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    Queen of smiling ❤✨

    #have you ever seen anything more beautiful than asia o haras smile? #i havent #rupaul's drag race #asia o'hara
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    #Need For Speed #Heat#nfs #need for speed heat #nfs heat#Drag Race#Gameplay#nfs 2019#Jaguar#Acura #Jaguar F-Type R #Acura NSX
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    14.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Mer!Krogan Askgame!

    Alright, how this works is i have a list of choices for tails, ears and other things, and you can send me asks about different parts that would be interesting to mash together into a finished design!

    So, you can also provide me with examples of what you want in your ask! (idm anon asks for this at all, in fact I encourage them if you feel nervous about approaching me otherwise!)

    And now, I don't have a graphic for this so you'll have to bear with me for the ideas of these lol.



    -Eel Like



    - Koi

    - Flowing fins

    - Single tail fluke; long fins

    - Single tail fluke; short fins

    - Eel Fins (fin spans the entire tail)

    - Dragon-Inspired Fins (your choice of dragon)

    - Feather-Like Fins

    - Torn Fins

    - Free Space (send your own shape and fins or combine two of the listed types)


    - Human

    - Pointed

    - Finned; Round

    -Finned; Pointed

    - Mix of Both

    Scales on Face

    - Yes, around eyes

    - Yes, top half of face

    - No


    - Yes; (your choice of what they look like and where they are placed

    - No


    - Missing Tail Fluke

    - None


    - Twilight

    - Dawn

    - Midnight

    - Golden

    - Silver

    - Ruby

    - Pastel

    - Navy Blue/Gold

    - Other colors/aesthetics (your choice)

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    (Sky Racing Team VR46 via Twitter)

    #motogp#luca marini#moto2#Marco Bezzecchi#celestino vietti #Sky Racing Team VR46 #vr46 riders academy
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    14.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    My Two Cents on TULSA (Part 1)

    In truth, I’ve never liked the place.

    (Actually, I’m pretty sure I died there, during the massacre, at the age of 86.)

    But I’m getting ahead of myself...

    The first (and only) time that I set foot in Tulsa, Oklahoma was when I was somewhere between the ages of 8 and 12.

    I was taking the Greyhound along with a group of my (mostly older) cousins to spend the summer with relatives who lived in a town that is a fraction of the size of Tulsa.

    I remember rolling into the city limits, at night, and despite my sense of adventure and love for wide open spaces, I felt like something was missing. I could barely see anything out of my window, but instantly I hated the vibration of that city that I had never heard of before.

    Our layover there was supposed to be brief, but it didn’t end of being that way. I think the bus broke down or something, so we (us kids traveling without an adult) ended up having to stay sequestered in the bus station for HOURS, bored, scared and antsy.

    Eventually, our bus departed and I left feeling like the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma hated *me* as much as I hated *it*. My child self vowed never to return, and my adult self later learned about what happened there in 1921, and was thus able to understand the vibrations that I felt from the city as a child traveler.

    AND SO IF YOU LIKE SYNCHRONICITY, then you’ll be either tickled or SHOOK by my explanation of why I am delayed in addressing the topic of TULSA 2021. [Aside from the fact that I aint been postin regularly, LOL!!] You see as Black America was commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the massacre, *I* was celebrating my own milestone birthday. 

    The day that I DIED in 1921 is the same day that I was BORN during this lifetime. So enamored am I with my birthday (and birthdays in general!) that I chose to make it a day of celebration this time around, ha!

    #And if you really wanna be amused then you should know that I also share this special day with Marilyn Monroe! #Black Wall Street #Tulsa Race Massacre 1921 #Now that I understand energy I aint avoidin Tulsa no mo #I just aint gon go outta my way to go there #Of course people could feel the say way about my hometown for similar reasons #This is America
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    14.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Me? The drama??? Neverrrrr 🤣

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    14.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #why is this so funnie #he looks disappointed #rinus veekay#indycar#racing
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    14.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Uudhhdnrnt help, I accidentally looked at the conservative christian side of Tumblr. I'm breaking out in hives

    #its really really interesting how bad these types seem to be at reading comprehension #incredibly astoundingly bad ability to consider any perspective but their own #not just in relation to christianity. indeed it's not often bought up compared to race and communism. #.txt
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  • comehomeducklings
    14.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Present [Part 1] (Obsession)

    A/N: Please don't copy, redistribute, and/or post my work on this site or any others. This has taken my time and creativity to come up with the story's characters and plot.

