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    22.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Punz is so underrated I stg

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    22.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago
     @towercursed​ asked: " Ruri! " Her voice bursts with excitement even as she tries to keep it hushed. In her hands are the biggest bouquet of flowers she could find, filled with vibrant reds like a sweltering bonfire to whites so cold they're practically blue. It's only the first of several surprises, but surprising Ruri with breakfast in bed might be the best for now. She leans over and kisses her on her nose, trailing it up to her forehead as she smiles, waiting for the other to properly wake up. " Happy birthday."

    happy birthday ruri! | June 15th


    Even if Rapunzel tried to keep her voice hushed, it still jostles Ruri awake, making her body jerk on her bed; heart thumping rapidly as she groaned, a hand brushing over her face. As much as she adored her, Rapunzel’s voice tended... to sometimes be a bit on the loud side. Mostly when she was excited, and usually she wouldn’t mind...

    ... but she tended to not mind when she was fully awake.

    “Punz--- what the hell?” There’s laughter in her voice though, eyes cracking open to see the onslaught of color; the palms of her hands rubbing over her eyes to wake them up more before opening them fully; sitting her body up into a sitting position.

    Oh, that’s right --- today was her birthday, wasn’t it?

    She pretended to roll her eyes in embarrassment; black hair a crazed mess around her as dark eyes trailed from the bouquet to that excitable face; a half smile tugging on her lips. Eyes fluttered shut as the kiss brushed her nose, faint giggles escaping her as it trailed upwards; scrunching her nose playfully as she shook her head, eyes opening to look up into beautiful greens.

    It should be illegal how she could make her heart race.

    “--- Thank you.” Her voice was careful, as though if she was too loud or eager the other would move away. “But... next time try not to take me out with a heart attack for the first minute of my birthday, sunshine.”

    #towercursed #; ( she's so mean ) Ruri&interactions #; ruri's birthday 2021 #// this was adorable; and i'm sorry i'm late! #ruri thinks punz is the most pure thing in the world ;-; #;q
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    22.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    glasses content heheheh

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    21.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    c!punz x gn!reader (platonic, siblings)

    warning: swearing

    dove’s note: more sibling angst... yes.

    They stared at the compass, watching it move every so often, in the direction of his home. Y/n sighed and got up from the table, wondering if he had a compass pointing to them.

    They wondered if he even cared anymore.

    A knock at the door interrupted the silence, Y/n got up, expecting someone. They opened the door and gave Quackity a soft nod, he walked in and noticed the compass. Y/n closed the door, turning to see him stare at it. “May I?” He asked, reaching out for it. Y/n nodded.

    Quackity grabebd the compass, flipping it over to read the name engraved in the back. To Punz.

    “I wanted to make a deal.” Quackity said, placing the compass down.

    “What’s this deal?” Y/n asked, filling two cups with water. Y/n turned to Quackity and handed him a glass. “Well since you’re a mercenary. I would like you to join and work at my country and I’d pay you.” Quackity said and Y/n laughed. He deadpanned and Y/n stopped.

    “You think I’d join another country?” Y/n asked, smiling. “I saved Technoblade, nearly killed you, why are you here?” Y/n added and Quackity took a sip of his water. “I could get you closer to Punz. You could watch him from afar.” Quackity said and Y/n looked at their glass.

    “I moved here to get away from Punz You think I want to come back?” Y/n asked and Quackity shrugged. “I thought you’d want to see him-” “I don’t have to care nor love my own brother, I did and now I could care less about the version of him I see.” Y/n stated, Quackity turned his head.

    “Your compass says otherwise, you lie so terribly.” He said, “You’re so like Punz, you get frustrated easily, you’re isolated, keep yo yourself, do stuff for money-” “Enough Quackity-” “You worked with Dream-” “I said enough!” Y/n grabbed their sword. Quackity looked at the purple blade, smirking.

    “And you have similar anger issues.” He added and Y/n placed the sword down, “You’re a mirrorball.”

    “Is that a good thing?” Y/n asked and Quackity shrugged, “Asi-asi.” Y/n chuckled at his words, placing their glass down and resting their arms on the table, leaning forward a bit.

