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    15.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Various animal doodles

    [id: a drawing of Spamton from Deltarune with the ears and body of a cat, curled up in a sleeping position with his eyes closed and 'z's coming out of his head. He is sleeping in the middle of a hammock-like shape made out of string being formed by 2 large human hands on the right and left edges of the screen. /id end]

    [id: a drawing of Swatch and Spamton as animals. Swatch is a large fluffy bicolor chow chow-like dog with a small pet carrier slung around their neck. The pet carrier is half black and half white and has the symbols on Swatch's lapels on it. Inside the pet carrier is a small cat Spamton poking his head and tail out of the bag and meowing. /end id]

    [id: a drawing of Swatch and Spamton as rabbits. Both are bicolor with black and white coloring, but Swatch is noticeably larger and more elegant than Spamton, resembling a Flemish giant rabbit. They're laid out on the ground looking down at Spamton. Spamton, modeled after a dwarf rabbit, is sitting in front of them with his mouth open in a grin and bunny teeth noticeably protruding. /end id]

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    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • stargazer-sims
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Rainbow Sorbet Loungewear Collection (200 Followers Appreciation Gift) - DOWLOAD

    May I present the Rainbow Sorbet Collection, a loungewear set inspired by (and modelled by) my soft boy Yuri:

    ((You can click on the image to enlarge it))

    Rainbow Sorbet Shirt - A three-quarter sleeve top, available for males Teen through Elder. The package has 20 swatches. It's base game compatible, and it appears in Everyday, Cold Weather and Sleep categories.

    Rainbow Sorbet Pants - striped PJ pants, available for males Teen through Elder. This package has 11 swatches. It requires the Parenthood GP. This appears in Everyday and Sleep categories

    Chibi Rabbit Sweatshirt - a comfy sweatshirt with a cute rabbit design, available for unisex Teen through Elder. This package has 10 swatches. It is base game compatible, and appears in Everyday, Cold Weather and Sleep categories.

    Kawaii Shiba Sweatshirt - a cute and cozy sweatshirt with a Shiba Inu design, available for unisex Teen through Elder. This package has 10 swatches. It is base game compatible, and appears in Everyday, Cold Weather and Sleep categories. Text on the shirt says "Shiba Inu" in Simlish.

    Kawaii Shiba Inu Tee - a t-shirt with the same design as the sweatshirt (minus the text), available for males Teen through Elder. The package contains 5 swatches. It is base game compatible and appears in the Everyday and Sleep categories.


    do not claim as your own

    do not reupload (especially not to pay sites)

    Rainbow Sorbet Shirt - DOWNLOAD from SFS

    Rainbow Sorbet Pants - DOWNLOAD from SFS

    Chibi Rabbit Sweatshirt - DOWNLOAD from SFS

    Kawaii Shiba Sweatshirt - DOWNLOAD from SFS

    Kawaii Shiba Inu Tee - DOWNLOAD from SFS


    Feel free to drop a like or a comment & don't hesitate to reblog!

    I've decided this is my 200 Followers gift, so huge thanks to everyone who has supported me up to now and continues to do so!


    #made by sapphire #ts4#sims 4#ts4cc #sims 4 cc #sims 4 maxis match #ts4mm #kawaii boy clothes #pastel boy clothes #ts4 male top #ts4 male shirt #sims 4 male shirt #sims 4 male top #sims 4 male pants #ts4 male pants #ts4 male pjs #ts4 male clothes #maxis match #cute boy clothes #sims 4 download #ts4 download #200 follower gift #Yuri Okamoto#stargazersims
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    19.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • rayenniaw
    06.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ● Moschino hoodie retexture  / Moschino連帽衫材質重製

    18 swatches  / 18 個配色

    把原本的兔子圖案拿掉,改成比較基本的顏色。 I removed the rabbit pattern and changed it to a more basic style.

    Download  [DROPBOX]

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  • thegoodwitchcanes
    24.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • lilamausmaus
    01.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    mausmaus eyes for Cottage Living Animals

    requires Cottage Living EP

    eye texture default replacement/override

    increased texture size for birds, chickens, llamas & rabbits (not for cows & foxes)

    no specular (removed eyeshine)


    made with Sims4Studio & Gimp

    mausmaus eyes

    for Aliens┃for Vampires┃for Mermaids

    for Cats & Dogs

    - Swatches and Downloads under the cut -

    Cottage Living Animals Defaults (sfs, no ads)

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  • bloodmooncc
    01.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Merrie Melody Backpack | SIMBLREEN 2021

    Halloween treat 2/4!

    Gloomy Rabbit/stuffed animal backpacks named after a death metal song named after a different cartoon

    Teen to elder

    Due to the large texture, I had to sacrifice the hats category again

    41 swatches (same number of swatches as the first gift, complete coincidence)

    2 versions

    V1: shown left with spikes and chains V2: shown right with choker only

    2 sizes; small and large

    V1 large requires V1 small to work V2 large requires V2 small to work You can download V1, V2, or both


    Custom thumbnail

    Disabled for random

    DOWNLOAD (dropbox)

    Check out the other treats:

    Treat 1

    Treat 3

    Treat 4

    The reference product from etsy actually became unavailable while I was working on this but I saved the photo:

    #s4cc#ts4cc#sims4cc #sims 4 cc #ts4mm#s4mm #ts4 mm cc #s4 mm cc #sims 4 maxis match #simblreen#simblreen 2021#ts4 simblreen#ts4 halloween#ts4 accessory#ts4 accessories #sims 4 accessory #sims 4 accessories #sims 4 bag #ts4 female cc #ts4 punk #sims 4 maxis mix #sims 4 custom content
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  • doodlegirl12345
    17.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Mirror Image {1/4}

    Happy early Halloween everyone! It’s Doodle here trying something new today with writing my first Halloween story with one of my favorite characters that enjoy writing about recently. I hope you like it as I never written one before.

