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  • mitchmrner
    17.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    “he’s still looking for the alex kerfoot from the playoffs” hello??? you do realize it’s the SECOND game of the year???

    #i can’t stand takes like this #‘he isn’t providing like he did last year’ of ‘he’s not contributing to the lineup what he did last season’ #like it isn’t. quite literally. the beginning of the season #leafs lb
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  • leias-left-hair-bun
    17.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    i am so so sorry to disappoint my darling good writing vibes anon but instead of writing i spent the entire afternoon reading @hollyoakhill‘s intruder fic. and now i am in bed surrounded by the remnants of what was a new box of tissues and eating brownie mix out of the bag which is not actually a choking hazard if youre crying enough, and just. holly ily but you’re as bad as the tcw writers; whY WOULD YOU HURT THE CLONES SO D: why would you introduce slack and the rest only to hurt them D: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYY

    all of which is to say that is an excellent fic and i understand the hype now; i lost count of how many clones i fell in love with but it was a lot they are all absolute darlings (except pluto >.> who is on Thin Ice with me still) and so well fleshed out. and also i understand the love for patch (’: he is truly the sweetest trooper (’:

    okay now i’ll go write

    #i just aged three years from stress i really did #also. what the h e c k  pluto #i thought - nevermind what i thought but i have Feelings about him and they are not all of them complimentary lksdjflkdsf #ad just. look. look i can't learn my lesson as much as i  wish i could #and i get Attached to EVERY SINGEL FREAKING CLONE and then they all DIE what the HECK #that was a very creative idea and very well done. and all the characters were absolutely excellent #really did feel like an arc of TCW only paced much differently cause it wasn't cut down to 20 minute episodes #but oh man i - gosh i knew this was going to hurt me. i knew it #and yet i didn't know just how MUCH #i was quite literally screaming at my computer screen when not only did frostbite stay behind but it looked like singer was going to be #left too and - three years was lowballing it i think i aged five years at least #delete later
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  • strawbugz
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    karl jacobs 🥺🥺

    #hes just. literally fantastic. where are the karl jacobs loveposts. where are the karl mains with their karl loveposts #loveposts take a certain grasp of language that i dont quite have or id be loveposting literally allll thr fucking time #i can emoji lovepost. throw in some emoticons some emotes. #moving on karl jacobs 🥺🥺 #strawb.lb
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  • lalalove
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    everyone talking abt beomgyu. as they should <3

    #hes quite literally everything idk what to tell u other than He Is #02
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  • p1kaz
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i hate my job already

    #txt #i will literally quit today
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  • sjweminem
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    miserably horny on main -____-

    911 i took more klonopin than actually necessary so now i'm thinkin abt prez loki & mobius Coochie Magic as usual and imagining loki binding mobius's wrists behind his back and taunting him while fingering him, aggressively but also deep and slow, like really drawing it out, just humiliating him and keeping him right on the brink for as long as possible, then calling him "good girl" in a sickly sweet, faux-affectionate tone when he finally cums 🥺💦 and afterwards makes mobius put his mouth to work to clean up the mess he made, first of loki's hand and then the floor, loki knocking him onto it face-down without untying him first..why must i live with this constant, all-consuming need to sexualize the old man 😭

    #well i know PARTIALLY why.....quitting lithium cold-turkey and getting ECT are largely to blame for the sheer SEVERITY #after all quitting lithium was literally what SPAWNED the MCU (Mobius Coochie Universe) in the first place!!!!!! #oh yeah and the weight gain left me with this stupid FUNCTIONAL reproductive system 🙄🙄🙄
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  • theirtheretheyre
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    #dream me was literally so sad for some fucking reason #actually no. i know the reason. its bc ive always been the third wheel the fifth wheel the one whos not quite as part of the group as every- #-one else and i like to be included and shit and i was really fucking sad abt it
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  • better-blood
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    when i tell you that every single lyric snippet that dan’s released had already been leaked like a week prior on genius lyric proposals

