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  • Does anyone know if there is a fanfiction anywhere that is about the message that Harvey left mike about Donna in 9x01? Really want some ideas of what he would say.

    Or any suggestions for other awesome Darvey fanfiction would be greatly appreciated too.

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  • Resolved

     A/N: A tag to season 4, episode 11. Both ‘parts’ of this story (separated by the line breaker) are set one night after the other. (Get ready for sweet Harvey gifs!)

    It seems I like to write fics where reader has a cry with Donna… XD Suppose I just love her as a mother. <3 


    Title: Resolved

    Summary: Following Louis’s threat to the firm, your only thought is on whether or not Harvey is safe from prison. He’s quick to reassure you that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Words: 3183


    Donna was in a hurry. 

    Donna was always in a hurry. But this time, it was important. Very important. 

    She’d been running around the firm in an absolute frenzy ever since Louis had come to speak to her – or, perhaps ‘berate’ and ‘completely tear her apart’ were more appropriate phrases – and she wasn’t slowing down, now. Currently, Jessica had her finding certain files which may be of use to her while she figured out the best (and most believable) way to break the new name partnership to the rest of the firm. 

    Her feet were hurting, her head was aching, and she was tired, but ten pm was too early to leave for a firm that was in trouble. So, she’d kept on, not one complaint leaving her lips (physically, at least). 

    Sighing, red hair bouncing against her shoulders, she rounded the corner to Harvey’s office, immediately noticing that you were the only occupant of the room. You were curled up on the leather couch with your head on the armrest, supposedly staring out the window at the dark sky. If she’d had time for it, she would have pitied you and the fact that you had to wait until your brother was done with work before you could head home. The perks of having Harvey Specter as your guardian. 

    “Hey, Y/N,” she said the moment she stepped inside, “do you know where Harvey is?” 

    “No.” Your reply was nothing more than a sniffly mumble, and it stopped the redhead in her tracks, despite her careful time limitations. 

    Slowly, she moved around to the couch, eyes narrowing in concern the moment they landed on your face and saw tears streaking down your rosy cheeks from your glassy eyes. In a moment, she’d sat herself by your feet and tugged on your shirt. “Why the tears, huh?” she asked, wrapping her arms around you the second you’d sat up to cuddle against her. “Come on, tell Donna.” 

    You weren’t a crier. You’d gone through as much shit in your life as Harvey, and you’d grown immune to a lot over your sixteen and a half years. But that didn’t mean you were able to block out everything. Sometimes, when things got too much, you’d find Donna, and Donna would know just by the look on your face that you needed someone to have a cry to. It wasn’t like you were uncomfortable about letting down your guard around Harvey, you’d done it tons before, but Donna was the mother you’d never had. Nothing could beat that. 

    The woman turned her head down to look at you, feeling your tears soak her blouse but not caring in the slightest. The files she’d been meaning to talk to Harvey about were laying on his desk, forgotten already by the mere sight of your tears. 

    “I don’t want him to go to jail,” you mumbled, right before a fresh wave of silent tears flooded your eyes and rolled down your cheeks, leaving silvery trails in their wake. Donna shut her eyes and rested her cheek against the top of your head. She’d had the slightest inclination that that was what this was about. Ever since Louis’s hostile return to the firm, things had been absolutely wild, and not even you had been able to escape it. Louis hadn’t been as oppressed towards you as he had others, despite the fact you’d known about Mike since the beginning, but that was only because he’d chosen not to talk to you at all. Donna had seen him shoot you dirty looks every now and again, and she knew that Harvey was a hair’s-breadth away from exploding and telling the man exactly what he thought about him bringing his sister into something that didn’t concern you. Of course, he would probably follow through with something along the lines of ‘if she knew, it concerns her’, but that would undoubtedly be when he received an experienced fist to the face. 

    “I know,” Donna said quietly, rubbing her hand up and down your back. “I know. Shh.” She sat there for a while, feeling your occasional sobs and tremors die down as you slowly drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Everything was quiet, the only noise being the muffled chatter of those who were still weirdly bustling around the building at ten pm, and for a moment Donna felt as though she could sleep, too. This was perhaps the first time in two days that she’d actually had an ounce of respite. 