    So here’s the first part of my newest multiple part story: Mirror Image. I hope you like it!

    Also available on Wattpad

    Mirror Image


    Things aren’t always what they appear to be, often there is more than one side of the story. Sometimes it can be a common misunderstanding because we let our fears and prejudices do the talking. It’s easier to accept the simple answer for what’s wrong than to try to find the truth even if it does not align with your beliefs or biases. But there are moments when deception is created just to make rips and waves in relationships and friendships. To either create hysteria, destroy relationships or just complete utter malice.

    The wind howled over the city of Paris, the days of fall were already numbered. Air has already become chillingly crisp and leaves have turned from forest green to shades of orange and light gold. The city was in that certain period where warmth of summer had disappeared but the icy grip of winter had yet the chance to intrude.

    It was already the day before Halloween.

    Filled with to the brim of activity, the Dupain-Cheng residence was experiencing liveness from above and below as the first floor’s bakery was occupied with clientele buying treats for tomorrow’s festivities. Meanwhile, on the top floor in Marinette’s bedroom, the majority of the designer’s best friends sat on the bedroom floor that was covered with old newspaper pages and various craft supplies strewn about. There are various colors of glitter and bottles of acrylic paint, spools of ribbon, glue, fabric swatches, fake flowers, paintbrushes, paper plates for pouring and applying paints, a pile of scrapbooking paper and many other crafting supplies and tools. The girls were chatting with each other while working on their own individual projects. Alya was arranging several fake silver roses across the band of a black witches’ hat with a silver brim. Alix started gluing a pair of large white fabric rabbit ears, one on each side of the black top hat that was sitting on her lap.

    Rose began drawing a large outline of a crown on a piece of glittery gold scrapbook paper with a black sharpie. Right beside Rose, Julkea sat using a small paint brush and applied small specks of red paint to look like blood on a tattered white sash with black lettering that said: PROM QUEEN. Mylène cut off a long piece of sky blue ribbon from it’s spool with a pair of pink scissors. Then tied the ribbon around the neck of a tied a brown cairn plush toy before putting it into a brown wicker basket. Meanwhile in the midst of it Sabrina Raincomprix sat next the group dragging a sponge brush covered in a mixture of silver glitter and mod podge against a pair of white costume angel wings while in deep thought. Instead of her usual outfit, the redhead was wearing a chunky sunny yellow oversized sweater, black skinny jeans, black ankle boots, a silver charm bracelet and a matching silver metal headband with silver decorative leaves on the band.

    She was thinking about what happened today at school wondering if she had the right to be mad for what happened to her.

    Or that at this point it should just be expected.

    To many people’s surprise in the past couple months Sabrina has become close friends with Marinette. It all started near the end of the previous school year when the two girls were paired up for the student biography project for their Ms. Bustier’s history class. It was rocky at first due to the ginormous blonde elephant in the room. But the girls were able to overcome their problems and became fast friends. Sabrina since then has apologized for her misdeeds. Things have gone well between the two girls as Marinette helped Sabrina discover her hobby of cosplaying, taught her simple sewing skills and helped design costumes for her social media page.

    Sabrina had even befriended the rest of the girls after being invited to Marinette’s slumber party during the summer, cementing the group’s newfound closeness. Over time Sabrina had distanced herself from Chloè, eventually breaking off the troublesome friendship. As the redhead would rather embrace Marinette and the rest of her friends’ kindness than Chloè’s cruelty.

    Today was another example of Marinette’s kindness as she invited the group this week to come over to her house for a small costuming party where the girls could finish up their costumes using Marinette’s crafting supplies for tomorrow’s event at the school. College Francoise DuPont’s first ever Halloween dance. The dance had been the talk of the school for weeks as the student council association decided to throw this year to help supplement their funding. The feeling of excitement was no different in this group as the girls continued to work on their costumes for them to be their very best.

    The girls continued to chat while they worked when the bedroom’s trap door opened revealing Marinette coming up the stairs through the entrance with two white bakery boxes, a pack of napkins and a pack of paper plates in her arms. Trailing behind her was Kagami who was carrying a bag of plastic cups and a pitcher of apple cider.

    “Finally we were able to get the food up here,” Marinette let out a sigh of relief as she placed the boxes in the center of where the girls were sitting. “Sorry it had taken so long girls, the bakery was so busy I was lucky to grab what I could.”

    “It’s okay, M,” Alya said, still working on her hat. “Don’t sweat it.”

    “It was so packed down there,” Kagami added, placing down the cups and pitcher beside the boxes.

    “Yep it seems that everyone needs treats for tomorrow,” Marinette turned to Kagami. “Thanks for helping me bring up everything.”

    “No problem, the last thing we needed are things dropping because you’re overwhelmed,” Kagami told her. “It was best that you didn’t carry all that stuff alone.”

    The designer nodded then announced to the group. “Alright so I brought up a mixed dozen of apple cider donuts and pumpkin spice donuts in the box on the bottom. The box on top has mini caramel apple tarts and mini pumpkin tarts. Kagami brought up apple cider and the cups. If someone one doesn’t want apple cider then just say something as there are some water bottles in the fridge downstairs. I just didn’t bring it up as Kagami had enough to bring up without spilling something.”

    Marinette passed around a bottle of hand sanitizer for the girls to use before eating. Afterwards Juleka opened up the box of tarts.

    Rose took a mini pumpkin tart from the box and took a bite. “Wow these are great Marinette, if all the desserts that your parents are going to send over for tomorrow are half as good then the dance is going to be a success based on desserts alone.”