    #thankfully those are quite hidden on the song page #and i got them all archived by adding more lyrics when he released them #theyre all from accounts that were literally just created to add the lyrics #so sketch #at least that means their iq is too low to actually change the lyrics seen on the page #theres still more leaked lyrics that he hasnt even released yet tho im so mad #how do they even get this shit #look i may leak song titles but only ones that are publicly accessible like the gma slip-up #bastille #no bad days
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  • systematicallycapricious
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Oh boy. I’ve now officially passed 100 separate drabbles for Apropos of Nothing, and I’m not even close to being done. Like, they range from a couple paragraphs of explanatory notes for the concept I want to revisit and actually write later to like 16,000 or so words of actual writing for one or two of them, and a lot of them falling somewhere in the 1,000-3,000 words range of what they have written so far.

    This is on top of the 50,000+ or so words of just notes I’ve scrawled for the project too.. And those are still far from done as well. What have I gotten myself into? xD Although I’m unsure if this is a normal summation of work for a writer on a larger project, but for me at least, it might even be bigger than the breadth of my own original content projects... combined. Which is a lot. <_<;

    (And that’s not even counting the musings for alternate timelines, haha)

    #Sholar System AU #SystematicRambles #I guess this counts as a 'hey I haven't abandoned the project- I just have a hella lot of work to do on it'? #(for anyone who follows that story and actually found my blog anyway) #the sad thing is that I can't even post any of that yet because IT'S NOT DONE YET. #it's all later timeline stuff so I can't post it without ruining our team's hard work #our writer is seriously amazing so I don't want to be disrespectful to them like that #BUT I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THEIR WORK! #Also hella excited for what we're doing with so many of the characters in this; especially Labrys and Naoto but also literally everyone else #also specifically around like age 10-12 or so on the timeline but also the whole timeline #but especially that specific thing and you'll see why eventually... I hope #(if you pay close attention to some of the AU notes I've posted here you might actually be able to make a guess as to what I have planned) #(not that those AUs reflect on Sholar Sys AU but some ideas spawn new ideas in different contexts from one another.. :3) #Meanwhile the next chapters immediately chronologically back and forward sit unfinished too; RIP #To be fair we had written quite a bit for the next chapter forward but then logical errors were found so huge overhaul to its outline #who knew? science needs to be done /logically/ to actually make sense as science (/)-T;) #writing science as more-accurately science is pretty fun though; highly recommend it
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  • mythvoiced
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Bound by Grief in Healing

    🦊 & 💌

    1600 Words + 10 Drabbles = 1610 16.10.2021 HAPPY ALEX DAY~ | @jeoseungsaja / @theimpalpable

    Call her ancient. Do. It would be odd not to, wouldn’t it.

    She, though, feels the true weight of her age only rarely.

    Then when it’s most difficult to get up in the morning and face the void at her side, the void in her palms, the void spreading in her chest for her heart had died along with the hands holding onto it.

    Then she feels it, centuries worth of history and memories pulling at her limbs as if chains stuck in the ground, intent on not letting her move further than the distance required to feel more hopeless than she already does.

    In moments like these, the idea of friendship became foreign, unwanted even. Shunned by her, as she simply desired to wither and rot away in the turmoil of her own inability to let the past be just that, her inability to look at the world and recognise that if her love had truly died, she would have wanted her to continue spread and live within the warmth she’d always connected her with.

    It’s difficult to recognise a lover’s wish for the self when she’s still struggling with coming to terms she won’t ever be able to hear it uttered from said lover’s lips.

    But, much like she had no choice but to begin acknowledging all she’d lost and all she’d failed to fight for, friendship too had simply snuck in and decided to stake a newfound claim on a section of her life, demanding she recognise its benefits, all that comes with the mere idea that perhaps someone out there might not understand but care enough to give it a heartful attempt.

    Or perhaps he does understand, it’s a little difficult with Yeo at times.

    His own centuries seem wrapped tightly around his bones, holding onto with hands the like of a wronged, jealous lover, abandoned in their bed, and now intent on not letting their prey step one single foot out of their own guilt.

