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  • msommers
    23.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    sometimes it triggers my second-hand embarrassment but haven’t been able to stop thinking about the trope where a character has the chance (usually by taking up a mic) & sings a cover song to their love interest that perfectly touches on their feelings in a narrative point of there either being communication struggles or a perfect opportunity for a grand gesture.. the confidence in that..the vulnerability of that...the romance of that....anyway here’s a list of songs for ships because i’m simple and whether it could canonically happen or not can’t stop me 

    maeve @ dietrich — just ask by lake street dive

    maeve @ ilya — pete davidson by ariana grande

    maeve @ thots — glitter in the air by p!nk

    thaddeus @ lysandra — don’t you pretend by kelly clarkson

    jorina @ aleksi — venus by sleeping at last

    emma @ emrys - you are in love by taylor swift

    emma @ laurence - enchanted by taylor swift

    #I JUST THINK IT'S NEAT....HAVING ALL THESE LITTLE IMAGININGS.....i'm soft #this entire train of thought started bc i was listening to just ask and dying of dummy emotions... #completely mortifying situation for dietrich if he gets singled out (he won't she's not that mean but they Know) #r: maeve & dietrich #the lemmers song isn't long but it's just. the perfect song for how maeve sees their relationship #they're soulmates. she thought him into her life at the perfect time. she's always going to be happy now bc of him...gross love stuff #they're one of those types who has a public makeout right when the song's finished #r: maeve & ilya #listEN I JUST THINK IT'S CUTE. FOR MAEVE TO SING A SONG FOR THE WHOLE THOTTYCULE. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?? #r: thottycule #you literally cannot change my mind that thaddeus would sing @ lysandra in canon and any other verse #they're built for the musical scene of thaddeus singing this song @ her while following her/getting closer/slowly whittling her down #but like in a cute and sweet way bc he's Right all along smh #r: lysandra & thaddeus #i have no idea how anyone would get jorina to sing but if she did it'd be that to aleksi #r: jorina & aleksi #I DON'T KNOW HOW WE GOT HERE TO TWO TAY SONGS FOR THE AWOO SHIPS BUT HERE WE ARE #i just thought of the em&em one and am dying #r: emma & emrys #r: emma & laurence #misc: music musing
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  • msommers
    30.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    softest thottycule: apoc verse where they all find healing and peace with each other. all that suffering they’ve been thru feels just a little more distant with each day they spend together in the happiness of the home they’ve worked so hard for

    funniest thottycule: legit just witcher verse where after decades maeve gets to say FINALLY, i told you so :) bc the clownboys over there took so long figuring out their own stuff that it took them even longer to process the group concept that she’d been on for a good while

    #the one day i wake up Not thinking about them alana puts a goof in the chat so here i am #putting on my clown make-up and thinking about Theym all over the place #obvs this post is false bc actually Every verse for them is funny when they're all dumb thots (respectfully) BUT i'm just here for the lulz #it's just. it's pure comedy to me. mama and papa's ''special friends'' who turn out to be more than friends wow who would've thought golly #ok i need to go make myself food instead of dumb goofs but i love them in any variation they're so fun #r: thottycule#verse: witcher #witcher verse: apocalypse
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  • msommers
    06.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    ships as classic tropey-romance scenes from media just bc it’s that kinda mood, i guess

    emma/emrys: the really cheesy and possible second-hand embarrassment inducing emma taking the stage and mic to sing a romantic song to him when emrys is having relationship doubts because a grand gesture should put those to rest, duh

    maeve/dietrich: dietrich is overwhelmed and baffled as to why she’s going through so much effort for him and asks why, and maeve answers “because i love you” without hesitation because it’s so Obvious to her

    maeve/grey: the meet cute where maeve runs right into grey and there’s an Immediate connection between them and one of them takes the first excuse possible to join them for the rest of the afternoon just to keep talking

    maeve/ilya: not so much a specific focus but those couples who in almost every scene can be seen in physical contact with each other yeah that. just always sitting right beside each other, holding hands, placing gentle kisses while talking

    thottycule: literally have zero context for it but all of them embracing because they’re feeling particularly mushy for some reason or other and maeve happily sighing “i’m home” with them all held close because she’s the sappiest of them all and she really Does feel at home in their arms

    jorina/aleksi: jorina skids into a meeting 10 minutes late and delivers a pretty decent excuse for her absence that everyone accepts without a fuss because why would she lie & then aleksi strolls in with a smirk and one-liner that lets everyone know oh no, they were definitely just having sex

    elide/rick: that trope of “oh god things are looking really bleak, i’m just gonna go for it because i might never get the chance again if things take a turn for the worst” with elide making a move on rick by initiating their first kiss right before the storm and the walkers get really out of hand at that abandoned barn

    lucinda/athena: athena picking up her phone and relistening to the last voicemail lucinda sent her after she’d left town because she’s too scared to actually call her but wants to hear her voice again to remember someone who meant a lot to her

    #misc #i'm losing braincells and can't think of more but these are just funny things i had going on #zoning out while eating ice cream more like prime real estate for thinking about ship things am i right #FINE i'll go tag all the ships w/e #r: emma & emrys #r: maeve & dietrich #r: maeve & greyson #r: maeve & ilya #r: thottycule #r: jorina & aleksi #r: elide & rick #r: lucinda & athena
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  • msommers
    12.05.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #stormslesbian #r: jorina & aleksi #r: thottycule #10 years later i finally answer these damn questions #anyway i'm love them 🥰
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