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    Originally posted by radio-ha-ha

    Request: Hey there, hope your doing well 💞 Would it be alright to request a scenario for John Deacon messing about like the cutie he is with his dancing during a rehearsal for like a concert or something and he drags his s/o into it? I feel like Freddie would be the one to cheer them on while trying to get Roger or Brian to join in haha 

    This is so cute!! <3

    Comments are always appreciated!

    John begins to bop along the floor, ignoring the coloured lights that flicker on and off above his head to instead focus on placing his bass gently onto the stage. Roger bangs a cymbal behind him, bored out of his mind as the technicians work on getting the lights working, Brian standing near the front of the stage with his fingers hovering over the Red Special’s strings. Freddie stands on the floor next to you as you help him warm up, neither of you noticing John hop down off the stage to land gently next to you.

    You nearly fall in surprise as John grabs your hand, ignoring Freddie’s yelp of surprise as he drags you away from him and back up onto the stage.

    ‘Brian, some music please!’

    Bri nods at John with a small smirk, laughing at Roger’s groan of annoyance as he launches into his guitar solo at the start of ‘Hammer to Fall’, John’s arms opening wide as he leads you in a laughing foxtrot, the two of you stumbling over each other’s feet and becoming entangled in each other’s arms, but enjoying every single moment of it.

    As John grabs your shoulders, you see Freddie’s brown locks bop off from the floor,  Brian’s lanky legs swinging back and forth in concentration as the two of you sway, before John’s eyes squeeze shut and you laugh as he shrugs off his leather jacket, whipping it around with his arm and nearly whopping a ducking Roger in the face as he throws it behind him. 

    ‘Would the lot of you stop!? We have a concert to prep for!’

    John only slides you over to join Freddie at the edge of the stage, the two of them waving their arms clumsily in the air and bumping good heartedly into you their hips, sliding their feet brashly against the floor as peals of laughter you haven’t heard as wholeheartedly in months escape in throaty peals from their mouths.

    ‘Where’s your sense of fun, Rog!’, Freddie laughs as Roger stands up from his drumkit, throwing his sticks behind him with a shrug.

    Roger runs over to stand Bri, nearly shoving him off the stage as he tries to flick the strings of his guitar with a small grin, his fingers as fast as lightning as manic chuckles erupt from his chest, the room spinning slightly as you jive. Feeling like you were in a rave, you close your eyes slightly, not noticing Roger throw off his glasses with a wild expression, his blonde stray curls falling around his face like beams of stage lights as he runs past you, giggling all the way.

    You open your eyes again when you feel John’s hands connect with yours, his curls bopping from side to side in shakes as his laughter lines his youthful features, his cotton t shirt ruffling against his chest as his shoulders sway from side to side. As the two of you swing around, you rush past Roger who’s trainers are busy stepping on Freddie’s boots as he leads him in a clumsy waltz, his denim jeans whooshing past.

    All of you stop, however, when you hear Miami shout from the entry to the venue.

    ‘No one invited me to this party!’

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    Originally posted by sailor-cheesepuff

    Request: Hi, I had an awful day, I totally failed my exam and I just need some Queen fluff or something like this to cheer me up 

    I’m so sorry your feeling like this love, but just remember, tomorrow is always a brighter day and I’m behind your back 100%, so never feel too bad

    You were so excited.

    Movie night was always your favourite part of the week, and spending it with your four favourite boys only made the day even better.

    Snuggling down into the sofa, you down the last remnants of your hot chocolate, laughing as Brian reaches over Roger’s lap to wipe the little marshmallow moustache stuck to your lips off with the back of his hand. Gazing out the open window as you wait for Freddie to finish putting the movie in, you feel only bliss as the birdsong drifts to your ears as well as any summertime pollen. It comes as magical as any flute, as improvised as deep jazz, and as soulful as love’s kiss. In that moment, you are present, breath even and heart open.

    You lifted the corner of the plush oversized throw you had draped over yourself, allowing Freddie to snuggle in down beside you, knocking John out of the way as his knees bounce against your own. Snuggling close, you already felt the heat radiating from his body and enveloping you in a familiar warmth. Placing your head on his shoulder, smiling as he rests his own upon the top of yours, you breathe in his scent of citrusy musk, comforting in its familiarity.

    Roger grins from your other side as Brian raises a pillow up to his face, not realising the movie Freddie had put in was Halloween.

    ‘You sure you’re up for this, Y/n?’

    Your hand slapped out on his chest, huffing with amusement as his arm reaches out behind the sofa to snake around your shoulders, gently squeezing his fingers into your skin.

    ‘I think you should ask Brian that.’

    ‘I’m fine!’, he squeaks, seeing nothing around Roger’s shoulder but a large maroon pillow and a pile of shaking black curls.

    At the first jump scare, you jumped, reaching out to dig your fingers into Freddie’s knee as John yelps, nearly falling off the sofa and onto his bottom. You hear nothing from Brian, which worries you, but Roger’s laugh as he peers behind Brian’s pillow reassures you he was okay.

    At the second jump scare, Roger’s hand slid down around your back and you hid half of your face in the dip of Freddie’s neck. The quickening of his heartbeat beneath your ear reassured you that all of you were in this together, John having abandoned his position on the sofa to lie in a ball at your feet on the floor.

    ‘You okay down there John?’


    ‘The rest of you?’

    Roger swallowed hard and nodded. Freddie only dropped the empty popcorn bowl and wiggled his tongue at you. Brian dared to lower his pillow for a second and offer you a weak thumbs up.

    ‘You guys really don’t have to do this for me, you know.’

    ‘But we want to, darling’, Freddie replies, ‘because you’re our special person, and we would do anything for you.’

    You smile as Roger reaches over to entangle his fingers with yours, lifting your knuckles up to his lips and peppering each of them quickly, winking softly.

    ‘Is he gone?’, John asked. You bit your lip to stifle a laugh.

