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  • is sex with ow considered a cardinal sin in fic culture? i’m not changing the scene i just need to know if i have to include it in the warnings

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  • Your Art Being Appreciated on The Internet


    This has been something I’ve been contemplating for quite some time.

    I am not involved nor particularly interested in the ‘internet famous’ culture; What’s presented by the Instagram famous and so on. Posting our art on social media is nothing new and there are millions perhaps billions of results when the tag, ‘art’ is searched on any social media. And as an artist myself I am unbelievably enthralled by other artists’ work. I get so much joy when the artists I guiltlessly Tumblr stalk post somthing. You all offer so much for mine and others’ viewing pleasure and I’ve always hoped my art would do the same.

    This post isn’t information on getting your art noticed or appreciated and I wish it wasn’t my griping. I will write a post about how much I admire other passionate, unique internet artists one day. This is more about my rather disappointing career as an online creator. Perhaps its circumstance, bad luck or a more disheartening variable but my art does not do well here on Tumblr. My blog is young and so I should understand my lack of popularity with my posts but I have received one like on one of my art posts and it was by a bot. You see where I’m coming from here? This happened again on another blog of mine.

    This isn’t so much as to attract attention to my blog as it is a cry for help. I want to fix this issue on my own through preservence and hard work. I want to improve my blog rather than have reblogs with no pleasure behind them. Ones I did not earn. I want to learn. I don’t believe I seek fame but appreciation or at least feeling like I’m not sending my pieces out just to hit a brick wall would be nice. I want people to appreciate my art but I want it to make them happy too. Intrigued, inspired. That would be our trade. Not a single reblog out of pity, a flicker of popularity and then silence.

    Does anyone have any tips for me? I just need to know anyone is seeing my art because at this point I am not even sure. I’ve had horrible luck on other sites as well including Instagram, Twitter, etc. I don’t want to jump to shallow conclusions about my art including things like, “My art isn’t good enough.” “My art isn’t engaging.” “I don’t work hard enough.” “I should stop trying.” I know those underminings will keep me from success. I don’t wish to think this way. From one artist to another, this is request for help. How do I engage people and get them interested in the art I have so much pride, passion, and time put it? I eagerly await even one word of wisdom.

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  • TW: Bi questioning/discourse.

    Please do not engage if you plan to be yelling. I’d like to ask a question since something doesn’t make sense. Precise answers that aren’t a million miles long (anxiety-inducing long) are encouraged. I will chat with whoever wants to chat only through notes. DMs won’t be cool with me. I’m just down to hear things that aren’t rage-filled to the brim. You don’t need that, we don’t need that. Please skip if you would not like to see discourse or if you get easily anxious over any discourse like I do. This isn’t to start trouble. These are questions.






    Okay. If we cool, we cool. No worries.

    So here’s my understanding of everything:

    “Bi-“ as a prefix means two. So why do some bi people say they’re attracted to all genders when that would be more than just two? “Pan-“ means all. So why are they not “pan” in that sense?

    It seems like most bi’s that say they like all genders are more comfortable using “bi” as a label rather than changing the label when they actually like more than two genders. That’s cool, I totally get wanting to change up how labels are perceived. However, it totally changes the definition of “bi-“ as a prefix. That’s not to say that people can’t change the way a label has been known of, we do that all the time with labels and stuff. I think that changing things for yourself is neat. But is it more-so that it’s like being panromantic bisexual rather than it being just bisexual?

    The way I understand it is that bi people can be attracted to two genders of any kind, not necessarily masc and femme, and they can be attracted to two specific genders romantically while also being attracted to two others sexually if they use bi- for romantic and sexual labels. I understand it as sexual and romantic attractions not needing to be the same, it just needs to be two of any kind for it to fit “bi-“.

    This just makes me super confused and I’m wondering if everyone’s actually just the same. It feels like bi people want people, specifically pans, to just use “bi-“ by saying that they like all genders instead of allowing us pans to be comfortable with our own label, just like them, that uses a prefix that means “all” rather than just “two”. Bi people can do as they please with their label, but so should pan people with their label. It’s not of kindness to put other people down, so I just don’t get what all this vileness is about.

    Because there was always an emphasis on “being attracted to any ‘two’” for bi, I felt so trapped by that. I stopped using that label a long time ago. Now I’m very confused on what some bi people are saying their label is. I’m wondering if there is a clear idea of what “bi-“ sexual or romantic means for the bi people that say they like “all” genders instead.

    So here’s my TLDR questions:

    Do bisexual/biromantic people still vibe with “bi-“ meaning “two” or are they saying they’re attracted to all genders to change its definition instead of using “pan-“, meaning “all”, to identify themselves? Do bi people just want to keep using “bi-“ just to stay comfortable?

    I require anybody who interacts with this to be mindful of the people behind the screen. You’re not alone. You make people feel alone if you can’t control how you interact. I’m not yelling, you’re not either. Thanks so much.

    Edit: I wanna add in anything new I learn about how these specific bi people use their label below here so others can see. Only share what you’re comfortable with other people seeing! Thanks so much.

