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  • A Choice of You.

    I’d choose you everytime

    with the turn of every tide

    with ease and stride

    I’d choose you in the pitch black

    stumbling over furniture

    I’d choose you by smell

    choose you by taste

    I’d choose you in seconds

    without haste

    I’d choose you in an elaborate game

    Id choose you pretty simple and plain

    in sunshine 

    or in rain 

    all the way around and back again

    Because this is the order

    the pieces fit smoothly 

    the picture is painted

    the story concluded

    If I hadn’t chose this path 

    happiness would remain  a myth

    a laugh would remain a foreign object in my mouth

    gratitude would not compute

    and the thought of a life of fulfillment

    would be something Id never deserve

    So Id choose you

    I’d have to. 

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  • Shit i am completely messing up my creatober days! I hope im not messing up the tag for anyone. Ok here is my REAL Day 5: Drown


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  • To be appreciated.

    To be adored.

    To be desired.

    That’s what I’m for.

    To be valued.

    To be loved.

    To be protected.

    Yes, all the above.

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  • Behold, the adieu bid

    by the clock, doomsday

    is not far off - three minutes

    or is it two, I can’t recall…

    It slithers

    in the dark –

    incumbent visages of gloom,

    a smoke of doom

    coiling, like a beast

    of yore.

    © Anna S., 2020

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  • My soulmate is a figment of my imagination,
    I know this, yet it’s so hard to resist you
    in self indulgent fantasies 
    when you take physical form 
    and I sit you high upon that throne.
    It’s the only way I know to steal your crown.

    I worship dark powers as if I couldn’t hold a candle to them.
    But I’ve stared in to the hollows of my skeletons too long
    to continue pretending they hold any flesh.
    If I lay them down to rest, with proper burial,
    ceremonial eulogies and loving ritual,
    could I grow a wreath fit for a goddess?

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  • He was a leper

    and I buried my faith beneath a heap of mud,

    longing to cleanse the past with soil

    as if it would remold me, reshape this sinner,

    for I was afraid to look into his eyes.

    Yet as I resurfaced, dirt-kissed bare

    limbs and spirit, I saw myself

    the same as he (humble, and alive);

    and the fear was left buried,

    while I looked up

    into his eyes, and put my muddy arms

    around him.

    © Anna S., 2020

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  • Under the moonlight, I pull up into your driveway.
    You’re not home, the lights are always on.
    Names passed down, no occupants.
    When you took vacations
    and asked me to come along, I said
    “I would rather imagine than be part of it.”
    Now, either way, I am.
    Both an imagination and a reflection
    in every photograph in the album.
    I’ll sit in the rocking chair
    I’ll look out the window
    see the broken headlights
    and wait for my eventual eviction.

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  • Falters the memory

    as the oil lamp sputters out,

    last light surrendered

    to the glory of eternal night.

    I deem you free

    to roam

    within the confines

    of decrepit rights; be lauded

    by clamor

    and pollution, destitute

    in silent


    © Anna S., 2020

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  • The moon hid in the clouded skies

    As it refused to watch the darkened white crusade

    That uttered psalms and spilled its tears

    In hope that god may bring forth drought.

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    As the Year’s passes

    the love fades,

    Fades to invisible pain

    That sticks towards us

    To our inner flower,

    Flower which has no color,

    No fragrance,

    No Petals,

    But still stands there,

    And as the years goes

    The pain get harder than

    Than what it was before

    And when the arrival of next,

    Next year i can feel the itching thoughts,

    Thoughts of my selfless mistakes.

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  • You can spring your web of lies,

    Catch me like a fly,

    I won’t scream to the passers-by,

    As long as you won’t cry,

    When I tell you I don’t love you,

    Not like I used to,

    You may keep me off the ground,

    Unable to walk away

    You may hold my hands bound,

    And lead me astray

    But you turned a lover to a slave,

    So don’t expect me to behave,

    I’ll whisper my lies in your ear,

    Until you wish I’d disappear,

    My freedom costs your last sanity,

    So think about how you’re treating me

    #quick poem #bit shit tbh #by a bit i mean pretty fucking shit of course #poem#poetry#lgbtq
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  • i looked up to the sky and asked the stars,

    will i ever be one?

    they told me “you already are”

    and i realised,

    a star, is everyone i know.

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  • The nights seem to become darker sooner.

    I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in the world than where we two were.

    Clouded by thoughts, I couldn’t see through her.

    Somethings different, something was seeming newer.




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  • #Quick Poem#quick verses#quick prose#edwin saravia #prosa en español #prosa en espanol #verses#prose #verses on tumblr #writers on tumblr #prose on tumblr #poets on tumblr
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  • Love actively seeks


    It is never happy when it is stagnant.

    Love lives colorfully,

    Dancing through scenes,

    Like a Paramount Picture -

    Sometimes wonderful technicolor

    And sometimes lifelike hues.

    To suffer love

    Is to carry a fleeting feeling

    For thousands of moments.

    We begrudge ourselves

    For being lonely,

    Because it is easier to accept


    Than to be known by another.

    Love is heavier

    And lighter

    Than any material.

    It can weight a heart down,

    Letting it sink in seas of misery,

    Or in gladder cases,

    Keep one from drowning,

    Even in dubious oceans.

    - Shae Sheehan

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  • i honestly fell in love when i first saw you

    i truly loved you when i first met you

    #me#lol#quick poem#poems #about my crush
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  • I’ve grown out of you,

    Shed the skin of your deciept right off.

    I’ve grown out of you,

    The pain that you left me in took off.

    I’ve grown out of you,

    Your polarizing gravitational pull, lift off.

    I’ve grown out of you,

    No longer blind to your flaws.

    I’ve grown out of you,

    Now I can finally enjoy my own warmth.

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  • Boredom

    The boredom I feel is not boredom at all

    It’s a lack of understand the small –

    Things that I used to charish

    Being disconnected has left me misconneted

    Socially distancing my mind and physical

    A world I did not think I could know

    Longing a loss I wasn’t part of

    But as the saying goes:

    You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

    Boredom succumbs me

    Tossels my life and blinds me

    From an opportunity that I know is waiting

    For a time that’ll come when I stop contemplating.

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  • stay consistent with rising impositions
    how does desire
    to distinguish oneself within
    a crowded life fare
    against the notion of
    common good?

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  • Eyes closed surrender to me.
    Eyes closed ears covered, surrender to me.
    Eyes closed ears covered body weightless, surrender to me.
    Eyes closed ears covered body weightless sex exposed, surrender to me.
    To carnality, fantasy & submission.

    My soft tones coil into your ears & you act when I tell you.
    How I tell you.
    Everything in you relaxes as you engage your sex.
    Eyes closed ears covered body weightless.
    Pleasure & escape colour you with broad, expressive strokes.
    Your torso’s purple as night. Nape blanc cassé. Delicate tungsten patterns your thighs.
    Engage your sex.
    Move from adagio to allegro from legato to staccato from forte to pianissimo.


    Reflected off your open eyes I see appal & self-loathing.
    On your body I see the price of orgasm.
    Within you I feel the cheap high of masturbation.

    I want to be absent from this scene. I am absent from this scene.


    Theo-Jay original

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