    Tom Riddle's Moodboard

    Main Character's Moodboard


    1943 ~ 6th year

    No sound above whispers could be heard throughout the great hall. The food on the table hasn't been touched by a single hand. The very thought of eating churning all our stomachs. Not during these times. Our heads turn every now and then, afraid of what might sneak up behind us. The death of Myrtle and others has shaken the entire school. A murderer is among us, trust is such a foreign concept now.

    Dark purple eye-bags lay beneath every single student's eyes. No one is allowed to go home for the holidays. They aren't allowing us to leave, we are stuck in this cloud of darkness and uncertainty. No owls are supposed to be sent out. As the head girl, I'm responsible for every student's life and responsibilities. I have to know where everyone is at all times. It gets tiring at times, but necessary nonetheless.

    A nightly routine consisted of all my dormmates huddling around each other. No sleep would come to us all night. We wouldn't move from the same spot until light shown from the windows. Our beds are all pressed together in the farthest corner of the room from the door. Our wands never leaving our hands in case of danger. Every little sound made from the outside provoking us. Even to the point of going mad. Potions used to stay awake, slowly wearing off as the morning arose. No sleep, we can't afford that luxury anymore.

    I would leave the dorm to wait at the portrait for our assigned house professor to come. They would tell me it was safe for everyone to head to the great hall to get breakfast. As soon as they were done I quickly went to everyone's dormitory to wake them up, if they even slept at all. I would then inform them that it was safe to step out of their dorms. After everyone got situated I would have the students form a line and lead them towards the great hall. 1st-3rd years would occasionally hold the folds of my robes. Fearing that when they blink I would be gone. Leaving them alone to deal with the dangers that lurk in the school.

    Not once have I lied about how they are going to be all right. That would be cruel. These students don't seek pathetic nurturing words, they want a protective force watching over them. So many clubs and activities have been canceled. Hogsmede and quidditch proving as a prime example. No one complained though, quidditch players too afraid to even step out of the castle's walls even if they were allowed.

    Back to the present, I hold my good friend's hand as she slightly shakes from anxiety. I can see it in her eyes, the doubt of making it alive eating away at her brain. The spark once present in her shiny green eyes being blown out. Amelia, her name being. She's been biting her nails again, to the point where it had bled. This can be backed by the dried-up blood that is present at the tip of her finger's nail.

    A booming voice can be heard, "You are now being dismissed to head to class, your houses head girl and boy will be assigning the group you'll be heading off with."

    First period has been removed from every perfect and head's schedule. During this time we search the whole castle for any wanders. We make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be. If someone got lost or went to the wrong class we escort them to where they need to be.

    After every class, students have a limited amount of time to get to their next lesson. Although, perfects and heads get more time to make sure everyone is where they are needed quickly. Then we hurry to our class after scanning the halls swiftly.

    The once safest school of the wizarding world giving birth to the dark ages. More bodies have been found littering the schools. Most of them not found until their ghosts appear before us. Every single one not knowing how they died. Like the murderer is invisible upon meeting the victim. I originally suggested it could have been done by poison. When the bodies were checked, no traces of poison had been traced.

    Professors have been waiting for the person who is responsible to slip up, to give us a clue. I don't think that will happen though. The process of these killings has been too thought out and well planned. I wouldn't be surprised if these mass killings have been planned months before, even maybe years. I've been talking to the ghosts to try and gather all details, even the potentially useless ones. When our headmaster made us heads keep tabs on everyone, the killings stopped for a short amount of time. It was like the mastermind was creating a way to best us, to get past the "little inconvenience." It didn't take long for them to find the weak parts in the plan.

