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  • aroaceanteater
    23.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    a-spec books: sci-fi

    Here are some book recommendations for sci-fi books with a-spec main characters

    Hull Metal Girls by Emily Skrutskie

    Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith

    Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski

    Atlas Alone by Emma Newman

    Firebreak by Nicole Kornher-Stace

    The Sound if Stars by Alechia Dow

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  • brasskingfisher
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    OK queer side of tumblr I need your advice

    This is going to be a long one and kinda complicated so heads up you're not interested. But, I generally identify as cis het male and have no problem with that. However, recently, given that I've come to realise I'm FAR more interested in the emotional than physical intimacy of a relationship I suspect that it may be more appropriate to describe myself as asexual, which isn't too much of a problem (beyond accepting myself as 'queer' and part of the LGBTQIA+ community). But I've also found myself having some slightly complicated feelings about a trans masc friend of a friend I was introduced to (online) recently (and I've been looking back at our interactions I've been asking stuff like: Were they flirting with me? Do they think I was trying to flirt with them? Was I unintentionally flirting with them?). Now I've got to admit that I've been able to see the attraction of certain men (although I personally don't really feel the idea of sex with another guy appealing) and given my own attraction to androgynous presenting women I might be open to having a romantic relationship with a trans masc or non binary person but I don't know if I should open myself up to that or just continue being (reasonably) happy single.

    I'd appreciate maybe hearing the thoughts of some other people

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  • eggpires
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    is it weird i prefer shows with queer subtext/undertones/just straight up queerbaiting to shows focused on a queer relationship/main character? i have thoughts about why that is but i don’t know how well i can put it to words

    #supernatural is peak queer representation <3 #<- that’s /j
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  • eilimeuan
    22.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    me who sees two people of the same gender interacting: GAYGAYGAYY

    #itsa problem #im so desperate for lgbtq+ representation that i make everyone queer in my head
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  • queer-and-dear-books
    22.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Title: Red, White, & Royal Blue

    Author: Casey McQuiston

    Genre: Fiction | Drama | Romance | Friendship | LGBTQ+

    Content Warnings: Homophobia | Drug Usage | Sexual Assault Mention 

    Overall Rating: 10/10

    Personal Opinion: Outrageously hilarious. The interactions between Alex and his friends will have you cracking up. But the steamy romance growing between Alex and Henry will have your heart melted into a pile of goo. There’s just no way to put this book down as you read the way Alex, son of the first female president of the US, and Henry, heir to the throne of England, fall in love with each other, creating the hottest international scandal in decades.

    Couple Classification: Alex X Henry = Nerd/Prep X Prep

    Do I Own This Book? Yes! It was one of multiple Christmas gifts that I bought for myself!

    Spoilers Below For My Likes & Dislikes:


    - First and foremost, this book is ridiculously funny. The witty and intelligent banter between The White House trio as well as Alex and Henry is truly top- notch. Zahra also delivers the best lines in regards to giving lectures to Alex. But one of my favorite pieces of dialogue has to be when Alex came out to his mother, Ellen, and she just made a whole Powerpoint to discuss the possibilities of international scandal when it came to him dating the prince of Wales. She even got some pamphlets on safe sex from Planned Parenthood! It killed me!

    - Nora and her chaotic bisexuality is just beautiful. “I don’t know. I touched a boob. It wasn’t that profound.” “If you let me, I will show you one boob. The good one.” “You’re so hot when you get indignant.” Like babe, I just love you so much. She’s also so brilliant. The moment when she burst into the Oval Office after disappearing for two days with proof that Alex was set up to be outed by Republicans is just amazing. I loved her sleep deprived ass so much at that moment. I will also never forget how Alex went to London and instead of being worried about him, she just let June freak the fuck out before texting, “Hey, has anyone seen my Chuck Taylors?” She’s a comedy genius.

    - The email and text convos between Alex and Henry were honestly so romantic. And so steamy too. You could feel the desire and yearning in their words. They have such distinct writing styles too. It matches their upbringings and overall demeanor. They opened up a lot more too in the emails than in person, in my opinion. I mean, they got really horny in each other’s presence and I do not blame them but that’s why I appreciate how much they just open up in their texts. But also, that first phone call will forever have me rolling. Thanksgiving, Alex persuaded his mother to let him keep the turkeys in his room, and he is terrified of the birds. He and Henry have such a cute conversation and Henry does an amazing job at just being there for him. Also their insults and jabs at one another are honestly so cute. Like, you can tell that they’re enjoying it and like each other’s company even when it’s poking fun at one another.