    “Thanks Rose, I’ll tell my parents that you liked them. After this I gotta help them with packing all those Halloween cupcakes, brownies, tarts and candy apples,” Marinette told her. “My dad right now is in the back of the bakery starting to do the prep work for this large order.”

    All the girls started to divide the sweets amongst themselves, continuing to talk about the dance at seven as they all had plans to hang out with each other. Sabrina grabbed two mini caramel apple tarts, putting them on a plate and poured herself a glass of apple cider, figuring that maybe listening to the chatter would take her mind off things.

    It was better than thinking about…her.

    Her friends continue to speak about the dance being held in the school’s courtyard utilizing both levels. Along with the Dupain-Cheng family’s bakery that the local pizza place was also going to cater, sending over multiple pizzas, various wing dings with assorted dipping sauces and garlic knots.

    Then they discussed their costumes that they were working on for tomorrow. Marinette was going as a garden fairy, Alya was dressing up as Claudia, the celestial witch from her favorite fantasy tv show Midnight Coven and Kagami was dressing up as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games movies. Alix was going as the white rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland tale, Rose planned to dress up like Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros video games, Juleka was going to be a zombie prom queen, Mylène was going to be dress as Dorthony from The Wizard of Oz and Sabrina had decided to go as a angel. Hence the wings that the redhead was painting earlier. Few of the girls then mentioned their boyfriends’ costumes as they that were going to join them at the dance tomorrow.

    Mylène told the group that Ivan was going to go as the grim reaper. Alya said that Nino was going as Dracula but was going to run the DJ booth for the majority of the night. Marinette said Luka was going to be a zombie rockstar. Kagami told the group that Adrien was going dressed up as Dread Pirate Roberts from one of his favorite movies: The Princess Bride.

    Sabrina went back to working on her wings after she finished her tarts. When Kagami sat down beside her, holding a plate with three mini pumpkin tarts in one hand and a brown paper shopping bag in the other hand.

    “Hey Brina,” the fencer placed her plate and shopping bag on the floor.

    “Hi Kagami,” the redhead moved a bit to the side making more space for her friend.

    The two girls had met each other at Marinette’s slumber party. Afterwards they exchanged numbers and started to hang out with each other sometimes with the group and other times just the two of them. They actually had a few things in common with being new to this friendship thing, often feeling the odd one out and most importantly they just simply enjoyed each other’s company. Sabrina was elated at the start of the school year to find out not only because her other friends were in Mrs. Burke class with her but so was Kagami.

    “So considering what happened today,” her friend asked, pulling a pack of wooden skewers for her shopping bag. “Are you okay?”

    “If you are talking about what in English class, I’ll rather delete that from my memory and not talk about it,” Sabrina told her looking at the crumbs on her own plate. “Especially since there are so many better things to talk about…like apple tarts.”

    “You really think that talking about apple tarts is going to make you feel better?”

    “Why not? It’s better than thinking about Chloè, at least apple tarts didn’t try to embarrass me in front of the class during my book report presentation. Neither did apple tarts treat me like a servant for nearly a decade or tormented my friends. Apple tarts also didn’t paint a target on my back for the rest of the school year to be their new pasty.”

    “Wow, apple tarts sound great. Does anyone know how I can be their friend?” Marinette chimed in, she was sitting next to Alya while working on her pink flower crown. “But to be honest Sabrina, I was going to ask you the same thing.”

    “Me too,” Alya added. “So are you really alright?”

    “Not really, I’m just annoyed and frustrated,” Sabrina sighed, throwing her head back. “I thought that finally I made it impossible for her to get underneath my skin, especially over the past couple weeks. But then she embarrassed me in front of the class and heckled me during my presentation.”

    “If this is any consolation I thought that what happened was more distasteful on Chloè’s part than yours,” Mylène consoled her. “It was clear you were the victim.”

    “I agree, she was acting like she was one of those YouTube commentary channels but ten times worse,” Juleka took a sip of her apple cider. “At least those channels can be funny and actually have wit. Plus she started to read off spoilers halfway through, like who does that?”

    “I know I actually was considering reading that book before she ruined it,” Rose rolled her eyes. “She must have been reading off one of those reading summary sites.”

    “A Garden By Another Name is still a good book, Rose,” Sabrina told her. “Even though she spoiled that Sylvester dies at the end it’s still worth it. I just hate how deliberate it all was.”

    “It’s Chloè,” Alix poured herself another serving of apple cider. “Isn’t nearly everything she does is deliberate and malicious?”

    “Well yeah,” Sabrina nodded. “But I think that she did this because she knows how much I hate public speaking. Back when we did projects together I would do all the work while she would present. It was one of the few good things from our friendship. But since I broke off our friendship she’s just been gunning for me.”

    “Well at least Mrs. Burke pulled Chloè out of class during your presentation and talked to her,” Kagami reminded the group. “That should count as something, right?”

    “I’ll doubt it,” Marinette told her. “Even our previous teacher Ms. Bustier pulled her out of class a few times around the end of the year and it didn’t make a difference.”

    “Well it’s not that shocking,” Juleka said. “I mean even Ladybug and Chat Noir gave her a chance and she ruined it. That’s why she got replaced with Honeybee.”

    “I like Honeybee better anyway,” Alix said. “She had my respect the moment she shut down Chloè from bullying her into giving up the bee miraculous on her first day.”

    “Definitely, I was there, remember?” Alya added. “The moment before she said it was quiet you could hear a pin drop.”

    “That’s one of the reasons why I like her,” Juleka said. “Plus she really helped us out when Pizza Creature attacked us during Marinette’s slumber party.”

    “She’s gotten pretty popular these past couple months,” Marinette mentioned. “I even got Manon even asking me to make a doll of Honeybee for when she comes over. But I have been so busy lately I haven’t got the chance to sit down and do it.”