    When she’d first met him, she’d assumed him to be younger than her. For the smallest fraction of a second, because it was simply that much easier for a fox to assume that whomever she’d meet would not meet her centuries in age. But the fraction of that second was as small as she’d fail to put into words because it only took a glance into his eyes, sneaking their truth at his surroundings from beneath his reddened fringe, to recognise not only the age in them but also all the other marks age had left behind.

    She doesn’t know the full scope, perhaps she won’t ever know more than summaries and glimpses and the mentions of a someone, ancient as the two of them but perhaps a bit more unique in his longevity, a little lovingly stubborn in the pursue of his heart, but she doesn’t need to know more than what she’s granted to know.

    Because he’s given her plenty already.

    Because in a reality in which all she’d begun to desire was the notion of death directly contrasted with her desperate prayer, her desperate wish to at least uphold her memories, be the one to carry her through all of eternity if at least by remember her name and face and nothing else, she didn’t have much space for anything else.

    Let alone the aforementioned friendship.

    Which, as mentioned, doesn’t wait or ask for an opportunity to be needed and be given.

    She hadn’t trusted him, for quite a while this.

    It was simply easier to distrust not only another fox, which in on itself, she knows the reputation her species uphold as defiant as she seems to abide to it – although, considering some of her youth – but another being at all, another someone with scars upon scars etched so deeply into his soul one would think every night something with a blade would break through him and inflict those wounds all over again.

    She saw in him a face she’d seen more than once, a name she perhaps recalled, a someone who was a someone, a someone she hoped to not become a more than that. Because she couldn’t bear it. Couldn’t bear the notion of not spending all of her time circling around her inner self, around her pain, her guilt, her loss, because isn’t that what she deserved?

    Isn’t that what he deserved?

    That’s what he seemed to claim, at least.

    Oddly enough, that was part of the reason she changed her mind.

    Or rather, her heart.

    Or rather, acknowledge that her heart had already changed.

    The notion that he was denying himself anything he could possibly deny for reasons akin to her own. That her mind trashing and her heart rebelling at the notion that someone like him, with that tease in his voice and the deadpan look of his face when he delivers his quips, the poetry of his statements when they’re too close to his wounds and the longing in his eyes and the private smile she wonders if he even knows it’s there whenever he speaks of a certain someone, that none of her wanted the likes of him to consider himself anything but good, anything but greatness fighting tooth and nail to not be harbinger of unjust punishment anymore.

    It took her quite a while to realise the hypocrisy of those thoughts.

    But hasn’t it always been so much easier, infinitely so, to see all the stars in someone else’s soul, the goodness wrapped gently around Yeo’s veins, the kindness bursting at the seams of his being, the exhaustion at the corner of his eyes and the desire to be enough, to have it had been enough, to repent and be done with repenting, etched into his skin as if blood-red ink?

    Isn’t it easier to see him and praise him for all he is, than do so to herself?

    Actually, does it really matter?

    The comparison, that is.

    The comparison between how she treats herself and how she treats him.

    The light she regards him in, this attachment bordering on sisterly as she’d found in him a sibling she’d never known existed. The desire to be of use, to protect, to take some of that weight off his shoulders or at least give him the means, aid him in finding the tools required, to perhaps shoulder it a little better, settle the masses on his back in a way that perhaps will threaten less to crush him.

    Reminders like the ones he carries with him are difficult to shake, she knows this, understands this better than so many she’s met. But that doesn’t mean he has to shoulder them alone, doesn’t mean he has to face the entire universe and see only enemies within it, or at best unimportant faces that will fade at once.

    If he allows her to, why wouldn’t she try her hardest to be a shoulder to him, someone who’ll take his hand, if he lets her, someone who’ll look him into his eyes and hopefully reflect some of her pain into it, not for the purpose of projecting, but rather for vicinity, for him to perhaps see some of himself in her, if that’s what he might need to trust that he’s not alone, trust that he’s good, trust that he’s on the right path, trust that she doesn’t fear holding his hand and trust that he doesn’t either.

    She doesn’t know all of it, no.

