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    please follow me if you ship:











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    finding quinntana crumbs is my specialty

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    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Romance in the Rain Ch. 14

    Romance in the Rain

    Available on ff.net (x) ao3 (x).

    A/N: Just wanted to take a second to say thanks for all the wonderful feedback. Some of you want them to break up and some of you want them to stay together, haha. I hear your concerns and they’re all valid. All I can say is have faith that QS don’t argue without reason, they’re both passionate people and if you read between the lines, there’s more to their disagreements. While this is a drama, I don’t just add in fights for fun. So hang in there folks!

    If it’s any relief, just picture if canon Quinntana got together, I’m sure the early stages of that relationship would be a menace. Anyway, you guys have such good theories and comments, I enjoy reading them all. Without further ado, enjoy the next one ;)






    Abrams/Lopez Flat

    Santana entered back into the apartment and she immediately went to the punching bag to let her emotions out. Artie laid on the settee, carefully watching her. He finally spoke up when she didn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon.

    “Stop it. Can we sit down and talk?”

    “There’s nothing else to talk about,” Santana scoffed, swinging harder punches to the bag. “If you want to teach me a lesson, go ahead.”

    “How does that help?” Artie retorted. “Just who do you love? Quinn or Brittany?”

    “You already know the answer.”

    Artie got up and stepped in between the Latina and the training equipment. He turned and looked at her with a serious expression he rarely ever wore.

    “Get this clear - this is not 20 years ago where you can have dozens of wives,” he said exasperatedly. “Even if you could, Quinn and Brittany can never coexist. If you only love one of them then stay focused on that one. You have nothing to do with the other’s tears or sadness! You have to be forbearing to one and cold-hearted to the other to get out of this mess!”

    Santana exhaled pensively. “You’re right. I’m not as forbearing as I should be to Quinn. But I simply can’t bring myself to be cold-hearted to Brittany.”

    Artie sighed. “If I were you, I would go to Grand McKinley right now.”

    She shook her head. “No, I refuse to go there.” She pushed him out of the way and continued throwing punches at the bag.

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  • quinntanariveraff
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Romance in the Rain Ch. 13

    Trouble in paradise.

    Available on ff.net (x) ao3 (x)






    Chang Cottage

    “Mike, this is for you,” Quinn said, handing him some bills.

    Mike knitted his brows together. “I still have the money you gave me last time. Plus I’ve been working harder so my income has also gone up-”

    “I’ll be mad if you don’t take it.” She pushed the money back into his hand when he tried to return it. 

    Mike looked apprehensive but reluctantly complied after Quinn gave him a stern look. 

    A moment later, Tina stepped out of the bedroom and joined them with a smile. The two girls hugged and the three of them sat down to talk. With a sigh, Quinn began telling them about her father finding out her job and the incident at the Fabray Estate which ended in her leaving the mansion in tears. 

    “Wait, your dad looked sad when you left?” 

    Quinn nodded. “He probably didn’t want to make a scene by blowing up again.”

    “From what you told me last time, I don’t think he cares about that,” Tina noted. “Has he come back to the dance hall after that?”

    Quinn shook her head. 

    “Maybe he is trying his best to make peace with you, but there’s instigators around him that paint you in a bad light.”

    Mike nodded in agreement. “Especially the ninth mistress, she sounds so evil. She must be fueling the resentment between you and him.”

    Quinn pursed her lips. She was also surprised that he hadn’t gone ballistic which she thought he surely would have. Her father hadn’t even tried to contact her again since he showed up unannounced at the dance hall.

    “He does sound like he cares a lot about you,” Tina added.

    Quinn creased her brows in thought, she had conflicted feelings. She didn’t want to admit it but she knew his father had the potential to be caring. In fact, he was quite attentive back in her childhood. Beside Martha constantly adding fuel to their deteriorating relationship, the only thing that really estranged them was their shared hubris. Perhaps if she became more submissive, her relationship with him had hope. But that was the issue - neither of them were the type willing to back down.

    The Commander fought in battles and wars for over 40 years. Some said he was a true hero, moreover a feared man back in his day. Quinn on the other hand, was a similar reflection of him and had always been headstrong. She’d learned from a young age in her dysfunctional family that showing kindness was a weakness, her mother being a prime example of that. She decided a long time ago that she would hurt other people with vicious words if they were to ever cross her and as of recent years, her father had been on the receiving end of that.

    She sighed. “Santana said the same thing, but I just don’t know. She said that I deserve happiness and that I should try to let go of the misery that’s been keeping me captive.”

