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    22.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #i miss the peace :') even tho i do love the chaos #quackity#asks#quackinquack
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  • quackinquack
    22.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    imma be at my friend's dorm for a week, praying i don't wake up to a "quackity went bald" vod

    #any moment i could miss it . #life is a risky game 😢 #quackity#quackinquack
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  • fluffonthefloor
    22.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    ender dragon hybrid dream shedding

    #i know that dragons don’t usually shed but i’m cool so he sheds #itchy itchy boy. angered. itchy #i’m imagining him rubbing against the prison walls trying to get the shed off KSFKKACJJS #quackity comes in for a daily visit and dream’s like NOT TODAY. while he’s trying to pick it all off #this is too funny but that’s because i’m sleepy :) #dream smp#personal
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    22.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago
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  • pixiethesizeshifter
    22.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago


    So a ask I had just disappeared or I accidentally deleted it. Put hopefully I got this close enough to the original ask- I think it was naga Sapnap and Karl. With duck hybrid Quackity with noms. Sorry I really don’t know what happened to the original ask. But hope you enjoy this.

    (Warnings: safe vore, mouth play, accidentally vore, accidentally fear play, talk of digestion nothing happens everyones ok)



    “Are you sure about this?” Karl asked the small hybrid in his hands.

    “Yep! I’m sure.” Quackity nodded excited.

    Karl looked nervously at Sapnap. Quackity had brought this up a few times now. And every time the nagas said it was a bad idea, but Quackity was stubborn and didn’t give up till Karl caved in. Puppy dog eyes might have been used.

    Sapnap shrugged. “I don’t know, he seems fine with it. Just be careful.” Sapnap told Karl. He wasn’t quite sure why Quackity wanted to see the inside of their mouths, but the duck hybrid practically begged them.

    Karl sighed looking back at his tiny boyfriend. “I really just don’t want to hurt you.” He said softly running a finger down Quackity’s back, petting his wings.

    “I know.” He said leaning into Karl’s touch. “But I know you won’t hurt me, I trust you.” He smiled looking up at the naga.

    Karl felt his heart swell with love hearing that Quackity trusted him this much. “Ok, but if you want out please tell me.” He said bringing Quackity closer.

    “Got it.” Quackity nodded. He was glad he finally got one of them to agree to this.

    Karl softly kissed Quackity’s middle and hesitantly opened his mouth.

    Quackity gasped as the mouth in front of him slowly opened up. He stepped closer feeling the warm breath wash over him. He placed a hand on the forked tongue crawling in. He grinned looking around Karl’s mouth. He felt around looking at the sharp teeth that surrounded him. But he held no fear as he reached out to touch on the the fangs.

    Karl froze feeling Quackity crawl into his mouth. He looked at Sapnap as he held his jaws open for Quackity. Sapnap was watching carefully not sure what to think of the situation. He was pretty sure his boyfriend was crazy for wanting to experience this.

    Karl was careful not to move, or more like he was to nervous to move. He felt Quackity touch one of his fangs and he panicked worried he’d cut himself. He wrapped his tongue around him pulling him away from the tooth. He quickly unwrapped his tongue from around Quackity worried he had done something wrong.

    Quackity gasped as the tongue he had been sitting on wrapped around him. He didn’t struggle though. He chuckled as Karl very quietly let him go. He patted the roof of the mouth. “I’m ok.” He reassured him. “I won’t touch the fangs.” He said realizing what Karl was worried over. He felt a soft breeze wash over him as Karl sighed. He laid in his back across Karl’s tongue. He reached up to feel the odd texture of the roof of the mouth. “Hey, Karl can you close your mouth? I want to see what it’s like.”

    Karl sighed relieved he hadn’t scared Quackity. He relaxed a little, till Quackity asked him to close his mouth. He looked worriedly at Sapnap.

    Sapnap shrugged. He could see Quackity laying on Karl’s tongue in his mouth. It- it was definitely strange to see. “It should be fine...?” Sapnap said. “He’s asking for it pretty much.”

    Karl was still worried about hurting Quackity, but he did close his mouth slowly.

    Quackity grinned as he saw the light fade as Karl closed his mouth. He rolled over on his stomach he stretched out his wing. They hadn’t even gotten wet, they where still soft and fluffy. He hugged Karl’s tongue just relaxing in be being so close to his boyfriend.