    'Yes, John, the movie’s over!’

    #queen#queen band#queen imagine#queen fluff#brian may#roger taylor#john deacon#freddie mercury #brian may imagine #roger taylor imagine #freddie mercury imagine #john deacon imagine #brian may fluff #roger taylor fluff #john deacon fluff #freddie mercury fluff #borhap#bohrap#borhap imagine#bohrap imagine#joe mazzello#ben hardy#rami malek#gwilym lee
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  • Author’s note: Hi! January 26th I had a fic inspo with the same John from the fic I can’t live with you (but I can’t live without you) because of some words from Bri when some Japanese fans gave to Roger and him some gifts, and there haves one for John. This is mere imagination, but this is my realistic imagine about the reaction of John knowing that he will receive a present from his old bandmate…

    Indeed this will be the second fic of a new series, “Deaky’s Diary”, where I’ll write the reaction that I imagine that John would have about certain sucesses around his life. I’ll actualize this when I think that’s necessary!

    The reaction of him with the panic attack was inspired in the one described in one chapter of My life has been saved by @deakysgurl

    Perhaps my John it’s very smoker, but i’m inspiring in myself and my addiction to mate (a southamerican kind of tea, but with the effects of coffee).

    Oh! This fic series will have a tag dedicated. Will be #deakysdiary. Follow it to know new chapters and related stuff!

    Summary: The following week of his wedding anniversary he receive a couple of surprises that will touch his deepest feelings… and that made him take a decision.

    Warning: slightly angst, mention of panic attack, some swearing, some friend-fluff (?)

    Word count: +1.5k

    Permanent taglist: @warriorteam1924​ (if you want to be in that list, send me a msg or ask)


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  • #carriewrites#queen fanfiction#queen angst#queen fluff#queen hc#queen headcanons#brian may #brian may angst #brian may fluff #brian may x reader #brian may x you #brian may x y/n
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  • a/n ~ this was requested like a month ago and sorry this took ages but I’ve been all over the place and didn’t think I was going to write for a good bit but guess I’m back imagine that the reader is drinking out a big massive mug cause her tea lasts forever

    The sun creeping in from the curtains was a rude awakening on what was supposed to be a massive lie in. Roger had been away for the longest six months ever on the road with Queen, and now that he was home you were certain to never leave his side again. The room was filled with the softest light from outside, just as soft as Rogers little snores that made his nose twitch and your heart burst, swirling around the room.

    You left Roger laid on the bed, his eyes closed and arms behind his head, deciding a cup of tea was a good enough welcome home gift. 

    Returning back to the bedroom, you almost dropped the two mugs in your hand at Rogers rusty voice. “Here love” he smirked, holding back a laugh as he stretched out his hand for the tea and smiled ever so graciously.

    “You are meant to be asleep” you teased, blowing on the contents gently, before taking a sip and getting back into bed.

    “Can’t sleep without the love of my life beside me” he smiled over the brim of the mug, letting the steam swirl up to his face.

    You sat watching him in awe, letting him ruin the moment as he burnt his mouth on the hot liquid and rushed to put the mug down. It was your turn to hold back the laughter, a slight pout at his lips as he turned to you for sympathy.

    “Kiss it better for me?” he asked, a slight baby tone for added effect. 

    “Oh how did you ever survive without me Mr Taylor” you mumble, a delicate peck sitting comfortably at the tip of his lips.

    You went back to sipping your tea, but Roger wasn’t satisfied, pulling at your pyjama top which was really just one of his shirts, and kissing along your shoulder.

    “Rog be careful that tickles, and I’ve got tea in my hands” you laugh, carefully dodging his kisses while trying to keep the mug upright.

    Roger seemed the least bit bothered at any spilt tea, barely shrugging “put it down then”, kissing once again at your shoulder blade. 

    You tried to go as slow as possible, Roger’s impatience getting the better of him in the moment and forcing the mug on the bedside table as the tea sloshed slightly over the side. “Roger!” You squealed but he clearly didn’t care, pushing you down into the soft mattress. 

    You let out another laugh as his lips finally met yours, the feeling you had both missed so dearly the many months that Roger was away. You took your time, moulding your lips together, a very faint taste of tea on your lips. Roger sighed into each kiss, he missed you even more that you could imagine and the sweetness of you lips made him only want more of you. Savouring the taste with each kiss, his tongue swiped against your bottom lip making you shiver in return. 

    You moaned the softest moan, trying to hold it back but you couldn’t help it. You’d been waiting literal months for this. Your hands tugged every so slightly on his blonde locks making him bite down on your parted lips.

    Roger’s hands explored the top of your thighs, pushing up your pyjama shorts to trace patterns with his rough fingertips, each touch inching higher and higher. 

    You puled away before the kisses became too rough, needing a moment to catch your breath after the steamy make-out session. You could feel Roger’s breath linger abasing you lips, his hands still comfortable sitting at the top of your thighs. 

    Roger leant down once more, capturing your lips in another kiss. You let one hand explore his hair, the other running across the back of his neck. His kisses travelled all across your face and down your chin till he was softly sucking against your neck. 

    You felt yourself squirm underneath him, moaning a little louder this time as he let himself get carried away with decorating your neck in hickeys.

    “Think that’s my best work yet, absolutely beautiful” he smirked, letting his eyes run over the fresh marks.

    “I know I am Rog” you tease, watching his nose scrunch up.

    “You are beautiful y/n” he cupped your face, a rosy hue brightening up your cheeks as you took in his words.

    “Quite the charmer aren’t you Mr Taylor” planting a soft kiss against his hand.

    “Only for the pretty girls in my bed”, you watched as the corners of his lips turned into his classic smirk.

    “And how many pretty girls is that?” You tease, his smirk dissolving into pursed lips, clearly thinking for a safe response.

