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  • one more questions about my ethnicity or race or etc due to anything that appeared to be, i’m just gonna kms and snap tf out of me. clearly, some people doesn’t know enough about other worlds ethnicity also etc . there’s fucking big google on internet why don’t they wanna use it ?? don’t they learn something or anything, there’s like hundreds of ethnicity just for Asians ones. it just not Chinese, Korean, Japanese that exist, most people that doesn’t know will assume there’s only 3 or 4 ethnic of asian . did they forgot about Filipinos ? how about Malaysian ? Thai people ? Indonesian ? Indian ? how about Vietnamese ? Taiwanese ? hell i know people would know ‘bout them . how about Javanese ? Singaporean ? you totally forgot. there’s lots more . we have big families on these smh wtf. it’s not just Korean or Japanese all the times wtf . google & something. piss me off 🔥

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  • BMW M1 Procar - 1979 by Perico001 n° 23

    Franz Konrad
    John Winter
    Dieter Quester
    Rolf Stommelen

    Salon Rétromobile 2019
    Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles
    Paris - France
    February 2019 https://flic.kr/p/2f7cjFp

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  • Race is good at reading people.

    Like when he’s playing poker and he knows without having to look up that Romeo just got a terrible hand because of the way he sighed.

    Or when he’s playing around with the younger kids, wrestling or sword fighting or joining in a raucous game of tag and he knows without having to ask which kid he can’t tag or hit no matter how gently because today is a bad day full of bad memories and being roughed up, no matter how much fun the game might be, is just too much right now.

    Like when he’s sitting in the lodging house doing nothing and he can tell that Jack needs to be followed to the rooftop and bothered because if he’s left alone whatever is making him feel so terrible will only bother him more, but he won’t talk about it so he needs to be distracted.

    Or when he picks the person out of the crowd who will buy a pape from him because he can see she’s in a good mood and will be charmed by a smile or he’s in a terrible mood and wants to read some bad news so he can feel like at least somebody has it worse than he does.

    Like when he sees the way Jack looks at Davey the very first day Davey shows up at the distribution yard and he knows Jack is already in love.

    Or when he sees the look that Davey throws at Jack’s back when he thinks nobody is looking and knows Davey feels the same way.

    Like when he sees the fear in Jack’s eyes when Davey marches both of them up towards the rooftop with a drawing folded and clenched tightly in Davey’s hand, a drawing that Race had most certainly not seen being drawn while he was trying to distract Jack earlier and most certainly not stolen to give to Davey so he could finally stop noticing that they were both too scared to do anything about the way they felt.

    And he doesn’t follow them to the rooftop, they don’t need him tonight, but he sees how happy they both are when they reappear and he’s sure he read them right.

    He always does.

    Because Race is good at reading people.

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  • We Are Still Segregated.

    Look at cities across America to see how blacks, whites, Hispanics and others were segregated.


    Atlanta, GA (2010)


    Washington, DC (2010)


    New York, NY (2010)


    Detroit, MI (2010)

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  • Danilo Blandon sold cocaine. This cocaine was consumed by the African-Americans within South Central. The government acknowledges both of these facts. DEA records describe Danilo Blandon “as the head of a cocaine distribution organization in Los Angeles.” (Page 295) Moreover, these records describe the scale of his distribution network. It was colossal. 

    “The DEA estimated Blandón imported between 18,000 and 27,000 kilos between 1982 and 1990,” said Gary Webb. (Page 202)

    Twenty-seven thousand kilograms of cocaine could produce 675 million doses of crack cocaine. During the eighties, 675 million doses of crack cocaine was worth almost $17 billion. It is possible that some of the cocaine imported by Blandon was not converted to crack cocaine. Perhaps some of the cocaine was snorted instead. If some of the cocaine was snorted, the amount of crack cocaine produced by Bladon’s network would have been less than 675 million doses. Nevertheless, one can say with confidence that Danilo Blandon was responsible for most—if not all—of the crack epidemic within South Central.

    The Contras were an invention of the CIA. This fact is not disputed either. Nor is it disputed that Blandon was a member of the Contras. What is disputed is the duration of his membership within the FDN. The CIA claims that Blandon left the FDN before the crack epidemic began in South Central. The CIA claims that Blandon left the FDN before South Central was inundated with crack cocaine. This claim is almost certainly a lie. However, for the sake of argument, let us assume that the CIA is telling the truth. Blandon left the FDN before the crack epidemic began. In that case, the crime committed by the CIA is more reprehensible than the crime the CIA would have committed had Blandon not left the FDN. Here’s why…

    When Blandon was a member of the FDN, he made an agreement with that organization:

    Blandon would sell cocaine inside America. The FDN would receive the profit earned from the sale of this cocaine. The FDN would use this money to finance its war against the Sandinistas.

    The U.S. government acknowledges the existence of this agreement. This agreement was revealed during the grand jury testimony of Danilo Blandon. This agreement was made when the CIA was in control of the FDN. Therefore the CIA is responsible for this agreement. Throughout the eighties, Danilo Blandon flooded southern California with cocaine. If Danilo Blandon left the FDN, if he refused to give the profit from his cocaine sales to the FDN, the CIA should have had Blandon arrested. Yet the CIA did nothing to stop him. Rather than stop him, the CIA would prevent the rest of the U.S. government from arresting him until he destroyed black America.

