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  • I’m so fucking horny rn, it’s a little ridiculous. Every single part of my body is screaming to be touched. And every touch I do feel, my hair brushing along my shoulders, every fold in my sheets, my arm laying across my body, they’re all driving me crazy.

    But at the same time it’s a different kind of feeling than I’m used to. Usually it’s a fleeting desire, just a quick passing want. But this time? It’s a longing, it’s a deep, continuous, feeling across my whole body.

    In short, god I wish someone was using me rn.

    #r #why can't I feel like this at a more convenient time :( #why must I suffer alone?
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  • am literally more excitied about randy’s birthday than the new ep

    #I have my priorities to think about #r#South Park #I know he planned it just right so that he would get all this attention at once 🙄
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  • 🏜️

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  • from the bottom of my heart, i hate new york,

    #bruins lb#t#r #v. nyr #honestly this is mostly bc of baseball but whatever
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  • Fine.here is the actual one. on the corner under the filter is my musk turtle.-sal

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  • going to therapy out of spite towards dean winchester

    #r #relating to hard to dean winchester is its own mental illness include that in the dick sucking manual #anyways dean making me mad this season i wanna beat his ass
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  • smh now the rangers are bullying jake

    #bruins lb#t#r #v. nyr #what a shitty penalty to take lmao
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  • “don’t fucking touch my captain” - all of the bruins

    #bruins lb#t#r #v. nyr #berg just like sitting on the boards like uhhh guys i'm good
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  • Troi sitting pretzel style? No one told me turtles cud do this 😂😭🤣

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  • Seeking a full-time Research Assistant to work with Dr. Philip Fisher and his team on Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development – Early Childhood (RAPID-EC), a twice-monthly survey of households with children ages 0-5 to assess the needs, health promoting behaviors, and well-being of children and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project consists of survey data collection, analysis, and publishing on a fast-paced, bi-weekly project schedule.

    This position will play an integral role in providing timely and important data on the experiences of families with young children. This position involves conducting an analysis of RAPID-EC data, completing quality control checks throughout data collection, processing, and analysis stages, and working with the team to continually maintain and refine the growing dataset.

    This person will work collaboratively with the project manager and research team that currently administers the bi-weekly survey and collects data, incorporates new measures into the survey instrument, and analyzes those data. Strong organizational skills, the ability to multi-task, and orientation to details are vital to success in this position. The person in this position must be willing to work closely and collaboratively with other team members. They must have experience conducting data analyses in a fast-paced academic research setting and be able to communicate clearly with diverse team members and other stakeholders about data analysis processes, methods, and findings.

    The project is based at the University of Oregon but this position may be able to work remotely; candidates who are not local are encouraged to apply.

    Minimum Requirements
    • BA/BS degree in Psychology or a related field
    • Experience conducting data analyses in academic settings.

    Professional Competencies
    • Advanced proficiency in SPSS, flexibility with learning other programming languages (e.g., R)
    • Excellent analytic and organizational skills.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to track communications, requests, and progress toward deliverables independently.
    • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment, requiring participatory decision-making and cooperation among research team other collaborators, including other researchers and project stakeholders.
    • Ability to adapt flexibly to changes in responsibilities and assignments.

    Preferred Qualifications
    • Experience presenting research findings to small and large groups.
    • Experience with completing data analyses related to family wellbeing and early childhood development.
    • Interest in applied developmental neuroscience and prevention science.
    • Experience with Qualtrics or other electronic survey software.

    Dr. Phil Fisher is the Director of The Center for Translational Neuroscience (CTN), which is within the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon. The CTN’s mission is to translate knowledge from basic neuroscience and apply it to improve well-being, promote resilience, and mitigate the effects of early adverse experiences. The CTN employs successive iterations of neuroscience research, theory building, and practice to drive the scientific knowledge base forward and promote evidence-based policy.

    See the full posting here: https://careers.uoregon.edu/en-us/job/526148/research-assistant

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  • please say sike

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  • why did they make misha do that stupid voice for the empty im screaming

    #shaking and crying and screaming and pissingn #is the empty susposed to be annoying weird british? #why they make him do dat #r#13x04#spn lb
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  • can we stay on our feet or

    #bruins lb#t#r #v. nyr #carlo falling over is expected but everyone else come on
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  • Snow Globe mentions Greatest Hits by name and references the lyrics of Lucky People.

    - “And the songs go like this on my Greatest Hits

    Snow Globe:

    - “My tiny little world is in your hands
    So shake it like a snow globe, fuck my plans for good

    Lucky People:

    - “My hourglass is in your hands
    You’ve got my time, you are my plans

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