    It was short lived, however, as Harvey strolled in with an armful of folders a moment later. He glanced at Donna for the briefest of moments, probably not even noticing the look on her face r you in her arms, before moving to his desk. 

    “Jessica’s files are over there.” 

    “Did you find everything?” He reached for the files and stacked them on top of his own. Donna assumed he was probably getting ready to head off home. 


    It must have been the blunt answers that prompted the man to glance over his shoulder. Donna watched as his eyes widened slightly once he caught sight of his sleeping sister. Dropping the papers onto the desk he walked slowly over to the sofa. “She okay?” he asked. 

    His secretary stared at him for a moment, her face grim. “She cried herself to sleep, Harvey.” A hint of frustration laced her voice, and Harvey easily picked it up. His frown only deepened at her words. 

    “Why?” Concern underlay his. He sat down on the chair beside the sofa and leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees. 

    “Why do you think?” Donna asked brusquely. “She’s tired of all- this. Scared!”  

    Harvey flicked his eyes to your face, still hidden in the woman’s side. He sighed and rubbed a hand down his face. “What did she say?” 

    An almost aggrieved smile crossed her lips. “’I don’t want him to go to jail’”. She nodded her head slowly, as though it were all Harvey’s felt, which – quite honestly – was where her current thoughts were. 

    Harvey, on the other hand, sat back and crossed one leg over the other before intertwining his hands on his lap. He turned his head to stare out the window. “He’s not going to,” he said assertively, “I won’t let him.” 

    “Goddammit, Harvey, she wasn’t talking about Mike!” Donna’s anger was getting the best of her. She knew that. Harvey knew that. Chest rising and falling with each angered breath, she looked down at you as you shifted against her, likely roused from her loud tone. She moved her hand up to rub her thumb across your cheek.


    Harvey stared a little stupefied for a moment at the redhead, completely still. He blinked and bit his bottom lip as he glanced down at his hands. “She was talking about me.” 

    “Of course she was talking about you. If you go to jail, she has no one.” 

    “She has you-” 

    “No, that’s not the point.” Though she was speaking significantly quieter, Harvey could still hear that tenor of temper swirling underneath her words, and wisely kept quiet. “You’re her entire world, Harvey. Even Marcus doesn’t compare to you. You know that. So, instead of working on a way to get this firm out of this mess for yourself, start doing it for her. Maybe that’ll give you a little more incentive.” 

    A swift silence followed after that and both were left to their thoughts. Even the murmur of distant voices outside the open office door had since hushed. It was completely silent. And it was this silence that softened Donna in less than a minute.  

    She sighed. “I’m sorry, Harvey,” she apologised, “it’s not your fault. 

    Harvey shook his head. “No, no, you’re- you’re right.” 

    The corners of Donna’s lips turned upwards in a small smile of victory. “Say that again, will you?” 

    The man had just enough strength left from the tiring day to roll his eyes. He stood up and seated himself next to Donna, reaching a hand over to gently card through your hair. “I’m grateful she has so many people who love her,” he said quietly. 

    Donna gazed at him. His dark eyes were barely staying open above the equally dark bags. He was tired. He was stressed. And she didn’t blame him. She shouldn’t have blown on him, and she was ashamed that she had. “She does,” she assured him, placing her free hand on his. Harvey looked at her. “There are so many that adore her. But she doesn’t want us. She wants you. And if anything happens to you…” She swallowed thickly and dropped her eyes. “Just… please don’t break her heart.” 

    Harvey was unsurprised to feel the wateriness of his eyes as she said that. He despised the fact that that was being said to him – that he was being told not to break his sister’s heart. But, at the same time, he knew it was his own fault. When he’d hired Mike, he hadn’t thought about the consequences of his actions, or the lengths he and his colleagues – friends – would have to go through to protect his secret. He hadn’t thought about you, and about the small detail that if he was ever found out and sent to prison, you would be moved around. You’d lived with him since your father had passed away, and taking you in during that time was the only thing Harvey could safely and assuredly say was the best decision he’d made in his entire lifetime.  