    “If you are really in a pitch then you can just get one,” Kagami started on her fake arrows. “When Adrien and I went on our date to the arcade last Saturday. I saw a lot of Honeybee merchandise at the prize counter including plush dolls. You could take her there and help her win one, it could be a fun babysitting activity for the two of you.”

    The girls continued talking, listing multiple positive traits of the most recent addition of the French Miraculous Hero Team. All that Sabrina could do is to keep her lips spreading into a smile so big that her face would break into two. She had a secret that she couldn’t tell anyone: she’s actually this Honeybee that the girls spoke so fondly of. It all happened the same day that she and Marinette were paired up for the history project. Her father was attacked by a villain named Lord Justice. Sabrina was approached by Ladybug to fill the spot of the bee miraculous holder that was forced to be vacant due to the disgrace of its previous user. At first Sabrina rejected the offer due to loyalty for her former friend. But after long winded hesitation she had accepted growing into the role nicely. Just last Thursday she had helped Ladybug and Chat Noir fight the sentimonster null-void who was paired with the villain Trap Master.

    “Sabrina you’re smiling,” Kagami pointed out to her friend. “So do you feel at least a little bit better?”

    “Oh definitely,” the redhead giggled, wondering if the other heroes felt this way when others talked about them in the third person or was that just her? “Much better.”

    “So wait, is Chloè going to the dance tomorrow?” Rose asked the group.

    “From what I heard, yes,” Mylène told the blonde. “She was telling everyone who was willing to listen this morning before class started that she was going, wearing a custom made costume from New York.”

    “Oh great,” Sabrina’s smile dropped.

    “Right when I thought I already had my weekly dose of Chloè. I wonder what she is going to pull this time, tomorrow is going to be Halloween after all.”

    “You know maybe some of us should ditch our costumes and dress as security guards to protect Sabrina,” Alix suggested. “Just in case Chloè tries anything.”

    “Wait,” the redhead looked over to her. “Are you actually serious?”

    “Well maybe not about ditching the costumes as I literally already bought everything for mine,” the rollerblader admitted. “But having your back so Chloè doesn’t mess with you tomorrow, I can do that.”

    “Me too,” Marinette told her.

    “And me,” Alya added.

    “I will also,” Kagami said.

    The rest of the girls nodded in agreement saying that they also had Sabrina’s back for tomorrow.

    “You all would really do that for me?” the redhead asked the group.

    “Of course, Sabrina,” Rose told her. “You are our friend now and friends have each other’s backs.”

    Sabrina smiled as she was so touched. Moments like this reminded her that she finally made the right decision when it came to choosing her new friendships.

    “Thank you girls, that really means a lot to me. Hopefully, there won’t be anything to worry about. Either way, let’s hope that tomorrow is a drama free night for once,” she raised her cup of cider. “Here’s to a drama free night?”

    The girls looked at each other then picked up their cups saying in unison, “Here’s to a drama free night!”

    The following night’s pitch black night sky was clear as air was cold and the streets were crowded. People in costumes were roaming the streets with the intention of attending holiday festivities or attempting to gain free Halloween candy from going door to door. At the College Francoise DuPont multiple students stood on the building’s steps in costumes meeting with friends and waiting in line for admission into dance from the ticket table. Located on the final step of stairs in front of the building’s doors.

    A Paris police car pulled up in front of the school. Once the car was parked Sabrina stepped out wearing her costume. A long sleeveless white lace layered dress that went a little bit beyond her knees with a matching white lace shrug, solid white tights underneath, a pair of closed toe white wedges, a small silver purse with a matching silver chain strap, a solid white hairband and a long plastic pearl necklace with matching bracelets. She looked over at the line of people on the steps then smiled back at her father who was in the driver’s seat of the police cruiser.

    “Thanks for dropping me off, Dad,” Sabrina told her father through the opened passenger side door. “I really appreciate it.”

    “No problem Sweetie,” he told her, reaching down on the bottom of the passenger seat pulling out her pair of angel wings. “But I think you’re forgetting these without them your costume doesn’t make too much sense.”

    “My wings!” Sabrina took them and slid them on akin to backpack straps. “Thanks I just was so excited I totally forgot.”

    “I hope that is the only thing you have forgotten. You got your phone and house keys right? Remember Officer Richardson promised to pick you up tonight at eleven since her shift ends around the same time as the dance. Since I have a late shift tonight. But you’re still responsible for letting yourself back in. If not I do have a spare key with me but can’t do anything about your phone.”

    “I got them, Dad,” Sabrina opened up her purse pulling out her house keys and cellphone. “I also got my ticket for the dance too.”

    “Good, remember if there is an emergency call Officer Jenkins to pick you up as she’s on desk duty tonight and agreed to be your emergency ride,” her father said as Sabrina put her phone and keys back into her purse. “But have fun with your friends.”

    “Trust me I will, now I should go as the doors close at eight and the line is already long. So just stay safe tonight Dad.”

    “Will do.”

    Sabrina waved goodbye at her father then shut the door before walking toward the steps of the school. She stood in line, once it was her turn the redhead approached the ticket table. The ticket taker at the table was a girl who was Sabrina’s age. She had ebony skin, long jet black hair done in microbraids that was pulled into a low bun and kind almond brown eyes. The girl was wearing a blue and silver full length princess ball gown with a name tag sticker with the name Chantelle written in black sharpie on the dress’ bodice, white full length gloves and a silver plastic tiara. From the look at her costume, it was clear that she was dressed as the fairy tale princess Cinderella.

    “Hi, I really like your costume. You look really pretty,” Sabrina smiled. “You’re dressed as Cinderella right?”

    “Yeah thanks,” Chantelle smiled but then started to look at the angel intensely.

    “Um…is everything alright?” Sabrina asked, noticing the staring.

