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  • dreamquackity
    17.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #ask#dreamwastaken#quackity#mcyt#qwt #literally quackity looks SO cute in it #like holy shit real they were inseparable best friends in high school holy shit…
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  • scavenger-sketches
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    brought out the markers for this one…

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  • akvilenotfound
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #ask#anon#georgenotfound#quackity #it is so damn funny to me #it's like he gets shy but instead of doing quiet #he's like 'shut up' or he rolls his eyes or tries to turn it into a bit #i genuinely adore that 😂😂😂 #one of my favourite moments ever #was bad literally talking about how much he loves george and how great he is #and then george going '...do you ever shut up?' #I LOVE HIM
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  • murfnes
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #I am not dead yay #quackity#quackity fanart#dream smp#dsmp#karlnapity#las nevadas#jschlatt#eret #consistency on the scar? what's that? #i have so many thoughts about this #I'll go scream to a friend about it or something- #please go listen the full song #such a bop #murfnes#leithsin #this was such a pain to edit #no regrets tho
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  • dreamsmp-au-ideas
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #dream smp #dream smp au #mcyt #help girl we need an au name for this #quackity#captain puffy#tommyinnit#tubbo#ranboo#ask
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  • yeetusthefourth
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    hot take if it's okay for c!Quackity, someone who attempted murder, to get murdered, then it's okay for c!Dream, someone who tortured a child to near suicide, to get tortured

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  • morrowart
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    someone on twitter call them pumpkin duo

    we should start using this name for them... because it's cute

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  • sallysalmonkin
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Karl Jacobs lore he used to be a really big fan Quackity 

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  • tubbo-but-a-lesbian
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    There's something wrong. 

    Tubbo knows there's something wrong today, because he feels it so strongly pulsating in his gut. There's something happening. He feels like there's a weight on his chest as he attempts standing because he has to get dressed. The sun is well in the sky now- he woke up when it had just risen, and he'd just laid there. Thinking. 

    Still, he can't recall why today is important. The calendar doesn't say it's anyone's birthday, so he couldn't have forgotten that. In fact the calendar doesn't say anything that will help him. He walks to his closet, and sifts through his clean clothes- the last time he's done laundry was a few weeks ago- so options are sparse. 

    Maybe that's what he'd do today. Laundry. Busywork. He can't think very clearly, so it's probably one of his bad days. That means busywork to keep the thoughts at bay. What thoughts, though, is the problem?

    Usually the day before would have had something bad enough- like him and Tommy bickering or Michael getting hurt when Tubbo was out, or Ranboo forgetting something important.

    It was funny, then. Tubbo can't remember important things either, at the moment. There's something wrong, and Tubbo hates that he can't figure out what's wrong. He grabs his basket of laundry, and transfers it to a small tub, then shifting to carrying the tub and soap down to the sea. At least by the sea it was calm. 

    On his way to the docks, he catches a glance of himself in the window of Puffy's Pastries, and sucks in a breath. Usually he can handle the quick glances, but today is a bad day, so it's hard.

    He sees Puffy, playing with Michelle outside of the bakery. Puffy sees him, and she waves. 

    Tubbo doesn't feel like he has the energy to wave back, but he does anyway, forcing a smile. He doesn't feel like he'd be able to speak, though, not unless he collapses right after, so he doesn't. It's a bad day, so he doesn't want to take that risk. 

    He descends to the shore of the sea, beneath the docks, and begins to fill his tub with water, then he pours soap into it, mixing it with his hands, before beginning to soak his lighter garments. He spends a good half of his day on the laundry, but by the time he's done and is carrying a tub of wet clothes back to his home to hang dry, it still feels like a bad day. 

    His hands feel wrinkled from being so submerged in water, so he figures he should take Michael on a walk to dry off and get as much sun as possible before the day is through. 

    So he does, getting Michael by his hand. As he and Michael are walking, Tubbo realizes that today is awfully chilly, it's becoming more apparent that it's fall when an autumn ripe red leaf blows past. 

    Tubbo pulls off his jacket to place upon his son's shoulders, lifting him up. He knew this wasn't where a piglin should be, but he is too damn paternal towards this one to let him stay in the nether all alone.

    Michael snorts and leans against Tubbo, burying his face into his father's shoulder.

    Then he hears Quackity calling his name while he walks Michael down the prime path. (When had they gotten to the prime path? That was… far. Is Michael tired?)