    “I agree with her. I’m not taking sides or saying he is a good guy now, but it sounds like maybe he realized his faults,” Mike said.

    Tina placed a hand over hers. “You might not think they deserve forgiveness, but you owe it to yourself to let it go.”

    Quinn stayed quiet, contemplating their words. It seemed like everyone that cared for her had a similar stance. Her Mama, Santana, and now Tina and Mike. They must’ve had a point right?

    But she was still dubious.

    Someone as high and mighty as her father and someone equally unyielding as herself… their lens of justice and injustice drove a wedge so deep between them, how does one begin to forgive? Can one be civil with another who has seemingly different moral compasses?

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    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago
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    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago
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    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    The Math of Love Triangles - Pt. 2

    It’s Rachel’s turn!

    There are two sides to every story.

    Rachel’s starts the day Santana decides to move to New York.

    As you can imagine, Santana Lopez is the last person on Earth that Rachel would choose to be her roommate. She’s brash, offensive, dubiously anti-semitic, and spent the better half of their high school years making Rachel’s life a living hell. It doesn’t matter that they parted ways as friends after graduation, because the ceasefire was based on the assumption that they would be parting ways. Had Rachel been given the chance to object to Santana living with them, she absolutely would’ve.

    Alas, she and Kurt aren’t exactly given a choice.

    Read the rest on Ao3 (x)

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  • angelhummel
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    actually after some consideration I would also like to add Quinn to the polycule. But there’s no way in hell I’m redoing it cause it’d take like 3 hours & she’d be linked with literally everyone

    Her relationships -

    Just romantic: no one

    Romantic & sexual: Mercedes, Rachel, Tina

    Just sexual: Santana, Dani

    Queerplatonic besties: Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Artie, Elliott, yes just all the guys ♥️

    The polycule is expanding. Might add more characters later. But a couple of them aren’t allowed in the state of New York so 👀 They aren’t allowed in the polycule then

    #glee#quinn fabray#faberry#quinncedes#quinntina#my thoughts#mine #the ny polycule #quinntana#quani #and so on and so forth #also I’m such a fucking quinncedes sucker now #I love them #possibly new top five worthy ship?? #oh I might do a mckinley s4-5 polycule chart #literally everyone in that group is dating everyone #except Blaine who is gay and kitty who is a lesbian #everyone else is bi4bi af
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    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • amazonworrier
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    I’m writing a Quinntana/Pezberry love triangle prompt and can’t pick a winner. Seriously. I. Cannot. Choose. Who do y’all like more as the endgame and why?? Convince me!

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  • quinntanariveraff
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Romance in the Rain Ch. 12

    Slap Fest.

    Available on ff.net (x) ao3 (x).






    Streets of Upper East Side

    The young couple linked arms as they walked closely together toward the direction of the Fabray Estate.

    “It’s because of you that I’m going,” Quinn pouted. “You must talk my father out of interfering with my job.”

    “I know it’s not easy for you to make this trip,” Santana smiled. “I’ll try my best to talk him out of it.”

    Quinn was still apprehensive about making amends with the other side, but after a long talk with Santana, she convinced her to take the first step.

    They were a block away from the mansion when a black Cadillac drove past them and caught the blonde’s attention. Through the glass window she could make out a passenger in the backseat. Isn’t that Martha in the car? 

    The Cadillac pulled around the back entrance of the estate. A tall middle aged woman and Martha stepped out of the vehicle first. Stevie soon followed as the unknown woman held him up against her hip.

    “Stevie, who do you like most?” She asked.

    Stevie grinned. “Aunt Sue!”

    Martha peered over their surroundings, checking suspiciously for unwelcomed eyes.

    “You’re the best! You buy me so many toys, I love you!” The boy said excitedly.

    Sue looked pleased at that answer. “Good, I haven’t doted on you for nothing. What should you tell the others when you get home?”

    “Mama took me with her to play cards,” Stevie recited from memory.

    “Hurry Sue, you can’t stay here for long,” Martha urged as Sue set Stevie down. 

    “All right, you be good.” The two women shared an intimate look before Sue climbed back into the Cadillac and left.

    Martha opened the back gate and entered with her youngest son, but not before double checking over her shoulders again.

    The vehicle came back around just as Quinn and Santana approached the front gate. Quinn stopped to study the passing car.

    “What’s the matter?” Santana asked.

    “It’s nothing, I thought that car looked familiar,” Quinn replied, shrugging it off.