    She doesn’t know if there’s any loathing, she doesn’t know how many names and people he blames, she doesn’t know what he’s done and what he’s intent on doing, what he assumes to be the right course of action to wash anything he might see on his palms away from them, whatever blood that he might have been so furiously scrubbing at for however long.

    But neither does he.

    He doesn’t know her name. He doesn’t know her face. She will tell him, one day. She will describe the princess with the midnight-depth eyes, the soft hair she so easily seemed to entangle no matter the position she slept in, the warm blue glow of her fingertips when she brushed them across leaves and stared at nature as if it was the only thing she loved, only to then turn and regard Miyoung with the same gaze.

    She hasn’t told anyone the stern kindness of her heart the bite of her tongue the silence of her statements, how powerful she was, how avoidant of the notion of fear, how she chose anger over sadness whenever she could, how she fought until points most would have long stopped fighting.

    She hasn’t told anyone of her flaws and her virtues, her tears and her smiles.

    And maybe she doesn’t have to.

    And maybe, the idea that she might is another thing he gifted her.

    Trust. Familiarity. Friendship. All these things she didn’t want to deserve. All these things she didn’t want, when the one she shared these things with the most has long since been forced to abandon her and everything she knew Seona would have wanted to do in this life and in the ones they could have lived, in another timeline.

    Maybe, just maybe, she’ll let it happen. Or she has, already. Maybe she’ll let this friendship happen because she wants him to seek comfort and gain it, because she wants to see all that is in him bloom, overpowering all the darkness he seems to guard much like she does.

    Maybe she’s selfish too. Maybe she just wants a friend.

    Maybe Yeo simply is one already.

    #jeoseungsaja#theimpalpable #we've got quite a lot in common dear our wounds dare call it friendship;yeo & miyoung #I FELT DELIGHTED TO BE ABLE TO WRITE THIS ONE-- I say #as if wasn't absolutely delighted to be able to have these many dynamics with you that to stick to 10 i literally had to c h o o s e #i don't know if that makes sense but knowing that i had to choose amongst that i had to choose one over others because that's #how much we plot and write together just blessed me BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME BC i'm constantly--- YOU!!! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS #TO THE MOST WONDROUS ALEX AND I HOPE THESE ARE ANY GOOD #;queue
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  • presumenothing
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    some layer-by-layer(ish) breakdowns of how i made my shl gifsets – i used still images here to show the changes better, but you can see the originals in motion here and here!

    these aren't really intended as tutorials (nothing super new here and there's definitely much better posts explaining stuff like masking and colouring) but i just thought it'd be neat to show how i put the various gifs together to achieve the overall effect. particular shoutout to @kate-siegel's channel mixer tutorial for being an actual lifesaver, and also this one on overlaying gifs by @lan-xichens!!

    burning paper effect aka fire gif is from savage effect's set linked in this video (these are .mov files with a transparent background, which i imported directly into PS to maintain the transparency).

    somewhat rambling text explanation below the cut – feel free to ask if anything's not clear! more of my before/after gif comparisons can also be found here ☆

    "late" gif: this is essentially two gifs with a text layer sandwiched in between, and gif 2 (the upper one) set to lighten or screen – try swapping the two gifs around to see which works better. i also added a final drop-shadow-only duplicate of the text layer at the end since the shadow wouldn't show up clearly otherwise. and finally, the colouring on each gif will likely seem waaaay too dark/bright if you look at them individually!! it's fine and completely expected!!

    list of layers (in reverse order from background upwards):

    plain black layer (as a background in case you end up masking parts of gif 1)

    gif 1 + adjustments (i suggest just darkening the shadows and midtones with levels first, then tweaking it after you add gif 2)

    text on difference with colour and/or gradient overlay

    gif 2 on lighten or screen + adjustments clipped to gif 2

    duplicated text layer with drop shadow only (set fill opacity to 0 under blending options)

    adjustments to the overall gif

    final touches: adjust the opacity on the text in 3, and use a soft brush on each layer mask to paint black over any uncool bits in gif 1 or 2

    fire gif: ok i have to admit i felt pretty pleased with myself for figuring this one out – the key is finding a gif with a transparent background, then clipping gif 2 to it. i also duplicated the fire gif above the rest to get the look i wanted, but this isn't strictly necessary for the effect!