    “Yeah it’s just…didn’t I already let you in the dance a few minutes ago?” The ticket taker asked. “I remember letting someone in who had red hair and was wearing the exact same costume as you.”

    “Uh no, I just got here,” she told her, pulling out her ticket, a square of orange card stock with black font. “Here’s my ticket if you don’t believe me.”

    The angel handed over the ticket to Chantelle who looked over and examined it.

    “Looks legit,” said the Cinderella, putting it in the metal box on the table. She then reached underneath the table pulling out a basket with orange rubber wristbands handing Sabrina one. “Here’s your wristband. Just wear this during the dance as it lets everyone know that you gave your ticket at the door. Sorry for questioning you, I guess the costumes are starting to blur together for me. Just in the last couple minutes I have let seven Ladybugs and six Chat Noirs.”

    “It’s no problem, Chantelle,” Sabrina slid on her wristband. “Thanks for the wristband.”

    “We’ll have fun at the dance,” Chantelle told her while Sabrina walked through the entrance of the building.

    Soon as Sabrina entered into the school’s courtyard she could hear a blast of music as she stepped onto the courtyard’s steps. Suddenly there were the sounds of birds squawking and thunder rumbling while eerie music played on top of it. Singers started to vocalize with other unsettling sound effects before the vocals started between a trio with harmonious singing.

    🎶 I see you jump, coming down with goosebumps

    If you dare to go there, you’re gonna get so scared.

    (They’re haunting you) (Yeah because they’re wanting to).

    All ghouls, ghosts, the zombies coming back from the dead.

    Watch out before you lose your head.

    They’re haunting you) (Yeah because they’re wanting to).

    All the essential guests, this scene is not a dream.

    I can already hear you scream.

    Body shaking in a nightmare that you won’t ever be awaking…🎶

    From the appearance of her surroundings it was clear that the dance committee had turned the plain courtyard into the ultimate Halloween party zone. Fake cobwebs and spiders plastered the walls. Plastic skeletons and large ghoulish figures surrounded the entrance and throughout the courtyard. Dusty fixtures that looked like they were lifted from a haunted house such as candle operas and small pieces of furniture. Jack-o’-lanterns were placed in the corners. Beyond the steps of the courtyard was a dance floor filled with students dressed in various costumes from classic movie monsters and ghouls to TV show characters and real life superheroes.

    Next the dance was the DJ booth that was covered with fake cobwebs where Nino was working the turntables. He was dressed as Dracula, wearing a long sleeve white frilled shirt with a burgundy vest, black trousers, white gloves, black dress shoes, plastic fangs in his mouth and a black cape with a large vampire collar. There was a faint smell of garlic that must have been coming from the long buffet table near the dance floor. On one side of the table had a large punch bowl with orange fruit punch, cans of soda and bottled water. For the main entree down the table there were multiple paper plates with two slices of pizza with various toppings each, three large aluminum warming trays filled with wing dings, and two large trays of garlic knots.

    Dessert was platters of Halloween cupcakes, brownies, mini pumpkin tarts and caramel apple tarts, and individually wrapped candy apples. All the food was up for grabs as it was clearly self-serve. On the perimeter of the courtyard was a few white circular tables with a bowl of various fun size candies for the attendees to sit down, eat and relax. Both the levels were being utilized as the top level where people played Halloween theme carnival games such as the bean bag toss and the ring toss. Overall the whole dance set up was pretty wicked.

    Sabrina looked around very impressed as this looked nothing like the drab courtyard that she had walked through yesterday before going to Marinette’s place. The angel started to look through the crowd to look for her friends as Marinette texted in the group chat that she, Luka, and Juleka were going to try to snag some tables in the back. So everyone in their large group could have a seat since the three of them were going to be one of the first ones here due to helping with the bakery’s catering delivery. Sabrina noticed on the dance floor a girl with long brown curly hair and fair skin was dressed as her superhero persona, Honeybee. The girl’s brown curly hair was pulled in a high ponytail with a black headband ribbon like antennas, she had a plastic gold hair comb in her hair. Her suit had a black collar that covered her neck and little beyond her shoulders, full length black gloves with fluffy pollen-like cuffs and torso and rib cage was bright yellow with a large v shaped stripes across the chest and two thinner v shaped striped stripes underneath. The bottom half was black pants with black knee high boots with a yellow triangle knee and yellow wedge heels at the bottom. On her face was a domino mask which was divided longways with the top being yellow while the bottom was black. The girl was dancing with two other girls who were dressed as Ladybug and Rena Rouge.

    Oh my gosh! Someone actually came dressed as me…well Honeybee? Sabrina thought. Yesterday I thought that the girls were exaggerating but I guess the Honeybee hype is real! Maybe I should compliment the girl’s costume or would that be too arrogant-“

    However before she could finish that thought Sabrina heard a familiar voice behind her cutting into her thoughts.

    “You know I think it’s pretty funny that you decided to dress up as an angel considering what you just did, Sabrina.”

    Sabrina felt her blood run cold as she spun on around her heel afraid to see if it was who she thought. But as soon as she did, her eyes narrowed.

    It was Chloè.

    The angel’s former friend was wearing a red and black poofy medieval styled dress with vertical glittery gold and red trim with the center of the dress’ bodice had a row of red glittery hearts. The dress had a sweetheart neckline, a white laced Medici collar, short puffy sleeves, a two layered skirt that went a little beyond her knees with the bottom layer being all black tulle while the outer layer was black dotted with red glittery hearts. She was also wearing black tights, black high heel ankle booties, a circular black cross body bag on her shoulders and a gold crown sat on her head in one of the rare moments that the mayor’s daughters had her hair down.

    “Oh hi, Chloè,” Sabrina gave her the coldest of glares.

    “Don’t look at me like that!” the mayor’s daughter snapped. “I was just commenting on your costume.”