    What we have got though, is that every single student killed has been a muggle-born. A classic case of an unfair stigma around the poor wizards and witches. They never were able to catch a break. Amelia, one of my close friends in the friend group. She's a muggle-born, hence the shaking of her hands. I've been keeping a closer eye on her, she doesn't leave my side. She comes on my patrols so I can keep her in my sights, with of course the permission of the teachers. There are only two times that I can not watch over her. Those two times are covered by my other friend Devyn, a pure-blood. She also helps keep her safe, not letting her go anywhere by herself. The two times are because she's in two different classes than I am. One of them being a study hall.


    "Professor, how will this class help us now? Reading teacups for predictions should be the least of our worries right now," a student at the back of the room exclaims.

    "The said predictions could lead us to the future before it happens. Our worries lay exactly what will happen in the future. If anything, this is one of the most important classes we'll take this year," I say, continuing to read the teacup.

    "Precisely, thank you. Now go back to studying, I'll be coming around to view your interpretations."

    My tea leaves look more like a blob with a cross going through them. A weirdly shaped blob. I already know there is a cross, but what about the blob? I tried shaking it a little, looking at the leaves from different angles. I already crossed off a club, falcon, and the sun. It could be an acorn, but I see a slight hole in the blob.

    Could it be...

    "A skull that is." I jump at the sudden voice near my ear. My teacup almost falling from my grasp.

    "Pardon, a what?"

    She points towards two holes in the blob, one of them I just mentioned, "I saw you already found one hole, there's the other. How it's shaped could be a little difficult to see since the cross is through it, but it's there."

    The professor takes the cup from my hand and lays it on her desk. Some of my classmates look at me in curiosity, but they soon lose interest and go back to their own tea leaves.

    A cross and a skull, that sounds about right to how my school year is going so far. I scan my book to see exactly what they mean.

    A skull, danger in your path.

    A cross, trials and suffering.

    "What d-did you find?" A Hufflepuff boy to my right asks.

    I don't want to scare the poor boy, he's already frightened enough as it is. If my future got around to the school, everyone would start being concerned about me. I'll barely get any of my duties done if I didn't already get it taken away for my safety. Last thing I need right now is even more panic.

    "Nothing much, the future is still a little foggy."

    "That's, um, good. I couldn't really read mine either," he chuckles lightly, almost seemingly forced.

    Our professor claps her hands together, "Class is dismissed, read up about your predictions if you haven't already. No homework today."

    I gather my books and push in my chair. Right before I could reach the door where other students are waiting, the teacher stops me.

    "I'll have to tell the headmaster about this, I shouldn't keep it a secret."

    "No, please don't. If you must, only tell Albus. I can't have this messing anything up, I'll become vulnerable."

    The professor looks around the room, her eyes wandering franticly. I'm sure I am asking a lot from her. I really need her to keep this a secret.

    "Oh alright, you're my best student. I just would hate to see anything happen to you. I'm informing only Albus to see if he can keep an eye on you."

    "Thank you so much, I swear I'll be careful." A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. I can't be worrying about my future when I have to worry about everyone else's.

    I leave the classroom and start heading to my next class. Potions have always been one of my favorite classes. Mixing a bunch of toxins into a pot is a specialty of mine. I'm quickly scanning the halls for any wanderers, making sure everyone is at class. My feet take me to Potions in a hurry. I don't want to miss much, trying to make the class as informational as possible.

    "You shouldn't be running, you still have 3 minutes of checking the school."

    It's always him, I even tried changing routes to avoid him. His idiotic smirk, thinking he actually did something. All he did is waste my time and train of thought.

    "I'm allowed to run Riddle, it's not a rule. I already checked the halls I was assigned, did you?" I really have no energy for this.

    Tom peers down at me, somehow still wearing that infamous smile. Eyes bright, filled with mischief and knowledge.

    "I have, double-checked as well. I'm sure you only checked once. Such irresponsible actions, I still wonder how you nabbed the head-girl spot."

    I choose not to answer, not giving in to his baiting. Does he think I'm that stupid? That easily bothered by a simple test of my patience.

    "You could have just said you wanted to walk me to class Riddle. No need to be shy with me."

    "Shy, a concept I would not know of. Might as well bring you to class, since I'm heading there myself. Wouldn't want you to be in danger, since you consistently prove you can't handle a simple check of the hallways."

    "I told you Tom-"

    "Once is not enough, you should know that by now," he interrupts me, feigning a sudden serious facade on.