    list of layers (in reverse order from background upwards):

    gif 1 + adjustments + text (or anything else you want in the "background" to be revealed by the fire)

    fire gif with transparent background + black & white layer (optional, but i found the flame colours too vibrant otherwise)

    gif 2 + adjustments + text (to be "burnt away" by the fire) – important: all of these should be clipped to the fire gif!!!

    duplicated fire gif on screen + adjustments clipped to this layer

    additional stuff for more of that Fire Feel™️:

    try out various effects on the fire gif in 4 – i went with a low-opacity dark drop shadow and thin bright outer glow to make the transition to gif 1 more obvious, and a thin-ish black inner shadow on overlay to bring out the colours near the edge like what you'd see on actual burning paper (jury's out on how well this worked)

    adding and animating layer mask for gif 2 – in the timeline, go to the point where you want this effect to start and paint on the layer mask (for my gif, i did this at the left edge, at the start of the whole gif). unlink the mask and add a keyframe here under layer mask position. then go to when the effect should end, and move the layer mask until it's in the final position (again for my gif, this was the right edge, near the end of the gif). add a second keyframe here. now the mask should basically "follow" the fire's movement, assuming it's going at a constant speed (otherwise, just add more keyframes in between as needed)

    although now that i think about it, this may also be doable with a black inner glow instead? i just use layer masks a lot so it's my default go-to

    #*gifs#mine #journey to the gif #the museum of before and after #put these two together because they're the same kind of thing in my head #(i.e. lots of gif and text layers stacked together and put into the blending options blender) #i also recommend @kate-siegel's tutorial on text effects if that's up your alley #really neat!! #also if i sound like i know what i am talking about: i do Not i literally only learned how to use PS and make gifs this year #tour guide voice and on the left you see me making shit up as i go along #what better medium to demonstrate gifmaking than a gif right?? (purely rhetorical i just did it for the lulz) #aaaaaaaaaanyway i realise the explanations here may not be the clearest unless you're already familiar with these techniques(????) #but i hope it was cool to look at anyway! i had quite a bit of fun making it myself
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  • contemplativetraveller
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ... Usually if one has a regret, particularly at an older age, the likelihood that they are actually able to rectify that regret is vanishingly small.

    #Of course I would like to rectify all of my regrets. #But there is quite literally nothing I can do about any of them. #dashwatching
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  • avinox
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Sometimes I worry that people might think I made Hellen a copy of Jester from CR because of the similarities in style and the fact that they're both Chaotic but really, I didn't even notice at first. Of course there's a possibility that she subconsciously influenced my design because I have seen fanart of her, but even though I've tried I haven't seen any CR campaign, save for a few episodes. Also the concept for Hellen came to me in a dream, intertwined with other similarly Chaotic figures that I'm trying not to resemble too much now that I've noticed, but that's how it is.

    Besides, yesterday I read a bit about Glasya and again, I never intended for there to be so many similarities between the two. The cheating the system while working within the system, the whole "I secretly want to overthrow my dad", the manipulation, her ability to fly and teleport...all of that is a complete coincidence, but works really well for her, being a Glasya tiefling. I guess this is exactly why her Patron (a made up archdevil) thinks so highly of her.

