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  • Purity Ring - bodyache

    multiple appointments tomorrow- trying to see if there is a hormonal component to this illness

    back to work next week

    i know there is a life waiting for me

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  • i listened to music last year.  here’s what i liked.  (not necessarily released in 2020, just consumed.)

    the song of the year trophy was an easy decision.  ‘total abandon’ by heaven honey, who happens to be based in nashville.  somehow both slow and hard-driving, with a rhythm and guitar setup straight from the early ‘90s.

    others that i really enjoyed were ‘think of me’ by vérité and the purity ring remix of ‘knife prty’ by deftones.

    on the album front, another easy choice.  please come to the podium, sorry, and collect for your album, ‘925’ which was delightful.  chock-full of bangers as the young children might say.  another band that has been listening to the classic alt. rock of my early teenage years.

    i watched a few films as well.  mostly old ones.  

    his girl friday’ (again, not necessarily released in 2020) won my heart, with the best dialog in the history of history of history.  80 years old.  also, ‘my lady of whims’ stood out from my silent film obsession.  95 years old.  i thought ‘rhythm in the clouds’ was also quite enjoyable, despite my assumption that i’d hate something that’s half musical.  83 years old.  and the absurdity of ‘the death of stalin’ which is completely modern - a mere babe at only 3 years old.


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  • You be the moon, I’ll be the earth
    And when we burst
    Start over, oh, darling

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  • Alice Glass is just Purity Ring but edgier

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  •    Purity Ring - Asido (Official Video)

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  • image

    fave albums of 2020

    womb - purity ring

    cape god - allie x

    the great dismal - nothing

    el último tour del mundo - bad bunny

    after hours - the weeknd

    la vita nuova - christine & the queens

    kronologi - iamamiwhoami, ionnalee, barbelle

    HiRUDiN - austra

    #once again i’m right about everything #music#purity ring#allie x #band of nothing #bad bunny#the weeknd #christine and the queens #iamamiwhoami#austra#blood
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  • My Top 200 Songs of 2020

    This year I thought my Spotify wrapped sucked so I decided to rank my favorite songs released this year. This is just based on how much I like/enjoy the song and is totally subjective. If we like some of the same songs/artists (or even if you absolutely hated a song that I loved lol) send me a message! I love talking about music!

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  • One of the great bands of all time, from a very unlikely place honestly, Edmonton Alberta.

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  • Ah, December………….. get the hell out of my face :) It’s been a rough one at the time of posting! But that’s nothing new. I just hope that you who are reading this have made it through this rough year. Incoming full yeah chart…..

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  • GUEST POST: Lowell of Frail Body - Top Albums of the Year 2020

    GUEST POST: Lowell of Frail Body – Top Albums of the Year 2020


    Ghost Cult continues our “End of Year Guest Post Extravaganza” with a slew of posts from bands, industry, PR pros, and more! We’ll be sharing lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. In this edition, Lowell of Frail Body shares his Top Albums List for 2020. Their 2019 A Brief Memorium, can be…


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  • Here is my list of my personal top albums of 2020

    You can find my separate list for top EPs of 2020 here

    My Previous monthly lists from 2020: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

    My list last year for my top albums of 2019 can be found here.

    Honorable Mention:

    Aluna - Renaissance
    Genre: Synth Pop / Dance


    Lead singer from AlunaGeorge steps out on her own with this fast paced romp. She brings along many well known producers like Diplo (who she’s signed with as a solo artist), KAYTRANADA, SG Lewis and more.

    Proof: Warrior (Feat. SG Lewis) / Body Pump

    Big Gigantic - Free Your Mind
    Genre: Electronic / Dance


    The Colorado duo Big Gigantic’s big breakout was their sixth album in 2016’s Brighter Future that really expanded the reach of their high octane music. Four years later we have their follow up in this joyous affair. With their use of horns (one of them is a trained saxophonist) they always have a big band feel that meets the club in their sound that’s so infectious.

    Proof: Burning Love (Feat. Kidepo) / You’re The One (Feat. Nevve)

    Cam - The Otherside
    Genre: Country / Pop


    I’m not typically a big country fan but this country with a little infusion of pop is something I can ride for. Really digging the ways Cam expanded on a typical country vernacular while still staying true to it as well.

    Proof: The Otherside / Classic

    CloZee - Neon Jungle
    Genre: Electronic / World Bass


    CloZee’s musical landscapes are living breathing entities. Her music is lush and vibrant that seem to flow to and frow with a breeze. Not what most people would attribute to the genre which is why it stands out.