    Karl smiled softly as he felt Quackity hug his tongue. Maybe this wasn’t quite as bad as he thought. He was just keeping him close. It wasn’t like he was eating him or anything. Sapnap slithered closer to Karl the both getting more comfortable in the situation. And everything was fine, till Sapnap fell.

    Sapnap smiled softly. He trusted Quackity to not do anything to stupid and he just seemed to be using this as another very odd way to cuddle. He went over to get closer to Karl so he could cuddle Karl while he had their little duck. But his and Karl’s tails here twisted together and he slipped up and tripped over Karl’s tail and fell on him.

    He reached to try and grabbed Sapnap from falling on him. Karl gasped as he couldn’t keep the both of them up and they fell backwards with Sapnap on top of him. Something fell into the back of his throat keeping him from breathing and he instinctively swallowed it. Just as he did, did he realize what he had swallowed. “Sapnap!” He yelled.

    Sapnap huffed sitting up. “I’m fine. Sorry, sorry.” He said getting up from Karl. He looked down to see Karl’s panicked face. “Oh whoa, what wrong?!” He asked.

    “I- I it’s Quackity, I.... I swallowed...” he couldn’t finish his sentence. He lay frozen in his panic not sure what to do.

    “Oh shit!” Sapnap cursed. “Did you- where did you swallow him to? Can get him to your storage?!” He said pulling Karl up trying to get him out of his panic.

    Karl shook his head as he set up. He closed his eyes trying to feel where Quackity was. He sighed relieved that he could feel his light weight in his storage stomach. “I- yes. He’s in the right one.” He said softly hands over where Quackity was.

    Sapnap rested his forehead on Karl’s. At lest Karl’s instincts knew where to put Quackity. But Quackity had to be panicking right now, they had to get him out.

    Quackity was confused as he set in complete darkness. He had just been chilling in Karl’s mouth when suddenly he was thrown back into the throat and swallowed. He couldn’t move as he was pushed down. He had fallen into this small space soon after. He could stretch his arms out and touch ether side of where he was. Of course his first thought was that this was Karl’s stomach. But he’d seen both nagas eat before, no way was their stomachs this small. That and he hadn’t felt any pain from acids. Which was good, but he didn’t know why he had been swallowed.

    Sapnap cupped Karl’s face in his hands. “Can you try to talk to him? Tell him he’s ok?” He said softly. He wasn’t sure if Quackity could hear them talking.

    “I- I can try.” Karl sighed shakily. He looked down at where his hands rested. “Q-Quackity?” He said loudly. Even if he did hear him, how did he explain this was an accident?

    Quackity jumped a little hearing Karl speak. It sounded louder this close. “Yeah?” He replied. He pressed a hand against the wet wall next to him. “Uh, what happened?” He asked.

    Karl could hear Quackity! Quackity could hear him! He heard his question and winced. “Ummmm... Sapnap fell on me and- and I accidentally swallowed you.” He said voice getting softer at the end. “But! You’re ok in there I promise. It’s not a stomach not a real one.” He quickly said.

    Sapnap watched as Karl tried to explain what happened. He couldn’t hear what Quackity was saying. He didn’t like not knowing what was happening with Quackity.

    Oh, so that where he was. But he was more working about how panicked Karl sounded and how fast his heart was going. “Whao! Hey, I know it’s ok. I kinda already figured that out.” He said moving from his spot to lean against the silky wall.

    Karl paused. Why wasn’t Quackity freaking out more? He had just been eaten! He should be more worried! “But- how did you know?” He asked.

    Quackity shrugged. “This is way to small to be your stomach, and I’m not turning to mush. So there’s that.” He needed to get Karl to calm down. “And like I said, I know you would never hurt me. I trust you.”

    “I just ate you! How do you still trust me?!” Karl yelled. He was focused on the funny feeling of Quackity shifting around to notice Sapnap’s confused and worried face he was giving him.

    “Because I do!” Quackity yelled back. He stood up then slipped falling back down. “You didn’t even mean to swallow me. So deep down, your instincts knew I wasn’t good so you put me here.”

    “B-but-“ Karl started before getting cut off. “What’s going on?!” Sapnap demanded getting frustrated only hearing half of the conversation.

    Karl looked at Sapnap. “He’s not freaking out. Like at all. He says he trust me still..”

    “Well, that’s a good thing.” Sapnap said hesitantly. “Right?”

