pee in your diaper. It’s easier to change a diaper here then find a bathroom Ren” Brooke said.

    Renley shakes her head yes and before I even finish my bottle I watch as Renley’s diaper starts to sag in the crotch and she starts to cowboy walk. Brooke sighs and stands up. She picks Renley up and stands her in front of her. She pulls the tapes off and lets the wet diaper hit the ground with a wet thud. Quickly she is back into another diaper and Brooke sets her old one aside.

    My bottle is finished and mommy puts me on the ground sitting as she pulls my changing supplies out. Mommy makes sure she lays my supplies right in front of Lindsey. This way she gets a good view of what’s about to happen. Mommy pats the ground in front of Lindsey and I know that my sign to get my butt changed. Without arguing I crawl over and lay down.

    Mommy reaches up and pulls buttons off the cover and then pulls it between my legs. Leaving only the Terry cloth padding to hide my shame. I start to blush as mommy pulls the cloth off and standing at full attention is my small dick. Lindsey begins to laugh as she sees my fully erected penis.

    “Yep I would put that baby thing back in diapers too!” She says between laughs.

    I lift my butt so mommy can pull the soaked diapers out. She pulls out a fresh white disposable. I lift my butt so mommy can slide it under me. Mommy pulls the new diaper up between my legs but then pulls it back down. She turns and grabs Renley’s used diaper and unfolds it placing it on my small dick. A cold shiver shot up me as the cold diaper was placed in my diaper area. Mommy pulled the diaper up tight between my legs.

    “WAIT, Your putting that used diaper into his clean diaper!?” Lindey said.

    “Oh don’t let him fool you. He loves his used diapers. It might not look it but that little thing you saw hiding under there was fully hard” Mommy told her.

    Lindsey laughed as mommy tapped my diaper shut. She patted the front of it and I quickly went off to play with my diaper on full display. As I built a sand castle with the other kids I heard Lindsey laugh again. As I played I listened to what mommy and auntie were telling her.

    “Yea so one day he begging me to cum. So when I changed his diaper I grabbed his toy from mommies room. It was a nine inch long two an half inch round black dildo. I got him all nice and lubed up just as I sat the tip of it on his puckering rosebud he whined out that that wasn’t what he wanted. I didn’t care it was only his second time with him getting something up his ass so. Well I slide it in nice and slow. He bucked and tried to push it out but I held it in place. As I held it I pulled his fresh thick cloth diaper up tight and snapped the cover in place holding that dildo in. I helped him off the table and he waddled to the living room with me. I made him stand in front of me facing away and told him to poop the dildo out and when he did I would let him cum. “ auntie said.

    Lindsey was staring intently as she sipped from her cup letting auntie finish.

    “So he spread his legs, bent his knees, and grunted. I watched as a tent formed in the back of his diaper. He held it for a minute then let go. It was absolutely hilarious to watch him become surprised when the diaper forced the dildo back into him. So I kept encouraging him to try again. He did it for almost half an hour. By the end he was begging for daddy to come home” Auntie finished and all 3 girls laughed.

    I caught eyes with Mike as I looked up. He was staring at me and chuckled with a huge smirk on his face. I knew he heard auntie's story. I blushed red and looked at the ground. As I did I caught a glimpse of Miles hard on in his swim trunks. I blushed deeper red now knowing that story also made me hard remembering fucking myself with a dildo on more then one occasion the same way after that.

    The day wore on with little change and auntie and mommy started to pick things up and bring them back to the car. Renley had had her diaper changed again and I had wet mine once or twice but nothing huge. As mommy was packing the last of the toys in a bag I felt something I knew well. I was butt towards everyone bent face down to the sand digging when I felt a warm mush push Into the seat of my diaper. Without ever realizing I had done it I had widened my stance and grunted loud enough to catch the attention of the mothers who all knew what I was doing.

    The mush continued to flow up the back of my diaper and pushed between my legs tenting the area in my seat out. I could feel the mess coat everything in poop. I pushed my butt higher in the air and grunted again. With a wet fart I pushed the last of poop into the waiting seat of my diaper. It has rented out to form a softball sized lump in the seat of my diaper. It wasn’t new for auntie or mommy to watch me fill my pants but for Lindsey, she stood there mouth open staring not believing what she had just seen. A twenty seven year old guy pooping himself without a care in the world and then just going back to playing in the sand like a twenty seven month old.

    Mommy walked over and grabbed my hand and stood me up. She grabbed the front of my diaper and squeezed then looked behind me and grabbed the seat of my diaper. She then pulled my waistband back and looked inside before letting it snap back in place.

    “He will be fine until we get home. Then Damion can deal with this mess along with his friends” mommy said.

    My face went white when I remembered daddy had friends over. That meant I would be getting to know his friends well again during my change.

    Lindsey and her kids said goodbye as we all walked separate ways to the parking lot. Mommy helped me into my car seat and as I sat down in my mess I felt it’s warmth spread all over in my diaper pushing poopy up the front and back of my diaper. I felt it on my back and I knew that I had blown out. Mommy snapped the belts in place.

    Quickly after my window was open and down the road we went. Mommy and auntie were talking and Renley passed out next to me. As we hit the bumps on the road my diaper rubbed against the crotch straps. It brought me closer to climax with every bump. The last thing I remember was laying me head to the slide and letting a sih of Sigh of relief as I shot a load into my pants followed but a wetting as mommy and auntie stared at me in the mirror.

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  • lsu1gump
    13.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    The lsu spring game is this Saturday Shold i wear 2 or 4 doublers? With my diaper? Lmk below

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  • lsu1gump
    13.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    B4 bed mommy added a 2nd doubler said i gotta wear it all day tomorrow. Im already soaked:/ hopeit holds.

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  • diaperboyalways
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    sissy boy

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  • dl-littleryu
    11.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    luckily I have a diaper I would not have to change the bed again, let's just hope that my diaper will hold up all night🤞🏻

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