    “The only pretty girl I need is the one right in front of me” he beams, obviously satisfied with his response, leaning down for another peck, hungrier than before

    “You know, you’re lucky that you’re cute.” pulling on his hair to kiss you again. 

    You waited for another cheeky response but it never came, Roger taking his time with the softest yet incredibly passioned filled kiss making you feel all tingly.

    He eventually leaned back and smiled softly. “I missed you.”

    “I missed you too.” You returned the smile, stroking the hair that had fallen out of his face.

    “I don’t think I could survive another tour, you’ll have to come with me next time” 

    “I don’t know Rog, six months without your smelly socks was rather peaceful” you tease, pursing your lips like he had earlier.

    “I’m not joking y/n, I can’t leave you ever again, not even for a minute” 

    You watched the adoration in his eyes as he stared down at you, it made tears start to swell up in your own eyes.

    “Please darling just say yes” he begged, lightly squeezing your thighs.

    “You know I would never say no to you Roger, no matter how dramatic you are or how smelly your socks get” you tease, a small tear slipping down your cheek as you leant up to kiss him once more.

    “Speaking of smelly socks I have to go shower, can’t return to civilisation with messy hair can I? Got a reputation to uphold” he smirks, his tongue darting out his lips as he got up from the bed.

    “Let me join you, don’t know if you could survive a shower without me” you tease, pulling off the pyjama top, watching Roger as his eyes practically burst out his head,

    “You have no idea how happy I am to be home.”

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  • Pwease,,wike wand webwog,,,mwy,,watest wwiting twing,,,uwu \_(*0*)_/ :)

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  • My last fic of the decade :(( I just wanted something short and sweet for you guys, a little wholesome :”)

    Summary - It’s your birthday! The boys decide it’s time to surprise you and Brian brings something a little more.

    Warnings - It’s just some wholesome content, and a little bit of swearing loll

    Word Count - almost 2K

    The sun shone through the window of your bedroom, only just rising. You coughed a little, clearing your throat as you slowly sat up. You wondered why the hell you woke up so early on your birthday. You were still just coming out of the gripping tale of the dream you had, the tale you could no longer remember. Only a vague memory of the emotions lingered. You sat there, soaking in the light warmth of the morning sun, wondering why your body couldn’t let you have a lie-in.

    Till the phone rang. You jolted up, remembering why. You ran to the phone, which was attached to the wall by your living room. The flat was a bit of a mess, with leaflets and clothes strewn around, you grabbed it off the wall to answer.

    “Hi, mum!” You said excitedly down the phone, you were beaming. “Happy birthday, honey!” She replied, you could feel her smile through the phone. She always called you on your birthday, bright and early.

    “Aww, mum, is dad there too?” You asked, hoping to hear his voice. “As always, sweetie” She laughed, hearing the phone being shuffled around.

    You snickered as you heard your dad’s voice sing you happy birthday. “You think Bowie would be impressed?” He asked, which made you chuckle more. “He’d be blown away, papa” You smiled with glee. 

    “I miss you guys so much” You added, you had moved far from your small town life, far from home. You heard them ‘aww’ down the phone, before hearing the chorus of ‘we miss you too sweetie, so much’.

    You stayed on the phone for the guts of an hour. “We’ll let you go, hun, big plans today, I suppose?” Your mum teased, you could only muster a short laugh, you didn’t actually have any plans. You knew the boys had practise and a gig on, so you felt bad asking them to go out and the only other friends you had, you’d ended up having a falling out with.
    “I’ll call when I can, mum, love you, love you as well papa,” You said, listening to them saying goodbye and love you’s before the line went quiet. You placed the phone back on the wall. You looked around the flat with a quiet stare, looking at the mess on the floor. Might as well clean it up. 

    Brian woke up with a smile, he picked up the wristwatch he had left on the nightstand and checked the time. Not too early, not late either. He could hardly contain his excitement. It was your birthday for God’s sake! Why wouldn’t he be excited? In the small flat he had, he had the boys stay overnight so they’d be there to surprise you as well.

    “Briiii, it’s early, can you like stop moving around…” He heard John’s voice pipe up from the floor. He took the place of the ground for the night since Roger hogged the whole couch and he also snored. “Wake up, Deaky! Freddie! You too! No time for lie-ins, it’s Y/N’s birthday, we’re surprising her, remember you idiots” Brian could hardly contain his excitement, his hair one fluffy and knotted mess as he sat up.

    “Psssh…just, five more minutes, alri’?” Freddie mumbled, curling back up, he took the other side of the bed that night. He groaned as the duvet was ripped away from his hands. “Nuh-uh” Brian grinned, hopping up from the bed, trying not to trip over John as he walked into the living room.

    “I’ll start banging pots and pans if you lot don’t hurry up!” He yelled, walking into the living room, just to swat Roger across the head. His arm and leg were dangling off the side of the couch, a line of drool hung from his lip.

    He gasped before choking on his own spit as he sat up in shock. “No better fucking way to do that!?” He yelled at Brian, pushing his hair from his face. Not a great start to the morning, you could say.

    You leaned against the counter, singing to yourself. Loud singing, the kind where you’re in the shower. Except you were waiting on the toaster to pop. You could only try and embody Freddie’s energy as you hopped up to open the fridge, to grab the almost empty tub of butter, using the butterknife you had snatched up as a microphone. You strutted across the kitchen, belting out to yourself. 

    The toaster popped and you whooped to yourself, grinning. You continued to sing. You hadn’t gotten to see the boys play live, except during some practices, which were messy and stressful, even as a guest. You imagined how Freddie sang on the spot in the recording booth, probably with poise and impeccable posture. The list went on in your head, deciding to continue with Killer Queen. 

    The kettle boiled in the background. You thought you heard voices outside your doorway. You didn’t have a voice to match your friend’s, not in the slightest but you liked the fun of it. You enjoyed the feeling of being a star in your own skin. You paused, just before the guitar solo, Brian’s solo. You listened out, believing someone was outside your front door.