    Inside the estate, Russell took a hit from his cigar pipe as Stevie excitedly wheeled around a new toy truck and Martha called for her three other children.

    “Sorry, I have a date today and I won’t be home for dinner either,” Sam announced, coming down the steps.

    “I know who you’re dating,” Kitty chimed in. “It’s your latest girlfriend Rachel.”

    “How come I didn’t know?” Martha questioned. “When did you get to know her? Where is she from?”

    “Ma, why must you always check on whoever I go out with?”

    Martha rolled her eyes. “How can I not? Given your background, we have to pick the best.”

    “And the best may not have eyes for me,” Sam retorted.

    Martha gave a pointed look to Sam and Brittany. “The two of you are so useless. You let golden opportunities slip by.”

    “Mister, mistress, Miss Lopez and Miss Lucy are here,” Betty enthused.

    Martha gave the two guests an unimpressed onceover. “What’s the occasion today that we have the prettiest singer of Grand McKinley and the greatest reporter of New York both in our house.”

    “Don’t say that Mama,” Brittany said, giving the couple a welcoming smile. “It's rare for Santana and Quinn to come.”

    “Indeed it’s rare. Santana used to visit us so often and now I guess she only goes to the dance hall,” Martha said sarcastically.

    “See, this isn’t a perfect world after all,” Quinn muttered to Santana.

    “Go prepare some tea for Santana and Quinn,” Russell told Betty before turning to them. “There’s some freshly baked cake here. Come and have some with me.”

    “Yes, we’re family. Have some cake,” Sam smiled, attempting to get rid of the awkwardness.

    Santana and Quinn walked over to the table reluctantly and the Latina greeted the family politely.

    “Papa,” Quinn spoke. “I came to let you know I intend to continue my job. Please don’t interfere in it anymore.”

    “No, you must quit,” Russell said without missing a beat.

    “This is my first job. No matter what you think of it, it enables me to support Mama, pay rent, and make ends meet. It means a lot to me.”

    The Commander looked at her for a moment before his eyes softened the slightest bit, it was almost unnoticeable. “Let’s not talk about money. You won’t have to put up with anything to get living expenses again in the future. Therefore you don’t need to be stubborn anymore.”

    “But I have a contract with Mr. Schuester, I’m obliged to work for him,” Quinn protested.

    “I’ve already found a lawyer to study your case. You’re only 19, not 20. According to the law, you’re still underaged. So the contact you signed isn’t valid. If Schuester doesn’t let you go, I’ll fight it out with him,” he stated calmly.

    Santana could tell Quinn wanted to argue. “Mr. Fabray, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Schuester knows people from both sides of the law in New York. If you clash with him head-on, both of you will end up losing. Why not let Quinn stay for a period of time? I’m willing to go there every day to protect her.”

    “No, I won’t allow my daughter to sing at that sort of place,” Russell said firmly.

    Quinn looked at him, baffled. “You drove me into a corner and now I’ve found a way out, you want to ruin it again.”

    “Let her be,” Martha remarked. “She’s no longer Lucy Quinn, she’s now Grand McKinley’s Emily Stark. How would the Commander have a dance hall girl for a daughter? She’s used to the glamorous life now. Besides she’s got herself a bodyguard, we need not worry.”

    “Shut up, I’m not talking to you!” Quinn snapped, glaring at Martha.

    The look of offense came over Martha and she turned to her husband for support. “You… Did you hear that Russell? I’m your wife after all, yet this is how she talks to me!”

    “You are talking too much, don’t sprain your tongue,” Russell warned and Martha shrunk under his intense gaze. He turned back to Quinn. “Can you not give in a little?”

    “Please tell me how am I supposed to give in?” Quinn questioned. “My mother gives in and that’s why she’s been hiding in a tiny shell for years. There’s a price to pay. You’ve never given in before so you don’t know how many tears it costs.”

    Santana gently placed a hand on the blonde’s arm to calm her down. “We’re here to make peace remember?”

    “Let her carry on if she has the guts,” Russell said.

    “Giving in is another term for cowardice and is tantamount to giving up one’s rights,” Quinn continued. “If our country gave into British’s rule, we’d still be shackled to colonization. You want me to make concessions? There’s no such word in my vocabulary.”

    “I think many words are missing from your vocabulary,” Russell snickered. “At the very least, there’s no respect or politeness.”

    “Indeed such words don’t exist to me, but at least I’m truthful,” Quinn paused. “Papa, look around. All the people who are loyal to you are gone, what are you left with?”