    Proof: Winter Is Coming / Heya

    dvsn - A Muse In Her Feelings
    Genre: R&B / Neo-Soul


    The third album by Toronto R&B duo dvsn and this is by far their best. A seductive and savory exploration through love, sexuality and heartbreak.

    Proof: Dangerous City (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Buju Banton) / A Muse

    Duke Dumont - Duality // Duality Remixed
    Genre: Electronic / Dance


    This is sort of a greatest hits with some new songs masked as a debut. The fact most of these songs we have heard before and some way back to 2015, knocks this album back a bit on my list. That being said Duke Dumont is one of the best at funk infused dance music and this album bangs!

    Proof: Ocean Drive / Together (w/ How To Dress Well) // Ocean Drive (Purple Disco Machine Remix) / Together (Luttrell Remix) w/ How To Dress Well

    Empress Of - I’m Your Empress Of
    Genre: R&B / Pop


    Empress Of’s sophomore album Us was quite an upward trajectory from her already good debut album. On her third record here that momentum is kept going with a little flair. This is her most danceable record yet with some nostalgic synths added to her musical attire that’s an accessory worth attention but not too distracting.

    Proof: Bit of Rain / Love Is A Drug

    Fakear - Everything Will Grow Again
    Genre: Electronic / Dance / Tropical House


    French DJ Fakear’s eclectic sophomore album is lush and expansive in it’s sound. You feel enveloped in an exotic and kinetic world that you can’t help but get lost in while listening. 

    Proof: Sekoia / Rituals (Feat. Luiza Fernandes)

    Georgia - Seeking Thrills
    Genre: Synth Pop


    This sophomore album by the english singer is a riot full of pulsating beats and neon lit synth patterns. The singing has Santigold/M.I.A. vibes without being an emulation.

    Proof: Never Let You Go / Ray Guns

    Halsey - MANIC
    Genre: Pop / R&B


    It’s been a pretty dramatic rise for the singer. She was already a sensation by the time her debut album Badlands came out in 2015. Now she’s one of the sought after features and a pretty big act in music. This third album MANIC is her most consistent, powerful and best. She has perfected how to utilize her raspy voice and how to connect with the listener and evoke strong emotions. 

    Proof: you should be sad / Without Me

    Illenium - ASCEND (Remixes)
    Genre: Electronic / Dance


    Illenium’s ASCEND was my 3rd favorite record of 2019. As quite a nice gift Illenium dropped off this super sized remix album with at least one remix of each song off the glorious album. 

    Proof: Good Things Fall Apart (3LAU Remix) Feat. Jon Bellion / In Your Arms (Alan Walker Remix) Feat. X Ambassadors

    Kingdom - Neurofire
    Genre: Electronic / Neo-Soul / Dance


    Even if you don’t know Kingdom off the top of your head you’ve probably heard a Kingdom produced song without knowing. He’s been a behind the scenes go-to producer and runs a label that has such artists as Kalela and Dawn Richards on it. Neurofire is a smooth soulful electronic album that has such an contagious bob to it you can’t help yourself but start dancing.

    Proof: High Enough (Feat. Tiara Thomas) / His n Hers (Feat. Semma)

    Lady Gaga - Chromatica
    Genre: Pop / Dance


    Despite her immense success, Lady Gaga is not a complacent woman. After readjusting her sound to something more stripped down on 2016’s Joann, Gaga did another about face this time leaning into the EDM world and making an ecstatic dance record. Linking with many big hitter DJs for production work in Tchami, BloodPop, Madeon, Skrillex, Axwelll and others, who create a great vivacious platform for Gaga to strut all over.

    Proof: Stupid Love / Replay

    Låpsley - Through Water
    Genre: Indie Pop / Electronic


    It’s been four years since British singer Låpsley’s debut album. But it seems that time was well utilized as this is a great leap for the artist. I enjoyed her understated debut but here she was able to incorporate a little more kinetic energy in her recording while keeping the sentimentalism of them really effectively.

    Proof: Ligne 3 / Womxn

    Lastlings - First Contact
    Genre: Electronic / Future Bass / Dance


    I haven’t heard the early EPs from Australian dou Lastlings so first listening to this album was quite a pleasant surprise. There’s some definite influences from fellow Australian act RÜFÜS DU SOL here. And influences that they utilize nicely.

    Proof: Deja Vu / No Time

    The Strokes - The New Abnormal
    Genre: Alternative / Rock


    It’s not often an extremely successful rock group after an extended hiatus returns and makes one of their best albums. Working with Rick Ruban the legendary New York group returns after seven years with an album that exerts a high level of confidence and maturity. It doesn’t scream out at you as an album yet the music is incredibly in depth and rewarding.