    “Probably the neighbours” You shrugged, biting your toast as you let yourself sing the solo. You were giddy, at this hour of the morning, singing ‘do-do~” in place of guitar chords. You laughed to yourself, trying not to swallow the toast the wrong way.

    “She’s awake, shit” Roger muttered as he placed the ear against the door. Freddie pushed him out of the way, placing his against the wooden material. He gasped and grinned. “She’s singing our song, everyone shut up!” He hissed, smiling with pride as he listened in, all the boys trying to cram in and place their ears on the door to hear.

    Brian tried not to smile and blush like a child when he heard you attempt the guitar solo. 

    “She’s a shining star” Freddie grinned as he pulled away.

    “Are we kicking the door open?” That’d be an entrance!” Roger rubbed his hands together.

    “Just knock, what the hell are you thinking?” John sighed as he pulled away.

    “Guys…I have a key” Brian shook his head, whipping it out of his pocket. His eyes met Roger’s for a quick second, who looked like he was holding back.

    “Just say it” He sighed, pushing his way through to the lock, disconnecting his eye’s from Roger’s. 

    “Bit strange you have a key to her home, innit’? I mean, God forbid if I came over with a key, I wonder why you’d have one, May” He smirked, crossing his arms. 

    Freddie elbowed him, “Get your head outta’ the gutter” He smiled, he did find it funny as well, he was just better at hiding his amusement. The key jingled in the lock, clicking as it unlocked.

    You’d hardly any time to process the sound as the lock clicked. You immediately turned to the worst possible situation. You grabbed the butterknife and turned to look at the door, holding the knife out towards the door, stepping back into your living room.

    The door opened and you held your breath, why was someone picking your lock?!

    The door opened and you slowly let out a breath you held in. There stood the four boys, who all stared at you with bemused looks on their faces.

    “Is this where we say happy birthday?” Roger grinned, being the first one to step into the flat, and you finally let out a laugh, dropping the knife. You jogged over to give him a hug. “Happy birthday, girlie!” He laughed, taking you in his arms, ruffling your hair around.

    “Happy birthday~” Freddie announced, drawing out the words as you pulled away from Roger. Freddie kissed your cheek before hugging you gently. “Another amazing year ahead!” He grinned, placing a kiss on your other cheek as he let you go.

    “Nothing as dramatic from me, love” John only smiled, leaning down a little to hug you, his arms under yours and yours around his chest. That was just how you did it.

    You finally saw Brian in the doorway, but he held something in his hands. “Don’t tell me you got me something” You looked up at him, a soft smile that you always seemed to give him played up. “It’s…it’s really not much” He laughed breathily, you could tell he was nervous. He closed the door behind him as he walked in.

    “Sure” You heard Roger snigger, before he groaned, presumably elbowed or punched by one of the others, as a sign to shut up. 

    He held out a rectangular box to you. The velvet of the box was soft in your hands as he handed it over to you. Navy blue, a rich looking colour. You looked up at him, who bit his lip in anticipation. You slowly slipped the top off the box, you could only gasp and stare with an open mouth at the gift inside.

    The whole room waited in anticipation, impatience and nerves. 

    “W-Well?” Brian piped up, his foot tapping on the ground quickly. “Brian…Brian…it’s absolutely gorgeous…” You whispered.

    A beautiful necklace laid out in the velvet box. A small ruby held in small gold clasps which hung off a glimmering gold chain. The ruby gleamed against the glare of the morning sun. Its deep red was captivating, it could send you into a trance if you stared for too long. You could feel your eyes welling up with hot tears. You simply put the lid over the box and wrapped your arms around Brian’s frame, holding onto him tightly. He held onto you just as tight, his head atop of yours, looking across the boys.

    They simply smiled. Freddie gave him a thumbs up. Roger was bouncing on the balls of his feet. John was trying not to tear up at your amazed reaction.

    “Brian…it’s too much, I can’t believe you’d get me something that gorgeous…” You laughed as you pulled away, your face was glowing. “I’ve too much that I don’t know what to do with, love, it was the least I could do” He smiled, pushing your hair from your face.

    “Could you put it on me?” You smiled sweetly. His face went pink slowly as he nodded. He took the velvet box from your hands, carefully taking the necklace from its case. He watched as you turned around, gathering your hair and moving it out of his way.

    You faced the three boys, who just seemed to gleam as well. You watched as his hands carefully draped the gold chain around your neck, the pendant resting on your sternum. The clasp clicked around a loop in the chain. You turned around slowly and looked at Brian.

    “Does it look nice?” Was all you could muster as his eyes looked between the pendant and your face. “You look absolutely stunning…” He whispered, taking you in his arms.

    “Group hug!” You managed to announce, as the rest of them ran over, rushing to place their arms around you and Brian.

    “Happy birthday,” They all said in their own time. You don’t remember how long you guys stood there, but it didn’t matter.

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    Here’s my gift for @theyrealllegends! My gift was from a Secret Santa gift exchange that was run by @dtfrogertaylor and I’m glad I finished it 💕

    Sorry it took so long! I hope you like it!

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    Originally posted by joe-mazzello

    Request: Hello :) your blog is great and i love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a hc about what it’d be like to be brian or roger’s younger sister and crushing on deacy? :3 if not it’s totally fine! Thank you :) 

    It’s been sooo long!! <3

    All comments are much appreciated, it’s good to be back!

