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  • I’m so tired of myself

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    there’s no C₁₀H₁₂NO down here, that weird clown tricked me

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  • I just watched what I think is the first film shot during quarantined. It is a horror movie that takes place on Zoom, which is all fine and good. There were some scary moments in there and it wasn’t a bad movie. 

    However, the funniest thing happened. Slight spoiler alert, though I won’t go into detail, but at one point the friends are all being terrorized by something supernatural. At a highly tense moment, one of the girls rushes over to her friend’s house to try to save her.

    BUT, before she literally rushes to save her friend from certain doom, she stops to put on a face mask. Like, her friend is probably actively being murdered and she makes sure to get a face mask before she goes to save her. Also, when she reaches her friend, they don’t hug in relief at seeing each other alive. They do the arm bump think so they don’t touch each other.

    So, um, the lesson I guess is that even in the middle of a supernatural horror crisis, safety first kids. Also if these kids can put on a mask in the middle of being killed by some supernatural force, you can put one on to go to the grocery store Karen.

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  • I call apocalypse bingo!

    4.6 not that scary this time

    #so cal#earthquake#fires#quarantine #random acts of vilonce #can we get some rain soon?? #stay safe y’all
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  • Ever since I got a new pair of scissors I’ve been thinking more and more about cutting my hair into a shag mullet

    #quarantine#covid-19#coronavirus#bad choices #it is far too late for me to be making decisions
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  • Tell her she so fucking pretty while pounding her guts missionary💖😈

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  • sucks that I bought all that lipstick at the start of the pandemic only for it to become literally pointless to own because everyone’s got masks now. Ah well, at least the package was delayed long enough to get a refund, only for the package to finally arrive 6 months later, so at least it didn’t cost me a cent

    #I literally bought like. a variety pack. so I have all of these colours too so it's super sad :( #I was so excited to start wearing makeup and now the only makeup I own is useless #raesand's ramblings #wear your masks #covid-19#quarantine#lipstick#makeup
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  • Originally Posted on Friday 18th September 2020

    Well I woke up today early yet again…. I think I was awake before 3am, I definitely was out of bed by 3:30.

    I feel pretty down again too…

    I had a bit of a breakdown the other night. The stress, tiredness and missing a special someone from Germany got to me. I know I’m not Superman but (unfortunately) I expect myself to have super human strength in these trying times…

    These moments of despair are happening more often than in the past. I just don’t realise how stressful it all is until it overwhelms me. I have to remind myself, to remind myself, that we did move (half way around the world) in a pandemic situation, with delayed flights, too many goodbyes (and so far not one hello) and quarantine go through.

    It’s been 6 months of constant worries… No wonder I’m loosin’ it!!

    I make sure that I have a lot to do here, I tend to deal with any of my issues by keeping busy. I don’t ignore them as much as I find time helps, and the best way for me to pass the time, is to keep busy. But usually one needs motivation to keep busy, and that is lacking… I have to really force myself to focus on things… To be honest my “to do” list is long, and I am overwhelmed by it…

    I know, I am my worst enemy… I’m working on it…

    The 4 walls do creep in on you. My world has gotten so small, I am starting to worry about the outside world! Will I be able to just go shopping without anxiety attack?? What is “normal” life like these days? Has it changed a lot since they locked me in here? Questions to be answered in the future…

    I am thankful for the phone calls and messages I receive each day. So much love and support, it really goes a long way to putting a smile on my face. Thank you.

    Now, to change the subject, lets go back a few days…

    Tuesday both breakfast and dinner were late!!! Shock!! Horror! … It’s those little things that matter the most these days… Alexanne was howlin’ for her dinner! She was Hangry!!! Usually our delivery comes later rather than early, but if we expect it latest 19:30, then 19:31 is not good enough! At least it made us laugh… Honestly the meals have been very good and varied… A little “heavy” but I’m sure we’ll loose the quarantine weight once we get out of here and can finally spend some time on the beach ;)

    We got fresh sheets and towels!!!

    I chose to have a bit of a lazy Wednesday… After receiving a bunch of phone calls (walking for hours in the bathroom as to not wake Alex), I took my first nap during the day since being in here… It felt like a bit of a Sunday. Relaxed… TV… some reading… But that was the night the anxiety and stress got the better of me… Maybe because I wasn’t tired enough to just fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow… My mind was racing… The day started good, but it didn’t end well…

    It could have been the health check phone call or the daily police visit that messed me up… I mean, they call and you have to wake up… they knock and you have to wake up… Pretty unfair when you’re napping…!!! But in the end, they’re just doing their job… Ever since the “runner” the other week, the police come round to check your name off a list… Maybe it’s a government requirement… I do know the daily health phone calls by the nurses are a requirement, in an attempt to preempt any health issues… Yesterday I was offered sleeping tablets, but I can barely bring myself to take ibuprofen let alone sleeping pills…!!

    Thursday, after the mess from the night before, I attacked the morning with focus and positivity. I peeled and ate a mandarin!! Shock!! Horror!!!

    Like usual, I woke early, and I walked on the balcony most of the morning while listening to a live stream (Slapsteam). It was really cool to spend so much time outside. During the morning, I could see lots of folks down below leaving with their families or in taxi’s… I was a bit jealous, but we are over the hump… Not long to go now… Like usual, I took a few phone calls too…

    Between the balcony, bathroom and the phone calls, I managed to walk 13 kilometres or 20,000 steps!!