    Proof: Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus / Not The Same Anymore

    Sylvan Esso - Free Love
    Genre: Synth Pop


    For their third album the North Carolina based duo took a slightly scaled back sound as the tone is a bit more somber and muted then their past albums. The indie pop is much more dominant over the Electronic aspects of their music. It still however is their enjoyable meshing of the two and there’s still plenty of danceable moments, they are just more interspersed in a more internal faced record. 

    Proof: Ferris Wheel / Frequency

    Tchami - Year Zero
    Genre: Electronic / Dance


    The French DJ Techami finally drops a debut album and what a blast this is. Year Zero is a joy ride form start to finish with no real filler tracks of straight enjoyable dance records. 

    Proof: Ain’t That Kind Of Friend (Feat. Modesty) / Ghosts (Feat. Hana)

    Tyler Swift - evermore
    Genre: Indie Pop / Folk


    The second of Taylor’s 2020 albums; made with the National’s Aaron Dessor. This one you can tell is a bit of tracks that didn’t fit the construct of folklore. This has a bit of a “thrown together” feel, which sounds more harsh then how I mean it. With that being said these are still more of probably my favorite iteration we’ve seen of Taylor so I enjoy it immensely. More on folklore below.

    Proof: ‘tis the damn season / ivy

    We Are The City - RIP
    Genre: Rock / Alternative


    This is the fifth by the Concadian Rock group but the first I have heard by them so I can’t offer insight on how this fits in their past work. But when I heard the guitars and crashing drums come in on the thunderous opener “Killer B-Side Music” I was instantly hooked. This is a fun and emotionally gripping journey through this groups organized chaos. 

    Proof: Killer B-Side Music / Saint Peter

    The List:

    Last One Out: The Naked And Famous - Recover
    Genre: Synth Pop


    New Zealand band The Naked and Famous return with their fourth album full of their patented form of catchy synth pop meant to excite and evoke. The songs are take their shoes off and make themselves at home in your head demanding a sing along.

    Proof: Sunseeker / Bury Us / Come As You Are / Coming Back To Me

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  • 365. Purity Ring - WOMB (2020)

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  • Purity Ring, Shrines (2012)

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  • What a year! Can’t complain really, it was so many great covers this year. Few of my favorites couldn’t even make it to the Top 30. For example Caroline Polachek and The Missing from Everything But the Girl. What a shame.

    If you want to listen them, here is a playlist on Spotify. Enjoy.

    01. Meute - What Else is There? - Royksopp Cover

    02. Thomas Azier - Freed from Desire - Gala Cover


    03. Algiers - Liberation - OutKast Cover

    04. Declan McKenna - Hallicunate - Dua Lipa Cover

    05. Little Dragon featuring Loreen - Un-Break My Heart - Celine Dion Cover

    06. Weathering - Blue Dress - Depeche Mode Cover

    07. Kelly Lee Owens - Arpeggi - Radiohead Cover

    08. Ten Fe - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart - Miley Cyrus Cover

    09. Vistas - Adore You - Harry Styles Cover

    10. Emel - Every You Every Me - Placebo Cover

    11. Boy George featuring Sinead O’Connor - Death of Samantha - Yoko Ono Cover

    12. The Oddness - Sing It Back - Moloko Cover

    13. Joan as Police Woman - Out Of Time - R.E.M Cover

    14. Glass Animals - Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana Cover

    15. MO - Bullet with Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins Cover

    16. Dead Posey - Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode Cover


    17. Sam Dew - NTWFL - Heavy D & The Boyz Cover

    18. Divan & The House of Quoi featuring Gustaph - The Boy is Mine - Brandy & Monica Cover

    19. Sinead O’Connor - Trouble of the World - Mahalia Jackson Cover


    20. Purity Ring - Better Off Alone - Alice DeeJay Cover

    21. Robots with Rayguns featuring Jay Diggs - IWD4U - Prince Cover

    22. Pattern Faults - Fascination Street - The Cure Cover

    23. Kaleida - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana Cover

    24. Madeaux featuring Jace Mek - Closer - Nine Inch Nails Cover

    25. The Lost Fingers - Lithium - Nirvana Cover


    26. DMA’s - Did It Again - Kylie Minogue Cover

    27. The Zero Won - Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals Cover

    28. Eddie Thoneick featuring Parallels - Stay on these Roads - A-Ha Cover

    29. Kelton Prima featuring Hard Ton - Miss Me Blind - Culture Club Cover

    30. Paul Harris featuring Benson - Say or Do - Duke Cover

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