    • During nights out with the boys, as you watch the slight droplets of auburn beer drip down the bands’ fingers like dew drops as their slightly tipsy minds whirr, your brother leaning in closer to you with a grin as his stories grow even louder, you couldn’t help your eyes burning with devotion as you keep throwing side glances John’s way, enjoying the way the light bounced off his hair and softened his features. Every time he chuckled and met your eye, you dipped your head down to take a sip from your drink, kicking Brian in the shin everytime he asked you what was wrong.
    • When Freddie comes back over from the pinball machine, John has no idea what to say or do as Freddie pokes fun at him in a teasing manner for having become so soft for you. 
    • There’s a little twinkle in the back of his eye whenever he looks at you from now on.
    • Your heart pounding when you’re up clapping along to Brian’s song on the drum riser next to John, a dopey grin on your face as you clap your hands and stamp your feet, heat rising up your cheeks as you feel your arm brush against his shirt every time he swayed subtley closer to you. However, you fall onto your bottom as John winks and elbows you playfully in the stomach. Brian would have tried to help you up, but he was clutching his stomach from laughing too hard.
    • During a little day off to just goof off around Christmas time, John’s hands wrap around your waist, his breath warm against your ear as it puffs out in thin streams of smoke like blazing comet trails as it shakes slightly, his gloves tight and coarse against your body. As you turn to look at him, the falling snowflakes clouding your eyes, shining like the swirling evening sky, full of stars and limitless beauty, you laugh nervously as you reach up to push John’s bobble hat back up his forehead, his boots starting to lift from where they were stuck in the snow. 
    • ‘Are you ready, May number two?’, he asks, a slight tremor in his voice as he gazes around the landscape, the white smothering the crunchy grass in a wide blanket, the emerald trees shaking their leaves lightly against the added weight as the grey clouds puff by like little steam ships. As you nod your head, John braces himself by nestling his head further into your neck, tickling the goosebumps on your skin you hoped he didn’t notice as he lifts his legs into the little red sledge, the high pitched screams that leaves his mouth as the two of you shoot down the hill like a rocket a story that you tell an overjoyed Brian for days.
    • Of course, you’ve had to have quite a few little talks with your brother. You’ve constantly had to glare daggers at your brother as he pulls you away from John so they can actually record songs in the studio, the two of you constantly bickering as you catch him rolling his eyes and shaking your curls when you stare at John from behind the recording studio glass. In the end, though, he only wants the best for you, and he knows that if that’s going to come from John, he’ll be able to give it to you. 
    • Brian sighs gently to himself, a thick frown crinkling the lines of his forehead as he watches you run back into the studio. His lips twitch, curling the corners up slightly as he watches John intertwine your fingers with his and lead you over to the drum riser, kicking a huffing Roger gently out of the way softly  as he sits you two down, titling his head towards you eagerly as he asks for your honest opinion on the song. Brian smiled slightly, shaking his head with a flashing grimace as he wondered, perhaps, if it was time to stop being the protective big old brother and instead embrace that you, indeed, knew what was best for you.
    #queen#queen band#queen imagine#queen fluff#brian may#roger taylor#john deacon#freddie mercury #brian may imagine #john deacon imagine #john deacon x reader #john deacon fluff #john deacon headcanons #brian may fluff #brian may headcanons #may!reader #roger taylor imagine #roger taylor headcanons #roger taylor fluff #freddie mercury imagine #freddie mercury fluff #freddie mercury headcanons #deaky#deacy#bohrap#bohrap imagine#borhap#borhap imagine
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  • #sammie is awesome #Answering asks#Fluff #Phantom of the Opera Queen AU #Queen fluff#Queen
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    Originally posted by gluttons-for-punishment

    request: I hope you don’t mind the double request! Could I also request a Queen member dating a mermaid reader? Perhaps they meet on the beach and he has her live with him, or they’re dating and after a few years she reveals her secret after disguising as a human?
    a/n: bro hopefully this is good sozzy
    pairing: roger x mermaid!reader
    summary: the request, a reader who is secretly a mermaid and you finally tell roger
    word count: 879

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    #queen #queen x reader #queen fluff #queen x mermaid!reader #queen imagine #queen one shot #queen angst#roger taylor #roger taylor x reader #roger taylor fluff #roger taylor x mermaid!reader #roger taylor imagine #roger taylor one shot #roger taylor angst #queen smut #roger taylor smut
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    Originally posted by rogerstaylor

    request: Hiya!! It’s me again! Can I pls request a Queen fic? Where the reader is an album cover designer/artist and she volunteers to design Queen’s cover. She works in her office and then John D comes in to give her coffee and chats a bit. Lots of fluff~!! It’s your choice to make it a smut lol >v
    a/n: fuck, this is so fucking rushed :(
    pairing: john x reader
    summary: you work for a company (which idfk what it does) and your new customers are Queen. you get to design their album cover for their album Hot Space
    year: 1982
    word count: 1,104

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    #queen #queen x reader #queen fanfiction #queen one shot #queen fluff#queen smut#queen angst#queen imagine#john deacon #john deacon x reader #john deacon fanfiction #john deacon one shot #john deacon fluff #john deacon smut #john deacon angst #john deacon imagine #john deacon queen
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    Originally posted by tenementfunzter

    request: hi!! can i request either paul or brian with a s/o who’s a lead on broadway and they become famous in the broadway community? stuff like going to award shows and interviews happen? i just love broadway a lot! thanks for your time!!
    a/n: hii!!! thanks for the request (also Hell Is Living Without You by Alice Cooper is fuckin’ amazing)
    pairing: brian x reader
    summary: basically what happens is you get ready for the show and the actual show lmao.
    warnings: like slight implied smut 
    year: 1978 (idk)
    word count: 1,069 (hehe)

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    #queen #queen one shot #brian may #brian may one shot #queen fluff #brian may fluff #queen x reader #brian may x reader #queen smut#queen angst #brian may smut #brian may angst #queen imagine #brian may imagine
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  • A few elements from the main plot: A very special group of friends: early days, drama, laughter, booze, success, rock stars life, girl power, friendship, love, sex, music, misunderstandings, some more drama, family. Pairings in the tags

    Summary Chapter 9: Some more scenes of the two couples (J&M + R&C). The girls talk.

