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  • Alright guys, what are the Gayest Episodes of Star Trek? I’m on a kick right now and I need the sweet, sweet space gayness, I’m talking DS9, TOS, and ENT mostly and ig I’m down for TNG (I haven’t gotten through much of VOY and I don’t have CBS so Disco is off the table). BUT CMON HELP I GOTTA DOWNLOAD THEM OFF NETFLIX BEFORE I GO HOME

    #hannah babbles #star trek tos #star trek ds9 #star trek ent #star trek tng #star trek voy #yknow what hit me with fic recs too of you got them #im talking all the ships guys #spirk#spones#daforge#qcard #(isnt tasha/deanna a thing??) #uhh#garashir#quodo#kiradax#t’poshi#tuckerreed #god i hate that ship name #otp: keep yer shirt on lieutenant #ooo i forgot #shrancher #hit me with those rarepairs #ALL OF THEM
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  • HELLO???

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  • I was watching “Change Your Mind” and then I watched “All Good Things” and I couldn’t stop myself.

    So here’s Q as White Diamond. Or should I say, Q-ite Diamond.

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  • Picard: go away. Leave us alone.

    Q: who gave you permission to be 👏 so 👏 damn 👏 cute? 👏👏👏

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  • I need a cosplay video where Jean-Luc is running from like 20 Qs who all yell ‘Mon captain~’

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  • i’m reading a book where Q and Lwaxana Troi meet and date and there’s a scene where Picard goes to dinner with the ambassador specifically to try to talk her out of seeing Q and she’s going on about him being jealous and he keeps insisting, as much to himself as to her, that he’s not jealous of Q and my gay ass is just like duh Jean-Luc you’re jealous of Lwaxana here

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  • Honestly, as “”“unlikely”“” as it is for Picard and Q to become a thing, I don’t believe for one second that if any of Picard’s family, old academy buddies or exes heard he’d finally settled down with a highly evolved, ancient, omnipotent alien entity with an IQ of 2005, they wouldn’t all roll their eyes and think, Of course he did.

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  • Q is annoying and a menace but picard would rather put up with him than spend time at a stuffy admirals dinner making small talk and i love that

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  • … So, like, who’s starting this or am I going to have to reach into the Continuum’s ether and pull it out myself lmao

    @q-card Are we doing the thing dear?

    #qcard #group chat? #yes? #I mean I talk to you all anyway but we could talk SIMULTANEOUSLY #that's wild#tng
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  • Mirror universe Qcard

    Look idk anything about tng and the mirror universe, I swear the comic cover it? But uh yeah I think if Picard in the mirror universe was as power hungry as everyone else in the mirror universe he definitely gunna take one look at a god like creature like Q and say “I’ll do anything to get that power even if my dick gotta go in it” okay that’s all I got.

    Your welcome

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  • Q was really out here, all powerful and shit, could choose any physical form and wanted to intimidate picard and the tng crew and he chose…..that. like why. he looks like your least favorite middle school teacher. he looks like a man that goes to a bakery and orders a coffee with sugar and toast. he looks like a man that would shop at L.L. Bean. he even has his cool makeup in Encounter at Fairpoint but that’s about as far as he goes (other than being naked) like why what is up with that. for a man who prides himself on his dramatic flair, he sure could’ve taken a look in the goddamn mirror before he chose a slightly angry, middle-aged, white man who looks like he yells at kids for trick or treating past 8:30pm

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  • Tony Bennett - Close Enough for Love (Audio)

    … So I’ve seen y’all recently, with your lovely Qcard song suggestions, all of which are very valid and I adore you for them, but if you’ll allow to wade in, mes captaines, I’ll raise you: space jazz, on their anniversary, with a twist chucked in because it’s me. This was a date idea at one point for the side blog (come say hi to some galactic idiots over at @ask-q-and-picard, if you’re up for such things ^_^), but this narrative was far too sprawling, so here we are! Welcome to around a thousand words of softness, a sprinkling of angst, a side order of introspection, and a god who can’t dance to save his own immortal essence.

    (This isn’t a songfic as such guys, but you’ll get the most from it if you have a listen to the above whilst reading, thematically as well as lyrically. Let Tony Bennett melt your soul with his deeply appropriate words and delightful voice. <3)

    * Also, as promised, ma’am - @q-card, have fun with this cosmic romance!

    Left foot first, Q.”

    Dammit, Jean-Luc, I don’t -” His footsteps are automatically corrected, the movement vexingly smooth, and he barely represses a snarl at his lover’s grin.

    “You’re omniscient, my dear - how can you be so awful at waltzing?” He queries, voice a teasing lilt.

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    #wherein celestial loves her some goddamned jazz #qcard#q#picard#tng#writing#drabbles #this is their anthem guys #I'm sorry I don't make the rules #I have a serious kink for adorable picard right now and I'm living for it truly #kinkshamers don't interact
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  • There’s only one good character and it’s Q from Star Trek because while he’s an incredibly powerful space deity he spends ALL of his fuckin time just LARPing as a human and harrassing the guy he has a crush on

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  • Q really went “I want to have a super cool physical form to impress and intimidate Picard and his crew” and then became a bright glowing sphere with 3 large snakes attached. “man this is so banger” he thought before appearing aboard.

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  • #anon#q speaks#picard speaks #the snobbery of the omnipotent #these two 1000% have an aloof kitten named after a french dessert #I'm feeling Pain Au Raisin the persian #and she just permanently sits there and glares at Q #but adores picard despite his overall indifference to her #and it drives Q absolutely mad with jealousy #where's the twenty thousand word AU slow burn on this huh celestial? #*quietly adds it to the ever-growing Qcard drabble queue* #belladonna suzy q is honestly the best headcanon on this blog
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  • what idiot named it qcard and not piqard

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