    “Hey! You talking to Sapnap?” Quackity asked shoving at the slick wall next to him.

    “Don’t do that!” Karl said flushing pink. “And yes, I’m talking to Sapnap about how crazy you are.”

    Sapnap was confused. But all this could be going a lot worse. He took Karl’s hands away from his stomach. “I want to listen.” He said pressing his ear to where Karl’s hands had been. “Quackity? You hear me?”

    Quackity gasped then jumped up to where he could hear Sapnap’s voice. “Yes! I can hear you! Can you hear me?”

    “Yeah I can! Now we can all talk.” He smiled. He glanced up at Karl chuckling at his red face.

    Karl set stunned as Sapnap pressed his face to his torso to hear their boyfriend. His whole face was red from the closeness.

    “Well that’s perfect. Now I can stay here longer.” He said pressing his hand against where he could feel Sapnap slightly pushing on him.

    “What?! Why would you stay longer?” Karl asked worried the whole experience had made Quackity lose his sanity.

    “Well first of, it’s very comfortable and warm. And I’m close to you. I mean I much closer could I get to the man I love them this?” He smiled rubbing the space around him.

    Karl couldn’t get a word out, he stuttered over his words a flush creeping up his neck. Sapnap laughed at Karl’s reaction. “Awww, he’s bright red now.” He told Quackity.

    Quackity laughed happily hearing this. “Oh? Is he really?” He smirked giving Karl more belly rubs.

    Karl covered his face as he felt Quackity rubbing his storage stomach. It felt so nice, and he couldn’t figure out why it did. He began to softly purr against his own will.

    “Awww, glad you’re enjoying this too.” Quackity teased hearing Karl start to purr. He could feel the soft vibrations all around him.

    Sapnap smirked up at Karl as he started to purr too. He was more relieved then anything that Quackity was ok and didn’t hate them for this. Well, he seemed a little more then ok with all this. Which they could talk about later. For now he wanted to enjoy cuddling with his boyfriends.

    The two nagas curled up around the other making sure Sapnap could keep his head on Karl’s torso to hear Quackity. Though none of them where saying much any more. Other then a small teasing comment from Quackity once and a while. They where tired from the scare from earlier and where all just happy to be with each other. And if Quackity was making a plan on how to get Sapnap to eat him while the two nagas where sleeping, only he needed to know that.

    #pixie writes#pixies writing#giant/tiny #naga!sapnap #giant!sapnap #giant!karl #naga!karl #tiny!quackity #mcyt g/t community #mcyt gt#mcyt g/t#g/t community#g/t vore#tw vore#safe vore#accidentally vore#fear play
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  • shrugofgod
    22.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    the blueberry tv ep for the election rally came out and I’m gonna liveblog it cause I've got a free hour, get ready folks! this got so long

    the walls are still up and the flag is still there,,,, man,,,


    it becomes Very obvious just how much acting and detail tommy is putting into his character these days when you look back and compare to older streams, where his character was just himself but in dsmp. like. damn. kind of sad to see c!tommy just fucking around and having fun without the layers upon layers of trauma ngl, this kid has no idea what's coming

    Wilbur: "We should show that we can sacrifice things, y'know, for the good of L'manburg." Tommy (a bit later): "Ask me for something and I'll give it to you." Wilbur: "Give me one of your discs." ... "If I'm your president, you need to prove that you can trust me."

    and he does! he gives him mellohi and a fake disc.

    Tommy: "Can I have them back?" Wilbur: "Tommy, those discs got us our independence, man. Me, as the president, I think I need to keep hold of them. ...Until we win the election, then they go back to their rightful owner."

    which is an interesting conversation in the context of current lore? it feels like c!wilbur is trying to combat his insecurity against losing the presidency by letting himself be the custodian of important historical objects. maybe also a tiny bit of that future sort of no-boundaries approach he takes to his relationship with c!tommy. what's mine is yours and all that.