    Word count: 3K

    Warnings: Basically fluff, some teeny tiny smut (kissing and touching, but that’s it), FLUFF

    A/N: Hello everyone! In this chapter, we have a few different scenes and small jump in time (the chapter begins on Monday morning, the day after John and Melissa’s date, and ends on Friday of the same week) You may not realise how important it is to the story, but trust us, it isWithout further ado, enjoy this one folks and stay tuned for the next ones lovesies 💖😏 As usual, if you like what you read, comment, like, reblog and share this with others! For everyone who follows and supports this story, thank you guys (you know who you are)! You are real stars! ⭐💗


    Heaven. That’s what it felt like waking up next to him.

    He still had an arm around her and was sleeping so peacefully, she didn’t want to wake him up; she just laid there, admiring his handsome features. Handsome. She couldn’t find a better adjective. His brown curls were framing his face and she instinctively intertwined her fingers in a strand: he smiled in his sleep and she could feel her heart filling with love.

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    #fluff#queen fluff #john deacon fluff #John deacon imagine #john deacon smut #roger taylor fluff #roger taylor imagine #roger taylor smut #john deacon x oc #roger taylor x oc #john deacon x reader #roger taylor x reader #70s queen#queen imagine#queen imagines#fwbf #friends will be friends #wewillwriteyou#deakyswhitequeen#sweetgcreature#bohemian rhapsody#borhap boys #joe mazzello!john deacon #ben hardy!roger taylor #ben hardy#joe mazzello#gwilym lee#brian may#freddie mercury#rami malek
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  • Wake up Call, Infinity Ch.3



    Chapter 3: Row has to start stepping out of the bubble him and his daughter have been living in while in the safety of the hospital, and break the news to his best friends

    John- Rick


    Bri- Terry

    Rog- Rowan

    When Row had hung up on Len mid sentence, the boys had been confused. Then again, he was at his mom’s house and they had heard her infamous shout of <<ROWAN EUGENE QUEEN>> that always preceded an argument, so they let it go. But then he didn’t turn up to rehearsal, or called back for the rest of the afternoon. Or the following afternoon. Or for rest of the week. And that was unlike him. He always called back. (Well, most of his former one night stands would disagree with this). Let’s just say he always called his band mates back. Sometimes drunk, at 4 AM, Thus leaving  a wakeful Terry with 2 hours to spare nothing to do but to start revising for whatever exam he had ahead.

    So, when they didn’t know of him, they went directly to the village’s police station, to see if he was locked up, and if not, to report him missing.

    “What if we ask Gina?” Rick suggested

    “I’d rather check the morgue first, thanks” Len said.

    “Well, what else can we do? Huh?”

    “Audition new drummers”

    “Seriously boys. Let’s go.”

    They knocked on Row’s childhood home. Gina opened, with messy hair, a dressing gown and slippers

    “Oh, hello boys. He ain’t here” she took a drag of the 4th cigarette she had smoked that day despite it only being 8:30 AM.

    “Where is he?”

    “He isn’t at home?”

    “We’ve checked and there’s no track of him. We haven’t seen him in 7 days”

    She sighed “in the hospital, I think. If he hasn’t left already”

    “Hospital?” All three said simultaneously

    “What happened?!” Len added

    “You don’t know?”

    “Know what?”

    She smiled, mockingly “Wow, father of the year isn’t so sure after all”


    She laughed bitterly. If he hadn’t told his best friends yet, it maybe meant he was reconsidering the whole thing. Maybe common sense had hit him after the first stinky nappy.

    “You know what? Come in.”

    “Oh we were actually in a rush…”

    “You wanna find him or not? Come in, I don’t bite

    "Alright” all three musicians entered somewhat awkwardly in the house where so many sleep overs had taken place, back in the day.

    She led them to the kitchen, where the phone was, and dialed.

    Callie was the closest to the phone “Row? Yes, I’ll get him”

    She made her way to the room where the Prune had been moved in the previous evening, due to her favourable evolution and the need of free incubators.

    She grinned at the scene: the 6 day old infant was dozing against her dad’s bare chest, supported by his hands -which seemed huge in comparison to her small figure-. His eyes were closed, but Callie could tell he was awake as his left hand was stroking her head. It was adorable, and they seemed at such peace -poor Row had spent his first whole night on night watch and was exhausted-.

    “Row” she called softly

    He opened his big blue eyes in acknowledgement.

    “You have a call”

    “A call? From who?” He whispered back, before looking down at the baby to make sure she was asleep

    “Didn’t say. But she was kind of irritated”

    “Oh, that’s mom then” he smiled sarcastically, but didn’t move a bit.

    “You aren’t gonna get on the phone?”

    “I don’t know. She doesn’t deserve our attention does she?” He cooed

    “How bad can it be?”

    “You don’t wanna see my bad side. And I don’t ever want her to see it either”

    Callie smiled “Go. I’ll stay with her”

    He groaned in annoyance. He was so comfortable, and he didn’t want to get up.

    “C'mere darling” he mumbled, detaching his daughter from his lap and carefully lying her on the cot

    He exited the room and walked to the phone “What?”

    “Row! Where are you?” The three voices of his best friends greeted him from the other side

    “Oh, hi guys I… How did you get this number?”

    “We’re calling you from your mum’s. She says you’re in hospital” Terry’s soft voice said worriedly

    “You’ve gone fucking AWOL! Where are you man? We’re worried as hell” Len scolded

    “Oh yeah, hehe been…"he scratched the back of his head "been pretty busy” He glanced in the direction of his daughter’s room, where he saw Callie readjusting the yellow teddy bear he had bought her the second day.

    “Busy? With what?” Rick inquired

    “It’s… It’s a long story.”

    “Well we’ve got time”

    “Shouldn’t you be in uni?” Row said in hopes they’d have to run into class

    “It’s Sunday, Row!”