    “You! Are you calling me a traitor?” Martha cried out.

    “You should know very well what you are!”

    Russell slammed the table and stood up. “How dare you be so disrespectful? Martha is your elder after all. I see father does not exist in your vocabulary either!”

    “It does, but it’s meaning is entirely different from our case,” Quinn hissed.

    His eyes flashed dangerously. “Are you trying to wage war against me again? You think I dare not beat you again?”

    No one noticed the little boy who ran upstairs and came back down with a weapon. “Here’s the whip, Papa,” Stevie said, handing it to him.

    Santana immediately jumped in. “The whip can’t solve the problem, please don’t resort to using it!”

    Flashbacks of Quinn’s cries from the last whipping ran through Russell’s mind and his grip on the cowhide loosened.

    “Pa…” Quinn’s voice was shaky. “I came and addressed you as Papa because I heeded Santana’s advice and wanted to make peace. I didn’t expect things to turn out like this…” Russell looked at her with affliction. “I’m leaving. You can fight with Schuester for all I care.” She took her leave and Santana went after her.

    The couple walked out of the estate and were about to open the gate when a voice stopped them.

    “Quinn,” Kitty called out, approaching them. “I have something to say to you.”

    Quinn reluctantly turned and faced her younger sister.


    A palm connected to Quinn’s cheek and she looked at Kitty shocked.

    “That’s what you owe Brittany! And this is what you owe my mother!” Kitty raised her hand to strike again, but Santana pushed her away.

    “What do you think you’re doing?!” The Latina yelled angrily,

    “I’m teaching her a lesson!” Kitty yelled back. “You’re shameless too for dumping Brittany after toying with her!”

    Brittany and Sam came running out of the house.

    “Kitty, mind your own business!” Brittany exclaimed.

    “Go inside!” Sam ordered.

    “No, I’m settling scores with her!”

    Sam grabbed Kitty by the arm and pulled her away as the girl tried to resist.

    “Leave quickly,” Brittany told the couple with an apologetic look.

    Santana placed arm over Quinn’s shoulders and guided them away. As soon as they were out of the vicinity, the blonde couldn’t hold it in anymore. She leaned on a pole as she cried.

    “Quinn…” Santana gently placed her hands on Quinn's cheeks. She felt terrible for suggesting what turned out to be a shitshow. “I shouldn’t have asked you to make a trip here.”

    Quinn said nothing as she continued to cry. 

    Santana felt tears of her own at the sight. “I’ll go get us a carriage and we can leave… we can forget this.”

    “How can I put this behind me?” Quinn whispered brokenly. “I can’t. I hate them… I hate them so much...”

    “I get it…” Santana wrapped her arms around her and murmured into her ear. “I get it now. I won’t force you again. Let’s leave and stay away from here, okay?”

    Quinn nodded against her neck.

    Read more here

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    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    It’s been six years since I’ve completed Santana’s Crush. And it amazes me how many people it touched, even now. I still get emails about follows, favs and pms. If you’re on ff(.net) then you know. Who knew that the story of a little girl who had a huge crush on her babysitter would be what it is today? I sure as hell didn’t 😂

    It was not my best writing (I have grown so much since then). But I loved every minute of writing. Although it took me almost 3 yrs to finish (that seems to be a recurring pattern).

    And I can say, I have not written a story that could top Santana’s Crush…and I’ve written many. I digress. Having said all that, I had a few asks in my inbox instead of doing each one individually. I decided to group them together.

    What was your inspo for Santana’s Cush?

    I had a crush on my baby sitter. She went away to college. And I never saw her again.

    Why did u use Quinntana?

    Because I ship them 😂😂

    Did you feel weird writing it?

    Kind of, but then I did the transition, and it wasn’t weird.

    That infamous chapter 💔 inspiration?

    That chapter came from a personal experience.

    Will u do a story like that for another fandom?

    Nope. That’s a once in a lifetime fic

    Melissa was a bitch. Wht became of her?

    I’ll never teeellll 😈

    What are Quinntana up to now? Post crush

    Well, there was a stand-alone story for Quinntana week 2014/2015 that kind of explains. But Quinntana got married, then fostered the little girl they were helping, and they eventually adopted her. Her name is Kendall.

    There were a couple more, but I don’t want to bore the five people who actually read my posts.

    #asks#Quinntana#Santana’s Crush #nayanna rivergron speaks #until next time my lovelies
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