    “Well what are you supposed to be?”

    “Duh, isn’t it obvious? I’m the Queen Of Hearts. You know from Alice In Wonderland.”

    “So you’re dressed as a belligerent queen?” the angel asked, her tone was condescending. “Oh Chloè honey, this Halloween dance you’re not supposed to come as yourself.”

    Suddenly Chloé’s face burned bright red from anger. “Hey I was trying to be nice here and was going to compliment you for what happened with Loser-nette and her friends. It’s clear you ditched them after finally realizing how lame they are!”

    “Loser-nette? Wait, are you talking about Marinette?”

    “Of course who else? I mean look at her costume! A fairy? What is she, three years old? But in all seriousness, did you do all that to impress me or something? If that’s the case I might be able to forgive you for acting out these past couple months. I thought that I was harsh but it is clear that you definitely have a mean streak too. So could be friends again and just in time too. My closet is such a mess you can reorganize again just like in the old days!”

    Chloè grabbed her hand which caused Sabrina to yank it away flabbergasted. “What? No! What are you talking about Chloé?! If we are talking about apologies and forgiveness then you owe me for trying to embarrass me in front of the class during my book report presentation yesterday!”

    “Oh please don’t act all high and mighty considering what you have done,” Chloè pointed an accusatory finger at her. “No wonder that we were friends, we’re so much alike.”

    “I’m nothing like you!” Sabrina hissed. “Also don’t you dare even call Marinette a loser again. She’s been twice the friend in these few months compared to what you have been for almost a decade! She doesn’t belittle me or hit me like you used to do. So I don’t know what mind games that you are trying to play with me tonight. But I’m not dealing with it so leave me alone!”

    The angel then spun around on her heel matching down the courtyard’s steps in a huff.

    “The nerve of Chloè,” Sabrina thinking started to take deep breaths to calm herself down. She entered into the crowd to find her friends. “Wait until the group hears this, she’s really unbelievable.”

    After walking toward the back of the courtyard Sabrina spotted her friends sitting at two round tables in the back.

    “Hey everyone,” she approached the tables. “Happy Hallo-whoa what the heck happened here!?”

    The angel’s eyes widened in complete shock as she looked at her friends who were in utter disarray. She looked over at the table left of her where Marinette, Luka, Alya, Kagami and Adrien sat. Marinette sat at the table, her loose hair and flower crown soaking wet as trails of what looked like orange fruit punch dripped from her face, shoulders and neck. Droplets of the orange liquid stained on her dress, a soft pink full length dress with spaghetti straps decorated with fake pink flowers and green leaves. On the dress’ corset bodice there were stains of bright orange cupcake frosting and white sprinkles smeared into the fabric and fake flowers. The glittery pink wings on Marinette’s back were bent as if someone had tried to crumble them but stopped halfway through.

    Luka sitting next to the garden fairy, like her, his hair and face was soaking wet with orange fruit punch. His full face of zombie make up was dripping leaving gray streaks contrasting with his natural skin complexion. The faux leather jacket that he was wearing was covered with cupcake frosting and his distressed t-shirt with a graphic of a zombie’s rib cage had orange punch stains. His ripped jeans caked with frosting and a dark amber brown liquid that looked like barbecue sauce. The only parts of Luka’s costume that were not covered with food were his black converse sneakers and black fingerless gloves. Sabrina noticed that the zombie rockstar’s eyes were red, not colored contacts but it looked like they were irritated as if someone got into them.

    Alya sat at the table with her witch’s hat on the table next to the candy bowl. The hat looked like someone had stomped on as a few of the silver roses were missing and dirt was on the brim. The celestial witch was covered with pizza stains and dipping sauces. Alya’s costume a black lace half jacket, had stairs with what looked like ranch and buffalo sauce on the collar, back and sleeves, her black lace front dress and black tights with speaks of silver glitter was covered with pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni and sausage. Her black ankle booties were wet with fruit punch. The only thing that was still intact beside her glasses was her jewelry: a silver crescent moon pendant and a pair of large silver hoop earrings with silver star charms threaded through the hoops.

    Kagami stewed with annoyance and anger as she had brownie stains, spots of ranch dressing and barbecue sauce stains on her black unity jacket with gold mockingjay pin and black t-shirt, her olive green pants had punch stains at the bottom that was dripping on her soft brown over the ankle boots. Adrien sat in his Dread Pirate Roberts even though he was wearing all black you could still see the food stains as cupcake icing streaked his black v neck pirate shirt and black pants. His black skull cap, black masquerade mask and sash was soaked with orange punch, leather gloves were covered with ranch dressing and his pirate boots covered with smooshed brownie crumbs.

    It was no better at the other table as Rose sat in her Princess Peach costume, a bright pink princess ball gown with puffy sleeves covered with brownie stains and had a candy apple stuck to the skirt of her dress. Her white full length gloves covered with red candy coating as if she tried to pull off the candy apple. The gold crown on her head looked lopsided as if someone tried to pull it off her head, the poor girl looked like she was about to cry any moment. Juleka sitting next her got the similar treatment as her brother as zombie makeup streaked her face contrasting with her natural complexion. Her black glittery tattered prom dress with puffed sleeves and PROM QUEEN sash was covered with flakes of red candied residue from the candy apple and soak with cola. Ranch dressing covered her black full lace gloves and specks of orange frosting covered her silver plastic tiara and dark hair that was pulled into an updo.

    Alix had buffalo sauce and ranch dressing on her black overcoat of her white rabbit costume. Brownie stains on her white vest shirt and black shorts making her clean black and white striped tights and black combat boots out of place. Noticeably Alix did not have the top hat that she had worked on yesterday. Mylène’s blue pinafore dress for her Dorothy costume was covered with smeared brownie stains and barbecue sauce. Her hair that was pulled into twin pigtails had orange icing and cupcake crumbs. Lastly Ivan sat beside his girlfriend with cupcake and brownie stains on the black cloak of his grim reaper costume. On the table there was a plastic skull mask with a large crack in the middle.