    The news that the Aussie caps would be lifted came in today. It’s a step in the right direction 4,000 to 6,000 per week, but it’s not enough… There’s still too little being done to support stranded Aussies and to get them home… So much in house fighting and State and Federal Government playing the blame game… It’s so hard to describe how this all feels, and unless you go through it, you really don’t know how you’d react or feel… But I can tell you, I’m very disappointed and saddened by my country turning it’s back on fellow Aussies…There’s still no long term plan… and COVID is going to be here for a long time…

    I wrote to the local Labor Senator Penny Wong and Health Minister Stephan Wade in my attempt to get access to the park outside the hotel. ¾ of the hotel rooms don’t have an opening window, and folks are suffering. Fresh air and direct sunlight are really important, especially in these times… I haven’t heard back…

    Honestly the social media thing is wearing me down, and I am finding myself less and less online… Have you seen our stories on IG or FB?? I am posting less and less, because I just don’t want to log in and read another heartbreaking and disappointing story. Nor do I want to read comments from folks who’s opinion is very unsympathetic or understanding.

    I did manage to focus enough on the Ukulele for an afternoon, figuring out a few songs I might be able to play if I go live on the weekend. I don’t feel very confident, it’s definitely not my strongest instrument… The other problem is the timing, to allow Europeans and Aussies to watch… My initial thoughts are Saturday morning German time/Saturday evening Aussie time… I’ll keep you posted…

    We also got to vacuum the room on Thursday. I’ve never seen Alex so happy to have “Henry" in her hands! ;)

    Qatar sent me a refund for the 30/09 flight we canceled (after boarding the Singapore flight)… At least that’s a little less financial worry we have…

    Alright, so that brings us to this morning, 6:30am Friday morning… After my little cry this morning, I began writing, now the sun is starting to rise, and I hope that today will feel better than those last few down moments I’ve had recently…

    Writing down my experiences here has been therapeutic for me… I usually write songs about what’s going on…. Story telling taking on a new form… Always good to try something new…

    I appreciate your comments and messages… Thank you everyone…

    Stay safe

    Josh and @dauntlesscoffee

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  • Time to pick my winnings! #peppers #hotsuace #quarantine #ecuadoriancheck #fyp #fyp #homegrown #grow (at Chicago Heights, Illinois)

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  • September 18

    Today was mostly okay and then we got to like 7:45pm and the wheels really fell off. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death kind of ruins not only the day, but maybe the entire week as well. The fact that I had to go immediately afterwards and do a truly unpleasant mystery shop just put the icing on that cake. I know mystery shoppers are supposedly just a bunch of karens who complain for money, but I so much prefer it when a store does well! Not only because I just like being able to praise people, but because I am literally a customer partaking in whatever the experience/food/product is, and if it is bad, then I have a bad time doing it. Part of my compensation for shopping restaurants is getting a reimbursed meal, and if that meal is inedible, then I am in effect losing out on part of my pay. Not to mention that writing a bad report takes much longer than a good report because you have to detail every little thing that went wrong. I did report that in this case I thought many of the problems came from the location being woefully understaffed on a Friday night, but who knows if anybody will listen. 

    In better mystery shopping news, I got an excellent grade from the major report I wrote earlier this week on the fun complex shop. That means I get my pay and the early completion bonus, which in this case nets me a handsome return above my reimbursement amount. We could seriously use it too, so hooray! I won’t actually get paid for it until next month, but we will also need it next month. And that report was much better because we had a good time and the employees were great, so I got to hand out compliments all around. In stupid mystery shopping news, one of my companies keeps trying to offer me a fast food shop that is literally on an access-controlled army base. I am not sure how many ways I can tell them that I cannot do that. On the other hand, they’re getting desperate enough to jack up the price, so maybe if it gets high enough I’ll look into how you get a visitor’s pass. :D 

    Oh, today was also HVAC day in our building, so the maintenance guy came around and replaced our vent filter and did something that sounded like it involved pouring water into something in our HVAC closet? I was staying nice and socially distanced so I don’t know what he actually did, but at least it didn’t take too long and didn’t bother any of the teachers or learners in the house. I cleaned for two hours for that five minute visit, too, so at least the apartment looks nicer now. The kittens are also back in the kitten room now, which has been thoroughly vacuumed. They have forgotten they were mad at me because cleaning everything up to vacuum also gives them more room for completely reckless running around. They’re seven weeks now, so it’s nearly time for big kitten foster for them! 

    The rain has stopped here, which is very good because everything is already pretty soggy. One of my friends from the Florida panhandle shared a meme on Facebook from the Pensacola Sheriff’s office, announcing an overnight curfew due to the continuing weather insanity. The small print on their banner said “At 7pm, we release the barges!” It’s very funny if you know that runaway barges have hit three of the area’s four bridges in the past couple of days and did serious damage to one. I mean, I thought it was funny anyway. Laugh or cry, right? At least the I-10 bridge didn’t get hit. We’re still on Red Cross alert for tidal flooding here, but nothing so far. 

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  • Isn’t there some phrase that’s like…. water tastes sweeter in a drought? Because thats how i feel about social interaction now. It was so draining when it was a constant barrage of obligations but now whenever I get to be around people it gets me so energized and I have NEVER been like this the entire time I’ve been a human person

    #covid#quarantine #seriously though is this a phrase??
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  • I don’t wanna die but I don’t wanna live like this… ❤️💜💙

    Así me sentí la primera vez que me arreglé para una fiesta después de no ir a una por casi 2 años.

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  • YouTube Channel:

    Xenokaster J4:17
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  • Hey if you like poetry and supporting independent writers, check out these poems my friend wrote! It’s his first collection on youtube and it’s very good!

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