    We start heading towards Slughorn's room. I'm a little behind his figure. Mostly looking down to make sure I don't step over his feet and fall. He sometimes walks with me, very confusing if I may say. Hating my skills, probably still hates me. You can often find us arguing if we are ever partners in class together. The usual game we play, how many questions can we get right by the end of class. Last time he won by one point, my sour mood not helping the atmosphere.

    "You look rested, more than me at least," I smile tiredly. My whole body slightly sagging forward from exhaustion. He looks as proper as someone could be. His skin is a little pale though, brighter than usual. Almost like he was sick, his eyes look darker too. More sunken in, the shape of his skull more prominent. His looks still annoyingly well presented.

    "Yes, you do look rather tired. I see other things have prioritized above your looks."

    This man, the audacity of this man. The only reason I'm not at the top of every class. Our number 1 student count being evenly split. I have to bite down on my tongue forcefully to not say anything back. I'm too tired to truly come back with anything witty, so I choose to save myself from the embarrassment. Instead, I slightly step on his robe on the ground causing him to trip up a little.

    He quickly sends a warning glare my way and then continues walking. I smile slightly, knowing even if it was petty, it was worth it.

    Riddle doesn't even hold the door for me when we walk in. Causing it to slam dangerously close to my face.

    "There you two are, I was afraid you weren't going to make it," Slughorn exclaims excitedly. "Turn your textbooks to page 246, we are going to learn how to make a Polyjuice potion!"

    I glance at Tom, his eyes only focus on the words before him not realizing my gaze is on him. I wonder if he'll make this a competition as well. Knowing him, as well as me, anything but competition is out of our character. He looks up catching my eyes, I tilt my head. Trying to silently communicate from afar.

    His head turns to Slughorn, then back to me. He nods his head and that's all it takes for both of us to come to an understanding. Whoever can answer the most questions, and create the best potion gets bragging rights.

    I don't intend to lose.

    #tom riddle x oc #tom riddle imagine #tom riddle #tom riddle x reader #lord voldemort#hogwarts#wizard #post wizarding war #enemies to allies #enemies to lovers #angst#oc#poc #Oc is any race #horcrux#moldy voldy
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    You Have Me- part 2

    Aurora took a deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror. Today was her best starting position ever. She had a real chance at a podium today. After her talk with Dan the day before, she was feeling more confident than ever. She wasn’t sure if it was because she realized everything would be ok or if it was just that she knew she was loved.

    She smiled at her reflection, proud of the woman she had become over the years. The woman she wished she’d had to look up to growing up. She didn’t have that role model in her life so she became it. And she was going to prove that to herself today. “I’m going to win” she said to herself, repeating the mantra a few more times. Finally sufficiently hyped, she walked to the garage.

    Just as she was about to put on her helmet, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Daniel standing there smiling at her. “You’re gonna make it today, I just know it” he said, looking down at her with his eyes sparkling.

    She smiled up at him, “I’ll do my best” she smiled back. Daniel looked around to make sure there weren’t any cameras present. He quickly leaned in and pecked her lips. It was so fast, if you blinked you would’ve missed it. “Lets fuck some shit up” he whispered into her ear before pulling her into a big hug, making her laugh into his chest. He pulled away and they quickly fist bumped before he walked back to his side of the garage.

    Aurora put her helmet on and got into the car. Alright, let’s do this.


    Aurora let out a breath she didn’t even realize she had been holding in. “That’s P2! P2 Aurora, you did it!” Her engineer shouted excitedly through the radio. She fist pumped the air. “Oh my god we did it!” She waved to the crew that huddled on the pit wall, cheering for her.

    Daniel had also got a podium, P1 in fact. It was definitely going to be one hell of a celebration tonight.

    “Aurora, that was some amazing driving from you today. Congratulations” the journalist from Women’s Health magazine told her in the media pen. Aurora smiled “thank you so much”.

    “I’m not sure if you realize you set several records this weekend” she continued. “New lap record for this circuit, first female to qualify top 3, first female podium in f1, first female driver of the day… tell me what’s going through your head right now”.