    #hellen #accidental big brain here #in terms of backstory she's not like jester at all #and she's able to get serious. most times she acts like that to be as obnoxious as possible to people she doesn't like #she's stuck in a contract she didn't even sign because her parents (her legal guardians) gave up custody of her to her patron #guess they're just as sketchy as she is #i tend to imagine them as the thénardiers (who literally let go of the children they didn't like and quite literally sold cosette) #but they could be craftier #or they could be normal people who didn't want their child gone but that's the price her patron offered #up to the dm but they're the key to ending this bullshit
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  • zeawesomebirdie
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I really do scroll through tumblr every morning like its the paper

    #i wish i could find that one meme that says this #i probably could i dont feel like it lmao #i have limited energy today unfortunately and i have to spend it on driving #but literally every morning i get up and go downstairs to my favorite armchair and scroll through every mutual's blog like #literally like its the morning paper #-oh this mutual was up to this last night #-oh sounds like this mutual went on a deep dive of their current hyperfixation good for them #-oh looks like this mutual is discovering a new show #yknow and etc #its really quite interesting tbh
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  • mythvoiced
    16.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Divine is The Painting or The Beholder?

    🦊 & 🌸

    1600 Words + 10 Drabbles = 1610 16.10.2021 HAPPY ALEX DAY~ | @jeoseungsaja / @theimpalpable

    Paint a world and paint it in flowers. Or the reflection of the sun as it dances along the blade of an ancient sword. Leave behind droplets of blood on a work that has its frame forged in it. Then write chapters of an unfinished story upon it, cover it from top to bottom with words scribbled upon fiercely, hand shaking in fear of aeons passed, hand tranquil in the realisation that reality will continue to be as it may be, even if the reality of that is unpleasant to bear.

    Do this, and do it twenty times, and do it for every time you wonder and question the very passage of time and the purpose of it passing at all, and in between those moments, in those moments where for once perhaps you’re not wondering about the fate of the world and how your own affects it, or how your own doesn’t affect it at all for the very stagnant nature of it, keep it framed and hanging onto a spacious wall, and look at it.

    Regard it and pretend it’s a mirror.

    As the great guardian, as the lonely guardian, you have aeons worth of introspection to work through. You have thoughts that are painful to re-visit, yet so intertwined with your very self, that you simply can’t stray too far from them. You have doubts that pretend to not exist, you have facts protruding from your chest that you sometimes recognise and sometimes wish to not see, and most of all, you have understanding.

    You have awareness, of all that is and all that isn’t, all there is and all there isn’t, about you.

    You understand the tome of history you are, a chapter that refuses to turn its page, a chapter who’d very much love to clear the space for other stories to unfold in the spot in existence you’ve keep locked tightly in your chest for too many centuries, all because of the blood sticking to the blade, keeping it stuck firmly where the sword continues to be.

    You understand so much.

    Yet so little at the same time.

    Even though the colours of your own painting are hardly a mystery to you, it takes a glance, or perhaps two, it takes the stroke of fingers, and the weight against your shoulder, it takes the way sunlight intertwines with auburn strands, the way lips shape their smiles, and you realise how truly colour-blind you’ve been all this time.

    Had you ever cared to notice the myriad of colours bursting amidst the ink scratched onto your canvas? Have you noticed the eyes they paint, have you noticed the lightness of the red painted between them, the scent of royal azaleas someone must have woven into the canvas itself?

    Have you been noticing the fingerprints adorning the fine golden frame of the painting, the phantoms of gentle caresses they leave behind, the palm pressed against the centre where your heart would be?

    Have you been noticing the soft whispers you could easily make out if you just leaned in close enough? The confessions spoken in your own voice, those you’ve uttered and those you haven’t quite had the courage to word properly? Or the confessions spoken in his voice, the ones you sometimes second-guess, those you worry about misunderstanding, those you worry perhaps don’t mean what you truly desire them to mean, even though it would be clear to just about anybody else how honest those words are and how truly devoid they are, of the possibility to truly misunderstand them?

    There’s a spot on your couch that reminds you of him because doesn’t he always sit there when you spend the days sharing your existences, those vast whatevers so full of pain and bloodshed you both struggle to express, yet both take so readily so long as it is the pain of the other.

    There’s a hook at the door that has volunteered as home to his coat if he visits you wearing one, and a spot near your shoes where he can drop his, as carelessly as he may, for why hold back in a space that is sometimes more his than yours?

    Perhaps because so much of you truly belongs to him and how much of your space you’d like to wrap around him, but your home truly doesn’t feel the same if he isn’t walking through it, not anymore at least. In a similar fashion to your hand, the hand that feels weightless in a way that just feels wrong when you think of how easily the weight of his fits into it.