    On the other hand, if Danilo Blandon never left the FDN, the profit from his cocaine sales would have been given to the Contras. This money would have been used to fight the Communists. In that case, at least the drug money would have gone to a worthy cause. However, if Blandon was not a member of the FDN, if he put every nickel of profit inside his own pocket, his crimes would have had no benefit for America or the world.

    The crime the CIA committed was to allow Danilo Blandon to sell cocaine inside America. If he did not give the profit from his cocaine sales to the FDN, then there can be only one explanation for why the CIA allowed Blandon to infect black America with crack cocaine. The objective of the CIA was genocide. The CIA had Danilo Blandon sell cocaine to black America in order to destroy black America. On the other hand, if the profit from his cocaine sales was given to the Contras, then at least the CIA could argue that his crimes had a noble purpose—to fight Communism. 

    Regardless of how the profit from his cocaine sales was spent, the CIA was responsible for the crimes of Danilo Blandon. The CIA was responsible for his crimes because the CIA knew about his crimes. Yet they did nothing to stop him. 


    The page numbers come from the book “Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Cocaine Explosion” by Gary Webb.

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  • Miami Marine Stadium Boat Race - GN12 
    Via Flickr:
    Grand National Ski Boats

    #Miami#Marine#Stadium#Boat#Race#Florida #Inboard Powerboat Circuit Boat Racing #krulik
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  • Stephen Shames, Kathleen Cleaver

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  • Requested: Hi can i have something soft with racetrack where he and the reader are taking a walk after selling papers? :,)

    Warnings: none

    A/N: I hope this is soft enough for you :) this is kind of short though, so I’m sorry. 

    Summary: After selling papers you and Race decide to take a late night walk and talk about the future


    You’d been selling partners with Race ever since the moment you stepped into the lodging house. While he bet on the horses you’d wait outside for him and sell any papers you could. Race was the only newsie you’d really talk to. No one knew why, not even Jack who’d been the one that found you understood, but no one ever pushed. 

    “Ready to head back?” Race asked while the sun hadn’t set yet.

    “So early?” You asked earning a shrug from him.

    “We’s both done sellin’ so I thought we could maybe go for a walk in the park first?” He asked making your eyes light up. You nodded, your head moving rapidly, earning a laugh from Race when you started dragging him in the direction of the park. “Slow down Y/N, we’s going on a walk not a run.” Race explained, pulling you back slightly. 

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  • I cannot feel guilty for shit that I didn’t do,

    but I can understand the reasons why you think that I should

    Yeah, I’m white but I never put your neck in no noose.

    I never burnt a cross or hid my face with a hood.

    You can’t just label me racist ‘cause I’m related to people

    who did some terrible shit way back before I was alive.

    My parents brought me up to treat everyone as an equal.

    I refuse to feel ashamed 'cause of my pretty blue eyes.

    Fuck a nazi, fuck a white supremacist.

    Fuck anyone who labels me as that because of my family genetics.

    The hatred for Caucasians is so fucking pathetic.

    Go be proud that you’re black, but don’t hate me for some credit.

    I’m not the white devil, neo-nazi, cop tryna pull the trigger.

    You can call me what you want but I’d still never say-

    The white race as a whole ain’t the enemy.

    There’s racist white people but we’re far from that collectively.

    If a black man is sippin’ on some Cognac sitting next to me I don’t assume that every blacks favorite drink is Hennessy.

    I don’t dislike Tanesha cause her first name isn’t Stephanie.

    Not only is that wrong, it’s a fucking waste of energy.

    Ivory or ebony, 45 or 17, we all bleed the same,

    Martin Luther King or Kennedy.

    They’re angry I’m stateing the facts-

    You letting history perpetuate the hatred within and then you paint me with the brush

    you painted slave owners with.

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  • At this point in time, the entire purpose of the human race is to create a world where the human race has no purpose.

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  • Did you know that if you account for single motherhood, the racial criminal gap between African Americans and Whites disappear. It practically disappears. What’s funny is that both the left and the alt-right ignores this fact.

    The Left ignores it because feminism and because women are the majority of voters. The Left wants the female vote so they’re perfectly ok with more criminals, as long as they can maintain their voting base. Plus these criminals will grow up and vote democrat as well because that’s what they’re taught to do, which is why they want to give felons the right to vote. 

    The Alt-Right ignores it because they’re racist, and they want to focus only on IQ. Funny thing about their IQ obsession is the fact that Jewish people have higher IQ than white people and so do Asians but when they want to talk about their racism, this fact is conveniently swept under the rugs. And then when you break down their IQ even more, it’s not white Europeans or White Americans with the highest IQ, it’s Russians, Whites of Russian Descendant have the highest IQ among all white people. 