    “Oh is it?” He had lost track of time, honestly

    “C'mon! Spit it”

    He sighed “Alright, huh…” He tried to think of where to start. He couldn’t really think much tho; his brain was pudge at that moment. “I met a girl in…” He counted nine months back from February “June?” No wait Piper was premature so it could be July or… Then it hit him. “No, remember that afternoon when we set up that Live Aid session in your parents backyard, Len?”

    The boys nodded. July 13th. How could they forget? It had been dubbed the best Summer Party of 1985 in town. The four of them had tried to get tickets, but they couldn’t even afford a ticket to London in the first place. And so, They watched the whole show with four TV screens around the yard instead, and the whole village had joined them, arguing on which performance had been the best.

    Of course, all four members of Symbols agreed that it had been Queen.

    But they signed up late” someone said 

     "Yea, they came late to the party" another agreed. 

    “So what? They rocked the party! You just say that because you like U2 better”

     "Like you prefer Queen!“ 

     "But we’ve got a point! Regardless of how much we like them, they were, objectively, the best performance” /

    “Objectively? Bullshit!” Anne Williams snapped “They played the same shit they always play! And Bono was a true gentleman, helping that girl who was getting crashed by the crowd.”

     "Yea, I’m sure Freddie wouldn’t have given a shit, so full of himself and his teeth up his~“ /

    Dennis Phelps couldn’t finish his sentence as a  someone tossed him a Converse, which hit his head. A young woman, with Bowie-like orange dyed haircut approached, with  a bare left foot and the matching shoe on the other 

     "You know nothing about putting up a good show then. Also, you mess with Freddie Mercury again and next time the shoe will be stuck up your ass” she told Dennis, retrieving the item “I mean, it’s clear who I’m rooting for but Queen really did what had to be done. Geldof told them all to play the hits, because that’s precisely why they’re hits: they work. Other artists, like your boyfriend Bono and his band played new material, as if this was their concert. And it’s not. Even though they signed up on time and whatever. They took a risk, crowd didn’t know the song, they lost interest. But Queen had common sense: they played the hits, the anthems, and people connected with them. And it’s not about Freddie or him hypnotizing Wembley. It’s having some common sense. And not even you two knew the lyrics of U2s new song. So shut the hell up”

    Row had liked her instantly. That’s a girl who knows the stuff.

    They exchanged a smile, a wink and a complicit nod

    “We must join our forces to help out our friends under pressure, don’t we?” She said

    “Oh yes, Bowie girl.” Terry remembered


    “So what’s with her?” Rick said

    “Well, that.. she…” He cut himself off when a cry echoed in Pip’s room “Gotta go, guys. I’ll call you back”

    “No! Row!” Len said, but the line went dead


    “What happened?” Gina, who had watched the scene from the door frame, -and was about to finish her 6th cigar in a row,- asked

    “He rambled about that Live Aid day, and a girl he met there”

    “Did he say her name?”

    “No. He had to go suddenly. It’s all weird”

    “Yea, well… Life is weird, boys”

    “I don’t understand. What’s going on? Can’t you tell us, Mrs. Queen?”

    “Oh no. No. It’s not my story to tell. Nor my business. I tried my best, but that stubborn bastard didn’t listen. I’m sorry” she said

    “But is he okay?” Len asked, concerned

    Gina grinned, at how despite it all, the four boys would stick up with each other to the end of the world “Yes. He’s fine.”

    “Row, are you okay?” Callie said, as the drummer wordlessly took the bundle from her

    “Yes, yes. Why wouldn’t I be?” He said, sitting with the fussy baby

    “You’re a bit pale”

    “Oh I… Nothing. Just… I’m nervous honestly. Because we’re about get discharged and I’m gonna be alone with her and I’ll have to dad around all by myself and… And everyone will know…”

    “Know what?”

    “About her”

    “And is that a problem?” Callie crossed her arms

    “No, I mean… No, of course not. But everyone will ask questions and judge me and… I’m worried I will end up believing them more and fuck it all up”

    “Believing what?”

    “They’ll start telling me it’s a mistake, that I’m gonna screw everything up and that I won’t be able to be a good dad and I’m afraid it will become true”

    “So you’re saying that how people think of you is gonna affect the way you… How you called it? Dad around?”

    He nodded “Well, answer me these, will you? Have you, in this moment or at any point during these seven days, thought you are making a mistake?”

    He looked at the tiny bundle and shook his head.

    “Are you willing to always do your best for the shake of Piper?”

    He nodded, noticing he was unconsciously rocking her back and forth.

    “Then what’s the problem?”

    “Look I haven’t exactly been a role model in… Well anything. One thing my mom’s proud of is that I’m not into drugs. Everyone who has a daughter in the block hates me. So how am I supposed to raise one?”

    “Exactly how you’ve been doing the last six days”

    “Yes but I have you guys. And the medics, and the equipment. But there I’ll be all alone”

    “You will never be alone. You have the friends you’ve told me about. And your mum…Maybe the little darling is gassy”

    “Oh stop about my mum” he carefully changed the Prune to an upright position and began to rub circles on her back without even hesitation. Wow he was actually getting a hold on the burping stuff.

    “Yes. Your mum will eventually come to terms with the lil'raisin. I’m sure.” She said, whist handing him a muslin to place on the baby’s range of accuracy

    “Oh you don’t know her”

    “I know she’s a mum. Your mum and mother’s rarely ever turn their backs on their children for good”

    Row looked at the baby, then raised an eyebrow at Callie

    “I said it’s rare. There are obviously exceptions” she said “And believe me you’re better off. Also, she did call. That’s gotta Mean  something”

    “I didn’t speak with her. Just the band. They were at her place, yeah but… I don’t know. I’m not gonna beg on my fucking knees…” He was interrupted by a burp I his ear. Damn, that was a big one. He’d need 2 beers to produce such a loud one.