    Tommy, accidentally getting shot by Wilbur: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH oh hi tubbo AAAAAAAAAAH

    Wilbur: "L'manburg has a wall to keep the Americans out." Quackity: "Am I allowed in?" Wilbur: "Well yeah, you're British, you told us on day one... We only dislike people from the United States." Quackity (a bit later): "Hey, Wilbur, if I told you that I'm not actually British and that I was Mexican, would you still, would you still let me in?" Wilbur: "Oh yeah, as long as you weren't U.S."

    just a bit interesting! idk if this gets contested later, but for now, they seem a-okay with letting quackity in

    HGFDFGHJK tommy tells tubbo to "show im what u got" in chat, meaning take off his l'manburg hat to freak out big q, and tubbo just fucking kills him no questions asked

    tommy makes wilbur make a stupid noise while he removes his hat and then later he refuses to put it back on and wilbur does the stupid noise again and he does it instantly. sometimes I forget why y'all call them brothers and then shit like this happens


    wilbur and quackity are still fucking flirting??? I thought that started in pogtopia but apparently this goes back further than I realized???

    wilbur and tommy are doing this bit where wilbur keeps derailing into talking about depression and existential dread while doing a public speech and tommy is frantically trying to redirect the topic which is funny as a bit but in canon... mmm

    tommy also tells wilbur to be a good sport about quackity doing a speech and vouches for tubbo and has him represent pog2020 in a comedy debate v. quackity. tommy is a better vp than I remembered lmao

    ...i didn't know the original lyrics were "it's l'manburg"

    Wilbur: "As we are at the apex of our political parties, there is a lot of hostility between the parties Pog and Swag, but I want to say that as the incumbent president and as the leader of the Pog party, I'd like to say that, Quackity, no matter who wins this election-- if we are to lose, if we are to be defeated fairly by you in a democratic process, I will honour that of the people of L'manburg and I will try to give you the smoothest and easiest transition into government that I can."

    "we're citizens tonight" is the better known version of this speech but I just wanna point out that c!wilbur, although he proposed the election to solidify his power, gracefully accepted the possibility of losing if it was what the people wanted. contrary to popular belief, he was not in fact a power-hungry dictator

    "let it go, let it go-- BUDDHISM-- can't hold it back anymore,"

    Wilbur: "Quackity, I want to know you're running in good spirit. What made you want to run for president of L'manburg?" Quackity: "I cared about the society, the structure, the--" Wilbur: "You don't even know about the Camarvan!" Quackity: "I do! I do, I do, I do. I'm here right now, Wilbur. I do."

    THEY'RE FUCKING FLIRTING AGAIN, apparently tommy thinking standing close together is kissing is an older joke than I thought

    tommy is the one who suggested the debate / presidential speeches so that people could speak freely without shouting over each other? really was vp huh

    Quackity, to chat: "If Pog2020 won, they're gonna deport me, they're gonna remove me from L'manburg. Tommy and Wilbur, they think I'm British, but I'm actually Mexican."

    and yet when you asked them before 'hypothetically', they seemed fine with it? and more upset with the idea of of you lying to them than anything? bit paranoid there buddy

    Quackity: "I just realized I'm homeless. I just realized I literally don't have a place to call home on this server. Tommy has a house. Karl has a house... I don't even have a house!"

    we love character consistency

    he also builds his house right in front of tommy's, "specifically to spite him"... i sense some dramatic irony

    Quackity, tearfully: "Someone told me that... you're getting married to Sapnap?" (karl leaves) "NO, ARE THEY TRUE? ARE THE ALLEGATIONS TRUE?" Karl (coming back): "You know what, you had your chance, Quackity!"

    oh boy

    (funnily enough he also makes karl stand in a hole for this conversation)

    #dream smp#mcyt#wilbur soot#tommyinnit#quackity#long post #this got Ridiculously long lmao #today on lyssie overanalyzes things: this post #technically
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    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tubbo’s lore stream made it abundantly clear that c!Quackity is a little bitch with logic as poor as Tommy usually is materialistically

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  • quackittymeowmeow
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    you've heard of c!quackity burning down kinoko kingdom... but have you considered c!sapnap burning down las nevadas ?
    what if he's told that quackity found out about the kingdom, but still didn't join. what if it's accidentally worded in a way that makes it out to be 'he purposefully didn't join and left you and karl behind, left you two alone to worry and wait without a word'. what if he finds out about las nevadas, and what if he gets angry?
    you know how he is with fire.
    #/dsmp /rp #i have 5 different ideas. this is the only one getting a post #maybe? i dunno #i think this is an interesting concept haven't seen anyone suggest it before #i am so creative /j #this can push the demon c!sap hc too yooo #sapnap#karl jacobs#quackity#karlnapity#las nevadas#kinoko kingdom
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  • dreamvvastaken
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    yknow what. nvm. dream is homura sapnap is madoka and george is sayaka.