    If it was all about IQ then Asia, Russia, or even Israel would be the big superpower of the world, but no, it’s America. Because free enterprise, Capitalism, and innovation is what builds society, not racism and IQ. Another stake through the heart of their IQ bullshit is that if it was all IQ then why do white children raised by single mothers have shittier outcomes than black children raised by 2 parent households.

    Having a high IQ is useful, it helps cognitive abilities, memory, etc. But using IQ as a catch-all for crime, welfare state, etc. is stupid. 

    I get it, Feminists have their equality of outcome/female supremacy that they refuse to abandon and the alt-right has their racism and Jesus/Monarchy bullshit. But the least you could do is ignore the topic entirely instead of making up bullshit like “toxic masculinity” or “low IQ”.

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  • Hatred Not of Fear

    I don’t know how did I peruse an article about attitudes regarding the Jewish people, but I did learn of lot of things about animosities between groups.

    First is that animosity towards the Jewish people is subtly different than other type of animosities you might find. There’s a hint of jealousy in the hatred, they want the people gone, not because they are dirty, but they are occupying the spots that are thought to be ordained by their people. It’s kind of akin to fears regarding robots, they are both seem as super-intelligent and bug-like and the fear tend to come from the sense of Overlords. No wonder there are many examples of Jewish Robots (like from Futurama and… there are others!)

    There’s also the sense that this dynamic can produce the force opposite the supposed hatred that nevertheless support the underlying concepts. Some for one, will welcome the new Overlords. Therefore the tensions of the animosity will be made be more complicated by this third group of people. 

    There’s many good points in the article, which is better read than told, after which the writer tries to pinpoint the animosity in terms of dismantling hierarchy, rather than just racism, which is more reinforcing of hierarchy. Corey Robin might point out the reactionary nature to this. Another thing the writer points out is how right wing tend to present political problem as cultural problems, and perhaps points to liberals who can fall into a similar mistake. Finally, writer ends the section by re-iterating that right-wing use animosity toward many groups as an excuse for the fundamental problem that arise from a hierarchical society.

    In perusing the animosity in the neoliberal world, the writer presents that the animosity in the current age tend to come with a tinge of pessimism. It’s not that we can take out some people to change the world, but that world cannot be changed due to few people, not because of the structures that we live in.

    This gets into the famous critique that I have stated, that we should not remove billionaires due to hatred, but as a simple removal of risk. A person with a large fraction of world’s reserves is going to make themselves more prone to corruption and wrong-headed thinking in general, which will destabilize the economy as a whole. This is the true reason to tax away the rich.

    There are so much good thought in here that I didn’t get through. Read it. It’s by Banaby Jones from the Salvage Magazine. (Not sure about the name.)

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  • 100 types of people in order of how much they are people

    1: women

    2: men

    3: straights

    4: gays

    5: bisexuals

    6: asexuals

    7: hindus

    8: jews

    9: buddhists

    10: christians

    11: muslims

    12: atheists

    13: anime fans

    14: disney fans

    15: homestuck fans

    16: prudes

    17: perverts

    18: asians

    19: whites

    20: blacks

    21: hispanics

    22: children

    23: senior citizens

    24: adults

    25: drug addicts

    26: drunk people

    27: sober people

    28: good people

    29: evil people

    30: morally grey people

    31: nihilists

    32: hedonists

    33: isolationists

    34: extroverts

    35: introverts

    36: doctors

    37: lawyers

    38: mechanics

    39: merchants

    40: performers

    41: government officials

    42: physicists

    43: teachers

    44: artists

    45: partygoers

    46: the mentally handicapped

    47: the physically handicapped

    48: those without disabilities

    49: normal people

    50: strange people

    51: chinese people

    52: germans

    53: french people

    54: italians

    55: british people

    56: americans

    57: brazillians

    58: peruvians

    59: koreans

    60: japanese people

    61: cannibals

    62: murderers

    63: rapists

    64: thieves

    65: arsonists

    66: immigrants

    67: hackers

    68: the sick

    69: the healthy

    70: empathetic people

    71: sympathetic people

    72: geniuses

    73: idiots

    74: fighters

    75: lovers

    76: talkers

    77: do-ers

    78: the lazy

    79: rude people

    80: kind people

    81: annoying people

    82: proud people

    83: passionate people

    84: attractive people

    85: ugly people

    86: liars

    87: truth-tellers

    88: virgins

    89: the experienced

    89: wise people

    90: violent people

    91: pacifists

    92: nerds

    93: athletes

    94: obsessive people

    95: compulsive people

    96: repulsive people

    97: insecure people

    98: confident people

    99: mysterious people

    100: the dead

    Spoilers: 1-99 are interchangable!

    Theres 7.53 Billion people in the world right now. Don’t ever forget you’re talking to a human being just like you. That alone makes you way more like them than any other thing, genetically speaking.

    Talk to everyone with a appropriate level of respect, integrity and intelligence. No exceptions.

    Have a good one guys ✌️

    #people #the human experience #lgbtq#race#human beings#human#introverts#extroverts #little messge I wanted to send out #as much as we can disagree #it does nothing to dehumanize
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  • #race #black lives matter
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