    He hadn’t thought about any of it, and that was what had inevitably landed him in this mess. 

    “I don’t want to,” he said, emotional voice only being let loose because he was sat next to Donna. “But- Donna, we’re in deep shit.” He shook his head, and Donna sighed.

    “I know. But we’ll get out of it.” 

    He nodded, but that was all he could do. 


    “Didn’t want any cake?” 

    You spun around swiftly on Harvey’s desk chair, coming to face him a second later. He was standing in the doorway, an eyebrow raised and his arm outstretched, holding a plate of cake from Louis’s party. You had left the party about an hour after it’d started, not willing to spend time at the social gathering of a man who, currently, was the one you hated most in the world. He had, after all, risked the safety of your brother, as well as Mike, Donna, Rachel and Jessica. 

    You’d stayed for a short while, as was your duty as one of the name partner’s sister, but had slipped away a short while ago to relocate to Harvey’s office. No one would be allowed in there while Donna was away from her seat. No one you disliked, anyway. 

    You supposed Harvey didn’t fall under that category. 

    Leaning back against the seat, you sniffed and shook your head before glancing down at your intertwined fingers. “Not hungry.” 

    Harvey nodded slowly in a way that showed he wasn’t convinced. “Not even for cake?” he asked. “I got you a pretty big slice.” He shot you an almost ingratiating smile, and you returned it with a small one of your own as he placed the cake on his coffee table and sat himself down on the sofa.  

    It was quiet for a short while, the chatter of people still moving around Louis’s party only slightly muffled by the glass. You spun absently on the chair. The previous night, after your talk with Donna, you’d woken to Harvey lifting you into his arms, but had fallen straight back to sleep once he’d told you he was only taking you home. You hadn’t talked much that morning, either, so busy he was with Louis and the threat to the firm, so this seemed to be the beginning of one of the first real conversations you’d had in the past few days.

    When he started to speak, you glanced up. “Donna told me what you said. About… me going to jail.” He leaned forward, forearms resting on his knees, and you unconsciously bit your bottom lip. Of course Donna had told him. “I want you to know,” he continued, “that it’s not going to happen. Not unless he wants to bring himself down, too.” 

    At that, you lifted your head and stared at him for a moment. “You made him sign something?” 


    A large smile slowly spread across Harvey’s face. “Look at that. My little lawyer in the making.” He sat back, crossed one leg over the other, and nodded towards you, a clear beckon. Sighing, you – a little hesitantly – stood to your feet and made your way over to the sofa. Harvey stretched out an arm and you situated yourself perfectly against his side, curling up beside him.  

    “Yeah,” Harvey said, “we did. To become name partner, Louis had to sign an agreement saying he’s a co-conspirator in hiring a fraud. If he goes to the police, he automatically puts himself in jail.” 

    You moved so you were laying on your brother’s lap, staring up at him. “So… you’re safe?” 

    Harvey smiled, reaching a hand down to brush the hair from your face. “As long as I’ve got you, guppy.” 

    You couldn’t quite describe what you were feeling. Relief, you supposed. Your brother was safe. So was Mike. And everyone else you cared about. You sighed and grabbed hold of his hand, holding it to your chest. 

    “You do know,” Harvey said, “that if… anything ever happened to me – ever – Marcus would take you in a heartbeat. You do know that, yeah?” 

    “Yeah,” you answered quietly with a small nod. 

    “And even if he didn’t… for whatever stupid reason… you’ve got Donna. Mike. Rachel. Hell, even Jessica would take you in. You know she cares for you more than she does me, hey?” You offered a breathy laugh, but Harvey could tell you were trying not to think about the situation occurring. He shook his head and opened the hand you were playing with, closing it again around yours. “Don’t be worried about any of that shit though, okay?” he told you softly. “Because nothing is ever gonna happen to your big brother.” 