    "Tubbo! You had a shift today!" He calls, panting. "I was coming to find you, and- oh, who's this?" Quackity's demeanor changes upon seeing the bundle of Michael and Tubbo's jacket in his arms. 

    Tubbo can't answer, it's a bad day. The early autumn chill makes it worse, Quackity makes it worse, so he pushes past both things in his head, and keeps walking. There was nothing an explanation later couldn't fix. 

    He passes by Tommy's house, and thinks about stopping in.

    Some part of him feels like he needs Tommy right now, just… because. He can't fathom a reason, it's probably because L'manberg had had it's anniversary so recently. 

    Months ago? Days ago?

    It all started on a day that was warm, it was nice. Not chilly. He remembers collecting blaze rods and Tommy and Wilbur asking him to join them. He'd been a pushover back then.

    When did that change? Was there ever a specific point?

    There comes the memory of the firework. The first one, the moment where he read Wilbur's Stay Strong, before being hit and then blown to smithereens. 

    The first time hurt like hell, right into the head, but the last thing that will give up on a person is the heart- so when the shot to the head rendered Tubbo shocked, Technoblade took his next shot there. 

    As quick as possible. 

    Tubbo couldn't blame the guy, it wasn't Techno's fault. It wasn't Tommy's fault. Wilbur couldn't have done anything. 

    Tubbo only blames himself, even now. He should have picked a side, then none of it would have happened. Or perhaps he should have been a better spy. In the long run, it didn't matter, because L'manberg isn't here.

    He sinks into the grass beside Tommy's house, holding Michael close. It hurts to stand. It hurts to sit, too, but Tubbo doesn't want to drop Michael.

    Tubbo buries his face into the top of the hood of his own jacket, which is sat upon Michael's head. The piglin babbles worriedly, but Tubbo just can't assure him that his Dad is okay. 

    Partially because he isn't, and partially because if he tries, he knows he'll start to cry. 

    Quackity has been following him, Tubbo realizes, when he feels a weight settle beside him and pull him into a side hug. He doesn't know how he knows it's Quackity, but when he hears a faint: "Do you want to talk?", he's sure. 

    Tubbo shakes his head. Michael babbles some more, hugging his dad tighter. 

    "Okay. Uh, I realized what today is. You… You definitely have the day off. For what it's worth, I'm sorry." Quackity muttered. "It doesn't fix me not doing more, but…"

    "What is today?" Tubbo manages, weakly. 

    Quackity looks him up and down. "Oh. Uh- I don't know if I should say right now." 

    Tubbo blinks a few times. Quackity is sorry, because of something that happened. Today is a bad day. He's seen his scars, he's thinking about them right now.

    It's been a year. 

    He wants to scream, he wants to cry, but instead he just sits there. He sits there and he boils in it. He shakes, his skin feels hot. Funny, his blood feels icy. 

    He thinks he hears Quackity, but it sounds faint and blurred at the edges. A lot like his vision- out of the one eye that works. He's not here. He's not. His heart hurts. His head hurts. Phantom pains are screaming. 

    "What's going on?" Tommy. Oh thank fucking prime. 

    "I- Tommy, can you- uh, what calms Tubbo down?" Quackity stands, removing his physical support by detaching from their hug, and Tubbo can't breathe. 

    Tommy looks at Tubbo, and goes to generously take Michael from his arms. Tubbo hugs himself, then, not looking at either of them. He should speak, brush it off as fine. 

    "Big Q, can you go find Ranboo?" Tommy requests, and Tubbo's heart feels like it stops. No, not Ranboo. Ranboo doesn't need to know, Ranboo doesn't have to have this burden. 

    "No- no, please." Tubbo chokes, and then the tears spill. God this is embarrassing.

    "Tubbo?" Tubbo hears Ponk- fuck, fuck. Nobody should see this. Ponk was probably having a lovely day, they didn't need to see an incompetent child having a breakdown. 

    Tubbo feels Tommy's arms around him. He hears Quackity talking to Ponk, but he can't make out the words. 

    He feels Tommy hugging him, smoothing his hair. Where's Michael? He hasn't run off, has he?

    Tubbo doesn't know if he feels better or worse when he hears Michael squeal in worry. That kid has a heart too big for his chest. Tubbo chokes on air, and Tommy lets out a soothing: "Hey, I'm here. It's gonna be alright."

    Tubbo nods against his best friend's shoulder, holding on as tight as his weak, shaky arms will allow. 