    Warmth when he’s there, coldness when he isn’t. Or the other way around, when summer rolls around and you suddenly start equalling him to the fresh breeze and the relief it provides as it gives you its kindest mercy and decides to pay attention to you, when he’s no longer the comfort of a lit fireplace in winter, but suddenly the spot of cool shade you find against all hope in the middle of nowhere, under perhaps the only tree made available in a field so vast and devoid of any others that you wonder about the existence of this place at all.

    It’s probably just the painting again, adapting, shifting to explain what you already know.

    The goblin is a deity to some, even though he’s never actually been promised such a title, but you take it anyway. You take it in stride, or in spite of other things. You have claimed your powers, never renounced your abilities, you know them inside out and you’re proud to show them off as well, you like proving what you’re capable of, you like to impress.

    But everything you use to paint you into the painting of the general are things offered by the sword.

    And that is truly the core of your being, the centre of your painting, the reflection of the truth residing beneath his handprint still visible on the canvas, there were it seems to function as a band-aid to all that is for you a wound that has been refusing to close for centuries.

    He can’t save you, but he makes it easier looking for salvation.

    The salvation you seek from the truth that makes you so desperate to incorporate your abilities into you, to live existence as it has been forced upon you - because it has, no matter how deserving you think yourself to be of such a punishment, and you’d argue you are, so much blood spilt, and wasn’t that the first thing you attempted to do upon your return?

    Spill more?

    So you seek salvation and validation, and you incorporate the deity into you, you become the Goblin, you are the goblin, there is no one like you, no one who operates like you, no one who exists beneath you, no one who exists above you, a lonely guardian, an anomaly with purpose, created on purpose.

    Because it’s easier this way. It’s easier to morph into this deity.

    Until you look at the handprint again and suddenly realise what it is you’ve always thought to be reading laying so gently in his palm, like the petal of a cherry blossom taking its time landing upon the skin of someone who won’t flick it away, a fox who might have danced with swords but who’d rather stumble onto it than harm the undeserving.

    The flower petal that reminds you of yourself in ways you can’t understand, the flower petal that has your name written on it.

    The hand turns into lips, the lips shape and tease their smiles, and your name, your true name isn’t floating, but rather dancing, right off those lips. The canvas turns into a face, your existence is no longer reflect via ink and blood and time, the painting as it hangs is behind you now, still framed on that wall, but the one before you now is no longer a reflection of all you struggle with, all you are and are not, but rather of portrait of all you’ll never struggle with.

    Which is the oddest part. You struggle to accept love, you struggle to accept giving love, you struggle into a reality that could be so painful to actually explore, you struggle through the sword in your chest and all tied to it. But you don’t struggle to actually love. You don’t struggle to utter his name, you don’t struggle to have cherry trees bloom, you don’t struggle to water the earth in reaction to pain brought forth by your predicament.

    You don’t actually struggle to love.

    And when Wang Yeo stands by your side and utters the name Kim Shin, and when his hand fits in yours, when he draws his ink onto your palm, when he catches the spring and summer sun or the autumn and winter air, what can you do, but to fully embrace all you thought you never deserved?

    What can you do, but move past the sword shoved into your chest, pretend it is nothing but an illusion caused by the air dancing and mixing and fighting against the purple of the flames that sometimes accompany, if doing all this would make it possible for you to step just a little closer into the space, and a love a little tighter into your embrace, the one being who has made existence itself more bearable to consider?

    Who has, perhaps, made you consider existence in on itself, all with his uttering of your name, with his embracing of what you didn’t know was left of your soul.