    “But there’s one thing that’s different about me and him, I know when someone tries to manipulate me.” Y/n explained.

    Their blue eyes turned into a dark blue, turning to a brown, something Y/n could do when they were angry. “I may be traumatized, but I’m not dumb to be manipulated.” Y/n finished the last sip of their water. They placed their cup down, leaning back and staring at the ceiling.

    “I have another offer then, not for Las Nevadas-” “you’re fucking kidding me-” “blow up the egg with me.” Y/n froze at his words. They looked at him again, the brown slowly fading from their eyes. “Meet me at the egg tomorrow at one pm, only if you want too.” Quackity explained and left their home.

    “Not for Las Nevadas my ass.” They mumbled, getting up to lock the door and put their cups in the sink. They then went to their room, exhausted from the day and conversation.

    Y/n adjusted their turtle neck, they wore their netherite armour and had their sword at their side. Y/n adjusted their cloak and saw Quackity. He turned to them and smiled, Y/n stood next to him and he gave them a bag of tnt.

    They took it without a word, staring at the entrance, “Let’s make this quick.” They said dully, Quackity led the way in. Quackity and Y/n started to place tnt, they felt movement of the compass, it vibrated in their pocket, Punz was moving fast.

    Y/n had a feeling he was coming over to get them, Y/n quickly put down tnt. “They’re here, the compass is moving.” Y/n warned once they passed Quackity, placing the final piece of tnt down before loading their bow with an arrow and hiding in a dark corner. Bad and Punz got in, yelling at Quackity. Punz could sense Y/n, who now had two arrows pointing at his and Bad’s head.

    “Don’t do this Quackity.” Bad warned, Punz turned fast, snatching the arrows and going to hit Y/n with his sword, they quickly blocked it with their own. Bad let out a short gasp. Punz and Y/n fought, they didn’t know him anymore- this wasn’t their brother. This was a monster, one of many. Bad continued to argue with Quackity, Y/n couldn’t take the fight, nor the argument, so they set the tnt off.

    Bad and Quackity paused, Quackity ran out for the exit, Y/n pushed Punz off, running out too. They felt everything explode around them, their eyesight blurred and ears rung. Y/n laid on the ground, right towards the exit. They bled out onto the grass, Quackity was long gone, Punz came out from the exit.

    He stared at Y/n, they looked up at him, pushing themself up weakly. Punz caught their fall, he held their sides gently, seeing them limp. “Let’s get you home.” Punz mumbled. Y/n wanted to cry right there, the Punz that they knew so well broke out of the mindset he was in, showing that he cared instead of being heartless.

    tags: @midknightmemories @sticksdoesart @sbi-is-my-onlysanity @brainvomitqueen

    #c!punz x reader angst #c!punz x y/n #c!punz x you #c!punz x reader #c!punz x gn!reader #c!punz x sibling reader
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    21.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    can someone put punz low on a speedrunning tier list again i miss his speedrun sweat era

    #he did it a little more when tapl beat his pb but... Please #punz#speedrunning#txt
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    Punz Masterlist

    all rights reserved @ mcytwheeze 2021

    % indicates personal favorite

    c! = character

    cc! = content creator


    nothing yet :)

    #punz x reader #x reader #mcyt x reader
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    21.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    DSMP characters hugs headcanons - Part 1

    /rp /dsmp

    (“You” refer to a general person the characters are hugging. Everything refers to the characters, not the CCs.)

    C!Hbomb gives one of the best hugs. C!H is tall (”6′9 powerhouse of masculinity” hehe), so it would feel like being surrounded by the hug (???? idk, you know what I mean). You will feel small, but in a good way. His hugs would be very comforting, like a weighted blanket. 

    C!Fundy is very good to hug and is a good hugger, because he is fluffy and affectionate. I think he would give really tight, warm hugs. 

    C!Ranboo is an awkward hugger, but nice for you to squeeze. He’s a lanky boy, so I think he will pat your head if you hug him. 