    "Count with me. One…?" Tommy tries, sounding calm despite the situation.

    Tubbo gasps for air, it is so damn hard to breathe.

    "Two?" Tubbo weakly utters. 

    "Uh-huh. That's good. Three."

    Tubbo doesn't want to count. He wants to scream, he wants to hit something, he wants to set off his nukes and let them take him. A year has passed, but it feels like yesterday that he was stuck in that box. 

    He never wants to feel stuck like that again. 

    "Four…?" Tubbo manages. 

    "Mhm. Five." Tommy prompts. 

    "Six." They say in unison. Tubbo tries not to break down completely in Tommy's arms.

    Tubbo's always managed. He manages it daily, the way his chest stings and his eyes water whenever he gets a glance of his reflection. He manages when he hears booms in the distance, fireworks are banned in Snowchester, but that doesn't stop the greater SMP from enjoying the spectacle.

    "Okay, Seven's next, big man." Tommy tries, and Tubbo shakes his head. 

    He can't speak, he feels like he'll burst if he does. 

    Burst like a firework to his chest. 

    Burst like the innocence of a teen during one festival.

    There's something wrong.

    Tubbo knows there's something wrong today, and he wishes he could forget.

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  • then1ghtangel
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Idk if you can tell that I haven’t drawn side profiles in like 7 months

    Reblogs are goromeurpgongeous <3 [or however you spell that word]

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  • quackityupdates
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Quackity replied to dsmp memories

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  • quackityupdates
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Quackity weighs in on the mob vote

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  • quackityupdates
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Quackity will be on Rae’s stream today! Karl should also be streaming

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  • sexhavershq
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    this lobby <33

    #karl jacobs#quackity#tubbo#ranboo#valkyrae #bee duo + 2/3 karlnapity + quackity sykkuno interactions #PLUS HASAN??? #and obviously the most adored Rae and Leslie?? #I’m excited!!! #mcyt#nasatalks#twitter
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  • minecraftrelatedrandomness
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Dream SMP Essay: c!Quackity's Conflicting Backstories


    Some of you may already know some of this, because I have already posted part of my findings on c!Q's DSMP wiki page. And to members of the Flycord, you might have already found me ranting about this in his loveposting channel a couple of days ago or so.

    Everything in the context of either characters (c!) and content creators (cc!) are labelled as such. The unlabelled names would refer to instances where the situation is ambiguous and apply to both.

    Citations and links to VODs will be provided as required as evidence.

    Content warnings: Death, dehumanization mention, injury, mental health, trauma, violence, etc. If further tagging is needed, please message me by asks or DMs.

    Currently, c!Quackity has 2 potentially-contradicting known canon backstories, the first one being juvenile prison and the second one being MCM. I will elaborate more below the cut.

    Backstory A: Juvenile prison

    c!Q was allegedly in juvie for either 10 or 41 years before joining the SMP. It is unknown how he ended up there in the first place, e.g. what he did to be sent there, and there is very little context to what exactly happened there, other than it being an unhappy and possibly traumatic experience for him.

    From what we know, he apparently broke his legs somehow during his second night there, and possibly even every night there. He might also be claustrophobic as a result of this. Since this backstory was mostly dropped after Q's first couple of livestream appearances, and it was mostly played for laughs than for drama, it is unknown how canonical this backstory is.

    There are 4 main mysteries related to this potential backstory:

    As mentioned above, what did he do to get sent to juvie in the first place?

    How did the leg-breaking thing even happen? There is literally zero context to how that could have happened. And every night? Who is doing this? What kind of juvie is this? Can someone please shut it down?

    If this backstory were to be played dead-seriously in the current lore and plotlines, how could this have impacted him? Especially because of, you know, the Pandora's Vault arc that we have going on at present?

    How was he able to contact the Triple Ts to do their "drug cartel" thing before he even joined the server? Since he was apparently, you know, in jail at the time.

    Backstory B: Minecr@ft Mondays

    As far as I am aware, MCM was first mentioned in the Manburg Festival stream (a year ago to this day, i.e. the day I am posting this), when c!Q explained briefly how his fear of c!Techno to the point of having a breakdown came to be. Later the same day, i.e. the same stream, c!Schlatt mentioned how he and c!Techno "go way back", citing MCM Week 6 as part of their shared pre-SMP backstory.