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  • Okay so I’m taking AP Chem right now and it’s not that bad, but I’m struggling to do Lewis structures of complex molecules (propanoic acid, acetone etc..) I’m also struggling to understand the Lewis structures of ions. More specifically, I’m having trouble recognizing when a double bond needs to be used

    If anyone has resources or just helpful tips and tricks I would appreciate it immensely. Chemistry is really fun, I’m just a little stuck

    And Yes, I have asked my teacher, but he has yet to get back to me about it

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  • Hey y’all. For those of you who are unaware, I run a fic rec blog @little-read-a-lot and I was curious if anybody knows of any other active fic rec blogs? I did a little search but found maybe one.

    P.S. if y’all have any fic recs for me I could love to read them and maybe they’ll end up on my fic rec blog.

    #question#fic recs#recommendations#survey#side blog #lets be honest this blog is my side blog #the other one seems to be my main these days
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  • do u guys think it’d be beneficial for me to create multiple master lists? one for HCs, one for scenarios, etc. ? 🧐

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  • Ever just wanna die.

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  • Since Celena basically adopts Elizabeth would the twins (Elizabeth’s girls) refer to Celena as a second mother or an aunt?

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  • I have a question…

    I know I’m not the only one, but I want to see who all does this.. how many or how few..

    Does anyone else make up scenarios in their head when alone or at work or just anywhere? Scenarios from a wide range of things. Good and bad. Happy and sad.

    I have found myself doing this constantly lately. Making myself both really sad or happy. Hmmm..

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  • #i'll always tag with the astrology playlist tag so u can find them easier C: #question#Anonymous
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  • So I noticed a thing and I just wanna test it.

    Please hear me out.

    Does every person with bpd have some sort of hobby or interest involving “creepy” makeup? Like special effects and/or unique makeup?? Cause every other bpd person I’ve met so far has a hobby/interest around that kinda thing, me included? Interact if you do too, please??? Or let me know what you do instead or if you have something similar.

    I have to know!!! (✷‿✷)

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  • I’m having a hard time discerning whether I’m more Fi or Fe partially because my emotional development is poor and I know it falls lower in my functional stack if it isn’t my inferior function. What are some of the differences in the ways that an unhealthy Fi or Fe might react to irritation or annoyance on a day to day basis.

    If it’s low, you should be looking at Te/Ti and your ENTIRE functional stack and not just focusing on telling the difference between low Fe/Fi. I mean, Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes from the BBC Sherlock are very different, am I right? One has inferior Fi but more importantly, is a Te-dom; the other has inferior Fe, but more importantly, is a Ti-dom. What’s the main difference between them? ESTJ Mycroft thinks his brother is immature because all he wants to do is ‘play’ all the time. Mycroft runs the British government. He does ‘adult’ things. He looks for tangible success and achievement in the outside world. He knows how to organize it, to delegate, to make factually-driven decisions, and his inferior Fi is something very personal to him. In fact, he ‘worries’ about Sherlock, because “he is more emotional than he knows.” It’s true. Sherlock, being an inferior Fe, shows his feelings wayyyy more often than Mycroft does. You know Mycroft is inferior Fi because he has strong moral convictions on a few basic things (protect your family, always, even if you think they are idiots) but… he is never gushy or forward with his feelings. They’re all locked inside him. It’s almost painful for him to admit to them.

    With Sherlock, you see them all – because he explodes with them all over the place. The lower the Fe, the more erratic it is and the more it shows, because it’s an outward-focusing function. His Ti-dom has a complex inner world (mind palace) and systematic way of looking at reality – he doesn’t care so much about the facts as he does the internal logical process of things. Sherlock finds it almost impossible to deal with things that are factual truths (I just saw a ghost hound) because he’s so tied to his own brand of logic, he can’t abandon it to allow in something that is TOTALLY IRRATIONAL EVEN IF I JUST SAW IT. In that episode, he goes to more and more extremes to try and analyze / explain HOW he saw it, how he hallucinated that thing, and isn’t happy until he figures it out. His Fe is so poor for awhile, he doesn’t care if he hurts people. Then, being around Watson (Fe ‘rubbing off’ morals on him) improves him.

    In a nutshell, you can usually tell Fe vs Fi based on where, when something goes wrong, the blame goes. If Fi is ‘selfish’ (everything goes through me), then the Fi-user is going to blame themselves first, because they are usually prone to taking strong personal responsibility for things – that’s often a component of Fi, because they have certain self-standards they want to live up to, as a person and as their type. Under stress, such as in quarantine right now, this becomes “nobody understands me, why are they picking on me, when I am just trying to do the right thing / help them?”

    Fe is the opposite. It’s focus is on YOU (someone outside me) and therefore, if something goes wrong, usually YOU are the first person to blame for it. It isn’t “what I said was stupid and offensive and hurt grandma’s feelings,” it’s “why is she so stupidly easy to offend / emotional / easily hurt?? :P” They can become whiny and emotional under stress (like right now) and either turn to trying to get a rise out of people to deal with their feelings (since they don’t know what they are feeling and finds their emotions hard to understand, since they are Fe – ITPs have to learn to talk through their feelings to feel better, something FJs know rather early on) or to whining. Pay attention to the baiting thing, though. It’s something Te users don’t do, but Fe’s like to get a rise out of people. Then they will often claim, when the pressure gets too bad, ‘it was just a joke.’ No, it was displacing boredom or anger or resentment onto a bystander, because unhealthy lower Fe sees other people and their feelings as ‘toys to play with.’

    - ENFP Mod

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