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  • A Choice of You.

    I’d choose you everytime

    with the turn of every tide

    with ease and stride

    I’d choose you in the pitch black

    stumbling over furniture

    I’d choose you by smell

    choose you by taste

    I’d choose you in seconds

    without haste

    I’d choose you in an elaborate game

    Id choose you pretty simple and plain

    in sunshine 

    or in rain 

    all the way around and back again

    Because this is the order

    the pieces fit smoothly 

    the picture is painted

    the story concluded

    If I hadn’t chose this path 

    happiness would remain  a myth

    a laugh would remain a foreign object in my mouth

    gratitude would not compute

    and the thought of a life of fulfillment

    would be something Id never deserve

    So Id choose you

    I’d have to. 

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  • Life feels like a endless nightmare

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  • Don’t knock on that door.

    In this palace of rot and ruby.

    I am king, queen, jester and peasant.

    Don’t knock on that door.

    I am a visitor with truths and tricks.

    I am the host and the audience

    Poised to fall into affection.

    I am the vandal, the weaver of scandals.

    Don’t knock on that door.

    To become a mother you need to be a seductress.

    To become a father you need to be a filthy liar.

    Don’t knock on that door.

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  • Ight, fuckers, it’s poetry time

    (The slashes are pauses but more staccato than commas)

    I /

    Have never seen the reason why/

    That I / have to lie /

    every time / I /

    go outside /

    and pretend / to / be

    somebody else be/cause

    almost no/body knows / me /

    But I / try / to be me /

    and then I just can’t / let / them / see /


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  • Tumblr Exclusives

    I Shouldn’t Have Said That

    I shouldn’t have said that.

    I had no idea

    the consequences would be

    quite so severe.

    And I shouldn’t have done that

    I didn’t know that I’d hurt you

    as much I had.

    I’ve always been a fast faller

    I think it’s in my blood

    A desire to be loved

    As much as I can love another

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  • my skin peels

    weeks after sunburn

    I walk

    and leave behind ghostly petals

    traced with who I used to be

    just another layer

    another layer of me

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  • Fuck me.

    With pain

    With pleasure

    With envy.

    With anything

    Just to see how much to you

    I really mean.

    Pierce my skin until

    I bleed.

    Grip me.

    Pull me close and shatter my bones,

    Destroy me.

    Just do anything.

    Anything is better than



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  • Fingertips brushing across the table

    Gazes smoldering in the dark cab home

    Up the dim stairs, shedding coats

    John kissing the pulse point of Sherlock’s neck

    Sherlock grazing his lips across John’s wrist

    Buttons slipping open

    Hands caressing warm skin

    Breath hitching, caught —

    Mouths, fingers, hips

    Slow deep fast frenzied

    Giving, taking, demanding, releasing —

    Sharp sighs pressing against throats

    A sheen on backs and foreheads

    Bodies sinking into the sheets

    Wrapping loosely together

    Hearts calming

    Fingertips brushing

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  • “Tell me I am your moon, because you are my sun that burns throughout the hot summer day and ignites my heart. Your glow is what gives me the ability to shine down on the city over night.”

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  • Boredom

    The boredom I feel is not boredom at all

    It’s a lack of understand the small –

    Things that I used to charish

    Being disconnected has left me misconneted

    Socially distancing my mind and physical

    A world I did not think I could know

    Longing a loss I wasn’t part of

    But as the saying goes:

    You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

    Boredom succumbs me

    Tossels my life and blinds me

    From an opportunity that I know is waiting

    For a time that’ll come when I stop contemplating.

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  • Whisky Shiver My Bones

    Here I am again,

    The bathroom extractor fan can’t suck out the shame.

    Laying down and wondering who won tonights game.

    I can only guess you are playing too.

    It’s not about who gets to oblivion first,

    It’s about who forgets who the quickest.

    In the morning I will try to cross out that you crossed my mind.

    Until then here it is to us!

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  • My body is heavy.

    I have been shot with a tranquilizer-

    I slump as my weighted flesh pulls me over.

    Soon my eyes will shut and when they open again it will be a different time.

    I wait untill my breathing has evened out and I smile inside my head- they do not know I love the sedation.

    I am protected from the screaming outside

    And now that I have only a few seconds left, drool slips from the corner of my cheek.

    I stare into the darkness

    In triumph.

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  • Eyes closed surrender to me.
    Eyes closed ears covered, surrender to me.
    Eyes closed ears covered body weightless, surrender to me.
    Eyes closed ears covered body weightless sex exposed, surrender to me.
    To carnality, fantasy & submission.

    My soft tones coil into your ears & you act when I tell you.
    How I tell you.
    Everything in you relaxes as you engage your sex.
    Eyes closed ears covered body weightless.
    Pleasure & escape colour you with broad, expressive strokes.
    Your torso’s purple as night. Nape blanc cassé. Delicate tungsten patterns your thighs.
    Engage your sex.
    Move from adagio to allegro from legato to staccato from forte to pianissimo.


    Reflected off your open eyes I see appal & self-loathing.
    On your body I see the price of orgasm.
    Within you I feel the cheap high of masturbation.

    I want to be absent from this scene. I am absent from this scene.


    Theo-Jay original

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  • Kinder with age. More sympathy. More empathy. I can only rage

    In a jest

    As an ansurdity.

    An idea or ideal

    Is easy to let go of…

    Life is like a well set table on an unsturdy base waiting for someone to knock it over.

    Then life is the mess on the floor.

    You can glue the plates and dishes.

    The food is trashed.

    You’ll remake the meal with less fuss.

    Youll set the table again.

    But you can never really fix the table.

    It wants to be knocked over.

    So you set a simpler feast.

    And simpler yet.

    Till you have a bowl of cereal in your hands in your chair in a different room from the table.

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  • You think you know


    Then it turns out they’re a complete


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  • If I loved you


    Let you sleep.

    But you disgust me.

    Breathing shallow and heavy

    Sound like


    Nails on a railing,

    My stomach ever


    Your hand is on me,

    And still you breathe

    Those raspy screams,

    closed eyes

    Masking deceit.

    I’m hurting,

    Although you don’t know because

    you’re asleep.

    What are in your dreams,

    Her or me?

    You piece of shit,


    To think I’d let you in,

    My body

    My mind.

    In it I carved out a space for you,

    Wasted time.

    I sat and watched the clock empty


    I should’ve watched

    Where they went —

    Those messages you were sending.

    What about me?

    Conveniently forgotten when there’s new pussy.

    It’s clear as day to see

    You’re naturally who





    So wake up.

    There’s no rest for the wicked

    you see.

    - b.r.

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  • image
    #quick poetry #i dont know #just liked the sound of it #poem#my artwork
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  • With your big hands

    Resting along the curve

    Of my hips.

    You pull me towards you,

    And send me your warmth;

    Embracing me tightly.

    I could lie here all day.


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  • sometimes.

    i get scared i’m going to lose it all.

    everything ive achieved,

    everyone i’ve come to love.


    then i remember

    i came into this world with


    so why bother.

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  • flowers

    the yellow daffodils

    enhance your eyes,

    while the pink roses

    embody your blushing cheeks.


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