    Aurora never thought about it all like that. When you really lay it all out there it was actually quite impressive. “Yeah I’m just… wow yeah I really can’t even put it into words,” she laughed. “It’s amazing. It’s a weekend of firsts I guess” she shrugged, not able to get the smile off of her face.

    “Thank you for your time,” the journalist said as the camera turned off. Just then, she felt someone wrap their arm around her shoulder. She looked up to see Daniel next to her.

    “You bragging already?” He joked, poking her side.

    “Daniel, congratulations on your win as well! I was just telling Aurora how many records she has set this weekend,” the journalist turned to him, now just having a moment of casual conversation off the record.

    “Yeah it’s a weekend of firsts I heard” he said smiling down at his teammate, pulling her a little tighter into a side hug. “We’re definitely going to be celebrating hard tonight with the team” Aurora added.

    The journalist smiled and thanked them again as they had to move onto the next interviews.

    Luckily they were out of there fairly quickly, about as quickly as you can be when everyone wants to talk to you. They were already back at the hotel, getting ready in their own rooms for the team dinner and after party that was most likely going to go all night.

    Aurora decided she was going to wear an outfit she’d been wanting to wear for a while. She deserved to celebrate tonight and she never really dressed up like this, well… not showing off so much like this anyway. She knew she looked good in the black ripped skinny jeans which made her legs look incredible. And it paired so perfectly with the black lace corset top that really accentuated her chest. It was very revealing with its see through panels and low cut neckline.

    She did her eye makeup dark and smokey to match. Keeping her lips more natural. She also let her natural curls fall down her shoulders, making the whole outfit just that little bit more effortless. She just finished putting on her black heels when she heard a knock at the door.

    She walked over to open it and see Daniel standing there also in black jeans and a dark button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top few buttons undone. His jaw nearly hit the floor and his eyes widened at the sight of her. “You look…” he couldn’t even finish his sentence he was so shocked. He looked her up and down, amazed at the body she had. Did she always look like this? He thought. How have I not noticed?

    She smiled and chuckled a little, never realizing she could make him speechless. “My eyes are up here” she cooed at him, gently putting a finger under his chin, pulling his face back up to meet hers.

    Daniel felt extremely flustered. He actually started to blush a little “Sorry” he lightly laughed as he nearly whispered. “You look incredible, babe” he said, finally deciding on an appropriate adjective. He also realized he used the cute pet name he had for her without meaning to. Like he actually meant it affectionately and romantically for the first time ever.

    “Thank you,” she replied, smiling back at him genuinely, also hearing how he called her babe differently which made her heart flutter. “I just have to grab my phone. I’m assuming you wanted to walk to the dinner together?” She asked.

    “Yeah I figured we could make a grand entrance” he laughed as he followed her into her room and closed the door behind him. “Uhh,” he rubbed the back of his neck, hesitating. “I also wanted to talk to you for a minute before we leave” he said, as he sat down on the bed. She looked up at him as she finished putting her phone into her small clutch. He motioned for her to sit next to him.

    “Ok” she said hesitantly as she sat down on the bed next to him. She raised her eyebrows, waiting for him to continue.

    “I’m wondering if you’ve thought any more about what I said yesterday. I know you probably haven’t had much time to think with how crazy today has been,” he began to ramble nervously. He didn’t know why he was so nervous. He was so confident yesterday when he told her that he wanted to be with her. They had even kissed. He figured he was probably nervous because he knew it was still a somewhat touchy subject.

    “Well I thought I made it pretty clear I was on board with your idea when I kissed you,” she spoke, pulling him out of his thoughts. He let out a little breath and smiled, realizing she misunderstood him. He took her hand in his. “No I know that, I mean if you’ve thought about planning. Like maybe a vague idea of when” he left his sentence hanging a bit, waiting for her response.

    “Oh” she laughed. “Yeah I haven’t really had much time to think about it to be honest” she answered quietly, looking down at his hands holding hers.

    He brought one of his hands up to caress her cheek, his fingers gently weaving into her hair a bit. “That’s ok” he reassured her. “I just want you to know I meant what I said. I’m ready whenever you are” he emphasized the whenever, making her look up at him. His eyes were so kind and reassuring and full of love. She smiled at him, silently saying her thank you that she knew he could hear.