    - The horny scenes were truly something else. They were so sexy and steamy and utterly captivating. From the moment Alex took Henry away from the dinner at the White House to furiously make out with him? I had to fan myself. Poor Amy, having to be dragged into it. I do love the inner circle of the ones in the know though.

    - Alex being repressed is so funny because it’s not from any homophobic upbringing. He’s just stupid and it never even occurred him. He casually had thoughts about Shaan, Luna, and even Henry’s dad as these hot men and it just never once occurred to him that it was not admiration and in fact, sexual attraction. Then, when he does realize it, he’s flabbergasted as to how he never realized it. He was like the last one to realize it! Nora knew and June also had suspicions. His dad could tell right away when Alex and Henry were in close proximity to one another. His mom was not the least bit shocked by the coming out (only the fact that his “special someone” was the heir to the British empire). For God’s sake, Alex even made out with his friend Liam and it just never occurred to him that it meant more than just horny teens being horny teens. I truly think that this is the funniest form of repression.

    - Bea and Catherine being in Henry’s corner is so fucking important to me. Especially as someone whose mother has been absent for most of his life. In Henry’s case, he knew what it was like to have a mom who wasn’t checked out. She was capable of it. But she shut down after the passing of his father to cancer. But as soon as he was in a crisis because he had been outed, his mother came back to him. She did all she could to protect him from Queen Mary’s iron fist and I’d cry tears of joy for her if I really wanted to. Because when her son was in trouble, she finally found the strength to stand up and that was just so admirable.

    - The whole cast is so diverse and colorful. They all have such dynamic personalities even if they don’t talk much. Amy is an Asian trans lesbian (with a wife too!) with many confirmed kills and likes to knit. Cash is also a secret service member and he very casually comes out to the reader as pansexual with the flag stitched into his jacket, a gift from Amy. Rafael Luna is a Senator, he’s gay, he’s Latino, and he really infiltrated the guy running against Ellen to take him down from the inside. He’s a hero. Then we also have Pez who is black and rich and needed more screentime honestly. This book has sexuality, POC, women in positions of power, blended families, and even covers drug addiction. It’s such a wide range and I truly love and respect the hell out of it for that.

    - Something else I love is the acknowledgment of so many queer historical figures. They did not shy away from the love letters passed between those of the same sex and calling the letters romantic. I especially love the reminder of the very blatant gayness of King James I and his romantic relationship with George Villiers. Henry, as a repressed gay, had to find all new avenues to explore his identity. And turning to history and living vicariously through his ancestors/people from his country is exactly how I do it too so that makes him very relatable to me.

    - The last chapter is kind of everything to me. It was totally intense and enrapturing. I love Alex and Liam reconnecting after all these years. Especially after their last interaction when Liam was annoyed with him. But he was always on Alex’s side and he even has a handsome boyfriend to parade around. I truly loved it. Good for all of them, honestly. They deserved that happy ending.


    - The pacing is kind of choppy in the beginning. From the moment they get into this arrangement of pretending to be best friends, it feels like the events of the day just zip by. Even when they were suddenly pushed into the closet because of supposed “gunfire” at the hospital. They also become rather used to each other kinda quickly. Although I suppose they hadn’t actually contacted each other afterward until much later. I am willing to let it pass though. Because once you hit a stride, it flows much better.

    - Ayyyyy, fuck you Queen Mary and Rep. presidential nominee Richards. You’re both assholes for very different reasons but of course, they were meant to be asses. So this isn’t really a thing to hold against the book. It is very infuriating that Richards violated the privacy of the First Family and the Royal Family and still somehow managed to almost win the election. But I guess that also reflects reality in a way. Because oh my god, 2016-2020 in reality has been a nightmare. Not only that, but Richards also preyed on young interns in their teens! Also regardless of gender. And this guy is out here spouting fucking nonsense about the sanctity of traditional values and also saying the security at the White House is too lax. A hypocrite, a liar, and a complete douche. God, what a relief he fucking lost.