    “Easy, tiger.” He laughed “Goddamn it, where did that come from, huh? You’re unbelievable” he praised, while getting the muslin out his shoulder and handing it to Callie

    “And a neat one too. 10/10.” She chuckled

    “Atta girl. That’s my lil'raisin. Yeah, good girl” he cooed, bringing her to face him, before she started fussing and he nested her again on his chest “Aw, don’t cry honey. Please. You’re alright. C'mon” he begged. She settled down quickly, and he sighed in relief.

    “The point is, that here is like… I feel safe, you know? It’s like another world. Another life. And now I have to fit her in my every day, and be in charge and stuff, and… I’m not sure I’m ready”

    “Parents are never ready to take them home. Not even those who had 9 months of preparation, and parenting classes, and a nicely decorated and supplied nursery. No one feels ready. But nerves are good. Nerves mean that you care. Worrying and doubting about your ability to be the dad your child needs is precisely what’s gonna make you raise your game. Just one last question: are you 100% that you love that lil one with all your heart?”

    He looked at his daughter, who had gone back to sleep with the rambling of his voice, as his hand still caressed head and grinned “Hell yeah” Otherwise, how could he explain the way his chest seemed to be holding two hearts whenever she was in his arms? Or how, when he had to leave for the night it felt as though both those hearts were ripped away from him? Or how else could he have turned this goddamn sappy? Yep. That was the proof.

    “Then that’s all the two of you will ever need. She won’t care if you two are rich or live in a cardboard box, or if she wasn’t in your initial plans, or that she doesn’t have a mom. As long as you love her and make her feel like it.”

    He nodded, and rested his lips on her soft scalp.

    “Right, I Gotta get to another patient. Call'em back.”

    He stood up, this time taking his Prune along, and went to the corridor where the phone was. Making sure her head was safely cradled along with the rest of her small body on his left arm, he tucked the phone between the right shoulder and neck and dialed their shared place’s number

    Rick picked up “Yes?”

    “I’m a dad” he said simply, and waited for his reaction. 


    I’ll post the picture separately in order to preserve my goddamn sanity cause Tumblr is being a pain in the arse!!!!!

    How do you guys do it? Am I the only one who needs 5 bloody tries to post this things?

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  • prompt by @notthebackchat: brian is readers best friend but he secretly loves her. she takes brian shopping for a party and tries on a really nice dress and it makes brian really sad bc he initially didn’t plan on going to the party but he does anyway and confesses.

    A/N: this was originally planned to be posted just for no occasion but since it’s valentine’s day, here’s some brian fluff.
    i’d like to thank both @notthebackchat and @fatbottomedgorl for helping me with this, i really do owe you both :P n i’d like to thank you for being there for me and helping me in each and every way. i love yous :3
    oh right, this is fully in brian’s pov


    Originally posted by gluttons-for-punishment

    “What do you mean it’s ‘cute’?”

    “The concept of your girlfriend also being your best friend, it’s adorable.”

    I gave a shy chuckle as I took the needle off of the record. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Deacy had such a way with words - I could’ve asked him to help me write a song and finally be able to confess my stupid little crush to Y/N, but instead I wrote songs about time travel and cheese.

    We were at Freddie’s house having a band discussion, asking Y/N which song should be released as the single for our new album.

    Roger groaned, “if we’re gonna have a love song as the single then we can all agree that it should be “I’m In Love With My Car”.”

    “Roger, I wouldn’t consider a song about fucking a car to be the slightest romantic.” Freddie chimed in.

    Deacy, Y/N and I simultaneously burst out the laughter we’d been holding back for a while now. And let it be said that if the angels had a sound, it would definitely be her voice.

    “At least I don’t consider cheese to be sweet.” Roger huffed as I rolled my eyes.

    “It’s a metaphor, Rog.”

    “I quite like it, actually. And yeah, Rog, it’s supposed to be a paradox.” Y/N commented.

    I couldn’t help looking at her in awe. She was everything I could’ve ever wished for in a girlfriend, but she was my best friend and I knew she wouldn’t like me more than that.

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    #brian may x reader #brian may fan fic #brian may fluff #queen fan fic #queen fluff #valentines day fic #queen valentine's day #yeah thats all the tags I got #I hope you liked it #and I hope you have a great ass day #regardless if you're taken or not #I still love you :) #I'm here if you need to talk #and yeah#have funnnn
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  • Grad quote?


    I kid you not, watch me do this as my grad quote lmao

    #queen#queen fandom#queen fluff#queen smut#freddie mercury #freddie mercury x reader #freddy mercury #freddie mercury fluff #freddie mercury smut #brian may #brian harold may #brian may fluff #brian may smut #roger taylor #roger meddows taylor #roger taylor smut #roger taylor fluff #john deacon #john deacon fluff #john richard deacon #john deacon smut #grad quote#queen memes
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  • Aluminum

    Brian x Reader

    summary: Brian can’t pronounce aluminum correctly 

    words: 719

    You sat in the counter watching Brian cook, humming quietly to the music playing softly in the background.

    ”Hey y/n can you pass the Aluminium”

    ”You mean aluminum?”

    ”Yes that’s what I said Aluminium”

    ”No, you said Aluminium”

    ”Aluminium ”


    ”That’s what I’m bloody saying.”

    ”No, you’re saying Aluminium.”


    ”NO repeat after me”









    ”Aluminum,” you said


    ”I give up,” you say defeated throwing your hands in the air and jumping off the counter.

    ”Just pass me the shiny grey stuff before the food burns.”

    You pass it to him and he tears off a piece. You came up behind him wrapping your arms around his waist, resting your head against his shoulder.

    ”Hey, Bri.”

    ”Yes, love ?”

    ”It’s aluminum.”

    Tags: @loudxxstar , @homeless-homo , @trymymachines, @freddiesstache,@softcillian, @rogerinat

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  • #concepts #joe mazzello imagine #joe mazzello x reader #joe mazzello imagines #queen fluff #joe mazzello fluff #queen concept#queen concepts
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