    What he didn’t say was that he’d been thinking about it since they talked. He’d had a hard time getting to sleep last night with the thought of having a family with her. He’d thought about having kids before when he decided to stop sleeping around and having hookups a few years ago. When he decided to get more serious about settling down. And now that he knew he had someone to do that with, he couldn’t get it off his mind.

    It was like a drug just taking over. Not just the thoughts of sexual intimacy but the emotional intimacy. All the little things he could look forward to: waking up next to her, resting his hand on her growing belly feeling their baby move at his touch, being able to spoil her, family vacations, slow dancing in the kitchen when the mood struck… the thoughts of family interweaving with the thoughts of just being able to call her his.

    He was only able to get to sleep when he brought himself back to rational thoughts, reminding himself that they might not even be able to get pregnant. He’d read up on her diagnosis a lot. He knew the best chance for them was to not force things. To not stress about it because that would only make it harder. It seemed that often couples would conceive once they’d stopped “trying”. So he was going to just make sure she enjoyed everything with him and not feel pressured. They would just enjoy this new territory in their relationship. And that would start tonight, now.

    “It’s already a weekend of firsts, if you want to add one more to that…” he let his sentence die off, laughing as he slowly pulled her onto his lap by her waist, making her laugh and lightly hit his chest.

    “You can be such an asshole sometimes” she laughed, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss which he gladly returned. His hand slid up her back affectionately, gently exploring the exposed skin along her shoulder blades with his fingertips which felt like they were on fire at the contact. Aurora felt it too and hummed contentedly, making her break the kiss off slowly.

    “We can’t be late for our own celebratory dinner” she whispered, now caressing his face as they leaned their foreheads together. Daniel took a minute to catch his breath before nodding and standing up after she slid off his lap. He took her hand in his as they made their way downstairs to the restaurant. He didn’t care if everyone saw, he was in love with his teammate and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hide it any longer.

    The dinner was soon over and everyone was on their way to a local nightclub that the team had booked some VIP booths at for the party. Aurora had been asked by a few team members at the dinner about her and Daniel. She had just smiled and didn’t say anything. She knew they all had wanted the 2 to get together for a while and they were happy for the couple. It was just the way things were meant to be. Like a puzzle coming together or a lock falling into place. It just fit.

    The party lasted a few hours. A lot of alcohol had been consumed and many had already left to go back to the hotel. Daniel had maintained a steady pace to stay at the perfect amount of buzzed so he wouldn’t be sick the next day. Aurora had unknowingly done the same, but more so just because she knew she wasn’t 21 anymore and couldn’t handle more alcohol like she used to. She had so much fun though. Dancing and laughing with the team, with Daniel… it had been the best night of her life.

    Daniel and Aurora had decided to walk back to the hotel together, holding hands and laughing about the silly antics from the party. Aurora had taken her heels off and was carrying them in her free hand. When they came to a construction area where the sidewalk was all broke up, Daniel instantly lifted her over his shoulder, carrying her so her feet wouldn’t hurt. The sudden movement took her by surprise and she laughed at how strong he still was not completely sober.

    He was going to set her down but they were almost at the hotel so he just carried her the rest of the way, causing her to laugh even more, also maybe the alcohol helping a little by making her giggly. He carried her through the hotel lobby, giving the receptionists a good laugh as Aurora gave them a thumbs up and told them to have a good night.

    He finally set her down in the elevator, making sure she could stand on her own. He held her waist with both hands and pulled her into him. He just stared lovingly at her, neither of them saying anything, as the elevator reached their floor. As they stepped out, he grabbed her hand to stop her. She turned back to look at him confused at his action.

    “Your room or mine” he cheekily smiled at her. She laughed and smacked his chest. She pulled him along the hallway to her room. “Mines probably cleaner so” she shrugged, not feeling the least bit nervous or forced. She knew Daniel didn’t expect anything, he wouldn’t push her if she wasn’t ready yet. But they both knew they weren’t sleeping apart tonight. They probably wouldn’t ever again.