    “I’m not worried. Not anymore.” This time, your smile was genuine. You sat up and wrapped your arms around his neck, and he squeezed you right back. He shut his eyes and breathed in deeply. So much had happened recently that he just felt so wondrously grateful for this small piece of something that wasn’t utter crap. His little sister. Like Donna had said… he’d been so busy trying his absolute hardest to get himself out of the mess he’d ultimately put himself in, that he hadn’t spared a thought to what exactly would happen to you if anything happened to him. He’d done it each time before, of course he had, every single thing he did in his life was done with the sole thought of it benefitting you… but this time, Louis had dug a hole big enough to throw Pearson Specter inside, and Harvey had barely been able to find time to piss, let alone to think about something other than himself and his endangered firm. 

    “I love you,” he said. 

    “Love you, too.” 

    Harvey pat your back and turned his head a little to whisper in your ear. “You wanna get outta this place and watch Crocodile Dundee?” 

    You let loose a laugh and sat back on your brother’s lap, a smile on your lips that truly filled Harvey’s heart with absolute adoration. “Can we watch the second one, too?” 

    Harvey scoffed. “You kidding me? What kinda responsible brother lets their kid sister stay up past eleven to watch two Crocodile Dundee movies?” At your almost dispirited look, he grinned. “If we watch the first two, we gotta watch the third one as well. Thought I taught you that a long time ago.” 

    He made to stand up and you, after rolling your eyes, followed him. Harvey walked over to his desk and began shifting through papers, putting them inside his briefcase. “We gotta get home quick before that pizza place closes,” he said. “Grab your coat. I’m gonna get Donna to call Ray.” 

    You took a bite of cake, briefly hating yourself for the fact that you actually liked Louis’s celebratory cake, before biting your lip and stepping forward. “Hey, Harv,” you said. 

    Harvey didn’t turn around. “What?” 

    “I’ve got a knife!” 

    He spun on his heels, frowning in both shock and concern, but relaxed and rolled his eyes when he saw you holding up the plastic fork he’d stuck in the cake. Of course, Y/N Specter had adopted his uncanny ability to quote movies off the top of your head. 


    He shook his head with a sly smile and closed the briefcase before turning and rolling up his sleeves. “Oho,” he said. “That’s not a knife. This is a knife.” And he rushed over to you, who cowered in on yourself, all the while laughing crazily, before grabbing you up in his arms and digging his fingers into your sides. 

    You squealed immediately. “Stopitstopitstopihihihit! Harvey!” 

    “What?” he asked, a tiny corner of his mind hoping against hope that nobody was watching from outside. Things like this were what he reserved for home. “You showed me your knife, I’m showing you mine!” 

    “You bully!” you all but screamed around your constant giggles as your older brother tickled you, a weakness you’d had the unfortunate honour of both your brothers and your father – not to mention Donna and Mike – being privy to for as long as they’d known you.  “Thihis is why my nahahame’s on the wahahahall!” 

    Harvey chuckled, not pausing in his assault. “Oh, your name, is it?” After a particularly loud squeal, he grimaced and stopped, holding you against him as you panted around residual giggles.  

    “Go away, ahasshole,” you laughed. “Call Ray.” 

    Still grinning wryly, he pressed a quick kiss to your forehead and ruffled your hair before moving back to his desk and shrugging on his jacket. “You mean get Donna to call Ray?”  

    “You have fingers and a phone, right?” 

    Oh, tonight seemed to be a night for mischief, Harvey couldn’t help but think as he listened to your sassy remark. “You want me to come back there with my knives?” He rose both eyebrows. 

    You zipped your coat up. “Mick Dundee only had one knife.” 

    “Yeah, but it was a big one.” 

    “Piss off.” 

    Harvey pointed a finger at you – “Language!” - but kept his arm outstretched all the same in order to drape it over your shoulders and walk with you out of his office door. He held his phone to his ear with his free hand, briefcase hanging limply from the crook of his elbow. “Hey, who’s my favourite secretary? Call Ray for me, would you?” He rolled his eyes a second later. “Yes, I’ve sorted it.” Another roll. “No, she didn’t slap me.” He made a very disgruntled face that you snorted at. “What do you mean ‘aw, crap’?”   