    The floor around them was littered with remains of pizza, brownies, wing dings, cupcakes, candy and candied apples.

    The group collectively glared at her.

    Kagami narrowed her eyes, voice cold as ice. “Did you seriously just ask us that?”

    “Um yeah? It looks like all you went through a food fight. Or is this an abstract group costume that no one sent me a text about?” Sabrina nervously laughed as she saw her friend’s features did not soften. “It’s not the best time to joke now, is it?”

    “You know Sabrina, you have some real guts coming back here after what happened,” Alix told her. “You are either the bravest person that I ever met or the most stupid.”

    The angel raised a brow, completely confused. “Excuse me?”

    “Nah Alix, I don’t think it’s stupidity that caused her to come back here,” Alya glared at the angel. “I would say audacity knowing she did.”

    “To be honest the whole thing was just an act of betrayal. Especially to the people who were brave enough to give her a second chance,” said Juleka. “So much for a drama free night, huh Sabrina?”

    “What are you talking about?” Sabrina asked.

    Rose slammed her hands on the table standing up from her seat. “Sabrina, I thought that we were friends!”

    “We are Rose,” she walked toward her friend as she looked like she was going to cry. “Why would you ask that?”

    “Then why did you do this to us?!” the blonde asked back.

    “Wait, do you all think that I did this?” Sabrina asked.

    “Think? We know we did, just minutes ago you came here starting to throw food on us after dumping some punch on Marinette’s head!” Luka told her, he looked angry and disgusted.

    “What? I would never do that!” Sabrina said. “Why would you say that?”

    “He said that because it happened. You brought food from the buffet table and threw it on us!” Adrien chimed in. “What you couldn’t throw you smeared on our costumes. Ring any bells? You were literally laughing your head off. By the way, can I have my plastic sword back?”

    “Your what?” the angel asked.

    “My plastic sword,” he told her. “You took it and I want it back. Also give back Kagami’s quiver and arrows too. You literally stanched it off her back.”

    “My hat too,” Alix added.

    “I also want my basket back too please,” Mylène pleaded. “That Toto plush that was in it was the gift that Ivan got me for Valentine’s Day. It’s practically irreplaceable.”

    “But I never took those things-“ Sabrina started.

    “At least she didn’t kick you in the shin,” Luka crossed his arms. “Seriously, what are those shoes steel toed?”

    “Wait, now you all are saying that I stole from you and even hit Luka?!” the angel exclaimed. “Okay is this some twisted Halloween prank or something? If it is, then stop it right now, I’m not laughing!”

    “I was going to ask you the same thing,” Alya said.

    “But I didn’t do anything!” she told her. “How could I when I just got here?”

    “But we all saw you Sabrina. You dumped some punch on Marinette, hit Luka and threw food on us. Now if you just explain why you did it then maybe we…” Rose started but looked around at the group who had the look of disapproval on their faces. “I mean I might forgive you for what happened.”

    “BUT I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Sabrina screamed out of frustration causing Rose to reel back. “Is that loud enough for you all here to get it!”

    Juleka stood up from her seat stepping in front of Rose putting an arm protectively in front of her girlfriend. “Okay you need to watch your tone.”

    “Why? You’re all treating me like a criminal!”

    “So you think that yelling is going to make us believe you? Especially when we all saw you do it?”

    “It must have been someone else!”

    “Oh yes, because you have a secret twin sister that no one knew about until now,” Alix said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Is that the lie you’re going with?”

    “But I’m not lying!” Sabrina hissed at her.

    The group went back and forth with Sabrina, some of them practically giving testimonials about what she had supposedly done to them. Some of them were demanding her to confess while others were simply demanding an explanation on what happened. Sabrina denied it all stating that what they all described was far from the truth asking them why would she do any of that to people that she considered friends.

    “That’s what we want to know, Sabrina,” Alya stood right in front of her. “After all we’ve been through, you would turn on us so quickly without remorse.”

    “But that’s the thing Alya, think about these past couple months. All of you have been so nice to me,” Sabrina reminded the group. “You all have made me realize that friendship doesn’t have to be just one sided. Think, why would I want to ruin all that? Especially when I value all your friendships so much?”

    The group all looked at each other as if the words that Sabrina said got them all to consider for a second.

    But then Ivan simply said. “Well I saw you were talking to Chloè before you came back here.”

    Sabrina’s eyes widened as if she had gotten caught while there was a collective gasp from the group causing questioning faces turn back into harsh glares.

    “Why would you say that?” Sabrina asked him.

    “What are you calling Ivan a liar now?” Mylène demanded.

    “No! I mean she did approach me when I got here-” the angel started.

    “So is this what you’ve been doing the whole time?!” Kagami stood up interrupting her, clear hurt was in her eyes. “You were pretending to be our friend so you could just backstab us for Chloè?! You’ve been nothing but a liar!”

    “Kagami, I would never lie to you,” Sabrina told her. “We’re best friends, remember?”

    “Then you remember how much I don’t tolerate disrespect,” her best friend’s features hardened.

    “Actually it makes sense that Chloè is involved somehow,” Alix said. “This is Sabrina we are talking about.”

    Sabrina turned to the white rabbit. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “What I mean is that the only time you really act up is when Chloè is involved,” she explained. “You stole Marinette’s diary last year to help Chloè win the class election. You also helped steal her Marinette’s hat design for Adrien’s dad’s competition.”

    “You also locked me in the bathroom during picture day,” Juleka added.

    “Juleka, I thought we were past that!” Sabrina told the zombie prom queen. “Besides, I’m in a much better place now! I’m my own person!”