    C!Niki is also one of the best huggers. She’s not tall, but somehow you also feel tiny when her arms wrap around you. You smell freshly baked bread, and feel the same kind of warmth. 

    C!Eret has a tight hug, where they might lift you off your feet a little. 

    C!Tommy is like an octopus when he’s hugging people. He would probably do a very brief hug at first, because boy has a reputation to uphold (cough tsundere cough) but once he really gets into the hug he will wrap himself around you and cling on for dear life. 

    C!Tubbo wouldn’t know what to do if you hug him. The only people he allows to hug him is Tommy and Ranboo. 

    C! Puffy has a tight, comforting hug that makes you want to melt into her embrace. She will squeeze you and rub your back and tell you everything will be okay. Her hair is soft and fluffy and it feels like the way you’d imagine how clouds on a sunny day feels like. 

    C! Foolish is big, so he will cradle you in his palm. You are floating, it’s safe. You feel safe with him. There’s a buzz of life-giving magic from his hands. 

    C! Wilbur is a busy man. His hugs are quick, just a quick wrapping of an arm around your shoulder and squeezing your arm a bit. After he was revived, however, Wil’s hugs are full body hugs where it seems like he doesn’t want to let go. That is.. if he hugs anyone at all. 

    C!Philza does not initiate hugs, but will hug back and pat you on the back. Living up to his name of dadza. 

    C!Techno will freeze if anyone tries to hug him, maybe except for Phil. Pardon them, they have been friends for 400 years or something but they have probably hugged each other for a total of ... 5 times. It’s ok, it’s not their love language. But they will stab a bitch for each other so like :p 

    C!Purpled will probably be very surprised if you hug him. He’s been alone for a while and isn’t very used to hugs, or any human touches, honestly. I think depending on how close you are to him, but if you’re close (like, Las Nevadas gang close) he’d hug you back. It’s a bit awkward, like he never hugged anyone, but he tries. (If you’re not close, he’d probably stab you as a defense mechanism :p)

    C!Punz would give good, albeit awkward hugs. He doesn’t get a lot of hugs, with being a somewhat lone-wolf character, so he might freeze a little and not knowing where or what to do, but eventually he will hug you back and it will feel very safe.

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    21.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i have acquired him! my first ever fandragon, Punz!! he's a nocturne male, his colors are white/shale/grey and his genes are piebald/stripes/runes. i am so happy rn, i absolutely love him!!!

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    21.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Some small pixel art of Punz bc I wanted to do something different :^

    Also I never painted a pixel art heheh soo…

    And Idk how to improve the quality of this art :( 

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    21.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Him <3

    #capitalks #punz my beloved
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    21.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Ant made the first move.

    Stepping forward, they drew out a sword, raising it dangerously towards the side, as it preparing to swipe at the two. Once seeing that, Punz fully stepped forward, using his body to somewhat shield Mags, who coward behind the other.

    "I'm giving you one last chance, Punz. Follow me, or I will have to kill both of you..", Ant mumbled, his eyes glistening a crimson hue...

    Punz took a small glance towards Mags... before returning his gaze.

    "... Sorry Ant. But I won't be doing that."

    . . .

    Ant looked pissed.

    Seeing them move sharply towards them, Punz swore this was it. This was how he was going to die. No weapons, no armor... he just hoped Mags would take this moment to run.

    ... But the sight of blue caught his eyes almost instantly. And the sound of metal hitting metal...

    Fully looking ahead, Punz let out a soft sigh.


    . . .

    George, who seemingly pushed Ant back somewhat, held his own sword high, as if protecting the two now. He took note as to how the others were defenseless. They had little to nothing on them! But, just before he could talk, Ant charged at him, knocking him down almost immediately. Thankfully though, he knew he could count on Purpled, seeing how the other charged at Ant. Jumping up, the other practically grabbed Ant's back, tugging harshly at his ears, causing Ant to fully lean back, swaying the sword upwards.

    In return, George kicked Ant, watching both him and Purpled fall to the ground with a silent thud.

