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  • Not being in good spiritual health is being online and viewing it as like a breath of fresh air or looking up to certain people so much because we don’t feel great about ourselves.

    When you feel so low in worth that you become desperate for anything that just appears to be kind so you feel something, because you’re not getting that outside of the internet by being with Jesus in secret, that’s not okay. Let alone on a platform like this, no hate for the people on here but this is not your source of hope. I’m not bashing influence. I’m saying it’s not the source meaning when you click off or whatever, it’ll be something else you need and you’ll just be like a rollercoaster looking for something to keep filling you so you can keep on trucking along life, making it through the day.

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    After getting a new job I was just thinking if I can get an opportunity to share my experiences of self love with other people.


    There is a Chapter called Purpose in “Think like a Monk” book by @Jayshetty where he says we don’t need to make a huge change. We can look for opportunities to do what we love in the life we already have. He started his journey in Accenture.

    This idea touched my heart and I really want to find an opportunity in my organisation.

    In the beginning there was the women session and where they asked for ideas to initiate something for women. I told that if I get any opportunity I am willing to teach Meditation, Self-love to people who are interested in the organisation itself.

    Finally it happened, when there was a group formed for female employees for different purposes. One of the group, I have taken an ownership for.

    Yesterday was the day when I have conducted first meditation session for female employees. Almost 30 women showed up and they found it really useful and peaceful.

    I am so grateful to the universe for this wonderful opportunity to share my work with them.

    Apart from that I started blogging as well.


    There is a beautiful quote by Paulo Coelho, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

    And I really beleive in this quote.


    Don’t wait, just speak up for what you want and you will find the way.


    Share with those who really need to see this.

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  • This song.

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  • What is Neptune?

    Neptune is classified as the 8th planet from the sun at the center of our solar system. Neptune is considered an outer generational planet that exists outside the original 7 inner planets inside Saturn’s belt. Being an outer planet, the sign Neptune resides is felt on a broader scale among all people in a generation. On a personal level, Neptune’s influence is seen through house placement and significant planetary aspect in a birth chart. Henceforth the nature of Neptune will be discussed on the themes it represents.

    The planet Neptune in Astrology is the planet of all that is intangible. It is responsible for things that are formless and lack physical grounding in the real world. Neptune rules over of loss of boundaries and the dissolving of physical attachment. Neptune represents all that is infinite and the ability to permeate freely without restriction. This planet is considered a malefic planet due to its association with a lack of attachment to practicality and existing within boundaries.

    The essence of Neptune in Astrology is seen as the planet of the imagination and the fantasy realm. it is the planet of bliss, ecstasy, and existence in a transcendental state. Specifically, Neptune rules escapism through the imagination. Neptune is often known for its deception and trickery which is a negative complement to its positive imaginative side.  This part of Neptune tends to bring lies, delusion, confusion, hypnosis, boundary problems, addiction tendencies, and self-undoing behaviors.

    The planet Neptune in Astrology is affiliated with the desire to transcend the physical world. This outer planet rules over all that is unseen, mysterious, paranormal, or unexplained. Neptune rules over all forms of hidden undercurrent energies that have lack physical form. These energies can affect life on a day to day basis regardless of lacking concrete form. Such examples can include concepts like astrology and universal planet energy that affect all life. Another prominent example is soul energy and the sense of higher self that guides people along.

    The concept of Spirituality is deeply associated with the domain of Neptune. This can include all spiritual practice that represents finding with higher emotional meaning in life. Neptune represents the process of transcending the physical world and doing inner work to find the spiritual self. Isolation and meditations are processes seen with Neptune that help reach a place of personal spiritual higher truth. Once Neptune helps a person find the center of spirituality a higher sense of purpose and meaning follows.

    The spiritual nature of Neptune brings with it an elevated sense of otherworld love. This planet is all about showing compassion and love, which can culminate towards sacrifice to offer help. Humanitarian pursuits and wanting to heal others in a troubling situation comes from Neptune. The danger with Neptune can be giving to much out of compassion, perhaps losing sight of the reality of situations in the process.  

    In Astrology Neptune is associated with being the higher octave of planet Venus. This means that many things represented by Venus are brought to a greater level through Neptune. A prominent example being art and aesthetics. Neptune brings these Venusian qualities up a notch through the use of Neptune’s imaginative and visual nature. The imagination is used to create deeper forms of creative art like music, poetry, film. theater, calligraphy, and painting.

    The nature of Venus is also turned up in nature through the higher octave of Neptune. Planet Neptune is a very romantic planet and embellishes in the fantasy of otherwordly love and bliss. Neptune can get lost in love through dissolving the sense and merging seamlessly with another. The danger of being deceived in love is high.  Neptune can be lost in the imaginative side of love, being disillusioned by the fantasy of perfect love instead of what’s real.

    Neptune is affiliated with intuition and heightened perception. Neptune rules the so-called “sixth senses.” These senses exist outside the traditional 5 senses in the physical world. Sixth Senses can range from any number of extrasensory perceptions. Such examples can include heightened instincts, powerful hunches, psychic ability, clairvoyance, and telepathy. Communications with spirits and the other realm are also sixth sense abilities governed by the nature of Neptune.