    #jeoseungsaja#theimpalpable #a drop of red is it the wounds in your soul or the bright fox heritage on your head;verse 4 wang yeo #the length of my life becomes apparent when i realise how much of it we spent apart;verse 4 wang yeo & kim shin #THIS ONE WORRIED ME A LITTLE BECAUSE?? WELL TBH i'm not quite sure what happened :'3 i think i just truly went ahead and #''alright Shin this is for Alex's birthday which means you can go absolutely HAM for Yeo-'' and he took me very literalLY SKLGFHLGKHF #how fitting that i capitalised the 'ILY' of 'literally' BECAUSE I DO LOVE YOU AND HOPE YOU'RE HAVING A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY #;queue
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  • heliotropion
    16.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    the robins variant cover got me mad

    #no like. i COULD get over the intentional shots on his butt bc yknow. you may or may not notice. but what they did in that cover? HOLY SHIT #im p sure this comes hand in hand with the way a monstrously big part of the fandom (and many recent writers too) knows dick as a womanizer #when this is.... quite the opposite of what he's supposed to be?? when ALL THE LADIES would harass him all the time??? once someone really+ #SLAPPED his ass without his consent??? he never wanted anything like that. and yet everyone harassed him and he was raped. twice. TWICE. #there are whole posts debunking his womanizer fanon attitude if that wasnt enough. times where he talked quite explicitly about the + #relationship he has with love and relationship. oh plus i must correct myself he was raped three times. and to me it should be enough to + #give a hint of the way he is perceived in and out of the dcu. but sure go on! use his character as a sexy womanizer fantasy all you want! #what right do i have to tell you this after all. (and also tim and steph are literally teens wtf. what did they have in mind at dc) #dc comics#dick grayson#nightwing#batman#batfam#misogynoir tw #(just in the tags anyways) #helene.txt
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  • feralfordazai
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago



    #kai’s 💭 #happy kenma day <3 #i will quite literally do anything for kozume kenma #idk whats it about him #but i’ll do anything for him
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  • sharkwhirl
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    mm anyway i genuinely believe that the general fandom public being against shipping ppl irl is a product of hamilton being so big (basically if you accuse the love between two actors being real its like basically discrediting their skill as an actor, and i also think the reason this wasnt brought up with other fandoms is bc hamiltoj was the first BIG theatre thing and acting matters in that unlike a cw show) and so like atleast one good thing came out of the hamilton fandom

    #except i think its kinda hurt people like analizying lyrics like patd lyrics are clearly abt the relationship between the band mates #but ppl r gonna not take about that bc like its considered inappropriately #but i think if its quite easily interrtpable in ur lyrics then like i dont think u have the right to be mad #like i think jungkook is dating someone based of the song my time it makes it really obvious but like of i said that people would accuse me #of like sexualizing themand starting dating rumors like no bestie im just literate !
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  • zalyyy
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #inbox !! #wispycecilia mail !! #fr she kept hitting on him #saying shit in the chatbox like ‘go *insert his name*!!’ #and it was quite obvious #she was literally the only one cheering for him skfhsh #so while i was dying she was having the time of her life flirting away 🧍‍♀️
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  • rat-all-the-stars
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    why do the creepy old guys at work have to be regulars :')

    #LITERALLY #THE FIRST TIME I SEE THIS ONE GUY #THE FIRST THING HE SAID TO ME WAS 'good mornin good lookin' #LIKE SIR #YOURE OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY DADDDDDDDDD SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPP #and he comes in about every other day and i wanna scream at him every time #and he calls me that or some variation of that every. single. time. hes. there. #idk what i should tag this as but i had to rant abiut this here cuz if i talk about it at home my sisters' just gonna yell #at me to quit my job even tho i KNOW FOR A FACT this'll happen anywhere i go #maybe itll happen less at other places but itll still happen cuz yknow *very femininly presenting afab person* #THO ON A LIGHTER NOTE I SAW ONE OF THE LIBRARIANS THAT WORK AT THE YKNOW LIBRARY AND I WAS SO EXITED TO SEE HER BCUZ WE HAVEJT BEEN THERE #SINCE COVID BCUZ U GITTA WEAR MASKS AND MY MOM IS ANTIMASK SO WE HAVENT BEEN THERE IN FOREVER #it was so nice seeing her again #she didnt recognize me at first lol #ask to tag #caps in tags #neptune rambles
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