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    Continuing the research on Alex’s dad dad here you can observe two unknown Alex facts: a) Alex has the ginger gene tm b) you can observe the future Alex’s hairline cause like father like son

    #I actually watched an interview with him and it was super nice and he talked about Alex’s career from his point of view which was nice !! #again his name is Nigel Albon and he used to race broom broom #the albons
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    Chevrolet Corvette Z06

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    #delete later #posting this here and deleting soon but just needing to vent quietly jsjdjdjjfjfj #i love comments! for anyone who follows me for my writing and has been lovely enough to comment thank you!! #and like 99% of yall are sweet and lovely and make me feel good about my writing and i adore you all truly! but like ??? in general across #works (as in not just on mine) please can people be wary about the way you phrase your compliments #backhanded compliments and x doesn’t appeal to me for y reason BUT your fic is blah blah !! #don’t comment that shit!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!! especially if it’s something that the author obviously likes!! it’s demotivating and just #weird?? it’s like telling someone they’re attractive for a fat person or a x race person or for have x thing #this isn’t to say constructive criticism isn’t unwelcome but again that’s something that shouldn’t be unsolicited and based on personal #preferences!! you’re just being mean!! #as someone who takes the time and enjoys replying to comments i get really bothered about those sort of comments cuz?? i already spent a #stupid amount of time deliberating over posting this fic and editing and being hyped by friends for my anixety over sharing my work filled #obviously with my own personal take on whatever characters and you’re coming in after reading the tags and knowing it’s something you don’t #really like that you’d hate this set up but i did an alright job? yikes doesn’t sit right with me #also when something is blatantly artistically set up and doesn’t affect the accessibility of the fic?? why would you make remarks on it?? #a fic in lowercase won’t hurt you? and if you hate that it’s #it’s not your cup of tea don’t read it ?? a fic with poetry won’t hurt you? not your cup of yeah don’t read it? song fics aren’t your thing? #DONT READ THEM!! #but they’re not gonna hurt you and if you truly enjoyed the fic you shouldn’t be telling the author you dislike the general idea of this #authors aren’t pick me girls trying to be the chosen one? we read and write the same tropes and ideas and characters cuz we love them? #anyway illegible rant over #again! most of my commenters are lovely and thus is even a minor issue but like yeahhh off my chest into the void free of my mind
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  • ddnsports
    14.06.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Breaking News: Bob Baffert Fires Back at NYRA with Lawsuit Over Suspension


    Bob Baffert just slapped the New York Racing Association with a lawsuit over his suspension and the positive test to Medina Spirit and asking the judge for help.

    The court documents revealed Monday says Baffert believes the NYRA has no basis to suspended him, despite what’s been doing down with the horse in Kentucky.

    The suit makes it clear Baffert is pointing the finger with the primary sample came back with traces of a banned substance after the horse’s Kentucky Derby win ... he still believes he should face NO punishment until the full investigation concludes.

    Baffert continued the ban placed on him by the NYRA in mid-May is costing him a fortune in missed racing opportunities ... and, in seeking damages.

    As you know, Baffert claimed Medina Spirit’s positive test was NOT a result of cheating saying he believes it was all possibility due to ointment prescribed to fix a skin issue on the horse.

    Baffert was suspended by the NYRA on May 17 -- as it barred by the legendary horse trainer from entering the June 5 Belmont Stakes race.    

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  • jamieenthusiast
    14.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Is this still a thriving community?

    Read first few tags

    #for the record- Mike's ace flag was supppsed to be aro/ace and he's holding it on behalf of Mal :^) #Also- I only started Ridonculous race like- literally earlier today so i didnt know Emma existed :') my bad #multishipper vibes- #i was gonna give Noah the gay flag but- instead i leave him with the pride flag :^) #tdi#tdwt#tdroti#tda #total drama island #total drama world tour #total drama revenge of the island #total drama action #total drama#td gwen#td cody#td noah#td sierra#td mike
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  • cancelrealbras
    14.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Grill the Grid just shows how dumb these pretty boys are outside of racing like ok go fast and look handsome ya himbo, leave the brain function to momma

    #with love of course #but those boys needed less racing and more school #f1
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  • jaidas-drag-race
    14.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    if you're not watching drag race españa but you're watching down under... please get your priorities straight

    #these queens are the moment #drag race #drag race españa
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