    On a generational level, Neptune’s influence can rule over many things that occur in society. From politics, lies, deceptions, and confusion that occurs during Neptune’s reign in a sign.  Neptune can also bring changes in how people escape reality, find entertainment, and express their creativity.  Generationally Neptune even has a say in the way music is enjoyed, the type of music in an era, and even how matters of spirituality and compassion are handled among the masses.

    On average Neptune orbits the sun in 165 earth years. The gas giant takes all 165 of those years to traverse all of the zodiac signs. 14 years is spent every sign before progressing. When Neptune goes retrograde it represents a very powerful internal manifestation of the imaginative and creative qualities of the planet. The retrograde period can also bring a desire to escape and transcend the physical world more so than normal. Spiritual practices can be stronger, as can the potential to dissolve and escape practical reality.

    Age Neptune Matures: around age 42

    Neptune does not Mature in Astrology in the same traditional way as the inner planets. The maturity of Neptune for an individual hypothetically occurs when transit Neptune squares the natal Neptune in the birth chart. This period is important as it signifies the middle point of the average human life span.  For this reason, Transit Neptune natal is renowned for the midlife crisis aspect.

    Neptune can be seen as maturing during midlife because the transit square triggers the illusion nature of Neptune. During this time Neptune creates confusion. It could be that things are going perfectly fine in life but there is suddenly a sense of loss. Life can feel as if there is something missing but it’s hard to pinpoint.  Dreams can come into question, which can be dangerous especially if everything is going as planned.

    This theoretical period when Neptune matures also can call up the subject of spirituality. Confusion around the subject of spirituality can trigger the midlife crisis that questions direction in life. Suddenly spiritual practices that may have been followed prior could fall on the wayside. This transit of Neptune squaring Neptune can trigger a rebirth or even an awakening of spirituality.

    For prior nonspiritualists, this “maturity” period of Neptune at midlife can be invoking.  It may feel suddenly as if waking up from a delusion, realizing that life is not permanent. Deep and profound questions suddenly come about. Was life meaningful?  Is there anything after I die? Just a small example of spiritual concepts and ideas that suddenly cross the end.  Pursuing spirituality certainly may become a sudden interest out of nowhere as the second half phase of life begins.

    Sign Neptune Naturally Rules Over


    Neptune Traits

    Loss of Boundaries
    Mystical things
    Psychic Intuition
    Unconditional love
    Visual Glamour

    People Ruled By Neptune

    The “Higher Self”
    Fantasy Writers
    Holistic Healers
    Social Workers
    Drug Addicts
    Confused People

    Places Ruled By Neptune

    Hidden Places
    Other Dimensions
    Fantasy Realms
    The Deep Ocean

    Day Ruled By Neptune


    Time Ruled By Neptune

    Day and Night (Speculative due to lack of historical data.) A case can be made Neptune is strong during both day and night. Neptune is linked to the dream world which is affiliated with sleep and nighttime. Neptune also rules the dark ocean abyss, once again which may show a tendency towards comfort at night. Neptune also represents all that is hidden which can be associated as being away from light.  Another case for being strong at night.

    The case for Neptune being strong during the day is plausible too. Neptune is affiliated with Pisces and the 12th house, which comes just after dawn when the sun is rising over the eastern horizon.  This is significant being the time after waking up when the consciousness is fresh and clear. During this time the imagination can be stronger. In many religions, spiritual practices are advised in the early parts of the morning when the Sun is rising at the start of the day.  Another case why Neptune may be stronger during the day.

    Neptune Temperature

    Slightly Cool

    Colors Of Neptune

    Sea Green

    Body Parts Ruled By Neptune

    Pineal Gland, Feet, Toes, Mucus Membranes

    Karaka of Houses/Theme: (what the planet signifies and rules over)

    12th House / Spirituality, Hidden Things, Loss of Physical World, Loss of Identity, Loss of Boundaries, Confusion

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  • Find out what is your Life’s PURPOSE and live with it…


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  • I think we are all living in some kind of simulation and trying to get out of this illusion created for us by someone else.

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  • stripped down to the core, dance is movement patterns
    the music and breathing does most of the heavy lifting.
    these are explorations and investigations.
    and this body of work is ever changing.
    and this is not possible without mentors and friends
    because dance is about connection and relation
    and embodying
    and b e i n g

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  • everyone has purpose.

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  • Fall Leaves 39 11/24/20 – 22-Acre Woods, Indian Land, South Carolina

    Genghis Khan said:
    “A man’s greatest pleasure is crushing his enemies.
    The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies,
    to chase them  before you,
    to rob them of their wealth,
    to take their horses,
    to see those dear to them  bathed in tears,
    to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”  

    Take his enemies,
    their wealth and horses,
    their wives and daughters
    away from him.
    Put him on an island
    with water to eat
    and fruit and vegetables to eat,
    and watch what happens to him.
    What does he do with his time?
    What would keep him going?

    What is your greatest pleasure?
    Your greatest happiness?
    What would you do without it?
    Without the hope of it?
    Without the possibility of it?
    What would keep you going?

    Blaise Pascal said,

    “All of humanity’s problems stem
    from (our) inability
    to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    What keeps us going,
    sitting quietly in a room alone?

    What makes it worth our time
    and effort?

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