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    • Rachel: Why is Mike sitting in Harvey’s lap frowning?
    • Donna: Oh, they had a fight.
    • Rachel: but… why are they holding hands?
    • Donna: Mike gets sad when they’re fighting.
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  • Endless list of married OTPs

    • 9. Mike & Rachel “From the first second I met you, I knew I wanted to be here with you someday. Walking down the aisle arm in arm. I know that I fought it at first, but now, Mike, I can’t imagine living alongside anyone else for the rest of my life. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that we never know what the future holds. And that could be a scary thing. But I know that there is nothing that I can’t handle when I have you by my side. You are the strongest man I’ve ever met. And you make me stronger.
    #mike ross#rachel zane#suits usa #mike x rachel #megan markle #patrick j adams #I stan one (1) princess
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  • I just finished watching Suits and i have never seen a more perfect ending than this and I can’t stop crying

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  • Gentle reminder that Meghan’s TV-Grammy-in-law is 100% more awesome than Meghan’s real-life-Grammy-in-law

    Suits, season 2 ep 9, Rachel meets Grammy for the first time as she comes to the office with lunch for her grandson

    #Meghan Markle #Duchess of Sussex #Suits#SuitsUSA#Rachel Zane #Patrick J Adams #Mike Ross#Grammy#Rebecca Schull #and then she died #why? #But why? #I loved mike's relationship with his grammy #I wish she could have still been around when he and Rachel were dating #don't mind me early seasons Suits is my happy place #my gifs#meghan
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  • A moment of appreciation for those blogs dedicated to Rachel Zane. Thank you from my whole being.

    #rachel zane #rachel elizabeth zane #meghan markle#suits #protecc my baby #also she deserves so much better #ive been waiting since 1x01 #until the very last second of 7x16 #but yeaaaaahhhhh ok
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  • I’m sorry but i just finished suits season 7 and can i just say… Thats it???!

    After years of conflict, prison, and fights, Tess, Logan (yeah who even decided to pushed thru with that storyline, its so sudden, I JUST WANNA TALK), the planning (or lack there of - i didn’t even get a rachel/donna scenes, jessica/rachel/donna, mike/harvey and rachel/louis that can be easily shown by these wedding stuff/prep) , and two-three years of waiting? Not to mention its the last episode of two (out of 5) of the main characters??? THATS IT? EXCUSE MEEE? I mean thank you for not breaking them up but WTF? (also thank you for Darvey dance but) WHO AM I FIGHTING?!

    Where’s my Mike and Rachel first dance as a married couple that is actually focused on them?

    Or Just a scene between the two of them after they got married bc they’ve been waiting for it for a looooong time?

    Harvey’s best man speech? !!!

    Or Donna’s? Or Louis’?

    Rachel and Donna’s goodbye scene?

    Mike and Harvey’s goodbye scene deserved better too!!!

    Rachel and Louis’? Mike and Louis’? Donna and Mike? Harvey and Rachel?

    Mike and Rachel could even say goodbye to their office one last time since thats where they met? Or they could say goodbye there eventually bc thats where they worked for years???

    Or one last cute scene in their apartment since they are moving?

    What about Rachel’s family and Mike scene since he doesn’t have one???

    Or a mention of Mike’s grandma? Nothing?

    Where is gretchen btw

    I just want more than a 3 minute scene of a wedding (or an exit) whyyyyy

    I’m so hurt gsksgsks help me

    #suits#suits s7#rachel zane#mike ross #mike and rachel #michael james ross #rachel elizabeth zane #meghan markle #patrick j adams #im so hurt #come baaaaaack#harvey specter#donna paulsen#louis litt#jessica pearson #i didnt even get a bachelorette or bachelors party and now this #i am so affected #AHAHAHAHAJSUSBJSAHAM #also i realized ive been spoiled in b99 fandom and jake and amy so thank you to them
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  • Seit Mitte letzten Jahres läuft die Anwaltsserie “Suits“ von Beginn an bei Sky auf dem Sender Universal TV. Im Januar ist es jetzt endlich soweit: Staffel sieben startet – und mit ihr die letzten sechs fehlenden Folgen, die noch nicht in Deutschland zu sehen waren. Staffel sieben markiert einen Umbruch bei “Suits“: Danach stieg Meghan Markle alias Rachel Zane für immer aus der Serie und auch aus der Schauspielerei aus. Was bedeutet das für Handlung?