    - I’m not sure how I feel about the nickname “H” for Henry. I mean, I get that the first letter of a name can be a nickname but H is such an unsexy letter to say. “Z” for Zahra is way better. But “H”? I mean, really? I thought it was just a nickname to use in the start of emails and texts but no, both Alex and Bea used it in person! I don’t get it. Personally.

    - I think it was kind of a missed opportunity to not address June’s concerns about their family. She was right in the end. It really felt like their mother and father cared more about work than them as a family. But I do think Ellen came to the realization that she needs a better work-life balance with the conversation she had with Alex post-outing. I think it was meant to be this big revelation for June as well. That their mom would be there for them when it came to it and even the presidency or the election could be side-barred if need be. So while I think it works, I wish we saw more of June’s reaction to it rather than leaving it open-ended.

    - Kind of wish we knew the fate of Pez and June. I also just want to know more about Amy and Cash. I just love them. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing to not focus on them. I mean, the story isn’t even about them. I just love them so much. Anyway, I’m basically out of complaints already. And most of these were barely complaints, in my opinion.

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  • lgbtqwriting
    22.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #how to write queer characters #writing lgbtq+ characters #writing trans men #queer writing advice #writblr #writers on tumblr #transmasc character#transmasc representation#trans rep#answered#long post
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  • your-poetic-cousin-clover
    22.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    There's something about the comment "this person doesn't look like they might be LGBTQ" that sticks wrongly with me.

    Because isn't there an underlying assumption to it that there has to be a specific way that one has to look / act if they are to be perceived to be queer? Like how should one signal so? By engaging in stereotypes? Making it overtly obvious to leave out nuance for dealing with problems of internalised homophobia, repression and comphet? Or to make a dramatic coming out story that becomes more about getting people to accept them than a true celebration of one's identity?

    There isn't one way to be queer and being cis, straight should not be assumed as the default setting for a person you know? So in a way, don't be surprised if your favourite character is queer.

    #Like I'm not discrediting the current ways of gay representation #they have served their purpose #but in a way #they might have lead to a typecasting of how being queer should be like #which becomes an expectation to be followed when portraying other queer characters #and like #when it isn't followed #people get confused about why a character is queer out of nowhere #why should be there a specific process of explaining a queer identity #as opposed to a blanket acceptance if the character is straight #yeah #I have too many thoughts #idk if they make sense #sometimes being queer in media feels like it's for others and not for the character themselves #queer#LGBT#media#idk #my thoughts are a bit jumbled I'd say
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  • patpranstan
    22.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I'm thinking about what Bad Buddy ending means to 12-year-old me because as soon as I saw the chaotic ending I was overcome with rapture that someone finally shot the most adventurous buildup to a love scene in a healthy queer context. everything about it was chef’s kiss from the shaky camera to the competitive chase and the closing shot & dialogue that perfectly encapsulated patpran’s eternally grossly in love dynamics 

    it also made me think oh man holy shit, this is what straight people have been watching their whole lives because back then i remember my het friends losing their minds over Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie & raving about the extremely explosive chemistry they portrayed as a married assassin couple. i didn’t really understand what the big deal was about and simply thought jolie was really hot 

    but 13 years later, i understand why the equally badass & equally horny married couple dynamics really works because my head was spinning after watching patpran create a similar one in a queer ass context

    i would hence like to take a moment to give my respect and thanks to bbs team and patpran for letting queer people see what unrestrained queer desire looks like in all its glorious colors and proving that queer desire can be just as exciting and passionate and obnoxiously loud and beautiful to portray on screen

    patpran are truly husbands your honor

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  • ashleyfableblack
    22.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    A happy li'l blue-haired rhino with a big ol' rainbow horn poking it through a O-ring...

    From behind...

    And it's fruit. Frosted fruit.

    This is the gayest cereal ever and I love it. ❤💛💚💙💜

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  • thornyroseslovakia
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Me: *mentions supporting LGBTQ rights*

    Person: "are you LGBTQ?"

    Me: "yes"

    Person: "oh. Do you have a girlfriend then?"


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  • purpleunicorn1997
    22.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    God Bad Buddy did such a good job of making this show realistic but still having a happy ending.

