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  • Q, the “sexy baby” routine doesn’t work nearly as well when you’re like 6’ 3” and can’t stop doing villain monologues

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  • Q: alright, so let’s say you and i are married, and-

    Picard: we are not married

    Q: relax, it’s just hypothetical. we’re pretending

    Picard: i don’t want to pretend

    Q: scared you’ll like it?

    Picard: if we’re married, i want a divorce

    Pulaski, whispering: are they always like this?

    Riker: yes.

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  • I mean, seriously

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  • y’all… I would die for this morally gray lovestruck alien

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  • I don’t have a funny caption I just like Q

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  • image

    This shot I’ve been keeping in my camera roll for ages finally inspired a thing because I APPARENTLY LIKE HURTING MYSELF WITH FEELS

    I figured when Picard’s time would come, Q’d be there to take him to the Continuum with him…lemme dream ok?

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  • star trek: look! an alien!


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  • Fandom Asks!


    Thanks guys! @quee-ra​​ @etherianfrigatebird​​ @darkmasterofcupcakes​​ @friendsofmaras​​ @bunny-lou​​

    A. Ships that you currently like a lot.

    I’ve been more into worldbuilding than ships lately, but here are some that I’ve been thinking about. XD


    B. A pairing that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.

    This happens to me a lot in that I see fanart or read fanfiction that prompts me to think about a ship or like it more. It’s occurred with Geraskier and Qcard, which are two of my OTPs now.

    C. A ship you have never liked and probably never will.

    I can’t get behind Romione, but I respect people that like the ship. To the anon that asked for “the tea” about She-Ra, I’m afraid the tea’s gonna be cold. There are no big pairings that I totally dislike. :P

    D. A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.

    I don’t have this feeling, although I am often curious why some ships are much more popular than others. How did Zutara become so popular when Avatar was first airing, and why is Zukka so popular now? Does anyone besides me still ship Kataang? XD

    G. Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?

    My first OTP was Harry and Hermione!


    M. Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.

    Toph, because she’d kick my butt when I procrastinate.

    P. Invent a random AU for any fandom.

    The first thing that popped into my head was an Ancillary Justice AU, based on the sci-fi series by Ann Leckie! It’s about the AI of a military starship, living in a human body after her ship is destroyed, and how she seeks revenge against the ruler of her civilization’s vast empire. It would make for a rad She-Ra AU. There’s already a ship’s AI, Darla, and I love giving minor characters more focus in fanfiction. What if the First Ones still existed, and Darla tried to get revenge against them for what happened to Mara? What if Darla was an AI on a Horde ship instead, and she rebelled against Horde Prime? There are so many possibilities. :P

    Q. A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.

    There was too much drama in the Star Wars fandom for me. I still post about the characters sometimes, though!

    T. Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

    That is a lot of pressure for a headcanon, so no. And most of my headcanons are just close analyses of the characters, so they sometimes turn out to be canon. XD

    W. A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.

    Misunderstandings which the characters could solve by talking to each other. I don’t hate this trope, because it’s pretty much inescapable in media and can be done in an interesting way, but I’m not always in the mood for the angst it causes.

    X. A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.

    Mutual pining!

    Z. Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! 

    I feel like I already did this with my answer to the “invent a random AU” question. Something else? I’ll add my two cents to the “Who is scarier: Appa or Momo?” debate going on in the Avatar fandom. Appa is scarier; he terrified a platypus bear into laying eggs. Momo gets into random fights with other animals, but he doesn’t usually frighten them. That being said, he did help Sokka scare Aang in “The Avatar State.” If you can frighten the Avatar, then you must still be pretty intimidating, right? Still, I’m gonna go with Appa.

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  • “You’ll never tell me what I want to hear

    Despite everything I want you to be near

    Qs are supposed to be the epitome of it all

    I feel like I’m about to take a fall

    Get a grip, get a grip, get a grip, Q

    Because love is a thing

    Love is a thing

    Love is a thing that mortals do.”

    -Q and the Continuum, “Love Is A Thing That Mortals Do” , The Qsical

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    • Picard: Q-
    • Q: I know what you're thinking. Yes, of course I'll marry you.
    • Picard: ...
    • Picard: I was going to ask you to pass the salt.
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  • Picard: It’s been quiet lately…too quiet.

    The universe: *Romulans infiltrate an important starfleet meeting. Klingons show up to steal a supposed super weapon being stored on the Enterprise. The holodeck holds most of the senior officers hostage.the borg have been spotted and the Ferengi gave the Enterprise’s computer malware after an ensign accidentally clicked on their ad. Several temperamental ambassadors are aboard as well as all of Picard’s ex love interests and Q has showed up for his monthly dick appointment.*

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  • It’s the balance between “I’m obsessed with you. Let me grant you immortality and take you to the ends of the galaxy” “I know this and I know you. Let me show you what it is to love like a mortal” and “I’m a bastard 😘” “yes you are. now get off my ship” and you’ve got to have both. Gotta be both.

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  • Can the Qcard fandom help me find a fic?

    I can’t remember much of the plot except I think the Q continuum gives Picard Q powers briefly because Q is having a meltdown(?) or something and there’s a big storm and Picard gets overwhelmed and passes out I think?? And then at some point Picard goes to the continuum and argues with an enormous pool of light.

    It’s old like I must have read it 5-10 years ago. I’m not sure if it was in the old Usenet collection

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  • Not to be a raging queer or anything but I would just like to point out the potential parallels between qcard and the myth of Eros and Psyche.

    I’m specifically referring to the latter half of the story: skip past the prophecy/marriage/betrayal in the beginning and consider everything from Psyche’s tasks onwards. After that point, everything tracks almost perfectly. You have the minor god-figure obsessed with a mortal. You have a more powerful god-figure against the relationship. You have the series of epic tasks given by the more powerful god-figure meant to test the mortal’s worthiness of the minor god’s obsession–trials which are unfairly weighted against the mortal hero’s success, though the mortal hero ultimately completes them against all odds.

    Given the parallels, I think it would be very interesting to see the story played out to its conclusion: that every time Q shows up on the Enterprise to bully Picard, it’s actually part of a series of trials orchestrated by the Q Continuum to prove Picard’s worth as Q’s intended. It’s particularly fitting that their first meeting/challenge in “Encounter at Farpoint” literally manifests as a trial–Picard is just unaware that the trial never truly ended. What if when the trial does end, when Picard proves himself worthy despite (or because of) his humanity/mortality, Q is finally in a position to offer to Picard the end of the Eros/Psyche narrative? In the end, you see, Psyche is deified–she marries Eros, and the gods grant her immortality. What if the end of the Q/Picard narrative is Jean-Luc’s apotheosis and immortal marriage to Q? Not that I think an in-character Jean-Luc Picard would accept any kind of deification… but it would be VERY sexy of him.

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  • ~You’ve got me hypnotized

    I hate your stare but I love your eyes~

    link to the song here

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