    Anwaltsgehilfin Rachel Zane war seit Staffel eins ein festes Mitglied im Team der Kanzlei Pearson Specter Litt. Sie fing ein Verhältnis mit ihrem Boss Mike Ross  an und verfolgte nebenher ehrgeizig ihre Jurastudium-Pläne. Sie wollte Mike sogar heiraten, was leider nicht so ganz klappte wie erwartet.

    Aus Meghan Markle wurde Herzogin Meghan

    Die Hochzeit von Rachel Zanes Darstellerin Meghan Markle im echten Leben war um einiges glamouröser: Im November 2017 wurde ihre Verlobung mit Prinz Harry bekannt, im Mai 2018 folgte die royale Hochzeit.

    Kurz nach ihrer Verlobung gab Meghan Markle noch etwas anderes bekannt: Sie beendet ihre Schauspielkarriere, die siebte Staffel von “Suits“ würde ihre letzte sein. Was für die Macher der Anwaltsserie hieß, dass sie ihrer Figur einen guten Abgang ermöglichen mussten.

    Happy End für Rachel und Mike

    So kommt es doch noch zu einem glücklichen Ende für Rachel und Mike, was wir in den letzten sechs mit Spannung erwarteten Folgen sehen werden. Die beiden verschieben ihre Hochzeit und wollen künftig in Seattle leben, wo sie als Partner in einer Kanzlei für Sammelklagen arbeiten wollen. Neben Meghan Markle verließ auch ihr Schauspielkollege Patrick J. Adams alias Mike Ross die Serie.

    Serien 2020: Auf diese Highlights freuen wir uns

    Was passiert sonst noch in Staffel sieben?

    Zu Beginn von Staffel sieben hat Jessica (Gina Torres) die Kanzlei verlassen, und die verbliebenen Partner haben Schwierigkeiten, zum normalen Geschäftsbetrieb zurückzukehren. Mike bekommt ein gutes Angebot von Harvey: Er darf einen Teil seiner Fälle auf eigene Rechnung bearbeiten. Das führt allerdings auch zu einem schweren Interessenkonflikt.

    Die siebte Staffel von “Suits“ läuft ab dem 7. Januar 2020 immer dienstags auf Universal TV über Sky.

    Bild: ddp images

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  • The Ladies of Suits in every episode

    >> Rachel Zane in 1.05-Bail Out

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  • Louis’ angels : “Your latest assignment is to recover ancient Roman artefacts being smuggled into the country by a wealthy Italian businessman”

    Suits Webisode: Paper Trail Day 8 - Angels

    #Meghan Markle #Duchess of Sussex #Suits#SuitsUSA#Rachel Zane#Sarah Rafferty#Donna Paulsen#Gina Torres#Jessica Pearson #Love this ridiculous show #A queen and her two princesses #(The queen being Gina ofc if anyone is blind) #Louis Litt#Rick Hoffman#my gifs#Meghan
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  • “Oh, one more thing. Someone couldn’t wait for you to get home”

    Suits 6x09, Mike gets out of prison.

    #Meghan Markle #Duchess of Sussex #Patrick J Adams #Rachel Zane#Mike Ross#Suits#SuitsUSA #I think I plunged right back into Suits :/ #It's its own fault #for attracting me back to watch the last episode #and then one episode here and there #and then I relapsed! #I'm such a sucker for M&R #even though they're so terrible sometimes #well Mike is #but look @ them! #my gifs#Meghan
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  • ‘I’m pretty much a legal suphero.’ Rachel Zane

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