    Punz was relieved to see Purpled again, but as if things couldn't have gotten worse... Ant quickly recovered. And took this opportunity to hold Purpled hostage, picking the other up swiftly, holding him back. Purpled, who practically put up a fight, felt Ant tighten his hold on him, which caused him to somewhat tense up.

    "Oh, if it isn't Purpled. Punz's dear little brother. What happened? Did the big bad Egg scare you off? Having issues with trying to feel wanted? Trying to feel as if you can be worthy? Or is it the constant fear of being a weak, pathetic child with no one else to turn to?"

    Mags practically gasped as Ant dangerously held his sword up to Purpled's throat.

    "Oh, sweet sweet child. If only you were smart... you can see how useful you are to the Egg... needed, even... How's about we visit the Egg together? Or.. how's about I take your life.. right here... and now..."


    Punz felt his blood run cold. Remembering everything. Purpled, the Egg.. even himself. No... No, not again.

    Never again.

    Grabbing the sword from George's hands, Punz bolted towards Ant, who stumbled back somewhat at the sudden force from the other. Purpled, who was thrown down, was caught by George, who merely held him up somewhat as Mags hurried towards them.

    Things... Things happened too quickly.

    Punz was furious, seeing nothing but... red at this point.

    He and Ant fought for a moment, having the three behind him watch as they struggled against each other. It was... scary. No one could've predicted Punz actually...

    . . .

    . .


    Antfrost was slained by Punz


    . .

    . . .

    It was like the world around them was silent...

    Even the rain surrounding them seemed mute.

    How the chill atmosphere hit them... how the crimson hue pooled around Ant's body... how Punz slightly trembled...

    George... saw stuff like this before...

    Mags was downright terrified, having covered her eyes, whimpering and trembling from fear.. and the cold.

    As for Purpled... sure.. he's known his brother for so long, he knows his profession... but.. seeing it up close and in person...

    . .

    It wasn't far off to say that shook him to his core...

    . .

    Standing... Punz let out a heavy sigh... his hands covered in what was left of Ant...


    . . .

    an eerie silence filled the air...

    . . .

    . .


    George, who had carefully checked over Purpled, gave the other a rather gentle expression..

    "... Are you alright?..."

    Purpled... who glanced up from his hands, couldn't help but force a thin-lined smile.

    "Not so honest answer? Yes. Honest answer? No... Not really"

    Leaning forward, Purpled moved to hold his head, messing up his hair somewhat.

    "... But uhhh... is... everyone else good?"

    As much as George wanted to nod and move on, he couldn't help but glance towards the side.

    "... Punz's new friend.. err.. she hasn't said anything.. She's sitting out in the rain... I guess.. she isn't use to what we just witnessed..."

    . . .

    George found himself glancing to Punz, who was in his enderchest, digging around...

    . . .

    Something had occurred. He couldn't put his finger on it... but something happened at the prison... it would only be a matter of time if either Mags or Punz spoke of it.

    For now, they were at Punz's base.. his tower, resting there for the night.

    #tw blood mention #fics and drabbles #blob punz#blob mags#blob george#blob purpled#blob ant#tw violence #this was rushed.
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    21.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Ant.. This isn't you. And I know that. I've been there.

    ... Punz. We we're wondering where you left to. But it's obvious, you brought a friend to help aid in the Eggs takeover! How wonderful.

    Punz.. What is he saying..

    Don't listen to him. He's been taken over by the Egg. Don't touch the vines...

    Come on Punz. And here I thought you were on our side. Here. A visit to the egg will help get you back on track.

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  • blobpunz
    21.06.2021 - 19 hours ago
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  • mellointheory
    21.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    why did punz yell "rip that pussy" with that much aggression. is he okay.

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  • set--suna
    21.06.2021 - 20 hours ago


    you ever throw a pride parade in the hallways of your school to piss off xenophobes? Punz does in this chapter

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    21.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    punz, reading chat: hey, punz! can you say rip to my cat? it died yesterday

    *long silence*

    punz: RIP THAT PUSS-

    gumi: AYYYYYYYY

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    pegging c!dream headcanons


    nsfw sapnap hcs




    foolish gamers:



    different mcyts as doms

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