    #txt#nick #quackity is kyoko BTW
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  • scribbeebee
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Look at them 😭💜

    I had alot of fun drawing them. Also It was my first time drawing jack!

    #fanart#nihachu fanart #wilbur soot fanart #quackity fanart #jack manifold fanart #ranboo fanart#tubbo fanart
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    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • ninth-mercury
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    gloria, i smell it on your breath. gloria, booze and peppermint. gloria, no one said enough is enough. gloria, they found you on the floor. gloria, my hand was tied to yours. and, gloria, did you finally see that enough is enough? heaven, help me now, heaven, show the way, get me back on my own two feet. i would lie awake and pray you don’t lie awake for me. (1) gloria, the lumineers

    He used to hide the bottles; by the end of the first month of presidency, you were picking up Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Cognac, and Woodford Reserve from underneath tables and couches, scattered amongst sloppy drafts and signed paperwork that never passed through your hands. The acrid tang of cigarette smoke and alcohol tended to saturate the conference rooms and the president’s office. You watched the kid leave each meeting nauseous and brittle, so you started leaving packs of chewing gum in his office drawers and bedside table. He berated you for it and at the end of the week the intermingling scents of peppermint and smoke and alcohol had burrowed its way through all your wardrobes.

    When he began flagging during his workouts, you dragged him to the one doctor you’d considered an ally. The doctor advised against his overindulgence, but the president waved him off, patted him on the back, and requested protein supplements. Frustrated, you left the room.

    The festival was supposed to be a celebration of your country’s power. You watched him smile as the kid spoke, and you thought it was something like pride; when he proclaimed the boy was a traitor and shoved him in a box and called the blood god to the stage, you froze, and then you said no. In the smoky aftermath you found yourself slumped over stage’s audio speaker, ears ringing with the biting screech of the fireworks. The kid was gone; the president lay unconscious next to the box. You looked over the audience and your skin prickled with their damnation.

    In his grapple to save his image and push his new agenda, he proposed to demolish the white house, and that was the last straw. You left. You joined the rebellion. He died in the war and he laughed in your face and told you he didn’t care about you, and the hollowness which had started to fill as you found a purpose in other people sharpened. That was fine; you were free and you had plans for the future.

    You ate his heart anyway. His ghost hovered in the periphery and you slept knowing he’d approve of the bloodthirst.

    Today, the slick handle of the warden’s sharp axe is as familiar a weight to your palm as the glass bottle, and the price of pulling in your chips weighs down on your spine.  


    everything you see is double, any way you go you lose when you’re lost in the woods and alone in the world too. another day older and another day we go, oh no alone again with all these people. (2) jackrabbit, san fermin

    Quick as a fox, that’s what you are, that’s the way you were born. But that’s not the way they see you.

    Your father used to call you his little champion when you were younger, but, well, you know how that turned out. You don’t remember your mother well enough for you to fall short of whatever expectations she’d left for you as a baby. When your grandfather says he loves you for who you are, you suspect he thinks of you as a nuisance. The men you called brothers and countrymen left you. That’s fine.

    The thing is, you weren’t sharp enough to see the whole picture. You watched your country—your  birthright—blow up thrice,  and then you breathed in the smoking echoes elsewhere. The dry desert reverberates, and you cannot recall which came first: the chicken or the egg? Would you have been able to change the course of fate? 

    It doesn’t matter what you lost now; what’s done is done.

    Here is the aftermath.

    Time bleeds sluggish and swift in turns. You look back and a blur of black shadows drifts closer and closer and you think nothing of the burrowing emptiness in your heart until—

    The reaper grasps your throat with the speed and intensity of lightning and you wake up breathless, your heartbeat quick as a fleeing rabbit. You stop sleeping. In a fit of panic you destroy your base and move to the foot of a mountain, in the midst of a small forest. You are alone and it suits you.

    One night, you fall asleep despite your best efforts, and this dream is different. He calls for you to reminisce over the failures and dreams of the past two administrations. You miss him, and he hands you the promise of family and purpose atop a gilded platter.

    You try to be better for your new allies and when you meet them, you click. They’re just like you: scared, and determined, and haunted. There’s blood on all your hands.

    You feel a little less empty.