    “If you are your own person then how about you own up to your actions and tell the truth,” Luka told her. “Instead of pretending it didn’t happen.”

    “I am telling the truth! Why won’t anyone believe me?!” Sabrina snapped at him. She then looked at Marinette who had remained practically silent during the whole confrontation. “Marinette, what about you? You haven’t said anything during all this. You don’t believe them, right?”

    Marinette looked at her, eyes shining with pain and disappointment. “I want to believe you Sabrina, I really do. But like the others I know what I saw. You did this, I just want to know why as I thought we were friends.”

    Sabrina’s features hardened with anger and sadness, crying out. “I can’t believe this, after all we’ve been through these past couple months none of you believe me! If I knew things would turn out like this! I…I WOULD HAVE SACRIFICE ALL YOU GIRLS TO PIZZA CREATURE INSTEAD OF MYSELF!!!”

    There was a beat of silence as the girls of the group glared at her. Instant regret appeared after those words came from of Sabrina’s lips.

    “I-I-I didn’t mean that…” she trailed off.

    “Sabrina, I really think you should-“ Alya started.

    “It’s just you all been pushing my buttons for the past couple minutes,” Sabrina interrupted, looking like she was about to cry. “Something bad was bound to slip out.”

    “I think you should leave,” said the celestial witch. Her voice sounded somewhat sympathetic but stern. “It would be best for everyone if you did.”

    The angel looked around at the group hoping that someone would come from her defense. But the looks of her supposed friends said otherwise as some avoided eye contact while others looked straight at her as if they wished that she was dead.

    “What are you looking at us for?” Juleka asked icily. “SHE SAID LEAVE!”

    Without any other choices, Sabrina did what she was told as tears started to appear in the corner of her eyes. She held her head up high, walking away from her friends, disappearing into the crowd. Before her resolve crumbled into full blown sobbing as she entered the nearby girl’s bathroom.

    The angel ran into a stall locking it as she didn’t want anyone to see her cry as confusion swirled in her mind. She leaned against the stall door wondering possessed her friends to treat her this way? How could she forgive them after this? Did she even want to? If she didn’t, wouldn’t she be alone and friendless? Would she have to go back to Chloè? Has she sunk so low without even realizing it?

    These kinds of questions paddled back and forth in her thoughts.

    Suddenly she heard the bathroom door swing open and a pair of footsteps entered into the bathroom. Sabrina stood still as she was not ready to talk to people

    even if it just was simple human interaction. Especially being a sobbing mess right now. Seconds later the door swung open again as the sound of sets of footsteps entered the bathroom.

    “Hey! Don’t you two girls see this bathroom is occupied!” a very familiar voice yelled. “So get out!”

    A beat of silence went by Sabrina listened closely. That voice was so familiar, identical even.

    “Don’t be stupid and act like you didn’t hear me!” the familiar voice continued it sounded like they were near growling. “Get out now before you regret it!”

    The door swung open again as it sounded like the two girls, whoever they were, exited the bathroom.

    That voice, it sounds just like mine. Sabrina thought while unlocking the stall door.

    She stepped out of the stall letting the door swing behind her as she saw it leaning against the bathroom’s sink or more like her?

    A redheaded girl wearing the exact same costume, same long sleeveless white lace layer dress that went a little bit beyond her knees with a matching lace shrug, solid white tights underneath, a pair of white wedges, a small silver purse with a matching silver chain strap, a solid white hairband and a long plastic pearl necklace with matching bracelets.

    Her facial features, hair, body and build was exactly the same as Sabrina, right down to the finest detail.

    A complete mirror image.

    The mirror image simply smiled ignoring Sabrina’s stunned expression, saying in poor girl’s own voice:

    “There you are Sabrina. It’s been so long since we had talked.”


    End Of Part 1

    Thanks for reading! 😊

    OMG! Sabrina has a double! Who or what is this double? Where did this double come from and what are their plans? Why did they attack Sabrina’s friends? Will Sabrina fix everything or will she lose her friends forever? Find out in part 2 of Mirror Image!

    I hope you like this story. As mentioned before this is my first time writing a Halloween story so this is uncharted territory for me. This story was inspired by two episodes from the well known anthology series The Twilight Zone. If you never heard of it I highly recommend it if you like spooky horror stuff. Note the original series is in black and white as it came out in the late 1950s/ early 1960’s. However there’s tons of clips on YouTube if you’re curious.

    The episodes that I’m referring to “Mirror Image” (hence the name) which talk about the concept of doubles and doppelgängers. While the second episode is “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” that talks about group paranoia and turning on each other.

    I thought it would be interesting to lean more with the uncanny instead straight up horror with this one. But again if suddenly I found a random clone of me in my life like Sabrina I would count it is horror story. I would have so many questions like how did they get here?

    Overall, I hope you like this story as I actually started concepts in late September. At first I was considering it either a Marinette, Alya or Kagami story. But it just didn’t fit so considered dusting off Honeybee Sabrina as this was a AU story anyway. Plus it made the group feelings of betrayal being more plausible as Alix mentioned in the story. While Marinette, Alya and Kagami does not have that background so it would not much sense compared to Sabrina.

    Hopefully the rest of the story will be satisfying for everyone. Due to timing and me being a student the last part may or not be posted on Halloween. If not the following week in November but this story will be finished eventually.

    If you made it this far I really appreciate it.

    The song for this week is “Calling All The Monsters” (2021) by Thriii featuring Messager. Funny enough I might be showing my age here but I loved the original one while I was a kid. So I was delighted to find a new version right around the time I was writing. If it not obvious the lyrics in this one are inspired by this song. Here’s the lyric video


    Mirror Image {1/4} is also available on Wattpad.

    See you next time! 👋

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