    Later in November (real-life time), c!Q clarified how he and c!Techno first met through MCM Week 1, explaining how he hadn't heeded JunkyJanker's warning about c!Techno's rightful reputation in PVP and then getting slaughtered to the point of allegedly having PTSD. Some of you may know that stream as the one where c!Techno had his infamous 'hunters and prey' speech, by the way.

    In December (real-life time), c!Q cited MCM-trauma as one of his more personal reasons for hunting c!Techno down as part of the Butcher Army. The content creators then joked about them making MCM canon to the DSMP, and while the content creators were lighthearted about it, MCM therefore became a dead-serious, fully-fledged part of the DSMP lore.

    I'm not 100% sure if other Weeks of MCM are considered canonical (they might be), but there's solid confirmation to how Weeks 1 and 6 are specified to be canon. cc!Q participated in Weeks 1, 2, 6, 8, and 12 of MCM, but since I cannot find the kill records of Weeks 8 and 12, let's hypothetically take those off the list for Q-and-Techno encounters (for now, I might return if/when I get more data). In MCM Week 2, the two did not actively interact (i.e. kill each other) at any point, which leaves us with Weeks 1 and 6, and wouldn't you know it — those are the two Weeks where Quackity got murked "so many times".

    Week 1: Q's deaths in Rounds 6 and 8 are both attributed to Techno, but the one in Round 8 was actually death-by-border, which doesn't really count. Week 6, however, Techno just hunted Q down to the point he had no way out, border or enchanted diamond sword to the torso. (Techno POV + Quackity POV)

    Week 6: Unlike the earliest MCM Weeks, this one only had Hunger Games in Rounds 1 and 9 (beginning and end), and not every single round. Q also happened to get knocked out of the game by Techno in both rounds. (Round 1: (Quackity POV + Techno POV) (Round 9: Quackity POV + Techno POV)

    I was a little skeptical at first that one encounter would lead to enough trauma to have a PTSD diagnosis, but after remembering and looking up Week 6, then taking that into consideration as well, I am not quite as skeptical of the PTSD claim anymore.

    And here are an additional 7 mysteries, or details that make the MCM encounters angstier (excluding anything related to inter-worldly canon life-counts):

    Schlatt was teamed with Techno during Week 6, meaning c!Q also knew him at least in passing before all three of them joined the DSMP at different times (excluding the possibility of SMP Live being canon, which opens up a different can of worms that I am not equipped to deal with). Now recall c!Q and c!Schlatt interacting again on the DSMP… no, I am not happy about this. Especially bearing in mind Schlatt during Round 9 of Week 6 (see link).

    During Week 6 Round 1, after spotting Q + JunkyJanker, Techno decided to go after them and avoid Yammy and her teammate because the latter two were "sentient players". In other words… ouch.

    On a funnier note, right after killing Q, Techno got border-killed. TAKE THAT! Karma went and collected his debt, I suppose. /lh

    Q getting bonked in Week 6 Round 9 took place in the water. If we are going with the Duck Hybrid theory that canon has provided crumbs of possible supporting evidence… ouch. Again.

    On a side note, could MCM and related tournaments have caused trauma in other characters in the DSMP-verse?

    Also, multiple other content creators who are now part of the DSMP also participated in MCM, e.g. Philza, Connor, BBH, Skeppy, even Dream at one point. Would MCM be counted as part of their backstories as well? How can we explain their participation in the event while still adhering to their respective canon backstories?

    Compare and Contrast

    It is unlikely for both of these backstories to work at the same time, due to their overlapping time frames. There is one exception to this, however, it's that c!Q was either let out of jail early, or was let out temporarily to participate in MCM for whatever reason.

    The only thing that these two backstories have in common is that c!Q allegedly had PTSD from both (A and B), though we don't know if that was an official diagnosis or a self-diagnosis (for better or worse). So either way, cc!Quackity decided that he was gonna give his character canonical trauma the moment he stepped on the SMP, and then just rolled with it until the boulder was hurling unstoppably down the mountain slope.

    #quackity #c!quackity #dream smp #dream smp analysis #cw trauma #cw mental health #tw death#tw injury #tw dehumanization mention #c!technoblade #technoblade#my post #17 october 2021 #it is 1am by the time i post this i need sleep ffs #aqua analyzes c!quackity from the dsmp
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  • nova-sne
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I can’t believe it’s been a year since the Manburg festival.

    #that was the first stream I caught live #wilbur soot#jschlatt#quackity#tommyinnit#tubbo#technoblade
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