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    So I found this interesting rock a few days ago…looks like hematite to me, but I’m not sure since I’ve only seen pictures of raw hematite. Could someone from geology side of tumblr tell me what it is? ( The location is Flemish Brabant if that helps) Thanks.

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  • Huge question for anyone who likes my:

    If I was to sell designs online, where would you buy them from?

    Teepublic or Redbubble?

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  • Do “hits” on AO3 mean the number of times people have clicked on a fic or the number of times it has showed up on someone’s search?

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  • Does anyone have an experience on indications that your relationship is dead even tho the other person didn’t say anything yet? My paranoid ass could use some help here

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  • Hi Charity. Could you recommend some book to read in order to understand mbti types better, because I know only about my type, and cannot type my friends (or at least try to type)). So I want to know something about different types but without watching tons of videos and reading a lot of articles, so a book or two would be just perfect.

    I have a book list. :)

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  • Hello! I was wondering if the reasoning I used in the situation I’m about to explain is an example of Ti.

    I was probably around 10 or 11 at time, and I was at Ollivander’s wand shop at Universal. For every group that comes into the shop, Ollivander picks one person and lets them try out wands until a wand “chooses” them. I distinctly remember looking around and noticing that I was likely the youngest there aside from two other girls decked out in Harry Potter merch. I assumed that Ollivander would be instructed to choose the youngest person over 6 or 7, which in my case, would be one of those girls. However, I figured that since they were wearing so much merchandise and I wasn’t, he would pick me instead. I watched him look around the room and saw the moment he made his decision (sort of like how you can tell if a teacher is about to call on you). He picked me! I still have the wand.

    For reference, I’m ~90% certain I’m an INTP, but I’m having trouble recognizing dominant Ti. I’m trying to figure out if it’s because I use it pretty unconsciously or if I’m mistyped. I know you can’t provide conclusive evidence on my type from one situation when I was eleven (although I do think my thought process now is very similar), but was I using Ti there? Thank you so much!


    It sounds vaguely like intuition (operating off an assumption that turns out to be right) but isn’t specifically Ti. It can be Ti and Ne working together, yes.

    High Ti is… a preoccupation with rationality and internal problem solving. It can manifest in being confused about why people are ‘irrationally emotional,’ or being obsessed with the definitions of words and finding one theory to encompass a much bigger idea (like Stephen Hawking using Ti and Ne, and sometimes even enjoying arguing against his own previous conclusions… so much Ne), or needing and wanting to know how something works from the inside out, or looking for a way to ‘exploit’ a situation logically (without thinking of the moral implications) – like Indiana Jones reasoning (accurately and logically) that if he unties his girlfriend and frees her in the Nazi camp, they will know he’s there and come looking for him – so he leaves her tied up, much to her rage. He devalued her feelings of betrayal in favor of logic (Ti —— > Fe).

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  • I’ve been watching someone “let’s play” a very old Sherlock Holmes game, which is admittedly full of logical errors (for example, after having presented the player and Holmes with clues to a clearly important location, Holmes ignores these cues, doesn’t mention them in any of his discussions, and the game forces you to go to another, unimportant location instead.

    I have no problem rolling with these logical issues - I notice them, but I don’t get annoyed by them (I think they are hilarious and add to the charm of the game).

    However, the guy playing the game gets SO worked up about these flaws and will spend 15-20 discussing the clues and pointing out how illogical the game is. When the player is guided to do something (for example, check a map) the guy playing wants to know HOW we (Holmes) know we need to check the map and WHY Holmes thinks it is important in the first place. It’s not enough to be told “you need to do this” he wants to understand the reasons in the game for taking that action. Which of course makes sense for someone who wants to be fully engaged with the game, but he seems to get more frustrated than is reasonable (personally, I’d just concluded it was a flawed game and either stop playing or accept it and enjoy it!).

    Is this more Te or Ti? It seems to be a case of a struggle to find internal logic where there is none, so I thought maybe Ti, but perhaps it is more a Te case of frustration over incompetence / a lack of efficiency?

    Thank you!

    His reaction seems Ti-dom, since he’s unable to get past the logical flaws in the game to actually enjoy himself playing it. He just can’t get past how irrational it is and has fixated on it, rather than just moving on from it (like a Te would).

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  • When someone relates to a fictional character, or a number of characters, is it most likely due to mbti similarity (judging or perceiving functions) or enneagram similarity?

    It can be dominant function related or Enneagram related. It can also be a person projecting their own thoughts, feelings, or motives onto a fictional character and assuming they are ‘alike,’ especially if they like or admire them. (IE, all the girls out there who insist they ARE just like Elizabeth Bennett, without sharing her thought process.) I think it’s more often Enneagram than anything – because that’s the core motivational process of your being, so you naturally might gravitate toward characters who appear to share those impulses. (A 6 liking characters who are cautious and think through things, a 1 liking upright, moral characters, etc.)

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  • Just curious, is it harmful to breath in the mist from energy drinks cans when you first open them?

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  • This is kind of random lol, but I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations for (well written) TV shows with trans/non-binary main characters that don’t overall focus on them being trans or coming out or anything, just include them more casually?

    (Preferably sci-fi or fantasy, but I’m not immune to a good sitcom,, and preferably with no explicit sexual stuff. Oh and if they’re characters of color! And human. That would be great.)

    #also if it has a good soundtrack... all the better #also found family would be nice 👍 #do shows this specific even exist? #who knows #perhaps the person reading this 👀? #not aru shah #seriously it can be like. a cartoon or live action or puppets or whatever! idrc what medium i just. want to see that #tv show#tv shows#tv recommendations#tv recommendation#trans rep#trans representation #non binary rep #non binary representation #nonbinary rep#nonbinary representation#question#personal #i just want a show with trans characters not focused on queer/LGBTQ+ stuff i can watch w/ my friends and family 😭 #is that so much to ask #anyway if i ever write a tv show #one of the mcs will definitely be trans #probably more #and it will be like. toh style #where it takes a backseat to all the fun shenanigans going on #but is still very much explicitly shown #if you don’t know then #if you could share this instead that would be great! #trans
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  • Is it possible to sort Mbti cognitive functions into Hogwarts Houses? If so, what will it look like? Only your dominant and auxiliary functions will matter in sorting yourself, won’t they?

    Not really. I think your judging functions, which relate to ethics and achievement, might prioritize what each House believes in according to the individual, but you can’t broadly categorize which function belongs to each House.

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  • Quick inquiry

    Would posting time lapses be a thing any of you’d be interested? And older artworks that are not here on Tumblr?

    Thank you for your time

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    Then the Spirit led Jesus up into the wilderness so that the devil might tempt him. 2 After Jesus had fasted for forty days and forty nights, he was starving. 3 The tempter came to him and said, “Since you are God’s Son, command these stones to become bread.” 4 Jesus replied, “It’s written, People won’t live only by bread, but by every word spoken by God.” 5 After that the devil brought him into…

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