    I don't know how to explain that the way their parents dealt with their relationship is how ethnic parents deal with their kids doing anything they disapprove of. Obviously not all, but it's pretty common how not talking about it and sorta just not acknowledging what's happening is their way of processing it. They love their kids and no matter how much they may disapprove who they are dating or whatever they are doing, they are more scared of losing their child forever. So they slowly loosen up. Let certain things go or unnoticed.

    1000% it wasn't the first time their parents heard Pat or Pran sneaking into each others rooms. And it wasn't the first time they just let them do it and stayed quiet about it. The difference was this time, in the last episode, they didn't get mad or disappointed that they were doing this that they were together. Because they realized that their kids love each other and nothing will stop them from being with each other.

    So they just let it happen. Won't stop it and won't acknowledge it. Reminds me of when years later my mom told me how my parents knew my sister was dating a boy in highschool who was not our ethnic background. Literally they never said anything to my sister or any of us, even when they caught both of them hanging out. They'd just say don't hang out with boys like typical Indian parents.

    They didn't like that my sister was dating this boy, but they didn't want to push her away so they stayed silent. Didn't acknowledge it.

    Obviously this way of dealing with issues and problems isn't the best, but it's just something I keep seeing repeatedly happen with so many of my ethnic friends with their parents, from all backgrounds. Cause yelling and hitting your kids won't stop them from doing what they want. Like again with Bad Buddy, Pran's mom hit and yelled at Pran and that did nothing to stop him from dating Pat. When Pat was yelled at and berated by his father it just made him want to be with Pran even more. If anything the physical and emotional violence pushed them further away from their parents and fuelled their love for each other even more.

    Our ethnic parents can be irrational and stuck in their ways, but like I said, their biggest fear is losing their kids and not having them in their lives anymore. And when Pran and Pat ran away it probably hit their parents at that point that this feud may not be worth it.

    And yeah Pran and Pat hid that they continued dating until graduation, but again I wouldn't be surprised if their parents caught on a few months or within the first year of their "break up", that they were still dating.

    But yeah Bad Buddy is an amazing Thai BL, with great queer and POC representation, and I recommend every single person to watch this show.

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  • linda-with-an-i
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    We're really being blessed, aren't we?💙💙

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  • sapphicfairy2
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Best friends that don’t they’re in love with each other that are having a sleepover. They’re laughing so hard they can’t breath and their stomachs hurt. As the laughter dies out they just look at each other and suddenly kiss, suddenly unable to get enough of each other.

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  • patpranstan
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    If you are queer and feeling sad about this ending for some reason, let me just remind you that is not what the Bad Buddy Series team wants you to feel after tonight

    So often young queer people feel pressurised to go out and change the world because if we don't fight for change in this world, then who will do it for us? On top of dealing with all the problems we already have because we're queer, at some point in fighting for our rights feels like we are expected to do big things we cannot yet do for various reasons and scream our identity from the rooftops. While we all resist the heteronormative world in various ways and do what we can to make it a queerer place in various degrees, there are still huge gaps between what we as a single entity can do to change the perspective of the world so that it accepts us and how much of the world we can actually reach with our personal efforts in reality

    Bad Buddy reminds us it's ok to choose your battles, because if we are all happy living our queer lives happily and unapologetically, we are already winning and changing the world we live in, one Asian household at a time

    I wept a lot today because the message I received from Bad Buddy is one I was not prepared to receive, that it is not always your job to change the way everyone in this world perceives our community, it is ok to simply be who you are

    It is enough to simply exist and hold on to your identity

    It is not you that needs to try harder but the world that needs to try a bit harder and for a bit longer to catch up with you

    In the meanwhile we can do what PatPran did, we can choose the person we love and it is enough

    We can find a way to love them till the end of our lives and it is enough

    I feel like I've been so lost in life and bad buddy literally handed me a blueprint of how to go about life and presented me with a living example that queer people do get happy endings, it just looks a lot different than what we've been taught

    But I watched that ending today and for the first time in my life I felt hope that no drama has ever given me

    I felt reassurance that our lives will turn out to be fine

    Just. Thank you Aof, ohmnanon and the whole team for crafting the romantic comedy of our dreams. I'm pretty sure I could spend a whole lifetime thanking them and it won't be enough

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