    (you don’t remember this: he told you to run. from whom?)

    #dsmp#quackity#fundy #again not accurate to the cc's story i just wanted to write something
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  • theoreticallyjasper
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i’m watching quackity videos because they’re always chaotic and help distract me #ender! #asks!
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  • thatweirdguyinthebushes
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    tubbo and quackity? i propose the name cabinet duo.

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  • mantis-in-the-dirt
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dream sat against the heavy obsidian wall, staring out at the lava that burbled inches in front of his face. a distant part of him wondered if he was really hearing the pops, the bubbling, the sizzle. 

    was it really real? was he really real? honestly, dream didn't know anymore. it felt like he was just... an entity, piloting a shaped sack of torn flesh and broken bones and spilled blood. his body didn't feel like his own.

    he flexed his fingers in front of his face, somehow both terrified and bemused by the fact that it was him choosing to flex them, him choosing to spread his fingers and curl them back in. 

    it didn't feel like he was choosing to- it felt like an autopilot decision, spurred on by nothing but the desire to prove he had some sort of control within the skin and flesh.

    his thoughts conflicted, contradicted themselves, didn't make sense. everything felt strange, twisted, wrong. pain wasn’t his own, but he could feel it. 

    after all, if he wasn't really part of this body, was any of this truly happening to him? sure, the body was stuck in the prison, and the body was being tortured, but... he wasn't. he was inside of this vessel, running around in it.

    he wondered if there was a way he could relinquish control. 

    was there a way he could stop this feeling? was there a way he could get out, free himself, leave the cage and make it into whatever he was supposed to be? 

    almost unconsciously, he felt his- the body lean closer to the lava. the nose was maybe an inch away now, close enough that he could feel searing heat burning at the tip of his nose, singeing his eyelashes, drying out his eyes.

    “hey!” a voice snapped, calling him away from his thoughts and yanking the body- him?- away from the lava. 

    dream flinched back from the hands that pulled the body away, shuddering under the feeling of skin on skin. for a moment, he wasn’t sure who it was, terrified that quackity was back once again and he was about to be subject to another... session.

    instead, he found himself face to face with technoblade, an unfamiliar expression staining the face of the piglin. techno had taken his hands off of dream, but he still hovered over the skeletal body, and dream could suddenly place the look in techno’s eyes. 


    concern for dream. 

    dream- the body- something, someone- shivered, confused and... relieved?

    technoblade sighed, sitting down very carefully. he didn’t make any sudden movements, each twitch or slide or flick careful and deliberate and obvious. dream appreciated it. 

    there was silence, if not for the gentle popping of the lava. techno didn’t speak as he carefully placed his cape around dream’s shoulders. dream curled into it, comfort slowly sinking through his- the?- body. 

    the weight of the blanket was grounding, and even as the lava spat and crackled in what seemed to be a more malicious way, dream breathed a gentle sigh of rest.

    #depersonalisation tw#depersonalization tw #suicidal thoughts tw #uhh#implied torture#quackity#dream#dreamwastaken#technoblade #ask to tag if i missed a trigger #dream smp#pandora's vault #based on the recent stream and an episode i had last week *bites lip* #rivalsblr#rivals#my bolved
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  • farfran
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    thinking bout how c!quackity is the only person who’s ever seen c!sam truly break down…….

    #*lays down in the middle of the woods* im upset #he was SO vulnerable and quackity capitalized on it im so……. #awesamdude#dream smp#willow whispers#sam
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  • pinkshirtgogy
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    feral boys should probably watch let it shine the disney channel original movie to learn how to write bars before they go into their next mad verse city game

    #quackity is the best of all of them #also bbh but i was talking feral boys #bbh SLANDERS them #georgenotfound#dreamwastaken#quackity#sapnap#karl jacobs
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  • loganprobably
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    don’t mind me i’m in an angsty mood

    #dream smp#slimecicle#charlie slimecicle#slimecicle fanart #charlie slimesicle fanart #quackity#las nevadas #dream smp fanart #logan does art #what happens if this becomes canon? huh? what happens then? #we sob is what happens #anyways this is based off that one scene from the sh3 r@ reboot #i’ve never seen a full episode of it in my life but that scene lives in my head rent free
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  • flowersandknifes
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ok but this video

    Omg wow I love it so much!!!!

    TNT duo animatic my beloved

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